A Study In Anti-Gentilism!
Part 1 of 3

by Lt. Col. Gordon 'Jack' Mohr, AUS Ret.

'And 1 (God) will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman and between thy seed and her seed; ft shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel' - Genesis 3:15

'And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly . . .' - Romans 16:20


'Whereas Edom saith, We are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places: thus saith the Lord of Hosts, They shall build but I will throw down: and they (true Israel) shall call them (the Edomite Jews), the border of wickedness and the people against whom the Lord hath indignation forever.' (Malachi 1:4).

We have read a lot in the media, and heard on the television in recent years about 'racial hatred.' It seems to be one of the most popular subjects with the political liberals. In some countries, such as Canada and England, it is against the law to make statements which might be construed as being against minority peoples, and religions, or which might be construed by a lengthy stretch of the imagination as being prejudicial to them. The strange thing is that in all these countries, you can bring the harshest accusations against the White race, or against Christians and little or nothing the White race, or against Christians and little or nothing is done about it.

What has happened, that in countries which were built on the Christian ethic, by White Christians in particular, we would see such hatred for our White heritage? What has gone wrong?

This is what we will discuss in this message which I have entitled A STUDY IN ANTI-GENTILISM. Much of the material used in this message, and the inspiration for this message to American and Canadian Christians in particular, has come from a little book titled THE LONGEST HATRED, published by the Inter-City Research Centre, 31 Eastvale, Acton Vale, London, England W37RV.

A Study in 'Anti-Gentilism'

We hear a great deal these days about 'Anti-Semitism.' It has become a watchword in the vocabulary of the Zionists and their 'stooges' in Judeo-Christianity. It has a terrible connotation in the eyes of most decent people who cringe before it, as though it was something horrible like a rapist, or a child molester.

But a few White Christians, even the best of the Judeo-Christian world see anything wrong in being a ''Gentile basher,' or 'Anti-Gentile.' (By the use of this word GENTILE, I refer to it in its proper scriptural use as meaning anyone who is not a Jew.)

The phenomenon of 'Anti-Gentilism,' and in the Bible the term refers to non-Jew nations, can be seen in the attitude of the Christian Zionist, Judeo-Christian world, which literally fawns at the feet of the Anti-Christ Jews, whom Jesus Christ described as His worst enemies. At the same time, these religious hypocrites castigate 'true Israel,' which are the legitimate Chosen People of God, spoken of in the Bible.

Strangely enough, this hatred between Christian groups will lead to disaster for some, since we are told in Galatians 5:19-21 what the 'fruits of the flesh,' really are, and which will result in 'they that do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.' Some of the things mentioned are found among the ZionistlJudeoChristian group. They are 'adultery (not to worry in the modern church world, since even some pastors encourage it); fornication ('ust doing what comes naturally); wrath; strife ('ust disagree with them over some point of church doctrine and see how much love you receive); envying; murder (how about 2-million babies murdered each year by abortion with many Christians remaining silent about it or even encouraging it?); drunkenness and ravelings.' (Just try New Orleans on for size during Mardi Gras.) All of these are S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) in many Judeo-Christian groups.

But all of the above are rooted and grounded in one Jewish characteristic which can be found in the Bible admonition, 'The love of money is the root of all evil,' (1 Timothy 6:10).

Where do evil men, anti-Christ's if you will, get the power to persecute good people? It comes through their control of the economy of a country, through the Babylonian system of usury which is condemned through the Bible.

In 1913, a banking system was introduced through fraud to the American people, which has been an albatross around our necks ever since. It was the product of International Zionist Jewry and was called the Federal Reserve System. Even the name itself was designed to defraud the people, since it is no part of the Government, but is made up of eight privately owned banks, most alien who control our economy and thus our nation. It might more properly be called the International Bank of Jewry.

This Reserve System, was given the power to coin our money, a task which the Constitution assigned to our Congress. This corrupt economic system creates money out of nothing, lends it to our people at high interest rates and ultimately takes over complete power in any country which comes under its control.

