Jesus -- The Rock That Will Not Roll
Part 1 of 3
(An expose of Satan's Minstrels of Music)
by Lt. Col. Jack Mohr, AUS Ret.

"Every good free bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit... Therefore by their fruits shall ye know them". - Matt. 7:18, 20


Christian Youth and Parents, Have You Been
"Sucked in" by this Satanic Delusion?

"This know, that in the last days (of this age) perilous (dangerous) times shall Come. For men (and women) will be lovers of their own selves - . Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away". - 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Jesus Loves to Rock and Roll Or Does He?

For many years, knowledgeable men and women have known of plans to Capture the minds of our people through "Cultural subversion" - Although we have been told that anti-Christ Communism is dead, the same anti-Christ crowd, headed by Talmudic Zionism, is pursuing the same objective today. During the Korean War (1950-53) this was popularly known as "brain washing". The Chinese Reds had a more descriptive term, they called it "Thought Control" or "Mind Control".

The end results as planned by this Talmudic group, is the destruction of White Christian civilization and the emergence of America, and the other great nations of Christendom, in a Jewish controlled New World Order.

It must begin with the destruction of the moral and spiritual foundations which have made our countries great. In America, this plan has been underway for decades, as we see the constant attack against the family unit, the subversion in our churches, where our worst enemy is glorified as God's Chosen and where our education system and the media have joined hands in this godless venture.

At the end of the Korean hostilities, when Major General William Dean, our highest ranking POW was returned through Pan' Mun 'Jon, the chief Chinese interrogator, a Lt. Col. with a Ph. D., from UCLA accompanied him. According to the general's own testimony, this communist told Dean: "Don't feel bad about leaving us, for we will be in control of your country one of these days". When Dean asked how they would accomplish this, he was told: "All we need to do is destroy one generation of your youth, and we will conquer you." This has been their plan!

As a result the efforts of the Talmudic-Socialist-Communist enemy has centered on our most precious possession, our American boys and girls.

In the Communist textbook PSYCHOPOLITICS, which was their "blueprint" for the subversion of America, written in 1933, we find these words on page 24: "By the use of various drugs, it is, in this modern age, well within the realm of psychopolitical reality, entirely too easy to bring about a state of severe neuroses or insanity in the wife or children, of high officials, and thus pass them, with the full consent of the Important person, and the government in which he exists, or the bureau in which he operates, into the hands of a psychopolitical operator, who then, in the safety of his own laboratory, without restraint or fear of investigation or censor, can with surgery, electrical shock, sexual attack, drugs, or other useful means, degrade or entirely alter the personality of that family member, and create in that person, a psychopolitical slave subject, who then, on command or signal, will perform outrageous actions, thus discrediting the important person, who will then demand that certain (political) measures are taken as directed by the operator"

I believe this may very well account in large part, for the outrageous actions of children or spouses of political and religious figures, used to discredit them.

Since in most civilized countries, such a person can be declared insane, and lose all their rights, such as owning property, or testifying in court, this has become an excellent tool for the enemy to use in the degrading and destruction of America as a Christian nation.

Further on page 27, this book (PSYCHOPOLITICS) describes the method by which this degradation can be accomplished. it says: "Deny the Capitalist (Christian) country easy access to courts, bring about and support propaganda to destroy the home, create continuous juvenile delinquency, force all manner of practices to divorce the child from the family, which will in the end create the chaos necessary to communism.

"Under the saccharine guise of assistance to them rigorous child labor laws are the best means to deny the child any rights in society. Refuse to let him earn and by forcing him into unwanted dependence upon grudging parents, who have been forced into a never ending economic stress, the child can be driven into revolt and delinquence will ensue.

"Make readily available drugs of various kinds; give the teenager alcohol, praise his wildness, stimulate him or her with sex literature and teach sexual practices in sex education. Using these methods, the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness which will drive them into communism".

As we look at what has happened in America over the past fifty years, one would have to be entirely lacking in intelligence if they could not see the terrible results which have been accomplished.

