The Great Conspiracy
Who's Stomping on Christian Civilization?
Part 3 of 3

by Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, C.P.D.L.

"There is a conspiracy of her prophets (leaders) in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof."  - Isaiah 22:25

Section Two the Swindler!

Part 3 continued:-
In Part 1 of this message, I discussed how Jacob Schiff had been chosen by the Rothschild interests to come to America with several objectives, the major one of which was to control our Money System. The Rothschild's knew the importance of this and at one time, Meyer Rothschild, the head of the clan, was reported to have said: control of the money of a country and I care not who makes her laws."

In 1908, Schiff decided that the time was ripe to take charge of America's economy. His chief agent for this seizure was a man named Col. Edward Mandel House, who was a close friend of Woodrow Wilson, and who would later become his Presidential advisor. House had spent his entire adult life as an agent and courier of the Schiff enterprises and had worked closely with Bernard Baruch and Herbert Lehman, two more of the most influential of the conspirators. In the fall of 1908, these conspirators met at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club, located on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and owned by J. P. Morgan. This was to be a "top secret" meeting, in which they would lay the final plans for the money takeover.

Among those present were J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Col. House, Senator Nelson Aldrich, Jacob Schiff, the heads of the New York City International Banks, Eugene Meyers, Herbert Lehman, Paul Warburg, in short, all the important International Bankers in the United States. All of who were in the Illuminati hierarchy. So secret was this meeting, that the regular employees of the Hunt Club were dismissed during the meeting, and cooks, waiters, butlers, security personnel, in fact all help, were people who were trusted by the conspirators.

After a week of business and revelry, they emerged with a plan which they called THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Senator Aldrich had the honor of being picked as the "stooge" who would "railroad" the Act through Congress. They held up on putting this plan into immediate action for one reason. First, they had to plant one of their men in the White House. He had to be a man who would be completely subservient to their desires. This was necessary, so that he could sign the Federal Reserve Act in-to law. They knew that even if the Congress passed it, the President would have to sign it and that if the President were to veto it, there was too much chance of their plans for money control being revealed.

They found their man in a 67 year-old Democrat from the State of Virginia. Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912 and immediately after his inauguration, Senator Aldrich, began the process which would make the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT into law. Wilson waited impatiently in the wings, to do the bidding of his masters and sign the bill. On December 23,1913, when most of the Congress were home for the holidays, the few remaining, mostly those who had been "hand picked" for the purpose, passed this treasonous bill which has become the "greatest money scam in the world's history."

To give you an idea of how heinous this act really was, we must understand that our Founding Fathers realized the power of money. They knew that whoever held this power would control the country, so they were extremely careful when writing the Constitution, to set forth in writing, that only the elected representatives of the people, would have the power to coin the nation's money.

The Constitutional language was brief and concise. It was plain enough so that the average citizen could understand it without the interpretation of some lawyer. In Article II, Sec. 8, par. 5, we read - and this defines the power of Congress: "to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and standards of weights and measures." (UNO.)

On that tragic day in December, 1913, a Day of Infamy much greater than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the men we sent to Washington to protect the Constitution from all enemies, without and within, delivered the economic destiny of America into the hands of International aliens who hate us and everything we as Americans stand for.

Even today, 75 years after this act of treason, most Americans believe that THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, is part of the American Government. They have no idea that it is governed by Federal Banks, whose heads are aliens, who are members of the International Illuminati conspiracy.

Who are these bankers, you may rightly ask? According to reliable sources in Switzerland, the following banks hold the controlling interest in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. They are all Jewish owned and/or controlled. In their order of importance they are:

1 - Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin.

2 - Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris.

3 - Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy.

4 - Warburg Bank of Amsterdam and Hamburg.

5 - Lehman Brothers of New York City.

6 - Kuhen-Loeb Bank of New York City.

7 - Chase~Manhattan Bank of New York City (David Rockefeller's baby.)

8 - Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York City.

Please note that the first four banks are all foreign banks.

