By Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, A.U.S. Ret.
Evangelist, Author, Lecturer

The well known American Educator and Legislator of the Nineteenth Century, Horace Mann, once said: "On the face of it; it must be a bad cause which will not bear discussion. Truth always seeks the light, instead of shunning it."

This is what we will seek in this message, as we look at what has happened in American Foreign Policy since World War I. We will look at unhealthy forces which have in-filtered our Government; we will see the damage they have caused, then we will seek answers to this Fifth Column which has invaded us with the purpose of destroying Christian civilization and the freedom it brings to men everywhere.

Over the past thirty-five years in particular, concerned Americans have painfully watched the disintegration of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We have stood by, often in frustration, as the United States has lost prestige in economic, political, moral and spiritual influence. We have often remained silent, as our competitive Free-Enterprise System has been undermined, our natural resources depleted, and our national wealth given to our enemies and doubtful friends, often on credit. We have watched helplessly, as our sons have been murdered in two "no-win" wars, which were planned by evil men to further their own aims, line their pockets with our wealth and finally enslave us.

Painful as it is for us to admit, the United States is in retreat on every front. Our moral and spiritual strength has declined and we have lost our international prestige. Many of our once great Christian churches, which were lighthouses in a darkened world, have degenerated into "glorified country clubs," where men and women belong, not because of the spiritual benefit they receive, but because of the prestige it brings.

These churches, once the source of our national strength, have often become the source of our national illness. Some in the fundamental field, while not succumbing to the disease of liberalism, have opted in defense of our worst enemies, have dignified them by calling them "God's Chosen People," and have indoctrinated their people with a religious neutralism which causes them to hide in their spiritual foxholes, waiting for the Lord to return and Rapture them out of this "time of trouble." They too, are part of the illness which is killing America.

There can be no argument about our loss of power, when a little, unstable country such as Iran can hold us up for political blackmail. Iran, Taiwan, Cuba and the Panama Canal "giveway" have all been milestones in America's retreat.

We are in grave danger as we face this decade, for we have become a "senile old tiger" with rotting teeth, who is confronting a fanatically dangerous Russian bear and an equally dangerous Chinese dragon.

Unless there is an immediate turnabout in foreign policy, the alternatives we face before the end of this decade are almost too awesome to contemplate.

Many of us have high hopes that the Reagan Administration will turn America around. The rhetoric is there. But we cringe as we see top appointments of those who are internationalists, Tri-Lateralists, and members of the Council on Foreign Relations, all dedicated to an ultimate loss of American sovereignty and an amalgamation of our precious country into a One World Government.

Listen to these men, who are members of the Trilateral Commission and many of whom are dual loyalists with the alien State of Israel.

George Bush, Vice President

Eliot Abrams, State Department

George Aldridge, State Department

Malcolm Baldridge, Commerce Department

Charles Bray, Ambassador to Sengal

William Brock, Special Trade Representative

Arthur Burns, Ambassador to West Germany

William Casey, C.I.A.

Chester Crocker, State Department

Richard Darman, White House Staff Secy.

Laurence Eagleberger, State Department

Roscoe Egger, Jr., I.R.S.

Thomas Enders, State Department

Peter Flanigan, Economic Policy Advisory Board

Alan Greenspan, Economic Policy Advisory Board

Alexander Haig, Secretary of State

Robert Hormats, State Department

Bobby Inman, C.I.A.

Frek Ikle, Defense Department

Jacob Javits, Foreign Advisor to the State Department

Lawrence Korb, Defense Department

William Lindquist, Community Development Commission

James Lynn, Economic Policy Advisory Board

Paul McCracken, Economic Policy Advisory Board

Maxwell Raab, Ambassador to Italy

Donald Regan, Treasury Department

Myer Rashish, State Department

Eugene Rostow, Arms Control & Disarmament Agency

George Schultz, Economic Policy Advisory Board

William Simon, Economic Policy Advisory Board

Charles Walker, Economic Policy Advisory Board

Murray Weidenbaum, Council of Economic Advisors

Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense

Walker Wriston, Economic Policy Advisory Board

How can our Republic heal herself, when our top leaders are dedicated to the dissolving of our national sovereignty. Could Mr. Reagan still be acting? Could he be playing the part of the "White Knight in shining armor" for the confused masses of Americans, when in reality he is only a figurehead for the same evil group which has controlled America's direction for sixty years? It would be well for us to think about this while there is still time.

No amount of statistics or hard facts, seem to be able to deter the liberals in our government from the naive assumption that our enemies want the same things we do. History has adequately proven, to those who will look and listen, that the Internationalists do not look on detente, war, peace, and co-existence in the same naive manner as our state Department.

We have a right to be alarmed by what we see happening on the world's scene. But most of us are confused. Why is America in retreat? Why has everything seemed to go wrong for us in the past few decades? Why is it that we cannot cope with the problem caused by illegal immigrants? with the energy crisis? with subversives within our government? In all of Mr. Regan's loud stand against Communism, I have never heard him, or any of his top advisors, say a word about cleaning out the subversives which have been entrenched in our State Department, at least since the time of the New Deal.

I think our problem is not that we haven't heard enough, but that we have been deliberately led astray by what we have heard. In the words of an Ozark hillbilly philosopher: 'It ain't so much from not knowin' that causes our trouble; as it is from knowin' so much that ain't so!" Most Americans are confused and our enemies know that confused people are easy to control.

Many years ago, Daniel Webster defined American responsibility in these words: "The Constitution is but the creature of the public will; and in every crisis which threatens it, it must owe its security to the same power to which it owes its origin. The appeal therefore is to the people, and to all the people; not to party or partisans; not to those whose interest in office and place is greater than their stake in the country; but to all the people, to those who have no wish but for the best for their country." I would like to believe that those who read these words belong to this elite group.

So my appeal to you in this message is not to Republicans, or Democrats, or Independents, but to Americans! Not to Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, or whatever religious persuasion you may be -but to Americans! To those of you who really care about what happens to us! In the words of Benjamin Franklin, the time has come when "Gentlemen, we will either hang together as Americans - or we will hang separately!"

My firm conviction is that the salvation of America will come about, when dedicated Americans recognize their heritage and their responsibilities before Almighty God. These can turn America around and get her headed back to greatness.

My purpose in this message is not to discuss the defeats of the past - it is not to concentrate on the debacle in Iran, Vietnam or Panama. It is not to point out our lowering moral and spiritual standards and the crime which is about to swamp us. It is not to point the dangers we face of slipping back into another Dark Age. You know about these things! My purpose is to prove to you, beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt, that our problems have been deliberately created and that we have been manipulated into our present crisis by blind, mis-guided leaders. While still others have been openly contemptuous of the Constitutional process and are traitors to the American ideal!

