The Brainwashing of America!
by Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, AUS Ret.

An intimate look into what has caused the United States to change from a Christian Constitutional Republic, into a Democratic Welfare State, headed for the dictatorship of the New World Order, and the FORMULA FOR OUR SURVIVAL as a free and Christian people!


"Where there is no vision the people perish". - Proverbs 29:18

This message will take a close hard look at some of the unpopular facts which are ruining our nation. You may not like what you read here, and I do not expect you to believe what I say, merely because I am considered an expert in the field of "brainwashing". I do ask however, as intelligent Americans, of every race, creed, and color, that you take what I say and place it under the most powerful magnifying glass of truth you can find. (If you are a Christian, this of necessity must be the Holy Bible). Then when you discover I have told you the truth, allow nothing to stand in the way of getting this information to our people. Unless our decent people are willing to face these unpleasant facts, no matter how dismal they may be, there is little hope for a free America.

Have you ever wondered why in a so-called free Christian nation such as America, we would arm our worst enemies and waste our hard earned money on those who hate us? Can you explain why in the past fifty years our government has told us that America has been the mainstay in stopping the inroads of International Communism. Yet this is an observable lie, for on at least fourteen major occasions, that I can think of, when the Communists were on the verge of economic collapse, it was Uncle Sucker, using your tax dollars, who bailed them out and placed them back on their feet.

While our government was spending hundreds of billions of our tax dollars to arm us against the Evil Empire of Communism, the traitors in Washington, were keeping them alive and healthy, as we fed them when they were short of food, so that their men could remain in the war factories, instead of being on the farms. We clothed them when they were naked; we built their great arm industries; the steel industry at Gorki, many times greater than our own at South Bend; we built the Ford factory on the banks of the Kama River, that produces more trucks than all our factories combined. We built their hydro-electric plants, that power their factories and light their homes.

I realize that we have been told by the media and our government that Communism is dead, and that we do not have to worry about them any more. But our military leaders know this is not so. They know that every country that broke away from the Soviet Union, is now under the control of "hard-nosed Communists", usually Jews, as they were before the Bolshevik Revolution. They know that while we have been disarming at an alarming 30% per year, the old communist world is re-arming with aggressive type weapons. While we have not built a nuclear sub in two years, and most of ours were disarmed on Presidential order, they are building two per quarter. While we have built no new carriers in five years, they are turning out super-carriers at the rate of two per year, and I could go on and on.

And today, we see our government making the same obvious mistakes in Korea, they made before the 1950 war. Just the other day I read an AP report which stated that the North Koreans dared not attack south, since with our superior weapons we would wipe them out in three months. This was the same stupidity we showed in June 1950. At that time, I was working as a military advisor with the South Korean troops north of Seoul. For six months we saw the build up of North Korean forces and reported it to the State Department. Over and over again, I was laughed at, when I reported large troop movement and heavy tanks seen north of the Parallel. The State Department Liaison Officer would say: "Mohr, you're paranoid, you see a communist under every rock and behind every bush". And I did, because they were there!

Later when it was proven that Ambassador William Muccio and several of his top State Department men had withheld vital information from General MacArthur's Headquarters in Tokyo, they were all promoted, and Muccio was sent as Ambassador to Iceland. Because I "blew the whistle" on them, I came under government harassment.

On June 26th, 1950, 1 became the first American wounded in Korea, when I was hit by shrapnel from a Yak fighter attack on the airfield at Su'won. They flew me to Japan to get patched up, and I flew back to Korea on July 1st, with TASK FORCE SMITH, the first contingent of American ground troops to enter the war. They were supremely confident, boasting that the North Korean troops would break and run when they found Out they were fighting Americans. I tried to tell them that they were up against veterans who had fought with the Red Chinese and Japanese during WW II, but they would not listen. Ten days later, I watched as the few who remained, less than a hundred, staggered into the airport at Tague, sadder, but much wiser. They found that our superior tanks, could not match the Russian supplied T-34's and that our outdated l05mm howitzers, were out ranged by 10,000 yards, by the 122mm Russian supplied cannon.

But like now, the "powers that be" who control America, had decided on war, and nothing could stop them. We are headed for the same situation now and many places are available, for war to break out, since we have began to dabble in United Nations actions.

Can you understand why Christian Americans would tolerate an alien, anti-Christ political force in Washing-ton, D.C. which intimidates our government, our politicians, and certainly many Christian preachers, and which each year, "milks" our people of billions of dollars, under the guise that they have a "special option from God to do so?"

Why is it that ministers of the Gospel who will often take a stand against evils such as abortion and pornography, quail at the very thought of tangling with the men who promote these evils and who they know stand against everything they claim to believe as Christians?

What has happened in America, in the past fifty years, which has caused Christians to lose that virtue which was once "Standard Operating Procedure" with our people? I'm referring to "righteous indignation", the ability to discern between "good" and "evil" and the "guts" to take a stand against it?

One of God's complaints against the "shepherds" of Israel, in Isaiah 5:20 was: "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter." Vs. 23 - "That justify the wicked for reward (bribes), and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him". This is what has happened in many of our churches. You cannot promote God's enemies, and expect His blessings, no matter how powerful a preacher of salvation you may be!

Could it be possible, do you suppose, that a large majority of Americans are suffering from a malady that some call "brainwashing?" which completely confuses people until they believe something that deep down inside they know is a lie. Jesus indicated that this state would increase to the point where those who killed and persecuted Christians, would feel they were doing God a favor.

Could it be this "brainwashed" state that is causing Christian Americans to have such strange priorities in their lives? to where they will favor evil men and harass those who are bold enough to warn us of the dangers we face?

Is this why Christians often have such strange priorities in their lives, that they will favor evil men, and harass those who try and warn them of danger?

We are living in the precarious times spoken of by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:1-5, where professing Christians often have ". . . a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof; from such turn away".

Today, as never before in our history, Christian Patriots are under a vicious attack, often by the established denominational church. It appears as though the controlled media is engaged in a gigantic campaign to "brainwash" the uncommitted into believing that Christian Patriotism is bad. (This is especially true, if you happen to belong to the Christian Identity persuasion), and even good, decent pastors are inclined to give false information about a Christian group they know very little about. The media loves to dwell on the small groups of extremists that pop up here and there, while completely ignoring the presence of hundreds of thousands, of enemy agents who have been in this country for decades.

I have often felt the wrath of the liberal media, when I attempted to tell our people the truth about what was happening behind the scenes, which the media refused to reveal. It was not at all unusual, to have them deliberately lie about what I said and twist my statements to make me look bad. This has been the experience of many devout Christian patriots.