Approximately 300 people who are closely associated. many by marriage, own and control this system by holding stock or shares in the system. They control an interlocking, international banking cartel of wealth beyond comparison, most of which has been stolen from the working man of America through their Federal Reserve System.

Here is a graphic example of how Americans are cheated,

1 - The U.S. States needs a billion dollars to pay its bills;

2 - It notifies the U.S. Bureau of engraving to print one billion dollars in U.S. Bonds;

3 - The U.S. Government delivers the bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank as Promissory Notes. The U.S. Government promises to pay for these, its own Bonds, when they mature;

4 - The Federal Reserve Bank deposits these bonds for which they paid nothing, with the Comptroller of Currency;

5 - The Federal Reserve then receives one billion dollars in federal Reserve notes, the currency we now use, in various denominations.



6 - The Federal Reserve Bank retains ownership of the one billion dollars in bonds, which it received free of charge;

7 - The Federal Reserve notes are now distributed to member banks, so they have money available to pay the bills of government, cash government checks, cash checks citizens have received, make loans to citizens, etc., (please note that under present banking laws, member banks can loan out ten times the amount they have on deposit.)

8 - The Federal Reserve Bank receives interest on its bonds, for which they paid nothing. NOTE NOW HOW THEY LAID IT ON US SUCKERS!

First the Federal Reserve got a billion dollars for nothing. In the meantime they get interest on the bonds they got for nothing and when they eventually cash them they get the money again.

(REMEMBER TOO, WE ARE ONLY SPEAKING OF ONE BILLION DOLLARS WHERE OUR GOVERNMENT DEALS IN HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS. For example, we borrow $100-billion or more each year, so that we can give it away in foreign loans, often to nations which hate our guts.)

All the details of this tragic act are available, with documentation, in a book written by Eustice Mullins titled: "THE FEDERAL RESERVE CONSPIRACY." I would very sincerely suggest you get this book and study it.

It will only be as decent Christian people in America, who are concerned for the well being of our nation and our offspring, and wake up from this "near fatal sleep," into which the conspirators have hypnotized us. Can these powerful conspirator's be smashed. It will only come through the help of Almighty God, and the repentance of His people, so that He will, once again show mercy to us.

But if you believe that these conspirators are content with the mere control of your money, you are sadly mistaken, and you are in for another shock.

While the Federal Reserve control had America's money, there was no way it could touch the earnings of the American worker, because the Constitution expressly forbids it.

So one of the major planks of the Communist Manifesto, was what is called a "graduated progressive income tax." This would lead eventually to the complete confiscation of all private property in the nation and the complete control of each individuals earning power. But such a tax could not be brought about without an amendment to the Constitution.

But, as they had done with the Federal Reserve Act, these same traitors, with the same President, arranged for the 16th Amendment to become the law of the land and they "hoodwinked" the American people into accepting this absolute control over their earning power.

A little study will show that most of the Congressmen who voted for the 16th Amendment knew very little about it, because only two, as far as I have been able to find out, had even bothered to read it before they voted it into law. Senator Langer of North Dakota was one of them, the other's name I do not recall.

The main effects of this Amendment, which was never supposed to rise above 2%, or so the American people were told, went into effect during World War II, when President F.D.R. applied a 20% withholding tax on all small wage earners, and up to 90% tax on higher earners. Of course, the conspirators had planned for this and were protected in their Tax Free Foundations, F.D.R. promised faithfully that this tax would be lifted when the war ended, but his promise had as much truth behind it as the one where he said he would never send AMERICAN BOYS TO DIE ON FOREIGN SOIL.

But wait a moment! As the old time Jew comedian Al Jolson used to say: "You ain't heard nothin' yet!"

The 16th Amendment never touched the earnings of the immensely rich. This is why a few years ago, we saw Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, with a yearly earnings of somewhere near $26-million, pay an annual tax of $216.00.

