Behold the International Jew!
(Knowledgeable men, Jew and Gentile, speak out
regarding the International Zionist Conspiracy)
Part 2 of 9

By Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, CPDL

". . . without regard for race, color, creed, age, sex or national origin"

Part 2 continued:-
Thirdly, American citizens would be obliged to obey laws imposed upon them by the U.N. and they could be taken out of the U.S. to be tried in a court of the U.N. 's choosing.

Attempts have been made in Congress to pass U.N. legislation where all American gold resources would be taken over by a central monetary control. We already know how generous the U.S. can be with American taxpayer money. Under the auspices of the U.N. Relief and Rehabilitation Association, U.S. currency plates, plus supplies of Treasury Department ink and paper, have already been handed over to the Soviets, with no control over the amount of American backed money they could print. This project was the brain child of Treasury Department Jews, Harry Dexter White and Harold Glasser. It received the official blessing of the Jewish UNRRA head, Herbert Lehman.

Fourth, American soldiers would be made part of an international military pool and would be obliged to fight under U.N. leadership, against whatever enemy the U.N. were to designate. This was the case in Korea and to a lesser degree in Vietnam, under our SEATO treaty.

In the Korean War (1950-53) Major General Walden Walker, Eighth Army Commander, often complained that the enemy knew his battle plans before he did. This was because we fought this war under the spider flag of the U.N. Every order that went to Gen. Walker was first sent to the Under Secretary of Military and Security Affairs, who at this time was a Russian General. Of course the plans were immediately sent to the Communist commander in North Korea. The only successful operation of that war, the Inchon landing, so brilliantly executed by Gen. McArthur, and for which he was fired, came because he made the move without first notifying the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If the planned directives of International Zionists were to pass the U.S. Senate, the U.N. would reserve the right, under its "full employment" program to tell American workers what jobs they could work at, the wages they were to receive, and what countries they must work in.

Under the U.N. World Health program, there would be mandatory standardized Government care for everyone suffering from "any morbid condition, whatever its cause, from birth to death." This program of socialized medicine would provide for mass inoculations, the killing of incurables, and a system for "Planned populations," which means birth control in some area, and baby-bonuses in others.

There would also be a U.N. established universal and compulsory system of education designed to safeguard and perpetuate the United Nations control.

If America were to adopt these treaties, and don't think it could never happen, since the Pharisees in our Government would love to see it happen, American citizens would become world citizens and the Jews would have triumphed in a bloodless revolution.

Recently this letter was received by a Patriotic leader in the U.S. dated January 23, 1986.


You people are so paranoid, it is obvious we can no longer permit you to exist. We cannot allow the spread of your filthy, immoral Christian beliefs to the rest of the world. Naturally, you are opposed to World Government. . unless its under your fascist grip of American Imperialism. Who are you to proclaim that the Christian-American way of life is best. It is obvious you have never been exposed to the superiority of communist culture, World government, and subsequently world peace. This cannot come to reality until American Nationalism and Imperialism is smashed.

When nationalism is smashed, I will personally be there to fire-bomb your church, burn your Bibles, confiscate your firearms, and take away your children and send them to Eastern Bloc schools for "reeducation" as future leaders of the newly formed Soviet Socialist Republic of America. We're taking over the world and you're not man enough to stop us. I am prepared to fight you and all other enemies of the State.

Sincerely, your enemy,

SIGNED: Gregory Paul Brookbank,
Spokane, Washington

These people are not kidding! While our ministers shout "Peace and brotherhood with all" While they hold their joint meetings with the Jewish enemy, the International gangsters smile as they see another milestone passed in their journey towards world control.

Many years ago, Pope Pius XI, in his Encyclical Quadragessimo An-no, said: "It (Communism) is a universal satanic conspiracy, supported by powerful financial interests, skillfully prepared, directed by clever men and efficiently operated. The leaders of this universal conspiracy are the successors of the ancient Pharisees. They promote the idea of a temporary messianic kingdom."

When Calvin Coolidge was President, he was said to have written a letter to his friend, Dr. Billy Sunday, in, which he said: "I can hardly pursue an honest policy in government for Jewish pressure!" (Taken from COMMON SENSE, 12/1/66, page 2).

