A Warning


By Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, A.U.S. Ret.
Evangelist. Author, Lecturer

"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear," (Matt. 11:15)

Titus 1:16 - "They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate."

Isaiah 65:15 - (Speaking to the Jews) - "And ye shall leave your name (JEW) for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord God shall slay thee, and call His servants by another name. " (CHRISTIAN).

On May 14, 1948, following years of Zionist pressure on both Britain and the United States; pressure which resulted in both World Wars, the bastard State of Israeli was born in Palestine. The cost of this Jewish State to America and other nations of the Western Christian world has been incalculable in both money and lost prestige.

Palestine was literally stolen from its rightful owners by a money hungry, greedy, amoral group of International gangsters, calling themselves Zionists.

The Palestinians who had owned this land, had occupied it for almost 1800 years. They were murdered, driven from their homes and the land was raped and pillaged by Jewish terrorists, of which not the least, was the man who now leads the Israeli, Manachem Begin.

This unhappy land was stolen with the full consent of the American Government, and of a "brainwashed" people, who have poured billions of dollars into this unholy project in direct loans, food, war supplies and other forms of aid.

It was the powerful Zionist Banking Cartels, using the power of the Jewish controlled media in the United States, that pushed America into both World Wars -wars in which white Christian fought against white Christian, while the Jewish bankers sat back and grew fat on the suffering of the whole world.

It has been well said, by Jews themselves: "Wars are the Jews harvests!" After World War I, Count Mensdorf, the Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London, publicly boasted that the Jews had caused that war, just as they had brought about the Communist Revolution in Russia. He topped his boasting by saying: "World War I was our supreme revenge on the Christian World."

In spite of the billions of dollars of American aid. this Jewish State is now in a shambles. They have the highest tax rate and inflation rate in the world, and have admitted officially. that without American aid, they would cease to exist.

They are world parasites, who cannot exist without outside aid, and more Jews are leaving this "miserable sandbox" than are coming in!

Why is it that for forty years, the fundamental and conservative churches of America have backed this enemy of God and Christian its'? Why have they unleashed an unending flood of messages from their pulpits, trying to convince their people that the Jewish State of Israeli is indeed the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? It is almost as though they believe God needs their help in order to prove His prophecy true!

Today, every preacher of prominence, trumpets over the air waves, that the gathering of the Jews in Palestine is the fulfillment of prophecy, and that we are living in the Last Days, that this is the final generation proceeding Christ's return and that soon, very soon, Jesus Christ will return secretly, to Rapture His people out of this world, before the time of Jacob's Trouble descends on the Jews and this old sin sick world.

So strong has this preaching become in fundamental circles, they will tell you, without batting an eye, that the "last generation" of Matthew 24:34, can be dated from the creation of the Israeli State on May 14, 1948.

According to their predictions, a generation is forty years, which means that Christ MUST come back before May. 14, 1988. Then of course, we must take into consideration the Seven Years of World Tribulation which would mean that the secret Rapture of the Church should take place in May 1981.

Some radical fundamentalists even set dates, contrary to what Scripture teaches. I have before me, a letter written by Bill Maupin, President of the Lighthouse Tract Foundation of Tucson, Arizona, in which he says: "We originally thought that June 28th was the day of the Rapture, but the Lord showed us that we failed to see the 40 day's after the flood came for Noah in which the ark was lifted up. It was not until the end of these 40 day's that the ark reached its destination in the clouds; but we did not see this as applying to the Church in these days... The Bible makes it clear, however, that we can know the day of Jesus Second Coming..."

He then goes on with his explanation of Matthew 24:3-32 and says: "...The Fig Tree is Israel being restored the second time as a nation. All the people who have responded to the national coverage we have received concerning the Rapture, believe that the Fig Tree is the restoration of Israel, and that a generation is 40 years. So we will explain how we arrived at August 7th as the Rapture date..."

Matthew 24:36, Jesus Christ speaking, says: "But of that day and hour (Christ's return) knoweth no man, no, not the angels in heaven, BUT MY FATHER ONLY!" (Emphasis added.) Maupin then goes on to explain that this verse does not refer to the Second Coming, but to Israel's restoration as a nation, as it was fulfilled on May 14, 1948.

If his explanation on Israeli is as false as his explanation on the Rapture, then we know he is a false prophet. August 7th has come and gone and Bill Maupin and His "brainwashed" followers are still here!

Now I'm not telling you this to poke fun at these sad people, but to give you an up-to-date example of how 40 to 50 million Christians have been "propagandized," "brainwashed," and "misled," by the Jewish fables which Paul warns us about in Titus 1:14 - "Not giving heed to JEWISH FABLES, and commandments of men, THAT TURN FROM THE TRUTH." (Emphasis added.)

The United States Congress, for the most part, and several Presidents going back as far as Woodrow Wilson, pressured by millions of misled Christians, and a generation of "con artists," who have become "prostitutes" of Zionism, standing behind the protection of their pulpits, have assured the "synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9), of the Jewish State in Palestine, of their unending support.

Recently I sent a letter to all 100 Senators, deploring the Zionist pressure in Washington that has often led to practices which are not beneficial to this country. I received this answer from Sen. Gary Hart of Colorado, one of the Zionaplites: "It is vital for you to understand that American security is integrally linked to that of Israel. We have a vested interest in Israel's stability... Politically Israel is a true democracy."

