Satan's Kids
Part 2 of 3
(Facts every American Christian should Know about
the International Jewish Conspiracy to control you)
By Brig Gen Jack Mohr C.P.D.L.

Satan's Kids Part 2 continued:-
In addition, there are 17daily newspapers with a circulation between 250,000 and 500,000 which are Jewish owned, and/or controlled. These include such papers as the San Francisco Chronicle; Miami Herald; Atlanta Journal; Indianapolis Star; Boston Globe; Kansas City Times; St. Louis Globe-Democrat and the Omaha World Herald.

Add to this almost total control of the nation's TV:

ABC Network - Leonard H. Goldenson, Chairman.

CBS Network - William S. Paley, Chairman.

NBC Network - Robert W. Sarnoff, Chairman.

Metro-Media TV - Herbert G. Klein, V.P. and Director.

Then for more clout, notice that nine out of the ten major movie studios are Jewish owned, and/or controlled and you begin to get some idea of the enormous control exerted on the minds of Americans, by Jewish sources.

Public attention was called to this problem a few years ago, by General George Brown, USAF, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former Vice President Spiro Agnew. Their remarks prompted vehement denials from Jewish sources, but when you look at the list of news agencies controlled by Jews, you can see the falsity of any denials. Both of the above men were severely chastised for having had the courage to warn the American people.

A corporate director, or an editorial manager of Jewish descent, may not be a Zionist. But it is a reasonable assumption, that in most cases, his sympathies will coincide with International Jewry and this will be translated into a biased account which will interfere with any objective reporting of the news.

The bias of a powerful news director can easily be passed on to his subordinates, over lunch, cocktails, or even in the executive washroom. As you know, pay and promotion raises, usually accompany those who religiously follow the boss' wishes.

Within a large chain of newspapers, such as those owned by the New York Times, or the Knight-Rider Newspapers, Inc., individual papers may vary in their editorial positions on many issues; some may be pro-Republicans, while others will back the Democrats, but when it comes to Zionist positions, they must be 100% pro-Israeli. Word from the top, has the way of filtering down to the lowest reporter and very few have the moral "guts" to buck the boss' wishes.

In many instances, Jewish representation on a corporate Board of Directors can be readily ascertained from available reference sources. In some cases, the name, will be a dead giveaway, while others will tend to fool the investigator, since many Jews have taken Gentile names.

In the case of the three major TV networks, these have been under Jewish control for a long time, while the control of the major newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, have been Zionist controlled from the first. Other great newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune, which used to be noted for its conservative stand under Colonel McCormick, has now been taken over by the Jews and serves Jewish purposes.

It is quite interesting to note how the so-called conservative Wall Street Journal and the Liberal New York Times, cooperated in the defense of Helmuth Sonnenfeldt, who was counselor of the State Department under the Zionist Henry Kissinger, when he was opposed in Congress for appointment to the position of Under Secretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs. These great newspapers defended him when serious charges were pending which accused him of transmitting highly classified military information to the Israeli government, without proper authorization. On their defense, the positions of the two newspapers were identical.

The impact of Jewish influence in this vast number of daily newspapers (over 909) is compounded by their influence in the two leading news magazines, TIMES and NEWSWEEK. In addition to articles advocating Zionist positions and spreading Zionist lies and half-truths, they show a complete Jewish line throughout.

The major Jewish influence on non-Jewish newspapers, is in the field of advertising, which they control. This is where the power of the Jewish controlled National Newspaper Representatives become ominous. They can break a non-cooperating newspaper in a very short time, by withholding national advertising.

A good example of this is in the rise to power of Samuel I. Newhouse, son of Meyer Newhouse. His leverage in gaining the power to purchase a large group of newspapers, came through the National Newspaper Representatives and resulted in almost absolute control over 486 daily newspapers. Most of these are controlled through the Newspaper Representatives; but he has the controlling interest in 18 dailies, including such well-known papers as the New Orleans Times-Picayune/State's Item; the Birmingham News; St. Louis Globe-Democrat; Newark Star-Ledger; Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Portland Oregonian. Other Jews who control a large number of daily newspapers are Harold Lessersohn; Mel Freeman; G. Gingold; Howard Rothenberg; John Livingston Weinberg and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger.

