Part 4 of 4 - Chapter 39

by Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr, C.P.D.L.

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God; a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth." - 2 Timothy 2:15

Ezekiel Chapter 39 continued:-
Vs 18 -

EAT - (398) - " 'ahol" - same as above.

FLESH - (1320) - same as above.

MIGHTY - (1368) - "gibbor" meaning: "above; chief; strong."

DRINK - (8354) - same as above.

BLOOD - (1818) - same as above.

PRINCES - (5387) - "nasi" meaning: "exalted ones." (It is interesting to note that the word Nazi comes from this Hebrew word); also rulers; governors."

EARTH - (776) - " 'erets" meaning: "land; country; nations."

RAMS - (352) - " 'ayil" meaning: "mighty men." (Note that this word does not refer to a male sheep or goat.)

GOATS - (6260) - "attud" meaning: "leaders of the people." (AGAIN it would be well to notice that these "he goats" are not animals, but military leaders.)

BULLOCKS - (6499) - "par" meaning: "young; with wild strength."

FATLINGS - (4806) - "mring" meaning. gross; domineering." (Again, not a reference to animals as the King James Version seems to indicate, but to powerful leaders.)

BASHAN - (1316) - "Bashan" meaning. an area east of Palestine and the Jordan River."

It appears as though the KJV translators have completely garbled this verse for some reason or other, as the Hebrew shows it to read something like this: "Ye (birds of prey and wild beasts) shall consume the flesh of the chief men and drink the blood of the exalted ones, of mighty men (military leaders) and of the leaders of the people, of the young and domineering men from that area east of Palestine."

(Once again, it is extremely important for us to remember that the rams, he-goats, fatlings, and bullocks mentioned in this verse have absolutely nothing to do with animals, but are a description of the people who will fall in this slaughter.")

Vs 19 -

EAT - (398)-" 'akal" meaning. consume; devour; feed on."

FLESH - (1320) - "basar" meaning: "body flesh of man."

FULL - (7654) - "sob'ah" meaning: "satisfied; satiated; had enough of."

DRINK - (8354) - "shathah" meaning: "drunk; to drink as at a banquet."

BLOOD - (1818) - "dam" meaning: "life's blood."

TILL - (5704) - " 'ad" meaning. until; for as long as."

DRUNKEN - (7943) - "shikkarown', meaning. "to be drunken or intoxicated."

SACRIFICE - (2076) - "zabach" meaning: "killed; slaughtered."

TRANSLATION: "And ye (birds and beasts of prey) shall devour the flesh of men until you have had enough, and will be drunk with their life's blood until you become intoxicated with the slaughter that I (God) have killed for you." (Notice that the destruction of the enemy is accomplished by God, not the Israel people.)

Vs 20 -

FILLED - (7646) - "sabea" meaning: "filled to satisfaction; satiated." - -

TABLE - (7979) - "shulchan" meaning: "by implication a meal."

HORSES - (5483) - "cuc', meaning: "a horse."

CHARIOTS - (7393) - "rekeb" meaning: "cavalry; a multitude of riders."

MIGHTY - (1368) - "gibbor" meaning: "warriors; champions; powerful."

MEN - (582) - " 'enoush" meaning: "mortal, hence a man."

MEN - (376) - " 'iysh" meaning: "a male person; champion; mighty man."

WAR - (4421) - "milchamah" meaning: "those who fight a war; warriors."

LORD - (136) - "Adonay" meaning: "the proper name of God."

GOD - (3069) - "YHOVAH" meaning: "God."

TRANSLATION: "Thus you (birds and beasts of prey) shall be filled to satisfaction at my (God's) meal, with horses and a multitude of riders (cavalry - could either be horse mounted or mechanized) with the powerful champions of the battle, saith Adonay, YAHWEH, the Self-Existent, Eternal One."

Vs 21 -

SET - (5414) - "nathan" meaning: "bring; direct; perform; show."

GLORY - (3519) - "kabad" meaning: "splendor; honor."

AMONG - (996) - "beyn" meaning: "in; within; among."

HEATHEN - (1471) - "goy" meaning: a foreign nation; nations; people."

HEATHEN - (1471) - same as above.

SEE - (7200) - "ra'ah" meaning: "approve; consider; look on."

JUDGMENT - (4941) - "mishpat" meaning: "verdict; sentence; judicial pronouncement; justice."

EXECUTED - (6213) - " 'asah" meaning: "accomplished; committed; fulfilled; brought to pass."

HAND - (3027) - "yod" meaning: "power; strength; terror."