In dealing with an enemy, it becomes vitally necessary that we understand them. America's first Ambassador to the Soviet Union, George Kennan once said: "The great tragedy of the West is that many of its leaders -many of whom are fine Christian patriots, simply are incapable of grasping, or understanding the nature of this enemy, bent on our destruction." My feeling is that if this is true, they have no right to be our leaders. But be that as it may, I'd go a step farther and say that many of them, including thousands of our religious leaders do not want to understand this danger. Even worse, some of them are TRAITORS!

I do not consider myself as an expert on American foreign affairs, although I have had a lot of first-hand experiences with the State Department in pre-war Korea and later in Ethiopia. What I saw in both those areas could only come under the title of TREASON! But I have found that a person becomes an expert when they get more than fifty miles away from home. My experiences with the communists in Korea in 1948 and later on in the Korean War, has colored my thinking to the point where I am very harsh and critical when I deal in those areas. No doubt some of you will be upset with my remarks and I may have to say with the Apostle Paul: "Am I to become your enemy, because I tell you the truth."

Now I am about to make a rather strange statement. I do not ask you to believe or accept a single statement I make. I do however, ask that you do yourself a favor. Take what I tell you; place it under the most powerful magnifying glass of truth you can find and when you realize that what I told you was true, do something about it.

I doubt that any of you who have a watchdog, would go down and shoot him if he barked some night to warn you of a breakin. But this in essence is what the American people have done.

There was a time when American Foreign Policy was relatively simple. It was based on the simple premise: "Walk softly; but carry a big stick. "We did not do a lot of threatening; we had no aggressive policy towards our neighbors. But the world knew where we stood and they respected us, friend and foe alike. Today we have a tendency to "talk big," and seldom do anything to back it up.

The actions of our government during the Iranian crisis reminded me of a story I heard about a man who had been beaten up by this big bully for the "umpteenth" time. As he lay bleeding on the ground, he looked up at the burly brute who loomed above him and said: "That's the tenth time you've robbed me. You beat up on me every time. Once you raped my wife. I'm getting sick and tired of this and one of these days, if you don't stop, I'm going to get mad at you."

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a bit disturbed by Mr. Reagan's Foreign Policy. Both he and Alexander Haig, have been quite busy "tweaking the nose," of the Russian bear, when they have only a switch to defend themselves with. I think this is foolish!

While our military leaders say we are ready to go to war - and this is true if we are thinking about fighting Mexico or Cuba; but if they have the Soviet Union in mind, that's a bald faced lie, or as Mr. Churchill used to say: "a terminal inexactitude."

During Mr. Carter's term in office, not a single new missile was added to our arsenal; not a single strategic warhead. We have the same number of Minuteman missiles; our B-29's are "over age in grade," and fewer in number than in 1976. While we "went to sleep at the throttle", the Soviets have been busy adding to their might. They did not sit static behind some Maginot Line. They have deployed hundreds of SS-16 and 19 rockets, with six to ten warheads, all targeted in on America. They have deployed thousands of SS-20 short-range rockets in Europe, enough to blow NATO off the map. We sold them the technology so that these weapons are super-accurate. In 1976 we had 476 ships, today we have 446, and many of them are obsolete.

If our military is ready to defend America, then why has our Army Chief of Staff called it a "hollow army?" Why has our Airforce Chief of Staff publicly admitted: "Our general purpose forces are insufficient for combat.?"

Former Secretary of State Muskie, says that to build up our forces would mean an "endless war." To believe this, you would have to believe that American strength would invite aggression, while American weakness would not. The lessons of history prove the contrary. So I'm 100% behind Mr. Reagan's plan to strengthen our Armed Forces. But "please Ronnie; don't get fresh with the Soviets until we're in a position to handle them."

Our military experts say this won't be before the end of the decade.

The majority of America's problems have come because we lacked moral courage. We have heard so much about being "out of gas." That's not our problem! Our problem is that we are "out of guts. "As we rebuild our Armed Forces, one of the most important elements we will need is to instill in American young men the fact that we have something worth fighting for. The liberals have done such a good job of "brainwashing" our boys, there are few we can trust if we get into another "Big war." If we were to be confronted with a War like World War II with our present professional Army, all I can say is "God help us!"

In these days of declining greatness, we have lost the hallmark of International greatness. This is firmness in dealing with hostile nations. It is a historically proven fact, which cannot be argued against, that a strong stand, from a position of strength, is the only way to bring peace with a potential aggressor.

Probably one of the best examples of this took place in 1902, when a Moroccan bandit, named Razuli captured an American woman named Pedicaris and held her for $10-million ransom. Within forty eight hours after notice was sent to Washington, President "Teddy" Roosevelt sent a four word cablegram to the Sultan of Morocco. It said: "Pedicaris alive - Razuli dead!" and was delivered by an American gunboat that steamed into the Harbor of Tunis, lowered her big guns on the Sultan's palace and 12 hours later, Mrs. Pedicaris was back without a scratch and we didn't pay one cent of ransom.

The bleeding hearts in our government call this "gunboat diplomacy," and say it won't work in the present nuclear world. But it's stood up for the Soviets for 35 years since World War II and it's time we put it into effect. It's time we stopped trying to be loved by everyone in the world and stood up for America for a change.

At one time we had a breed of giants in Washington and American power and influence reached around the globe to do good. We were never perfect, but compared to the totalitarian countries, we were so much better off, that our very poorest people lived better than 75% of the rest of the world. We were recognized by friend and foe alike, as the very best and we stood ready to defend freedom everywhere. Then somehow we "lost our steam," we became "moral cowards," and along with this, we became the "laughingstock of the world." But even in these days of our degradation, something of that greatness still remains, this is what causes tens of thousands of people from all over the wo~d, to literally fight to get into America.

The sad thing about this whole rotten mess is that it was brought about, not by the action of our enemies, but by the apathy of Americans. We have allowed our country to be governed by bureaucratic dictators, who seem to believe they have more intelligence than the collective wisdom of the American people. Unfortunately, we have allowed them not only to get into power, but once they proved what they were doing, we seldom had the guts to kick them out.

One of the reasons we are no longer great is because we are afraid. We are afraid of "the bomb, "although no one has died in a nuclear attack since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We are afraid of our minority people to the point where we refuse to do anything to bring this problem under control. We are afraid of having a heart at-tack; of getting fat; of becoming unpopular. Many of our young folks are so afraid of pollution, nuclear and otherwise, that they can hardly sleep at night. They have never been told about the dangers of moral and spiritual pollution, which will destroy them a thousand times more surely than a nuclear leak. Someone has said: "If the ten o'clock news is good, the American people go to sleep; if it is bad, they go to pieces." That pretty well sums it up!

