Part 5 of 11
By Colonel Gordon "Jack" Mohr AUS Ret.

Chapter Seven


One of the greatest difficulties of the Talmudic Pharisees has been that of bnnging communism into power while trying to conceal its Talmudic origin. This may seem contra-dictory to my readers since I have already mentioned how Jewish authors have openly boasted about their influence in bringing communism into the world. However, it is an observable fact that when this connection is pointed out by a goy, especially if they happen to be a white Christian patriot, Jewish leaders immediately bring up their pet propaganda terms and scream "hate crime," "anti-Semitic," and "Fascist." The prostitutes standing behind the pulpits of the Judeo-Christian churches will do everything in their power to keep this truth from their parishioners and keep their people from knowing that Judaism fathered communism. This was one of the first things that caused me to take a close look at Judaism. I had been brought up in the Baptist church to consider them as God's Chosen. Yet when I was lecturing for the John Birch Society, and spoke against communism, the Jew-owned media immediately labeled me as anti-Semitic although I had not mentioned Jews, Judaism or Zionism.

These brainwashed Christian stooges who stand behind the pulpits of most of our churches will defend the very force which is attempting to destroy everything they say they believe in as a Christian. Not only is that very stupid, but very sad and very fatal!

In Washington, DC today, it is a known fact that world-wide Talmudic Judaism has a strangle hold on our American government. They control Canada as well and have been in control of England and most of Europe for decades. The following copies of U.S. State Department papers relating to the Russian Revolution in 1918 prove that International Zionist Jews were prominent in the communist leadership that took over Russia at that time and slaughtered millions of Russian Christians.

Page 125 - Jacob Henry Schiff

Page 126 - Schiff's Philanthropic Gifts

Page 127 - J. Ben-Gorion
Page 128 - World Organization controlled by the Jews
Page 129 - American Federation of Labor - Samuel Gompers

Page 130 - The Jewish Congress Movement

Page 131 - National Socialist Workman's Committee
Page 132 - Jewish Socialist Labor Organization

Page 133 - American Jewish Committee (Rich Jews)

Page 134 - Biography of Mr. Marshall

Page 135 - German Jewish Formula for the Incitement to War

Page 136 - Financing of Russian Revolution

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