There has probably been no branch of the American government which has fallen under Jewish control, as much as the U.S. State Department. The DILLING BULLETIN of May-June 1965 wrote:

"Our State Department Emblem - One conversant with the Talmudic creation, the U.N., by the American Jewish Committee lords of earth, must be struck, as our national policy sets up one Communist nation after another, at the sight of the six-pointed star of Pharisaism... reproduced herein from TIME magazine 6/4/65, adorning our State Department emblem!"

It's cabalistic significance can be seen, as reproduced from the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, in THE PLOT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY, by Elizabeth Dillings, Exhibit 282.

It is interesting to note that the State Department has done more to aid the advance of Communism than the Communists themselves, while trying to "hoodwink" patriotic Americans into believing they were stopping the spread of Communism. It was the American State Department which made it possible for Castro to take over Cuba virtually unopposed. It was an American President who gave his stamp of approval to Ben Bella; it was the State Department which destroyed anti-Communist Katanga and Rhodesia; it has subsidized Communist regimes around the world, using our tax dollars while proclaiming loud and long that it was anti-communist. It gave our Panama Canal to a communist dictator; it betrayed China, the Hungarian Freedom fighters, and the Nationalist government in Taiwan. The list of its treason is virtually endless. Our aid to Russia of both technology and food; our back door aid to Castro via the United Nations; our aid to the Communist nations of Africa, backed by our great conservative, President Reagan, and on and on it goes, with no one in government with the guts to go against the Jews who control it. Where will it all end?

Over twenty years ago, there were men who recognized the danger posed by the State Department to American security. An article appearing in COMMON SENSE, 1/1/1964 stated:

"The Character of the State Department - This Department is the giant which keeps growing. From a two roomed apartment, with a secretary and four aids and an operating budget of $6500.00 in 1781, the State Department had become a major operation by 1949 with 6,000 employees in the U.S. and 11,000 in foreign lands. By 1952 it had grown to 42,000 employees, 31,000 in foreign lands. It boasted 1200 buildings in 200 cities, with an annual budget of near $250-million. By 1985, it had grown to an immense giant which employed 25,642 people in the U.S."

In 1985, the American people spent an estimated $18,962,000,000 on International Affairs according to the READER'S DIGEST ALMANAC for 1986.

As early as 1946, it was estimated there were between 2,000 and 4,000 Communists or communist sympathizers working in the State Department. In April 1946, 79 members of the State Department were fired for having Communist affiliations.

In 1947, the State Department was virtually run by the Jew Felix Frankfurter, who although he was a Supreme Court Justice, was the one who gave directions to Secretary of State Dean Acheson. These were often carried by the Jew Benjamin Cohen.

At this time, the State Department was further infiltrated by the Jewish traitors Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, and others.

Another Jewish traitor who dealt devastating blows to the U.S. was Walter Rostow. In 1960, Rostow and Jerome Wiesner were sent to Moscow to talk with Khruschev. It seemed unusual for President Kennedy to allow these two Jews to represent him two months before he actually took the oath of office as President. It became apparent that the Marxist Jews who maneuvered Kennedy into the Presidency were already pushing him into allowing them to take over control of the government; they could not even wait until he got into office.

Rostow was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He went into the White House with Kennedy and immediately began to give orders for foreign activity. While General Maxwell Taylor was with Rostow in South Vietnam, Taylor once told him to "shut your big mouth." Two months later, Rostow was promoted to Chairman of the State Department's Policy Planning Council. He produced lengthy documents on foreign policy which so shook Congress, that a number of Senators and Congressmen demanded that he resign; but Rostow, knowing he was backed by the Jew machine defied such Senators as Dirksen of Illinois and refused to allow Senators to even look at his foreign policy plan. He even defied the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Why these "gutless" politicians allowed him to remain in office, is anyone's guess. He was backed in his refusal to cooperate with the Senate, by Secretary of State Dean Rusk, who was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. In a 568 page book he wrote, titled UNITED STATES IN THE WORLD ARENA, Rostow virtually advocated surrender of the U.S. to the Soviet Union.

We could go into many pages of details concerning the CIA. (Central Intelligence Agency) which is the "whipping boy" of the State Department and which is used to keep recalcitrant governments, especially those who are anti-Communist under the control of the One Worlders in Washington.

The major reason Hitler was opposed by International Jewry was because he opposed Communism in Germany and over 90% of the German Jews were reported to have been Communists. When Senator McCarthy found 42 spies operating at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey and exposed them, he found that 38 were Jews. For exposing them, he was harassed and driven out of office.

