Behold the International Jew!
(Knowledgeable men, Jew and Gentile, speak out
regarding the International Zionist Conspiracy)
Part 6 of 9

By Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, CPDL

". . . without regard for race, color, creed, age, sex or national origin"

Part 6 continued:-

NAHUM SOKOLOW, Zionist leader, in the book ZIONISM IN THE BIBLE, pages 7-8 says: "It is strange and madly comic to see some Jews, partisans of monotheism, pretend to be Germans, Hungarians, etc., It matters little that Jews claim to be a religion or a nation; the Jewish religion cannot be separated from the Jewish nationalism."

AGAIN FROM ARCHIVES ISRAELITES, Paris, 1864: "Israel is a nationality. The child born to Jewish parents is a Jew. We do not receive our quality of Israelites by circumcision, but we have our children circumcised because we are Israelites. We acquire Jewish character by birth, we cannot lose it or get rid of it. The Israelite who renounces his religion, who even undergoes baptism, does not cease to be an Israelite. Ml Jewish duties are still incumbent upon him."

The Jew, Bernard Lazare in "L'ANTISEMITISM, page 350 stated "The Jew is not satisfied de-Christianising, he Judaises, he destroys Catholic or Protestant faith; he provokes indifference, but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins; he works at his age-old task, the annihilation of the religion of Christ."

Probably one of the greatest weapons the Pharisees have used to destroy Christianity is this demon called Communism. In countries where communism is the accepted form of government, religious practice is either forbidden, or so closely regulated as to be forbidden. Here the Judaizers use Communism as the bulldozer to smash Christianity. In this attack, the "power behind the persecution" is seldom seen as being Jewish, but it is always there doing and directing its "dirty work."

But since Communism, in all it viciousness, cannot stamp out "true Christianity," but only strengthens it, the Zionists have many other methods in a multi-phased attack against Christianity.

It is very seldom that the Pharasaic Jew ever attacks his target directly. To do so would render him suspect, or cause him to "show his hand." This is particularly true of his attack against Christianity. They work indefatigably to destroy Christianity, but they seldom attack directly on a Jew vs Christian basis.

One of the most highly effective tools of Judaism might be called the TRIO TECHNIQUE. It is contained in the powerful phrase CATHOLIC-PROTESTANT-JEW, as applied to matters religious, educational and otherwise in the Jew controlled press and propaganda apparatus.

A long time ago, the Zionist realized they could not counteract true CHRISTIAN BROTHERHOOD, and that true Christian fraternity could not be attacked in an open, head-on manner, since they would create too many enemies by openly denying that America was a Christian nation. (Notice that this has changed in recent years, now they are so bold that they come out with direct attacks against this truth - ED.)

So the Jews preach their own BROTHERHOOD THEORY.

Let me remind you, that as we discuss the Pharisee brand of BROTHERHOOD, that the Jewish idea of brotherhood comes from one of the most evil books of all time, the BABYLONIAN TALMUD. So what the Judaisers teach is TALMUDIC BROTHERHOOD. Listen to what the TALMUD SAYS:

"Every goy who studies the TALMUD and every Jew who helps him in it, ought to die." (SANHEDRIN, 59a; ABODHA ZORA, 8; SZAGIGA, 13.)

"To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly," (LIBBRE DAVID, 37).

"A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat," (NADRINE, 20; SCHUDCHAN ARUCH, CHOSEN HAMISZPAT, 348.)

"The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts," (BABA MEDA, 11, 6).

With these Talmudic teachings permeating their thinking, the Zionists go about their business of sharing brotherhood with Christians.

Listen to Georgi Dimitrov, Comintern leader in Russia in 1939, as published in THE YENAN WAY, by Eudocio Ravises, pp 256 (Scribner's, N.Y. 1951).

"Let our friends do our work. We must always remember that one sympathizer is generally worth more than a dozen militant communists. A university professor who, without being a party member, lends himself to the interest of the Soviet Union, is worth more than a 100 men with party cards. A writer of reputation, or a retired general, are worth more than five hundred poor devils who don't know any better than to get themselves beaten up by the police. The writer, who without being a party member defends the Soviet Union, the union leader who is outside our ranks but defends international Soviet policy, is worth more than a thousand party workers. Our friends must confuse the adversary for us, carry out our main directives, mobilize in favor of our campaign people who do not think as we do, and whom we could never reach. Such men will sell their souls to the devil - and we buy the souls

The NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, loves to parrot the phrase: "Children are born without prejudice - you can help them stay that way!" Children are also born without teeth, the ability to speak, write, walk, or read, without control over their bodily functions, without a moral sense, and are utterly defenseless and completely dependent upon adults for their very existence. Is infantilism to be preferred to maturity? The NCCJ not only wants to turn back the clock by forcing adults to retrogress in their attitudes to the infantile level; rather, they would rather work with the child divorced from parental control - so as to suspend and then block out his perception of his unique difference from all other children."