(Isn't this strange, when you must be a Jew in order to be a citizen?) He goes on to say: "Strategically, we cannot afford to abandon our national commitment to Israel."

But what about our commitment to the Arab countries of' the Middle East, who for many years, because of their religious belief, have been staunchly anticommunist and friends of this nation? Are we to abandon them?

Why is it that intelligent, Christian leaders, such as Dr. Jerry Falwell are committed to a "no questions asked" support of Israeli policy, when they will not listen to any facts or arguments which may prove their stand to be wrong? Is it just intellectual dishonesty. or some thing even more disturbing?

Recently, Dr. Falwell refused to meet with a group of Arab Christian leaders. who wanted to tell him their side of the story. This hardly seems like the actions of a "man of God.

This has been one of my "pet peeves," in dealing with fundamental preachers. (I was one for eighteen years. so I know whereof I speak): You will not find one out of a hundred who are intellectually honest enough to look at any facts which differ from what they teach. They will not even consider Scripture which proves they are "wrong. Recently one wrote to me: "The Bible is not hard to understand a Jew is a direct physical descendant of Abraham, and that is all there is to it. Nothing can change that, and any other interpretation is it not of God." The Bible says nothing of the kind! Does this individual actually believe that Sammy Davis, Jr. is a physical descendant of Abraham? Yet he's a Jew! The great majority of people we know as Jews today, have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Abraham. (Read Jack Mohr's article "Myth Information")

The purpose of this message is to tell you about "the other side." We have been so "brainwashed" by Pro-Zionist propaganda in this country, that very few Americans know, or even care about the Arab side of the story. It is my purpose to tell you that. (And by the way, I am not being subsidized with Arab money for doing this; I'm financing it myself, because I believe you deserve to know the truth.)

Most American Christians, unfortunately, are anti-Arab in their feelings. To them the Jews are God's Chosen People; Jerusalem is God's Holy City, and Palestine is God's Holy Land! It was a sign of God's favor, these preachers will tell you, when Gen. Allenby entered Jerusalem during World War I and liberated it from the Turks, without firing a shot.

Most Christians inherit these ideas from their Sunday School training and are often shocked when they visit Israel, to see Sabra girls in short shorts and bikinis, water skiing on the sacred waters of the Sea of Galilee. Very few Christians realize that we are closer to the Arab Moslems in their religious teachings, than we are to the Jews. At least the Moslems recognize and teach that Jesus Christ was a great prophet; the Jews spit when His name is mentioned and call Him an "illegitimate bastard."

When you visit Israel on the Israeli side, as most Christian tour groups do, expect to be inundated with pro-Zionist propaganda. Recently, Dr. David Webber of the Southwest Radio Church, in Oklahoma City, a, leading Pro-Zionist preacher, advertised a trip to the Holy Land, in which the chief commentator was to be the Rabbi of the Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem. Come now, do you think he will tell the truth about Zionism, when he knows it would turn his Christian audience off?

When you go to the Arab side, you will find things vastly different from what your pastor, the Jewish controlled newspapers or TV have told you.

So I challenge you as honest, fair-minded people, before you make up your minds, be honest enough to find out that the vast majority of people we call Jews today, have no part with Abraham and their ancestors never set foot in Palestine. This has been confirmed by many Jewish sources. I would like to call your attention to a startling book, THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, written by the pro-Zionist, Jewish author Arthur Koestler. Then go a step farther and check with those people who have been to the other side of the Jordan.

One thing you can be sure of. If you criticize a Jew about anything, you will immediately find yourself wearing an "Anti-Semite" label. You can speak out against most anything or anyone, but never a Jew. Horace Mann, the great American writer once said that truth never needs to hide itself. If an issue is right. it does not seek to hide what it is doing. Zionism, yes Judaism itself, seeks to cloak its evil intentions behind a facade of deception, unfortunately often sponsored by Christians.

I am going to try and show you some of the "other side." Then as an intelligent person, you should be able to draw your own conclusions, without having to be coached by a "brainwashed" preacher.

Dr. A. C. Forrest, author of the Canadian Best seller, THE UNHOLY LAND, looking at the Arab side of the story, came under intense Jewish pressure when the book was first published. He was picketed and even physically threatened by the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish Defense League. But there were a few courageous book reviewers, who incensed by Jewish pressure against the truth, gave Dr. Forrest a good review. A Winnipeg book salesman asked Dr. Forrest: "Do you know who is buying your book in Montreal?"

To which Dr. Forrest correctly replied: "Your Jewish customers!

This excellent book,.published by The Devon-Adair Company of Old Greenwich, Connecticut, should be read by every honest Christian, especially the pastors, before they give their "total approval" to the Zionist Israeli.

Dr. Forrest is well-known in Canada as a Christian gentleman who has been outspoken on controversial issues concerning the Church. For fifteen years he was Editor of the UNITED CHURCH OBSERVER and wrote a syndicated news column for over 20 years. He was strongly pro-Israeli, until he visited the Arab side and found out the truth for himself. He proved the truth of Horace Mann's statement: "Truth does not need to hide itself!" I wish to thank him for many of the ideas I have tried to incorporate in this brief message.