LAID - (7760) - "siym" meaning: "brought; committed."

TRANSLATION: "And I (God) will show my splendor within all nations, and all nations shall consider my (God's) sentence that I have brought to pass and my (God's) power that 1 have committed upon them." (The communist nations of Magog-Russia.)

Vs 22 -

SO - (3651) - "ken" meaning: "rightly; for asmuch; in like manner; surely."

HOUSE - (1004) - "bavith" meaning: "family."

KNOW - (3045) - "yada" meaning: "ascertain by seeing; acknowledge; declare; discover; have knowledge of."

LORD - (3068) - "YHOVAH" meaning: "the Self-Existent, Eternal One."

GOD - (3069) - "YHOVIH" meaning: same as above.

DAY - (3117) "youm" meaning: "age; time."

FORWARD - (1973) - "halah" meaning: "forward."

TRANSLATION: "In like manner shall the family of Israel know by seeing that I (God) am the Self-Existent, Eternal One, their God, from that time forward."

(There will be no question as to who is King of Kings and Lord of Lord's in that day. There is little doubt in my mind, that when that terrible day omes, and victory comes to God's people, both Israel and her enemies will know without a shadow of a doubt, that the victory is God's and that it was not accomplished by the might or wisdom of the Israel people.)

Vs 23 -

HEATHEN - (1471) - "gowy" meaning: "nations; foreign nations; Gentiles."

KNOW - (3045) - "yada" meaning: "observe; acknowledge; be aware of; comprehend."

HOUSE - (1004) - "bayith" meaning: "family; house."

WENT - (935) - "bow" meaning: "carry; departed; caused to enter into; invaded."

CAPTIVITY - (1540) - "galah" meaning: "to exile; to denude (the custom was to strip captives.)

INIQUITY - (5771) - "avown" meaning: "sin; fault; moral evil."

BECAUSE - (5921) - " 'al" meaning: "accordingly; because of."

INIQUITY - (5770) - " 'avown" meaning: same as above.

TRESPASSED - (4063) - "sideras" meaning: (Here is an example of a word in which the original Hebrew does not fit any meaning. The word itself simply means "made of iron" which does not fit into this context.)

GAINST - (413)-" 'el" meaning: "denoting motion; against; towards; upon.

THEREFORE - (3651) - "ken" meaning: "for which cause; howbeit; straightaway; therefore."

HID - (5641) - "cathar" meaning: "conceal; hid; kept secret."

FACE - (6440) - "paneh" meaning: "face; favor; presence."

GAVE - (5414) - "nathan" meaning: "delivered up; recompensed."

HAND - (3027) - "yod" meaning: "power; terror; under."

ENEMIES - (6862) - "tsar" meaning: "adversary; enemy; foe."

FELL - (5307) - "naphal" meaning: "cast down; die; cause to fall; overthrow; overwhelmed; perished; slayed."

ALL - (3650) - "kimnyr" meaning: (Here is another word which makes no sense.)

SWORD (2719) - "chereb" meaning: "cutting instrument; axe; dagger; sword."

TRANSLATION: "And the nations (both those of Israel and the heathen), shall observe that the family of Israel (not the Jews - see John 8:33), were carried into exile because of their moral evil; accordingly (or because) they trespassed (or went against Me - here the translators used the word they felt would best express the idea of God's disapproval. It cannot be found in the original Hebrew), for which cause I concealed my presence from them, and delivered them into the power of their adversaries: so were they all (this does not mean ALL in the sense of complete extinction - but all those who perish by the sword) killed with a weapon of war."

Vs 24 - (This verse explains why God used such harsh measures against His Israel people. Remember, these are not the Jews.)

ACCORDINGLY - (5921)-" 'al" meaning: "because of; by reason of."

UNCLEANNESS - (2932) - "tum'ah" meaning: "religious impurity; filthiness; uncleanness."

ACCORDING - (5921) - same as above.

TRANSGRESSIONS - (6588) - "peshat" meaning: "national moral or religious rebellion, sin.

DONE - (6213) - " 'asal" meaning: "accomplished; bruised. See Hebrews 12:6 which says: "For whom the Lord loveth (Israel) He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receives." (See also Deuteronomy 8:5 - "Thou (Israel) shalt also consider in thine heart that, as a man chasteneth (corrects) his son, so the Lord thy God chasteneth thee (Israel)."

HID - (5641) - "cathar" meaning: "concealed."

FACE - (6440) - "paneh" same as above.