Just one evening of roaming the TV channels, should be enough to prove to you the depravity (most coming from Jewish funded entertainment sources), which is being force fed to America's gullible youth.

One will immediately note, and be properly shocked, if they have not seen it before, how decent American young people can be transformed from normal, happy human beings, into a screeching, howling mob of savages, enticed by the horrible caricatures of humanity who Gambol on the stage as rock musicians. These appear in every guise of indecency and filthiness, driven on to their excesses by the ear splitting resonance of what is known as "Rock 'n Roll".

The enemy infiltration of America's music in the past fifty years has been nothing short of phenomenal. It is being used as a two-edged subversive sword with one cutting edge aimed at moral disintegration, while the other destroys the mental and emotional stability of our youth through a process which causes mass neurosis.

In 1946, the Zionist influence on this propaganda, came to light when Sidney Finklestein, a Jewish cultural spokesman for the Communist movement in the U.S. wrote a book HOW MUSIC EXPRESSES IDEAS! in which he called for: "breaking down barriers between classical and popular music." He proposed to smash this barrier, by inundating classical music with the "Music of the Negro people". He was not referring to Negro spirituals, but rather the African jungle beat music which today inundates American music with its racuous sounds, accompanied by equally racuous and filthy sexual lyrics.

Jerry Rubin, the Jewish radical of the Vietnam War era, in his communist oriented book DO IT! states that "rock 'n roll" marked the beginning of the communist revolution among American youth. He openly stated: "We use sex, rock 'n roll, and dope as part of the communist plot. We've combined youth, music, sex, drugs, and rebellion with treason I That's a hard combination to beat!"

This may be why one Jewish commentator said: "If the establishment knew what today's popular music was saying, not necessarily what the words say, but what the music says, they'd ban it! They would smash all the records and arrest anyone trying to sell or play it!"

But now, looking at modern music from the perspective of 1993, we realize that the so-called Establishment, has been in the plot all along, for it has been vitally necessary for them in order to produce their New World Order, which will be devoid of Christianity.

William C. Bullitt, America's first ambassador to the Soviet Union, once stated: "The great tragedy of the West is that it's leaders - and they are good Christian patriotic men - simply are not capable of grasping or understanding the nature of the enemy bent on their destruction." While this may have been true then, although I seriously doubt it, America's leaders for the most part have known what was going on, but have been traitors to this country, and to their oath of office to protect It and it's Constitution from all enemies without and within. Instead, we have seen them subsidize and help these enemies over and over again.

From at least 1945 until the so-called "end of the Cold War", our leaders have "conned" the American people into believing that Communism was our greatest enemy. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars building a defense against them. Yet during this same period, on at least 14 major occasions, when this enemy has been on the verge of economic destruction, it has been our government, using our tax money, that has put them back on their feet. In my understanding this is "giving aid and comfort to the enemy," and is TREASON of the highest order.

Today, many of the "good Christian patriots" Bullitt spoke about, were in the move to sell America "down the river", into slavery.

Many of our politicians, and yes our Christian ministers, have been willing to cooperate with the enemy for profit, popularity, or other selfish reasons. It is unfortunate indeed, that many of these are Christian religious leaders, which teach two falsehoods. First that the enemy is God's Chosen, and second that when Christ died, He did away with the Law. This has turned most Christians into the "panty-waisted, sissy-britches, good-Lord, good-devil crowd" of the Laodicean church. (See Rev. 3).

One of the major Talmudic methods of destruction of Christianity is through a little known psychological weapon called "mentacide", (destruction of the mind). It is a psychological process which literally causes "mental suicide". In fact, it's major purpose is to "create sick minds

By using music, hypnosis and Pavlovian psychiatry, these evil men can destroy a nation without a military attack, as they have said: "America will raise the hammer and sickle over the country themselves". Or as Khruschev said: "They will become so degraded from within, they will fall into our laps like overripe fruit".