Today the psychologists and psychiatrists, who are supposed to tell us what's wrong, are killing themselves by suicide, four times faster than the rest of us nuts! They are afraid too!

I believe most of our problems should be laid at the feet of the "great silent yellow majority." Those people who like to go by the name of Christian, but who don't want to be involved.

I heard a story recently, which sort of illustrates this. It seems that a woman was mugged in Central Park, New York City. A man found her lying on the ground, bleeding from her wounds, he said: "Lady, shall I call the police?" And she replied: "No, don't, I don't want to become involved!"

You see, you and I'll not lose our freedom, some morning at 3 a.m. when we answer a knock on our door to find a man with a red star on his cap and a Tommy gun in his arms who says: "Come along with me to the Concentration Camp." That's not when we will lose our freedom. We will lose it, when good people like you and I, see things happening in our schools, our churches, our local government, that we know are wrong, and we sit back and say: "I'm only one individual you know and everyone knows you can't buck City Hall." When enough good people feel like this, we will lose our freedom; we will take her to the cemetery to bury her, and over her grave we will have to erect a headstone with this epitaph: "America died; because the good people of America didn't want to be bothered."

One thing we should have learned a long time ago is that you cannot compromise with evil or evil men and come out in the driver's seat; neither as individuals or as a nation. We have sixty centuries of history to prove this.

I heard a story once about two old maid school teachers who were on their vacation, when they stopped in a big city zoo. In a cage in the Cat House, they saw a large black-maned African lion and five little lambs scampering around his cage. They could not understand how these two animals could get along together. They finally found a zoo keeper and asked him. "Oh," he said, "there's no problem there. All you have to do is replace the lambs every three or four days." This is what always happens when good people compromise with evil men.

Today the complacency of the American people in the face of observable, impending disaster, is so profound as to verge on insanity. Even our religious leaders have been affected to the point where one of their favorite hymns says: "it's better to be red than dead; it's better to compromise our Christian principles a bit, than to have the world blow up in our face." The poor fools don't even know what they will face if we ever surrender.

For decades, since the end of World War II, our State Department has sold us a bill of "rotten goods," in foreign policy, under the caption that we were "normalizing relations with Communist countries." Normal relations between a Republic and a dictatorship, should be "mistrust," "suspicion," "military preparedness," and "lack of all assistance." What we have been doing for forty years has not only been illogical, but it is downright immoral, anti-American and suicidal!

Some of you are going to be shocked by my next statement. But remember, I am going to tell you the truth, not make you feel good. What I am going to say now will be contrary to what many of you have been told in your church. I believed the same way for forty years, until one day I began to study the Bible for myself and found the answer to a lot of the problems that had been "bugging" me.

I honestly believe we are going to have to take a long, hard look at the "all Out, no questions asked" support we have been giving to the Israeli Zionists. If they really are God's Chosen People, as so many of our pastors insist, (and there is a lot of hard, cold evidence to contradict this teaching) this still does not give them the right to rob and murder the Arabs in Palestine. Regardless of what you have read in your newspaper, or seen on television, thousands of Christian Arabs have been illegally driven from their homes in the name of Zionist expansion and many have been killed in cold blood.

I believe it is only common sense to re-evaluate our thinking and support towards a country which is basically atheistic, anti-Christian and Communist. They are not a democracy as we have been told. They are persecuting Christians within their borders and they "hate our guts," no matter how people like Jerry Falwell fawn on them. In 2 Chronicles 19:2, of the Old Testament we read: ". . . shouldest thou help the ungodly and love them that hate the Lord; therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord." We are helping God-haters!

Whether you are willing to accept this or not, our foreign policy is being dictated to a large extent by an illegal Zionist lobby group called the Anti-Defamation League. They have become so powerful that it is political suicide to go against them. I do not believe this is healthy for a free country.

From 1917, to the present, the Communist countries have brought over a billion people into subjection. Their persecution has been so harsh, that yearly, tens of thousands brave death to flee to the West. I can make this prediction with certainty. God will not bless America in any treaty we make with a God-hating nation, whether it be the Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba, or Israel; or any combination of atheistic nations for that matter, such as the Cannibal Debating Society called the United Nations.

Appeasement of evil men and evil motives, as we have seen in the past forty years, has never brought peace in the history of the world. Weakness always encourages aggression. The giveaway of our Canal in Panama was not looked on by the world as the mark of American generosity, as Pres. Carter told us. It was looked on as the mark of weakness. The after effects were seen in Iran and the way Carter dealt with that, opened a "whole can of worms," as far as International blackmail is concerned. The attitude of the Iranian religious leaders can be summed up in a statement one of them made to France. He said: "We will do the same with you as we did to the United States, when we rubbed their snout in the dirt."

It should become obvious to anyone who makes an honest study of contemporary American history, that our worst enemies are those within our Government who advocate a policy of Internationalism at the expense of American sovereignty. Those who advocate a "One World" government as the answer to all our problems. These men are paws of the International Jewish gangsters, who have set about to deliberately weaken this country, so that we can be assimilated into a World Government along with the socialist states.

The major rationale of our foreign policy since 1945 has been that it stops the spread of Communism. I have never heard an official in the State Department attempt to explain how you can stop Communism by subsidizing it.

The plain truth is, it has been American help that has kept this enemy of mankind alive for 63 years. On at least 14 major occasions, when the Soviet Union has been on the verge of economic collapse, it has been Old Uncle Sucker, with your tax money, that has put them back on their feet. Now they are asking us to do the same with Red China.

Do you believe that our government is so stupid, or so blind, that they cannot understand that when we sell our surplus grain to the Communists, we are strengthening them at the expense of our own people?

One of Moscow's economists, attached to the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa, got drunk at a party celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Red Army. He was quoted by a Canadian official as having said: "You Canadians are afraid you may have to fight the Red Armies some day. That is not correct. We don't want to fight a global war! When we are ready for conquest, we will merely flood the markets of the world with raw materials and goods manufactured at prices so low it will be impossible for you Capitalists to compete. Do you think organized labor will accept another depression like the 30's, with its unemployment and economic chaos. I am telling you, my friends, Capitalism is doomed!"

When we sell the Soviets our raw materials, we are playing right into their hands.

Do you honestly believe these things happen by accident?

(It is quite interesting to note that this Soviet "blabbermouth" was recalled to Moscow shortly after this incident, where he died from a "dose of lead poisoning.")