The Zionist founder, Theodor Hertzl, in his book THE JEWISH STATE, wrote: "Universal brotherhood is not even a beautiful dream. Antagonism is essential to man's greatest efforts."

So rather than attack the Church openly, the International Jews attempt to weaken it by chipping away at its beliefs, breaking away some integral part of the Church; weakening its vital structural elements, hacking away at venerated customs, alienating men on a liberal-conservative basis, on an "old" vs the "new" basis. They are constantly at work trying to fragmentize Christianity.

Anyone who has been around a church for very long knows that most of them have financial problems; possibly debt ridden buildings. The Jews, because they have the money, not only have the great bulk of Christian properties and projects in hock to them, but they also have a silent, albeit very powerful voice in policies having to do with their financial bondings. They use this to bring pressure on Christian leaders.

A few years ago, I was speaking with the pastor of one of the largest fundamental churches in America. We were discussing Zionism and its danger to Christianity. He admitted that he knew about this. "Then why," I asked, "Don't you warn your church people about it?" To which he replied: "The Jew bankers hold a $1 .7-million dollar bond on this church building, and if I antagonized them they would foreclose on me and I'd lose everything." FOR FEAR OF THE JEWS! HOW INFINITELY SAD!!!

Everywhere we look, we see the destructive hand of International Judaism. It has destroyed the beauty in Christian art; it has changed the beautiful music of a past generation for the syncopation of the jungle beast with its beastiality and sexuality. Of course the goal is the same. Valid, genuine art and music must be destroyed as a prerequisite to world conquest.

A few years ago, when the Civil Rights mania was begun, Clergymen fell into the Zionist baited trap, "hook, line and sinker." They joined the wide assortment of boobs, fools, do-gooders, fakes, hypocrites, and subversives to promote Civil Right causes. Very few bothered to question the motives behind Civil Rights, to see if there was anything "wrong" with these "rights."

Yet if they would have taken an honest look, they would have seen the danger. God created every man and woman different because He wanted to give to each, not only "free will", but the unique characteristics that stamp us as INDIVIDUALS. These were to be living units peculiar to Himself, as a person created in the image and likeness of God, made up of body and soul, distinct and unique - worthy of the sacrifice which Christ made on the Cross for him. (Unfortunately, there are those in the ranks of Identity that teach that the colored races do not fulfill these requirements, that they have no souls and are inferior beings. I cannot find where the Scriptures teach this.) While we know that Jesus' primary mission was not to all men, but to "the lost sheep of the house of Israel," (Matthew 15:24) we know that He came so that ALL MEN might have life. (John 3:16, 17; 1 Timothy 2:4, and others.) To teach that only ARYANS of the Israel race can be saved is a terrible distortion of the Word of God, for it was Israel's primary mission to bring the message of God's sa1vtion to ALL men.

God created each race different from the others; they are endowed with different mental and physical characteristics which make them unique individuals. But the wicked "seed of Satan," under the inspiration of their father, know that if these races are kept separate, as God planned, it will thwart their plans for a One-World under the anti-Christ.

In the Zionist planned One-World Government only the Jew will be the superior exalted being. He is to be superior in all respects over his goyim subjects. His ruler will be the Anti-Christ, his God, Lucifer, his father (John 8:44).

Because of this thinking and teaching, all of the goyim subjects of the One-World government must be blended into an amorphous mass of mongrelized humanity with no distinguishing marks to identify race, color or creed. Of utmost importance, is that none of the goyim subjects of Jesus Christ. ever be identified as the "true Israel" of God

This is the underlying reason that the Jews promoted Civil Rights. It was for the purpose of producing a faceless, mongrelized, racial hodgepodge which can be effectively and permanently be merged as the slave underlings of the International Jewish masters. These will serve their Jewish masters without demurring - thinking that they are serving God, when they will have the "mark of the beast", and be serving their worst enemy.

The AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE, which bas been mentioned before, is one of the most satanic of the enemies' organizations, which serve the Pharisees through religion. It's capacity to do evil to the cause of Christ and humanity is almost limitless.

The UNITED NATIONS, sometimes aptly referred to as the CANNIBAL DEBATING SOCIETY, was drawn up, propagandized, and promoted by the AJC and its assorted power network agencies. The various documents, book reports, and publications of the organization attest to this.

A look at the Semi-secret annual budget report of this organization bears abundant testimony to the Satanic activities - a testimony which is in the words of the Jewish authorities themselves. For those who wish to read what the enemy have to say, these documents may be obtained from the CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, Union, New Jersey.