Strangely enough, there have been Jewish intellectuals who have gone to the Arab side to learn the truth. We Christians need to recognize the courage of these men who have been outspoken in their condemnation of the Israeli rape of Palestine. They are men like Berger, Menuhin, and Alfred Lilienthal. In Lilienthal's monumental book THE ZIONIST CONNECTION, he states: "I would not be surprised to find that some of my Christian readers have more claim to Palestine than Menachem Begin." This is certainly true, for Begin is not a Jew by race, but his ancestry centers in the heathen Turco-Mongolian Khazars who were converted to Judaism in the 8th Century.

When you cross over the Allenby Bridge from East Jordan into Israeli occupied Palestine, you immediately move into a world of terror and brutality. There are thousands of frightened refugees living in this area. Often, when Jewish authorities feel they have given aid or comfort to the feydeen, the "Freedom fighters" of the Arab cause, they will give the inhabitants ten minutes to pack up and get out, then dynamite all the houses in the area.

Today, the rotting carcasses of domestic animals, furniture and personal belongings lie buried beneath the rubble.

The Israeli police exhibit the same brutal, inhuman characteristics of the Soviet KGB. Well they might, since the KGB was organized by Russian Jewry and was staffed by them in its beginning, during their persecution of Russian Christians.

The shores of Galilee, a Gentile area during Jesus' days on earth are now occupied by Jews. The original Arab inhabitants were driven out in 1947 - 48. Many of these refugees lived on the Golan Heights, until they were driven eastward again during the 1967 war. These people are two-time losers to Jewish greed; no wonder they hate the Jews.

This is a strange land. The Jewish authorities call it a democracy, and Jews from anywhere in the world can come here and become instant citizens; but the Arabs, whose ancestors have lived here for thousands of years, are not permitted to return to their own homes. As I mentioned earlier, another strange phenomenon, is that a vast majority of the Jews living in Palestine, have no Jewish blood flowing in their veins.

Many American Christians have been misled by Jewish propaganda into believing that the refugee problem has been taken care of by the United Nations and that the Israeli authorities have allowed the Arab refugees to return to their homes. But North Americans, and Europeans to a lesser extent, have not been getting the facts from their news media and their pastors. This makes sense when you realize the strong Jewish control over all news media in the United States. In addition, many of our churches have become "propaganda belts" for Zionism. If you don't believe this, try and get an ANTI-ZIONIST LETTER TO THE EDITOR, published in any of our major newspapers.

It is not that the truth is unavailable, for Arab Christian refugees have come to America with pitiful stories. But they are not accepted by our clergy, who will accept nothing but the Jewish side of the issue. Even when shown how un-Scriptural their stand is, they will not budge from their pro-Zionist stance.

The Zionists are extremely clever in presenting their side of the story. A documentary will appear on NBC or CBS (both Jewish owned), showing Arabs returning to their old homes under the benevolent protection of the Israeli police and Army. But the American audience is not told that the hundred or so Arabs seen moving into Israel, are paid performers, while at the same time 600 Arabs have been evacuated.

Whenever you become honest enough to face the facts, you must admit that the Israeli are thumbing their nose at the United States and the rest of the civilized world. They cannot be trusted as an ally, as Sen. Hart said, for you can always expect a Zionist, including their Congressional stooges, to put Zionist interests before the interests of the United States.

The Jews are the only people in America who can legally have "dual citizenship" in both Israeli and the United States. It has been proven, over and over again, that when the "chips are down," a Zionist will always put Israeli first. Many of these Jews have become wealthy in the United States. They have risen to places of importance; they have no intention of moving to Israeli. Yet their first loyalty is to the Israeli State. I say these people should be deported to Palestine. If they do not want to give support to the State which is providing for them, then they should be sent elsewhere.

In the NEW' YORK REVIEW for July 1967, the Jewish intellectual, I. F. Stone wrote: "The path to safety and greatness lies in reconciliation. The other route ... leads to new perils. The Arab population no" in the conquered territories makes guerrilla war possible within Israel's own border's and externally, it deepens the enmity and tensions arise ... both sides, will by one means or another obtain nuclear weapons for the next round." Remember, this was written 14 years ago.

We know the Israelis have nuclear weapons and on the basis of past actions, we can be sure Mr. Begin will use them if he believes they will benefit Israeli. He would rather see the Israeli destroyed and the world devastated by nuclear war, than to give an inch to the Arabs he hates with a fanatical hatred. Yet in spite of this danger, our foolish Christian leaders continue to back him.

What will it take to wake America to the dangers we face? Especially, what "'ill it take to wake Christians up? We know that plans have already been made to put American troops in the Sinai. This means, in case of war, we will be involved from the first.

If the little Hitler of the Israeli is the first to use nuclear weapons, we as her allies could expect to be hit in retaliation. What would hd fon then?

