Part 3 of 11

By Colonel Gordon "Jack" Mohr AUS Ret.

Chapter Five

I have briefly mentioned The Protocols which were a draft, or copy, of the original manuscript. Many Jews, and their Christian Zionist cohorts, contemptuously attempt to shrug the Protocols aside as being counterfeit. But, as we pointed out earlier, in order to have a counterfeit, there must have been an original. The more valuable the original, the more care the counterfeiter uses to make the copy as exact as possible.

There is no proof I can offer which will settle the question. Much greater minds than mine have argued the pros and cons. However, if "the proof is in the pudding," and "by their fruits ye shall know them," I take the position that for over 90 years we have been witnessing their fulfillment. They have used it as a blueprint for their world conquest and have followed its every instruction. If these documents were an anti-Jewish forgery as the Talmudists claim, there is no doubt they would have made supposed Jewish authorship as clear as possible Instead, they have taken great pains to cover up any Jewish connections. Only once or twice, in the entire lengthy document, does the word Jew appear. However, there is little doubt that the document was directed against those people the Jews call Gentiles, or in the more picturesque Yiddish, "goy" (in the singular) and "goyim" in the plural. With the exception of a few instances, the only distinctive racial term used is "Gentiles"

If a forger had written this during the last decade, there might have been reason to believe it was anti-Semitic malice (even though very few of the people we now call Jews can qualify as Semites). But take note that this document was written over 90 years ago, before the term anti-Semitic was coined by the Talmudists.

The Sixth Protocol states:

That the true situation shall not be noticed by the Gentiles prematurely, we will mask it by a pretended effort to serve the working classes and promote great economic features for which an active propaganda will be carried out by our economic theories.
The Protocols were very probably never written in manuscript form, but were notes taken from the minutes of the World Zionist Conference held somewhere in France or Switzerland near the end of the nineteenth century. The secret power of the Talmudists has developed as they have manipulated world governments into placing the secret government of a country in the hands of a few men of Jewish faith. No nations in the world are so completely under Zionist power as those of England, Canada and America; the three leading true Israelite nations.

The Protocols. in agreement with international Zionist leaders look on the dispersion of the Jews as a blessing in disguise. In The Protocols they say: This has brought us to the threshold of universal rule.

In the Ninth Protocol, they explainin detail how they have taken over the control of one Israel nation after another. I quote:

In order not to destroy prematurely the Gentile institutions, we have laid our efficient hands on them and grasped the springs of the mechanisms they formed in a strict and just order, but we have replaced them with a liberal disorganized and arbitrary administration. We have tampered with jurisprudence (their justice system), the franchise (right to vote), their press, freedom of the person and most important of all, education and culture which is the cornerstone of their free existence.

We have misled, stupefied, and demoralzed their youth by means of education in the principles and theories patently false, but which we have inspired above existing laws, without actually changing them, but by distorting them through contradictory interpretations. We have created something stupendous in the way of results.

Let's take a moment to analyze this Protocol. As an intelligent person, answer if you can the question of how this document, if it were a forgery as the Jews and their allies claim, could so accurately describe what is happening now, over 90 years after it was written?

The laws of Anglo-Saxondom, the foundation of the modern Israel nations known as Christendom, have always been laid on the strict and just order of God's Ten Commandments. These have indeed been replaced by ateaching in both education and religion which says there are no absolutes. There is no such thing as "black" or "white," only shades of gray. In other words, situation ethics which makes a thing right or wrong according to the circumstances. This teaching has released a Pandora's box of evils upon our society, not the least of which is our modern acceptance of homosexuality as an alternate life style when we know that the Word of God says all those who practice this aberration are worthy of death.

A close look at the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith, which acts as an unlicensed agent of a foreign government (the State of Israel) and is allowed to operate unhindered in the United States, has for all intents and purposes become unofficially an arm of the U.S. Justice Department. If you do not want to accept this fact, then ask yourself why every time you read about government action against a Christian patriot, you will find the thoughts of some official from the ADL. This Talmudic organization has been responsible for most of the para-military laws enacted in many of our states which are aimed at Christian patriot groups. The Jewish Defense League, the armed branch of the ADL, is allowed to operate unhindered in most of these states.

A close look at the courts of our land will show a preponderance of Jewish judges, although Jews make up less than 3% of our population. They also have almost complete control of the American Bar Association, and lawyers who do not operate under their control are regularly blackballed in America's courts. Under Talmudic jurisdiction, America's courts have become noted for their protection of criminal rights, while the law abiding citizen is often persecuted on the slightest pretext.

We have already discussed Jewish control of the media. Analyze education and see the stranglehold the Talmudists have on the National Education Association and on our culture. Ask yourself why Christian Americans have been forced to subsidize pornography in the arts through the National Endowment for the Arts. This is a Jewish controlled organization which seems to specialize in downgrading Jesus Christ and Christianity at our expense.

We witness this same downgrading of morals in the music industry which is almost 100% Talmudic controlled. And, it has produced stupendous results. If you don't want to believe this, look at the screaming hordes of teenagers and college youth who are completely mesmerized by these so-called musical Pied Pipers.

By changing the meaning of the Constitution, we now find it acceptable for protestors to burn the American flag. But we must never say anything derogatory about the State of Israel and its ambitious reign of terror in the Mid-East regardless of their threat to the Moslems or our Christian way of life. By the time this book is in print, we may even have "hate laws" which will hinder you from telling the truth about those who seek to destroy America.

The method of the Protocols can be summed up in one word: DIS-INTEGRATION; the undoing of everything worthwhile in order to create chaos and thereby gain control of the people. So The Protocol) teach that in order to gain control of public opinion it is first necessary to confuse it. This is successfully done through control of the media.

Truth is not confusing, but the liberalism which has been sown in this country by the Talmudists is confusing because it is based upon a foundation of man's shifting values. There are no absolutes: there is no truth. Take a nation, a church, or a family in which liberalism has been sown and you can split it into fractions which will ultimately destroy it. There was a time in America when the family unit was strong and America was strong. But the enemy cleverly led both parents and children into believing that Humanism was the way to go. As a result, in both children and parents, Christian and non-Christian, we have developed the idea of "doing our own thing," "if it feels good, do it," and "there is no tomorrow, so live for today," no matter the consequences. This has led our Israel people into the almost unsolvable mess we find ourselves in today. Regardless of whether we like it or not, there is only one answer and that is returning to doing things God's way. (Again, I call your attention to Deuteronomy 28.) White Christian Americans need to learn quickly that "secularization" is preparation for "Judaization." That is the Talmudic Way!