Because of this, the power of our Congress to control the nation is largely illusionary, since no matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in the driver's seat, the power of control remains in the hands of the bankers. This means that we have been under alien control since at least 1913. We have not had an American government in Washington during all this time.

It should be noted that the foundations of the Federal Reserve System were set up by International Jewish bankers such as the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the House of Morgan, Goldman Sacks, Kuehn Loeb and Company and Lehman Brothers.

While the membership of the Federal Reserve has never been made public, the Chief Executive officers have always been Jews, with Alan Greenspan being the latest.

In spite of glossy TV advertisements which tell us about all the good being done by the generous bankers, and how necessary our banking system is to the success of the business world, every year these business vultures, enured by the Babylonian System of Jewish "gelt," deliberately ruin thousands of people's lives. Small businessmen and farmers by the hundreds of thousands have been ruined by these unscrupulous rapists and many have been driven to suicide, drink, and dope, as the result of the usurious interest rates which a subservient Congress always approves.

The banks in America have loaned hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax dollars to Third World nations, which they know will never be repaid. They have nothing to lose, since payment to the bankers is guaranteed by the International Monetary Fund, backed by you the taxpayer.

A few years ago, one of these loans for $8-million was made to the Black Republic (?) of Zimbabwe, to ease famine conditions in that country. It was used by the Black government to purchase 54 new Mercedes Benz limousines, so that the big shots of Zimbabwe could ride around in regal comfort while their people starved. Our State Department knows these things but does nothing to stop or regulate them.

While many elderly people in America, the "land of plenty," are unable to obtain adequate housing, food and medical attention, our corrupt Jew scared government, sends endless billions to Christ and American hating countries. The country of the Israeli alone, who perfectly fulfill the definition of "anti-Christ," as given in 1 John 2:22, 23, "sucks" over $5-billion per year from our taxpayers, over $5,200 for every Israeli family of four. What do we get from it? Not a democratic ally, as the liberal Isareli promoters love to tell us, but a "back stabbing, snobbish, insulting people who steal our military secrets and sell them to our enemies, "while the Israeli Lobby in Washington, D.C. virtually controls our Congress through "fear of the Jews." 74 of our Senators, and God alone knows how many Congressmen, are under their Zionist control. "It is the finest Congress Jewish money can buy!"

The only way we can ever get out of this economic morass, is not through auditing the IRS. If Congress had the "guts" to do it, they could do it the same they let them in 1913, by voting them out, and coining interest free money as the Constitution visualized. Don't expect this to happen yet, as too many Congressmen are "living high on the hog" from the bribes they accept from the Zionists.

Today the taxes collected by the Internal Revenue Service, which is the "gestapo" of the Federal Reserve, barely covers the interest payments on our National Debt, which grows by leaps and bounds every year. Honestly now, how long do you think this can continue?

If our cowardly and contemptible politicians in Washington who think they run this country, Republicans and Democrats alike, would have lived up to their oath of office, we would today have interest-free mortgages and very little if no Income Tax. Yet today, because of the treachery of our public servants, many of who think they are now our masters, the price of a one pound loaf of bread is over a $1.00, with over 216 different taxes accessed on it. The farmer gets about 3cents per loaf for the wheat he raises. The middle man and the banker gets the rest.

The very name of the Internal Revenue Service, as "tax collectors," makes it clear that they are the "bully boys, the Gestapo" of the FED. They exact taxes over which the Government has little control, and set up their own regulations as law. In fact, our political leaders are so afraid of them that the number who will take a stand against their abuses and excesses are few indeed.

Japan has shown the world the route to national independence. The major reason for their amazing success in the business world, is that they control their own money and have legislators who put the welfare of their people first. Something which has not happened in this country in many years.