Can you visualize the scenario as millions of homeless, starving, half-mad hordes who have survived the holocaust will be roaming over America in search of food, loot and someone to blame for the pitiful state they are in. Who do you think they will blame? It will not be the politicians who are safe in their hideouts in Washington, of this you can be sure. It will be the American Jew and his Christian counterpart, who prostituted themselves for a foreign, anti-God country and who gave the Israeli their full support and cooperation. The wrath of the angry mob will fall on those who have backed our enemies and called them God's People. The sad thing, preacher, is your congregations, whom you have led astray by your false teachings, will suffer too.

As for the American Jews - if this should happen; then they will pray for some strong "anti-Semite" leader who can control the angry mobs! But alas! There will be none! For the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish controlled American Civil Liberties Union, have been busy for forty years, destroying these men, as fast as they have hit the American scene. The Jews in America will be subject to things which will make Nazi Germany look like a picnic by comparison.

You see, the entire Fundamentalist "fairy tale" is built on the false foundation that the present Zionist State in Palestine, born May 14, 1948, is the rebirth of Biblical Israel and that the anti-Christ Jews who are now gathering there, are the Israelites of the Bible.

But let me reiterate. The Jews are NOT God's Chosen People. They are NOT Israelites. They are NOT the seed of Abraham through Isaac and they have no legitimate claim on the land of Palestine. This Israeli State in Palestine, is NOT the Promised Land of the Bible. Once you understand this, then you will understand why the Jews act as they do.

If there was only one verse of Scripture available to prove this, it could be found in John 8:33. In verse 32, Christ has told the Jewish leaders: "If you would know the truth, the truth shall make you free." In verse 33, these Sanhedrin leaders boastingly say: "...We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man..." In other words, they publicly admit they are not Israelites.

Any Sunday School teacher will tell you that the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt. Yet in this passage, the Jewish leaders are telling our Lord they have never been slaves. This should tell any honest Bible student that they could not have been Israelites. Our Lord went on to tell them in verse 39 of this same chapter: "If ye were Abraham's children ye would do the works of Abraham..." (vs. 41) "Ye do the deeds of your father..." (vs 44) "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar, and the father of it." Then in John 10:27, listen carefully now: "But ye BELIEVE NOT, because re are NOT MY SHEEP." (Emphasis added.) Now who are you going to believe, your pastor who calls these "devil worshipers" God's Chosen People, or our Lord who plainly says they are "chilan. of Satan?" With this scathing denunciation of the Jewish leaders, it's no wonder that modern Jewish Rabbis have said: "There will be Anti-Semitism in the Christian world, as long as the Gospel of John remains in the New Testament. You can just bet your life on that!

Yes, the Israeli (not Israel) is the "fig tree" your pastor tells you about all right, but it is a barren tree with leaves, but no fruit (Matthew 21:19). This is confirmed in Luke 21:29-33. The bandit State of Zionist Israeli has never borne fruit and it never will. The "false Jews" who are gathered there will be destroyed in fulfillment of Luke 19:27, where our Lord said that in that day. the day of His wrath upon this earth, He will say: "But those mine enemies. which would not that I should reign over them hither and slay them before Me.

Many of the Russian Jews who went to Israeli, have left there for the "good life" in the United States, yet they have never embraced Christ and they hate Christianity. I had a Jewish man tell me: "Don't feel so smug about Jewish people being converted to your religion. Many of us become Christians in name only, so that we can spy on you. Your Christian churches are loaded with Jewish undercover agents. We know everything you do."

These Jews who have come to America from Russia via Israeli, have often proven themselves to be Communist agents. Look at the names of those who have proven traitors to this country in the past sixty years. They exhibit none of the characteristics of "true Israel." Their Bible is the Satanically inspired Babylonian Talmud, not the Laws of Moses; their God is their money and Satan. Their temple is the synagogue, which came into being while they were in Babylon. It was never given by God. Their self-admitted ambition is to rule the world and to destroy the Christian Church and State.

A well-known Jewish writer once admitted: "The Jewish plan for International Economic control is nothing less than the Sovietization of tire United States by stealth. Its whole trend is toward the dictatorship of Trusts and Combines: towards regimentation and standardization.

Godwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, stated a hundred years ago (1881) - "We regard our race as superior to humanity, and look forward. Not to the union with other races, hut to our triumph over them." They would like to see white Christians destroyed by the mongrelization the" so ardently push everywhere, except in the State of Israeli.

The Jews as a race, have used their considerable influence to bring about divisions between kindred people. Today, on every front, International Jewry is pressing towards their goal of exterminating white Christian civilization. If you are a Christian, remember, you are their number one enemy, no matter how friendly they may appear.

Today, there are very few Christians who are walking with the "historic Christian church; "who have their faith anchored on the solid Rock, Christ Jesus. Why this terrible accusation? Because we have allowed our seminaries to become subverted by Jewish teachings; our translations of the Bible have been influenced by Jewish Bible scholars and the vast majority of our pastors have become "Zionist prostitutes," who have accepted the Jewish fables of Titus 1:14, which "turn from the truth!"

But let's get back to the Arabs and look at some of the popular misconceptions which have been planted in Christian minds by the Zionist propagandists.

1 - "Israeli is a poor little nation surrounded by hostile Arabs. " This myth has been enlarged to where we have been told: "There are only 3-million Jews and100-million Arabs; all of whom want to drive Israeli in-to the sea." But do you remember "little Japan," in the 1930's and what she did to giant China? Do you remember your history of the Nineteenth Century, when a little Island Kingdom called the British Empire, controlled most of the world?