It is almost as though they think it is a sin for a man to warn our people about the dangers we face, and seek to put some spiritual backbone into our people, so they will "stand for something, rather than fall for anything!"

My experience with the media has proven that for the most part they are "harsh and warped" in their thinking and callous in their actions. They care little about what they do to a person's reputation, as long as they can come up with a sensational story. As far as I'm concerned, most of these should be beneath the contempt of decent Americans. Their thinking at high level can be seen in a statement made by Walter Cronkite, the "guru" of the news world. When asked what he thought about truth in reporting, he replied: "My task is not to speak the truth. I am an opinion molder.?"

Patriotic Christians, especially those of the Identity persuasion have been labeled as "racists" "bigots", and "hate mongers" by the vk, apeople who spew out hatred with every breath they breathe.

Sir William Drummond, an English philosopher once said: "He who will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; he that will not reason is a slave". The truth of this statement indicates that the majority of our media are "slaves," or maybe "prostitutes" would be a better term to use. For the people they work for, are according to their own admission, engaged in the "mental subversion" of the world to their New World Order.

The prophet Hosea once said (4:6), "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge". Notice he did not say "lack of education", but "lack of knowledge". There is a world of difference in these two. I realize that in a world which is "dedicated" to education for everyone, this is heresy, but you can have a string of degrees behind your name, and as the Apostle Paul said you are: "Ever learning, but never able to come to an understanding of the truth". (1 Timothy 3:7)

Knowledge is not just the ability to read, it is the ability to assimilate the truth and come to a reasonable conclusion regarding it. You don't get this kind of information by sitting in front of the "Boob tube", or reading the daily newspaper.

Many times, as I approached this subject, I have been accused by the media of being "prejudiced". I doubt that many of them know what this term means. It comes from the Latin word "predicium" which means: "To form an opinion, without knowing the facts". I can assure you that this is not the case in the "brainwashing" issue, for I have spent hundreds of hours in studying the problem from both sides.

Whether you accept the facts I present will be entirely between God and you. But if you are honest enough to read this message, you will never be able to stand before Him and say: "I never knew!"

I will not attempt to cram facts "down your throat, for I learned long ago, that I am not to be the PERSUADER. That is the task of the Holy Spirit. lam however, a "watchman on the walls of Israel America, and ala Ezekiel 3 and 33, I have the definite task of warning my people of danger. The Bible says that if you hear my warning and do not heed it and get hurt! "Your blood will be upon your own head!"

During the Korean Police Action, 1950-53, a new word was introduced to the English language. It was "brainwashing". Our enemies in Red China had a more descriptive term for it, they called it "thought control". They introduced it to their people through a science called PSYCHOPOLITICS, which is the "art of controlling the thinking of an entire body of people, so that they will obey you without question".

In this message, I will show you, beyond the shadow of reasonable doubt, that this country we love, and the other nations of Christendom, who represent "true Israel," have been singled out for the Satanic purpose of destroying us, and the Christian civilization which has brought so many blessings to the world.

Then I will give you some workable suggestions, taken from our Guide Book, the Holy Bible, which will allow you to face these problems and become immune to, or overcome them. You have my guarantee that these will work, if they are honestly applied.

By the time I have ended this message, I believe you will have a better understanding of what I mean, when I state that the English speaking world in particular, has been chosen by the enemy in his vicious attack to "wipe out White Christian Civilization".

Some Christians immediately become "touchy" when I say "White Christian Civilization," as though I meant that salvation did not apply to all. This is not my meaning! But if you are honest, you will have to admit, that only the White nations have openly responded to the Gospel message. Colored nations have only been reached at great expense, effort and often danger. Only the White nations have founded their constitutions on God's Word; in them alone, is a day set aside for the worship of our God, and the rest of the body. A well-known atheist once said: "The strength of England can be found in their Sunday day of rest and worship".

In recent years, in America in particular, there has been a plan underway in our education system and the media, to make White folks ashamed of being White. We are to be indoctrinated with a "guilt complex". While it is perfectly acceptable for a Black to believe and preach that "Black is beautiful," for a White to do the same will bring cries of "racist" from the press and pulpit.

While it is considered proper for a Jew to talk about his Jewishness, and his "Chosen People" status, (and many so-called "converted" Jews still refer to themselves as Jews), you are considered to be a "religious bigot," if you believe that the White people of Christendom, are the Chosen One's of the Book.

As the result of this strange "lopsided" thinking, and because most of us have been sloshed around in the "liberal mind-detergent" of our times. (This is a mind cleaning detergent made up of one ounce of fact, dissolved in a gallon of hogwash"), we have seen a strange and very sad thing happen in America, as our White boys and girls are being taught to be ashamed of their heritage.

While I am not a "racial supremest", I am a "racist" if believing in one's own people and wanting to help them, makes one so I go by these observable facts and many more:

1 - Only our people (White) have openly accepted the Gospel.

2 - Only our people have abolished slavery. England first in 1854, followed by the United States in 1865.

3 - Our nations send out 98% of all Christian literature and missionaries.

4 - Our nations are the one's which feed the world's starving.

5 - Our White nations are the one's who send aid when there has been a great catastrophe.

6 - Only our White nations have based their governments on God's Law.

All these, my friends, are scriptural "fingerprints" which will identify "true Israel" in the closing out days of this age. There are over 200 of them, and the people we know as Jews, do not match up to a single one.

The scriptural facts concerning "true Israel", is one of the major reasons I believe in Israel Identity. I came out of fundamental Baptist "denominationalism", after fifty years, twenty as an evangelist, and with two high degrees in religion. My mind was so encased in hardened "denominational cement", that it took the "dynamite" of God, through a traumatic incident, to blow it away to where I would accept the full truth of the Word. After twelve years in Christian Identity, I would never go back to the "weak and beggardly elements" of Judeo-Christianity. It would be like a "dog returning to his vomit", (2 Peter 2:22).

If it makes you feel proud to see the accomplishments of the White Christian world, then my friend, according to the present "political" doctrine, you are a ''racist'!

Since the time of Christ, the Christian world has been under relentless attack by the anti-Christ doctrine of Judaism. It was this force that brought into being, paid and led, the Satanism of communism which has murdered over 140-million people. (Talk about your real holocausts). Jewish leaders brag of this.

The Jew, Marcus Eli Savage, in the Century Magazine, January 1928, says: "We Jews are at the bottom of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian but of every major revolution in your history . . . We did it solely with the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda".