Now with this as an introduction, let us look at the trends in our Foreign Policy since 1918 and ask ourselves a very important question. Is our State Department "friend or foe?"

In 1918, two Zionist-Jewish industrialists from New York, Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg, donated $20-million to Leon Trotsky, also a Khazar Jew. This was the money which was used to finance the Russian Communist Revolution. Today in the New York City Library, you can find a book called THE JEWISH COMMUNAL REGISTER (1918-19). On page 1019 are these words: "Mr. Schiff always used his wealth and influence in the best interests of the Jewish peopie. He financed the enemies of autocratic Russia." (The Communists).

Trotsky was on his way to Russia, along with 247 Khazar Jews from the East Side of New York, the dregs of New York society, with this money, when he was detained in Goose Bay, Labrador, by Canadian custom officials. It was pressure from our State Department, which turned this radical loose, with the money that made the revolution a success.

In 1920, famine came to the Soviet Union, as the Communists proved for the first time that they could not even feed their own people. The United States sent $20-million in aid, under the direction of a man named Herbert Hoover.

In 1924, Lenin died and Stalin took over as dictator of Russia. He began his first Five Year Program, which was destined to turn Russia from an agrarian (agricultural) society to an industrial society. Averill Harriman, Sr., was sent to Russia to put the Soviet mines on their feet; Standard Oil sent $37-million; General Electric sent $20-million and the Ford Motor Company built the first auto assembly line in Russia.

Then a drastic famine came to the Soviet Union, as the Kulak farmers of the Ukraine, refused to work on the collectivist farms. In a deliberate plan to force submission, more than six million people were starved to death.

It was American know-how and money that built the world's largest hydro-electric plant on the banks of the Dnieper River and the steel industry at Gorki which was modeled on that of South Bend, only three times larger. Then in 1935, Franklin Delano Roosevelt insured the continuation of this slave state, when he officially recognized it.

When Hitler invaded Russia in 1941, it was American Lend Lease aid, $11-billion worth of it, that kept the Communists alive. This came at the expense of our own defense effort, since the Soviet Union was given priority in shipping and manufacturing of war goods. While America's boys were dying on the atolls of the Pacific for want of supplies, our Liberty ships were plying the Atlantic with materials for the Reds.

During this same period, Russian diplomats were given free access to our patent offices, where they either stole or bought most of our military secrets, including the atom bomb.

Long after the war ended, we continued this traitorous dealing with a nation who was our declared enemy, as we sent them the IBM computers, and the "ball bearing machines" which have made their Inter-Continental Ballistic weapons accurate enough to hit within a 100 yards of "ground zero", after they have traveled 7,000 miles.

Then to add "insult to injury," to our people, in 1978-79, we built for them, the largest truck factory in the world, on the banks of the Kama River. This huge complex is now turning out more trucks than all the American truck factories put together. Not only this, but it can convert to the manufacture of tanks in 90 days, while for our factories to do this, would take eighteen months. Do you believe all these things happened by accident?

During the Vietnam War, the recurrent theme of the liberals was the immorality of that war. IT WAS AN IMMORAL WAR! Not because we were fighting against the Communists. Not because we came to the aid of a friendly nation. But because our men were sent into a war, that our leaders had no intention of winning from the very beginning, a war, where 90% of the war materials that killed our men, had first been sent from this country to the Soviet Union and then trans-shipped to Vietnam.

The mystics of our State Department called this peaceful trade." I say there is no term that can be used to describe this other than TREASON!

It is you know - under the Constitutional definition gntur in Article II, Section 3, of the United States Constitution. There in words which any Fifth Grader can understand it says: "Treason shall consist only in levying war against them (the U.S.); adhering to their enemies; giving them aid and comfort." If what happened in Vietnam was not giving our enemies "aid and comfort," then I fail to understand the meaning of these words in the English language.

Until I see the traitors who are still in our Congress brought to justice by the Reagan Administration, I will not have too much faith in him. But what can we expect, when one of the "number one sell-out artists" in the Panama Canal fiasco - Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee, is one of the outstanding "big shots" in the Reagan Administration? We desperately need a house cleaning in Washington. I would like to see the day when the traitors in our government were forced to answer to the American people, for the crimes which they have knowingly committed against our safety.

Now our government, seemingly willing to compound the mistakes of other Administrations, seems set on aiding Red China, knowing full well, that they are as much our enemies as the Soviet Union.

Today China is in the midst of the most critical political upheaval since Mao Tse Tung took over control of that unhappy country. She is having internal troubles in her inland provinces; her people are going hungry, proving once again that Communist countries cannot take care of their own people. In spite of all the wonderful propaganda stories we read in our newspapers and magazines; in spite of the wonderful so-called documentaries NBC and CBS have done, China is in trouble. Yet we insist that we must "build them up" as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. When will we learn?

This business of lending "blood money" to our enemies, is one of the most criminal, cold-blooded activities in which our Government has ever engaged. This also comes under the proper heading of TREASON! Men who give aid to tyrannical, enemy nations for profit, are as bad as those murderers themselves. They should be properly placed in the same category as the dope pusher or the pimp.

I believe we need to go a step further and include in this category the religious organizations of this country, such as the National Council of Churches, the Catholic Peace Fellowship, the American Friends Service, the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the various Jewish Peace Organizations. All those who approve of and subsidize these murderers, for whatever reason.

But let's get away from theorizing for a moment to go back into history and look at America's intervention in two of the greatest "fratricidal" wars in human history. That word "fratricidal," is a $2.00 word which means "killing of brothers and sisters." This is exactly what World War I and II were. The killing of white Christians, by white Christians. (Since the majority were in this category.)

These two wars cost America over half a million dead, countless thousand crippled and hundreds of billions of dollars which could have been used to help the world become a better place to live.

We were led into both these wars, against the will of the American people, by the "duplicity" of our leaders." (This is another $2.00 word meaning "double dealing.") Although the people were against these wars, they were fought for political purposes.

Now no doubt some of you are going to get upset with me for what I am about to say. I can assure you that I am not making these things up; all these statements are provable. But as far back as 1868, Jewish leaders were bragging about their part in bringing wars to the Gentile nations. In that year, a prominent Jewish Rabbi named Reichhorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simon Ben-Ihuda said: "Thanks to the terrible power of our International Bankers, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for the Jews, since Christians massacre each other and this is good for the Jews. WARS ARE THE JEWS HARVESTS! The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Nearly a 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by war, and the end is not yet."Remember now, this statement was made before World War I and II were fought. Both of these wars, according to Jewish and non-Jewish documentation, were instigated, promoted and fought for the profit of the International Bankers who subsidized both sides. It is in teresting to note, that while Hitler was supposed to be killing millions of Jews in Germany, Jewish bankers were subsidizing his war factories.