The Talmudic program almost always starts off with flabby tolerance of anything and everything. The phraseology used is a dependable Talmudic weapon.

Protocol V states:

In all times people have accepted words for acts.
This is the basis on which they operate. Men and women like to be believers in something, and if you can convince them that being broad-minded is good, you can control their thinking in other liberal channels. As a result of this thinking, we have seen in the business world the prostitution of service into profit. There was a time when the American businessman was interested in putting out a top quality product, and he would often work long hours and put forth great effort to reach this goal. Then the Talmudic rationale of "the gelt is, the thing!" (Gelt is Yiddish for profit or money.) "Get what you can with the least amount of effort and time." Since American business has assumed this thinking, quality and pride of workmanship have taken a back seat and we are witnessing a decline in the profit picture. This is one of the major reasons the American automobile industry has had difficulty coping with that of Japan's where the worker is still taught pride in workmanship. The Talmudic principle is, "How much profit can we squeeze out of this product," not, "How can we make it better?"

This thinking causes the enviable art of good management to degenerate into the exploitation of those whom they employ in order to gain more profits. It means reckless confusion among managers and dangerous unrest among workers. It results in the breakdown of our Anglo-Saxon work ethic and the substitution of a foreign ideology. And the genealogy of this foreign ideology is rooted in The Babylonian Talmud as we shall see.

Protocol X states:

We will wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculations of diseases and want, until the Gentiles have no way of escape except by an appeal to our power and money.
The Kehillah is the most potent power in the American Jewish community. It is an organization which wields worldwide power and intimidates Jews into doing its bidding. The Kehillah in New York City constitutes the essential part of the Jewish government in the United States, which in recent years has often been referred to as ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government) and is the center of American Jewry. It is the whispering gallery of American Jews where whispering drives are set in motion to break and destroy those Christian goyim who do not bow to their will.

Under the Babylonian governmental system, the Kehillah was the power and protectorate of the Jewish community. It operates under the laws of The Talmud. With the conversion of the Turko-Mongolian Khazars to Judaism in the 8th century AD, they immigrated heavily into Eastern Europe. The Kehillah moved with them to that area and eventually on to the United States centering in New York City in the 19th century. Today, New York is to world Jewry what Mecca is to the Moslem.

The kehillah has its representatives in all Jewish organizations such as the Central Conference of American Rabbis; Eastern Council of Reformed Rabbis; Independent Order of B'nai B'rith, with its harlot daughter the Anti-Defamation League; the Independent Order of the Free Sons of Israel; the Federation of American Zionists, and many others. It encompasses all Jews orthodox, liberal, reformed, and atheistic - apostate Jews, poor Jews, rich Jews, law-abiding Jews, communist revolutionaries, criminal Jews, all come under its control. They are banded together, so they claim, to protect Jewish rights! But what rights are the Jews deprived of in America? There are none! This expression is nothing but a substitute for a campaign which seeks to deny Christian rights, in Christian America. Again, this is a central teaching of The Talmud.

The American Jewish Committee has divided the United States into twelve regions, and every state belongs to a district, which has as its head the most powerful Jewish representative in that region. The capital of the world, and that of the United States as far as Jewish a~airs are concerned, is New York City which just happens to also be the seat of the United Nations government. It is the home of most of the anti-American, anti-Christian propaganda and pro-Jewish hysteria that sweeps this nation periodically.

The Jews have a free reign to handle their own affairs in the United States. They have their own calendar, they keep their own holidays, observe their own form ot worship, exist on their own dietary laws (which are now in the process of being forced on an unwilling Gentile population), and they do all of the above, and much more, without molestation from our government and without the slightest question of whether they are right or wrong.

But the non-Jew, especially the Christian, must act according to Jewish dictates or he is immediately accused of infringing on Jewish rights. This is borne out by Christ being removed from Christmas and Easter, the cross being removed from our public buildings, prayers taken out of our schools and morality out of our government. Examine the upcoming hate laws which are being foisted on our Congress by Jewish organizations. Canada already has hate laws, and you must not say ordo anything which will hurt the feelings of a Jew or other alien. But it is not considered a crime for a black man to degrade a white, or for a Jew to blaspheme our Savior Jesus Christ. That is their right under this one-sided law.

There is no such thing as anti-Semitism in America, except as it applies to the Jew against the Arab. But, there is a tremendous amount of anti-Gentilism and anti-Christianity which is deliberately being employed by the Talmudists in their drive for world power. Most American Christians fail to realize that most public disturbances, strikes and political confusion do not just happen out of a clear blue sky. They are planned that way. A few years ago the Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois, was thrown into a total frenzy by a Nazi group who applied for a permit to parade through town. Nothing was ever said on national TV, or in the news, when it was discovered that the "thug" who paraded in Nazi uniform as the leader of the Nazi group was a young Jew from the Jewish Defense League. It has been proven that many incidents described as vicious anti-Semitism, such as desecration of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, have been committed by Jewish thugs. This is a means they use to keep the little Jew in line with orders from the Kehillah, and to keep the general public softened up over the ugliness being perpetrated against the noble, innocent Jew.

A close check of the FBI's annual crime report will show that acts of violence by the Jewish Defense League and other militant Jewish groups outnumber those of the far right fringe by eight-to-one. In most cases where Jews are involved, the authorities have strange lapses of memory when it comes to justice. Most of the violence on college campuses during the Vietnam War we re communist planned and were carried out under Jewish leadership. Most of the anti-nuclear demonstrations and the violence of certain environmentalist groups is planned violence under Jewish leadership. I saw this from personal experience as I worked the lecture circuit of the colleges during the 1970's.