The State Department sent General George Marshall to China to force Chiang Kai-Shek into taking communists into his cabinet and when he refused, ordered shiploads of American arms, on their way tQ the Nationalists, to be dumped in the ocean.

In Korea, the State Department pressured President Syngman Rhee, who had been America's friend for years, into leaving Korea. We could go on and on with the friends of America who have been dropped, because they were anti-Communist. Today we are doing the same thing. It is our State Department who is attempting to drive South Africa into the Communist camp, just as they did in the "sell out" of Rhodesia.

We could go into detail concerning the ADA (American's for Democratic Action), which has been radically leftist from its inception and which has been working towards its one major goal of creating a world community under Zionist control. Some of our top men such as Hubert Humphrey, James Patton and Hans Morgenthau have been members of this anti-American organization.

THE TERRIBLE RACE. Wickham Steed, writing in THE HAPSBURG MONARCHY, 1913, said on p.169: "There is a Jewish question, and this terrible race means not only to master one of the grandest warrior nations in the world, but it means, and is certainly striving to enter the lists against the other great race of the North, (the Russians) the only one which had hitherto stood between it and its goal of world power. England and France, if not actually dominated by Jews, are very nearly so, while the Common Market of Europe was another scheme of the International Jews, to help establish the One-World Jewish dictatorship."

To explain the place of the Common Market in these plans for world conquest, I call your attention to an article in the 1965 issue of the LONDON PLAIN SPEAKER:

"The constant talk of a Common Market of European Union, or a "Strasburg Parliment," "the Treaty of Rome," the little known "College of Europe" in Belgium for the training of future administrators, and much else, leaves one with a sense of confusion...

"Then again there is vagueness as to what Europe is geographically, and De Gaulle speaks of a Europe up to the Urals. This is rather like "America up to the Mississippi," since the Ural Mountains are in the middle of Russia.

"Furthermore, how is union to be achieved when the continent is divided between the Communists and "democratic capitalism?" Who is to give it cohesion when there are so many histories, cultures, races, and languages, so many political differences?

"Finally, what concrete and clear steps are proposed in order to achieve reality of union? To sign, as, a Treaty of Rome, is not to achieve in fact a European union. The Iron Curtain will not thereby be abolished, or all the other divisive factors.

"But we would be wrong in assuming that these policies, so insistently propagated, are the result of mere confusion and wishful thinking. They are part of a definite plan. And that plan is old and has long been a part of the overall scheme of global conquest. The plan is to complete unification in the West just as soon as the wider plan of the co-ordination of Communism and Capitalism, and their bringing together as the super-democracy of World Government, is ready for execution. Then, suddenly, all the apparent obstacles will fade away and the world will be invited to applaud the generous initiative of the two partners, the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., to the establishment of true peace. It will be the peace of the global concentration camp of the universal lunatic asylum, in which all will be declared insane who oppose the Godless dispensation of total socialism.

"The question is: Will the ancient Christian nations of Europe tamely submit, will even those under Communism fail to use their opportunities when the changes are introduced, and will the American people allow themselves to be deceived by flattery and promises of power and profit in order to play the role of the second of the two major enslavers of mankind under the tutelage of the forces of subversion?

"A unified Europe, indeed a council of the world, is desirable. But not at the cost of the annihilation of values without which we would all become morons and slaves, any more than the union of people as a nation should be achieved by reducing every individual to the status of an ant. Only the overthrow of the tyranny of Usury-Capitalism and its (Communist-Jewish) progeny can clear the way for the establishment of a Christian peace of brotherhood and love. Power politics will seem completely inappropriate when the world is free again, after the terrible experiences of the past fifty years. Thus our great sacrifices will not be betrayed, but will be justified."

The following is from THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, by Henry Ford, Sr., Vol.1, p.193:

"The Twelfth Protocol contains the entire plan of Concord of the Press, reaching from the present time (the 1920's) and on into the future when the Pharisee World Government will be established.

"Keep in mind the boast that has been for generations that no publication that has handled the Jewish Question in a manner distasteful to the Jewish powers, has ever been allowed to live."


"We shall saddle it and keep tight rein upon it. We shall do the same also with other printed matter. ..pamphlets and books.

"Not one announcement will reach the people save under our supervision. We have attained this at the present time (1898) to the extent that all news is received through several agencies in which it is centralized from all parts of the world.

"We shall overcome our opponents without fail because they will have no organs of the press at their disposal.