In 1915, while President Woodrow Wilson was campaigning for reelection on the slogan: "I kept America out of war!" His right-hand man was in London draw mg up the plan to get America involved. According to statements made by Churchill, England was pressured into this war by the International Jewish Bankers to further Zionist interests in Palestine. He further stated, that in order to gain their interests, they knew they would have to get America involved. Hence the plot to sink the Lusitania was drummed up. This was a passenger ship which sailed on a weekly schedule between Liverpool and New York. At this time, there was an agreement between the Allies and the Axis powers, that no ship which was solely a passenger ship would be sunk by the Germans. So House and Churchill came up with the idea to load munitions on the Lusitania, leak word to the Germans and have them sink the ship.

On May 13, 1915, a full page advertisement in the New York Times and the Washington Post was taken out by the German Embassy, warning Americans not to
sail on the Lusitania, since she would now be considered a "ship of war." On the opposite page, the U.S. State Department, had a notice that this was German propaganda. So when this ship sailed on May 15th with a full toad of passengers and was sunk a few days later by a German U-boat off the coast of Scotland with the loss of many American lives. This was the spark that got America into the war. (If you are interested in further information on this treasonous act, read Cohn Simpson's book "LUSITANIA.")

Once again, in 1941, while Pres. Roosevelt was makmg his famous fireside chats over the radio, he told the American people in his Boston drawl: "Ah hate wah, and will nevah send American boys to fight on foreign soil nevah! nevah! nevah! nevah!" But while these speeches were being made, plans were already underway to pressure Japan into an overt act against the United States.

More and more evidence has been uncovered that both our top military and civilian leaders knew of the Pearl Harbor attack, long before it happened, but political expediency kept them quiet until four hours after the Japanese attacked. Read Rear Adm. Theobold's testimony before a Congressional investigative Committee in his book THE FINAL SECRET OF PEARL HARBOR. It is interesting to note, that at this time, most of F.D.R.'s top advisors were Khazar Jews.

There are volumes of documented evidence which proves that Zionist interests, working for a home state for the Jews, were willing to see millions of white Christians, and hundreds of thousands of their own countrymen die, in order to gain their ends.

Prior to World War I, the Zionists had been promised by Britain, a Jewish State in East Africa. This had been tentatively accepted by Theodore Herzl, the Father of Zionism. Then the Zionists learned about the incredible wealth in the Dead Sea, estimated to be as high as $5 trillion, and immediately the pressure was put on to get this homeland in Palestine. Since those days, the world Jewish organization has used countless millions of dollars to propagandize the Christian world into believing that the people we now know as Jews, were the Chosen People of the Bible, and that they have a prior right to this land because of God's promise to their father Ab28 cm. Yet according to Jewish sources, a vast majority of the Jews in Palestine, and around the world for that matter, have not one drop of Abraham's blood in their veins, but rather come from a heathen tribe known as the Khazars, from western Russia, which was converted to Judaism in the 8th Century. For further information, read Alfred Lilienthal's book THE ZIONIST CONNECTION, and Arthur Koestler's THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE. Both of these writers are well-known Jews. (Unfortunately, the Christian world has swallowed this Jewish propaganda, "hook, line and sinker!")

There are documents available, which show that World War II could have been won in late 1943, but the International "puppet masters" did not approve. They had not yet reached their objectives. Have you ever wondered why Eisenhower and Churchill, time and time again, turned down requests by Generals Patton and Montgomery for an attack against the Germans, launched through the soft under-belly of Europe? This would have released all of Central Europe from Communist control. It was not in the blueprint.

Why did Eisenhower stop Patton at the German border and allow the Soviet troops to come into East Germany and Berlin?

Why were German efforts to surrender in early 1945 held up for more than six months by Churchill and F.D.R. while hundreds of thousands of soldiers on both sides died, and millions of civilians were murdered in mass allied bombing attacks? Take the attack against Dresden, Germany alone. Launched against an "open city," no military targets, and a casualty list greater than that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Remember, this was warfare of white Christian against white Christian. Do you believe these things happened by accident?

All the evidence which comes from World War II, proves that the United States and her allies, gained absolutely nothing from this war. All the gains, went to the Jewish-Communist forces. (I say this, because 95% of the high officials of the Soviet Union were Jews in 1945, just as they were twenty-five years earlier in the Revolution.)

The one's who really benefitted were the International Jewish Bankers, who made billions upon billions off the suffering of white Christian nations and who, as I mentioned earlier, financed both sides. This was part of their plan for world subjugation!

Marcus Eli Ravage, a well-known Jewish writer, wrote in the Century Magazine, January, 1928 - "We the Jews, are at the bottom of all your wars and revolutions, not only the Russian, but every major revolution. We did it by the might of our spirit, through ideas and propaganda."

Oscar Levy, another prominent Jewish writer, in his book THE WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION says: "There is scarcely an event in modern Europe which cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews are today nothing else but the world's seducers; it's executioners; it's incendiaries; and it's destroyers."

Count Mensdorf, the Jewish Ambassador to England from Austria during World War I, said: "1srael won that war! We made it! We thrived on it! We profited from it! It was our supreme revenge on Christianity."

Now there is no doubt in my mind, that some of you are going to become angry and if you are honest enough to finish this article, you will say: "We read an article by a real radical anti-Semite! All he did was attack the Jews!" Of course that wouldn't be true. We agreed to the truth didn't we? That's what I'm trying to give you. What I'm trying to tell you is: "American Christians, you better wake up! It's later, much later than you think!"

One thing our government should have learned a long time ago was that you cannot play with the Communists. It's like playing "patty-cake" with a rattle snake, sooner or later you are going to be bit!

When all the facts are "boiled down," you come to only one conclusion. This is that the most important agreement which came out of World War II was the Yalta Agreement. This turned over all of Eastern Europe to the Communists. Eleven sovereign nations were delivered into the hands of the Communists by the stroke of the pen of a dying president, as the Khazar Jew traitor Alger Hiss advised him to do so. At this time, the leadership of all the captive nations was over 90% Jewish. Look at the records!

Three sovereign nations and parts of Poland were handed outright to the Soviets - Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Their people were loaded on boxcars, which disappeared into the slave labor camps of Siberia. Countless thousands of Christians died under the inhuman treatment of their Jewish conquerors. Why do we never hear about this in our press or on TV? Do you think all these disgraceful things happened by accident?