The Jewish mechanics used in controlling a small newspaper is to significantly cut off it's national advertising and shut off its paper supplies, if it deviates from the Zionist line. As a result, very few newspapers will buck this National Newspaper representative, controlled by Samuel I. Newhouse.

While many news columnists are Jews, even the non-Jewish columnists and commentators, are forced into taking a Pro-Zionist stance, if they are to stay in business. The late Dorothy Thompson, who had been an influential columnist for many years, lost all of her outlets, when she spoke out against Zionism. Joseph Kraft and C.L. Suliberger are too excellent examples of pro-Zionist columnists, who while their stands are repugnant to many readers, still hold their high paying jobs, because they are willing to "brown-nose" the Zionists.

One of the most vicious Jewish commentators on TV is Martin Abend. Then of course we have the crew of CBS SIXTY MINUTES and the PHIL DONAHUE SHOW, which always show a distinct liberal, pro-Zionist, anti-Christian bias.

As I have shown, this Jewish control was not by accident, neither was it haphazard. It was a well calculated, well-designed plan for the control of the thinking of the American public and their policy towards International Jewry. By their constant campaign of brainwashing the American public, they have brought about the conditions the Communists said they needed for final takeover: "to produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of our enemy (White Christianity) is our first and most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depressions and scientific turmoil.. so use the courts, use the judges, use the Constitution of the Country and its laws to further our ends.. when you have succeeded, you will discover that you can now effect your own legislation at will and can make the Capitalist, by his own appropriations, finance a large portion of the quiet Communist (Jewish) conquest of the nation."

The plan to control national communications, presented in 1840 and which was first implemented in Europe, took root in the United States immediately following World War II, when the headquarters of International Zionism was moved from Europe to New York City. The Zionists realized that Britain and France were becoming "second class" powers and that world-power had passed into the hands of a few powerful men in the United States. Although both David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir (the first Zionist Ambassador to the Soviet Union and an avowed Communist sympathizer) wanted an alliance between the Soviet Union and Israeli, American Zionists stopped this plan, believing rightly, that it would smear the American Jewish Community with a Communist label. They told Ben-Gurion, that since most of his financial support would come from the U.S. they did not want any alienation of American opinion. They argued, that in view of the open, democratic way of life in the United States, they (the Zionists) would be able to dominate the political life of America, while this would be impossible in the Soviet Union.

The use of the Press, by the Jewish minority, strengthens my argument concerning International Jewish control. Coordinating business interests with those of politics, the Jewish run media has profited at the expense of truth for the American people. They have used the media as a "ring in the nose of the bull," to control American politics. Until this Jewish control on American thinking is broken once and for all, misfortune, confusion and continuing decadence will be the "order of the day." There will be no national liberation or regeneration, as long as these "con-artists" control American thinking.

The United States is a nation which is young in tradition. We believe, rightly, that "brave men should stand, between their loved homes, and wars desolation." The nomadic Jewish nation on the other hand, is one of the oldest political entities in the world. Jewry was born under conditions that called for its existence without a homeland. (I suggest you study Genesis 4:9-18 very closely.)

The Jews for centuries, have practiced the art of deception, until it has become a "second nature" to them. They have waged war on this earth for over 25 centuries and are taught the art of deception, male and female, from the day of their birth. This means there are over 14-million "combat ready" fighters, deployed throughout the United States. While the Government exercises strict control over the so-called "right wing" organizations in America and views with suspicion, any movement for the protection of White Christian civilization, the Jews, through organizations such as the Jewish Defense League, are free to train their youth, using fully automatic weapons, contrary to the law, yet nothing is done about it. They are free to bomb Jewish synagogues and harass Jewish families, and lay the blame on the Nazis, or the Ku Klux Klan. For to the Nationalist Jew, "the end always justifies the means," and they are free of all moral compunctions, to use any weapon which will bring about their world conquest. The startling thing is, they have been able to brainwash the average Christian American into believing that they of all people, have this right.

International Jewry always follows a four-pronged strategy:

1 - Manipulate members of the host nation into helping the Jews, no matter how dangerous it may be for their own country.