There are few more revealing documents than these, which expose to daylight such a diabolical plot. The hideous Talmudic blueprint of the Plot to Destroy Christianity is clearly shown, as this organization of intricately organized personnel and finely interwoven organizational network, works relentlessly and inexorably for the total destruction of White Christian civilization. Behind them looms the limitless resources of money, manpower and organization, available to International Judaism.

In reading these reports, one must be wary and alert, remembering that you are reading the words of devilish masters of semantics, who set forth their sinister purposes in grandiose phraseology. They couch their plans and plots in the most up4o-date language of the far-left classrooms of modern sociology, psychology and psychiatry. The language of these reports is nauseating in its super-sweet, hypocritical solicitude for the benighted Christians. It reminds one of the Devil as he quotes Scriptures to our Lord. But as you strip away the "double-talk", you will find things which reveal the limitless hatred of the Jew for Christianity and their satanic determination to wipe it from the face of the earth.

Christ, our Master, expressed this thought about these same people in Matt. 23:13 - "Woe unto you scribes, and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in . . . Woe unto you . . . for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte (convert), and when he is made, ye make him two fold more a CHILD OF HELL than yourselves." Vs 28 - "Even so, ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity . . ." Vs 32 - Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers (poisonous snakes), how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

For those of you who may belong to a church affiliated with the National Council of Churches, or who might have been a member at one time and are wondering what happened to your church, listen to the words of the Father of the Reformation, Martin Luther, after he had worked with the Jews for many years and learned what they were up to: This is taken from his book THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES, which has been expunged from most Lutheran school libraries: ". . . my dear Christian, next to the Devil you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement enemy than a real Jew (Pharisee) who earnestly desired to be a Jew. It all agrees with the judgment of Christ that they are poisonous, bitter, vindictive and malicious SERPENTS, ASSASSINS, and CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL who kill and inflict injuries by stealth because they cannot do it openly."

There are many Christians today, especially among the clergy, who say that the words of Jesus Christ and Luther are not applicable today and that the "Nice Jews" have changed in their attitude toward Christians. For these "brainwashed" Christians, I offer the words of the Jew Joseph Dunner, found on page 10 of THE REPUBLIC OF ISRAELI, October, 1950. "To Christians of all denominations Jesus is the symbol of all that is pure, sacred and lovely. To Jews from the fourth century on, Jesus became the symbol of anti-Semitism, of libel, of cruelty, and of violent death."

I am not foolish enough to say that all Jews and all Rabbis are alike in their vindictiveness towards Christians, or in their unswerving loyalty towards the destruction of Christians.

But Rabbis in particular, by the very nature of their work, are inexorably anti-Christian (no matter how many Inter-Jew-Christian meetings they may attend). I further hold that the great majority of the Jewish leaders, by their words and actions, prove that they are ill-disposed towards Christians and that they are even now employing the time tested Talmudic methods which were specifically designed to undermine and annihilate Christianity.

In order to do this, many Rabbis have become active in civic, political, and religious affairs in the communities in which they live.. They rub elbows with the Christian clergy and collaborate with them and the lay leaders of the church. These Jews are usually very suave, urbane, highly intellectual fellows who exude the very image of the Pharisees. They will represent themselves as educated, brotherhood, hale-fellow-well met types, who will combine decorum and savoir-faire with their conviviality.

They will feign friendship, cooperation, altruism, philanthropy and fellowship.. while at the same time, undercover, they work for the disintegration of the church. They are for the dismantling of the United States and its Constitutional Government and for grinding Christianity into the dust. It's part of their Jewish heritage. There is no way they can be a Jew and get away from it!

But these Rabbis are not the main danger. Our major danger comes from those pastors of the Christian churches and their Christian followers, who have been "brainwashed" or "bribed" into becoming the "prostitutes" of Judaism. The Pharisee is smart enough to get the Christians to do his "dirty work" for him. How he must chuckle with glee, when he sees what fools so many goyim are.

Some Christians may say: "But the Jews have no Pharasaic cult among them in 1986." This is where you are dead wrong. According to the UNIVERSAL JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, page 29 - "The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees...and the study of it (the TALMUD) is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism."

Christian, when you help the Jew, you abet Christ's worst enemy. Listen to our Lord as He speaks in Matt. 10:32, 33 - "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I also confess before my Father which is in heaven. BUT whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven."

A few years ago, a full page of pictures and text entitled THE JEWISH BACKGROUND OF JESUS, appeared in the NEW YORK JOURNAL AMERICAN. A similar article with horribly blasphemous pictures of Christ and the Apostles appeared in the May 24, 1965 issue of THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE. It was entitled THE NEW IMAGE OF JESUS.