In 1948, the traitor of Pearl Harbor, Gen. George Marshall, was sent to China to persuade Chiang Kai Shek to form a coalition Government with the Communists. This the crusty old general refused to do. So Marshall withheld vital military supplies from the Chinese Nationalists for 14 months, while the Communists took over in China. Later he bragged: "I disarmed fifty Chinese division with the stroke of my pen."

Do you think this happened by accident?

In 1953, General Eisenhower was elected President of the United States on his promise to liberate Eastern Europe and do away with the Iron Curtain. Three years later, in October 1956 his chance came, when the Freedom Fighters of Hungary revolted against Soviet control. Here was a chance to prove to the world that his promise was more than just a statement to win an election. But the U.S. State Department answered the pleas for help from Hungary with a cablegram, sent in the clear so all the world could hear, which said: "The government of the United States does not look with approval on governments unfriendly to the Soviet Union, on the borders of the Soviet Union." The next day, Khruschev's tanks rolled into Budapest and the revolt was crushed after 30,000 Hungarian youth had died in a hopeless cause; betrayed by those they believed were friends.

Do you honestly believe this happened by accident? That same year, 1956, our State Department in conjunction with the Jewish controlled World Bank, interfered in the internal affairs of Britain and France and blackmailed them into handing the Suez Canal over to Egypt.

Then we fought our first no-win war in Korea. I wish I had the time here to tell of incidents of treason I saw in the pre-war State Department activities in Korea. Needless to say, this war, our first fought under the United Nations, ended in our defeat. You say it was a stalemate? Then why did we give in to every demand made on us by the Communists?

When General Mac Arthur was fired, not for having trouble with President Truman, as they would have us believe, but because he insisted on fighting to win; he was replaced by General Matthew Ridgeway, the first of the Council on Foreign Relations military men. Since that time, every top military official has been a member of this One World Organization. Our treasonous actions in Korea made Vietnam the logical aftermath.

Most of you know how our State Department betrayed the French at Dien Bien Phu. Then on June 28, 1965, President Johnson, against all military advice, sent American troops into the war. By 1969, we had over a half million Americans involved and had suffered over 360,000 casualties, including more than 56,000 deaths. We had spent over $30-billion and were sent home with our tails between our legs, whipped by a nation smaller than our State of Minnesota. Not because it was necessary, but because of expedient, political TREASON. A war which could have been won in six months, with conventional weapons, dragged out year, after year, after year, while our nation was divided worse than at any time since the Civil War.

Do you honestly think these things happened by accident?

During this past forty years, time and time again, our State Department has withheld vital information from both Congress and the people. James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy under President Truman, once said of the State Department: "Consistency has never been a sign of stupidity. If the State Department were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor." Was it because he understood this that he was murdered? Oh, I know the official version said "suicide!" but the evidence points otherwise.

On the economic front, you business men know how difficult it is to get a big loan from a bank without the proper collateral. You also know how easy it is to lose your credit rating, if you don't make your payments on time. Knowing this, doesn't it seem strange to you how the big mega-banks like the Chase-Manhattan and the Mid-Land Marine (all Jewish controlled), how they can allow Communist countries to run up huge loans, when their payment record is so miserable? it really isn't so strange you know, when you realize that if the Communist nations renege on their loans, the banks still get paid off. How? You, the long suffering American taxpayer are expected to pick up the tab. That's why we gave away the Panama Canal.

Americans were told that the Canal giveway was for the purpose of bringing peace and stability to this area. But the real reason was that Mr. Torrijo's government, owed more than $2.5-billion to the Chase-Manhattan and Midland Marine Banks. The only way the Jewish bankers could get their money, was that we give Panama this valuable military asset, which was our property. It never had belonged to Panama. One of the Canal negotiators was Sol Linowitz, who just happened to be an official of the Midland Marine Bank. It just so happened that he was a Khazar Jew also.

Do you believe, this happened by accident?

During all this period since the end of World War II, with the exception of an occasional "slap on the wrist," we have seen American accomodati6n with aggression around the world. We sold the white government of Rhodesia "down the river," because it was politically expedient. We would do the same with South Africa if our liberals had their way.

Now what I'm going to say, doesn't really enter into our subject, but I think you need to know about it, so that you can see how the American people have been "brainwashed." The apartheid government of South Africa has done more for the blacks of Africa than any other country. They have a better standard of living, better health care, a better education and more freedom than in any of the twenty or so Black Republics which have sprung up like mushrooms over the Dark Continent. It is the only country in Africa, where blacks are immigrating to in large numbers.

It is also interesting to know that this was not "black owned" land before the Boer farmers came. With the exception of a few wandering Bushman tribes, there were no natives in this area. But after the whites came in, built it up, and the area became prosperous, then the blacks began to flock in and demand that they be given control.

But back to our subject. Marxism cannot care for its people because their system will not work. It is based on a system of moral and economic instability. The economics of Communism is simply a by-product of the Marxist view of men which states: "Man is an animal; therefore treat him like one. Obedience is the result of force and the most, barbarous, unrestrained use of force, if carried far enough will evoke obedience. Any organization that has the spirit and courage to display inhumanity, savageness, brutality and an uncompromising lack of humanity will be obeyed. If you would have obedience you must have no compromise with humanity. It must be clearly understood that you will have no mercy. Since man is an animal, in the final analysis, he understands only the things a brute understands."

Most Christians, and liberal intellectuals have no desire to know the truth about either Communism, or its Zionist mentor. When I first learned about the Jewish background of Communism, I took documented evidence to my pastor and said: "I don't expect you to accept this, but I think you should know about it." He glanced at the material and when he found it was critical of the Jews, he threw it into his wastebasket and accused me of being an apostate. This is the thinking and attitude of the major Christian leaders today. Dr. Jerry Falwell, of the Moral Majority is a good example. He has indicated that he will back Israel to the hilt, no questions asked. When Arab Christian leaders came to America and wanted to tell Dr. Falwell their side of the story, he refused to see them. He had been so advised by Jewish advisors.

It is this kind of sick idealism, this "know-nothing" idealism that has infected millions of intellectuals in the Free World. You can find them by the droves in liberal and fundamental churches alike. They are in the universities, on newspapers and TV staffs, in the movies, in politics, in the tax-free foundations. They fanatically and mindlessly defend their own worst enemies. I say this, because in every country where Communism has taken over, the first people to be eliminated are the Christian leaders and intellectuals who have brought them into power.

It is this misleading idealism which fills men with a burning desire to make all men equal, even if it means using force to bring it about. Then they soothe their consciences and overlook the "blood baths" their stupidity bring about. This can be seen when Christian leaders show an almost "mindless devotion" to the cause of Zionism. They are willing to accept a phony Jewish Zionism in Palestine, because they have willed themselves to believe that the modern Jews are the people of the Book. A study of Scripture will prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the present Jewish venture in Palestine will never be successful.