We know from Biblical accounts, that as early as 1063 B.C., David, the Psalmist, used music to soothe a deranged mind. We read in 1 Samuel 16:23 - "And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul (King of Israel), that David took a harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed and the evil spirit departed from him". Someone once commented that "music has charms to soothe the savage beast". This is true I But it can also be used to stir up the savage beast, and this is how the enemy is using it against American youth.

As far back as the time of Plato, the Greek philosopher (427-347 B.C.), he warned the Greek legislators against all music which was of an effeminate or lascivious nature, while encouraging that which was pure and dignified.

I saw a dramatic personal example of this while I was serving with the Army in Eritrea, East Africa in 1958-62. While on a hunting trip into central Sudan, 2500 miles inland, where they had never seen a white man before, where they had no knowledge of the wheel, or even how to start afire, we attended a native celebration one night. The music was provided by different sized drums, made from hollow logs. I was amazed to see the effect this drumming had on the natives. One drum beat would produce a hypnotic effect, where the people around the campfire would sway together in perfect rhythm. A change of the beat would cause the warriors to leap to their feet and charge into the crowd, stabbing in all directions (woe be to anyone who got in their way). Then the beat changed again, and the men rushed to drag the women by the hair, into the surrounding brush, where a gigantic sexual orgy took place. At that time I thought:

"How absolutely Satanic this is!" Then several years later, I attended a rock concert in Miami, where I heard the same drum beat, with the same effect on civilized youth. The young girls, many from Christian families, went into a frenzy as they literally fought to get on the platform with the gyrating musicians. Some tore off their blouses, and scratched themselves on their bare breasts until they drew blood. It was as savage and Satanic as anything I saw in Africa.

In the intervening years since 1962, the rock scene has got much worse, as degenerates like Madonna and "the Prince" have become popular to the point where they are actually worshiped by "brain dead" youth. Yet today, many youth become extremely hostile if you point out how they are being used, and they are often backed in their stand by their parents and church leaders.

A careful study of "hard rock" will prove to an impartial observer, that not only is the beat harmful to the mind, but the lyrics promote promiscuousness, use of drugs, chaos and rebellion against everything decent. This, of course, is their purpose!

To a casual observer from another planet, it would be easy to understand the evil behind the modern Jewish controlled music system. All one needs to do is look at the names of those who own the music companies that produce rock, and those who promote it. Look at the names of the rock bands, such as GRATEFUL DEAD, then look at the savage, sleazy appearance of the artists, at the dinky Afro's, their antics such as biting the head off a live chicken, and many other utterly revolting things which civilized people should detest. Look at their antics which we know suggest the sex act in it's rawest, that they perform on stage in front of everyone. All this filthiness has a purpose The degradation and ultimate destruction of White Christian civilization is their ultimate aim I And I use this term, not because I am a "racist" but because I am speaking about the Christian majority.

I recently finished reading David A. Noebel's book THE MARXIST MINSTRELS for the third time. It is one of the best books exposing how the enemy uses music to subvert our youth, although somewhat dated at this point. In this book he quotes from many sources, how beginning in the 1960's music companies such as YOUNG RECORDS; RECORDS, INC., were set up by the communists for the expressed purpose of subverting our youth.

It is extremely interesting to note the large number of Jewish names found among the musical companies publishing this rot. But when we realize that the objectives of Talmudic Zionism, run parallel and in agreement with those of communism, we can understand why this is.

Most of our gullible youth become so disoriented and actually hypnotized bythis music, that they have no idea of what the enemy is doing to them and readily play into their hands.

