Part 2 of 4 - Chapter 38

by Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr, C.P.D.L.

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God; a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth." - 2 Timothy 2:15

Ezekiel 38:16 continued:-
Vs 16 -

COME - (5927) - " 'alh" meaning: "ascend un; cause to come up."

PLACE - (4725) - "maqowm" meaning: "locality; country."

AGAINST - (5921) - " 'al" meaning: "upon; against."

CLOUD - (6051)-" 'aan" meaning: "as a cloud covering the sky; a dark thunder cloud darkening the sky."

COVER - (3680) - "kacah" meaning: "to conceal; hide; overwhelm."

LAND - (776) - " 'erets" meaning: "country; nation."

BRING - (935) - "bow" meaning: "bring forth; call; to come against; invade."

HEATHEN - (1471) - "gowry or goy" meaning: "gentile, non-Jewish nations; nations."

KNOW - (3045) - "yada" meaning: "recognize; observe; acknowledge."

SANCTIFY - (6942) - "Quadash" meaning: "consecrate; dedicate; proclaim; purify ones-self."

EYES - (5869) - " 'ayin" meaning: "face; presence; sight."

So this verse could very well read: "And thou (Russia-Gog), shall come upon my (God's) people of Israel as a dark thunder cloud to cover the nation; it shall come about in the LATTER (319 - 'achanyth' meaning "future") future., and I (God) will bring thee (Russia) upon my nation, that the gentiles (nations) may recognize me (God), when I (God) shall be consecrated in thee, O Gog, before their eyes." (EYES) - (" 'ayin" meaning "presence."

Vs 17 -

OLD - (693 1) - "quadmowniy" meaning: "ancient; of old."

TIME - (3117) "youm" meaning: "days past; at other times."

SPOKEN - (1692) - "dabar" meaning. "declared; pronounced; promised; talked of."

SERVANTS - (5650)-" 'ebed" meaning: "servant; bond man."

PROPHETS - (5030) - "nabia" meaning: "predicted by inspiration."

PROPHESIED - (5012) - "naba" meaning: "predicted by inspiration."

THOSE - (1992) - "bemmah" meaning: "used only when emphatic; specific."

DAYS - (3117) - "youm" meaning: "days gone by; other days."

MANY - (7227) - "rab" meaning: "long time; process of time."

YEARS - (8141) - "shanah" meaning: "whole age."

BRING - (935) - "bow" meaning: "bring forth; call; to come against; go to war; invade."

AGAINST - (5921) - " 'al" meaning: "upon; against."

So this verse translates to read: "Thus saith the Lord God (the God of Israel); Are thou (Russia) he of whom I (God) have talked of in ancient days past? by my (God's) bond servants, those who predict the future by my (God's) inspiration? which predicted in those days, many years ago that I (God) would cause thee (Russia) to go to war against them?"

Notice something of greatest importance: This war is something God has planned and predicted by His prophets. It is to be a war which will bring His Israel people to their senses and it will be perpetuated by their ancient enemy Edom.

In Psalm 2:1-3 we read of this time: "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kinds of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against His anointed (Israel) saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us." Here we have an excellent description of what is happening in the world today. The atheistic nations, led by the Zionist internationalists are saying in essence. "we will destroy God and His people, the nations of Christendom, true Israel." Their rage is not against the tiny country of the Israeli, as our preachers have so boldly told us, but against the white Christian nations of the world, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and related peoples. Don't take my word for this, check it out for yourself. See where the Communist missiles are aimed; they were not set up to destroy Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, they were set up to destroy the capitol cities of the Christian nations. Gog (Russia) has not spent billions of dollars in the past 45 years to arm against the tiny nation of the Israeli, but against the white Christian nations who make up true Israel.

Then look at Psalm 83:2-6, 15, 17, 18 to see why these enemies are: "For, lo, thine (God's) enemies make a tumult (great confusion); and they that hate thee (God) have lifted their head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people (Israel, not the Jews) and have consulted against thy hid-den ("tsaphan" meaning "favored" ones). They (Russia and her alliance) have said, Come and let us cut them (Israel) off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they (the Russian Confederation) have consulted together with one consent (unanimous approval): they are confederate against thee (God)."

Notice now who these enemies are: Vs 6 - "The tabernacles of Edom, the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes..." You may say, "How do the Jews fit in here?" Well it's quite easy to see, if you want to. Go back to John 8:32, where Jesus told the Jewish leaders that if they would listen to His "truth" they could be truly free. Quite boldly and openly the Jewish leaders bragged: Vs 33 - "We be the children of Abraham, and have NEVER been in bondage to any man."