". . . the Jews were growing more powerful in New York, and were obsessed by the idea that to control journalism in New York meant to control thought in the whole of the country.

"The number of newspapers gradually diminished through combination of publications. Adophy Ochs, a Philadelphia Jew, acquired the NEW YORK TIMES. He soon made it into a great newspaper, but one whose bias is to serve the Jews. It is the quality of the TIMES as a newspaper that makes it so weighty as a Jewish organ.

"In this paper the Jews are persistently lauded, eulogized and defended; no such tenderness is granted to others.

"Then Hearst came into the field - a dangerous agitator because he not only agitates for the wrong things, but because he agitates the wrong class of people. He surrounded himself with a coterie of Jews, pandered to them, worked hand in glove with them, but never told the truth about them; never 'gave them away.'

"The trend towards Jewish control of the press set in strongly, and has continued that way ever since. The old names made great by great editors and American policies, slowly dimmed."

From THE CROSS AND THE FLAG, came this article on Jewish control of the Press:
"The diabolical plot to get control of the channels of public information was revealed in a highly confidential letter from Pharisee Moses Montefiore, Member of the British house of Lords, and written to James Rothschild, banker, Frankfurt, Germany, before the turn of this Century, copy of which leaked the crime with these words:

"Until we (Jews) own the newspapers of the whole world, everything we do will be in vain. We must own or influence the newspapers of the entire world to blind and deceive the people . . ."

This dastardly, Pharisaic crime to capture and use newspapers, magazines, and other media of public information to deliberately lie and deceive the people of the U.S. and the world, to put up with high treason and to accept economic and political slavery, was rudely exposed in a speech by John Swinton, former Editor of the NEW YORK TRIBUNE, made before the NEW YORK PRESS ASSOCIATION. Here is what he said:

"There is not an independent newspaper in America. I know it, and you know it. There is not one of you that would dare express an honest opinion. I am paid to keep honest opinions out of the paper I am with. You are paid to do the same thing. Our business is to destroy the truth; to lie outright, to discredit, to vilify. We get our bread by selling our country. We are tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are intellectual prostitutes."

The wide latitude which ancient wisdom and free legal principles is allotted to the range of free discussion, has never been a license to tell lies; not to aid criminal conspirators who seek to use the right to destroy all liberty and free discussion. Every writer that publishes that which he knows to be false and untrue is an infamous traitor and criminal to every principle of law and justice.

When Christ spoke to the Pharisees of His day, He said: "Ye are of your father the devil." (John 8:44). The fact that He spoke the awful truth is abundantly clear to anyone who has ever studied International Judaism.

In few places is this Pharasaic satanism more apparent than in this thing which is known as Mental Health. All who are interested in the safety and freedom of America, need to read and study materials on this subject.

In the Communist textbook on PSYCHOPOLITICS, 1933, page 22: "A good and experienced psychopolitical operator, working under the most favorable circumstances, can, by the use of Psychopolitical techniques, alter the loyalties of an individual so deftly that his own companions will not suspect they have been changed.. the end goal of such a procedure would be the alteration of the loyalties of an entire nation in a short period of time..."

Page 23 - "Any man who cannot be persuaded into Communist rationale is, of course, to be regarded as somewhat less than sane, and it is, therefore completely justified to use the techniques of insanity upon the non-Communist."

Page 24 - "When the loyalty of an individual cannot be swerved, and where the opinion, weight, or effectiveness of the individual stands firmly in the road of Communist goals, it is usually best to occasion a mild neurosis in the person by any available means, and then, having carefully given him a history of mental imbalance, see to it that he disposes of himself by suicide, or by bringing about his demise in such a way as to resemble suicide."

Page 25: "Since in Capitalistic countries an insane person has no rights under law.. .we have an excellent road along which we can travel toward our certain goal and destiny."

Page 26: "In rearranging loyalties we must have command of their values. In the animal the first loyalty is to himself. This is destroyed by demonstrating errors to him, showing him that he does not remember, cannot or does not trust himself. The second loyalty is to his family unit, his parents and brothers and sisters. This is destroyed by making a family unit economically non-dependent, by lessening the value of marriage, by making an easiness of divorce, and by raising the children wherever possible by the State...

"Denying a Capitalist country easy access to courts, bringing about and supporting propaganda to destroy the home, creating juvenile delinquency, forcing upon the state all manners of practices to destroy the child will in the end create the chaos necessary to Communism.