The conspirators protect their wealth, while they rob you of yours. These foundations, which were supposed to have been for humanitarian purposes, became the "hot beds" of sedition and radical communist activity. The disobedience of the Vietnam War era, was funded by the Foundations, who gave "aid and comfort" to those who were trying to tear our Republic apart. Why? Because it was all part of the Master Plan.

These Foundations funded the rights of civil disobedience; the rights of the filthy minded to spread the poison of pornography; the rights of Jew doctors to murder millions of unborn babies; the rights of homosexuals to spread their filth; The Women's Liberation Movements. Almost without fail all of these were headed by Jews. Very little of a pro-Christian, pro-American nature has ever been protected by these International vultures.

As an example: The Ford Foundation finances the CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTES in Santa Barbara, California. This is commonly referred to as "Moscow West." It has been headed by communist sympathizers since its inception. It is these tax free foundations which are funding the "dirty work" for the Conspirators.

Then there are of course, the thousands of smaller grants, which go to liberal college professors, scientists, and plain "liberal kooks," to study THE SEX LIFE OF THE BRAZILIAN BUTTERFLY; WHY CHILDREN HATE THEIR FATHER MOST; WHY BATS FLY BY NIGHT, and a host of other stupidities.

But what happens to the billions of dollars which are confiscated from the pockets of hard working Americans each year? Of course, the major rathole is our Foreign Aid, which increasingly has gone to nations with a communist leaning, much of which is never paid off. Then the biggest shyster of them all, is the aid to the Israeli. Today we see the amazing sight of our government borrowing a yearly sum of $100-billion or more, from the foreign banks, paying a high rate of interest, so that they can turn around and give it away to nations who "hate our guts." It has become absolutely nauseating!

Another little gimmick which cost the American taxpayers, was perpetuated when our military left Vietnam and left the naval base at Camhran Bay intact. Over $2-billion worth of our most sophisticated military equipment was left behind for the communists. This is the first time in American military history, where we have abandoned equipment on the battlefield without first disabling it. Do you think this all happened by accident? Do you honestly believe that service men who had seen their buddies blown up by their enemies, or tortured to death, would have willingly left anything behind other than booby traps designed to blow the enemy to "kingdom come?"

Do you believe our fighter pilots liked the idea of seeing their buddies shot down by American technology we had given the Soviets? Do you think they enjoyed dumping their bombs in a rice paddy, when they were given orders not to hit an enemy supply dump?

Oh, we heard a great deal about the immorality of the war in Vietnam, while it was going on, and it was an immoral war. But it was not immoral because we fought against communism, or because we came to the aid of our friends in S.E. Asia. It was terribly immoral, because our leaders sent our men to bleed and die on foreign soil, when they had no intention of letting them win and where they were supplying the enemy with the materials which killed our boys. Yet where was the great outcry from decent Americans? There just wasn't any!

The 16th Amendment saddled America with an "unpayable debt." In 1905, our national debt was about $12.05 for every man, woman and child in this country. Today, it stands at more than $53,000 per person and the end is not yet. This debt goes up every year, because the men we have elected to Congress refuse to work within a budget. These men have the power to control our spending, but for a variety of reasons, they refuse to do it, even though they know they are driving this country into future ruin.

Today, if you are "pro-communist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-pornography, pro-evil; you are a "GOOD GUY." But if you are "pro-American, pro-Constitution and against the evils which harass us," you may well be harassed, jailed and even murdered by the government you put into power to protect you. Do you think this situation has come about by accident?

If this old world lasts another hundred years, future historians will no doubt shake their heads over the spectacle of decent Christian Americans, who were so completely "hoodwinked" by the lies of their worst enemies, that they supported them in their own destruction. It is sort of a "national suicide."

But let's get back to the crux of one-world government which is at the base of all these evils which have befallen our beloved country and look at the plot which was necessary to create another League of Nations, to take the place of the one which failed. The conspirators knew it would take another World War to frighten people into accepting their one-world control. So they set about making this war come to pass. It would be a war of such horror, that the people of the world would cry for "peace at any price, even that of slavery!" They would be brainwashed into believing that only within a one-world organization, could the world live in peace. It became even easier to convince people of this, as the nuclear age dawned.