I saw a good example of this after the Korean War, as I worked with returning POW's. I sat on the court martial of an Army Staff Sergeant, who had been accused of murdering four fellow soldiers. This man, with an outstanding combat record, had been captured near the Manchurian border, in the initial Chinese offensive of November 1950. He was placed in a mud hut in a prison camp near the Yalu River with 39 other POW's. In that terribly cold winter, where the temperature often plunged to 400, they huddled together trying to keep from freezing. Since they were not allowed to go outside for sanitary purposes, and four of the men were sick with dysentery, the hut became mighty smelly. One night, in disgust, this sergeant threw the four sick men outside, where they froze to death. I was not terribly shocked by this, since there are always men who will do anything to gratify their own senses. The thing that shocked me, was the attitude of the other 35 men in that hut. Eight of them appeared as government witnesses for the prosecution. When they were asked: "What did you do when the sergeant threw those sick men outside?" Everyone answered: "We didn't do nothing" When asked "Why?" their response was: "It wasn't none of our damned business!" Where do you suppose they had developed this lack of concern? Very possibly from their school or maybe even their church, which was teaching humanitarianism instead of Christianity. This "mind altering" had taken place before they began their "brain-washing" in the military.

The idea of the "mental child molesters" in psychology and music, is not to make minds well, but to make them sick.

Turning again to the textbook on PSYCHOPOLITICS, page 41, we read: "Defamation is the foremost weapon of the Psychopolitical operator . . . By attacking the morals and character of man himself and by bringing through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a marked degree

On page 43: "As it seems in foreign nations (America) that the (Christian) church is the most ennobling influence, each and every branch and activity of every church must be discredited. Religion (Christianity) must become unfashionable by demonstrating through psychopolitical indoctrination, that the soul of man is nonexistent, and that man is an animal. An immediate attack upon the sanity of the attacker, before any hearing can take place, is our best defense". This is why the Christian Patriot is always painted by the controlled media, as being "paranoid, anti-Semitic, racist, and Fascist". The best defense of the enemy is through "defamation of character".

Recently, a very good friend of mine, who has been on Death's Row, at the State prison in Tucker, Arkansas, was evaluated by a government psychiatrist. The psychiatrist said he was unbalanced because "he believed there was a Zionist plot to destroy White Christian civilization", even though the Zionists openly admit this is their plan. Yet most members of the Judeo-Christian churches in America, have become so thoroughly brainwashed by Jewish mind control in their churches, that their minds are literally encased in "denominational cement", and only the "dynamite of God", can blow them loose, to where they are even willing to listen to the truth. I know, from sad personal experience for I went through this deadening process over fifty years, before I learned the truth.

Christian clergy who use the term "anti-Semitic" rarely know what the term signifies, and are often found among those who allow "religious rock" in their churches. They should know better, for even basic knowledge of English, shows that they have become "intellectual prostitutes" of Zionism. They have ingrafted into this Christian generation, with few exceptions, the idea that everything in life is secondary to what they do right now. This has given us such slogans as: "You only go around once in life, so live with gusto!" "If it makes you feel good, baby, do it!"

The enemy has been successful in turning many ministers of the gospel into "male prostitutes", for Zionism. (A "male prostitute" is one who sells his body from the shoulders up, as a female prostitute does hers from the waist down"), These so-called "servants of' God", like the female of the species, are willing to sell out to anyone who has the asking price. Should any whisper, pamphlet, or book against the enemy efforts be published by a Christian Patriot, you can count on these "religious prostitutes" to immediately brand them as "insane and a danger to decent society".

Jewish leaders openly admit their desire to wipe our White Christian civilization which is the only barrier that stands between them and their New World Order. The Jewish author Samuel Roth, stated: "We (Jews) come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, while we are the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of men".

The AMERICAN HEBREW readily admitted in it's Sept. 10, 1920 issue, that the Bolshevik Revolution was the result of Jewish planning and stated: "What happened In Russia, will through Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality over all the world". They were willing to slaughter over 140-million human beings to bring this about, including tens of millions of your Christian brethren. Now they are using your tax money to build a Museum to their so-called Holocaust during WWII, which is more and more proven to be one of the biggest hoaxes they have ever pulled on gullible Christians. While the much larger Christian Holocaust of World War Il and Communism, Is seldom mentioned, these mental deviates laugh as they "pull the wool" over the eyes of brainwashed Christians, who still insist on elevating them to the position of God's Chosen. This, even though they know their own Savior said of them: "Ye believe not, because ye are NOT MY SHEEP", (John 10:26). What will it take to get our sleeping people to wake up? Must we see our sons and daughters slaughtered in the streets, our women violated, and our churches and Bibles burned, before we wake up to reality?

