Naked Aggression
(Must reading for every concerned Christian!)

The Next Government Victim Could be You!!

By Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr


A Federal court has ruled that Christians have no rights and that the First Amendment of the Constitution does not apply to them.

I had heard this shocking news in the fall of 1983, but as bad as things had become in this country, with the Federal Government waging a ceaseless war against Christianity and seemingly attempting to establish "humanitarianism" as the established religion of the State, I found it hard to believe that in America, the "home of the free and the brave," the situation was as distressful as reported. I decided to find out for myself.

Obtaining a list of prisoners in Arkansas who had requested Christian literature "at a great risk to their lives and persons," I proceeded to follow the Word of God, in which I implicitly believe. Christ commanded us to visit and comfort prisoners. In Matthew 25:36 we read these words from our blessed Master: "...I was in prison, and ye came unto me." Then in vs 39, the righteous elect say to the King: "When saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King answered in vs 40 - as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren (and He was not speaking here of the people we call Jews, as so many of our pastors tell us, but of Christian Israelites) ye have done it unto me." So I sent copies of my newsletter THE CHRISTIAN PATRIOT CRUSADER and other evangelical tracts to these prisoners.

I had been told that the bureaucrats in the Arkansas state prisons had conspired to deny white prisoners in their custody their rights, because of their race and religion. (These men are discriminated against solely because they are White and Christian.) I had been told that the Arkansas officials had denied these prisoners the right to worship, to have Bible studies, and to receive Christian publications, and to correspond with or have ministerial visitations from Christian clergy, unless the prison officials and the State Chaplain had first decided whether these teachings conformed with their version of "the established religion." These men had appealed to the Federal courts to enforce their Constitutional rights.

On December 7, 1983, a new day of "infamy", the Federal court in Little Rock, launched a Pearl Harbor like sneak attack against the United States Constitution and the Christian majority. District Judge Elisjane T. Roy, reissued the lengthy convoluted, tortured reasoning of a Federal magistrate, which said that unless the court approved of the structure, the theology, etc conforming to the State's version of religion, Christians or anyone else, "are not entitled to the free protection of the first amendment."

In a bizarre twist, various "outlawed" churches, mostly of the Israel Identity movement were not even told by the court that they had been denied their rights to Freedom of Religion by the courts of Arkansas. It was only because of letters which were smuggled out through the prison grapevine, that we discovered the Courts had taken away one of our basic Constitutional rights.

For some reason, I was not on the banned list, although I have preached Identity for three years. I had been a Fundamental Baptist evangelist for 25 years, having studied at Moody Bible Institute and with degrees from a fundamental seminary. I had spoken in churches from coast to coast, in some of the largest of them. Surely, I thought, the Arkansas bureaucrats and the Federal despots would not dare deny these white prisoners the right to read the Bible tracts published by my Christ and Country Crusade.

But my tracts were banned. The prison officials returned my materials, not to me, but to the Church of Jesus Christ, halfway across the continent in Idaho. This is a church with which I was not even affiliated. The bureaucrats wrote me a nasty letter, warning me against any attempt to preach the Good News of Christ to Arkansas prisoners, reminding me that my ministry was banned, although this was my first attempt to send materials to an Arkansas prison. (It might be of interest to note that I had been able to send my material to Federal prisons in Ohio, Texas, and Arizona, with no comment from the officials.)

It is interesting to note, that in the newest edition of his book, TO HARASS OUR PEOPLE, Congressman Ralph Hansen of Idaho, has added a special section titled ASSAULT ON RELIGION, to his book on the Governmental abuse of power. The abuse of Pastor Everett (Sileven) Ramsey and the Nebraska 7, is a good example of this.

This "Pearl Harbor" attack against the Constitution and Christians is especially dangerous, because (a) they have not even notified Christians that the courts have unlawfully denied them their rights, and, (b) the government, like a thief in the night, simply tells Christians, one by one, "You are outlawed!" If it can happen to Pastor Ramsey and to me, then who is safe? If it can be allowed in Arkansas, then no one is safe.