Can't you see this truth? They were children of Abraham, through their father Esau. They were not Israelites. So go to the Jewish Encyclopedia, where you will read: "Edom is a part of Jewry," and again: "Judah was a non-Israelite tribe."

But let's get back to the prophesy of Ps. 83:15 and David's curse upon these enemies of God and true Israel: "So persecute them with thy (God's) tempest, and make them afraid with thy (God's) storm." If you haven't seen the truth yet, then go to Ezekiel 38:22 and see how God destroys these enemies of Israel and it will not be in Old Palestine that this takes place. Vs 17 says: "Let them (God's) enemies be confounded and troubled forever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish." Compare this to Luke 19:27, where Jesus predicts the end for His enemies.

Vs 18 -

COME - (1961) "hayah" meaning: "be accomplished; happen."

PASS - (5674) - " 'abar" meaning. "cause to; make."

SAME - (1931) - "hiy" meaning: "that."

TIME - (3177) - "youm" meaning: "day; space of time; space of days; season."

COME - (935) - "bow" meaning: "enter into; make war." (Notice that this English word has a different meaning than in the first of this same verse.)

AGAINST - (5921) - " 'al" meaning. against."

LAND - (127) - " 'adamah" meaning. country."

FURY - (2534) - "chema" meaning. anger; rage; wrath." Compare this usage with that of Daniel 11:44 where the same word is used and which speaks about the same historical occurrence: "But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him (the leader of the Gog forces): therefore he shall go out with great fury (rage; anger) to destroy and utterly make away many."

COME - (5927)-" 'alah" meaning. rise up; cause to burn; increase; stir up."

FACE - (639) - " 'aph" meaning. rapid breathing of great passion; anger; countenance."

So we put these Hebrew words together and this verse translates: "And it shall be accomplished at that day (or season), when Gog (Russia) shall enter into the country of Israel to make war against them, saith the Lord God, that my (God's) fierce, burning anger, shall rise up in my countenance as a fiery, burning passion."

Vs 19 -

JEALOUSY - (7068) - "gin'ah" meaning: "zealous; jealous."

FIRE - (784) " 'esh" meaning: "burning fire; hot."

WRATH - (5678) - " 'ebrah" meaning: "outburst of passion; anger; rage."

SPOKEN - (1696) - "dabar" meaning: "command; destroy; pronounced."

SURELY - (3808) - "loh" meaning: "truly; verily."

DAY - (3117) - "youm" meaning: "space of time."

GREAT - (1419) - "gadal" meaning: exceeding; mighty."

SHAKING - (7494) - "ra'ash" meaning "earthquake; confusion; confused noise;." (This word is only used eight times in the entire Bible.)

LAND - (127)" 'adamah" meaning: "country."

So as we put this verse together we would get: "For in my (God's) jealousy, and in the hot fire of my (God's) anger have I (God) commanded. Truly in that space of time there shall be a mighty earthquake in the country of Israel." (To go back to the word "jealous," it's interesting to note that God is defined many times as a "jealous" God. This means "zealous fpr His people.")

Vs 20 -

FISHES - (1709) - "d ag" meaning things which swim in the water."

FOWLS - (5775)-" 'owph" meaning: "birds which fly."

HEAVEN - (8064) - "shameh" meaning: "sky."

BEASTS - (2416) - "chay" meaning: "living thing; wild beasts."

FIELD - (7704) - "shaday" meaning: "soil; field."

CREEPING - (7431) - "remes" meaning: "reptiles."

THINGS - (1697) - "dabar" meaning: "harmiul or evil."

CREEP - (7430) - "ramas" meaning: "glide swiftly; crawl."

EARTH - (127) - " 'damah" meaning: "ground; land."

MEN - (120) - " 'adam" meaning: "ruddy complexion; human beings; mankind."

UPON - (5921) - " 'al" meaning. "reside on."

FACE - (6440) - "paneh" meaning: "that portion of the earth which turns, hence face."

EARTH - (127) - same as above.

SHAKE - (7493) - "ra'ash" meaning: "tremble; shake through fear; move."

PRESENCE - (6440) - "paneh" meaning. countenance; face."

MOUNTAINS - (2022) - "har" meaning: "hills; mountain ranges."

THROWN - (2040) - "harac" meaning: "pulled down; broken; destroyed; overthrown; utterly destroyed."

DOWN - (2040) - "harac" same as before.