TRANSLATION: "Because of their (Israel's religious impurities and filthiness, and by reason of their national moral rebellion, have I (God) bruised them and concealed my presence from them."

(Notice how this has a modern application. Today, we see God's displeasure falling on the Israel nations - the nations of Christendom - with the same ultimate results; enemy invasion, destruction and very possibly a time of slavery and occupation.)

Vs 25 -

THEREFORE - (3651) - "holoteles" meaning: "complete to the end; wholly; absolutely perfect."

LORD - (136) - "Adonay" meaning: (the proper name for God only.)

NOW - (6258) - " 'attah" meaning: "at this time; straightway."

BRING - (7725) - "showb" meaning: "make; bring home again; come again; deliver again, rescue.

AGAIN - (7725) - same word as bring.

CAPTIVITY - (7622) - "show'ah" meaning: "destruction; desolation."

HAVE - (1961) - "epimeno" meaning: "to remain; abide in."

MERCY - (7355)~- "rachan" meaning: "compassion; love; show mercy."

WHOLE - (3605) - "kowl" meaning: "whole of; all."

HOUSE - (1005) - "bayith" meaning: "family."

WILL - (5314) - "naphash" meaning: (Here is another Hebrew word which does not fit the context as it means "to breathe upon.")

JEALOUS - (7065) - "gona" meaning. zealous; in a bad sense; envious."

HOLY - (6944) - "gona" meaning: "sacred; hallowed."

NAME - (8034) - "shem" meaning: "character; authority."

TRANSLATION: "Being absolutely perfect, thus saith Adonay (God), at this time I will deliver again the destruction of Jacob (Israel), and will show mercy on all of the family of Israel, and will be very zealous for my sacred character."

Vs 26 -

AFTER - (310) - " 'achor" meaning: "after; seeing."

HAVE - (1961) - "hayah" meaning: "come to pass; accomplished; follow."

BORNE - (5375) - "nacah" meaning: "suffered; received' accepted."

SHAME - (3639) - "klimmah" meaning: "disgrace; reproach; shame."

TRESPASSES - (4604) - "ma'tal" meaning: "transgressions; sins."

WHEREBY - (834) - " 'asher" meaning: "which; where."

TRESPASSED - (4603) - "ma'al" meaning: "acted treacherously; transgressed."

AGAINST - (413) - " 'el" meaning: "against; towards."

WHEN - (3117) - "yowm" meaning: "in the day; age."

DWELT - (3427) - "yashab" meaning: "dwelled; remained; lived."

SAFELY - (983) - "betach" meaning: "securely; carelessly; safely."

LAND - (127) - " 'adamah" meaning: "country; land."

NONE - (369) - " 'ayin" meaning: "nothing."

AFRAID - (2729) - "charad" meaning: "terror; fear; tremble."

TRANSLATION: "After they (the Israel nations) have suffered their disgrace, and all their transgressions which they have acted treacherously towards Me (God), in the day when they (Israel) lived carelessly and securely in their land, and nothing made them afraid."

This is a perfect application to what has happened in both Canada and the United States. It cannot be applied to Old Palestine and there is no way in which the Jewish people fit into this description. We, the Israel people have lived carelessly, apathetically and safely in the land which God gave to us, the new Zion. We have allowed moral evil to take over in our countries and we are now feeling the disciplining hand of God, as it falls on our countries. This is one of the surest signs that we are His people. We know from the Scripture that "the way of the transgressor is hard." (Proverbs 13:15b). We know that the admonition of Galatians 6:7 was written to Israelites, for Israelites, about Israelites: "Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (This is known as the law of Harvest, and is as sure as the Law of Gravity.) Today, we people in Christendom are reaping what we have sown, and the "time of Jacob's trouble," is just beginning.

Vs 27 -

WHEN - (834) - " 'asher" meaning: "because."

AGAIN - (7725) - "shuwb" meaning: "to turn; to return to the starting point; again; bring back home; deliver."

PEOPLE - (5971) - " am" meaning: "tribes of Israel; nations; people."

GATHERED - (6908) - "qabats" meaning: "to assemble; bring together."

ENEMIES - (341) - " 'oyeb" meaning. adversary; foe, enemy.

LANDS - (776) - " 'erets" meaning. country land."

SANCTIFIED - (6942) - "qadash" meaning: "pronounced ceremonially or morally clean; purified; holy."

SIGHT - (5869) - " 'ayin" meaning: "sight; knowledge; presence."

MANY - (7277) - "rab" meaning: "exceedingly much; multitude."