Oscar Levy, in the preface to his book THE WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION says: "There is scarcely an event in modern European history that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews today are nothing else but the world's seducers, it's destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners".

The AMERICAN HEBREW, largest Jewish newspaper in the United States, 9/10/20 said: "The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains and planning, whose goal was to create a New World Order. What happened in Russia, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, will become a reality over all the world".

In another issue of the AMERICAN HEBREW it said: "The ideals of Judaism are consonant (in agreement) with the finest ideals of Bolshevism". (And you wonder why so many Jews are Communists).

These same anti-Christ's are at work in America, striving mightily to destroy the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for. While many intellectuals sneer at the idea of a conspiracy going on now, they will admit there have been many conspiracies in history. But it won't happen here!

The nations of Christendom are unique among all other nations of the world, because their laws are based on the premises that there are certain "God given rights" which are outside the scope of governmental control. Since these rights come from God Himself, they are known as "inalienable rights". Government may not tamper with these in any way, shape or form.

There are four major rights we have in America, which form the foundation of our Constitutional government:

1 - The RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, as found in the Second Amendment. A freedman has always had the "God given right" to protect himself, his family and his property from the depredations of evil men, whether they be "run of the mill" criminals, or a criminal government which seeks to run roughshod over the rights of it's people. The government criminal, acting within the protection of the Law, may be more of a danger to you than the man who seeks to break into your house and rob you of your belongings. This is the principal reason this Amendment was included in the Constitution. It was not for the rights of a man to hunt, or have a gun for target practice, but as a "last ditch stand" of the Freedman against a government which has run amok. Our Founding Fathers stated that if the time ever came, when our government began to take away our God given rights, then it became not only our RIGHT, but our DUTY to throw out that government and install one which would protect the rights of it's citizens.

2 - THE RIGHT OF WORSHIP WITHOUT STATE CONTROL. This country was never meant to be a "pluralistic society". It was set up as a Christiane sntry, to protect the rights of Christians to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience. The documents which founded every state prove this! Many of them specifically state that they were formed: "For the glory of God and the propagation of the Christian faith." Other religions have obtained freedom under our system. They do not have this freedom under Jewry or Moslem rule.

3 - THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS and ASSEMBLY, and last, but not least;


There are many others, some incorporated in the BILL OF RIGHTS, but these four are the cornerstones on which the foundation of America was laid. These were the rights our forefathers demanded from the tyrannical King John of England, when on a foggy day in the year 1214, at Runnymeade, England, the British freedmen, sword in hand, forced the king to sign a document called the MAGNA CHARTA. They did not do this on bended knee, but stood "sword in hand" and demanded their God given rights.

Since that time, the nations of Christendom have been unique in their concept of freedom. We must remember that FREEDOM is a fragile thing at best. Benjamin Franklin, the senior statesman of America once stated: "He who values security more than his freedom, deserves neither".

Our Christian people for the most part, have forgotten this advice in these "latter days". The abortion issue is a good example. We have well meaning people in America, who cry great crocodile tears over the fate of baby seals in Newfoundland, yet see nothing wrong with the murder of 2-million unborn babies every year by abortion. Entire communities come together to rescue a few whales trapped in the ice, and spend millions to free them, while others cheer from the sidelines. Yet the feeling of millions of young Americans, es,uding many Christians, can be summed up in the words of a beautiful co-ed at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, who questioned me during an after speech Question and Answer Period. She said: "If we can't have abortions and contraceptives, how will we handle the population explosion". When I asked her if she had ever heard of such a thing as "self-control", you would have thought from the crowd reaction, that I had slapped her in the face. Here were about 800 young Americans, ready to make their way into adulthood, who did not know that they had "freedom of choice" to decide whether they wanted to do "good" or "evil". They had been taught that everything they did was conditioned by their environment, and that they had no moral choice. How sad, and how terrible will be God's punishment on those who have taught them these falsehoods.

Later, I found that the young woman who had asked this question was head of a committee dedicated to saving baby seals, yet she could see nothing wrong in the murder of 2-million unborn babies in the abortion clinics of America. She had been taught that it was a woman's right to control her own body, even if it meant breaking one of God's major Laws. "Thou shalt not commit murder!"

Many Americans will take a stand for some "pet right" and ignore others. This is extremely dangerous. All our freedoms are so intricately woven together into the fabric of our well-being, that if we neglect one, a deterioration process begins, which in time will destroy all of them.

This principle was understood by a well known American patriot named Davy Crockett, who in 1833, took a military force of 1,000 Tennesseans on a thousand mile cross country trek to fight at the Alamo. When they arrived, the Texicans said: "Davy, why did you come? This isn't your fight!" And Crockett said: "I've made it my fight!" Why? Because he knew that if freedom was destroyed in Texas, it would only be a matter of time until it was destroyed in Tennessee.

The same is true in 1994. If we allow the enemy to destroy South Africa, (and in this case the enemy is our SHADOW GOVERNMENT), the same force will in time destroy America, using the same methods. If the SHADOW GOVERNMENT can take away the right of parents in Nebraska to "home school" their children, they can do it wherever you are.

In America today, we are under attack from foreign, anti-Christ forces, headed by such organizations as the Anti-Defamation League, of the Jewish B'nai B'rith, which is an un-licensed agent of a foreign country (the Israeli), that has been operating illegally on American soil, with government approval. They have become the official advisor of our Justice Department in their dealing with Christian patriots and for all practical purposes run our State Department in their handling of foreign affairs.

When you read in the media, which is controlled by this same foreign, anti-Christ power, that the government is taking action against some Christian patriot, or group of patriots, invariably you will see some statement from "Abie of the ADL". LOOK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! These are the people who have set up laws forbidding "para-military" training, while carrying out this same training in at least seventeen states free from government harassment. Let a group of Christian patriots attempt to do this and see what happens!

But such is the strength of this alien enemy in the halls of our Congress and in the subverted Judeo-Christian churches of America, that our leaders are afraid to stand up and fight against them, for it is the "kiss of death" to any politician, or pastor who has the courage to resist them.

That's why there is so much "butt kissing" of Jews in Washington. That's why President Clinton has appointed many of them to high government positions, while he has not appointed a single Anglo-Saxon Christian. I remember seeing a cartoon a few weeks ago, where the President was sitting in the Oval office. A flunky came and said: "Mr. President, the Pope, and a high Israeli official are waiting outside. Which one do you want to see first?" To which the President replied:

"Better send in the Pope. I only have to kiss his ring!"

