Crusade for Christ

"And ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE."

The above words from St. John 8:32 are more true now then at any time in history, for the church world is wallowing in the darkness of spiritual apostasy, as predicted by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 4:3,4 - "For the time will come when they (so called Christians) will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts (longing for material things) shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears; verse 4 - And they shall turn away their ears (hearing) from the truth, and shall be turned to fables." (See Titus 1:14) "Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth."

Isaiah 29:13 explains our present situation in these words. ". . . Forasmuch as this people (Israel, not the Jews) draw near Me with their lips do honor Me, but have removed their hearts far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the precept of men; verse 14 - Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people, even a marvelous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men (statesmen) shall perish, and understanding of their prudent (referring to politicians with their eloquent speech) shall be hid."

We are living in a day in America, where with 50-million so called born again Christians, we are headed for hell faster then any time in our existence. Could it be that many of these "born agains", have become the savorless salt of Matthew 5:13? For when salt loses it's ability to act as salt and stop corruption, it is good for nothing.

There are many folks who want Jesus as Savior, but they want Him as a sort of Celestial Fire Insurance Policy to keep them out of hell. They do not want to accept Him as King, although they may sing about in their church. For when He accepted as King, it means He has priority in the Christian's life and comes before everything else. I have found few professing Christians and their Pastors, who are willing to stop doing their own thing, to accept Him in this manner. Not judging! "By their fruits shall ye know them." I'm not sure this Fire Insurance Policy Christianity will work, in view of Christ's message in Matthew 7:21-23.

It was because of this apathetic kind of Christianity, that Christ told His "Parable of the Sower" in Matthew 13:20,21. He told about those who accept Christianity with joy, and great emotion. They no doubt shout a lot, dance in the aisles, and possibly even speak in some unknown tongue, but when things get tough in their Christian life, because of tribulation and persecution, suffered for Christ's sake, they become offended and leave the FAITH. Were they saved in the first place? I don't know. I do know they bring disgrace to the King.

What is the cause of this indecision and lack of courage on the part of professing Christians. Could it be because of what Jeremiah prophesied in 23:22? "But if they (the false prophets of Israel) had stood in my counsel, and had caused my people (Israel) to hear My words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doing." This indicates that there is something terribly wrong, coming from America's pulpits. I know that baptisms and church membership has increased in recent years, and many of the big churches are filled to overflowing, and the TV evangelists preach to full houses, but where is the evidence of a change of heart when we find it is the church folks who are supporting our profligate, President, and casts scorn on dedicated Christians who call for his resignation on the grounds of TREASON and IMMORALITY?

Where does this apostasy start? It does not spring up full blown overnight. It begins gradually in the Christian church, as Christians let their guards down, and begin to accept the worldly way of doing things. When Christian churches begin to compromise with the world, and feels that it must espouse worldly values and worldly candidates who are interested in what they can get from the office, than in protecting Christian values. When they feel they must use entertainers to attract crowds, especially young people to their church services, when they must seek the approval of professional athletes who proclaim Christ while carrying on their money making business on the Lord's Day, when they must attract big business in order to make money to build bigger edifices, then the country is in trouble. Today the press, radio, and TV have found it fashionable, and even profitable, to occasionally slip the little words, born again into their speech and print, not to glorify God, but for the purpose of expanding their church program, and make it more sensational and world pleasing, then it begins to lose it's power and becomes the Laodiceans church of Revelations 3:14-19.