". . . deny the child any right in society. Refuse to let him earn, by forcing him into unwanted dependence upon a grudging parent, by making certain in other channels that the parent is never in other than economic stress, the child can be driven in his teens into revolt. Delinquency will ensue.

"By making readily available drugs of various kinds, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices as taught at the Sexpol (sex education in the school).. the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness in-to which can be cast the solution which will give the teenager complete freedom everywhere - Communism...

"By these means the patriotism of the youth can be dulled to the point where they are no longer dangerous as soldiers.. If we can effectively kill the national pride and patriotism of just one generation, we will have won that country. Therefore there must be continual propaganda to undermine the loyalty of the teenager in particular.

"In case of strong leaders of the youth, a psychopolitical operator can work in many ways to use or discard this leadership. If it is to be used, the character of the boy or girl must be altered carefully into criminal channels and a control by blackmail or other means must be maintained. Where leadership is not susceptible . . . no pains must be spared to direct attention of the authorities to that person and harass him in one way or the other until he comes into the hands of our psychopolitical operator. By reason of his child advisory status, he can destroy the sanity of that person. Particularly brilliant scholars, athletes and youth group leaders must be handled in either of these ways . . ."

"The handling of youth cases by courts should be led further and further away from law and further and further into 'mental problems,' until the entire nation thinks of 'mental problems' instead of criminals."

This horribly, satanic control over the youth of a nation, is brought about through this thing called Mental Health.

If you were to believe the figures given out in the Pharisee controlled Press, you would have to believe that the greatest percentage of Americans are "nuts". The Jewish child psychologist, Paul Brandwein, in the preface to a handbook for teachers, stated: "Every child comes to school insane from the ideas which have been taught by his home and church. It is your task as a teacher, to change these ideas, so that the child can become one of the international children of the future."

Perhaps the Jew psychiatrists are partially correct, for it would seem that Americans are mentally impaired if they cannot see the danger that is posed by the conspirators Mental Health Program. if it was good for us, it would be kept under the cloak of conspiratorial silence.

If you are honest enough to check out who the directors of local mental health programs really are, you will find to your surprise, that a vast majority are Jewish psychologists and psychiatrists. Then check out the names of the "psychiatrists" in your local telephone directory. These practitioners are almost exclusively Jews, many of them so-called European refugees.

There are a few so-called Christians psychiatrists who are given high marks by the press. Watch out when this is so, for you will find that the Jew cleverly uses the phrase: "A Christian psychiatrist of eminence" to give prestige to "mental health."

We could go on with many pages more, but I believe this is enough.

I believe it would be worthwhile here to mention briefly, the Jewish control over both major parties. We have not had an American government in Washington since the early 1930's when FDR sold out to the Internationalists.

The strings since that time, no matter whether Democrats or Republicans were in power, have been pulled by International aliens. Example of this control are legion, but let's look at a couple as examples.

In the Presidential election of 1960 and 1964, the platforms of both parties reflected "pure socialism". The candidates were members of the Council on Foreign Relations (one-worlders) or worse.

In 1960, we had a pathetic socialist named John Kennedy running against a CFR opportunist named Richard Nixon, who had been touted to the American people as a great conservative. The Internationalists wanted JFK in, so the election was stolen for Kennedy in Chicago, among other places. This was a key electoral state which the Jews wanted tipped in favor of JFK. Imaginary men, residents of vacant lots, and voters who had long been residents of local cemeteries, all voted for JFK.

Another tip as to Jewish control of this election was the strong support and guidance of Pharisee Abie Ribicoff who went on to become head of the Jew controlled Department of Health, Education and Welfare, after he helped maneuver JFK into the White House.

In 1964 we had the choice between a slick Jewish politician named Barry Goldwater, who had been also touted as a conservative and the grand larcenist Lyndon Johnson. The Jewish overlords opted for Lyndon and won this election by using their most effective weapon, the controlled press.

The last real live American we had running for president was Senator Robert Taft of Ohio and he was given the full elimination treatment by the Zionists lobby. Taft would have set the timetable of the conspirators back many years, so he was disposed of by the dirty tactics so customary of the Zionists.

Through slander, by backbiting, by innuendo, by false rumors, by slogans, such as TAFT CAN'T WIN! this grand man was defeated for the Republican nomination. As he was pushed aside, the Jews trotted out their new boy . . . Ikey Eisenhower, who was a complete Pharisee tool, a total fraud and one of the stupidest men who ever acted as Commander of America's armies and later the Presidency. He was the total friend of the Communists Jews in World War II and he continued that into the Presidency.