2 - If the individual refuses to cooperate, by-pass him and take care of him in the "mopping up operation."

3 - If he actively resists, mark him for destruction and then destroy him through defamation, brought about through the controlled media, or by misusing the nation's "due process of law," through Jewish controlled courts and lawyers. Listen to them in their book PSYCHOPOLITlCS, page 52: "Recruit every agency of the nation marked for slaughter into a Foaming hatred of religion... You must suborn district attorneys and judges into an intense belief.. that Christian practice.. is vicious, bad, insanity-causing, publicly hated and intolerable. Just as in Russia we had to destroy, after many years of the most arduous work, the Church, so we MUST destroy ALL FAITHS in nations marked for conquest." That's the International Jewish plan for America.

4 - Never let any individual or organization in the host nation, use the media or the courts, to counter-attack us, or for their own defense.

This theory has been eminently successful in America to the point that when a Jew attacks a Christian it is considered "freedom of speech." But if a Christian is unwise enough to expose a Jew, even though he may be telling the truth, it immediately becomes a case of "anti-Semitism," and often the Christian is ostracized by his own people, as has been my case.

ehind the mindless "shibboleth" (slogan) of "anti-Semitism, the Christian world has attacked its own people, who have the courage to expose the enemy, while the enemy is allowed to go his dangerous way, unopposed by Christian warriors, who are fighting the wrong people.

Supposing that I, as an Anglo-Saxon Christian writer, were to charge that my writings were not accepted; not because they are untruth, but because they will not pass Jewish censorship! Immediately, there would be a great "hue and cry," coming most likely from the Fundamentalist pulpits of America. I would be labeled as an "apostate," not because I had departed from the Scriptural teachings of the Bible, but because I had turned the "spotlight" of truth on God's enemies. They would say of me: "You're prejudice against the Jews is making you paranoid!" This would be false, since "prejudice" means. "a preconceived judgment or opinion; or, an opinion adverse to anything without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge is gained concerning it." This was the attitude my pastor exhibited, when I first tried to present him with evidence, from the Scriptures, concerning the falsehood of Judaism. Although the information I gave him was painstakingly documented, he refused to even look at it and took refuge behind the accusation that I had become an "apostate."

Is the most powerful nation in the history of the world - when measured in tangible armament - totally unable to defend itself when it comes to an ideological war, waged by a relatively small colony of aliens within its midst?

Certainly Christian America is unprepared for this war, when we have traitors against the cause of Christ, standing behind our pulpits, glorifying the enemy. We have been infiltrated from within! Our churches are the main source of the problem.

Unfortunately most Christians know very little about the Jews, except what they have learned in their Sunday School, often from materials prepared by some Jewish scholar. Most Christians believe the Jews follow the Laws laid down by Moses. Those Jews who do, are of an extremely small minority. The second, and much larger group, is made up of people who call themselves "Jews", but who have not a single drop of Abraham's blood in their veins. These are the one's who accepted the heathen, occult teachings of the Babylonians and are ruled in their religious life, by these filthy, anti-God writings.

Many of these, mostly from Eastern Europe, are Khazar Jews, of a Turco-Mongolian background, who were converted to Judaism in the 8th Century, A. D. (For an enlightening journey into Judaism, read the Jewish writer, Arthur Koestler's THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE.)

By far the largest group of professing Jews are atheists and agnostics. They believe the coming Messiah is the Jewish nation, as it rises to prominence to take over control of the world. These Jews look forward to the day when they will have their "stables of goys." It is interesting in this respect, to note how wealthy Jews in the fields of arts and culture, refer to promising young talent as "stables." Could this have something to do with the Talmudic teaching found in Volume KERITHUTH (6b, P.78), which states: "Jews are men, but Christians are not men," or Volume ORACH CAAlIM (225, 10) where Christians and animals are grouped together for contrast?

But like all conspiracies, the Jews do have one weakness. The plan of international Judaism MUST work in secret to be successful.

The victims MUST not know what is going on! They must either be lied to, or become so confused they will not accept the truth! IF THEY CAN BE EXPOSED, THEY WILL BE DEFEATED! "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Truer words were never spoken!