For many years, after I was saved, I wandered around in confusion. My mind was so encased in hardened fundamental Baptist cement, that I could not read my Bible and see what it really said,. without having my pastor interpreting it for me. It took the dynamite of God, through a traumatic incident, to blow this away, until now, I can read my Bible and see what it says, not what some pastor or church scholar says it says. One example will suffice. For many years I wondered about Christ's words in John 10:26, when He told the Jewish religious leaders, "But ye believe (Me) not, because ye are NOT OF MY SHEEP, . . ."This seemed mighty plain to me, but when I went to Baptist pastors, or church scholars and asked them to explain it, invariably I was told often in rather unpleasant terms to sit down, shut up, and quit rocking the boat. In the over thirty years since I left the Baptist church, not one of the pastors who refer to me as an apostate, have ever come to me and said, "Brother Mohr, would you sit down with me and let me show you from the Word where you are wrong. They constantly brag about being New Testament Christians while forgetting the admonition Jesus Himself gave to His followers, when he told them how to handle difference brought about by a brother who had offended them. (Matthew 18:15-17) That the Brother was to go to him first in private and try to work it out, then if he wouldn't listen go with two or three witnesses, then he refused to hear to listen, he was brought before the church and expelled. These things never happened to me, yet I was labeled as an apostate among the brethren, by my pastor, who in less than a month had turned the Baptist preachers of Mississippi against me to the point where men who had been good friends, and in whose churches I had held successful revival meetings, would not even speak with me. I have forgiven them, but the memory still hurts.

In spite of it's beginnings, this article is going to be about race and bloodlines, subjects which are politically and religiously incorrect -taboo. It will no doubt elicit cries of racist, hate monger, and that most epithet of all in the modern Christian world, anti-Semitic. I spent a most uncomfortable night before I sat down to write this article, as God dealt with me about the subject.

I did not want to tackle it, as at the age of 83, I have already been under severe attack by the IRS. They have just completed a year of levies against my Military Retirement Pay, which has cost this ministry over $24,000. This was the seventh audit they have made in ten years, and have stolen over $108,000 from this non-profit Christian ministry.

For over twenty years, after retiring from the Army in 1964, I have been a severe critic of our government's bankrupt foreign and domestic policies, with no repercussions, but when I began to speak out about the dangers posed by Jewish influence in Washington, DC and in our churches, all hell broke loose, and with in four months after my first public lecture on Judaism, I was audited for the first time. There have been six audits since then.

I am not anxious to add further opponents. The Jews now hate me for telling the truth about them which they cannot afford for White Christians in particular to know, and the Judeo-Christians, the great lovers of everybody, including God's enemies, hate me for exposing their hypocrisy in supporting their worst enemy. I don't need any more enemies at my age, but God said, WRITE so I am writing this in obedience to His command. I will do my best to tell you the TRUTH, and let the chips fall where they may.

One of the major problems in the Christian church is that it's leaders often give only lip service to God's Word, preferring to interpret it to fit their own purposes. In Matthew 15:8,9 our Savior quoting from Isaiah 29:13 said, "This people (Israel) draweth nigh unto Me with their mouth, and honoureth Me with their lips; but their heart is far from Me. verse 9 - But in vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. When Jesus spoke to the Jews in John 8:42 He said, "If God were your Father, ye would love Me: for I proceed forth and came from God. . ." verse 43 - Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye CANNOT hear my word. He elaborated on this in John 10:26,27 when He told the Jewish leaders, "But ye (Jews) believe not, because ye are NOT OF MY SHEEP, (emphasis is mine) as I said unto you. verse 27 - My sheep HEAR my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." Be honest and ask yourself, Of all the nations in the world, which one's have openly accepted the Christian religion? Which ones have adopted His Word and made it a part of their national Constitutions? If you are honest, you will have to admit that only the White Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Celtic, Germanic, and related people, who we call Christendom, have so responded. Not one colored country has ever become Christian and the Jews are still His greatest enemy.

Judeo-Christians claim to believe and follow God's Word, yet they are often willing to accept the teachings of a seminary brainwashed pastor who teaches contrary to what their Savior said.

When did this apostasy in the church begin? A hundred years ago, the Jews were not exalted in the Christian church as they are today. Great church leaders such as Martin Luther, recognized them as being Satan's kids. Yet today, his book, "THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES," has been expunged from the church which bears His name, as being anti-Semitic.

Could this error have begun in Genesis Chapter One and Two? Most Judeo-Christian pastors refuse to accept the clear teachings of these two chapters, going away from what the Word clearly says, to place interpretations on it that will fit and be popular with modern thinking.

In Genesis 1:27, we are told that on the sixth day of Creation God CREATED man, male and female (to create means to make out of nothing).. These beings, CREATED in God's image, were to have dominion over ever other living thing. So far, so good, no controversy.