The vast amount of communist propaganda literature being produced and distributed in the United States amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars annually. It is the work of Jewish authors who describe in glowing terms the throngs of liberty-loving aliens who want to come to the United States. The problem is, once they are here they do not want to abide by our laws, but desire to set up their own systems within our system. In Southern California we see little Mexicos, little Hong Kongs, Vietnamese villages, Iranian communities and East Indian communities. The billboards, advertisements and signs are in their native languages, and just try to understand their employees if you are found in need of gas or other services in their ghettos.

It was the Jewess Emma Lazarus who penned the propaganda we find engraved on the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor: "Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." And American idiots, especially those of the Christian faith, opened the doors to the refuse of the world and today we are paying for it in the degeneration of our youth and the degrading of our educational system. We are paying for it through diseases which have been hitherto unknown in this country and through rampant crime and poverty among our people. We are paying for it through the nose with our tax dollars which provide welfare to these people who either cannot, or will not, work. The financial burden is breaking our backs.

An honest look at America's problems will show that it is the Talmudic element which offers the most violent resistance to the Christian American way of life. The term "melting pot" was given to us by the Jew Zangwill and was something our founding fathers never envisioned for this country which had been founded as a refuge for white Christians seeking freedom to worship God. Other religions were allowed to come here and receive protection, but they were never given the lawful right to change our way of life to conform to their heathen ideas. It is very possible that there are more Jewish communists in America today than there are in the USSR since they are all controlled from their one-world Kehilla center in New York.

Most of our modern-day church leaders have succumbed to the Scriptural confusion ot mistaking Judah and the Jews for Israel. They completely reject the words of our risen Lord in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 where He warned: ". . .them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

These church leaders, often acting from motives of self-interest, have misinterpreted the ancient writings that relate to Israel and Judah, and have made Judah, the hub around which their prophetic teachings rotate. They have, for all intents and purposes, forgotten or discarded their own roots and prefer to idolize those who are imposters. These churchmen fail to consider the fact that Judah has been in constant warfare with Israel for at least 2500 years. When they first came on the Scriptural scene in 2 Kings 16:6, about 742 BC lo and behold they were fighting against Israel.

To confuse the matter even more, most religionists fail to take the fact into account that at least 80% of the modern-day Jews are not of Judah at all, but are of Turko-Mongolian racial background from Eastern Europe. According to their own historians they were converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD Every leader of the modern State of Israel has come from this heathen background and is known as an Ashkenazi Jew.

People often ask why Jewry, which on the economic front is international capitalism in disguise, should favor Bolshevism, which is the announced enemy of capitalism. Why would a New York City Jew such as Jacob Schiff pour millions of dollars into the coffers of the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution?

With every fact of history against them, there are still hordes of political and religious leaders in America who insist that Communism was not Jewish in origin and that the Jews have been persecuted in the Soviet Union. The USSR is the only nation in the world where anti-Semitism is punishable by death! Today we find these intellectual idiots attempting to make hay for their warped ideas by stating Premier Gorbachev is violently anti-Semitic. Yet the facts prove that under Gorbachev, international Jews have become the only millionaires in Russia and that international communism in Russia, as well as the remainder of the world, is nothing but a facsimile of international Jewish Talmudism. If you are one of those who refuses to accept this truth, then explain why the only openly wealthy class in Russia, who have elaborate dachas on the shores of the Black Sea at Odessa, are Jews.

As late as 1983, under the guidance of Premier Andropov, a Jew, 23 out of 25 members of the Politboro (the Soviet ruling clique) were Jews. Every top member of the military and of the Soviet police, were Jews. What the present composition is, I do not know, but I do know that in spite of all the propaganda to the contrary in the American media, Russian Jews have received favored treatment over Baptists and Pentecostal Christians.

Why is it that we have been kept in darkness in America?

Could it be because all our information comes to us through the Jewish telegraph service which is the Associated Press of worldwide Zionism. It might be worthwhile to think about this for a bit.

The illegal method by which the Zionists in Palestine forcibly confiscated Arab land has been approved by our Zionist Occupational Government and by the wolves in sheep's clothing who stand behind America's pulpits declaring these bandits to be God's Chosen People. Instead of giving honor to the men who fill these pulpits, patriotic Christians should hold them in the utmost contempt because they are traitors not only to their country, but of more importance, to their God. They have become paid prostitutes of Zionism who, according to Isaiah 56:11 ". . . all look to their own way, everyone for his gain . . ." These include national TV favorites such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Jack Van Impe, etc.

Palestine has often been called the "center of the earth" because the power which has controlled Palestine in the past has been the one which controlled the world. Palestine has been the key to world military strategy and trade. It is located strategically between three continents, and it lends itself to dreams of future glory, as the almost unlimited mineral and oil reserves of this area are astronomical.

The native Arabs of Palestine were promised protection from Jewish expansion first by British General Allenby when he liberated Jerusalem from the Turks in 1918, and then by the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference and by President Wilson in his Fourteen Points. But the Talmudists said: "Let the Arabs go. Let them give up their land to us. We want it!" Oh, what a delightful Jewishness there is in this declaration. But today, the world is becoming alarmed at the seeds of Jewish aggression in Palestine and are beginning to realize that this could well be the catalyst which would set up Armageddon. In the meantime, the fundamentalists and evangelicals say they would welcome this catastrophe, not even comprehending the consequences of their words. Not one fundamentalist leader in a thousand understands the vastness and terror of Armageddon. Of course they don't worry about this because they teach that they will not be here, but will be transported by Jesus to some place in the sky where, from the battlements of heaven, they will watch as the rest of us are destroyed. They teach this without the slightest Scriptural authority, and woe be to them when their church members discover they have been lied to!

I could fill more pages speaking about Talmudic control of the media, TV and Hollywood. As was pointed out in detail in a previous chapter, all major newspapers, TV networks, nine out of ten studios in Hollywood, the major magazines - all are Jewish owned and/or controlled. What it boils down to is almost complete control over the news which is spoon-fed daily to the American people.