Shockingly, but not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Council of Churches, and a whole list of liberal organizations, that the public would expect to be first in line demanding that this blatant trampling of First Amendment Rights be stopped, have all been notified by the authorities and their silence has been deafening.

But I predict victory for those of us who love the Lord because we have been promised by our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus the Christ, "greater is He (Christ) that is in you (Christians) than he (Satan) which is in the 'world (order)." Our Founding Fathers knew and declared our rights, as given in the Bill of Rights, come from God, not the Government. Our Rights are divinely inherent, they are indefeasible and inalienable, they cannot be taken away from us by the Government, or even tampered with. When our Founders, (through the power of prayer and their belief in the Bible) created our Constitution, they specifically forbade Government to touch these Rights. Therefore, any "Law", "court order", or "regulation," which attacks these Rights, is not only ungodly, but un-Constitutional. Therefore it is Null and void on its face and must be resisted by all who dare go by the name of Christian.

As Thomas Jefferson so beautifully put it, RESISTANCE TO TYRANTS IS OBEDIENCE TO ALMIGHTY GOD!

The Arkansas bureaucrats have refused to disclose that special treatment is given to Blacks, as Black Muslims are permitted full religious rights, con-duct their services, rituals and classes without any governmental harassment. They are free to receive their "hate Whitey" newspapers, literature and are uncensored in what they say and do. A typical church service schedule smuggled out of another prison, lists special services for "Jewish: American Muslim Mission; Sunni Muslims, Hanafi Mussulmans; All Muslim Jumm'ah etc." Prisoners in the Arkansas prison system may refuse haircuts, if they claim haircuts are against their religion. Federal courts have said that prison officials may not ban even the foulest, hard-core, homosexual literature, or other forms of perverted pornography. Only Christian literature, which does not conform to the State's version of "the established religion," is banned. This must not be allowed to happen, if America is to remain free.

My suggestion would be that you contact your Congressman about this violation of Constitutional rights: write to the Warden of the Arkansas prison system and ask him where he gets his authority to transgress the Constitution. Then write to the Arkansas Governor and Attorney General and demand that justice be done for all.

It might be well to say here, that the major reason this literature is banned, is that we preach and believe, on the authority of the Word of God, that the people we now know as Jews are not the Chosen People of the Bible. We believe, with plenty of evidence for any open minded individual, from both history and especially the Bible, that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred people, are the "true Israel of God." For this we are banned. They say we are racist, because we are "pro-white, pro-God, pro-American," is there anything wrong with that? Even if you don't agree with us, can't you see the inherent danger to anyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and who teaches obedience to Him?

Concerned American. We are standing on the verge of religious persecution in America. Why? Because the Christian who stands for the Law of God, is the independent thinking family man who cannot be bought; he cannot be intimidated. He represents everything Big Government is afraid of. So he MUST be controlled. To the frightened hypocrites in Big Government, the knowledge that out there somewhere, are strong, morally healthy, armed Americans, who mean to defend American principles at any cost. This is a nightmare their sick souls cannot comprehend and it "scares hell out of them!."

Many years ago, a well known Constitutional scholar said: "The liberties which are apt to remain are those which are most carefully and jealously guarded by their holders." Nothing can guarantee you freedom, unless you are willing to fight for it. This picture of Bureaucratic persecution can only be changed, when men and women, like you - with full trust and dependence on Almighty God, will get informed of what is happening and will say to government: "You have gone far enough. This is where we draw the line!" If America is to be spared the terror which has engulfed two-thirds of the world, it will be because Americans have said: "With God's help, it WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE!"

The enemy is hard at work, trying to destroy our White Christian civilization and the blessings it has brought to mankind. They are trying to destroy our freedoms, which were purchased at such a fearful price. "Our freedom was not bought and paid for at Valley Forge, that was only the down-payment on freedom. Every generation must be willing to make a payment on account, if they would remain free."

Let 1984 be the year when we demand that our Government get back to following American principles. When we demand that our representatives in government, both State and Federal, put America first. When decency and justice is returned to the American scene and our leaders care more for their country than for personal gain and power. It can happen here. IF ENOUGH OF YOU CARE.

Jack Mohr

The End

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