Yet we see the Jewish "holocaust" played up in the newspapers, on TV, in the movies and from our pulpits. But have you ever heard these same sources talk about the more than 34-million Christians who were slaughtered by Jewish-led Communism in Russia alone? Have you ever seen a TV documentary or a movie written about this? Have you ever seen Jewish leaders meeting with Christians to celebrate a day of memorial for the Christian dead? Of course you haven't and you won't! Where are the memorials to the Christian dead? What would happen if the Christian behind the Iron Curtain demanded reparations from World Jewry for the suffering which has been brought to them under Jewish leadership?

A few years ago, John Foster Dulles, then Secretary of State, while attending a World Council of Churches meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, as an American delegate, said: "Communism is no worse than American style Capitalism. Western nations should learn from communist experiments and study ways to make changes in both systems so they can become merged." This is the idea that is being crammed down the throats of our children who attend government schools. They are teaching the incredible lie that our enemies have mellowed, that they are nice guys, just like us and we should think about merging with them to save the world from a nuclear holocaust.

Many Americans have been disgusted, to the point of nausea, by the actions of our State Department. They would have liked to have seen positive action against any aggressor. But few of them realize that under our present system of Foreign Policy this is impossible. We gave up our sovereign right to make war, when we joined the United Nations in 1945. By that treaty, which supercedes the Constitution of the United States, we bound ourselves to go to war only with United Nations approval.

There is little doubt, that we are facing up to American involvement in a war to defend Israeli in the Middle East.

Here is a frightening scenario of what I believe could happen: Plans are underway to send American forces to the Sinai. What would this mean if war breaks out between the Israeli and the Arabs? It would mean that we would be in it from the beginning. What would happen if the Zionist Hitler, Menachem Begin, would use nuclear weapons against his neighbors? He has them you know; we gave him the materials and know-how to manufacture them. If a limited nuclear war began in this area, there is every reason to believe that it would escalate to reach our shores.

Have you ever wondered about what might happen in the aftermath of such an attack? Close your eyes for a moment and visualize this scene. Thousands of maddened, starving, radiation sick mobs, roaming the high ways and byways of America looking for food, medical aid - yes, and someone to blame for the mess they are in. Who do you think the scapegoats will be? Do you suppose it could be the American Jews and the Christian community which has given their backing to the Israeli?

If this ever happens, and pray to God that it does not - the liberals, the Jewish community and the Christians who have helped bring about this terrible state of affairs, will pray fe go strong anti-Semite leader to hold these mobs in control. But alas, there will be none. For the Jews through their A.D.L. and the Christian pulpits, have scoffed at and destroyed every strong leader who recognized the Jewish danger and tried to warn Americans about it. If this happens, then we will see something that will make Hitler Germany look like a Sunday School picnic by comparison. Both the Jews and the Christians who wholeheartedly support them, are laying the groundwork for terror and destruction, beyond their worst dreams.

This is bound to happen, for if war comes in the Middle East, it will once again be a war fought for Jewish interests and for the International Jewish gangsters who control our economy. It will once again be American boys who will die for Jewish selfishness. How long do you suppose Americans will be willing to be dupes of those who hate their God?

One of the most important factions in the unilateral splurge we have seen to disarm America, and the one which is making the most noise right now about sending arms to Saudi Arabia, is a group in Congress formed in 1966, known as the MEMBERS OF CONGRESS FOR PEACE THROUGH LAW. They have 176 members. Two of the most important are the Republican Senators from Oregon, Mark Hatfield and Robert Packwood. Hatfield has a "0" voting record on National Defense, while Packwood is close behind with a 30% record. This organization was set up with the expressed idea "to bring about complete and general unilateral disarmament of the United States under existing World Law." Whenever you see the word "unilateral" used in connection with national defense, it means that we will disarm, whether our enemies do or not. It echoes the sentiments of many of our "mushy brained" Christian leaders. One of these recently said to me: "I have the answer for the arms race. If the U.S. would take all their arms and dump them in the ocean, the Communist nations would see that we mean business and we could have peace." And this is true! You would have the peace of a Communist slave.

But what does the MCPL idea entail? It calls for the turning over of our military forces to a U.N. Peace Keeping Force; and, the doing away of our local police in favor of a National Police Force.

Now I want you to remember that all these Congressmen have taken oaths of loyalty to this country, in which they have promised to protect us against ALL ENEMIES. Yet they consistently vote against every new weapons system our military proposes. They are very clever and devious in doing this. When ever a vote comes up to spend additional money for a new weapons system, they come out in support of another system. By the time the new system is ready for production, they are against that too. By doing this, these men, most of whom are screaming for more "social services", have wasted countless billions of our tax dollars. Look at their records; few of them could be called "pro-American." Of 32 Senators in this organization in 1978-80, seven of them had voting records on national defense of less than 10%; five had a record of Zero. These included Kennedy of Massachusetts, Hatfield of Oregon (an admitted Christian and a "no questions asked supporter" of the Zionists), and McGovern of South Dakota. In the House of Representatives, with 142 members, 39 had voting records of Zero. Strangely enough, most of these were know for their "Israel First" votes.

When all the facts are in, there is only one conclusion we can make. Our Foreign Policy in Washington, since the end of World War II, has been under the control of those whose aims are not pro-American. They are One Worlders.

This centralization of power began under F.D.R. and was furthered by Harry Truman, as he surrounded himself with Jewish Advisors. It happened because the "decent types" in America allowed it to happen. We would not listen to words of warning from men like Pat-ton, McArthur and McCarthy. In the words of Winston Curchill:"The malice of the wicked, is reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous." Edmund Burke, the great Burke, the great British historian put it this way:

"The only thing necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing." For the most part, this is exactly what has happened.

I can't explain why Western Civilization is in headlong retreat on every front. Measured on the basis of technology and scientific advance; on conditions of human rights, on matters of material prosperity, the free, Christian world has far out-stripped the Communist and Third World nations.

Look at the Soviet Union, the "show case" of the Communist world. You find very little to admire! Look at Red China, and you see her millions bogged down in human misery. Look at the emerging Third World nations and for the most part they are an unfunny joke.

Without exception, the great Socialist Revolutions of this century have all ended as dismal failures. They have always ushered in regimes which were far more repressive than the flawed "right wing" governments they replaced. Yet in spite of this, Christian civilization is in retreat on every front. Why?