NATIONS - (1471) - "goy" meaning: "tribes; people; heathen nations.

TRANSLATION: "Because I (God) brought them (Israel) back to their starting place from among the nations, and have assembled them out of their enemies countries, and am pronounced holy in them in the presence of a multitude of people."

Vs 28 -

THEN - (227) - az meaning: "at that time; therefore; now."

KNOW - (3045) - "yada" meaning: "observe; recognize; be certain; have knowledge."

CAUSED - (5414) - "nathan" meaning: "caused; ordained; recompensed; suffered."

LED - (935) - "bow" meaning: "to come; enter into; invade."

CAPTIVITY - (1473) - "galal" meaning: "carry away captive; remove." (Note that this Hebrew word is used three times in Chapter 39, each time with a different meaning.)

AMONG - (413) - " 'el" meaning: "among."

HEATHEN - (1471) - "goy" meaning: "nations; heathen; tribes."

GATHERED - (3664) - "kanac" meaning: "gathered together."

OWN - (5315) - "nephesh" meaning: "breathing creature; life; lust; pleasure; soul." (This is another word which does not fit into the context.)

LAND - (127) - " 'adamah" meaning: "country; land" (See 2 Samuel 7:10).

HAVE - (1961) - "hayah" meaning: "have."

LEFT - (3498) - "yathar" meaning: "to leave; to remain; left behind; let remain.

THERE - (8033) - "sham" meaning: "there."

TRANSLATION: "At that time shall Israel have knowledge that I am Adonay, their God, who suffered them to be invaded and led into captivity among the anti-God (heathen): but I (God) have gathered together the Israelites into their own country (not Old Palestine - see 2 Samuel 7:10) and have left none remain behind in these places."

Vs 29 -

NEITHER - (3808) - "lah" meaning: "much less; neither; never."

HIDE - (5641) - "cathar" meaning: "conceal; hide; be absent from; keep."

FACE - (6440) - "paneh" meaning. "countenance; face; favor; presence."

ANY - (3605) - "kowl" meaning: "in any manner."

MORE - (5750) - " 'od" meaning: "further; any longer; hence forth."

POURED - (8210) - "shaphak" meaning:' 'spilled; to expend; pour out; shed."

SPIRIT - (7307) - "ruwach" meaning: "breath; spirit."

HOUSE - (1004) - "bavith" meaning: "family."

TRANSLATION: "Much less will I (God) keep fav9r in any manner from Israel; for I (God) have poured out my Holy Spirit upon the family of Jacob-Israel, saith Adonay, the Self-Existent One."


Before we put these chapters together, let me make one thing very clear. This work is in no way an attempt to downgrade the King James or American Standard Versions of the Holy Bible. I am no Hebrew scholar. I am merely attempting to show you how important it is for you as a concerned Christian to: "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Tim.2:15).

Here the word "laborer" comes from the Greek "ergates" (2040) which means: "laborer; teacher." The word dividing, Greek "orthotomeo" (3718) means: "to correctly expound the Divine message."

It is extremely important for Identity teachers to correctly explain (expound) the Divine message of Scripture. Too many pastors simply explain it the way they were taught in Seminary, without ever checking out the meaning for themselves; too many Christian laymen, accept what the pastor says, merely because he is supposed to be the "expert", the one who studied in the seminary. But a correct explanation of Scripture can only come, when the student honestly takes the time and effort to check out the meaning of the English words used in the text and compare them to the original language. This anyone who can read, can do. I have shown in these two chapters, that this sometimes changes the meaning of the text.

There is little doubt in my mind, that if you make an honest study of these two chapters, you will come to the conclusion that God does not battle with and destroy His enemies on the hills and valleys of Old Palestine, as we have been taught, but that His triumph will take place on the hills and in the valleys of Zion, the country promised to King David in 2 Samuel 7:10, the new Jerusalem.

Here is the translation we have worked out:

1 - The word of the Lord came unto me (Ezekiel) saying:

2 - Son of man, set thy face against the land of Russia, and the chief prince of Moscow and Tublosk, and prophesy against them.

3 - Thus saith the Lord God (Adonay, the Self-Existent One); Behold I am against thee, O Gog, the chief leaders of Moscow and Tublosk.

4 - And I (God) will cause thee (Russia) to turn, and will put a ring into your nose, to pull you out, with all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed in splendid armor, even a great multitude with armored vehicles, handling weapons of war.

5 - Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, (the Communist nations of Africa), and Libya with them; all of them with their weapons of war.