"Jesus was represented as a simpish toothpick-legged sap, standing on a rug while the idiotic looking Apostles stand by."

The NEW YORK JOURNAL made this announcement: CAPTIONS WRITTEN WITH THE THEOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE OF RABBI MARC TANNENBAUM, DIRECTOR OF INTER-RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS OF THE AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE. (This is the same Rabbi Tannenbaum who forced Jerry Falwell to apologize because he had called America a Christian country - ED.)

This article starts out by attributing the new Catholic textbook for elementary schools to two nuns. In the Journal ad, the upper corners of the page are ornamented by pictures of two sweet-faced Sisters. The paragraph following reads: "This truly revolutionary textbook series -which may reach 10-million Catholic pupils in the next 10 years, emphasizes. ..that the Jews were God's Chosen People and that Christ Himself was a Jew and worshiped in the Temple."

In the next paragraph reproduced, Sisters Johnaice and Elizabeth have received valuable aid from Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum.

"Beside the simpleton representation of Jesus Christ, there is a black-faced gook with a white beard holding up a black infant, two idiotic-looking women are gazing up at him. Another picture shows four long-nosed dreary characters with tiny hooks for feet, entitled 'Pious Jews' under a six-pointed Star of David.'

Devout Christians have long felt that the Holy Bible constituted a rock - an unshakable foundation upon which to base their religious beliefs and convictions. They felt the Bible was true and irrefutable because it contained the words of Almighty God who was incapable of falsehood or distortion - and of God-inspired writers such as the four evangelists.

So knowing this, the Jews have attacked, not the Bible believers who might become enraged at a direct attack, but the Bible itself. The perpetual revolutionists revolutionized (they called it "modernized") the Bible. By so doing, they have shaken the convictions and confidence of many Christians and are preparing to destroy the belief of the youth, with these perverted versions.

While the "simplified" versions of the Bible, are supposed to make it more literally understood by the masses, what they actually do is destroy or downgrade the Bible, by glaring commissions, destruction of literary style and by reducing the intellectual challenge of the Book. They have done the same thing to the Bible, as they have done to the history and literature books.

These highly tested techniques have been used by the "Pharasaic revisionists," and "modernizers," to destroy the beauty and the factuality of the Bible. Under the techniques of the Jewish translators the Bible is reduced to the level of a novel, or a fairy story for not-too-bright readers. If you doubt this, compare the simplified Epistles and Gospels with the beauty of the King James or Douai Versions of the Bible. It is possible, you will have difficulty recognizing the Word of God you once heard, read and loved.

It is a matter of observation, that the International Jew controls the world's press and all Jews, whether they know it or not, play at least some part in the Master Plan for the Jewish One-World government. Their natural traits, their grasping nature, their anti-Christ religion, make all of them enemies of Christianity. This is why the Apostle Paul said of them in I Thess. 2:15 - "They please not God and are CONTRARY TO ALL MEN."

The International Jew is not a citizen of any country, but is an interloper, a parasite, a stranger in any country in which he lives. The Jew has only one belief on which to "hang his hat," and that is his unshaken belief that he is the "apple of God's eye," and that all other people are inferior to him.

In Jeremiah 24:9, a prophesy is made concerning the "evil Jews" who came back from Babylon with the new TALMUDIC religion of Judaism. "I (God) will deliver them to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt, to be a reproach, and a proverb, a taunt and a curse, in all places whither I shall drive them."

The "little Jews" whom the pharisees call "lesser brethren," are doing what they are called to do because they owe allegiance to no country;-they have no personal God, and no redeeming Messiah and because they want to go along with those they believe will be winners in this conflict between "good" and "evil," the internationalists. They do not realize that the Pharisee is willing to sacrifice them, as he has in the past, in order for his plans to succeed.

One of the most explosive documents to come out of World War II and known to be in existence by but a few researchers, is a day-to-day, hour by hour chronicle of the last hours of Adolf Hitler, before he took his own life in that Berlin bunker.