But how would you go about to create a monstrosity which would kill more than 45-million people, according to the World Almanac. All the major nations of the world were at peace during the early 1930's. They had seen enough bloodshed during World War I, to last a lifetime. Even the Soviet Union, which was rapidly growing into an uncontrollable monster, knew they could not win a war of aggression.

But the conspirators needed a war to bring about their objectives and it mattered not to them how many died or suffered, or how many billions of dollars were spent, as long as they made a profit and brought about their aims.

They found the "dupe" they were searching for, in a little, insignificant unknown Austrian corporal named Adolf Hitler.

Now I realize I am opening myself up to the same sort of abuse I got a few months ago when I wrote a pamphlet titled THE HITLER HOAX. In fact the abuse I received from the so-called Neo-Nazis and their cohorts, was worse than I have received from the Zionists. Although the admirers of Hitler are in the small minority, they are among the most vociferous, loud-mouthed, vulgar people in the country and are certainly the nastiest when it comes to remarks and innuendos. You just cannot tell the truth about this unusual little man, without finding yourself accused of being a "Jew agent," a "double agent" of the enemy, no matter how hard you may have campaigned against the enemy. When you find out from a study of history - not history that was written by the Jews, or the Nazis, but history written by reliable historians - that Hitler was brought into power in Germany through the efforts and money of World Zionism, and that he was kept in power by this same money, then suddenly you become a traitor to your own people, for telling them the truth. "Am I therefore to become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"

But the purpose of this lecture was not to win friends and influence people and since I am not running for a political office, I can and will tell you the truth, whether it is popular with some folks or not. I am not trying to impress those of you who are concerned, with my vast knowledge of the conspiracy; I'm not trying to convince the "lefties" that I know what they are up to. If people don't like what I say, that becomes a matter between them and God. All I'm concerned about is that one day I will have to answer to God for what I have told you this day and to the best of my ability I intend to tell you the truth, whether you like it or not! If that makes me your enemy, so be it!

Hitler was a house painter when he first attracted the attention of the International Conspirators. He had never been very successful, in the army, as can be seen by his rank of corporal, so his military knowledge was limited. But he had a hidden talent, a great power, if you will. He was an extraordinary orator who could move the rabble with his words and set a crowd on fire with his rhetoric.

Germany was looking for a savior in the early days of the 1930's. She had almost been destroyed by the Jewish money lenders following World War I, and although the Jews were not admired in Germany, there was not a great deal of overt hatred exhibited against them.

The conspirators knew, that this little man, whom some said had Jewish blood in his veins, hated Jewish people with a virulent hatred. So they were willing, as always, to sacrifice a few hundred thousand of their "lesser brethren" if it would bring them ultimate victory. But first, it was necessary to turn world opinion against Germany and cause the German people to be hated and despised. It might be well at this time, to remind you that about 43% of the American people at this time were from a German background. At time, Germany was the strongest nation on the Continent. She had been earmarked for destruction before the turn of the century, following the destruction of the Czar and his family in Russia. According to Jewish sources, World Zionism had a War Chest of some $2-billion set aside for the task of destroying Germany, long before Hitler ever came on the scene.

So using money provided by the Rothschild's, the Warburg's and the Schiff's (all Jews), Hitler was built up into a national leader and finally a total dictator. The German people began an almost miraculous rise to prominence in the world and Germany was among the most productive and prosperous nation in the world.

But while this was taking place in the early days of 1930, the same unsavory crowd that put Hitler into power, were engaged in a propaganda campaign and the myth of Hitler's persecution of the Jews was broadcast world wide, along with a fake plan for the extermination of every Jew in Germany. The fact that there never was such a plan and that even some of the Jewish leaders admitted there was no such plan, meant little to these men who were willing to do anything to bring about their one-world control. (When you are dealing with men who have no scruples about killing 47-million people, there is not much they will not do to bring about their ends.)

