Crusade for Christ

Letter from Bosnia

June 1, 1999

Dear Christian Friends,

We are living in perilous times as you all know. The Prostitute media is keeping many facts about the war in Bosnia from our people. Recently, a lady from Boise, Idaho sent me the following information, which I believe to be true, as it fits in with other information from reliable sources.

An associate minister from the First Presbyterian Church in Idaho, which has a Serbian community of some 2,000 people, sent him to Serbia in December 1998 to investigate the war for the Serbian Community. Here is his report. Compare it to we have been hearing in the American press and on the TV.

He said, "The Boise Serbian Community believed we were being lied to about the war, and wanted someone who was unbiased to check the truth, on the ground. I was willing to go, as long as I was allowed to see what I wanted to see, take pictures I wanted to take, and talk with anyone I wanted to, with no restrictions.

"One gentleman from Boise who had been scheduled to be Ambassador Yugoslavia under the Bush Administration, made some arrangements with the Yugoslavian Government, so I could go."

I was given a car, a driver, and an escort from the Foreign Ministry, and was allowed to go anywhere I desired. We headed for Kosovo and on our way, I noticed that the crops were in the fields and were being harvested normally, and there was little evidence that a war was going on. When we got to Kosovo we noticed that a lot of construction was under way. Homes equivalent to $125,000-150,0O0 homes in the U.S. were being built. I wondered where the money was coming from for construction, as I saw several thousand being built."

"There seem to be a number of sources for this wealth. One is money from the drug traffic. The Albanian Mafia in Koscvo controls the drug traffic in Europe, and the Middle East. These drugs eventually end up in Europe and the U.S. This income is in the billions. The mountains in Albania are high and porous and drug smuggling has been going on there for centuries.

A second source of income is from the illegal tax that is put on the people of Kosovo. It is a tax of 3% that is paid to the illegal shadow government in Olm, Germany. It's interesting this government has backed the Albanians, as they backed Muslim Bosnians. It's similar to our CIA coming to Albania to help train the so called Kosovo Liberation Army, which is actually a terrorist group who have been trying to take Kosovo from the Serbs.

"The third source is from a number of Muslim governments who sending people to fight with the Kosovo Liberation Army it a matter of record. Many of the interviews with these people show that the Mujahideen who are in this military Jihad come from countries as far away as Malaysia.

"Kosovo is an integral province of Serbia. When Tito was ruling, he wanted to destabilize the majority in Kosovo, which was the cradle of Serbian civilization. It has some 1,300 Christian civilization and is a very sacred place to the Serbian people. Tito sought to destabilize this Christian influence by bringing Albanian Muslims. The Serb's received them and integrated them into their society, treating them well. However, gradually Albanians grew in numbers, plus over 600,00 illegal aliens who came in over the last five years, until now these foreigners constitute over 80% of the population.

"There are other facts involved. Recently it has been discovered possibly $2 to $3 trillion worth of oil lies under Kosovo also have some of the best anthracite coal reserves in Europe. Along with other minerals, there are perhaps $5 trillion in untapped mineral resources in this area. (Naturally the International Power Elite, which means International Jewish bankers, are not going to give up this source of more illegal gain. For where the carcass is found, there the buzzards will always gather - MOHR).

"I didn't see any homeless or any signs of genocide. I was in Grand Hotel which was the center of worldwide press, I talked with a number of reporters from different countries, who told me the same story about the CNN reports we had been hearing daily. It appears that many scenes we see on American TV have been especially staged.

"I was in Vietnam as a Chaplain, so I know what a war zone looks and I didn't see any of this kind of activity in Bosnia. There were checkpoints where the Serb police were checking the movement of arms, drugs and were searching trucks. This is standard in time of war.

"If we had an uprising on the Mexican Border and had Mexicans coming across the border to terrorize our people in El Paso and Laredo, I'm sure the governor would take action, and the Federal Government might even become involved. This is basically what the Serbian government has done. It sent in army and police to put down illegal terrorists who have been flocking into to the country.

(The controlled press is trying to make Americans believe the Serbs are the aggressors, when they are only protecting their own sovereignty and of course this is a No! No! with the U.N. - MOHR).

"There is some $600 million in Serbian money which has been frozen in this country that could be used to buy medical supplies for those who need them desperately. I am trying to devel moral indignation on the part of Christian churches in America. (For the most part they are siding with our corrupt government against a White Christian nation - MOHR).

THE SPOTLIGHT has shown the light of TRUTH on how Bill Clinton has gone to war on the behalf of the world's drug lords, and in the process the people of Kosovo are suffering. We see the tragic picture of the war on TV every night, but hear nothing about it's drug connection.

In essence Clinton is protecting the drug lords of Kosovo, who are ethnic Albanians, and Albania for all intents and purposes is a puppet state of Red China.

If the truth about President Clinton's involvement were known Congress would be forced to arrest him for TREASON. Rep. Christopher Cox, (R-Ca) has a report which indicates that Clinton has given our most important military secrets to Red China, though Henry Kissinger says, "It's not all that bad!"

The enemy has such a strong foothold in Washington that they blackmailed the House and Senate into turning the TRAITOR loose on anemic charges of sexual immorality, when he should have been charged with TREASON. Now he has us involved in a war that could easily destroy us, as we are in no position to fight a war anywhere, and our military leaders KNOW this. For fear of losing their prestigious positions, or because they may be bucking for another star, this means more to them than the oath of office!

Where are our military leaders with the moral character of Patton, MacArthur, or Chesty Puller, now that we need them? A ground war in Bosnia will leave us wide open for an attack from Red China, Russia, and North Korea. Communism is not dead! It has merely changed it's name.

Kenneth Starr, the man who prosecuted Clinton had connections with Red China through Wang Ju, the head of the Chinese secret police. Starr was actually an unregistered lobbyist for Red China, and if you or I tried this we would be in jail.

Davis Schipper, one of the impeachment counsels said on a radio show from Chicago, "I don't care if you have documented proof and a picture that Clinton raped a woman in the middle of street, and then beat her up, we are not going to remove him from office." This is how far this nation has slipped.

I have a very strong feeling that God's patience with White Christian America in particular may be getting very short and that we can expect to be taken to His woodshed for a severe whipping for our DISOBEDIENCE! The wild oats we have planted in our path are about to be harvested. As I have asked before:"Must we be driven to our knees, and have our nose rubbed the dirt," before we will "listen to God, REPENT, OBEY, and be saved both physically and spiritually?" It seems to me the hard way to go when we already have a FORMULA FOR OUR SURVIVAL in 2nd Chronicles 7:14.

Your brother, the Watchman on the walls,

Jack Mohr

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