So in the light of these truths, there is little wonder that the attack against our Christian youth, is coming from those who have publicly declared their hatred for our King.

When analyzing the ideas which drive modern music makers, you will find them engaged "hand in glove" with the psychologists and psychiatrists of the land, who are almost always Jews. They are engaged in the One World idea of breeding a "race of mentally ill Americans (U.S. and Canada alike), beginning with our children, starting when they are In kindergarten.

As you study their methods, you can understand why the Communist Khruschev was able to honestly say: "We will bury youl"

Remember, Talmudic communism is not dead, no matter what the controlled media tells you to the contrary. It has merely changed it's name. It is still controlled by the same "hard-nosed, Jewish Communists", who have been in power since 1918. If you refuse to believe this, I challenge you to take an honest, unbiased look at what Is happening in Asia today.

Going again to PSYCHOPOLITICS, page 44, we read: "By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about general degradation, by interfering with the economy of a nation (they did this successfully in 1913 with the Federal Reserve System),to the degree that privation and depression can come about (we have only experienced this to a mild degree before, now we are about to see real suffering among our people), only minor shock will be necessary to produce in the population as a whole, an obedient reaction, or hysteria".

Can you imagine what would happen if a "back pack nuclear bomb" carried by the Russian Spetsnaz troops we know are in the U.S. by the hundreds, were to go off in a large city? Look what happened when that bomb went off in the New York Board of Trade. If a nuclear device were exploded, our government, pressured by so-called Christian ministers, would be forced to surrender, before the first enemy soldier landed on American soil.

It is indeed strange and terribly sad, to see so-called Christian organizations such as the National Council of Churches, use and recommend children's records put out by the enemy. It is all part of the overall plot. Even the conservative Southern Baptist Convention was guilty of aiding in this debacle, when they sold records put out by Communist record makers, in their book store at 1010 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee in 1965.

The same can be said of the United Methodists, the Presbyterians and many others. It is also interesting to note how family magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Parents, and Los Angeles Times, and others, have backed the subversive music companies. But it is understandable, when you realize that all these media outlets are Jewish owned, and/or controlled.

The Jewish ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF THE B'NAI B'RITH, and the Jewish controlled AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION, have stood up for the rights of these "mental child subverters" to exercise control over the minds of our children through subversive methods.

One of the biggest problems in recent years in Christian families, is that parents have become so "brainwashed" that they have become responsible TO their children, rather than FOR them. There is a great deal of difference. As a result we see Christian parents, who buy sound systems for their teenagers, which often cost hundreds of dollars, then shell out other funds, so they can purchase records which are made to destroy them. Jesus told us how He felt about these "child molesters" in Matt. 18:6, when He very plainly stated: "But whoso shall offend (Greek - "cause to stumble, or entice to sin"), one of these little one's which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea". God will show very little mercy in the Judgment, for those who have deliberately tried to destroy our youth. Teachers and preachers alike, beware!

If someone tried to molest your child, you would be right to be indignant and take any measures necessary to stop it, even if it meant physically harming the molester. But many Christians have forgotten what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Timothy 5:8- "But if any provide not for his own (people; blood kin) and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel". Brother and sister Christian, this means protecting them, as much as giving them food and clothing. The so-called Christian who pontificates about how he would never use force for any reason, is a traitor not only to his family, but to his God.

By now, some who are reading this tract may believe I am engaged in an anti-Jewish diatribe. Not at all! I am merely telling the truth; observable facts, If you are honest enough to look at them. I am not exposing them because they are Jews, but because of the evil they are doing. Paul told us what to expect of them In Titus 1:10, when he said: "But there are many unruly and vain talkers, SPECIALLY THEY OF THE CIRCUMCISION: whose mouths MUST be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things they ought not for filthy lucre's (money) sake." Then in 1 Thessalonians 2:15, he says of them (the Jews): ". . . they please not God, and are contrary to all men". Those are not my words, they come from the Book. So all I am doing is giving you the facts, about those people who openly declare their intentions to destroy White Christianity.