These anti-Christs are being aided in their efforts to destroy Christian America by the members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the TriLateral Commission, whose goal is to bring about the Jewish New World Order. These are all working towards the enslavement of Americans.

The reason our British forefathers put such rigid controls on King John, 775 years ago and then continued them in their Constitutions, was that they were not only Statesmen, they were also Historians. They realized that history proves that governments left to themselves, always seek control over their people, under the guidance of unscrupulous men who will gain by it!

The founders of our government took steps to protect the rights of Americans against such a government, in the remarkable document we call the BILL OF RIGHTS. (It could rightfully be called a BILL OF LIMITATIONS, for that is what it does to government). The first nine amendments say in essence to big government: "THOU SHALT NOT! THOU SHALT NOT! THOU SHALT NOT!" Then the Tenth Amendment, says it all by saying in essence: "Government, if there is anything we forgot in the first nine Amendments, you can't do that either, without the permission of the people". By following these principles we have remained relatively free for over 200 years. But now, evil men in the government and a group in Congress known as the M.C.P.L. Members of Congress for Peace Through (World) Law, are pushing one agenda; One World Government, under Jewish control. Remember, that all these men have taken an oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic and they have not done this. To all intents and purposes, according to the definition of our Constitution, Article III, Section 3, they are TRAITORS! and should be dealt with accordingly!

Have you ever wondered why the 2nd Amendment, the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, is under perennial attack? It is because this Amendment is the foundation of ALL our freedoms. The great international lawyer, Fredericky Sctiat, in his book THE LAW, states: "Each of us has the natural right - from God - to defend his person, his liberty and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life: the preservation of any one of them, is dependent on the preservation of the other two".

Civilization has been based on this premise for the past 6,000 years of written history. Once the right of a freedman to protect himself, his family and his property against anyone is taken away, he becomes a slave!

The Communist Lenin knew this when he stated: "A system of licensing and registration of firearms is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeois."

One thing the "free world" should have learned a long time ago, is that you can't play "patty cake" with a rattlesnake without getting bit!

We have in America, many people who are either so "naive" or "brainwashed" that they believe if all tiger hunters would hang up their guns, the big cats would turn into vegetarians over night. But here is a fact of life, they refuse to face. No matter whether you view a tiger as a "pussy " or a "beautiful animal", he is still a tiger. His tiger appetite for flesh and blood is as much a part of his tiger nature, as his stripes and when you live in a district where "man eating" tigers roam, sensible people go armed! The same is true when dealing with criminals or government traitors!

The liberals in our government who have such lovely dreams of the future, simply can't understand that you can't legislate "equality" by law. That's the main reason they have pushed their "integration programs". It is not to help the Blacks, or other Minority people, but to accomplish the "mongrelization of America"! You see, these men are also historians and know that history proves that whenever a people become "mongrelized" they are easier to control and are on their way to destruction. (Don't argue with me about this, check your history books!) Every great civilization that has existed in our 6,000 years of written history, has had to learn this lesson the "hard way".

Whether you are willing to accept it or not, it is an observable fact, that the aliens who have flocked illegally into America in the past thirty years, have become an albatross around our neck which is sinking us. They have not been a blessing to us!

During one period in the 19th Century, over 40-million immigrants flocked to these shores in the greatest immigration of all times. Almost 100% of them came from the White Christian nations of Europe. While their spoken language was not always the same, their heart's language was! Their ideas concerning freedom, religion, morals, integrity, womanhood, the family and the work ethic, were very similar.

But the immigrants who have inundated America in the last thirty years are for the most part alien to everything America stands for. They are heathen in concept, anti-Christian in religious belief, and most have come for what they can get from our government, not what they can contribute to the country.

Foremost among these aliens, have been the Jews, especially those from Russia, who are socialist in their thinking. They have flocked into America by the millions, settling in large cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami. (The Jewish population of New York City, is now more than that of the entire country of the Israeli). 50,000 a year are coming in now!

The thinking of the leaders of this alien mob can be seen in their perpetration of wars without number. The Chief Rabbi of France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn, stated at the funeral of a prominent rabbi: "Wars are the Jews' harvest. With them we kill off the Christians and gain control of their gold. We have already killed 100-million of them, and the end is not yet!" This is the thinking of the International Jewish mind.

Remarking on the Civil War, the noted German political philosopher, Otto Von Bismarck, said: "The division of the United States into two federations was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. (These were Jewish bankers under the banner of the Rothschilds). The European bankers were afraid the United States would attain economic and financial independence and upset their financial domination of the world. They foresaw tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble democracies, indebted to Jewish financiers. They made the rupture between the North and South, and Lincoln never suspected it! But later on, when he learned their plans and understood that the South was not the real foe of the Republic, but the Jewish financiers; he decided to eliminate the international bankers from the American scene, and for this he had to die! The Jews have never hesitated to plunge the world of Christianity into wars and chaos, in order that the world may become their inheritance" (UNQ).

After the war, the South was turned over to the "mad dogs of the Northern Abolitionists", who more often than not were Jews. These fattened themselves off the misery of the defeated South. President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy was captured and charged with the assassination of Lincoln, and kept in inhuman conditions for two years, on orders from a mysterious source outside the government.

I am not anti-Semitic, or even anti-Jewish as such, but the fact remains that this people, at least on the part of their leadership, have no conscience. The Apostle

Paul pretty well described them in 1 Thessalonians 2:15, when he said: "Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us (the Christian church); and they please not God, and are contrary to all men."

During World War II, General Patton who was my commanding officer once stated that he thought we had fought on the wrong side in that war. I have come to believe this! For we were subverted into fighting on the side of Jewish communism, against everything we believed in as a Christian nation. Gen. Ulysses Grant tried to outlaw Jews from Union Army camps during the Civil War, because of their immorality and crooked business practices. His order was mysteriously rescinded by some secret power in Washington, which superseded the military and the American Congress. When Gen. William Sherman complained about the "swarms of Jews who prayed on the Union Army, robbing and cheating". He was told to "shut up!"

Farmers and laborers are one of the number one targets of the International Jews, who hate "work". Their religious book the TALMUD, refers to those who work with their hands as the lowest kind of humanity. So the International bankers steal from the farmer and allows him to live, only because they can make a profit off his labor. If this is not true, explain, if you can, how the American farmer can make $25-billion a year off the "sweat of his brow", while the Jew middle-man who sells what the farmer produces, makes $250-billion?