So world hatred began to be built up against the German people, greater than anything the world had ever seen. During World War I, we were treated to the contemptuous terms of "Hun" and "Boche," and to stories about babies being tossed into the air and being caught on the points of bayonets. But now suddenly, they were making soap and lamp shades out of Jews and the ground of detention camps were spouting Jewish blood.

THE AMERICAN HEBREW newspaper in New York City, June 3,1938, trumpeted: "The forces of reaction are being mobilized. A combination of England, France, and Russia will sooner or later bar the triumphal march of the crazed Fuhrer. Either by accident or design, a Jew has come into the position of foremost important each of these nations. In the hands of non-Aryans, lie the very lives of millions... and when the smoke of battle clears, and the trumpets blare no more, and the bullets cease to blast! Then will be presented a tableau showing the man who played God, the swastika Christus, being lowered none too gently into a hole in the ground, as a trio of non-Aryans intone a ramified requiem, that sounds suspiciously like a medley of Marseillaise, God Save the King, and the Internationale; blending in the grand finale, into a militant, proud arrangement of Eile! Eile!" (This is the traditional Jewish cry of triumph.)

For over forty years now, since World War II ended, the Jewish press and Hollywood has fed the American people an overdose of the stereotype image of Germans as monocled, burrheaded, heel-clicking, mindless robots of the Third Reich. But any person with a little intelligence, who has studied history, knows that it was France and England, who were the "war mongers" of the Nineteenth Century. Professor Quincy, in his book A STUDY OF WAR (1942) offers statistical proof of this when he shows that in the period from 1480-1940: "Of 278 wars which involved European States, the participants were:


At the beginning of World War II, a distinguished Austrian professor, noted for his moderation, was quoted in Stephen Robert's book: THE HOUSE THAT HITLER BUILT" (1938): "The Germans are a politically retarded race. They are in the myth stage of development. They have never wanted democracy; they crave authority and a strong arm. They do not want individual freedom. The average German is designed by history and nature to provide mass material for dictatorship."

Being of German descent myself, I resent these lies, since I know that history proves otherwise. But I also know that this is the way the conspiratorial workers lured Americans and the rest of the Free World into World War II.

There was a time in World War II, right after Pearl Harbor, when I volunteered to fight against Naziism, which I thought at that time was a danger to America and world peace. So I fought against my German kinsfolks in North Africa, where I learned to admire the brilliance of their General Rommell, the Desert Fox.

Finally, when my mind began to turn away from propaganda, both political and religious, to where I sought truth, rather than popular opinion I began to understand what my commanding General in North Africa, Gen. George Patton, meant when he said: "I believe we fought on the wrong side in this war." When I began to realize that Americans were being taught to admire Benedict Arnold's such as Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, and Gen. George Marshall, and traitors such as Alger Hiss, John Steward Service and Owen Lattimore, while they despised pro-American patriots like Sen. Joseph McCarthy and drove him into his grave, then I began to understand why International Jewry carried out their campaign of harassment against Germany.

So with the Judeo-Christian pastors of America beating the drums for Zionism and pronouncing curses against Hitler and the German people, America was herded like a flock of sheep, by her unscrupulous leaders, into a war that destroyed over 40-million people. We gave power into the hands of the Zionist-communist monsters that murdered 48 million more.

At the end of the war, the traitor Alger Hiss, arranged with the Russian Molotov, so that the head of the United Nations Military Branch would always be a Communist general. We fought Korea and Vietnam under their control.

Very few Americans know that the United Nations Charter was copied almost verbatim from the Soviet Constitution and that the only senators who voted against it, were those who had read it.

Since this tool of the conspirators has been placed on American soil, the slaves of Communism have increased by some 72,000 per day, from about 250-million, to almost 2-billion. Fifty six sovereign nations have been gobbled up by this monstrosity since World War II and as many as 140-million people have been ruthlessly murdered by the Zionist-Communist regimes.