Taking advantage of 'World Free Trade,' Japan gets their goods into other countries, while erecting barriers to protect their own business interests. In a happy, and more prosperous age in America, our government did the same thing, before they became obsessed with the idea of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and open borders.

But when the Jewish Internationalists got their 'hooks' into our economy and began to push their age old idea of the NEWWORLD ORDER, we began our long and painful slide to economic destruction, while the only ones who benefit from it, are the International Jewish bankers who control our economy.

No study of the International Banking swindle is complete without some reference to the Jewish House of Rothschild, which was formed in the 18th Century in Germany by Mayer Amschel Rothschild. He sent his many sons to England, France, and Austria, where they established local branches of what was to become an International Banking conglomerate.

Early in the 19th Century, Nathan Rothschild, founder of the British branch and known as the 'Red Shield,' declared: 'Let me control the nation's economy and I care not who writes it's laws.'

Using the iron fist, enclosed in the velvet glove, Nathan brow beat the Bank of England into granting him special privileges, and in a short time he controlled English economy.

A Russian Major General Count Cherep-Spiridovich, who was a member of the old Russian aristocracy, wept as he saw his beloved Russia decimated and destroyed by Jewish Bolsheviks. Writing about this in a book entitled THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT OR THE HIDDEN HAND, published in 1926, he said: 'Evil is now enthroned in Moscow. The promoters are not Russians but Jews... Soviet Jews have changed their name into Russian . . . the Czars were murdered by this Hidden Hand, Modern history must be looked at as a mortal implacable assault of the Judeo-Mongul (Khazar Jew) invisible government headed by a Rothschild since 1770, against Christ, Christendom, Christian ideals, and the monarchy.

'The founders of the dynasty of the Occult Supreme World Rulers and World Assassins, were Amschel Rothschild and his wife Gutten Schnappen, a Jewess, in Frankfort-on-Main in Southern Germany The Rothschilds are everywhere masters of the financial situation, there is but one power in Europe, and that is the Rothschilds . . . they can start or prevent wars. Their word can make or break empires . . .' That was seventy years ago, and today their international banking establishment controls the world.

The Russian General went on to say, in scathing denunciation: The Rothschilds wish to whitewash themselves as much as possible. They fear that the so-called Christians might cease to be unheard of imbeciles, cowards and bootlickers. Therefore they claim as their motto 'CONCORDIA, INDUSTRIA, INTEGRITOS,' while no family had done more to cause bloody discords and murders.'

Today, we hear a great deal of talk about the value of DEMOCRACY. It seems to be a Utopian dream which most men seek, yet the Jewish leaders of all Democracies believe as did the Jew Benjamin Disraeli, when as Prime Minister of England under Queen Victoria, he said: 'The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those not behind the scenes: governments do not govern; they merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the Hidden Hand.'

It is because of this, that America has been under alien control for over seventy years, no matter whether Republicans or Democrats have been in the driver's seat. All elections in America and Canada have become exercises in futility, a stupid choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum; the pawns change, but the game remains the same.

In a Democracy, the will of the majority is supposed to be paramount. But even the dentist can see that on important issues such as alien immigration, the controlling of weights and measures, the coining of money; the wishes of the American and Canadian people have meant nothing, because the politicians for the most part have been obedient to their masters, the 'megabankers' not to the people who have elected them to office.

With the rare exception of a few honest and honorable men, our Congressmen for the most part have been obedient to the demands and pressures of International Jewish finance and it has paid well, up until now But what will happen to them when our people learn the truth is a different thing and I imagine many of them tremble in bed at night, when they think about facing the wrath of an aroused people.

Today we are living in the age of 'Think Tanks,' and 'experts.' They lead us in every field of national endeavor, where most of them are manipulated in one way or another by the Hidden Hand of International Jewry.

In America, the control of money power is in New York City, where the Rockefellers, Chase Manhattan Bank, the Federal Reserve Board, Kuehn Loeb and Company, all operate out of the United Nations building, under the guidance of David Rockefeller and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The Warburg Bank and others of the International 'money grubbers,' play 'second fiddle' to the Rockefellers in America.

