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By Colonel Gordon "Jack" Mohr AUS of pg 167

There are some very amusing things found in the stupidity of Talmudic remedies, such as found in the Gittin volume with its mixtures of dung, blood and filth. It is not so much the stupidity of the remedies themselves, but the commentary by a goy English doctor (which appears in the Soncino English translation) as he attempts to justify and praise the medical wisdom of the Pharisees.

Following are some interesting exhibits devoted to remedies made from "tearing a black hen lengthwise and crosswise; shaving the middle of the head, and putting the bird on it until it sticks fast. Then go to the river and stand in the water until becoming faint; then swim out and sit down." This is the cure for sunstroke.

Notice also the cures prescribed for swollen glands and catarrh. The one I like is where you take the excrement from a white dog and knead it in with balsam. Sounds like pure medical science, doesn't it? (Exhibits follow.)

Page 168 - The Talmudic Health Cures - Part 1

Page 169 - The Talmudic Health Cures - Part 2
Page 170 - The Talmudic Health Cures - Part3

The supreme hatred of Talmudic Judaism is reserved for, and directed against, the believers of the Christian Bible. Yes, you brainwashed Judeo-Christians who want to elevate these worst enemies of Jesus Christ and His church to the position of God's Chosen People, you need to know what they think and teach about your religion and your Savior.

You who believe the Christian Bible is the Word of God are classified as the primary enemies of Judaism. You are called "heathen," "Idolators," and "goy-animals" by your Jewish friends. You rank lower than the ordinary goy non-Jew: in fact, in the Jewish mind, you are the lowest and most despised of all forms of life.

As a Christian, you receive the Jewish curses of the 7th and 12th of the Eighteen Benedictions called the SHEMONEH ESREH. The orthodox Jew recites this three times daily and four times on the Sabbath, or Jewish holidays This means that Christians are cursed six times on ordinary days and eight times on special Jewish days. This is Talmudic brotherhood. Remember this, the next time your pastor arranges for a inter-faith meeting with the Jews.

According to volume Gittin 56b-57a, "All who mock the words of the sages (this means all Christians who believe the Christian Bible) will be punished for eternity in boiling hot excrement." (See exhibit)

Page 172 - The Punishment of Christ

As one studies The Talmud in detail, apart from the white-wash done by men such as Dr. Neusner, you will begin to understand that the bloody, the sadistic and the obscene are the darlings of the "synagogue of Satan mentality."

If you have ever wondered why Jewish comics the world over are noted for their obscenity, you need wonder no longer. It is as fundamental to them as the knowledge of God is to the average Caucasian. If you want to know why the movies and television are degenerating into a hog wallow of sexual filth, the advice of Talmudic Jews is the answer. This filthiness is literally bred into the Jewish mind, no matter how much they attempt to deny it. According to the book, Jews Must Live. authored by the Jewish businessman Samuel Rdth, one of the first things he was taught as an Eurdpean Jew was to spit when he passed a Christian church, or when the name of Jesus Christ was even mentioned. The second lesson was that it was accepted for a Jew to cheat the detested goyim as long as you weren't caught at it because that would bring shame upon Judaism.

The 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia clearly notes that it was the Pharisees who took over the pure Hebrew religion in Babylon and turned it into the monstrosity of Judaism. The rabbis removed obnoxious references to God, just as many of the modern Jewish influenced translators have gone about removing anti-Jewish passages from the Bible. This trend has now reached the point where there is a move underway to remove the Gospel of John and his Epistles because they tell the truth about the anti-Christs.

The sacrificing of white babies on the altars of abortion is supported by the Talmudists. Most of the large abortion clinics in America which regularly murder over two million unborn babies every year are Jewish owned and staffed by Jewish abortionists. It is also interesting to note that Jews head most of the sob-sister organizations that want to protect baby seals and whales. In their twisted thinking,it is better to protect other living creatures than it is to protect human life. This is a Talmudic monstrosity!

The ultimate target for infamy in The Talmud is our precious Lord, Savior and king, Jesus Christ. The Talmud targets Him as the object of its special, vitriolic hatred which is difficult for the average Christian to understand. Yet the Jewish masters look on Christians as "docile asses, bearers of burdens for the Jews" and hate you if you believe in Christ and follow Him as Savior and King. According to The Talmud, you are vermin to be eradicated like rats.

Jesus appears in The Talmud under the name of Balaam. Proof that this word refers to Christ can be found in the Jewish Encyclopedia, which states: Hence . . . the pseudonym 'Balaam' given to Jesus In SANHEDRIN 106b and GITTIN 51a. (See following exhibit.)