STEEP - (4095) - "madreqah" meaning: "steep and inaccessible."

PLACES - (4725) - "mqomah" meaning: "locality."

FALL - (5037) - "naphal" meaning: "cast down; cease; fall down; be overthrown; thrown down."

EVERY - (3605) - "kowl" meaning: "every one."

WALL - (2346) - "chowmah" meaning. wall of protection as in a walled city."

FALL - (5307) - "same as above."

GROUND - (776) - " 'erets" meaning. earth."

This rather long verse would translate to read: "So that the things which swim in the water, and the birds which fly in the sky, and the wild beasts of the field, and all reptiles, that reside on the land, and all human beings that are on the crust of the earth, shall shake through fear at my countenance (go back to vs 18 and see where God says His "fury" will come up in His face - countenance) and the mountain ranges shall be utterly thrown down, and the inaccessible places will fall down, and every walled city shall fall to the earth."

Do you begin to see how much more emphatic Scripture becomes when we go to the original? It would be difficult for a translator to put the full meaning of these verses into English words.

Vs 21 -

CALL - (7121) - "gara" meaning: "to call out; make a proclomation; cry unto."

SWORD - (2719) - "chereh" meaning: "a cutting instrument; a sharp weapon of war, noted for its destructive effect. Can sometimes mean other weapons as well."

MOUNTAINS - (2022) - "har" meaning: "hill country. (The idea of tearing down as in making a quarry.)

MAN'S - (376) - " 'iyph" referring to a man as an individual.

SWORD - (2719) same as above - "weapon of war, not necessarily a cutting weapon.

AGAINST - (5921) - " 'al" meaning: "relations."

BROTHER - (251) - "ach" meaning: "kindred."

So when these verses are put together they could read: "and I (God) will cry out for destructive weapons of war to be used against him (Gog-Russia); throughout all the land, saith the Lord God; every individual's weapon of war shall he turn against his relatives and kindred."

Can you imagine the confusion that would begin at the commencement of a big over-all attack, if suddenly the attacking forces began to turn their weapons around and use them against the communist masters they have hated so long. There would be utter pandemonium and utter destruction of such an army. But wait, more is to come.

Vs 22-

PLEAD - (8199) - "shaphat" meaning: "to pronounce sentence; punish; avenge; execute judgement."

AGAINST - (5921) - " 'al" meaning: "against; on; over."

PESTILENCE - (1698) - "deber" "a destroying plague."

BLOOD - (1919) - "dam" meaning: "blood."

RAIN - (4305) - "matar" meaning: "cause to rain upon."

BANDS - (102) - " 'aggaph" meaning: "crowds of troops."

MANY - (7277) - "rab" meaning: "exceedingly great numbers."

PEOPLE - (5971) - " 'am" meaning: "congregation; tribes; nations."

OVERFLOWING: - (7857) - "shataph" meaning: "to gallop over; conquer; thoroughly wash away."

RAIN - (4305) - same as above.

GREAT - (1378) - "gabjyph" meaning: "no clear definition is given here but it comes from an unused root word which means 'to freeze' or freezing crystals.'

HAILSTONES - (68) - " 'eben" meaning: "stone."

FIRE - (784) - " 'esh" meaning: "burning; flaming; hot."

BRIMSTONE - (1614) - "gopunyth" meaning; "resinous burning sulphur."

So we come up with a rather interesting translation of this verse: "And I (God) will execute judgment upon him (Gog-Russia), with a destroying plague and with flowing blood, and I (God) shall cause to rain upon Russia, and upon the exceedingly great numbers with him, the tribes and nations, a rain of giant ice crystals, and burning, fiery hot, resinous sulphur."

Vs 23 -

MAGNIFY - (1413) - "gadad" meaning: "a root word taken from (1464) which means to crowd upon; attack; overcome."

KNOW - (3045) - "yada" meaning: "recognized; acknowledged; have the respect."

EYES - (5869) - " 'ayin" meaning: "sights."

NATIONS - (1471) - "gow" meaning: "heathen people."

This brings us to the end of chapter thirty eight. So lets' spend a few moments and recap some of the startling changes we have seen between the English and Hebrew translations.

We can be pretty sure that the major nation named in this chapter in verse 2 and called MAGOG, is Russia. We also learn that the word GOG means CHIEF or Leader. So we immediately realize that this prophesy is directed AGAINST Russia, or what we now call the Soviet Union and that it will come in the END TIMES. This prophesy is directed at RUSSIA'S leaders.