6 - Gomer, the son of Japheth from Siberia with crowds of troops; the family of Togormah from Eastern Germany and from the gloomy north, with crowds of troops.

7 - Prepare yourself, thou, and the multitude with thee, all those which are gathered together unto thee, and be thou watchful of them.

8 - After a space of time, thou Russia, shall move with hostile intent, into a land that is brought back from war, and is gathered out of many nations, against the people of Israel and the mountains which have been desolate, an uninhabited place: but which is brought out of the nations, and who live in safety, living boldly without care and with confidence.

9 - Thou (Russia) shall come up like a tempest, and like a cloud shall cover the sky with thy troops. Thou shalt come in overwhelming force.

10 - But thus saith the Lord (Adonay), it shall come about, that on that day, a certain matter shall come into thy heart, and thou shalt conceive an evil thought concerning a military device in your possession.

11 - AND YOU (Russia) shall say, "I will go upward to a country of towns and cities that is without walls; I will go to those who believe they live in safety and in apathy, who live securely in homes without bolts or bars on their doors.

12 - You (Russia) will come for the purpose of plundering the land and stripping it; to do evil with your forces against the uninhabited country which is now established; and upon the tribes of Israel who have gathered for a purpose, out of many heathen nations, who have procured much property and flocks and herds of animals, and many possessions and who settled in the midst of this wilderness.

13 - The Ethiopians and Edomites, and the merchants of the world shall say to thee (Russia), Have you come to take a spoil? To carry away their great wealth and to take a booty of cattle and goods, to take much spoil?"

14 - Because of this, son of man, prophesy by God's inspiration and say unto Russia, Thus saith Adonay, the Lord God; In that day when My people Israel live in security, without care, surely you Russians shall have knowledge of it.

15 - And you (Russia) will come from your country, from the gloomy places in the north, Russia and many nations with thee, a multitude, an exceedingly great multitude prepared for war.

16 - You (Russia) shall come upon my (God's) people Israel as a dark cloud which will cover the nation; it shall happen in the future, and I (God) will bring thee (Russia) upon my nation, that the heathen may recognize God, and I will be consecrated in thee, O Russia, in their presence.

17 - Thus saith, Adonay, the Lord God of Israel: Art thou (Russia) he of whom I spoke in the ancient days past? by my bond servants the prophets, those who predicted these days by my inspiration? which predicted many years ago that I (God) would cause thee (Russia) to go to war against my people Israel?

18 - And it shall happen in that day, when Russia shall enter into the country of Israel to make war against them, saith the Lord God, that my fierce, burning anger, shall rise up as a fiery burning passion.

19 - For in my (God's) jealousy, an in the hottness of my anger have I (God) commanded. Truly in that space of time, there shall be a mighty earthquake in the country of Israel.

20 - So that the fishes which swim in the water, and the birds which fly in the sky, and the wild animals of the field, and all reptiles that reside on the crust of the earth, shall shake with fear at my fury. And the mountain ranges shall be utterly thrown down, and the inaccessible places will fall down, and every walled city on earth shall fall to the ground.

21 - "And I (God) will cry out for destructive weapons of war to be used against Russia; throughout all the land, saith the Lord God; every individuals weapon of war shall be turned against his comrades and his kindred.

22 - And I (God) will execute judgment upon Russia with a destroying plague and with flowing blood, and I shall cause to rain upon Russia and the great army with him, the tribes and nations, a rain of giant ice crystals, and of burning, fiery hot, resinous sulphur.

23 - Thus will I (God) overcome, and will sanctify myself in the sight of many heathen nations.

1 - Therefore, thou son of man (Ezekiel), prophesy against Russia, the chief prince of Moscow and Tublosk and say: "Behold, I (God) am against thee, O Russia."

2 - "And I (God) will cause the Communist alliance to retreat. And I will annihilate you and leave only one-sixth of your forces alive, and will cause you (Russia) to come from your northern parts, and will bring thee (Russia) upon the tribes of Israel.

3 - And I (God) will severely strike out of your right hand the weapons of war and will make your missiles fall from your left hand. You will become completely impotent.

4 - And thou (Russia) shall fall on the hills of Israel, thou Russia and all thy armies with thee: I God will give your alliance unto the fowls of prey, and to the wild beasts of the field, who will devour your forces for food.

5 - You (Russia) shall perish in the open country: for I God, have spoken it, saith the Lord.

6 - And I (God) will bring a burning on Russia, and within those people who live in apathy, without care, in the coastlands and the islands, and these people shall acknowledge that I am the Lord.