This is why any attempts at exposure, are met with howls of anguish by Jewish leaders, and why immediately, the "media" tries to slap a label of "kook," "dangerous racist," "right wing extremist," or "Fascist," on the one who has courage to walk into this dangerous arena. They CANNOT allow our White Christian people to know what they have planned! This is the reason that books such as this, must be printed and distributed by local publishers and "right wing" organizations, at a greatly inflated cost.

When Jesus spoke to the Jewish leaders in John 8:32 and 33, they disclosed that they were not Israelites, read it for yourself, they said:..."We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man."

What more proof do you need that they were not Israelites? Every Sunday School student knows the true sraelites were in bondage in Egypt. Yet here, the Jew rulers are blatantly stating that they had never been in bondage to anyone. (And don't let your pastor try and spiritualize this statement away.)

But because the "truth will set American Christians free," we see two Jewish programs at work in the world. The one is intended for "goyim" consumption, while the other is exclusively for Jews. No matter what a Jew may say to his "non-Jewish" counterpart, he is seeking a kingdom to come on this earth - a kingdom over all other kingdoms - where Jerusalem will be the center of the world and the Jew will reign supreme. The desire of this Jewish nation, according to their own writers, will be fulfilled, when the wealth of the world is in Jewish hands and all mankind bows at Jewish feet.

I believe Henry Ford, Sr. hit it squarely on the head, when he said, in THE INTERNATIONAL JEW: "If the Jews were fully understood by the Gentiles (non-Jews), if the Christian Churches for example, were freed from their delusion that the Jews are Old Testament people, and if the churches really knew what Talmudic religion is, the 'misrepresentation' would be even stronger. This policy of misrepresentation succeeds, because there is a feeling, strongly entrenched in Gentiles, that somehow the Jews are the Chosen People and that it is dangerous to oppose them in anything: whoever opposes the Jew is damned. The 'fear of the Jews,' is a very real element in their life. It is just as real among Jews as non-Jews, since the Jew himself is bound by fear of his own people arid he exercises the fear of the curse throughout the sphere of religion: 'I will curse (hem that curse thee.'

"If the Jews were really Old Testament people (which they are not), if they were really conscious of a 'mission for the blessing of all mankind,' (which was Israel's heritage and has only been fulfilled by the Anglo-Saxon and related, Christian nations) the very things in which they offend would automatically disappear. If the Jew is being attacked, it is not because he is a Jew, but because he is the source and life of certain tendencies and influences which, if they are not checked, mean the destruction of moral society. The only real misrepresentation in society is its regard for the Jews privileges."

How true, this far seeing man was. After spending years in research and over $8-million studying the Jewish problem, he came to this conclusion. As usual, International Jewry attempted to destroy him, for telling the truth.

Another great American, many years before the time of Henry Ford, saw this same problem and came to the same conclusion. This part of the book, is taken verbatim, from the CHRISTIAN LAW JOURNAL, No.32, 1982. This is the official publication of the Gospel of Christ Kingdom Church.

"As the American colonies rose in revolt against political oppression occasioned by the attempt of Jewish banking houses in Europe to consolidate their economic foothold in the New World, no man among the Founding Fathers was more alert to the designs of International Jewry, than that shrewd elder statesman of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin. Writing to John Adams from Passy, France, on November 26, 1781, Franklin declared: "I think that keeping us out of possession of fifty thousand pound sterling worth of goods for securing the payment of a demand for damages is not only dishonorable treatment but a monstrous injustice. It seems to me that it is principally with John Neufville of Amsterdam, Holland, we have to do; and although I believe him to be as much a Jew as any in Jerusalem, I did not expect that, with so many and such constant professions of friendship for the U.S. with which he heads his letters, he would attempt to enforce his demands by a proceeding so abominable. His proposition of terms on which he would borrow money for us stamped his character on my mind with an impression so deep that it is not yet effaced." (In Albert H. Smythe, THE WRITINGS OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, New York, 1905-1907.)

DeNeufville was a Dutch-Jewish International Banking house that wanted to make a loan to Congress on the modest security of the entire Thirteen Colonies and with the stipulation that all American trade and exchange pay a commission to them!