Apparently there was only one hand written very bulky copy that made it to safety. One section reports a conversation that Hitler had with General Hans Kreb two days before his death. This is a verbatim report of this conversation: Hitler is talking to Krebs about the tragedy of the war and the steps he took to avoid it, he said:

"I tell you Krebs, the Jews are much worse than anyone will believe. Who would have believed that Baruch (Bernard Baruch, the Jew advisor to FDR - ED) would sacrifice the Jews of Europe to the ambitions of the race? After I made contact with Baruch in the latter part of 1938, he sent this message to me:

"I have not the slightest interest in the fate of a few million Jews now in Europe. Our ambitions greatly transcend Europe, are you . . . the greatest anti-Semite of the age . . . So dull as to be unaware of this? We win have war because we need war to install Stalin in Europe and secure Palestine. Even if you were to abdicate tomorrow it would have no effect on our ultimate Destiny of the Chosen People. Germany must be eliminated because with the fall of Germany, will crumble the entire West and the West is no longer of any use to us. Please do not bother to contact me again in a childish attempt to stir my compassion for the Jews of Europe. Their fate will secure our victory; they will fall in a good cause and our final victory will be the more complete. SO DO WITH THEM WHAT YOU WILL. To you I say that the blood of the Prophets runs in my veins and I predict your utter destruction and all that you stand for." SIGNED: BERNARD MANNES BARUCH.

During our most recent war in Vietnam, there were two factions in America. The "Let's get out!" and the "Let's win the war!" factions. They were both way off course because they were directed towards the Jew caused war, rather than the Jews who had started it. Some of you may remember, with justifiable rage, that broadcast over the nation's radio networks on the morning of November 16, 1965: "The American State Department acknowledged today that North Viet Nam sued for peace over a year ago - but our State Department (Jew controlled for many years - ED) did not trust their intentions."

How strange that the Jews in the State Department would not want peace when they started the war! It was a story that was killed immediately.

So the Internationalist Jews work in our government from without and within. Look at the matter of military supplies. After the end of WW II, we saw the treasonous activity of General George Catlett Marshall, as he disarmed the Nationalist Chinese with one stroke of his pen, and then bragged about it. They sent the Nationalists one caliber of weapon and a different caliber of ammunition; the same trick the State Department played later on the Cuban patriots at the Bay of Pigs. We saw the spectacle of millions of dollars worth of new trucks and jeeps being dumped into the Pacific, rather than being sent to our allies.

We have seen the bungling and mismanagement of military supplies in recent years, to where the services pay $700 for a $7.00 screwdriver. During the Korean War, a friend of mine, who was an air force procurement officer was sent to Hong Kong to see if he could find a small electronic part for the gun sight on our F-86 fighter planes. They were in short supply. He came back with a large number of these, which were purchased for less than $1.00 each. The current price from the manufacturer in the U.S. was scores of times higher.

In the opening days of the Korean War, I was observer to the treachery of our State Department in the days preceding the war. Ten days before the war began, all anti-tank ammunition was taken out of the front lines of the South Koreans on order of the American Ambassador William F. Muccio. His statement to a Senate investigation committee later was that he was afraid that Sigmun Rhee would attack the North.

On the second day after the war began, after Mr. Muccio had left for Japan, I along with Major Paul Hedstrom of Bismarck, N.D. was sent to check out the State Department building in Seoul. (All Americans with the exception of 13 Advisors were out of the country at this time.) In a locked filing cabinet in the Ambassadors office, we found reports from the Military mission, for the preceding eighteen months, which gave very little information about the enemy activities in North Korea. It was later found that eight of the high ranking officials in the State Department team, were in sexual liaison with the wife of the Number Two military man in North Korea. This woman was a beautiful model who had milked the State Department for over a million dollars, which was taken in American Military Police vehicles to the town of Kaesong, on the 38th Parallel, where the girl's mother lived and then were taken into North Korea. When these men were charged with this crime, there was so much dirt discovered in the State Department activities that everything was swept under the carpet and nothing hit the newspapers. Muccio was sent to Iceland as Ambassador and the eight State Dept. Officials were all promoted.

I had sent four very incriminating documents to Senator William Knowland of California. He took them to the Foreign Affairs Committee and was promptly laughed out of the committee. He told me that when he insisted something be done about it, it was the beginning of his political downfall.

In spite of all the wonderful advertisements you see on television, trying to entice our young people into the Armed Forces, the image of the American military outside the United States stands at its lowest ebb ever. At home, the seasoned non-commissioned officers, who are the "backbone" of the services, are resigning by the droves, as are some of the finest of our company grade officers.

The American is hated in Germany, because the people who live in fear every day of the Jews, know that it was America who "sold this Christian country" into the clutches of International Judaism. Then near the close of the war, it was American troops, under orders from that Jew puppet Ike Eisenhower, who returned thousands of anti-communist patriots to bitter deaths or lives of slavery behind the Iron Curtain, in the infamous OPERATIONS KEELHAUL, that even Congress has been afraid to tackle. We are hated in Cuba, for we are responsible for Cuba going Communist. We are hated in Central America, in the Congo, in fact almost every place where we have gone. Because of the "bankrupt" Jewish tainted Foreign Policy of our State Department, we have seen America go from a high point of "statesmanship," to a low degree of "chickenship" in less than fifty years. Now it is standard operating procedure to see YANKEE GO HOME! signs everywhere and our embassies are defaced and bombed, and we ain't seen nothin' yet!