Add to this the control of the publishing houses and the National Education Association and you have the makings of a confused America, just as the Talmudists said it would be. The Talmudic idea of education can be seen in the following remark made by Terry Herndod, former Executive Director of the National Education Association:

The ultimate goal of the NEA is to tap the legal, political and economic powers of the U.S. Congress. We want leaders and staff with sufficient clout that they may roam the halls of Congress and collect votes to re-order the priorities of the USA.
The propagandists of Hollywood are free to make Christian clergymen anything from seducers, to safe crackers, to village idiots and get away with it. But a Jew must never be depicted in a critical light, no matter how dastardly his acts. Their viciousness towards Jesus Christ and Christianity can be seen in the recent blasphemous movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, which depicted our Lord and Savior as an immoral man. This movie was made successful by the hordes of so-called Christians who have made Talmudism successful in America. It has been Christianity that has supported the movie industry, the Jew liquor monopoly, the Jew tobacco industry, Jewish pornography and prostitution - everything which has been used to tear down our Christian heritage.

In Protocol IV, we read:

This is the reason why it is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the minds of the goyim the very principle of Godhead, and the spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs.
Protocol XVII:
We have long past taken care to discredit the priesthood ofthe go yim and thereby to ruin their mission on earth which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us. Freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere, so that now only years divide us from the moment Of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion . . .".(Emphasis added)
In the communist textbook Psychopolitics. which was written in the USSR in 1933 and was the blueprint for the takeover of America, we read on page 52:
We have battled in America since the century's turn to bring to nothing any and all Christian influences, and we are succeeding. While we today seem to be kind to the Christian, remember we have yet to influence the Christian world to our ends. When this is done, we will have an end to them everywhere.
You must work until reilgion is synonymous with insanity. You must work until the officials of city, county and state governments will not think twice before they pounce upon religious groups as public enemies.
You wonder why hate laws which discriminate against Christians are being passed by a Zionist-dominated Congress? Here is your answer. It is the Talmudic principle in operation.

I could go into the jungle music of modern rock and roll which is controlled by Jews. We often wonder why our modern youth have degenerated into savagery, yet Christian leaders have refused to attack the Jewish source of this savagery. They are hamstrung by the teaching of their church that these imposters are God's Chosen and must be protected at all cost and that to confront a Jew is to bring God's curse upon them. Maybe these clergy and their parishioners should read II Chronicles 19:2 which says: "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? Therefore is wrath upon these from before the Lord."

Sixty years ago, Werner Sombart, a pro-Jewish author in his book, Jews and Modern Capitalism. predicted:

If conditions in America continue to develop along the same lines as in the last generation, if the immigration statistics and the same proportion of births among the nationalities in the US remain the same, our imagination can picture the United States in 50 or 100 years hence, as a land inhabited only by the Slavs vs, Negroes, and Jews, wherein the Jew will naturally occupy the position of leadership.
How accurate his predictions have become. Whites are about to become a minority in the country they founded and brought to greatness. Why? Because they have been led to compromise with, and bow down to, the heathen attributes of Talmudism.

Professional sports in America have come completely under Jewish control to the point where they are pricing themselves out of existence. At the same time they fulfill the Talmudic ambition to get the goy occupied by sports so that he has little time or energy in which to do the important things. This is a Talmudic principle.

In Protocol XIII we read:

In order to distract the people who may be too troublesome from discussions of questions of the political . . . In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people's palaces . . . Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them.
Why this mad emphasis on sports? It is to take our minds oft essential issues and prepare us for Talmudic takeover!

The Jewish element has completely controlled boxing for years, and has taken the sport of clean wrestling, which was a test of skill and strength, and turned it into a disgusting orgy. We now see mud wrestling spectacles between near nude members of the female sex and the orgy of painted heathens groping and grunting their way in and out of the ropes.

When anyone exposes the Talmudic control over any segment of our existence, the Jew becomes an inflamed zealot because the Jew cannot tolerate anything he considers to be criticism. You may criticize a Christian of any denomination with impunity, and until recently, most nationalities, but the Jew is sacrosanct (sacred and above criticism). There is not a major newspaper in America, or a major politician, who dares admit that there is a Jewish problem. Any discussion, or the laying out of facts, immediately draws the label of "anti-Semitism," or "hate monger." The Jew can call your Lord and Savior a bastard and few will complain, but show the Jew in his true colors and your expose' will be labeled as "full of lies, insinuation, prejudice and hatred to instigate suicide."

As I wrote earlier, the term "anti-Semitic" is a misnomer when applied to Jews today since the people we now know as Jews have very little, if any, connection to the forefathers of true Israel. Very few of the people we know as Jews, with the possible exception of a few Sephardim Jews, can qualify as being Semites. The vast majority, according to their own historians, are Ashkenazi Jews of Turko-Mongolian background. Their forebears never set foot in Palestine, they have not one drop of Semitic blood in their veins, and they have no legal or moral title or right to the land they claim is theirs by right of birth.

When one recognizes the problems caused in our society by Talmudic Judaism, it does not mean they have joined a campaign of hatred and enmity against all Jews. It is not hatred or prejudice to tell the truth about someone. Very few of our people even understand the meaning of the word prejudice, and as we said before, it comes from the word "praejudicium," which means "to form an opinion without knowing the facts," or pre-judging. There is no prejudice involved when one speaks the truth about anyone or any subject.

It is probably fortunate that Jewish periodicals do not circulate freely among the non-Jew since they are composed of two dominant themes - Gentile unfairness towards the Jew and Christian prejudice! It Gentiles read Jewish writers, there would be a concerted effort to rid tholorountry of Talmudism of all kinds.

It is not anti-Semitism to proclaim the truth known to many that there is an international Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. For in spite of Jewish efforts to deny this, which is supported by their Christian Zionist sympathizers, Jewish literature abounds with their plans and designs. The Protocols boast about it, The Talmud teaches it, and Jewish authors have gloried in the power which will be theirs when they have taken over world control. The Protocols are the operating instructions to carry out the programs of The Talmud.

The idea of a One-World government has been a Jewish dream from its inception and many Jewish authors boast about it in their writings. (My book, Behold the International Jew, has many examples of this.) One example of this assertion is a recently received letter from a Jew. It was written to a patriotic Christian American leader and reads as follows:

Sir: Your people are so paranoid it is obvious we can no longer permit you to exist. We cannot allow you to spread your filthy, immoral Christian beliefs to the rest of the world. Naturally, you are opposed to the World Government . . . unless it is under the grip of American fascism. You who proclaim the Christian-American Way of Life is best it is obvious you have never been exposed to the superiority of the communist culture. World Government will bring world peace and this will not become a reality until American nationalism and imperialism is (sic) smashed!