Today, we see the phenomena of liberals screaming over a few Blacks killed in South Africa, but saying absolutely nothing about the tens of thousands who are being murdered by the Soviets in Afghanistan. The prelates of the World Council of Churches, sob into their beer over the violation of the civil rights of Blacks in South Africa, when they say absolutely nothing about the thousands who are being murdered in the Black countries of Zambia and Zambesi. Instead, they vote money to support the Communists in those countries.

Now, we are seeing the conspirators, as they stir up trouble for the "Free World" in the Persian Gulf and Central America, once again laying the groundwork for another great war, World War Ill, this time, which will enable them to finally realize their goal of world control.

Very few Americans know that since 1966, we have had a group of men in our Congress, known as the MEMBERS OF CONGRESS FOR PEACE THROUGH LAW. In their own words, their objective is: "to disarm the United States under existing world law." There are about 290 in this group. They believe that all Americans must be prepared to accept this United Nations control. In 1965, the National Council of Churches drew up a resolution in concurrence with this belief that stated that the United States should surrender, in case of an "all out" war with the U.S.S.R. before the first bomb drops on American soil: These are the traitorous churchmen who coined the phrase: "It's better to be Red, than dead!" Do you attend a church which supports this group?

Bear in mind that God and Christian principles are never mentioned in the United Nations Charter, and that the very mention of God, except in a curse word, is forbidden within the United Nations halls. The conspirators knew that the destruction of Christianity could only be accomplished from within. Which meant a seduction of the men who stand behind the pulpits of our Christian churches. John D. Rockefeller, the so-called Christian philanthropist, while declaring himself to be a Christian and being a member of a large Protestant church, was nevertheless a member of the Inner Circle of the World Conspiracy. He was chosen for the job of destroying Christianity. With his vast knowledge of the conspiracy, he carefully chose a young minister named Dr. Harry F. Ward for the job. At this time, Dr. Ward was teaching Religion at the prestigious Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Rockefeller found a willing prostitute in the young minister. In 1907, he founded the METHODIST FOUNDATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICES. Wards task was to teach bright, young Protestant ministers to become Communists, while denying the basic doctrines of Christianity. Today, according to reliable sources, it is estimated that Ward put over 40,000 Communist oriented ministers into American Protestant pulpits. Today, many of these stand behind the pulpits of the largest denominational churches in America.

These men were cleverly brainwashed by the teachings of German Jewish professors, who taught something called "Higher Criticism" of the Bible. They were taught that the Bible is full of errors, to cast doubt on the divinity of Jesus Christ by denying His Virgin birth; to doubt His miracles, His resurrection and Second Coming. Do you wonder why today, churches that a few years ago were "lighthouses for the King," have now become nothing by some sort of "glorified religious country club," where men and women belong, not because they Love God, but because it helps them in their business, if they belong to the big prestigious First Church downtown.

The main target of these contaminated preachers was American youth. These were laughingly taught, both in school and in the church, that there are no absolutes such as "right" or "wrong." That there are only shades of "grey," and that persons react to situations which are caused by their environment. This became known as "SITUATION ETHICS." A good example of this can be seen during a lecture I gave at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, a few years ago. I was speaking against abortion. During the Question and Answer Period, a very attractive coed asked: "Colonel, if we can't have contraceptives and abortion, how will we control the population explosion?" When I asked her if she had ever heard of something called "self-control," by her reactions and those of the audience, you would have thought I had slapped her face. She was shocked that any intelligent person would ask a young person to use "self-control." Here were about 800 young people, just ready to step into adulthood and no one had ever taught them that they had the right to make decisions in their life and choose the road they would walk. instead, they had been brainwashed into believing that they were subject to their environments and that there was little they could do about it. An interesting aside to this story, is that this young lady, who was so vociferous for women's rights to have an abortion, was head of a student organization which was trying to protect baby seals in Newfoundland. They cried big crocodile tears for those "cute little baby seals," and could see nothing wrong with killing unborn human babies.