Everyday on the television, on the printed page, in Sunday School literature, in the classroom, we see our precious boys and girls as they are under attack by this vicious conspiracy. Yet very few Christians, have the "intestinal fortitude" to openly oppose it. Men like Jerry Falwell give lip service to Pro-Life groups. So does Pat Robertson and Dr. Billy Graham. But you will find none of them who have the courage to tell their listeners who is behind this conspiracy. Why? Could it be the millions of dollars they take in through their TV programs, which would be "down the tube", if they told the truth? Pat Robertson decries the movement to destroy Christianity, on one hand, while subsidizing these same enemy on the other, by declaring them to be God's Chosen. We could name many others such as Jack Van Impe, Oral Roberts, David Webber, etc.

I am sick and tired to the point of nausea, with these Christians who will not use physical force to defend their loved one's and their God. They search the scriptures, trying to find verses which will back their so-called nonviolence, while like Martin Luther King, Jr., adding to the violence they say they abhor, by allowing wicked men to control our people.

During the Vietnam War, Jerry Rubin, one of the Jewish "mind molesters", who invaded our college campuses stated: "We will combine youth, music, sex and drugs with rebellion and treason - that's a combination hard to beat!" (From his book DO IT, pg. 249).

At this time I was working the college lecture circuit and came into many violent confrontations with those who were attempting to destroy our education system. In 25 incidents with the so-called "hippie" element; one violent one at the University of Kansas in April 1972, where I was beaten by the dissidents; I found every radical group led by young Jews from wealthy families. The college coeds who deliberately exposed their "private parts" to harass the National Guard at Kent State, were for the most part Jewesses. This is typical of the Talmudic breed, which revels in sexual filth, so we should not be surprised when we find them heading the movement to destroy Christianity.

The "jungle rock beat" popularity known as "rock 'n roll" has infested the world of modern youth music, as it has been deliberately encouraged by the Jewish controlled and owned music companies and magazines.

It is not unusual on television to see some "cornrolled, hairdooed Rastafarian (member of a Jamacian born Black religious sect, which wants to be repatriated to Africa) dude" as he dances to the "jungle beat" with a lovely blonde, blue-eyed, fair-skinned white Israelite female who should know better.

As far back as 1854, Henry David Thoreau, a U.S. naturalist and writer, predicted that music would eventually destroy both England and the United States, and today, in both these countries, as well as through all the nations of Christendom, this prophesy is being fulfilled, often with church approval.

Much later, Nicolai Lenin, premier leader of the Russian Revolution, realized that decent society could be destroyed by degrading its music. It is interesting and rather frightening to see how Jewish authors are tied in with this degradation. The communist Jew, Sidney Finklestein, openly set forth a "blueprint" to destroy the barriers between classical and popular music. The final goal, as he openly stated, was to so inundate Americans. with the jungle rhythm of Africa, they would turn away from good music and civilized conduct.

To see just how successful they have been, one needs only to turn on the TV set, where the musical background today for the most part, even in the commercials is 90% "jungle beat". Here we can see thousands of American youth, as they twist and gyrate, white and black savages together, in a sexual filth that beggars description. The few good programs where you can hear decent music, such as the Lawrence Welk Show, are looked on with contempt by the younger set as being "old foogyism".

While some liberals thought of "rock 'n roll" as being "deep south Negro music," it was not! This type of music can be seen in the often deeply moving Negro spirituals. While "rock 'n roll" goes to the very heart of dark Africa, with its occultism, Satanism and animistic religion. This is the same thing that can be found in the voodoo religions of Jamaica and Haiti.