It is quite obvious through educated observation, to see that the day will soon come, when the incomes of the American people will not be able to pay both for the essentials of a decent life and the interests payments to the Money Gangsters. This is what they are waiting for, for when that day comes, we, the working people of America, will be their slaves.

When this happens, we will see a financial collapse of such gigantic proportions, that the Great Depression of the 1920's will seem like a Sunday School picnic in comparison.

During this period, the 'Money Moguls,' will introduce their 'cashless, society, which is already in the planning stage, and has been tried out in numerous places.' This will make slaves of the entire world, with the exception of the financially elite. This will be the NEW WORLD ORDER our President visualizes; a One World Government, with a One World Police Force, a One World Dictator, and a One World Religion which will not be Christianity.

This is the One World Government the anti-Christ's have been attempting to set up since the time of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, which God so effectively squelched in Genesis 11:1-9.

At that time they said they were building their tower to reach up unto heaven 'to make a name for ourselves.' There ideas have not changed in almost 4,000 years.

In due course, the Internationalists plan to have every individual indelibly marked at birth, possibly through laser technology, with their own bar code. This six bar code (666), which is frighteningly similar to the '666' system of the anti-Christ mentioned in Rev. 13:16-18, will encode the individual's name, address, family history and social security number. It will be possible to add to this information at any time with details about education, employment, business interests, associates, politics, court convictions, social contacts, friends, enemies, visits abroad, political views, hobbies, in fact every aspect of your private life which you can conceive of. Scanners in banks, government and municipal offices, personnel departments of potential employers, police stations, and even police officers on patrol will have this information available on seconds notice. Your individual privacy will be a thing of the past.

In effect, our people will become mobile credit cards, who cannot 'buy or sell (do business) unless they have the official mark,' (Rev. 13:17). In plain language, we will be absolute slaves of the Finance Moguls and the State they control. We are much closer to this than most people believe, and no one will have more to lose than the 'brainwashed' Christians who are now helping them into power.

While most Christians have been led to believe that Communism and Capitalism are enemies, the truth is very different. The New York Jew lawyer, Henry Klein, in his book ZIONISM RULES THE WORLD, wrote: 'In 1917, Schiff, Warburg and their associates (all super-rich Jewish capitalists), financed Trotsky (real name Bronstein) and Lenin (Ulynov) who overthrew the Russian Govern-merit. Their revolutionary followers murdered the Czar and his family and millions of Russians in the Ukraine . . . Communism is no enemy of money control - it is the instrument of money power.'

An official American Intelligence Report in Feb.1916 stated: 'We learned for the first time that a revolution was being formented in Russia. We discovered that those engaged in the work of destruction were - Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, Jerome Hanover, Charles Guggenheimer and Max Breiting - Jewish directors of Kuehn Loeb and Company (a Jewish bank subsidiary of the Rothschilds in New York.) There is scarcely a doubt that this revolution was worked up and launched by distinctly Jewish influences.' (UNQ.) This report went on to list all the people of importance in the Soviet Government and noted that all were Jews. While the Jews made up only 5% of the Russian population at this time, between 80 to 900/0 of the estimated 50,000 Communists who started the revolution were Jews.

A one time British Naval Intelligence Officer, Admiral Sir Barry Danville, writing in his memoirs FROM ADMIRAL TO CABIN BOY, said that the British Parliament was controlled from behind the scenes by a 'Judeo-Masonic' combination.

The same thing has been true in the United States since at least 1913, when our Congress aborgated their responsibility to control our money supply, and thereby our economy, handing it over to the alien Federal Reserve System, which is made up of eight privately owned, Jewish controlled banks.