In another letter to Adams on December 14, 1791, Franklin remarked that such blood-sucking traits dated back a long way.

ln still another instance, Franklin revealed his loathing for Jewry in a poem on Benedict Arnold. (Sec John Bigelow's WORKS OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, New York, 1904.) It was replete with references to Arnold's association with the Jews. The inevitable Jew in the Arnold treason case was David Sholesbury Franks. It seems that Franks and the British general Sir Henry Clinton were involved in illicit trading activities long before Arnold betrayed the American Army.

But Franklin's most damning indictment of Jewry was contained in his famous prophecy at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia. In one of the most anti-Jewish utterances of all time, he declared: "I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. That menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.

"In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

"For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But, gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist off Christians and other people not of their race.

"If we do not exclude them from these United States in this Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance and jeopardize our liberty.

"If we do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

"Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will or how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American's, and will not, even though they live among us for ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention."

These remarks were recorded IN CHIT CHAT AROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSIONS, a section of the Diary of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney of South Carolina. Pinckney (1746-1825) attended the Convention as a delegate, and took down excerpts of some of the outstanding addresses and discourses, which he later published in his diary.

Unfortunately no copies of the Pinckney Diary are known to be in existence. After publication of the Franklin prophecy in the 1930's, the only known copy was at the Franklin Museum in Philadelphia. It mysteriously disappeared and all references to it were withdrawn.

The Jews immediately seized on this as proof that the Franklin prophecy was a "forgery." (The same thing they have said about THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, THE COMMUNIST BOOK ON PSYCHOPOLITICS, RULES FOR BRINGING ABOUT A REVOLUTION, and anything else which exposes their plan for world domination.) They even went so far as to pay academicians to pronounce it a forgery. But the best proof of the Franklin prophecy - as it is with any prophecy - lies in its actual fulfillment. What Franklin foresaw as an ominous possibility in 1787, has today, become a painful fact.

If Ben Franklin was alive today, we can be sure he would be in the forefront of a new American Revolution, this one to free our beloved country from the poisonous alien influences and domination which desecrates the blood sacrifice of those who fought and died for our freedom. (It might be interesting to note, that there are several affidavits, by well-known and respected people, testifying to the authenticity of Franklin's statements in the Pinckney Diary.)

As Franklin predicted, today we must work for five months out of the year, to pay off the usury of the Jewish money-changers, which hangs about our neck like an awful albatross, for countless generations will be saddled with this grievous burden, which can do nothing but get worse, unless we are willing to do something about it.

It is no exaggeration to say that today, International Jewry has trampled underfoot the rights of all peoples, and especially those of White Christians. In their conquest to rule the world, they have brainwashed us into the deadly habit of issuing bonds, not only by the nation, but by municipalities, School Boards, Churches, you name it. By doing this, they have seduced us into mortgaging our national wealth for subversive purposes.

A few months ago, I was speaking with a very prominent pastor in the ranks of the Moral Majority Movement. He indicated that the things I had told him about the Jews were true. He told me that in spite of the fact he had been a staunch defender of the Jews, they were doing everything possible to destroy him and the Moral Majority.

When I asked him why he didn't tell his people the truth about this, I received this sad reply: "I can't. You see they hold $1.7-million worth of bonds on my church and if I said anything bad about them, they might foreclose and I'd lose everything."

he interest on these bonds goes on continually, day and night, without interruption. Its course sweeps like a tornado over the fair fields, destroying everything in its path, bringing death and destruction to everything it touches. It is the seat of world power, that of accumulative interest, which has become the most effective weapon in the world, used by the Jews to control mankind.

These facts constantly stare us in the face; they cry out to our people for recognition. Our only answer is to keep out of debt! The welfare of individuals, as well as of the nation, demands this! The power of the usurer will be broken, when our debts are liquidated on a just and equitable basis.

During the Dark Ages, men raised a great opposition against the ''priestcraft" which was strangling Old Europe. But the power of the priests was small, when compared to that of the Jewish money changers. Concealed behind their office desks and bank counters, these heathen parasites gnaw into our wealth, as they destroy the vitals of mankind through their imposed "amorality." They Follow the law which says: "There is no law which applies to me. I am a Jew, therefore I am above the law!"