Today, most of the well-known music houses are flooding America with this savage rhythm, which has proven to be mentally unsettling to our youth, and a medium for revolution, rebellion, sexual promiscuity and the drug culture. They all go hand in hand!

Time after time at rock concerts, which draw countless thousands of our youth, who spend billions of dollars to see their "rock idols" perform, riots have broken out, as these same youth, "bombed out of their minds by drugs, and/or alcohol" and urged on by the savage beat of the music, allow their passions to take control in a murderous frenzy which has laid dormant in the human soul for thousands of years. In fact the passion they expose, is not white passion, but the hidden Satanism of darkest Africa.

Decent girls from Christian families, under the influence of the hysterics caused by this music, have been known to disrobe in front of screaming crowds, and even their soloists have been called "screamers", which is an apt description of the sounds they produce.

Strangely enough, this hysterical behavior has been tested in psychologically controlled laboratories, where psychologists have experimented with methods to induce atypical neuroses.

On page 18, of the communist textbook, PSYCHOPOLITICS, we read: "The Capitalist (put Christian) does not know the definition of war. He thinks of war as an attack with force performed by soldiers and machines. He does not know that a more effective, if somewhat longer war can be fought with bread (food), or in our case with drugs... The Christian has never won a war of truth, so the psychopolitician will have little trouble winning this one". You see, they look on Christians with contempt, as "empty headed fools".

This is a sad commentary on modern Christianity, which should be in the forefront of the battle against spiritual darkness.

The use of Christian Rock is one of the methods being used by the adversary, "Surely," brainwashed Christian leaders are wont to say, "anything that glorifies the Lord can't be all that bad. Besides, we need to attract young people to church, so we can reach them with the gospel message".

This is a sad commentary on any church, if they must use Satanic methods to attract young people to the gospel truth. No wonder our youth are leaving the church by droves, as they face the anemic gospel of the Laodicean church.

Churches will find it difficult to attract intelligent youth, if all they have to offer are worldly entertainment. Nowhere in the scriptures are Christians urged to use worldly methods to win men and women to Christ. We are told in places such as 1 Thessalonians 5:22 to "Avoid the very appearance of evil". Often when a church allows religious rock in their services, it will be followed by church dances, many times with integrated youth in attendance. "After all," the church leaders say, "we are all alike in God's eyes".

A church which will permit Satanic music, no matter how fine the lyrics may be, will also permit un-scriptural inter-racial relationships, which will lead to the sin of inter-racial marriage, which is condemned by God, Billy Graham to the contrary.

While it is not my purpose to discuss this subject here, inter-racial marriages have always been a sin in the eyes of God, no matter whether both parties are Christian or not, and always lead to problems for the offspring. Throughout history, they have always led to national disaster. This is another evil that has destroyed many great civilizations, which always begin to decline when miscegenation takes place. Don't argue with me about this, read your history books.

The Russian physiologist Ivan P. Pavlov, did much experimentation in the study of "conditioned reflexes". From his writings we are led to believe that he thought these studies would be a blessing to mankind. But coming from an atheist background, this proved impossible, and when Lenin, the Russian dictator read his findings he stated: "You have saved the revolution!"

I saw many of Pavlov's ideas as they were used against our American Prisoners of War in North Korea (1950-53). Pavlov, in his experimentation learned how to cause neuroses In both animals and humans, and these experiments were furthered by using our men as "Human guinea pigs". The Chinese, who were far more apt to used these techniques (the North Koreans were noted for their physical brutality), found that they could draw desired information from our captured soldiers, much easier through psychological means than by force. I know my own experience was that when force was used against me I would grit my teeth and say to myself: "Nothing you little b . . . .s can do will get me to cooperate with you". So in most cases, the Chinese used psychological means. In fact there was not a documented case where an American was tortured by the Chinese.

It has been noticed by many who have attended rock concerts out of curiosity, that the music and antics of the musicians, produces frantic, hostile, uncontrollable, screaming unrecognizable human beings. This Is its purpose!