While 'William Randolph Hearst left a lot to be desired for as an American, he put his finger on the pulse of America when he stated in 1920: "The Democrats go down into the cellar and bring up a rotten potato. The Republicans bring up a rotten apple. There you are folks! Take your pick. They are both CFR men. No person can get elected to that high office (President) without first agreeing to do everything that the powers that be tell him to do."

For those poor disillusioned souls who may think it makes a difference whether you vote Republican or Democrat, please note that Hearst's shocking statement was made 65 years ago. The control of the press and finance by the Internationalists is infinitely greater now than it was then.

In 1964, when JFK was President, it was conservatively estimated that 3% of the population (Jews) controlled the other 97% (non-Jew). This is about the same ratio they had when they took over Russia by a bloody revolution in 1918.1 believe that with so many Americans being alarmed over what is taking place in Washington, we should be told the truth about who is behind the scenes, pulling the ropes. Our present President, again a man who has been touted as a great Christian and a great conservative, Ronald Reagan, is totally, 100% controlled by the Zionist Lobby. "By their fruits shall ye know them." No matter what lovely speeches he makes; no matter how "pro-American" "anti-communist" he may appear. Look at what he does. He pulls the wool over the eyes of many Christians by saying he is against abortion and for the family, while he supports those who are the total enemy of the Christ he claims to serve, and who are the backbone of International Communism.

On the local level, the Jew reveals his presence in many ways, both open and in the shadows. He uses all of the old tricks which have been in his repertoire for centuries - all the gimmicks, such as "brotherhood," the "persecution complex," the "philanthropic trick," etc., The Jew makes himself acceptable on the local level . . . and then with his control of money and his prostituted press, he takes over the nation and the world.

Here are some of the ways the Pharisee operates in the local community:

1. He keeps Jews in positions of trust and influence in both political parties. The top spots are not needed, all they need is men and women in positions to influence the top.

2 He makes himself acceptable by many means. Look at your local activities and see what I mean. Look at how he ingratiates himself with the 'community and the Christian people he is taught to hate.

3.He loves to give "brotherhood" awards to those who are useful to his cause. If you find any gentile who is receiving high Jewish awards, like from the B'nai B'rith and you will find a Gentile prostitute to Judaism. A good example, Dr. Jerry Falwell.

4. He creates the image of the Jew as being the champion of restraint, patriotism, middle-of -the-road pacifism. Yet he heads all the "far left" organizations and is involved in every anti-American activity imaginable. Check the leadership of the "far-left" organizations and see for yourself.

5. He has pushed to get as many "city managers" as possible into the small cities of America, making local elections meaningless.

6. He loves to talk about the Civil Defense Program and does this for three reasons:

(a) To keep Americans in constant fear;
(b) to promote the "brinkmanship" policies of world Zionism;
(c) to create a working force that he can twist to his own needs when desired.
Take a hard look at the leaders of your Civil Defense programs across America. You will find the Pharisees, or their "prostituted hacks" in most of these jobs.
They are ever alert into trapping the goyim into doing the dirty work for them. Look at how they use Christian children for the objective of UNICEF Halloween drive. Notice how they are in the forefront of pushing the diabolical Mental Health Program. Notice the number of "kind-hearted" Roman Catholics who work to put over the Catholic Interracial Council - a group which helps in the mongrelization program of international Jewry.

In every community across the land, the "do-gooders," the "keep up with the Joneses," the "pseudo-intellectuals," the "social climbers," the "hypocrites," the "fairies," the "crooks," the "ward-heelers," the "opportunists," all do the dirty work for the International Jew. How they love this!

One area which has been completely subverted by the Pharisees is in that of books, especially reference books. If you don't believe this, look at a copy of the DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN SLANG. It is one of the slimiest books which has ever been written and that's saying a great deal when you have books of the caliber of the TALMUD in competition. In this modern book on "slang", the Jewish writer Flexner, follows the long established Jewish practice of associating the name of the Virgin Mary with all kinds of filth and female degeneracy and depravity.

Or consider the wonderful world of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Benton has long loaded his encyclopedias with One World Socialism. If you don't think so, compare a 1986 edition with one written in say 1900. Or look at a series called GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD which was published in 1965. The advertising for this series say they "run from Homer and the Bible through to William James and Sigmund Freud." If you want to look at a malevolent devil, try the Jewish psychiatrist Sigmund Freud on for size. He's against everything you should stand for as a Christian.