When the "Six Days War" began in 1967, the Israeli were in much better position to fight than their Arab neighbors. They had more trained soldiers and better equipment; furnished by the United States, at the expense of our own military structure. As in World War II, when Lend Lease aid went to Russia on a priority basis, while Americans died on the atolls of the Pacific for lack of equipment; so in 1967, military equipment went to Israeli which was needed for our own armed forces. It was not God who helped the Israeli win in 1967 against overwhelming odds. It was superior training, leadership and above all the all-out effort of the American people who were backing their own enemies. If the United States were to withdraw all our aid to Israeli, she would collapse within six months.

"Oh," but you say: "My pastor has told me that since the Jews are God's Chosen People, we must help them or receive the curse of God. He said the reason God has blessed America is because we have been kind to the Jews." That's the kind of "hogwash" I used to preach! But you don't have to be very brilliant to realize that God has not blessed America, since we have helped the Jews. Since we recognized the Zionist Israelis in 1948, we have seen the period of greatest decline, economically, militarily, politically, morally and spiritually. We have seen the truth of another curse, which can be found in 2 Chronicles 19:2b, it says: "...Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord. Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord." Christian, you better ponder on that verse for a while.

The crime and moral pollution which is literally swamping America in this decade, comes from Jewish sources. Don't bother to argue with me about it, just look at the names behind Secular Humanism; Sex Education in the Schools; prostitution; the dope trade; see who runs the abortion clinics, the alcohol trade. See who runs the immoral filth mills of Hollywood and the American stage; see who controls the propaganda mills of the media, radio and TV ... I dare you to look. If you do, you will find Jewish names in the preponderance.

2 - The second myth is that all the Arabs are Mohammedans and are therefore anti-Christian. Did you know that Christianity is closer to Mohammedanism than it is to Talmudic Judaism? The Mohammedans believe in one God, Creator of the Universe. They believe that Jesus Christ was a great prophet. The Jews, on the other hand say they believe in God. Jesus said they were liars. In John 8:19, our Lord said to the Jewish leaders, "...Ye neither know me, NOR MY FATHER; if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also ... I shall go my way, and ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins; whither I go, ye cannot come. "While most of the Arab world is Moslem, about half of Lebanon is Christian and there are over 6-million Coptic Christians in the United Arab Republic. About one-tenth of the Arabs in Palestine were Christians, before the Jews took over that country, as were the Syrians. It has been the Arab Christians who have suffered most under Israeli brutality, just as their Christian brethren suffered under Jewish cruelty during the Communist takeover of Russia and China. The same ungodly crew were in charge in both places.

3 - The third myth is "The Israeli want peace and " the Arabs want war. " This is one of the strongest arguments used by the Zionists. When Arab terrorists kill two or three Israeli school children in an attack on a bus, they scream about the dastardly terrorists; but when Israeli planes strafe and bomb Beirut and kill over 300 children and their mothers, this is an act of war. Never ever call any of Israeli's acts "terrorism," or you will be tarred with the label of "anti-Semitism." (There are no people in the world, who are more anti-Semite, than the Jews in their treatment of the Arabs.)

This same kind of falsehood is prevalent in the United States. A Christian organization, such as the Christian Patriot's Defense League, will be quickly investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, because some newspaper reporter, who has been given full access to the C.P.D.F. camp grounds and has been treated with courtesy, has written a slanted news article. The Jewish Defense League can train teenagers in the use of "fully automatic weapons," in direct violation of the law and the law enforcement agencies will do nothing about it.

Not long ago, the church of a militant, right-wing Christian group was bombed by the Jewish Defense League. A local law enforcement official had said shortly before this incident: "The JDL will take care of them all right!" "When the bombing took place, it was like pulling teeth to get the law to do anything. But let a Jewish synagogue be blown up and see what happens.

The chances are, someone from the "right wing" will be blamed; the case will be tried before a Jewish Judge, with a Jewish Prosecuting Attorney and we wonder why our system of Justice has "gone to hell."

With the exception of a few of the Arab extremist organizations, most of the Arab countries want peace with Israeli. All they ask for is a just settlement of the refugee problem. Under Menachem Begin, this will never happen. He has proven over and over, that he is not interested in a just settlement. Israeli leaders say loudly in the new's media that she wants peace, while all her actions are aimed at warlike aggression. in fact her actions speak so loud, you can't hear what she says.

There is no terrorism anywhere in the world worse than that which has been practiced by the Israeli against the Arabs. The Arabs want peace on just terms, while the Israeli want peace on the terms of a conqueror.

4 - The fourth myth is "The Arabs could have stayed in Israeli, but the Arab countries urged them to leave. "This falsehood has been adequately proven over and over again by many reliable people. The Commissioner General of UNRWA, John Davis was quoted as saying: "'The extent to which the refugees were savagely driver out by the Israeli was a deliberate master plan."

5 - The fifth myth is - "It would he national Suicide for the Israeli to allow these Arab refugees to remain within the country. No other authority than the Israeli General Mayan said: "Economically, we can let them return, but it is not in accord with our national aims. It would turn Israeli into a bi-national, rather than a Jewish State and we want a pure Jewish State."