Why are non-Jews in America afflicted with food products which bear Kosher approval of Jewish rabbis, the K and U you find on food products. If Christians were to insist on a Christian standard for foods, the Jews would be the first to cry out about "prejudice, or separation of church and state!"

Why should farms be confiscated by an alien power and resold at pennies on the dollar to the aliens who caused their collapse? I dare you to take an honest look at those who have Stolen our farms!

The Jew historians have frantically tried to obscure the fact that their people have never been the productive ones. They have never been the builders, as one of their own writers said: "We Jews are the destroyers!" Yet under Zionist pressure, we are dumping over $5-billion a year into the Israeli economy, and through them supporting the Jewish led countries which broke away from the USSR. The banks that loan the Israelis, the Communist countries, and the Third World nations billions yearly, at rates of 3-5% interest, with no payments for the first ten years, are the one's who are foreclosing on American farms and businesses.

The reasons the enemy wants to destroy farmers and small businesses, is that you are the "backbone of the nation; you are the glue that causes America to hang together; you are the people who made us great! You are the conscience of the nation!" Wake up to your responsibility!

I do not advocate annihilation of everyone who disagrees with us. That's not only un-Christian but ridiculous. But we have the right to say to the Jews and aliens in our midst. If you want to live in peace within our borders, as productive citizens, and enjoy the freedom and security you will find nowhere else, then dwell in peace! But when you begin to interfere with our Christian way of life; when you attack our Christian principles; when you tell us what we can and can't teach our children in the public schools, or what Christian displays we may use on our Christian holidays, then you have outstayed your welcome and we have the right to ask you to depart. If you will not do so peacefully, then we should "throw you out!"

I'm sure that many of our problems come from a lack of understanding of the basic principles of freedom, for although we are an educated people, that does not mean we are knowledgeable. Someone once truthfully said: "Education without God, turns men into clever devils". And it often appears as though this is the goal of modern education. It certainly is not to develop Christian Americans.

We are inundated by men in position of responsibility, who are in the words of the Apostle Paul: "Ever learning, but never able to come to an understanding of the truth", (1 Timothy 3:7).

According to Isaiah 56:10, 11, the D.D. behind many preacher's name could well stand for "Dumb Dog" instead of "Doctor of Divinity".

I believe there are several reasons behind this lack of understanding on the part of our people. One is that the leadership of America, under the apathy of it's citizens, has sunk to a new low level. If you don't believe this, look at the level of appointees that have been elevated to positions of responsibility within the Carter Administration. They are top heavy with anti-Christians, non-Whites and sexual deviates.

It seems to me that our current crop of politicians in "le cesspoole Grande on the Potomac," are more interested in promoting themselves than in the welfare of the country. As a result they will "sell out" to anyone who has the money, and are willing to pay for their TREASON.

Second, our people as a whole, Christians foremost, have become mentally lazy and apathetic. It has become much easier to sit before a TV screen, or read a newspaper for our education, while you will find very few Christians who will look into the Bible for the answers. When they come to a place that is difficult to understand, they trot to their minister, who tells them what he was taught in the seminary. Maybe it's right, and many times it's wrong! After all, we reason. The pastor is educated. That's why we pay him. We can trust what he says! Yet we neglect scriptures such as Jeremiah 23:22, which clearly indicates that if the pastors would "preach the whole counsel of God's Word, the people would turn from their wicked ways". This by no means has happened, which indicates to me that something is terribly wrong with the preaching coming from our churches.

As a result, our churches are turning out a crop of Alka Seltzer Christians, who come to church and "fizz" for an hour or two on Sunday, while the rest of the week they can't be distinguished from the worldly crowd.

They are no doubt the Christians Jesus spoke about in Matthew 5:13, when He mentioned the "salt which had lost it's savor," (it's ability to act as salt and hold back corruption).

Then too, the American people are continually attacked by an enemy strategy called "mis-information." In the words of an old Arkansas hillbilly: "It ain't from knowin' so much that causes the trouble; as it's from knowin' so much that ain't so!"

We should always remember that we will not lose our freedoms at 3 a.m. when there is a knock on the door and we open it to a man in uniform with a Tommy gun in his arms, who says: "Come with me to the concentration camp". We will lose it when people like you and I see things which are wrong in our local government, our schools, and our churches, and turn back to the TV saying: "I'm just an individual, you know, and everyone knows you can't buck city hall". When enough of us feel that way, we will hold the funeral for freedom. We will take her to the cemetery and bury her, and over her grave erect a headstone with this epitaph: "America died! Because our Christian people didn't want to be bothered!"

Believe it or not! I have just completed the introduction to this message.

One of the first things I noticed when I began an intensified study of the Zionist-Communist conspiracy in 1978 was that it was an almost 100% Jewish effort. This was what caused me to investigate in the first place. I had been raised in a Judeo-Christian fundamental Baptist church, where it was apostasy to say anything derogatory about the Jews. But during the Vietnam War years, I was lecturing for the John Birch Society on their American Opinion Speakers Bureau, and worked the college circuit, where I had at least 25 confrontations, some quite violent, with those radicals who were tearing the college campuses apart. To my amazement, I found that 100% of the leadership of these groups were young Jews from wealthy families.

So in the summer of 1979, 1 took off several months to study this phenomenon, going to Jewish sources for my information. I found to my amazement, that Jewish leaders bragged of their part in making the Communist Revolution in Russia a success. In fself Rabbi Stephen Wise, top Jew in America, when asked what he had to say about Communism, replied: "Some call it communism, I call it Judaism!"

I was amazed that every time I lectured on communism and related evils, the media labeled me as "anti-Semite", although I had not mentioned, Jews, Judaism, or Zionism.

My studies indicated that long before the Zionist-Communist conspiracy took over in Russia, the enemies of Christianity had laid down plans for the destruction of two great Christian nations on the European Continent. They believed that Russia and Germany had to be destroyed before they could conquer the New World and advance to World power.

As a result of this thinking on the part of Zionist leaders, a plan was evolved among the International Zionist gangsters, long before Hitler appeared on the scene. It called for the neutralization of Germany and set the stage for World War II.

This war, like World War I, was waged for two primary purposes. First, the strengthening of Jewish claims on Palestine, which would result in the foundation of the Israeli state in 1948, and secondly to kill off as many Christians as possible, while weakening them economically. This brought to mind the statement by Rabbi Reichhorn, mentioned earlier: "Wars are the Jews harvests. With them we kill off Christians and we have already killed l00-million of them, and gain control of their gold".