The Jewish writer, Blumenthal in his book JUDISK TIDSCRIFT, published in Sweden in 1929, said: 'Only recently our race (Jews) has given the world a new prophet, but he was two faces and bears two names; on one side his name is ROTHSCHILD, the leader of all Capitalists, and on the other Karl Marx, the apostle of those who want to destroy Capitalism.'

For over half a century now, the nations of Christendom, (the White nations which represent true Israel) have spent hundreds of billions of dollars, ostensibly to defend ourselves against an enemy, which would have destroyed itself without our help. On at least 12 major occasions since 1918, when our Communist enemies were on the verge of economic collapse, it was the infusion of Christian aid, which kept them from collapsing. We are doing the same thing in 1992. As the old Communist world teeters on the verge of disaster, we are shoring up what we hope will be democratic countries, but which in reality are communism under a new name. lnternational Judaism has controlled both camps from the beginning and have plundered the Free Christian World to build their system of One World Government, which our President calls the NEW WORLD ORDER.

A little research will reveal that the mighty Soviet military machine, has been almost completely the product of Western technology. We built it for them, or sold, or traded, or have given them outright, everything they needed from bread, to copper wire, to computers to run their missiles. In the late 1940's and early 1950's, tons of materials necessary to the building of Russia's atomic system were delivered to them by the traitors in our government.

Professor Anthony Sutton conducted a massive in-depth study of East-West trade during this period, and released his findings in his book NATIONAL SUICIDE: MILITARY AID TO THE SOVIET UNION. Our national political and military leaders have known about this treason and have no excuse for ignorance.

John Stockwell of the U.S.C.I.A. broke his oath of secrecy to reveal in his book IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES, that America and the U.S.S.R. have not been enemies, but were allies all during the Cold War, both working towards their goal of world domination by the internationalists.

Louis Marshalko, on page 227 of his book WORLD CONQUERORS, quoted Chaim Weisman (the Rothschild funded leader of Zionist Jewry in America), as saying: 'We are one people despite ostensible rifts, cracks and differences between the American and Soviet democracies. We are one people and it is not in our interest that the West should liberate the East, for in doing this and in the liberation of the enslaved nations, the West would inevitably deprive Jewry of the eastern half of it's world empire.'

It has been known for many years, from reliable, official sources, that Communism was imposed on Russia by International Judaism; the same unsavory tribe of Turco-Mongolians who have infiltered the governments of America, Canada and the rest of the Christian world.

They control the media of all these nations, their economics, and have brainwashed, gullible Christians in particular, into supporting them as God's Chosen People, while they go about their centuries old scheme to destroy the White Christian world. This is their boasted aim!

Major Robert Williams an American Counter-Intelligence agent during World War II, revealed in his book THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER, that there was 'a Jewish world power movement, hidden inside the Communist Movement. It is the Anglo-Saxon who must be undermined, softened and brainwashed, made to breed with the dark races if the Zionists are to win.'

Roberts went on to say: 'Unless the American people recapture their government and smash the Zionist machine, the insane elements within that machine will wipe out mankind.'

World Jewry openly brags about the part they have played. In January 1928, the Jewish writer, Marcus Eli Ravage, writing in the CENTURY MAGAZINE, said: 'We Jews are at the bottom of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history . . . We did it solely with the irresponsible might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda.'

The Jew Oscar Levy, in the preface to the book THE WORLD SIGNFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, said: 'There is scarcely an event in modern Europe which cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews today are nothing else but the world's seducers, it's destroyers; it's incendiaries; it's executioners.'

Samuel Roth, another Jewish author openly told his people: 'We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, and we are the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of mankind.'

The AMERICAN HEBREW, leading Jewish newspaper in the United States, on 9110120 said: "What happened in Russia, shall also, through the same Jewish mental power, become a reality over all the world."

The Red Rabbi Stephen Wise, when asked by a newspaperman to comment on Communism, said: 'Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism!' While another Jewish leader openly admitted that 'The ideals of Bolshevism are consonant (in agreement with) the finest ideals of Judaism.'