When your nationalism is smashed, I will personally be there to firebomb your church, burn your Bibles and confiscate your firearms, and take away your children. We will send them to Eastern Bloc schools for redemption, as future leaders of the newly formed Soviet Socialist Republic of Amerika. We are taking over your world and there are not enough of you to stop us. I am prepared to fight you and all other enemies of the communist state.

Sincerely your enemy,
Signed: Gregory Paul Brookbank
Seattle, Washington

This is the Talmudic mind at work.
Protocol XIV states:
When we come into our kingdom it will be undesirable for us that there should exist any other religion than ours . . . with whom our destiny is bound up by our position as the Chosen People and through whom our same destiny is united with the destinies of the world.
Samuel Roth, a Jewish author in his revealing book, Jews Must Live!, said:
A goyim neighbor of mine, a Mrs. Harlan, asked me one day: "Do you actually think that a whole nation such as Germany, would stand aside while Hitler eliminated all the Jews, unless there were some real abuses on the part of the Jews which might justify it?"
In trying to answer this perplexing question, he wrote;
Suddenly it dawned on me, blindingly, about all the evils for a long time that have been perpetrated by the Jews . . . The scroll of my life spread before me, and reading it, in the glare of a new, savage light, it became a terrible testimony against my people.
He remembered how as a Jew he had been cheated by other Jews; how he had been libeled by Jewish journalists and sent to prison because they didn't like what he wrote He said:
I have never stretched out my hand to help a Jew, or Jewess, without having had it bitten! I have never entrusted a Jew with a secret, which he did not instantly sell cheap to my enemies . with subtle scheming and heartless seizure which is the whole of the Jew's fearful leverage in trade; they drove me from law office to law office, from court to court, until I found myself bankrupt. It became so that I could not see a Jew approaching me without my heart rising up to mutter, "There goes another Jew robber; stalking his prey."
On page 81 of his book he says:
Every synagogue we Jews build in a Christian country is a finger of scorn we point at our hosts; a sore finger we stick into their eyes, like the leering of a senile old woman who does all sorts of foul mischief be fore you, and feels safe in the knowledge that you will not lay hands on her for fear of contamination.
This, my Christian friends, is Jewish Talmudism!

The Jew, Bernard Lazare, in his book, Antisemitism, page 350, said:

The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaizes and destroys the Christian faith; he provokes indifference, but he imposes his ideals on the world, of morals and of life, upon those whose faith he wins; he works tirelessly at his age-old task;, the annihilation ot the religion ot Christ. (Em ph added)
This is Jewish Talmudism!

I began this book by discussing the story of The Babylonian Talmud as told by the Jew, Jacob Neusner. Then we looked briefly at the problems which have existed between the Jews and the Christian world, using as a background the book, The International Jew. by Henry Ford, Sr. Now we will take a closer look at The Talmud itself under the magnifying glass of truth and see what it tells us about itself. Many of the comments in this section, as well as the actual quotes from The Talmud, are actual reproductions from pages of the English translation of The Talmud, Soncino Edition, and are taken from Elizabeth Dilling's book, The Plot to Destroy Christianity.

Chapter Six

In 1931, Elizabeth Dilling, then a girl in her teens, was taken by her parent Ge a visit to Russia. She saw for herself the appalling scenes of forced labor and squalid living conditions which had been brought about by the socialist system. She heard the public tirades over loud speakers in the city squares which vilified Jesus Christ and made the sacrament of Holy Communion into a cannibalistic orgy.

In the Museum of the Revolution she was shown a huge world map and as the guide switched on the lights all over the world where communism was then in control, he said: Our world revolution will start with China and end with the United States.

At her hotel, Elizabeth talked with a representative of a foreign country who told her about the police terror which had descended on the Russian people and how people were dragged from their homes never to be seen again. Behind the backs of careless guides, Miss Dilling took movies, and on her return to the United States, began to show them to concerned, patriotic Americans everywhere. Articles were written in small, local newspapers, and the story spread until she was lecturing full time, from coast to coast.

She managed to get a copy of her full report on communism, written in 1938 under the sponsorship of Henry Ford, Sr., into the hands of Senator Royal Copeland, who then passed it on to Vice President Garner. As a result, Congressman Martin Dies of Texas, directed the Dies Committee on Un-American Activities to look into this matter.

Mrs. Dilling discovered the hub of Jewish power in America was in the American Jewish Committee with its Masonic brotherhood of the B'nai B'rith, and its secret police force. Its "smear and ruin arm," the Anti-Defamation League, as we have stated before, is operating illegally on American soil but with full approval of the United States government.

After pushing a reluctant American people into World War II, international Judaism had to crush all opposition by labeling it as "fascist," "Nazi," or "anti-Semitic." By the stigma of these labels, innocent but informed patriots were ruined by the wrath of well-intentioned but brainwashed Christians. By using these brainwashed people to destroy the patriots, it has furthered their goals of world conquest.

A series of indictments were brought by the government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt against thirty out-spoken anti-communists. One of these anti-communists was Elizabeth Dilling. The indictments began in 1942 and ran through 1944 under the direction of the American Jewish Committee. The 1943 indictment was dismissed, but the one in 1944 had Christian patriots being tried before Jewish Judge Eicher. It was staged without any legal basis whatsoever. Judge Eicher died during the trial, and the case was dismissed by Judge Dolitha Laws with the scathing denunciation that it was a crime es dold people on trial for such a lengthy time without one single bit of evidence against them. Of course, the pro-communist press which is owned or controlled by Jews, gloated over this staged trial.

Goaded on by International Zionist pressure, this brave lady from Chicago went on to write The Plot To Destroy Christianity from which most of the following information was taken. She also wrote: Red Network, a who's who and handbook on radicalism for patriots; The Roosevelt Red Record and It's Background: and The Octopus which is an in-depth look into international Jewish power. As you read her powerful and well-documented expose's, you will understand why International Zionism hated her.