While Christians expel apostates from the Church, the Jews expel their opponents from the Stock Exchanges, from social connections, and finally condemn them to starve, with no roof over their heads. If we are ever to restore the social balance of our Country, we as Christians must take hold of the tree by its roots. We must direct our attacks and our exposures against these enemies of Christ and the Church, against the fundamental evil which seeks to destroy Christianity and the freedom it has brought to the world. This evil is

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There seems to be an unwritten law among mankind, which causes them to impose their own conditions, even at expense to others. This has been the basis of the perennial wars which have plagued mankind since the beginning of written history. We have the reason for this in the New Testament of our Bible, James 4:1-3, he says: "From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts (an intense craving for material things) that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not; ye kill and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss (wrongly) that ye may consume it upon your lusts."

Looking back on 6,000 years of written history, we see the truth of this statement. There seem to be three major principles for war:


2 - THE THEOCRATIC PRINCIPLE, in which the masses of a eQuntry are forced to accept a religion; as seen in many Moslem countries; and,

3 - THE PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS. This is where people are enslaved, not by war, but by financial and economic oppression.

The first two principles are well known, since they appear clearly on the stage of history. They can be seen in action in Rome, Greece and in the Papacy and during more modern times in Russia, China and Germany.

But the conquests of the PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS, while more destructive than the other two, has operated behind a "smoke screen," so that only a few have seen and understood.

The "material interests" of mankind are the focal point towards which all other desires point. So to control material interests is the equivalent of total control.

A conquest founded on this Principle is not a victory of armed strength over weakness, nor a victory of knowledge over ignorance. It becomes a victory of cunning and intrigue, over confidence and carelessness.

How many times, when discussing the problems of Communist control, have you heard Americans, especially Christians, say: "But it will never happen here?" While they repeat this trite phrase, they are doing absolutely nothing to keep it from happening.

The main objective of the PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS is to obtain control of all means of existence, and absorb all the wealth of the world, thereby, in the end, bringing the entire world under your control.

In this book, we will discuss how the conquest of mankind is now nearing its completion and the part being played in it, by its principle actors, Satan's Kids, sometimes called the International Jews.

Many of you are going to be dismayed by what you will read. No doubt some of you will become angry and will not be honest enough to finish this book, for to do so, will blast away the myths, which have been built up over the years in your church and which will be dissolved under the searchlight of God's truth.

I do not ask you to believe me, or accept what I say. I do suggest however, that you be honest enough with yourself, that you will read this entire book before you make up your mind. Then take the facts I give you - place them under the most powerful magnifying glass of truth which you can find - this will be the Holy Bible - and when you find that I have told you the truth, let nothing stand in the way of proclaiming the truth!

The Jewish people, alone of all people on the face of the earth, have discovered the secret of the PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS and how to use it in their search for world power.

If you will closely examine history, you will find that from the earliest times of their existence, Jews have used this Principle as a weapon in their fight against the world. It was on this Principle that their entire religious, social and political structure was built.

At this point, we run into our first major problem in discussing Judaism. As you study your Bible, you will never be able to understand it fully, if you use the terms "Hebrew," "Israel," and "Jew" as synonymous terms. They are not one and the same. The word "Jew" does not appear in your King James Version of the Bible until 2 Kings 16:6, which took place about 742 B.C. This was some 1200 years after the time of Abraham, 1000 years after Jacob-Israel and about 750 years after the time of Moses. To call these Hebrew patriarchs "Jews," as is common practice in most churches, is "intellectual dishonesty" of the worst sort. "Jews" do not appear on the historical scene until after the Kingdom of Israel was divided about 975 B.C: They were then known as "IOUDEANS," which simply meant they were inhabitants of Judea. It was not until the tribes of Judah and Benjamin returned from captivity in Babylon, about 536 B.C. that these people became known as "Jews."

The Northern Ten tribes, which were taken into captivity in Assyria, about 730 B.C. disappeared from the Biblical scene and appeared later, in secular history, as they made their way north and west, towards the lands which had been promised to their forefathers. They were known by many names, Scythians, Gauls and Sacea, from which comes the name Saxons, which literally means "Isaac's sons." They were the forefathers of our Anglo-Saxon and related peoples and it is to them that the unconditional promises made to Abraham by God, pertain.

