Ultimate Terrorism!
Soviet Threat to the Free World!


"No weapon that is formed against you (Israel) shall prosper" - Isaiah 54:17

I While the nations of the Free World, the White Israel nations of Christendom have been lulled into a false sense of security by the "glastnost" of Soviet Premier Gorbachev and his attractive wife, one of the most deadly and sinister organizations of super-warriors and state terrorists, is being trained in the Soviet Union and is being deployed in the Free West for the purpose of "smashing us with their clenched fist," when we have succumbed to their peace overtures.

The mission of these special warriors is to spread havoc and terror throughout the non-communist world, especially in the NATO nations and the United States -in case of war.

They also operate during the time of "cold war" or low-intensity conflicts throughout the world, during the time most of us consider as ''peace.''

The task of this special group, known as SPETSNAZ, is to in-filter "sleeper agents" and have them in place in America and Western Europe, ready to strike on command.

Competent sources within the United States believe there may be as many as 200 of these teams already in place in this country, armed with, among other things, "nuclear backpack" weapons. These are "low-intensity" nuclear bombs of about 2 kt strength. They could not destroy a large city such as New York or Los Angeles, but might cause 45 or 50 casualties. In addition, the F.B.I. acknowledged in 1983, that they knew of the presence of more than 100,000 enemy agents in the U.S. But, as one F.B.I. official stated: "We cannot touch them under American law, until they make an overt move against our government or people." (We know this is a lie, since we have seen the American government in recent months, take militant action against Christian Patriots, they say are dangerous to their totalitarian plans.)

These enemy SPETSNAZ go by different names. In the slave state of Czechoslovakia, they were called ''Reydoviki", which means "raiders." They were the ones who seized the Prague Airport and other key facilities in the capitol city, paving the way for the communist invasion of that country in 1968.

In Afghanistan these terrorists were a joint operation of KGB/SPETSNAZ units, which stormed the national palace in Kabul and gunned down President Amin and his family, prior to the Soviet takeover in 1979.

In Sweden, they were the mysterious, under-water combat swimmers who prowled around the Swedish naval bases and strategic harbors and who even entered the main channel of Stockholm with their mini-subs, equipped with tractor treads and crawled up to within a mile of the royal palace. These mini-subs were launched from Soviet subs well inside the International water boundaries.

In Norway, a similar operation took place near Norway's major naval base at Bergen, far up the Hardanger Fjord.

In Britain, these Soviet terrorists are well-known to the Anti-terrorist investigators of Scotland Yard, who know them as a secret detachment of potential saboteurs and assassins who are located somewhere near the Royal Air Force Base called Greenham Common. This is the base where U.S. military personnel man the silos containing ground-launched cruise missiles.

This sinister Soviet force has remained virtually unknown to the West, until a high-ranking Soviet defector, known as Victor Suvorov (not his real name), exposed it in his book INSIDE SOVIET MILITARY INTELLIGENCE.

Suvorov revealed that this terrorist "strike force" is made up of approximately 30,000 men and women who are controlled by the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence.)

The mission of these special troops is to burrow into an unsuspecting nation during peacetime and prepare to launch "Pearl-Harbor" like attacks just prior to a Soviet ''blitzkreig.''

Their ultimate objective is to neutralize the nuclear potential of an enemy by striking at personnel who control a country's nuclear force. Since only a few nations have this capability, this means that their major objective outside Europe, is the United States.

In this country, they would strike at command, control, and communication networks, starting with the president, vice-president, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, as well as major military leaders and key congressional leaders. The idea is to neutralize the leadership of the target nation; especially those who could authorize a retaliatory nuclear attack.

Their secondary objective would be against this country's military and civilian communication networks. Our technology has become so centralized that the assault on and destruction of a few computer centers would effectively neutralize much of our radio, TV, and microwave communications.

As any military man knows, when your communications are "knocked out," you are in bad trouble. This would greatly reduce the ability of our air, naval and ground forces to meet a Soviet attack.

The official name of this specialized Soviet task force is SPETSALNAYA NAZNACHENUYA, or "Special Purpose Forces." The nickname is SPETSNAZ!

According to U.S. Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense Noel Koch: "Their job is to destroy a nation's infrastructure and kill key people. They are an important part of the Soviet Union's peacetime operations and during war, would pose a grave danger to strategic disruption of NATO and the United States itself." (UNQ.)

The Soviet authorities who control SPETSNAZ have the "pick of the crop" from among the young Soviet men and women who make up the Soviet military. In addition, the Soviet athletes who compete for the Soviet Union in the Olympic games are considered as a pool for SPETSNAZ recruits. Suvorov stated that some of the best Soviet Olympic athletes are SPETSNAZ commandos.

While participating in international sporting events, they have the opportunity to hone their deadly skills in marksmanship, martial arts, boxing and other lethal sports, while they become acquainted with a variety of cultures and nations in which they compete, and in which they may later operate.

The recruit is given a strict test of loyalty and must sign an oath swearing him to absolute secrecy about his unit and the very existence of SPETSNAZ. If this oath is broken, it means the death penalty!