Doesn't it seem strange to you, that while in the United States, it is the Jews who push for integration, inter-marriage, open immigration, and all its attendant evils, in Israeli they are probably the most segregated people in the world? Ask yourself why?

6 - The sixth myth is - "While the Arabs are terrorists, the Israeli are freedom fighters, trying to protect their people."

In the many letters to the Editor, which followed the Israeli bombing of the Iraqi nuclear plant, American Jews followed one set pattern: "We had to do it to protect ourselves from those nasty Arabs who want to kill all the Jews." Of course it is almost impossible to get a letter published which shows the other side of the story. But what is the truth about terrorism in Palestine? Without a doubt, extremists on the Arab side have attacked Israeli villages (on land which once was theirs, don't forget) and innocent civilians have been killed. But the story doesn't stop here and most American Christians haven't been told the story of what the people they support have done. So let's look at some facts that the Zionists can't cover up.

Back at the beginning, in April 1948, two Jewish terrorist gangs attacked the Arab village of Deir Yassim, east of Jerusalem. According to International Red Cross accounts, 254 men, women and children were brutally murdered and many of their bodies were stuffed down a well. This was done by a band of disciplined Israeli soldiers, acting under orders. Begin later boasted that this act did more to frighten the Arabs than anything else they could have done. There are many more since then.

In the December 22, 1980 issue of SPOTLIGHT, the story is told of a young woman diplomat, Alexandra Johnson, who was fired from her post as an intelligence expert in the State Department, working in Israel. She was fired because she refused to doctor up reports about Israeli torture of Arabs.

In an interview with SPOTLIGHT, she revealed that she was stunned when she first arrived in Israeli, to find that MOSSAD, the dread Israeli secret service, had penetrated and subverted the American government in certain key areas of strategic concern - especially in the area of foreign relations and that Israeli and Zionist spokesmen wielded more power over United States foreign policy than American officialdom.

Miss Johnson's job was to review applications of Arabs who wanted visas to come to the U.S. She interviewed a number of them who had been in Israeli prisons, for what we would have called "misdemeanors" in this country. What emerged from her reports, was that Arabs in Israeli control, were often tortured by the Israeli, not merely to mete out extra punishment, or to elicit information, but as an instrument of official terror, to intimidate and frighten all Palestinians. She found that the Israeli used three levels of torture, from beatings, to assault on sexual organs, to the third level, where prisoners were stripped naked, hung up by the heels for long periods in refrigerated rooms, while they were subjected to sexual tortures too horrible to mention.

Alexandra analyzed and classified all this information with the meticulous precision of a trained intelligence analyst. On May 31, 1978, she sent to Washington a detailed analysis of 15 visa cases she had been investigating, in which "human rights" violations had occurred. Her dispatch was given the code name "Jerusalem 1500."

It proved to be a bombshell and immediately Miss Johnson was warned by her superior, Consul General Newlin, that this report had been leaked to Israeli intelligence sources and she could expect trouble. He told her that under Israeli law, such unfavorable information was considered to be a crime and that if the MOSSAD tried to grab her, there was very little the U.S. could do for her. She was urged to do no more "human rights" reporting. However, she followed up "Jerusalem 1500" with other cables, confirming her earlier report.

MOSSAD's reprisal was not long in coming. In February 1979, she was recalled to Washington, where under the pretext that she failed to get along with her colleagues, she was fired from a promising diplomatic career. "It is a shocking but inescapable conclusion," Miss Johnson said, "that Israeli intelligence has access to confidential and U.S. diplomatic files - including sensitive cable traffic between the State Department and its embassies abroad. It is equally evident that in matters affecting their interests, the Israelis have the behind the scenes influence to manipulate American foreign policy - even such internal affairs as the rating and firing of career foreign service officers."

In recent months, the Zionist propaganda machine has changed its stance, and instead of denying reports of torture and terror, it is brazenly acknowledging the vicious crimes which have been perpetrated by the Zionist "war machine" which will allow nothing to stand in its way of rise to world power.

Just a few more examples of Israeli terrorist tactics. June 14, 1980, Professor Yaha el Meshada prestigious Egyptian physicist, who had been appointed scientific director of Iraq's national nuclear research project, was bludgeoned to death in his Paris hotel suite. Zionist propagandists, writing in such American papers as the New York "Post" admit that the killing was done by a "special action" team from MOSSAD, to warn the world against helping any Arab country build a nuclear plant.

A week later, an attractive French model and party girl was lured into a limousine in Paris, only to be thrown out of the car at high speed, directly into the path of another car which swerved in order to hit her. Police called it a mystery slaying, but she was to have testified about the murder of Dr. Mershad two days later. Draw your own conclusions!

Two weeks later, in Toulon, a cab driver named Jean-Batiste Murad was found with his throat slashed. The police wrote it off as a crime of passion. But French intelligence services said that he had too much information about MOSSAD, having served with them and the Israeli terrorists were afraid he would give information to the French investigators. At that time, French President Giscard d'Estaing, called MOSSAD "a filthy criminal gang" and vowed to prosecute any Zionist agents arrested in terrorist acts in France.