So we saw a strange thing take place in Germany, as the International Jewish bankers supported both sides in World War II.

Many admirers of Adolf Hitler, and he had some good ideas for Germany, are extremely touchy about this subject, but I have studied it from both the Nazi and anti-Nazi sides and am convinced that the World Zionists brought Hitler into power for a specific purpose, which was the ultimate destruction of Germany.

I doubt that Hitler knew about their plan, for they used him as they have used many other leaders, and he was desperate for funds to use in his German renovation program. These International Zionists were willing to sacrifice any number of their "lesser brethren", so that their plans for world conquest would succeed. It takes a Satanic mind to plan for the destruction of your own kind, but this in essence was what Jesus accused the Jewish leaders of in Matt. 23:35, when He said they were guilty of all the righteous blood that had been shed on the earth from the time of Cain, until the time of Christ.' Then he elaborated in John 8:44. The question is, church member, who are you going to believe, your pastor who calls these anti-Christ's God Chosen, or the Son of God who openly declared them to be the "sons of Satan!"

Hitler was not hated by International Jewry because of what he did to the Jews in Germany, but because he became the first leader of any major country, who bucked their plans and for this he had to be destroyed.

When you take time to study World War II, in all of it's ramifications, you can understand why General Patton said in disgust: "I believe we have been fighting on the wrong side!" Certainly neither this war, or World War I, were fought for the welfare of our American people, or for the benefit of world-wide freedom, no matter what our historians have told us to the contrary. They were Zionist conceived, Zionist directed wars, by which they "killed off the Gentile goyim, and gained control of our wealth".

During World War II and since, the leaders of the Communist world, which means Jewish influenced men, have treated the Christian West with utmost contempt; which most times they have deserved. This is why Lenin predicted as far back as 1921, that they would never have to fight against us to obtain their objective of a One World Government. He said that the Christian world would become so rotten within, that it would fall into their laps like "over-ripe fruit".

That is why when Khruschev came to the United States to speak at the United Nations in New York, he was able to pound on the podium with his shoe, while screaming: "We are going to bury you!" Our educated liberal "fools" such as Professor John Kenneth Gailbraith of Harvard said: "He doesn't really mean that! He means that they will pass us economically". No wonder that when he returned to Russia, he was able to say, according to Pravda, "I went to America and spit in their faces; and they thought it was dew!"

It doesn't appear that we have learned much since those dark days.

When President Reagan was playing "patty cake" with Gorbachev at Summit meetings regarding World Peace, again according to Pravda, "Gorby" told the Russian people: "I diddled President Reagan and the American people, and we have them where we want them now".

At the very beginning of the Zionist-Communist Movement, Lenin laid down the blueprint for their world takeover. He said they would start by taking over the land masses of Asia, then Europe, then Africa, and finally when the United States and Canada were surrounded, we will be forced into surrender or die! This of course is the old "Better Red than dead", propaganda of the N.C.C. The organized church world was so sold on this idea, that as far back as 1965, they drew up a plan calling for our surrender, before the first bomb fell on our soil

In the early 1900's a very controversial document appeared on the world scene. Many of you have heard about it. It was called THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. The Jews and their "Christian stooges" have called this document a "forgery" and I will not argue against this, except to point out that before you can have a "forgery" you MUST first have an original. The forger tries to duplicate the original as closely as possible, to fool people. So the criteria regarding this paper is not whether it is fake or not, but whether World Zionism is following it's plan. All you have to do to see that they are following it like a "blueprint" is to read it for yourself. It is "blood chilling" to read what they say they will do, and then see how successful they have become in doing it!

For example, listen to PROTOCOL VIII, and make up your mind: "In order to annihilate the instruction of the goyim (a Yiddish word means 'non-Jew' animal) before its time, we have touched them with craft and have taken hold of the ends of the springs which move their mechanisms. These springs lay in a strict but just sense of order. We have replaced these with the chaotic springs of license and liberalism. We got our hands into the administration of their law. (The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, is for all intents and purposes a part of our U.S. Justice system at this time. They are always consulted by the Department, when dealing with Christian patriots); into the conduct of their elections (see how much emphasis is placed on Jewish desires in every national election); into the press, (which for all intents and purposes is Jewish owned and/or controlled); into the liberty of the person, but principally into their education and training, since they are the cornerstones of their free existence." (Jews control the education of America, through their control of the National Education Association).

Let me stop here to elaborate briefly on Jewish control over the media. At least 909 major newspapers in America, with a daily readership of over 50-million are Jewish owned and/or controlled. Over 48 major magazines, with a readership of over 80-million weekly, are Jewish owned and/or controlled (magazines such as the Ladies Home Journal; Reader's Digest; U.S. News and World Report; Time Magazine; Newsweek, etc.)

All of the major TV networks in America, with the exception of Ted Turner's CNN are Jewish owned and/or controlled. Nine out often of the major Hollywood movie studios are Jewish owned and/or controlled. This is why they can put out a fictitious historical film such as SCHINDLER'S LIST, and have it win most of the movie awards. This is why the airwaves are inundated with Holocaust films, when nothing is ever said about the 140-million or more who were murdered under Zionist-Communism.

When the Jews put out their blasphemous film, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, Christians everywhere complained. Yet Christian leaders such as Jerry Fawell, Pat Robertson, Jack Van Impe, and Jimmy Swaggart, were more concerned that this might stir up anti-Semitism among their people, that in what the movie did to Jesus Christ. When Robertson made a feeble attempt to get Rabbi Tannenbaum to speak to the Jewish promoters of the film and have it withdrawn, Tannenbaum was incensed, although he was one of the Jewish leaders who had asked Falwell to help them stem the "anti-Semite" backlash they knew was bound to come.

My Christian friends, no matter what church you attend, there can never be anything resembling "detente" between Christians and non-Christians, for we have been told to "come Out from among the world and be separate". Who are we going to obey, our Lord, Master and Savior, Jesus Christ, or your church leaders who have "sold Out to the enemy" and opt for "compromise? " You cannot cooperate with evil, if you love the Lord, either as an individual or as a nation and come out in the driver's seat.

This reminds me of the story I heard about the two old maids who were on vacation in the Midwest. In a large city zoo, they saw a caged black maned African lion (the fiercest of the lion family). In the cage with him were four little lambs, who were scampering around in no apparent fear of the beast. Over the door of the cage was the word DETENTE! Finding a zoo keeper, they asked; "How do you get the lion and lambs to get along so peacefully," to which he replied: "It's easy! All you have to do is replace the lambs every two or three days". The py Scway of compromise with evil is the same, as shown in Psalm 1:1 - "Blessed is the man that WALKETH not in the counsel of the ungodly; nor STANDETH in the way of sinners, nor SITTETH in the seat of the scornful".