The new recruit has usually had at least two years of military training. Initial training is carried out at the Special Forces Faculty of the Ryazan Airborne School and the Reconnaissance Faculty of the Higher Combined Arms School in Kiev. Officers receive special training from the Military Diplomatic Academy of the Soviet Army in Moscow.

SPETSNAZ training is brutal and effective. It must be, in order to produce brutal terrorists who will not hesitate to carry out any order given by their superiors. One of their training bases is at Zheltyye Vady, in the Ukraine. This is adjacent to a concentration camp for political prisoners. The camp inmates provide "living training aids" for the marital arts. The SPETSNAZ commandos can punch, gouge, and maim to their "heart's content." It gives the trainees a ''taste for blood," and is much more realistic than punching a sandbag which cannot bleed.

These special force troops enjoy better food, better housing, better pay, quicker promotions, longer leaves, foreign travel and earlier retirement than regular troops so there is always a steady stream of eager volunteers.

Typical training may involve being dropped in a wilderness area for days or weeks, without any survival gear, including a bed roll.

When assigned to a mission, they are issued the best equipment available, usually a Kalashnikov light automatic rifle (AK-74) with 300 rounds of 5.45 caliber ammunition; a bayonet which doubled as a wire cutter and a saw; a P-6 silenced pistol; six grenades with grenade launcher; and a bizarre knife which can propel its lethal blade a full 30 feet.

The things which distinguished the SPETSNAZ from other Special Purpose forces in the Free World, is that to them "Peacetime is wartime." As he/she in-filters the West, they become a ''sleeper agent". One of their missions is to contact and maintain liaison with domestic terrorists in the nation where they operate.

These domestic terrorists are supplied, trained, and even included in the SPETSNAZ operations. Any intelligent person should see the danger posed by the vast number of illegal aliens who arc now flooding America's border. In one six month period in 1987, along the Texas border, over 34 different nations were apprehended, most of them white, most of them coming from Eastern European WARSAW PACT nations. Many of these young men spoke excellent English, earned U.S. Social Security cards, and many had documents showing that they had served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Many were armed and carried large sums of money. Could it be possible, do you suppose, that these might have been SPETSNAZ infiltrators?

Evidence of linkage between SPETSNAZ units and domestic terrorists has been evident in such terrorist organizations as the COMMUNIST COMBAT CELLS of Belgium; THE RED ARMY FACTION of West Germany; DIRECT ACTION of France; and RED BRIGADES of Italy; the REVOLUTIONARY CELLS of West Germany; and the SPANISH BASQUE-ETA.

It appears at present as though NATO is their major target and there has been a rash of assaults within the last few years. NATO facilities such as petroleum and gas pipelines, oil storage tanks, computer centers and key military and civilian personnel have been targeted. These are the same targets SPETSNAZ would attack prior to a Soviet attack in Europe. If domestic terrorists whittle down the assets of the Free World prior to a Soviet attack, so much the better.

You can be certain, that if there is a rash of SPETSNAZ activity, here or in Europe, it will signal a Soviet offensive. Key civilian and military leaders will be assassinated thus paralyzing the already cumbersome decision making process of the Free World.

Nuclear facilities will be assaulted and neutralized by sabotage and demolition teams, probably in conjunction with domestic terrorists. Could it be possible, do you think, that SPETSNAZ units in the U.S. will provide the equipment and know how to blow the bridges across the Mississippi River? We know this is part of the attack plan and that hundreds of thousands of aliens have been positioning themselves along the river from New Orleans to Chicago, very possibly for this purpose. They would also attack waterworks, sewage systems, power sources, pipelines, transformers, key transportation facilities and key communication centers - the vital nerve centers of the nation.

SPETSNAZ units are the only units in the Soviet military who are encouraged to operate with a high degree of independence and innovation.

Each Soviet military district has its own SPETSNAZ brigade. These are usually composed of 100 teams of between 5 to 12 members each.

A typical SPETSNAZ unit would be from 18 to 20 years old, led by slightly older officers, with a warrant officer or senior sergeant as second in command. They are considered so highly reliable that they are the only Soviet military units who do not have a political officer. Surovov says: "Each SPETSNAZ soldier is his own commissar."

Because the soldiers are young, the training is extremely strenuous, and include underwater combat swimming, high altitude-low opening parachute jumps and high altitude-high opening jumps, as well as infiltrations, sabotage, clandestine communications and martial arts. He is trained to be a killer in every way imaginable. The most important part of his training is in the language, culture and folkways of the country where he will be assigned. This is something that even American diplomats do not receive and can be seen in the low standard of our foreign policy statesmanship.
SPETSNAZ training is capped by live exercises -probably a realistic tour of duty in one of the world's combat areas.

In spite of their decided threat to the Free World, only Britain and the United States have taken this threat seriously enough to include anti-SPETSNAZ training in their 'war plans. A British operation named BRAVE DEFENDER has demonstrated that an alert defense, good intelligence and rapid reaction can keep SPETSNAZ danger to a minimum.

The following happenings may indicate SPETSNAZ in in-filtration of a country:

1 - An usual increase in the number of Soviet embassy personnel.

2 - Unusually athletic young men and women replacing balding paunchy diplomats.