Another well-known Jewish writer, Maurice Samuels, in his book YOU GENTILES! page 155, said: 'We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers. Nothing that you will do will ever meet our demands and needs.' In Rabbi Lewis Browne's book, HOW ODD OF GOD!, he said: 'We (Jews) intend to remake the Gentiles ('goyim' non-Jew animals) - what the Communists are now doing in Russia.')

In 1978, a Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, Administrative Assistant to the Jewish Senator from New York State, Jacob Javits, in a paid interview said: "Christ was only a man - a man who walked the earth like any other man and this myth that He rose from the dead and returned to this earth to visit with His disciples is a bunch of crap. The Jews who drove the Arabs out of Palestine did so to disprove Christ's mission for a spiritual kingdom. You see, instead of a leader who would make an empire for the Jews, your kind of people gave the Jews a peaceful preacher called Christ who instead of an eye-for-an-eye turns the other cheek. Rubbish! We are building and, in fact, have built an earthly empire without your kind and your disappointing Messiah."

When asked wh Jewish led Communism always destroyed the middle-class or educated and their entire families, Rosenthal said: "It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing government, their families and relatives, but never Jews. They (the Communists) destroy all members of the police, state police, military officers and their families, but never Jews. You see, we know when a government begins to search for Communists, they are really attempting to uncover Jews in their area. We are not fooled! The invisible rulers in the Communist countries have world control over the propaganda and governments in free countries. We Jews control every media of expression including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Even your music! We censor the songs leased for publication long before they reach the publishers. Before long, we will have complete control of your thinking."

He went on to say: "There will be forced class warfare here in the United States and many will be liquidated ... They Jews will not be harmed! I am not boasting! I am giving you the facts! And it is too late for you Christians to set up a defense. That time is long past. (Remember this statement was made 14 years ago.) Long ago we had to become the aggressors! That is our great purpose in life. We are the aggressors! Because you stole our pretended religious beliefs from our Talmud." (Of course this last statement is false, since it is blasphemous to state that Christianity came from the cesspool of the Talmud.)

When asked his thoughts regarding religion, he stated among other things: "Through our propaganda the Christian church has become our most avid supporter and have even given us a special place in society, as they believe the lie that we are 'God's Chosen People,' and they are 'Gentiles.'

"These deluded children of the church defend us to the point of destroying their own culture. This is evident even to the dullard that views history. All our produced wars have been white fighting white. We controlled England during the Revolution, the North and South during the Civil War, and England and America during World Wars I and II. Through our influence on religion we were able to involve the ignorant white Christians in wars against themselves while we reaped a financial and political harvest. Anytime truth comes forth which exposes us, we simply rally our forces - the ignorant Christians. They attack the Crusaders even when they are members of their own families. (Oh how I know this to be true!)

"Through religion we have gained control of your society, your government and your economics. No law is passed except its merits have previously been taught from the pulpits. An example of this is racial equality which leads ultimately to mongrelization. The gullible clergy in one breath instruct their parishioners that Jews are a special, Chosen People, while in the next breath they proclaim that all races are the same. This inconsistency is never discovered. So we Jews enjoy a special place in your society while all other people are reduced to common equality. It is for this reason that we authored the equality hoax, thereby reducing all to a lower level."

Much, much more could be added to this information, all coming from Jewish sources.

The present moves we see in the Soviet Union are nothing more than a propaganda exercise, to soften-up the brainwashed hordes of Christendom and prepare them for the "final kill."

Or as Dmitri Manualisky, a Soviet official stated in 1936: "We will overwhelm them with unheard of peace overtures, and the Christian nations, stupid and decadent, will leap at the chance to be our friends; they will willingly cooperate in their own destruction; then when their guard is down, and they have gone to sleep, we will SMASH them with our clenched fist."

It is significant to note that many of the leaders in the "new democratic parties" in Eastern Europe today, are Jews.

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