Here are the three steps to compromise". First you begin by walking hand in hand with evil men. (In the church world it is known as "ecumenism"). Then it is not long before you stand around holding "dialogue" with them; from here it is an easy step to "sit in the seat of the scornful", laughing at the things you once held sacred and good.

My search for the truth began, I guess, when I was a speaker for the John Birch Society in the 1970's. My messages were essentially anti-Communist and every time I delivered one, the media labeled me as anti-Semite, although I had not mentioned Jews, Judaism or Zionism. I knew little about them then, other than what I had been told by, my church leaders, that they were "all of Israel - God's Chosen" and must not be questioned, no matter what they did. My, my what a license to sin they had!

I did not know about the part they played in bringing communism into fruition, and it was not until I tangled with the Jewish radicals in our colleges during the Vietnam War, that I realized that all was not as I had been told in Jewdom! As I mentioned earlier, I found multitudes of Jewish writers who glorified in their efforts to make communism successful, and destroy their ages old enemy, Christianity!

In all my training for the ministry, and my experience as an evangelist, I had never noticed a verse in scripture found in 2 Chronicles 19:2. This is a verse of warning that our fundamental and evangelical pastors need to take very seriously, "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord". Did you get that? You can't help God's enemies and be on His side.

This is further brought to our attention in 1 John 2:22, 23, where we have a clear definition of an anti-Christ, and no one fits it as closely as does the Jew. Then in 2 John 10, 11, Christians are told what their reaction towards these anti-Christ's MUST be. We are not to help them in any way, for if we do, we become "partaker in their evil deeds." How many of you Christians who read this pamphlet, will be willing to stand before the Great Judge and answer for the 2-million unborn babies who are murdered each year in mostly Jew run and owned Abortion Clinics? You say: "But we oppose abortion!" Well and good, but the Book says that if you support those anti-Christs who underwrite this murder, you become partaker in their evil deeds. Are you and your church an apologist for Jewry? Or how about the millions of American youth who have been headed for hell because of pornography, prostitution, alcohol, drugs, rock music, etc., all promoted and heavily owned by Jews? According to the Book, you will become "partaker in their evil deeds", and this means in the punishment God will mete Out to them.

So I was forced into making a very difficult and painful decision. Should I continue to lie about these anti-Christ's and be welcome in the big churches, or should I tell them the truth and be ostracized. When I went to my pastor with my problem, he stated that if I was foolish enough to attack Jewry, the "door of every Baptist church in the country would be slammed in my face". He made certain that this was true in Mississippi, as every Baptist church and men I had loved, respected, and held revivals in their church, suddenly turned against me. But I didn't have much of a choice. I had to opt for telling the truth!

Not wanting to sail under false colors, I wrote a letter to 200 fundamentalist leaders in 1980, explaining what I had found regarding Jewry. Fourteen week-long revivals scheduled for 1981, were canceled within two weeks, not because I had changed my preaching, or my doctrine, but because I would no longer accept these anti-Christs as God's Chosen.

As I went into further study of this International problem, I became fascinated with a Communist textbook titled PSYCHOPOLITICS/THE ART OF BRAINWASHING. It contained the "blueprint" for the destruction of Christian America. It was introduced in the Lenin School of Psychopolitical Warfare, the University of Moscow, in 1932, to a class of 47 hand-picked American college students who went to Moscow to study communism first hand. Strangely enough, 45 of these students were Jews.

This book contained the plans for the disruption of American education, which I had seen take place during the Viet Nam War. This book was brought to the United States in 1933, where it was taught at the Eugene Debs Labor School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to communist cadres who were then spread out over the United States. Attending this school, were such communist notables as Golda Meier, and Gus Hall (Hallberg), perennial head of the American Communist Party.

Since my personal experience with communism in 1948, I had watched with horror and fascination, the inroads being made by Zionist-Communist propaganda in America's schools and churches. At that time I (lid not recognize the Jewish effort behind this! I did recognize the subversion that was coming through the controlled press, TV, the movies, and the education system, which reached even into the Christian church.

This information was readily available to anyone who was concerned by the direction our country was headed. Yet in spite of all the problems which could be laid at the door step of International Jewry, in spite of what our Lord and the Bible says about them, the majority of Christian pastors have clung to the idea that we better not mess with the Jews in any way, or God would punish us. They take Genesis 12:3, completely out of context: "I will bless them that bless thee; and curse him who curses thee". They tell their people that this promise was made to Abraham, a Jew, but the truth of the matter is that there were no people called Jews until 1200 years after the time of Abraham, when we find them fighting against Abraham's descendants, through his grandson Jacob/Israel. (2 Kings 16:6)

Years ago, a well-known fundamentalist TV evangelist told he that God had been good to America, because we had supported the Jews. When I called to his attention the fact that American had gone downhill faster in every area - politics, education, militarily, morally, and most certainly Christian, since we recognized that little "bastard state of the Israeli" in Palestine, in 1948, he went off in a rage. Could this be the result of 2 Chronicles 19:2 in effect?

I have watched the insidious threat to Christians everywhere, as it has developed around and through the people we know as Jews. This plot, according to their own leaders, is designed to torture, destroy and imprison, men and women of courage, who are willing to stand up for God, Jesus Christ, and the principles of Christian freedom.

If you are one of the "brainwashed" one's who doesn't want to believe this, then explain to me, if you can, why we cater to a people who fits the Bible definition of the anti-Christ, like a glove?

If we have eyes to see, we can already see the forerunner of this persecution at work. It has imprisoned many Christian Patriots, whose only crime is "bucking the corrupt Babylonian System of anti-Christ Zionism", which now controls America. When Jesus warned His followers in Mark 13:8 and Luke 21:12, that this enemy would to liver them up to the synagogues to be beaten and killed, this in itself identified the enemy, since only one people worship in synagogues.

I wish we had time in this message to discuss in detail the roots of Jewish teaching, which are not to be found in the Books of Moses, as most Christian pastors teach. Jesus Himself blew this myth to pieces in John 5:46, when He told the Jewish leaders: "If ye had believed Moses, ye would have believed Me: for he wrote of Me".