The Editor in Chief of the GREAT BOOK SERIES, was Robert Maynard Hutchins, former president of the RED UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. He was a Zionist puppet for many years. Others on the advisory staff were the Jew Mortimer Adler, the Jew Stringfellow Barr who wrote for many Communist papers, the Jew Joseph Schwab, and extreme left "pinko" Mark Van Doren. Quite a series, it is, and it does the dirty work of International Jewry in brainwashing the minds of our people.

John Dewey, the "father of progressive education," was the darling of the entire liberal Jewish community. He was an atheist and should be classed near the top of the list of those who have done the most to ruin American education and in the brainwashing of millions upon millions of American school children, who are now the voting public of 1986. Dewey did more for the cause of International One-World Judaism, than all the armies the Jews might have controlled.

If you want to see the objective of World Judaism spelled out in letters, just take time to read some UNESCO sponsored publications. These can be received by writing to the national headquarters for B'nai B'rith.

MANPOWER: For a moment, let's look at the countless millions of laborers who work mightily for Jewish objectives, without ever knowing they are even involved. Ask yourself how many American boys died in the Jewish war to "make the world safe for democracy," or the Jewish "war to end all wars?" Both were instigated for Jewish world objectives.

The Jew, while manipulating large manpower groups, does not need to be strong in manpower himself. With his total control of finances and the press, he can use only one or two men in key positions to bring about the desired reaction.

A good example is the incalculable harm done to America by a Jewish "she-wolf" named Anne Rosenburg, when she was appointed as Under Secretary of Defense during World War II. This very anti-Christian person had the white crosses removed from the graves of our men buried in Arlington Cemetery. She assisted in turning Gen. George Marshall into the arch4raitor who sold Nationalist China into the hands of Mao Tse Tung's Communists. She was at least partially responsible, along with Dean Rusk, in having one of our most patriotic generals of all time, Douglas McArthur, removed from Command in Korea, when he insisted on winning that war. She did more damage to the prestige of America when she was in office, than any enemy army could have done. When she left her job in Washington, she was welcomed into the Jew movie industry of Hollywood, where she continued to manipulate brainwashed Americans. Somewhere along the line, Anne married the Jew Paul Hoffman, another top government official, a modern Republican, by the way, and one of the top world conspirators.

When the "Jew puppet" Lyndon Johnson became President, he appointed Anne to the Labor Central Investigating Committee, where she came under praise from another Zionist puppet, Hubert H. Humphrey.

Lenin one time said: "When Communism comes to a land it will be brought by non-communist hands!" How true!

Another man who did yeoman work for the Internationalists was an excuse of a President called Harry Truman. He was the one who removed McArthur from his post in Korea at Anna Rosenberg's bidding. The papers of dismissal were written by Rosenberg and other Jew agents and Truman obligingly signed them and fired the best military strategist America has had in modern times.

Another one of Truman's achievements was his manipulation of the "Immigration Laws," so that millions of Jews were allowed into the United States; many of them of communist affiliation. Many of them were part of the "six million" who had died in German concentration camps. Truman also favored Israel on every occasion.

Then for a moment, let's look at one of the most inept individuals that ever darkened the doors of the White House, the World War II hero, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. (If you will remember, he was awarded three of his five stars overnight, jumping over many much better qualified officers, because he had ingratiated himself with FDR.)

Ike danced to the "Zionist tune" to such an extent that some semi-knowledgeable persons considered him to be a Communist, never realizing that he was dancing to the Jewish tune.

One of the most dastardly criminal acts in American military history, an act that far outshone any treacherous acts we perpetrated against the American Indian, was Ike's OPERATION KEELHAUL, in which millions of anti-Communists were turned over to the Soviets at the end of the war, where they were summarily executed or sent to slave labor camps to die from their treatment there.

Eisenhower, along with the puppet in the White House, FDR were largely responsible for stopping America's armies at the border of Germany, so the Soviet troops could come in and occupy Berlin. Ike hated the Germans, not because they had been his enemy, but because they were opposed to the Communist Jews who wanted to take over all of Europe. Our brave and valiant American soldiers were allowed to win World War II, up to a point, but when they arrived at the German borders, the Pharisees, issued orders through the mouth of the five star general and General George Patton and his armored forces were stopped from going on to the Polish Border. If this had been allowed, all of Germany would have been free today.