But enough about Zionist terrorism!

7 - The seventh myth is that Arabs neglected the land the Israeli now have and that under Zionist care, the desert has blossomed like a rose. This of course is one of the major arguments used by fundamental preachers to prove that this is the Promised Land.

The Israeli have worked hard; they are efficient and industrious, there is no question about this. But many of the beautiful orchards now in Israeli hands, were planted and cared for by the Arabs and confiscated by the Israeli.

8 - Probably one of the most dastardly and false statements made concerning the Israeli is "Israeli is a bastion of western democracy in an undemocratic world." But let's see what an eminent Zionist leader has to say about this. I'm quoting from Golda Meir, as she appeared in an NBC radio program on June I, 1969, over a Jewish program called THE ETERNAL LIGHT, she said: "The world will ultimately have to choose between Moscow's and Jerusalem's brand of socialism. By this I mean socialism of coercion as represented in Russia or the cooperative type as represented in Israeli.

You should understand that the Israeli are the only people in the world who have voluntarily joined Marxist communes. Millions of Russian Christians were murdered for resisting collective farming in the Ukraine. But the Israeli Kibbutz collective is a totally Jewish Marxist concept and the Jew's are the only people in the world who have voluntarily subjected themselves to this lifestyle. Mrs. Meir admitted that the Marxist Kibbutz was a uniquely Jewish concept.

To any objective foreigner who has ever traveled in Palestine and has observed the Israeli in an objective manner, they can only come to one conclusion. This is that Israeli is following the same imperialistic, expansionist, military blueprint which they used in their revolution in Russia. How many of you know that Menachem Begin was a Communist member of the Polish Army before coming to Israeli?

The Jewish writer, I. F. Stone, writing about the Zionist State said: "Israeli is creating a kind of moral schizophrenia in world Jewry. In the outside world (like the U.S.) the welfare of Jewry depends on the maintenance of secular. nonracial, pluralistic societies. In Israeli, Jewry defends a society in which mixed marriages cannot be legalized; in which non-Jews have a lesser status than Jews, and in which the ideal is racial and exclusionist." This hardly sounds "democratic," now does it?

It might interest the reader to know that Israeli Jews who are Arab or Oriental, find themselves discriminated against by Jews who have no claim to the blood of Abraham. I'm speaking of the 90% or more of Jewry who are Russian Khazars.

While the Jew in America is behind most of the efforts towards race mixing and against discrimination of any sort, in Palestine, they practice the most rigid discrimination.

9 - Myth number nine: "The Arabs are against the Jews! But many Arabs will angrily reply to this by saying: "We are not against the Jews, but against the Zionists." Then they will point out how Arab and Jew lived together in peace for many centuries before the Zionist bandits came on the scene.

What has happened in the United States that has caused our political and Christian leaders to back an aggressive, anti-Christian government such as that of Zionist Israeli? A 38-page booklet, published in 1951 by the American Jewish Committee will give a partial answer, it states: "We supply Christian religious publications with prepared materials, articles, and stories depicting Jewish life. Through the newly created Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League will jointly have an unprecedented opportunity to aid in the preparation of lesson materials, study guides, audio-visual aids, etc., for use in the educational activities sponsored by Protestant churches."

Often Jewish professors are invited to lecture in Christian seminaries and Jewish scholars have been on the consulting committees of every recent translation of the Bible. Recently, a young Jewish woman, who claims to have been a victim of the "holocaust," has been stirring American audiences with a heart wrenching account of life in a Nazi prison camp. Apparently no one has been smart enough to realize she isn't old enough to have been there.

Zionists for at least thirty years, have pressured American Christians into sharing a one-sided partner-ship responsibility with them in their imperialist adventures. They always play heavily on the fundamentalist reliance on Bible Prophecy. They have also been most successful in installing a "guilt complex" in most Christians, by heavy play on so-called Jewish persecution by Christians.

Israeli's Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Eban, speaking at Notre Dame University in 1955, was quoted as saying: "The homelessness, and martyrdom of the Jewish people was not only a source of international political tension; it was also a heavy burden on the Christian conscience."

Recently at a big gathering in Jerusalem, to celebrate the "holocaust," (this has practically become a Jewish holiday), Menachem Begin said: "All people of German descent share in the responsibility for the six million Jews who were murdered in Germany." I happen to be of German descent and I am angered by false statements such as this. In the first place, a little objective study will show you that it was impossible for 6-million Jews to have been killed in Germany, since there were never this many in all Europe, and millions escaped to the West. If you take Jewish eye witness accounts of the prison camps, you will find that 12-million were killed at Auschwitz alone. It seems as though at least five million of those gassed in Germany, are now in New York, drawing reparations from the German people.

Maybe we Christians should ask the Jews to pay reparations for the 34-million or more Christians, who were liquidated by the Jewish-Communist revolution in Russia. Can you imagine the hue and cry that would rise from Jewish sources, if our pastors had the guts to stand up and accuse the Jews of these murders?

Jesus Christ wasn't afraid of the Zionists of His day, the Talmudic Pharisees. He accused them in Matthew 23:35, of being guilty of ALL the righteous men who had been slain from the time of Abel's murder at the dawn of civilization.