7 - So I (God) will make my holy character acknowledged among the Israel nations; and I will not leave them alone to defile my sacred name any longer; and the foreign nations shall recognize me as the Creator, the sacred One of Israel.

8 - See, I God have caused it to come to pass, saith the Lord; this is the time of which I have spoken.

9 - And many which remain in the cities and towns of Israel shall issue out of those cities and will burn with fire the defensive weapons and the offensive weapons of the enemy, and will burn them for seven whole years.

10 - So Israel will need no firewood out of the open fields, nor will they cut down any of the forests; for Israel shall burn the offensive weapons with a fierce flame; and Israel shall take a spoil of thee who sought to spoil them, and spoil those which robbed them.

11 - And it shall come about in that space of time, that I (God) will give unto that northern country (Russia) a space there for a burying place in Israel, the gorge of the passage, eastward of the great sea (Pacific Ocean); and it shall smell of decaying bodies, and shall offend the nose of those who pass through; and there Israel shall bury Russia and his company: and Israel shall call it the gorge of the armies of the north.

12 - And the house of Israel shall take seven months to bury the Russian dead, that they might decontaminate the land."

13 - Yes, every person in Israel shall help bury the community and it shall be to Israel a time of honor, the day when God is honored, saith Adonay, the Lord God.

14 - And Israel shall appoint men for regular employment, whose task will be to go about the land and bury those bodies which were left behind on the surface of the land; for seven months shall these men seek out the dead.

15 - And any traveler, who passes through the land, and sees a body, or a bone of a man, shall set up a marker by it, until the burying party shall bury it in the gorge where the multitude of Russia is buried.

16 - And the name of that city shall be called Hamonah; the multitude of Russia. In this way shall Israel purify the nation.

17 - Ezekiel, thus saith the Lord God, command all the feathered birds, and the wild beasts of the country to come together, for my slaughter that I God will kill for you, even a mighty slaying on the hills of Israel, that the birds and beasts may feed upon the flesh and drink the blood of my enemies.

18 - Ye birds of prey and wild beasts, shall consume the flesh of the chief men and drink the blood of the exalted ones - of mighty men, the military leaders of the people, of the young domineering men who come from that area east of Palestine.

19 - You birds and beasts of prey shall devour the flesh of men until you have had enough, and will drink of their life blood until you are intoxicated with the slaughter that I God have killed for you.

20- So you birds and beasts of prey shall be filled to satisfaction at God's meal, with horses, and a multitude of riders, the powerful champions of the battle, saith Adonay, YAHWEH, the Lord God, the Self-Existent One.

21 - And I God will show my splendor among all nations, and all nations shall consider my sentence that I have brought to pass, and my power which I have committed against them.

22 - In like manner, shall all the house of Israel know, by seeing, that I God am the Self-Existent One, their God, from that time forward.

23 - And the nations, both those of Israel and the heathen, shall observe that the family of Israel were carried into exile because they trespassed my law, for which cause I hid my presence from them, and delivered them into the power of their enemies; so they who were killed, were all killed with a weapon of war.

24 - Because of Israel's immorality and filthiness, and by reason of their moral and spiritual rebellion, have I God bruised them and hid my presence from them.

25 - Being absolutely perfect, saith Adonay, the Lord God, at this time I will deliver again the destruction of Jacob-Israel, and will show mercy on all the family of Israel, and will be very zealous for my sacred character.

26 - After the Israel nations have suffered their disgrace and all their transgressions in which they have acted treacherously towards Me, in the day in which Israel lived carelessly and securely in their land, and nothing made them afraid.

27 - Because I God brought Israel back to their starting place among the nations, and have assembled them out of the enemy countries, and am called holy in them in the presence of a multitude of people.

28 - At this time shall Israel have knowledge that I Adonay, the Self Existent One, am their God, who allowed them to be invaded and led into captivity among the anti-God heathen: but I God have gathered together the Israelites into their own country and have left none of them behind in those places.

29 - Much less will I God keep my favor from Israel; for I have poured out my Holy Spirit upon the family of Jacob-Israel, saith Adonay, the Lord God, the Self-Existent One.

This is confirmed in Joel 2:28 - "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I (God) will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the hand-maidens in those days shall I pour out my Spirit. Then note verse 32- And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord (Adonay, the Self-Existent One) shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem, (the new Jerusalem) shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.

I hope and pray this study has been a blessing to you. It is not necessary that you accept my translation. I merely want to whet your appetite for a deeper study of God's Word. For here is the only key to America's and Christendom's survival!

Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

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