Patton knew that something was drastically wrong in Washington and planned to return home to tell our people about it. Unfortunately he told of his plans, and the "Puppet masters" had him assassinated.

Ike, the "mouthpiece" of the International Jewish traitors, was rewarded after the war with the Presidency of Columbia University and eventually the White House.

To those American who lost loved one's at the Battle of the Bulge, it might be of interest for you to know that the Supreme Commander was dead drunk on the night of the most intense fighting. This according to some of his own associates.

THE JEW AND THE MEDICAL PROFESSION: In a Rothschild Journal, Jan.13, 1889, is an interesting directive that was sent from the top Jewish authority in France, to local rabbis, back several hundred years ago. It is appropriate, because it became the basis of Jewish control of the medical profession, It said: ". . . Make your sons doctors and apothecaries that they may take away Christian lives."

Have they done this? Far beyond their fondest expectations! By the end of the 1960's they had full control of the medical profession. It goes without saying there were many good Christian doctors, dentists and druggists, but these were used as a shield for the Jewish takeover of medicine. The majority of these Christian medical men were in chains to the Pharisees, one way or the other.

Not only were they in full control but they furthered their control by filling all the medical schools and centers with Jewish "Medicine men." This was especially true in the field of Mental Health, as we briefly mentioned.

The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, which was once a proud organization of some of the finest doctors in the world is now thoroughly controlled by a clique of Jewish doctors at the top, in the Central AMA office in Chicago. It was a real coup for the Internationalists, since it was moderately exclusive, moderately self-policing and generally covered the vast majority of doctors in America. All that was necessary was for the Jewish doctors to worm their way into control by using their time-tested methods.

They used the same techniques they have used in other areas such as the Parent Teacher's Association in education. Read the journals of the A.M.A. and you will see the Jewish hand everywhere.

MEDICARE was one of the areas in which the Jewish doctors showed their control. While there was some opposition to Medicare when this socialist scheme was first introduced, it was quickly and efficiently squelched by the Zionist controlled Lyndon Johnson and his "rubber stamp" Congress.

One of the major shocking victories of this conglomerate was in the FLUORIDATION OF WATER. When the Pharisees were instructed by their Grand Sanhedrin to "kill the Christians," this is exactly what was meant. So they have chosen ways which were not obvious and which would not bring discredit to them. One of these has been in the fluoridation of drinking water.

Sodium Fluoride, is a dangerous, cumulative poison, the basic ingredient of rat poison. Any chemist worthy of the name knows this. Any biologist knows that living protoplasm put into fluoridated water will die. Yet hundreds of American cities, have had their clean drinking water contaminated with "sodium fluoride," many times over the expressed disapproval of their people.

It is a huge and terrible story that you need to read about.

Often when I talk about the part the Jew has played in the destruction of Christian America1 someone reminds me of all the good the Jew has done for America, and names such as Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Salk are often mentioned, along with the renegade Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. I have observed that for every ounce of good the Jew has done for America, he has always demanded and received "his pound of flesh."

1. EINSTEIN. A Communist Jew who was run out of Europe because of his Communist political activities. He was an ardent pacifist until the Soviet-German clash; it is generally agreed that he stole his theory of "Relativity" from Max Planck. He was acclaimed by Pravda in 1948, as being one of the top ten best friends the USSR had in America. He urged witnesses before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, not to answer questions regarding their Communist affiliations. He was honorary chairman of the JEWISH BLACK BOOK COMMITTEE; a select list of non-Jews who were marked for liquidation; he made up the formula for the atomic bomb. He was an atheist.

2 OPPENHEIMER: A Jewish left-winger; married to a Communist; his brother was a Communist; according to a Congressional Committee, he deliberately stalled development of the H-bomb so the Soviets could catch up; was suspected of giving classified documents to the Soviets. Was put out to pasture at Princeton University, the egg-head incubator for Communist teachers.

3. SALK: A Jewish protegee of the Red dominated U.S. Public Health Service. He was the chief proponent in the Polio Hysteria Campaign. The USPHS with its hordes of Jewish doctors is the same agency that has pushed for the fluoridation of water. The entire polio vaccination program from its beginning has been a fraud. The initial results of his tests were kept in a secret diary and were never made known. Many of the first batches of the vaccine turned out to be polio producing.

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