If the Jew's want to blame all Christians for the persecutions they brought on themselves by their filthy, unrighteous actions, maybe they should be called to account and asked to explain the deaths of hundreds of thousands of First Century Christians who were killed in Jewish persecutions.

People like Dr. Jerry Falwell says that Satan hates the Jews and is trying to wipe them out. Jesus Christ called them "children of the devil," (John 8:44). Does it make sense to you that Satan would want to wipe out his own people?

No one can accurately speculate how much support for Zionism has cost the United States in wealth, prestige, suffering and bloodshed. Yet they have shown their appreciation, by being foremost in their effort to destroy us, by destroying our youth. They have said: "'We will destroy Christian youth through drugs, alcohol and sex. We will get them away from God, we will destroy their ruggedness. If we can do this to one generation, we will be able to control the country."

They have come a long way in the United States in these fields, for the Jews are the driving force behind alcohol, drugs, pornography, prostitution and their handmaiden, the "rock and roll" industry. I don't expect you to believe me, but I dare you to be honest enough to look at the names that head these industries. 90% or more will be Jewish names.

Probably the most damage to America has come from our pulpits, where tens of thousands of "brainwashed" "Zionist prostitutes" thunder in the ears of their parishioners the falsehood that the "Jews are God's Chosen People." During the Six Days War in 1967, they pointed to the Jewish victory and said: "Once again, God has protected His people, the Jews." I don't know of a one, in a major denomination, who was honest enough to say: "The Jews won because of the superior equipment America gave to them."

There was a tremendous silence from America's pulpits when the Israeli attacked our naval ship, the USS Liberty and killed 34 American sailors and wounded 76 more. The Israeli gave us a simple apology and our government bent over backwards trying to cover up this shameful incident. As intelligent people, ask yourself what would have happened, if it had been Egypt, or Syria, who had launched this attack? You know the answer to this as well as I do!

There is much conjecture as to why Israeli planes strafed and rocketed this plainly marked American ship on six strafing runs, then attacked with two torpedo boats. The Israeli version was that they mistook us for an Egyptian boat. But this is preposterous. There are many who believe the Israelis were afraid that the Liberty had recorded the fact that it was they who were the aggressors in the Six Days War and they did not want the world to know this.

But Israeli has always been protected by the Zionist prostitutes in our Congress. When Begin launched the recent unprovoked attack against Bagdad, using American equipment after he had promised never to use it for aggressive action, religious backers of the "Zionist bandits" like Jerry Falwell said: "You have the aid and cooperation of all our fundamental Christians, no matter what you do. Because we know you are God's People and can do no wrong." Let me tell you, I'm one fundamentalist who hasn't been taken in by these lying people. I neither back them, nor condone any of their actions, because they are enemies of God and everything I stand for as a Christian. Will America have to go through the terrible days of a Jewish anti- Christ persecution as our Christian brethren in Russia did, because our pastors don't have the guts to tell our people the truth? Very possibly!

Oh, I know that some of you who read this have been told by your pastors not to worry. You see, Jesus is coming back to rescue you before things get too tough. Would you like to discuss this with the martyrs who died in the first three centuries, or those who suffered behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains?

No, my Christian friend. God is not going to protect you when you hide like a coward in your spiritual fox hole, folding your holy hands while you pray for God to do the job He has given you to do. He told you: "Ocupy until I come!" Not until you think he might be back; not until your pastor tells you he will be back, but until you see Him with your own eyes. Occupation is a "military duty," it can't be performed in a foxhole; you must be out on the "front lines."

Do you have the "spiritual guts" to confront your pastor and ask him why he has lied to you about the Rapture and the Jews? He will probably tell you that he is "ashamed by you anti-Semitism." But I want you to remember that he is speaking in defense of those who killed your Lord and who according to their own teachings, are usurpers and not the Chosen People. He is defending those who hate your Lord, and you and who according to their own teachings, are against everything you stand for as a Christian. What are you going to do about it?

You can be like those Christians in Russia and China who believed the Lord would be back to rescue them. Millions have died martyr's deaths. Or you can be like the Christians who were in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. when the Roman General Titus attacked that city. They believed the words of our Lord in Matthew 24 were written for them and they fled to the city of Petra. Not one Christian was killed, but over a million unbelieving Jews perished.

I dare you to read John 8 and then still say the Jews are God's Chosen people, for if you do, you will be calling our Lord a liar. Somehow, I believe this might be dangerous!

Stop being a fool! Open your eyes to the truth! Help us spread the truth! This is not a message of hatred against "sorry race of people like the Jews," it is a message of warning, concerning the Satanic plot to destroy white Christian civilization and the freedom it has brought to the world.

The future of this country, of your children and grandchildren rests in the hands of God and you. Your freedom was not "Bought and paid for at Valley Forge," that was only the "down payment!" You have been warned! I have been the watchman on the walls of Israel. You now know the truth. You will never be able to say: "I didn't know!"


"Must I be carried to the skies,
On flowry beds of ease;
While others fought to win the prize.
And sailed through bloody seas.
No I must fight!
If I would reign;
Increase my courage, Lord,prea
To bear the toil.
Endure the pain,
Supported by Thy Word!

The End

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