Then on top of this permissive training, the conspirators introduced one of their most dangerous and subtle weapons, the African beat of "rock and roll" music. This is the type of music which can take a decent young woman and turn her into a wild animal. All of this was part of the plan to destroy American youth and was wrapped up in a statement Lenin made when he said: "Give me one generation of your youth, and I will change the world."

By 1908, the METHODIST FOUNDATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE, had come under attack for their communist affiliations and changed their name to the FEDERAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. By 1950, this organization had developed such a bad name, that they changed it again to the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, which is made up of most of the major Protestant denominations in America.

I am sure that many of you have noticed how Black radicals are often led by so-called ministers of the Gospel. Martin Luther King, Jr., is a good example. A man who denied Jesus Christ as Savior and whose moral life was like that of an alle cat. Then there were men like Ralph Abernathy, and our present Rev. Jesse Jackson. All of these have been trained by the conspirators.

When I was a member of the AMERICAN OPINION SPEAKER'S BUREAU of the John Birch Society, a few years ago, I became acquainted with a very courageous Black lady named Julia Brown. In her younger years, she had been taken in by communist teachings, and believed they were trying to help Black people. But she was an intelligent, Christian woman and within a short period, she began to see through the subterfuge which was being used to fool the Blacks. She went to the FBI with this information and offered to help them in any way she could. She was quite surprised when she found that she had been under observation by the Agency for some time. They asked her to stay in the Party as an undercover agent. She did, and became the confidant of some of the top ranking American communists. She attended a training school with Martin Luther King, Jr. She filled this dangerous position for several years, until she surfaced to testify against Party members. She told me that in every unit she had been acquainted with there was a Jewish supervisor behind the scenes giving the orders. She became an outstanding speaker against Communism, speaking primarily to Black audiences about how they were being used as "cannon fodder," by the Zionist conspirators.

The infiltration of American churches became so bad, that even the fundamentalists and the Pentacostals had problems. Today, the Southern Baptist Convention, at one time the conservative foundation of Christianity in America, is fighting for its life in their confrontation with liberalism, especially in their seminaries. In almost every seminary, Jewish professors, some of whom claim to be Christians, are teaching the subversive Jewish fables, the Apostle Paul warned us against in Titus 1:10, 11,13.

In many cases, the Fundamentalists have been the easiest targets, since they have been taught the Jewish doctrine of Pre-Millennialism and that the people we now know as Jews, are the Chosen People of the Old Testament. These people, who are attempting to destroy Christianity, are held up as the "apple of God's eye," and church members are sternly warned that they must never criticize a Jew, since God will punish them if they do.

Many times you will hear statements such as that made by Jerry Falwell, when he said: "God has been good to America because we have been kind to the Jews." Yet a little opened eyed looking around will show you that America has gone downhill in every phase of her national life, morally, spiritually, politically and militarily, since we gave recognition to the "bastard state of Israel" in 1948. Could it be that our pastors have overlooked a verse of scripture found in 2 Chronicles 19:2, which states:". . . shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord."

These Fundamentalists look at the definition of an anti-Christ, given in1John 2:22 and 23, which by the way is a perfect definition of today's Jews - and they only see other Christian brethren who disagree with them. They refuse to see those who hate them and are trying to destroy them. Then when they look at 2 John 10,11, which tells Christians how they must deal with anti-Christs, they say "oh but that doesn't mean the Jews." What is this admonition to Christians? It says that if anyone come to us a and does not bring the teaching that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, we must not bid to enter our house, or give him God speed, for if we do we "become partakers of their evil deeds."

But such has become the power of Jewish leadership within the Christian churches of' America, that pastors who tell their people the truth about this Jewish infiltration and takes a stand against it, are few and far between. If you do, you are greatly hated and held in contempt by the Christian community.

I believe this is why we can live in a country where 45-million people are supposed to be "born again Christians," yet as this group grows in size, the country goes to hell even faster. WHY? Could it be that these Judeo-Christians have become the "salt" Jesus spoke about when he told His disciples in Matthew 5:13: "Ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has lost its savor (its saltiness), wherewith shall it be salted? it is henceforth good for nothing but to be cast under foot of men."