3 - A marked increase in the number of trade delegates, athletes and cultural exchanges with the Soviet Union.

4 - A resurgence of tourism from the Soviet Union.

5 - A marked increase in the number of Soviet fishing boats off our shores and an increase in the time they stay near sensitive areas.

6 - Strangers buying or renting real estate, homes and apartments near strategic military locations.

7 - Outside agitators in-filtering local peace groups and anti-nuclear protest movements.

8 - We know that female SPETSNAZ agents have in-filtered women's protest groups near the U.S. Air-force bases in Britain.

Now to add to this problem, the GRU has created and trained "little brother" organizations which duplicate the SPETSNAZ mission during a time of war. They can be found in Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, as well as Vietnam and North Korea.

The Soviets use these nationals to blend in with ethnic groups in a country such as the United States. A Polish SPETSNAZ agent, for instance, would have little difficulty in blending in with a Polish community. The same could be said of Cuban, Hispanic, Vietnamese, Korean and others.

Probably one of our most worrisome and officially neglected areas of potential terrorism concerns SOUTHCOM - the Southern Military Command, which encompasses the vast areas south of our borders with Mexico. Here Cuba's version of the SPETSNAZ, the TROPAS ESPECIALES (Special Troops), are active.

They operate under the direct command of the Cuban DGI (the General Intelligence Directorate), which is in turn controlled by the Soviet KGB. The TROPAS have had extensive and impressive combat experience in wars on the African continent, where they have been used as mercenaries by the Soviets.

The mission of the TROPAS is similar to their Soviet counterpart, to train and equip terrorists groups all over the Western Hemisphere, including the United States. To date, these terrorists in the U.S. have remained mostly underground.

While the U.S. government has concentrated their attacks against Christian Patriots who are anxious to see this country return to Constitutional standards, including the re-establishment of the Monroe Doctrine, they have been negligent of the much larger danger from the south. Instead of stopping, or at least slowing down this enemy activity, a liberal Congress has added to this danger by unbelievably stupid immigration policies which has allowed foreign agents almost complete freedom to operate within our shores. These have teamed up with drug operators from Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, and Cambodia. There is much evidence available that involvement in this drug business, is protected by high government officials, who are becoming rich in the process.

Mexico is the BIG ENCHILADA as far as the TROPAS ESPECIALES is concerned and we have good reason to believe that they have been imminently successful in their infiltration of this troubled country.

One frightening scenario has been envisioned in the MONIMBO PLAN, which is a joint Cuban-Sandanista plot revealed to American Intelligence agents by Cuban and Sandanista defectors. It is for the takeover of Mexico by native terrorists and left wing forces. Panic would result in some 20-million Mexicans pushing across U.S. Border. What better way to in-filter a few thousand TROPAS agents into the U.S.?

Today, in August of 1988, the possibilities of this kind of action in the near future are very real.

The F.B.I. knows that Cuba trained DGI agents in-filtered the U.S. during the Mariel boatlift in 1979. They also know that hundreds, if not thousands of enemy agents have crossed the U.S. border since that time. But in spite of this, there has been very little public or official discussion of this most serious problem and it is seldom mentioned by the media. Although we know there are thousands of Soviet and North Korean advisors in Mexico and have been for several years. Our State Department refuses to admit this. Quoting from a letter of October 16, 1986, signed by J. Edward Fox, Asst. Secretary of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, of the U.S. State Department. This letter was forwarded to me by Representative Trent Lott of Mississippi.

Dear Mr. Lott:

Secretary Shultz has asked me to thank you for your letter of September 25 on behalf of Mr. Jack Mohr concerning terrorist training camps in Mexico. We appreciate your constituent's concern.

In recent years, the Department of State has received numerous reports, rumors, and allegations that terrorist training camps exist in Mexico. Each of these allegations has been thoroughly investigated. To date, we have no evidence to substantiate any of these reports.

We will continue to be alert to possible terrorist threats to the United States originating in Mexico, and any other foreign nation, as well. I am taking the liberty of enclosing material concerning U.S. policy towards int ourtional terrorism that I believe will be of interest to Mr. Mohr.

Sincerely, J. EDWARD FOX.

Now this answer is a "bald faced lie," and Mr. Fox knows it. For the State Department has been given ample evidence, including photographs, substantiating a Soviet and North Korean presence in Mexico and the locations of at least twelve terrorist camps.

It is this kind of treasonous activity on the part of our State Department which has brought America to defeat in at least two wars, and which is deliberately undermining the safety of this country.

The U.S. Government has been willing to disclose very little of what is taking place along the border with Mexico. We do know it is not being defended. We do know that while this threat to our safety is going on, our armed forces are interfering in an area where we have no business, the Persian Gulf. Could this all be part of a well-rehearsed plan to get America involved in another war? This time one where the enemy know they will be successful?

I believe it is time we wrote to our Congressmen in Washington and DEMANDED that they do something concrete about this extremely serious situation along the Mexican Border, before it is too late.

(Most of the above article was taken from information written by Carl II. Yaeger's article titled THE ULTIMATE TERRORISTS, from the June 1988 issue of AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE.)

The End

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