Then in Genesis 2:1-5, we have a resume of God's week of CREATION, with a strange statement, ". . . and there was not a man to till the ground." Wasn't Adam CREATED in Genesis 1:27? So says the Judeo-Christian world. This is not what the Word says. It is quite explicit in saying (Genesis 2:7) that God FORMED Adam from "the dust of the ground," male only. Then He did something that is not recorded with the CREATED one's of chapter one. He "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and Adam became a living soul." This did not make him superior to the CREATED one's, but it most certainly made him different. Anthropologists tell us that there was no organized agriculture on earth until the White race turned up late in creation history. Early men were nomads and hunters, but in Genesis 2:15 we are told that God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to dress and keep it. In other words, he was a gardener, or farmer. Eve didn't come along until some time later. The Jewish holy book, the TALMUD, says that Adam had sex with all the animals in the garden without finding satisfaction, so God made Eve especially for him. The Bible says, ". . . the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone;" and He formed Eve from a part of Adam's body, and made him a helpmate.

There is no way an intelligent person can mix the CREATION of Chapter One, with the FORMATION of Chapter Two, unless it is done intentionally. I realize there are some seemingly contradictory statements in the Bible about this, such as Paul speaking in 1 Corinthians 15:45, when he said, ". . . The first man Adam, was made a living soul . . ." We must remember he was speaking to Israelites. He would have been correct in saying, "The first White man Adam, was made a living soul."

Those of you who have lived in close proximity to other races, I'm sure have sensed the difference. I spent five years in the Orient in Korea and Japan, and four years in Ethiopia, East Africa. I had many friends among these people, some of them fine Christians, but they did not think the same as I did about spiritual things, because they were different. This is why in Africa, for example, many a missionary has spent years building a strong Christian church, even building seminaries to teach native pastors. Then because of some political upheaval they are forced to leave the country, when they come back years later to find the church still in existence, the people still sing the same Christian hymns, but the pastor is now a local witch doctor, and the Christian teachings have been mixed with occult heathen beliefs. Sometimes they have even reverted back to cannibalism.

A few years ago, when I lived on the Gulf Coast, I listened to the Jewish evangelist Benny Hinn, as he bragged on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), about the twelve African nations he had converted to Christianity through his missionary efforts, yet it wasn't a month later that his Pentecostal Christians in Rwanda, were hacking each other to pieces with their pangas. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!!

It is not politically or religiously correct these days to tell the truth about races and religions. Recently in New Brunswick, Canada, a memorial service was held for the people who were killed in an airplane crash. There was a Catholic priest and a Methodist minister who were asked to speak briefly at the Memorial services, they were told by the government that they could not read from the Bible, or mention the name of Jesus. Yet the, Rabbis were allowed to read from the Talmud and espouse their views, as were the Muslims and the native Americans. We are close to this official mind set in the United States.

Many of our Christian pastors have been brainwashed in Jewish contaminated seminaries and are leading their people into social disaster, As early as 1256 AD. the head Rabbi in France put out a PROTOCOL to the Jewish people in Europe which urged them to make of your sons clerics and priests, so that they can infiltrate the Christian church and destroy it from within. They were so successful in Spain, that several Jews became Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church, and a few were even Popes. They were Christians by day and Jews at night, and brought about the Spanish Inquisition which killed millions in that unhappy land. The head of the inquisitors was a Jew named Torquemada.

One of the major areas of concern in the church is with interracial marriages, which has the approval of church leaders such as Dr. Billy Graham. He says that as long as both parties are Christian, that is all that matters, since we are all one in Jesus Christ. Being saved does not free one from God's Natural Law, that like kind MUST produce like kind, and every civilization that has practiced miscegenation has destroyed itsele toom within, long before the barbarians swarmed over their walls or battered down their gates. Even without this law, we can see the dangers from miscegenation, as the sands of history are covered with the dried bones of civilizations who have destroyed themselves through this aberration, always accompanied by Sodomy.

When the Apostle Paul said, God ". . . hath made of one blood all nations of men (Adam) for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;" (Acts 17:26) he was speaking to Israelites and about Israelites nations.