But our study concerns a people who call themselves "Jews." If you are interested in Scriptural confirmation of True Israel, write for my booklets PROOFS OF IDENTITY: WHO IS TRUE ISRAEL? and PHARISEEISM OR ANGLO-SAXON IDENTITY?

With a little effort and research on your part, you can become acquainted with the spirit and character of the Jewish people and properly evaluate their present purpose on the International scene. It is unfortunate indeed, that in following this trail, we have only Jewish documentation to go by. If the Philistines or Babylonians had left us reports of these people, it is quite possible that history would give us a quite different viewpoint than we have today.

We are not sure what circumstances caused Abram to leave Ur of the Chaldees. The Bible simply states in Genesis 12:1, that God told him to leave.

If you will look at a map of the Ancient World, you will find that "Ur" was located on the Eastern boundaries of Arabia, Southeast of Babylon. In all probability Abraham was an Arab. There are many similarities between Arabs and "true Jews." But there are also striking differences. The Arab is quick to start, but often lacks toughness and "staying power.'' The ''Jew", on the other hand, combines a fiery temperment with a stubbornness which is so in-flexible that it has been well said: "The Jew never gives way, and knows neither forgiving, nor forgetting."

There are some Bible scholars who believe the "true Jew" is a direct descendant of the murderer Cain and that therefore they have been a mongrel race from the very beginning, since obviously Cain could not have married into Adam's race. (See Genesis 4:16-18).

There is considerable Scriptural proof for this, one of the most interesting theories is that put forth by Pastor Dan Gayman, in his book THE TWO SEEDS, which can be obtained by sending an offering to THE CHURCH OF OUR CHRISTIAN HERITAGE, Rte 1, Box 61A, Schell City, MO 64783. We do not have time to discuss these Scriptures here, but they were directed at the Pharisaic Jews of Jesus' time. John the Baptist called them "a generation of vipers (poisonous snakes), in Matthew 3:7, while our Lord, speaking to them in John 8:44, said: "Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him..." In Matthew 23:15, once more speaking to the Pharisees, Jesus said: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye MAKE HIM TWO-FOLD MORE THE CHILD OF HELL THAN YOURSELVES." (Emphasis added.)

In Matthew 23:35, Jesus accused the Jews of being guilty of all the righteous blood which had been shed on the earth from the time of Cain.

In John 10:26, speaking very plainly to the Pharisees, Christ told them: "But ye believe not, BECAUSE YE ARE NOT MY SHEEP." (Emphasis added.) In Matthew 21:43, Jesus again speaking to the Jews said: "The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to another NATION (notice closely now, He did not say "church," but "nation") bringing forth the fruits thereof." (Could He have had reference to the coming Christian nations of the world. They are the only one's who have spread His Gospel; they are the only one 5 who have distributed His Holy Word; they are the one's who have helped the needy, set the captives free and have based their nation's laws on the Law of God. The people we now know as Jews have never done this.)

Finally, the Apostle John, writing in I John 3:11, 12, mentions that Christians should " one another. Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother..." (Compare this with John 8:44).

The Arab experiences a beautiful and almost spiritual reverence for anything which is beautiful. The Jew, on the other hand, while stopping to admire a flower, will at the same time be asking himself: "How much can I make out of it!"

Excessive covetousness, which the Apostle Paul says is "idolatry," (Colossians 3:5) is an "inordinate (unreasonable) desire for the possessions of another." This is the Jew's second nature. The lust for material gain is so deeply rooted in his organism that it extinguishes every other passion. Jews know no "self-love". If you "sneer" at him, he will merely "laugh in your face." If you praise him, he will look on you as a fool. But if you venture to keep him from making money, he will turn into a tiger who will fight you to his last breath. His major aim in life is gain and anything which does not have this object in view, is to him as worthless.

A story will suffice to explain this. Two men are laying on their death beds. One is a Jew and the other is a Gentile. The Gentile is deeply disturbed, because he has cheated his fellow men and wants to make this right before he faces his Maker. The Jew, on the other hand, gloats over his "ill gotten gains," and looks on them as God's blessings on him, because he is a Jew, one of the Chosen.

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