This is what has happened to the average Alka Seltzer type Christian. They come to church on Sunday morning, and "fizz" for an hour, then go home and "live like the devil." No wonder they have such a little influence on the government.

This is why a Methodist evangelist like Oral Roberts will accept a multi-million dollar gift from a race track operator and why men like Jerry Falell, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Pat Robertson and others, sell out to Zionism, so that they can stay on the airwaves and rake in the TV profits.

In many cases, these men are motivated, not so much by the love of God, as they are by their love of money and prestige. You may say: "That's a nasty thing to judge your fellow Christian like that." To which I can reply by Jesus admonition: "By their fruits shall ye know them." When the Apostle Paul said in 1 Timothy 6:10 that "The love of money is the root of ALL evil," he knew whereof he spoke. For every evil that is destroying America has a big dollar Sign behind it and wherever you find the dollar sign there you will find the vultures of International Judaism gathered for the feast.

It might also be of interest to state that Dr. Harry Ward was also one of the co-founders of THE AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (ACLU) which has been noted for its defense of "left-wing" causes. Ward was its head from 1920-1940. He was also co-founder of THE AMERICAN LEAGUE AGAINST WAR AND FASCISM, which was the fore-runner, of the Communist Party, USA. In short, Ward's background was made up of over 70 communist affiliations. This is why wily old John D. Rockefeller picked him for the task of destroying Christianity in America.

Today, we know the names of many of the traitors who have backed this conspiracy and the day is coming, very soon I believe, when these traitors are going to be forced to answer to the American people for their treason to God and country. I believe it will come, when the White Israelite Christian people of America are willing to fulfill their obligations before YAHWEH GOD and claim the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 - "If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND." There's your answer America, if you want it! But before the healing can take place, there must be a turning; there must be a repentance; there must be a humbling of ourselves before God Our people MUST wake out of their fatal sleep of lethargy and "claim the land" for their God. They must put aside the Jewish fables which have been so cleverly foisted upon them and follow His Law.

Granted that the majority of our people are still in a "brainwashed stage." Granted that they are still deceived and deluded by the traitors of the press, TV, movies and the pulpit. But slowly and surely they are waking up. More and more are asking "What's wrong with America and what can I do about it?" Here is where you and I come in. We must be ready with the truth, to show them how they can stand against this tide of evil. I honestly believe we are standing on the verge of a "flood tide" of awakening, which will once again imbue, White Christians in particular, with that virtue we have almost forgotten; the virtue of RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION, which is the ability to see when things are wrong and the spiritual "guts" to do something about it.

Recently I was visited by two men from the FBI They were on a "fishing expedition." They told me they had heard that I might be one of the defense witnesses, in the Sedition trial at Fort Smith, Arkansas and wanted to know what I could testify about in the defense's favor. When they entered my office, I turned on my tape recorder, and the one in charge said: "Why did you do that?" "Because," I said, "there's no doubt that you are taping what I say and I want a record so that nothing will be changed." He said: "This is just a friendly visit, we are not accusing you of anything. Why do you want to tape us?"

So I told him. I said: "Sir, you need to know that the American people are getting awfully fed up with some of your Federal servants. Especially those of you who have turned from being servants of the people and are now trying to control us. The time is coming soon, when we will have enough and I am making these tapes to use at the trials which will result." For some reason he became much less arrogant.

I don't know how you feel about our present situation. But I still believe that Yahweh God's promises are true and that when He said "when the enemy shall come in like a flood, then shall the spirit of the Lord raise up a standard against them." I'm old fashioned enough to believe that we are not going to be raptured out of this mess we have helped create, but that if we are true we will be saved in the midst of it. I believe we will see miracles like those of the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace of King Nebuchadnezzar. When the king had them removed from the furnace, the account says: the king and all his court saw three men "upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was a hair of their -head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire passed upon them," (Daniel 3:27).

That power is available to you today, through the God that I serve. HALLELU'YAH!

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