The modern church world is sold on the idea of making all men a like in every respect. They have been sold by Jewish propaganda put out by men like Rabbi Abraham Feinstein, a leading Canadian Rabbi, who in a September 5, 1967 issue of MacLean's Review said, "We support the civil rights movement in the United States and until we learn to fight our ingrown fears of sexual relations between the races, the end of the race problems will not be in sight. Only when we no longer raise our eyebrows at the sight of a Negro holding hands with a white girl, will the west have begun to tear the racial poison form their vitals."

Allied to this notion, is the fear seldom expressed, but never the less real, that mongrelization of the races will some how result in an inferior human product.

"The deliberate encouragement of interracial marriage is the only way to hasten racial progress. We MUST acknowledge that we will never completely eliminate racial prejudice, until we eliminate separate races." (UNQ) This is interesting, coming from a Jewish religious leader who complains that many Jews are marrying outside their religion. It shows the hypocrisy of this teaching.

When you hear a pastor say that all men came from Adam and Eve, you immediately know that he is either ignorant of Scriptural teaching and biological facts, or is a deliberate liar.

Why should the Christians world strive for a racial mixing that God obviously never intended. If He had wanted us to all be one big chocolate blob, all alike He would have made us that way. Only ungodly men want to change God's handiwork into something it was not meant to be.

God's Natural Law of Like kind producing like kind is similar to the Law of Gravity and the Law of Harvest. It was in existence centuries before the Ten Commandments were given to Israel at Mount Sinai.

If you wish to know where the pressure for integration is coming from, refer back to Rabbi Fernstein's article. International Zionism KNOWS that an integrated people are easier to control than one which has maintained it's racial integrity.

The thinking of this Rabbi ties in with the ideas expressed in 1920 by a leading Jewish Communist in England, who wrote a book entitled "A RACIAL PROGRAM FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY!"

The following quotation can be found in the U.S. Congressional Record of 1957, page 8559. The author, Israel Cohen said, "We must realize that our Party's (Communist) most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races how they have been exploited for centuries by the Whites, we can mold them to our program."

"In America, we will aim for a subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. This has been done both in education and in the church."

"We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, in the world of sports, in entertainment. With this prestige, and the money they make, they will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin the process that will deliver them into our hands."

For just a moment, let's look into the fallacy of White harassment of the Negro race and the damage it has done to them. Go with me to the Continent of Africa, and see a vast, rich area, that never had a civilization of any kind until White Colonials arrived on the scene. One of the richest lands in the world, as far as natural resources were concerned, which had never been developed by native effort. In fact, in many areas of the interior of Africa, the natives are living as they did 5,000 years ago. It has been a proven fact that Blacks cannot govern Blacks and in every instance in Africa, the Black Republic under the control of their own people are much worse off in every respect that they were under the sometimes harsh control of Colonialism. Their education was better then, their health was better, and their safety.

The underlying cause for our enemy to push integration, is for the destruction of White Christian civilization, which Jewish authorities are quite open about, and Jewish authors write about. So they educate Black men to choose White women as a status symbol, since it will bring elimination of the White race, which is the only force that has stood in the way of Zionist world control.

Israelites are clearly told in Deuteronomy 28:43, that if they disobey God, "The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. verse 44 - ". . . he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail." If you can't see this happening in America, it is because you have deliberately closed your eyes to the truth.

It is vital for Christian youth to KNOW that it is extremely dangerous for them to date outside of their own race. A famous political figure once said, "If our buildings, our highways, and our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities are destroyed, out of every ruin we will build greater ones. Even if our armies are crushed, we could rear sops who would redeem our greatness. But if the blood of our White race is ever destroyed, and becomes corrupted by intermingling with other races, especially the African, then the present greatness of America will be destroyed and all hope for the future of civilization will be impossible."

"Miscegenation is good for those who plan a World Slave Plantation, but it will be the death to White Christian civilization." Only Christians can stop the in roads already made by the enemy. The fate of future generations yet unborn rests on our ability to stop this Satanic, fatal, heathen trend. Racial purity is a gift from God, to be protected at all costs, for it determines the fate of mankind for all time to come.

Your brother and servant in His service,

Jack Mohr


The End

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