During World War II, under the leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our government became riddled with Jews. People like Felix Frankfurter, Alger Hiss, Bernard Baruch, split the Army and Navy into antagonized camps.

There was the Jew Maj. Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer, who was put in charge of the Office of Foreign Military Assistance, responsible for the delivery of arms voted by Congress to friendly nations. In that capacity, Lemnitzer refused to send arms to South Korea before the war, even though Congress had appropriated them. In a dispatch from the Los Angeles Examiner, July 11, 1950 - "Shocking testimony that the State Department had defied Congress and blocked adequate aid to Korea remained under triple seal and lock in the Senate safe today, despite congressional and public demands for exposure. The testimony left members of the Senate appropriations Committee horrified and angry. A number wanted to take the entire case to the Senate floor. Others held that the testimony was too damaging.. They wanted the records destroyed." (Now what in the world is wrong with our Congress, when they don't even have guts enough to demand an accounting for TREASON?)

Why was this testimony so damaging? Who were the traitors that were being protected? NEWSWEEK for July 10, 1950 gave us part of the answer: "Senator Ferguson demanded to know how much of the $10,230,000 provided for Korea in the MAP authorizations of July 1949 and the appropriation of the following October had been spent and how much material had been delivered. Looking as though he'd rather be facing a. Russian tank with a can opener, Lemnitzer answered that only a small amount of signal equipment had actually been sent. How much? Ferguson insisted. "Well, not more than a few hundred dollars worth," Lemnitzer said. Ferguson insisted and Lemnitzer finally admitted that the sum was about $200.

Ferguson was shocked and Republican Senator William F. Knowland of California said he knew that the Korean Republic has asked time and time again for planes. He pointed out that his own military mission had recommended giving them some. "Isn't it true," he said, "that not a single fighter plane has been given to Korea?"

"Yes," Lemnitzer admitted.

It is not being revealed in the press that this war material was sent by Lemnitzer's office to fortify Iran against a Soviet attack and thus preserve for us the oil of the Middle East. (Internationalist owned of course).

"It was Ephraim Zinoyi Liberman, who was appointed Chief of the Far Eastern Division of the Commerce Department, who blocked shipment of military equipment meant for the Chinese Nationalists. Lieberman, a Jew and a friend of the Dean Acheson pro-Soviet clique, arrived in the U.S. in 1932 and was denied citizenship until 1941, because of his communist affiliations."

There was the rapid rise of the Jew, Lieut. Gen. Mark Clark, the son of a gentile army officer and the Jewess Rebecca Ezekiels. Despite a questionable military record in Italy, he was appointed in September 1949, to command all of the Army Field Forces. He admitted hundreds of Marxist indoctrinated Jews into the American Occupation Zone in Austria an operation planned by the Zionist High Command, which must have been concurred in by the Soviet Union, as most of these Jews came from Soviet controlled areas. These people were not running from any danger, but were virtual proteges of the American government. Hundreds upon thousands of Christian men, women and children who were fleeing for their lives from the Soviet monster, were stopped at the American flag and turned back to death or slave labor camps. This will be an everlasting shame to AMERICA!

How could we ever put our trust in Mark Clark after his conniving and condoning this mass crime against Christians, is a question I cannot answer. In the Air Force, another Jew named Curtis Le May, was placed in command of our entire Strategic Air Arm, the most powerful striking force in the world at that time. Is it unreasonable for Americans to be uneasy when men with alien blood occupy such important positions? In case of a revolution, who would they help, the Christians or the Communists? You make up your own mind from their actions.

Another Jew in a position of high command was General Lucius Clay. I quote from Eustice Mullin's THE FEDERAL RESERVE CONSPIRACY, page 143 - "Herbert Lehman (one of the top Jewish devil's) now a Senator, spent hundreds of millions of American money in Central Europe during the Second World War, as head of United National Relief and Rehabilitation Agency. This money was spent to ensure that 'reactionary' governments would not come back into power and that Central Europe would remain under the control of the Communist Party.

"Current Biography notes that Herbert Lehman was elected Governor of New York with the active support of the Communionist Party. The chief corporate representative of his family banking house, Lehman Brothers is GENERAL LUCIUS CLAY.

"One of Eisenhower's closest advisors, General Clay was identified as the man who selected George Humphrey as Eisenhower's Secretary of the Treasury."