There is a missing link in Christian understanding regarding this entire subject. The average Christian is totally unaware of a Zionist problem, or of Zionist influence in their daily church, political and social activities. That is proof that the American Jewish Committee has been largely successful in their smear tactics and labeling of those who would dare expose them. This missing link is best expressed when looking into the subject of the Pharisees as found in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia of 1943. It states:

The Jewish religion, as it is today, traces its descent, without a breok, through all the centuries from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent of which a great deal is still in existence. The Talmud (Babylonian, Ed.) is the largest and most important single piece of that literature . . . and the study ofit is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.
It would be reasonable for the Christian Bible scholar to recall here that it was against the Pharisees that Jesus Christ leveled His most devastating criticism, calling them "hypocrites," "poisonous snakes," and even "children of the devil." In John 8:44, He indicated that they were spiritual children of Satan, ever willing to do the dirty work of their father. He said that they went to extreme measures to gain a convert, then proceeded to turn them into "twofold more of a child of hell than themselves." (Matt. 23:15) He said they deliberately nullified the commandments of God by teaching the doctrines of men. (Mark 7:13 and Matt. 15:6 - 9) It is no wonder they wanted to kill Him.

Everywhere He went during His years on earth, we find the Son of God in conflict with the Pharisees, who The Word says: And consulted that they might take Jesus by subtilty (trickery, deceit), and kill Him. (Matt. 26:4) Although Jesus admitted that the Pharisees were the children of Abraham (at least some of them were through Esau/Edom - John 8:37), He told them that spiritually they were of their father the devil (John 8:44).

The Scriptural believers of Jesus' time were mostly from Galilee, as can be seen from Bible accounts. These people were called "gentiles" by the Jews, which equates to "non-Jews." (The most misunderstood word in Scripture is "Jew," with "Gentile" running a close second.) The Galileans were hounded and persecuted by the Talmudic Pharisees from the very beginning. In Acts 12:3, we read that King Herod, who was an Edomite/Jew,". . . because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also . . ." (He had already incarcerated and beheaded James, the brother of John.). In I Thessalonians 2:15, the Apostle Paul, speaking of these Talmudists said: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; (Christians) and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: . . ." So you see how the people of that day felt about them.

The Babylonian Talmud, according to the top Jewish authorities, is the sole authority of Judaism. Rabbi Louis Finklestein was chosen in 1937 by the Jewish Committees (Kehillas) of the world as one of the top 120 Jews living at the lime. In a two-volume literary work entitled, The Pharisees. Finklestein says:

Pharisaism became Talmudism. But the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survived unaltered. When the Jew . . . studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used by the Palestinian acadamies. From Palestine to Babylonia, from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia, and Eastern Europe, generally ancient Pharisaism had wandered.
Finklestein says in his book, The Jews - Their History. Culture and Religion. Vol.4, p.1332: Any decision regarding the Jewish religion MUST be based on The Talmud, as the final resume of those authorities when they existed.

In the November 17,1950, installment of a best selling book by the Jewish author Herman Wouk, we read: The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion.

As far as I have been able to determine, there was no English translation of The Talmud prior to the Soncino Edition of 1934-48. Why was it that in Europe, when the contents of The Talmud became commonly known, it was burned by the orders of both the Pope and Protestant clergy? It was not because of hatred for the Jews, but because of its contents.

Some Jewish apologists, such as David Webber of the Southwest Radio Church, Oklahoma City, OK, and Jack Van Impe, a popular Baptist evangelist and writer, say it is because the Jews are God's Chosen People and therefore Satan has a special hatred for them. If this is true, then why did our Savior tell their leaders that they were of "their father the devil"? (John 8:44)

No, my Christian friend, you who have been brainwashed by Jewish propaganda in your so-called Judeo-Christian churches of America. The Jews have not been persecuted down through the centuries because they are God's special people; but because of their Talmudic teachings which they have put into operation everywhere they go. They have been hated because The Talmud teaches that only the Pharisees rank as men - all others are animals. The Talmud says "the people who are like an ass - slaves who are considered the property of their Jewish masters." It has been because of teachings such as this that the asses in every country have raised up in rebellion and expelled them.

Moses, in contrast to Talmudic teaching, was insistent upon one law for the stranger and the home born and taught that the stranger must not be oppressed. (Exodus 12:49) The Talmud on the other hand, teaches the Jew that the stranger in his midst is fair game for the Jews. (The word "stranger," as used in this Exodus passage comes from the Hebrew word "gehr," and means by implication a foreigner, or alien.)

Was Jesus being fair when He denounced the Pharisees in such scathing terms? It is impossible to know unless you know what The Talmud teaches. Irrefutable exhibits from Jewish authorities show beyond the shadow of a doubt that The Talmud reverses every one of the Ten Commandments of God, the teachings of Moses and the prophets and enshrines their own obscene opposites as the "whited sepulchres" Jesus spoke about in Matt. 23:27 which were beautiful on the outside, but full of stench and corruption within.

Murder of non-Pharisees is permitted by Talmudic law, as is theft, sodomy, incest and rape. The righteousness of grown men violating a little girl under the age of three is one of the favorite topics of discussion in book after book of The Talmud (Dr Neusner fails to mention this in his defense of The Talmud.)

The word "Babylon" in the Bible refers to everything that is foul and pagan. The word means "confusion." Most commentaries on the curses pronounced on Babylon in Isaiah chapters 13 and 14 and Jeremiah 50 and 51 refer not only to ancient Babylon, but to the spiritual Babylon which exists today. In the Book of Revelation, this mystery power is called BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. She is pictured as being "drunk with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ." It is the vast, powerful, one-world government (called the New World Order by the conspirators) that is being pushed by our political leaders today which will eventually make war with the Lamb and be destroyed. While Talmudic literature goes overboard in its praise of Babylon, it is aterm of reproach in both the Old and New Testaments.

It was during the Babylonian captivity of the southern Kingdom of Judah that the priests discovered how the Torah (the Mosaic Law) could be used as "whited sepulchres," to cover up the degeneracy of Babylon. Many of those Judahites became racially mixed with their captors and became a bastardized people. Both these racially mixed Jews and those who were racially still pure, returned to Jerusalem. They deserted their temple worship for synagogues; they deserted their Levitical priesthood for that of the Pharisees; they left the true worship of their Hebrew forefathers and substituted the heathen ideology of Judaism.