Orthodox Jewish belief is centered in a heathen monstrosity of 63 volumes, which fills a 12' bookshelf, called the BABYLONIAN TALMUD. According to modern Jewish religious scholars, this is the "heart blood of Judaism".

Many of the things taught in the Talmud, coincide with their teachings in the textbook on PSYCHOPOLITICS. For instance on page 30 of PSYCHOPOLITICS, it says: "Obedience is the result of force. Concurrent with force is the use of brutality; the most barbaric, unrestrained use of brutal force, if carried far enough, will result in obedience. Any organization which has the spirit and courage to display a lack of humanity, will be obeyed. If you wish to have obedience you must make it clearly understood that you will have no mercy. Since man (goyim) is an animal, he understands in the final analysis, only those things which a brute understands".

Then on page 42 of this "gem", we read: "The first thing which must be degraded in any nation under conquest is the state of man himself. Nations with a high ethical tone are difficult to conquer . . . what they call their spiritual integrity cannot be violated by duress (force). It is not efficient to attack a nation in such a state of mind. So it is the basic purpose of PSYCHOPOLJTICS to reduce this state of mind to the point where it can be ordered and thus enslaved. Thus, the first target must be man himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must no longer think of himself or his fellow being as being capable of spiritual endurance or nobility".

This teaching has been cleverly done in our education system, by the teaching of evolution, which changes man from a "spiritual being", into a "higher class of animal". But when men and women begin to think of themselves as animals, even high class one's, they begin to believe that they aren't worth very much in the "scheme of things", and it then becomes easy to eliminate them for the welfare of the state. That my friends, in a nutshell, is TALMUDIC-COMMUNISM.

This communist textbook ends with a warning that all Christians should take to heart. On page 43, it says: "As it seems in foreign nations that the church is the most ennobling influence, each and every branch, of each and every Christian church, must one way or the other be discredited, by broadly demonstrating, through PSYCHOPOLITICS, that the soul of man is nonexistent, and that man is an animal". (That's why the Jew calls us "goyim," which is a Yiddish term meanmg: "Non-Jew animal").

The TALMUD backs up this statement by saying that when the Jewish Messiah (which by the way is not an individual, but their One World Government) comes, every Jew will have 2,000 goyim slaves. That's you and I they are talking about!

What will end this TREASON AND SUBVERSION against God and our people?

Our nation has been on the economic slide ever since our Congress allowed the International Bankers to control our economics through their FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. (This is not Federal at all, but is made up of eight banks, seven of which are Jewish owned and/or controlled. There is some questions about the eighth, which is the Rockefeller bank.)

The banks which make up the Federal Reserve System, are:









There are approximately 300 Jewish people known to each other, and/or relatives of the owners, who hold stock or shares in the Federal Reserve System. They comprise an interlocking, international banking cartel of wealth beyond comprehension.

This same economic power is now exerted in every nation of Christendom. In this nation, we currently borrow over $100-billion each year, with high interests rates, so that we can give it away to nations that often "hate our guts". (The Israeli are one of them).

But our economic and political problems are but the shadow of a much greater problem. This is the moral and spiritual debacle which has taken place in America in the last century. When we look at the moral debacle which is taking place in America, where were are supposed to have 50-million "born again Christians", and we can only believe that most of these Christians have become the "salt" Jesus spoke about in Matthew 5:13, that has lost it's savor (it's ability to act as "salt" and hold back corruption). But what can we expect from a "twinkie-marshmallow Christianity" whose leaders tell their people: "Don't worry about these things. If your saved Jesus will come back and Rapture you out of this mess before it gets all that bad!" What a monstrous, egotistical, gall, when one considers that it was Christian apathy that caused this mess in the first place.

Why do Christian ministers shy away from the unpleasant truth? I believe it's because it "scares hell out of them", and I'm not using that as a cuss word either. It really does! It's because they are preaching something they really don't believe in. I remember speaking with a young Baptist pastor, who told me that the Lord would return before the end of the year. It was about June at this time. When I asked him how sure he was of this, he said: "As sure as it is that I'm speaking to you right now!" Well, I happened to know something about this young fellow. I knew he had just increased his life insurance and that he was putting money in the bank every month so his children could go to college. But when I called these incongruities to his attention, he got mad and stalked away. You see, by his actions, he proved that he didn't believe what he was preaching.

If you were driving down a country road at night, and suddenly the beam of your headlights showed a sign which read DANGER - DETOUR! - BRIDGE OUT! Surely you won't stop, throw rocks at the sign, and then drive ahead to your destruction! But that in essence is what millions of good Americans are doing today! If you had a watchdog, and he barked one night when a burglar tried to break into your home, surely you wouldn't get your shotgun, blast the dog and go back to sleep! But that, in essence, is what millions of so-called Christians are doing in America, as our great nation slips "down the drain".

It seems hopeless doesn't it. But we have a ready made FORMULA FOR SURVIVAL, if we are willing to give it more than mere lip service. It is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, and many Christians know it by heart: "If My people, which are called by My name (Christian), will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land".

There it is my friends! What are you going to do about it? It will take more than just repeating the words. It is going to take some praying and action on your part. It means that we MUST stop "doing our own thing" to obey God in everything we do, with ALL OUR HEART, AND SOUL AND MIND. It means putting God first in our lives. It means learning the lesson that OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY OR SAFETY!

When are we going to wake up? Or will we be like the hillbilly who Sat on the porch of his shack as it burned to the ground. Someone stopped and said: "Your house is on fire!" and he replied: "Ah knows it is". When he was asked what he was doing to stop it, he said: "I'ze sittin' here praying' for rain." That's typical of the utter stuidity of most of the people who go by the name of Christian.

A leader of the Zionist-Communist cult once publicly stated: "I will live to see the day when 60-million hopelessly diseased Christian animals in America are hauled away to the elimination centers by our commissars. The Christians love to sing about blood, so we will give them all they can handle, as we cut the throats of their children, drag them across the altar rails of their churches, and may the parents drown in the blood of their own children". That was an American speaking about what he hoped would happen when Zionist-Communism fastened it's grip on Christian America.

As the hordes of the anti-Christ gather for their final assault on Christendom, we need men and women with the faith of the Hebrew children in Daniel 3. When the king said: "Bow down to my image or die!" They replied as a man: "We are not careful to answer thee in this matter. If so be our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and He will deliver us Out of thy hand, O king! But if not, be it known unto thee, 0 king, that we will not serve they god's or worship the golden image which thou hast set up!"

This is the kind of Christians we need to be victorious! Are you one of them?

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