Here is another article from THE NATIONAL CHRONICLE, July 15, 1965 - "Gen. Lucius D. Clay, who Barry Goldwater said is a 'prime mover' was Goldwater's chief consultant on international problems in 1964. Clay is associated with No.1 financier, Jew Sidney Weinberg. To keep control in Weinberg's hands, Clay is now the new GOP finance chairman, a partner in Jew financiers Lehman Bros., and a prominent CFR member . . . No doubt Clay will be assisted by other CFR members who control Goldwater's FSA - such as Admiral Lewis Strauss, former Jew head of Atomic Energy Commission, and who was partner of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., (the International Jew bankers who financed the Russian Revolution), liquidating 50-million Christians in the process."

When the United States has military leaders such as Clay, Le May, Lemnitzer, Taylor and Clark - why is there any need for enemies? (Remember these Jews most probably go to the synagogue on the Day of Atonement and pray the KOL NIDRE prayer, which allows them to break their oath of allegiance to the United States, any time it is expedient to International Jewry.) CHRISTIAN FOR GOD'S SAKE, WAKE UP!!!

With America's military leaders constantly betraying the American fighting man over the past forty years, the question could be asked. Have we had patriotic leaders in our Armed Forces? The answer is a resounding "yes." There was General Douglas Mac Arthur, who made the mistake of trying to win a war in Korea which the Internationalists did not want us to win. If he had been allowed to fight that war as he desired, it would have been over in a short time. Instead he was fired by that Jew puppet, President Harry Truman at the urging of the Jewess Anna Rosenberg, Under Secretary of Defense, and David Dean Rusk.

Or consider Old "Blood and Guts" Patton who was one of our most brilliant field generals in Europe during World War II. He distinguished himself and his command in spite of everything the Jew puppet Eisenhower could do to stop him. He knew something was very, very wrong in Washington and that some force was using the American military for its own purpose. He made the mistake of publicly stating that he was going to "blow the whistle" on these traitors when he got home and two weeks later he was dead under very mysterious circumstances. We could talk about others such as Representative Lawrence Mac Donald of Georgia, who was shot down on Korean Flight 007, after declaring that he was going to "lower the boom" on some traitors in the House of Representatives; or Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal, who refused to bow down to Jewish power and was a mysterious suicide? and there are others, possibly even President John Kennedy, who was evidently getting ready to "kick over the traces," when he was assassinated.

The Jew uses his controlled press to ridicule, smear, belittle, and silence anyone who stands in their way of total control. That's why "wimps" like Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart are scared to death of them. They will do practically anything to keep on good terms with these Christ haters.

Since the end of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, we have seen this same treasonous poison as it has infiltrated the American government at every level, under the insidious control of these aliens. We have seen the Communist takeover of Cuba, ninety miles from our door, and we did nothing to stop it. We have seen the takeover of the Panama Canal by a tinhorn Communist dictator; we see the present attempt by our Congress to give American land to the Soviet Union, in the Wrangell Island area, which contains billions of barrels of oil. We have seen the sell-out of the Chinese Nationalists on Taiwan and the climbing in bed with the Chinese Communists. Yet during all This time of moral, spiritual military and economic debacle, the Christian people of America, who were at one time her "backbone", have set in their comfortable air-conditioned spiritual foxholes, folding their holy hands in prayer, while the nation came into the clutches of the worst tyranny that ever faced humanity. "Not to worry," they are told, "If you are saved, that's all that matters, for Jesus will come back for you before it gets that bad." If our forefathers had acted like we do today, you and I would have all been heathens and Christianity would have gone down the drain 1500 years ago.

Little by little, but as sure as taxes and death, we are being hemmed in and our country is being devoured by sneaking termites from within. The true names of these traitors are the United Nations, Wall Street, Khazar Jews and their stooges such as LBJ, Hubert Humphrey, Ford, Carter, Nixon and Reagan. If many of our Congressmen had acted a hundred years ago, as they do today, they would have been tried, convicted of treason and executed. Today, they are the nation's leaders.

Today, under the usual Jew-Pharisee subterfuge techniques, the controlled Press has begun the softening up process towards disarmament of the nation, as well as the individual. Already the Concentration Camps have been built in the United States to hold those who go against governmental policy - that is to say Zionist policy. Today the National Guard forces of America are being groomed for war against their own people, for confiscation of food, firearms and the incarcerations of those individuals deemed security risks by civil, State and military authorities. In other words, we are hurtling towards the One-World Dictatorship of International Zionism. Yet our complacent Christian "sheeple" continue to fold their holy hands in prayer, sure that the Lord will take care of everything, but darned sure that they will not get their hands dirty.

A man in order to be free, must have the unrestricted right to own and use personal weapons in the home and person, of a marauder - whether that marauder be an enemy soldier of an invading army, or an agent of an internal political conspiracy, or a common criminal. This is a Natural Law that supercedes all others.