In verse 3, we learn that Almighty God YAHWEH, Creator of heaven and earth has a controversy with Communism. Could it be because her leaders have said: "We will banish God from the heavens?" Could it be because of the oceans of blood, much of it Christian blood, that has been shed by this atheistic, anti-Christ monster? Could it be because it was from this area of the earth that the Khazar, Ashkenazi Jews have come, with the most hideous plot ever conceived in the "sin diseased mind of mankind,". for total subjugation of the world under the anti-Christ?

The people who stand behind this plot, the International Zionists, have already become so powerful in the United States, that when the leader of the Jewish Defense League issued a call for Jews who were willing to begin an underground organization to "deal quietly and professionally to eliminate all Jew haters that are a threat to their existence;" they offered a $1,000 reward to any Jew who would kill a Nazi and "bring us his ears," he was taken into court by the Los Angeles District Attorney. (You can image what would have happened if an Identity preacher had made such a threat.)

The framers of our Constitution would have turned over in their graves, if they had seen a Los Angeles Jewish judge, turn this man, Irv Rubin, loose, stating that Rubin's "murder offer" was protected by his "First Amendment guarantee of free speech."

But Almighty God has had a controversy with Esau-Edom from the very beginning. In Romans 9:13 we read where God said: "...Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated." Then in Malachi 1:24, we read of Esau's attempt to regain his lost birthright: "I have loved you (Israel), saith the Lord, Yet ye (Israel) say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the Lord: yet I loved Jacob, And I HATED Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness. Whereas Edom saith, We are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places: (this is what the Israeli are attempting to do in Palestine today) thus saith the Lord of hosts, They (the Edomite Jews) shall build up, and I (God) will throw down; and they (Israel) shall call them, (the Edomite Jews). The border of wickedness, and, the people against whom the Lord hath indignation forever." Don't get upset with me, those are God's words against the Jews. In that day the prophesy of Zechariah 14:21 will come true: ". . . and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite (Edomite) in the house of the Lord of Hosts."

So we can see, as God puts a ring into the nose of the Communists in verse three of Ezekiel 38, to draw them with all their military power and alliances, into the land of "true Israel," in order to destroy them forever.

It seems very improbable that the Soviet Union would use ALL of its massive military power in an attempt to crush the tiny nation of the Israeli, with less than 4-million people. But in no place in this interesting chapter, do we have any implication that Russia's attack will be against Palestine. The description made just does not fit what the preachers have been saying.

We are given a clear picture of the Communist allies in verses 5 and 6. I believe, without any stretch of the imagination, that when Ethiopia and Libya are mentioned, this refers to the bulk of Black Africa, which already lies under Communist domination.

There is little doubt in the mind of most military analysts, that the Soviet 3ear can expect trouble from the vast array of people which will be found in he Soviet forces, since many of them are even now on the verge of revolt. See the example of Poland.) Many military experts believe one of the reasons the Communists have not already attacked the West, is that they are insure of what might happen, if they got into a big war with the nations of Christendom.

In verse eight we see how the Hebrew meaning changes the English version of this verse to the point where it does not point towards an invasion of )ld Palestine, but of a land which has "been brought back from the sword (war)". The last great war fought on American soil ended in 1865. For the most part our country has recovered from the effects of that war. We are also a people living in an area which 500 years ago was totally desolate and For all intents and purposes, uninhabited. This has not been true of Palestine since the beginning of written history, some 6,000 years ago.

Those of us who live in Canada and the United States are for all intents and purposes "living boldly without care." Most of our people seem to feel that we will never be attacked. Our people for the most part are not much concerned with what is happening in the rest of the world. They steadfastly refuse to believe that the Zionist-Communist conspiracy poses a threat against them and their freedom. Yet this is the land which will be invaded by the anti-Christ.

It is quite apparent that this vast invasion will be preceded by a tremendous airborne attack, using literally millions of airborne troops and machines. There will be so many that when they drop, they will literally "blacken the sky." We know the Soviet Union has more than 2-million of such trained men, more than the total of all our military forces. We also know from Intelligence Reports, that the Soviets have five specially trained airborne battalions (of about 850 men each), standing by in Siberia. Their major objective when the war starts will be to destroy the Alaska pipeline.

A little study of this chapter indicates that the Communist decision to launch this massive attack, will be some new military device which they believe will make them invincible and against which we will have no defense. There is already much speculation that they have and are perfecting this weapon now. More and more, experts are beginning to believe that the explosion which destroyed the space craft Challenger in 1986, was due to a deliberate attack against the ship. It's interesting to note that the U.S. had 127 successful space launches, without any problems to speak of and then suddenly, one after another, seven failures. Some believe, with reason, that these launches were deliberately destroyed by a Soviet secret weapon.