-In Rabbinical Literature: Balaam is represented as one of seven h&dttlen prophets; the other six being Balaam's father, Job and his four friends (B. B. 1 5b). He gradually acquired a position among the heathen as exalted as that of Moses among the chosen people (Num. R. xx. 1). At first a mere interpreter of dreams, Balaam later became a magician, until finally the spirit of prophecy descended upon him (ib. 7). He possessed the special gift of being able to ascertain the exact moment during which God is wroth - a gift bestowed upon no other creature. Balaam's intention was to curse the Israelites at this moment of wrath; but God purposely restrained His anger in order to baffle the wicked prophet and to save the nation from extermination (Ber. 7a). When the law was given to Israel, a mighty voice shook the foundations of the earth; so that all kings trembled, and in their consternation gathered about Balaam, inquiring whether this upheaval of nature portended a second deluge; but the prophet assured them that what they heard was the voice of the Almighty giving the sacred Law to His children of Israel (Zeb. 1 16a).

Nevertheless, it is significant that in rabbinical literature the epithet "rasha" (the wicked one) is often attached to the name of Balaam (Ber. I. c.; Ta anit 20a; Num. R. xx. 14). He is pictured as blind of one eye and lame in one foot (San. 105a); and his disciples (followers) are distinguished by three morally corrupt qualities, viz., and evil eye, a haughty bearing, and a varicious spirit - quallties the very opposite of those characterizing the disciples of Abraham (Ab. v.19; compare Tan,, Balak, 6). Balaam received the divine communication at night only - a limitation that applies also to the other heathen prophets (Num. R. xx. 12). The Rabbis hold Balaam responsible for the unchastity which led to the apostasy in Shittim, and in chastisement of which 24,000 persons fell victims to a pestilence (Num. xxv. 1-9). When Balaam, the wicked," saw that he could not curse the children of Israel, he advised Balak (intimated in Num. xxiv. 14) as a last resort to tempt the Hebrew nation to immoral acts and, through these, to the worship of Baal-peor. "The God of the Hebrews," adds Balaam, "hates lewdness; and severe chastisement must follow" (San. 106a; Yer ib x. 28; Num. R. I. c.).

The Rabbis, playing on the name Balaam, call him "Belo Am" (without people; that is, without a share with the people in the world to come), or "Belo' Am" (one that ruined a people); and this hostility against his memory finds its climax if) the dictum that whenever one discovers a feature of wickedness or disgrace in his life, one should preach about it (Sanh. 106b). In the process of killing Balaam (Num. xxxi. 8), all four legal methods of execution - stoning, burning, decapitating, and strangling - were employed (Sanh. I. c.). He met his death at the age of thirty-three (lb.); and it is stated that he had no portion in the world to come (Sanh. x. 2; 90a). The bible devotes a special section to the remarkable history of the prophet, in order to answer the question, why God has taken away the power or prophecy from the Gentiles (Tan., Balak, 1). Moses is expressly mentioned as the author of this episode in the Pen tateuch (8. B. 14b).

Henceforth he became the type of false prophets seducing men to lewdness and obscene idolatrous practises (Rev. 2:14; II Peter 2:15), Jude 11; Abot v. 19). The name "Nicolaitanes," given to the Christian heretics "holding the doctrine of Balaam" (Rev. 2:6, 15), is probably derived from the Grecized form of Balaam, and hence also the pseudonym, "Balaam" given to Jesus in Sanh 106b) and Git. 57a).

The life of this sorcerer was futher detailed in the "Se fer ha- Yashar" legends and by the later caballsts (Yalk., Reubeni to Balak). Balaam's ass formed an especial object of haggadic interpretation and embellishment. "The speaking mouth of the ass" was declared to be one of the ten miraculous things that God had created in the twilight of the sixth day (Abot v.6). Targ. Yer. to Num. xxii. 30 gives a long monition which the ass offers to her foolish master.

See also the following exhibit from the SANHEDRIN volume of The Talmud:

Page 177 - More Punishment for Christ

Jesus, according to The Talmud, deserved all four "legal methods of death; stoning, being hanged, burned and crucified."

In SANHEDRIN (52a) the manner of burning as an execution is explained and it is also found in YEBAMOTH (6b); this is verified in the Jewish Encyclopedia under the title of "Balaam."

The victim is lowered into a pit filled with dung up to his armpits. Then a hard cloth was placed within a soft one apd wound around his neck, and the two loose ends were pulled in opposite directions forcing him to open his mouth. A wick was then lit and thrown into his mouth so that it descended into his body and burnt his bowels. Admitting the possibility that the victim might not be burned to death before he died of strangulation, they prescribed that his mouth was forced open with pincers against his wish, and then the wick was lit and thrown into his mouth.

Page 178 - Additional Punishment for Christ

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