Frederic Bastiat, the renowned International Lawyer, wrote in his book THE LAW: "Each of us has the natural right - from God - to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life; the preservation of any one of them, is completely dependent on the preservation' of the other two." Civilized law has recognized this right for thousands of years.

If a man loses his right to free, lawful use of personal firearms, he loses his identity as a free agent of a civilized country and he becomes totally dependent upon centralized police protection. This of course is the purpose of the Internationalists. They want to do away with our Armed Forces, and have us protected by a United Nations peace force, which would be under their "beck and call."

The beatniks, the pacifists, the atheists, the brainwashed hordes of Christendom, and of course the One-Worlders say we are moving towards a One-World government and that this is the only way for the world to survive in this day of the "super bomb." That anyone who clings to the old notion of "individualism" and "nationalism," is mentally ill.

But healthy Americans - Christian Americans - who persist in regarding themselves as individuals made in the image of Almighty Cod, know that there is a higher purpose in this life than mere physical existence - they know the terrible fallacy in the ''It's better to be Red, than dead" syndrome. They know there are eternal and absolute principles of right and wrong and certain values in human life which are worth dying for. I would like to be one of these! So help me God!

It is to be noted, though it will be vehemently denied by Jews, that there have been relatively few Jewish dead on the battlefields in which America has been engaged. I noted this over and over again during WW II, Korea and Vietnam, how Jewish boys would be transferred from the Infantry and Combat Engineers, into some relatively safe place like the Quartermaster Corps, where they became immediately, experts on the Black Market. These transfers were almost always made by Jewish doctors who looked out for their own.

In the military cemeteries, the graves of Christians are often decorated with crosses. But among the tens of thousands of white crosses, the graves marked by the Star of David, are a great rarity. The ratio is something like 3,000 to 1. But is it any wonder, when by the end of WW II, the person in charge of allocating manpower was the Jewess Anne Rosenberg?

If the Zionist conspirators get a war started in the Middle East against the Arabs, you can be sure of one thing, it will be the Smith's, the Callahan's, the Cappeli's who will die on the battlefield, while the Epstein's, the Goldberg's, and the Rosenbaum's will have plush jobs where they can get rich off the war. "Business as usual."

* * * * *
We did not fight for Atheist Red Russia and Red China
And enslavement of the captive nations we betrayed.
We did not suffer, fight and die to clear the way
For Forced Integration, rape, pillage and anarchy in our own U.S.A.

We did not gladly die in agony while sweet youth still adorned
Our brows to accept "We shall Overcome," Red anarchist chant
Of Godless Integration, news media, radio, TV, Marxist Isms,
For One-World atheist United Nations dictatorship and slavery!


And torn; decayed; or arms and legs broken and limp;
Our eyeless sockets burned with poison gas and shrapnel;

WE ARE DEAD, BUT WE CANNOT REST, for by political deceit

* * * * *

Sleepers, awake! The bell has long since rung.
Your slumber is your death! The foe has sprung
Out of the sacred battlements that rang
With freedom. Now the deadly fang

Is bared to strike. Awake! Our cherished land
Is wrapped in evil chains they slyly forged
On hidden anvils while you slept, they gutted
Their pockets with your wealth, and sucked your blood

And bound you with a snare called "brotherhood."
America! The free! The undismayed!
Where are your laughing sons? Betrayed! Betrayed!
Bleeding and torn upon an alien hill,

Bleak with despair, remote from home. To fill
An empty bargain with a scheming "friend"
Who knows the senseless slaughter will not end
Until your youth is spent, your strength undone,
Your hand made captive - and no victory won!

Awake, my country! Listen to your dead!
They cry, and reach hands agonized and red
With martyr's blood, to snatch you from your fate
Of slaves! They cry, Awake! The hour is late!

And yet you sleep.. .you sleep. .O foolish men,
Too blind, too careless, who will fly again
The flag you lose? Who will set you free?
Who will rebuild your broken liberty?

The bell is silent now . . . The guns are loud.
There is no answer from the sleeping crowd.
The masked deceivers smile and spin their net,
Teaching their captives to forget,

The ancient ways of freedom and deny,
Their flag, their country, and supinely lie,
Under the shelter of an alien rope,
Secure . . . unquestioning . . . and stripped of hope!

O land of light! O refuge of the brave!
Who crossed the mighty ocean here to save,
Their treasured freedom, how your star has dimmed!
How cheap has grown the liberty that hymned

Your name across the world! How dark the sky
Where once your proud old glory once did fly
Unchallenged and unmatched, with eagle keen
Guarding her folds! How sad the darkened scene

- . . . AS FREEDOM DIES!...


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