Frightening as this may seem, we know that God has plans for this anti-Christ alliance and that in His own good time, He will destroy it.

We also know, from His numerous promises, that He wants to bless His Israel people and through them the rest of the world. But first we MUST live up to the requirements of this promise as found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 - "If my (God's) people, which are called by My (God's name - Christian), will humble themselves, and pray and seek My (God's face), and turn from their wicked ways: THEN will I (God) hear from heaven, and WILL FORGIVE THEIR SINS, AND WILL HEAL THEIR LAND." (Emphasis added.)

Victory and peace are being held back from our people, because we have refused to follow these dictates. My firm conviction is that it may take this invasion, and possibly even temporary Communist occupation of this country, to drive our Israel people back to a realization of who they are and what their responsibilities are before Almighty God. We have a choice of doing it the easy way (God's way), or learning through bitter experience as our forefathers did.

We do know, that in God's own time, He will say: "I have had enough," and will destroy His enemies. Jeremiah 50:25 speaks about God opening His armory, to "bring forth the weapons of His indignation (anger)." I can tell you this, the world has never seen what these can do. They will make the nuclear weapons look like firecrackers by comparison and God will use them against His perpetual enemies. This He has promised.

Our task, as those who love Him, is to be prepared for His return. We were given the task of "occupying until He comes," and this cannot be done, hiding in a spiritual foxhole, asking Him to do the dirty work we are supposed to do. We MUST be ready, spiritually, physically, mentally and militarily, for whatever task He gives to us in the battle which is soon to come.

Of this you can be sure. When the final dust of the battle clears away; when the last gun has sounded and the last bomb has been dropped: when He comes back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to take His rightful place as ruler of the universe, everyone on earth, both His own people and their enemies, will know it was not through our power, or wisdom, that the battle was won. We ned to be a humble people, for without Him, we are as nothing. We need to pray, not that God will shorten the time of our tribulation, but that He will bring honor and glory to the name of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, "And He (Jesus) shall reign for ever, and ever. AMEN!"

As we go into our study of Chapter 39, it is important that we realize that Christianity is not just something which we practice on Sunday, within the confines of the church. To be effective servants of the Lord - to fulfill His command to: "Occupy until I come!" it must permeate our thinking in every day events from political to economic.

Too many church members, in these trying days, are "Alka Seltzer" Christians who come to church once a week and "fizz" for an hour or so. The rest of the week they are indistinguishable from the worldly crowd with whom they associate. These anemic Christians have a favorite saying, put into the words of a song: "This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through." They think of themselves as pilgrims and strangers on this earth, who are waiting for the Lord to come back and rapture them out of the mess which was caused by their apathy in the first place. They forget the words of the Lord's Prayer which they pray by rote: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven."

Anyone who has made a careful study of American history knows that we are a Christian nation. Our country was intended as a Christian nation from the very beginning. The charters of every one of the original States, says in essence: "This colony was founded for the glory of Almighty God and the propagation of the CHRISTIAN FAITH." The Founding Fathers did not have a "pluralistic" nation in mind. When they talked about "freedom of religion" in the Constitution, they were referring to the Christian religion, not all the heathen abominations which have taken root and flourished, as hordes of aliens have invaded Zion.

While the U.S. Supreme Court has twice declared the United States to be a Christian nation, a majority of brainwashed white Christians have been conned into a tolerance for the pagan "isms" which have invaded and are destroying the moral fiber of America.

As we go on with our study of Ezekiel 39, we will be reading the exciting story of why Christians have suffered more in their own country from persecution and bigotry than any others and how God will finally bring to account those who have tried to destroy His Israel people. (Not the Jews.)

Believe me, my friends, when I say: "We are in a battle for the survival of Christianity and the white race itself. Our fight is against the very forces of hell itself."

It seems almost inconceivable to me, that in a country like America, we would find fake groups such as the "Greenpeace" people, who spend millions of dollars each year to protect baby seals, but say" 'nary a word" about the murder of 2-million unborn children through abortion. They chase over the seas after whale hunters, while thousands of innocent men and women are being slaughtered by the Zionist-Communist conspiracy in a place like Afghanistan. Why? Because these humanitarian groups are based on heathen principles and for the most part have been founded and funded by International Jewry. Ezekiel 39 shows how these and others like them, have been "weighed in God's balances and have come up wanting."

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