While in Babylonia, the seeds of world conquest were sown among the Judeans in Babylon. They intermingled with the heathen culture of Babylonia and became successful in the use of usury which was forbidden under God's Law. They changed the worship of the true God and adopted the heathen, occult practices of the Babylonians.

Some Christian leaders will be quick to point out that there was also a Palestinian Talmud which is not nearly as violent in its relationship to Christianity as The Babylonian Talmud. But the noted Jewish Rabbi Hertz said: ". . . The Palestinian Talmud . . . was for many centuries almost forgotten by Jewry. Its legal decisions were at no time deemed to posses the validity of The Babylonian Talmud."

Hertz lauds the ancient Rabbi Akiba for being able to find a "Biblical basis for all the oral laws." Think about this What an achievement They took Biblical laws such as those forbidding sodomy, theft, passing children through the fire of Molech and twisted them into oral laws which permitted these degenerate un-Godly acts. This is what brought destruction to the Judahites. This is Gnosticism (a system of belief which stresses salvation through an intuitive knowledge or recognition of right and wrong) at its best. It has been defined as, "a system of merging the opposites and contradictory tenets of a system into accord." Yet Christ Himself once said, ". . . Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (Matt. 6:24)

The modern Pharisees are masters of Gnosticism and are attempting to blend Christians, Jews and heathen into one great brotherhood of man under their control, of course Christ was not fooled by the Gnosticism of the Pharisees of His day. He knew The Talmud allowed them to curse their parents as long as they did not use the Jewish four letter word for Jehovah. He knew the Pharisees taught that they could beat their parents as long as they did not draw blood. Both of these acts drew the death penalty under Mosaic Law.

God commanded Moses to instruct the priests not to marry a woman who had been a prostitute. But The Talmud contradicts this by saying that if a woman has had sex with her own son, if he is under the age of eight years and one day, she may marry a priest. And, the noted Rabbi Hillel, who many Jews consider the sage of all Jewish sages, said her son could be nine years old and it would still be OK.

The Babylonian born Hillel has been honored by having a Jewish College Foundation named after him and by the Jewish Masonic Lodge of B'nai B'rith. Yet, Hillel was one of the most putrid-minded of all the ancient sages according to his own writings. Maybe this is why the Jews honor him so. They seem to revere filthy minded individuals as can be seen in Jewish comics.

It is interesting to note that the Babylonian influence was so strong on Judaism that they adopted the Babylonian calendar. Many of the Jewish feasts and festivals are not from a Mosaic origin, but have come straight from the heathen observance of Babylonia. Isaiah, 760 - 698 B.C., the Israelite prophet (who was not Jewish) begins his book with accusations against Judah and Jerusalem:

"Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity . . . children that are corrupters: . . ." (Isaiah 1:4) Bring no more vain oblations (sacrificial offerings) . . . the new moons and sabbaths . . . and it is iniquity. . . (Isaiah 1:13) . . . your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: . . . I am weary to bear them." (Isaiah 1:14)
There are two new moon days celebrated monthly in the Jewish synagogue, and Rabbi Joshua Trachenberg, who is listed in the Jewish Who's Who in America, states in his book, Jewish Magic and Superstition, page 256:
The pagan veneration of the new moon, which had by no means disappeared in Bibilcal times, has no direct connection with the ceremony blessing the new moon which is outlined in The Talmud and is observed until this day.

But certain superstitious practices are still associated with this rite, pointing to its continued occult importance in human affairs.

In the first group are the practices of skipping three times at the close of theSemissing and addressing the moon three times . . . The ceremony, as well as the three fold repetitions are typical of magical acts. In the latter group are the practices of shaking one's clothes to cast out evil spirits, and the belief that one who performs the full rite need not fear death during the ensuing months.

The Feast of Tammuz, celebrated by Jews from the 17th of Tammuz until the 9th of Ab, is a feast in honor of the Babylonian heathen goddess of prostitution. The worship of this heathen goddess was practiced during the Babylonian captivity and returned to Judea with them as another regular festival of this "Babylonian synagogue of Satan."

Another regular Babylonian festival is the "New Year for trees." Tree worship is one of the oldest forms of paganism and is based on the belief that trees are inhabited by the spirit of fertility. In the Jewish Encyclopedia (1905) is an article about this festival. It quotes from The Talmud, Gittin 57a, on the Jewish custom of planting a cedar tree for every newborn male and a cypress tree for each female. When a marriage is about to take place, the trees were cut down and used as bedposts for the nuptial canopy. This same article relates how the Cabalists, when they settled in Palestine in the 16th century, instituted the practice of eating fruits on that day instead of planting trees.

The Christian reader may be perplexed by the Biblical denunciation against trees until you realize that the Babylonians fertility rites, and the mass prostitution of Judean women were carried out under these trees which were planted in groves for this purpose. Two Judaic kings, Hezekiah and Josiah, were commended in the Bible because they cut down these groves (see II Kings 18:4 and 23:14). God promised His people in Egypt that He would bless them only as they drove the pagan abominators, the Canaanites, out of the land. Instead, the Israelites often intermarried with them in direct opposition to God's commands. Intermarriages of this type were taking place in Babylon among the captive Judahites and their captors. It became so obvious that God states that their very looks would be a testimony against them.

In Exodus we see where God tells Israel: "But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves: . . ." (Exodus 34:13)

And in Deuteronomy 12:2-3: "Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree: And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; . . ."

The Judahites did not do this in Babylon. Instead, they joined in this heathen practice and then brought it back into modern Judaism.

Can you understand why the Apostle Paul said of the Jews in I Thessalonians 2:15: ". . . They please not God, and are contrary to all men:"

Since the Babylonian Talmudists acquired Old Palestine in 1948, formal tree planting has taken place at a feverish rate with Holiday Tree Planting Events to honor various State of Israel personages. Thousands of these trees have been planted by brainwashed Christians who do not know the religious significance behind it. In view of the billions of dollars we have given the State of Israel, they even designated a forest which was to be planted in honor of the U.S. Government. We will see more groves planted than Joshua and the prophets ever cut down.

Following are two pages taken from an article in the Jewish Encyclopedia about Babylonia which illustrates the devoted attitude modern day Pharisees have towards Babylon, the source of their Talmud.