Could it be that civilizations, like huge dead fish always rot out from the head down? We are not losing the struggle for the minds of men because there has been a failure in our system, but because of the failure of our leadership. The professors, the scholars, the journalist, the intellectuals, the Christian minister, and the politicians in our system, who have become the most pampered intelligentsia in the world's history. In their prosperity, they have lost their moral and spiritual courage, and along with that their strength.

The British historian, Thomas Lord McCauley, once said: "Your civilization will be destroyed in the Twentieth Century, as Rome's was in the Fifth; but the Huns and Vandals that destroy you will not come from without; they will rise up from within to destroy you." We have seen that happen. There was another Englishman named Sir. John Harrington who said: "When treason prospers sufficiently, then NON DARE CALL IT TREASON!" This is what has happened in America. It has become profitable to be a traitor and many have fallen into the snare. Now one of our priorities must be to stop treason in government, if we are to remain free! The man in our government MUST be AMERICAN FIRST! or they have no business running our country.

There has probably been no single group in America, who is more to blame for the sorry mess we are in than the "Panty-waisted, sissy-britches, namby-pamby" preachers who stand behind the pulpits of many of our churches, changing Christian soldiers into moral cowards and making patriot Americans seem foolish. They trumpet the lie to their people: "Don't worry! If you're saved, that's all that matters. Jesus is coming back to take you out of this mess before it gets too bad!" I'd like to see what would happen if they tried to preach that "hogwash" to the Christians behind the Iron or Bamboo Curtains.

But listen to me. Regardless of what these fellows tell ou, something bad is happening to Americans and Christians are more in jeopardy every day. You better up and realize that we haven't seen anything yet in this country. Nowhere in the New Testament of your Bible does Christ say: "Hide in your spiritual foxhole and pray for my return so you don't have to suffer!" He says: "Occupy until I come!" That's military duty! He says: "Ye are the salt of the earth and when you stop acting like salt, there is only one place for you and that's the garbage heap." Listen to me, those of you who call yourself Christian. When the Church falls down on it's task and instead of holding back corruption adds to that corruption, all hell is due to break loose in that country!

What would you do if the enemy took over? "Oh," but you say, "It won't happen here!" How do yo wernow! Do you believe you are better than the Christians of China and Russia that you should escape? But supposing it does! What will you do? What will happen on that day when a government truck rolls up before your house and they take away your children to become robots of the State? Will you fight them then? Not very likely! My experience has been that if a man or woman refuses to take a stand when they can do it in safety, they are not very apt to do so when their neck is on the chopping block.

Maybe you think I'm becoming overly excited. Maybe you are like the TV moderator who called me a pornographer of paranoia, "because I warned against "no questions asked" aid to the Zionists. But you see, I've been there! I know what happens when they take over and it will be worse here, for there will be no Christian influence anywhere in the world to "tone them down."

I doubt if any of my readers have ever seen a baby wrenched from its mother's arms, to be thrown into the air and caught on the point of a bayonet. Have you ever seen a man impaled alive on a sharpened bamboo pole, set in the ground, and while he writhes and screams his life away, his young, pregnant wife is stripped, raped over and over again and then chopped into pieces while a fearful crowd of several thousand looks on? Have you ever seen a nun crucified against the wall of her church with bayonets driven through the palm of her hands and listen as she screams, and cries, and begs for mercy, hour after awful hour? Have you ever seen a young woman nailed to a limb on a tree, with spikes driven through her breasts, while a bundle of rice straw, soaked in oil is bound between her thighs and set on fire? I doubt it very much! But when I saw those things happen, and as the Communists practiced their cruelty on me, I said: "My God, if you get me out of this mess and get me back to the people I love and the country I love, I will do everything in my power to see that this terror never comes to America." Yes, I'll admit, I get angry when I see the way in which this country has been led down the road to destruction and before God, I'll do everything within my power to stop them no matter who they are.

Because I have been willing to speak out against the Jewish influence which has led us into two wars and is now exerting undue influence in our government, I have been ostracized by many of my Christian friends. Why? Because they do not want to know the truth. Will you recognize it when they rape your daughter or hang your wife from a tree limb and disembowel her? Will you fight them then? It will be too late!

I want you to remember that your freedoms were not "bought and paid for at Valley Forge," that was onlythe "down payment" on freedom. Every generation must be willing to "make payment on the account," if they are to remain free.

For this reason we need men and women in America who will be committed to the cause of freedom. We have many who will contribute to the cause, this is not enough. I heard a story once about a farmer who was noted for his kindness to animals. One day a hen went to a pig and said: "Mr. Pig, Farmer Brown has been so nice to us I think we should show him our appreciation. Why don't we have a ham and egg breakfast for him." To which the Pig replied. "It's well and good for you to talk about a ham and egg breakfast, because for you it's only a contribution, but for me it's total commitment." This is what we need. We need men and women who will stand tall. Men and women who will talk back once in a while; men and women who have enough fire in their souls they will show some smoke every once in  while.

Maybe you are discouraged when you look at the odds against us. Maybe you are like me and have been in the fight for a long time and are tired; maybe you have "battle fatigue." Maybe you think we have waited too long. But I want to remind you of some examples we have in history. There was a man named Hannibal, his friends said to him: "Hannibal, you can't get across the Alps in the middle of the winter with your herd of elephants." but he did it anyway! There were those in that awful winter of 1776 who told George Washington: "George, you can't cross the Delaware with that little rag tag army of farmers and clerks. Why they don't even have shoes and they are short of ammunition. How can you expect to defeat those professionals in Trenton?" But George got up off his knees, where he had been praying in Valley Forge and led that little band of patriots to a glorious victory.

Then I remember that terrible winter of 1950 in Korea. The American Marines were far north of the 38th Parallel in a frozen waste called the Chosen Reservoir. They were surrounded by the Chinese, outnumbered thirty to one. As good a time to surrender as ever. But General Chesty Puller called his men together and told them: "Men, we have the enemy where we want them now; we can shoot in any direction." Theycame out with their flags flying, bringing their wounded and their gun blazed in defiance of an enemy to whom they refused to surrender. This is the kind of spirit which has with the help of God kept America free.

Do you want to have an answer to the problems which are destroying us. God has given us His answer in 2 Chronicles 7:14, it is a promise made to people who go by His name. Many of you know it by heart. It says: "If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face; then will I hear from heaen, and will forgive their sin, and will HEAL THEIR LAND." Here is theformula, if we are willing to use it!

If one-fourth of the people in America who go by the name of Christian, would start to act like Christians. If they were willing to live up to their God-given responsibilities as Americans, we could turn this nation around in six months. It's up to us! Are you willing to do your part?

The End

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