Following the quotes from the Jewish Encyclopedia is an article taken from the Jewish newspaper, The American Hebrew, March 1,1946, in which Rabbi Leon Spitz urges Jews to eliminate anti-Semites as their ancestors did. (Keep in mind that 80% of the Jews today are not Semitic.)

After an interval of a few years, a nephew of the deposed Ukba, David b. Zakkal (920 - 940), was made exilarch, and Cohen Zedek II. was forced to recognize him. Foiled as this ambitious Pumbeditan thus was in regard to the exilarchate, he was in addition compelled to witness the rise and development of the Academy of Sura, also strongly opposed by him, but which under Saadia reached a point of unprecedented splendor. Saadia, who had been called to Sura from Egypt because there was no scholar of sufficient Talmudic authority there, had already made himself famous by his translation of the Bible into Arabic, and by his commentary upon it. His activity as gaon of Sura (928 - 942) was even more meritorious than this accomplishment His battles with the Karaites form but one side of the general polemic activity which ruled at this time in Irak among the professors of the various religions. There was a Parsee controversy ("shikandgumanik Vijar') against Jews and Christians in the ninth century (Darmesfeter, "Rev. Et. Juives," xxvill 4). Sabaryeshu, a Jacobite presbyter of Mosul in the tenth century, waged a discussion with a Jewish sage (Assemani, Ac. iii. 1, 541; compare Steinschneider, "Polemische Literatur," p.85); and Mahammedan writers like Al-Kindi were continuous in their attacks, from the ninth century on, against Jews and Christians alike (Steinschneider, l.c. p. 112). Two califs, Al-Muktadir and Kahir, interfered in the disputes between the exilarchate and the gaonate, with the result that both institutions suftered in influence. David had successfully maintained himself against his brother Joshua, whom Saadia had declared exilarch, and had thereafter made friends with the gaon, who had in the interval been banished to Bagdad. He left a son, Judah, to succeed him; but he ruled only seven months. Saadia then took affectionate charge of Judah's infant son, until the latter was slain in a Moslem riot. The exilarchate had to be suspended (about 940) until quieter times permitted its artificial revival. There are some faint traces that a certain Hezekiah, a grandson of David's son Judah, was exilarch for a time; but, according to other authorities, he was only gaon of Pumbedita - a post which, with his violent death in 1040, also passed away after an existence of 800 years.

The Academy of Pumbedita flourished for a century longer. Aaron ibn Sargado, a wealthy merchant of Bagdad and and opponent of Saadia, acted as gaon of Pumbedita (943 - 960) and very effectively.

Of less importance was Nehemiah7 son of Cohen Zedek; but in Sherira (968 - 1000) and his son Hai or Hala, the Jews of Babylonia possessed two incumbents of the gaonate who shed unrivaled brilliancy upon their office. Yet both these respected dignitaries found themselves the victims of calumnious representations made to the calif AI-Kadir, probably through the instrumentality of scholars who felt themselves slighted. The two geonim were for a time imprisoned, but ultimately were set at liberty, and the now aged Sherira resigned his office in favor of Hai, who discharged the duties of the gaonate until 1038. Upon his death the above mentioned Hezekiah ruled for two years longer and with his murder the gaonate of Pumbedita came to an end.

The gaonate of Sura was extinguished less suddenly. About 970 a certain R. Jacob b. Mordecai is said to have written to the Jewish communities on the Rhine on the matter of a false Messiah (Mannheimer "Die Juden in Worms, "p.27); this is however, considered to be a fabrication. The last gaon of Sura was Samuel b. Hophni, the father-in-law of Hai; he was distinguished for his literary activities. When he died in 1034, the gaonate of Sura retrograded more and more, until at last it expired quietly and unnoticed.

A special intervention of Providence, according to lbn Daud, was arranged in order that Babylonian learning should be transplanted to Europe. Four scholars, sent to the West to gather funds for the academies, were captured on the Mediterranean by an admiral of the calif of Cordova; and after many experiences these four became the founders of rabbinical academies in Alexandria, Kairwan, Cordova, and perhaps Narbonne. Babylonia thus lost its central importance for Judaism; it was, however, replaced by the rising communities of Spain, whither the two sons of the unfortunateHezekiah above mentioned had also migrated.

This forms an appropriate point at which to consider the general influence of Babylonia upon European Judaism. Luzzatto ("Hebraische Brie fe," p.865) thus7 in substance, describes it: The West received both the written and the oral Law from Babylonia. Punctuation and accentuation were begun in Babylonia ; so also the plyyut, rime, and meter. Even philosophy had its origin here: for the frequently mentioned by little-known David ha-Babli or Al-Mukammez, who lived before Saadia, is the oldest known Jewish philosopher. The greatest if not also the earliest payyetan, Eleazar Kalir, of the eighth century, was apparently a Babylonian. It is true indeed, adds Luzzatto, that heresy is also a Babylonian product; for, in addition to the Karaites, Hiwi al-Balki, Saadia's opponent, was a Persian - in a broader sense a Babylonian. [The Talmudic usage survived for a long time of calling all Western Jews (ma 'arbaye') "Palestinians" and all Eastern Jews ('Thadinhaye") "Babylonians."] One peculiarity of the Babylonians, however, made no headway among the Jews of other lands: this was the system of supralincal punctuation (see Pinsker, "Einleitung in das Babylonisch-Hebraische Punctuationssystem"), called the Babylonian or Assyrian, and said to have been in vented by the Karaite, R. Aha of Irak (see Margoliouth, in 'Proc. Soc. BibI. Archaeology." 1893, p.190). To Babylonian literary activity, in addition to the Babylonian Talmud, must be ascribed possibly the Targum Onkelos, together with some Midrashic works ("Rab'bot"). "Halakot Gedolot, "and the well-known works bearing the names of the geonim Aha of Shabha, Amram, Saadia, Sherira, Hai, Hophni, and others. Babylonian learning, always great from Rab's time, expressed itself in independent works only toward the close of the period, and then disappeared all together.*
{Note:- * the Jewish Encyclopedia, Funk and Wagnall Co., NY and London, 1905. pg.413.}

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