Referring again to PSYCHOPOLITICS, page 42, we read: "The first thing to be degraded in any nation is the state of man, himself.

Nations with a HIGH ETHICAL (moral) tone are difficult to conquer. Their loyalties are hard to shake, and their allegiance to their leaders will often be fanatical, and what they usually call their spiritual integrity cannot be violated by duress (force). It is not efficient to attack a nation in such a frame of mind. It is the basic purpose of psychopolitics to reduce that state of mind to a point where it can be ordered and thus enslaved. Thus, the first target must be man, himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must no longer think of himself, or his fellows as capable of spiritual endurance or nobility".

This no doubt is why the unproven theory of evolution is taught in our public schools while the Biblical story of Creation is not allowed. Our boys and girls are being taught that they are animals, with animal instinct. Superior animals to be sure, but animals nevertheless and that being animals they have no soul. (This was what separated the FORMED Adam of Genesis 2, from the CREATED man of Genesis 1. The Bible says that God 'Breathed Into his [Adam's] nostrils the breath of life, and man [Adam] became a living soul"). This is why he has the spiritual integrity, the adversary needs to destroy, before he can enslave and control.

Add drugs, the stimulus of rock music, alternate life styles such as Sodomy, the sexual revolution that emphasizes "safe sex" as It hands out condoms to our school children, and you can see Christian America as its most valued possession, it's youth, is prepared for the New World Order by Talmudic Zionism.

The psychopoliticians who can be found by droves In our schools and who make up a large percentage of the psychiatrists and psychologists (a disproportionate number who are Jewish), know that our educational programs must seek out levels of youth who will become our future leaders, and educate them in the animalistic nature of man so that they can be controlled through sex, drugs and music.

These agents of the New World Order believe Christian religion, which is "pure and undefiled" is their greatest enemy and must be destroyed. On page 43, we read: "Religion (Christianity) must be made unfashionable by demonstrating through psychopolitical indoctrination, that the soul of man is non-existent, and that man is an animal".

When young people begin to look on themselves as animals - even superior ones - the animalistic reaction seen in rock concerts can be understood, as these youth are doing what they believe "comes naturally". This produces artificial neuroses in them I

"Artificial neuroses", can be produced by continuously increasing the tension of the "excitatory process". Rock music, not only by its beat, but through the loudness of its music, produces the cumulative, tension producing stimulus in which youth become divorced from reality and are driven into a tremendous, Satanic frenzy which often borders on hysteria. Then by injecting free sex, drugs, and/or alcohol, you have developed a process few young people are strong enough to resist.

Christian youth who attend these concerts, or listen to this music, already have a "built in inhibitory reflex". This has been engrafted by their parents, their church, and their schools. It takes into consideration such things as decent behavior which will prohibit the coed from undressing in public. It will keep a young man from tearing up the auditorium and creating havoc by battling with the police.

However, a clever rock and roll group, can take decent youth, and have them doing indecent things within~0 minutes of a concert. The perverted music of the African jungle beat, dulls the capacity of the mind and creates a hypnotic monotony which blurs the external world and makes it unreal. In many ways it parallels the drug experience.

The every day decent concerns of life are submerged in a rising tide of exaltation, where all things merge with the beat of the music. The lyrics smash any idea of "true love" and supercede it with "mad, savage, passionate sex" and the desires created by peaceful music are replaced with the desire to smash and destroy. No wonder so manv innocent girls lose their virginity at these concerts, when their inner defense mechanisms have been thrown completely out of kilter and they find themselves in a hypnotic state where they can easily be led by the worst in them. The rock musicians and the music writers, glory in their ability to destroy vulnerable youth. In their own foolish eyes, it gives them a "god like" quality they revere. The Apostle Paul says of them in Romans 1:22 - "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools".

In my estimation, there are few battle plans being used by the enemies' of Christianity, which are more effective than this attack against our youth. Remember the enemy adage: "Destroy one generation of your youth, and we can destroy you!"

A few years ago a First Grade Teacher's handbook was Introduced into the Texas school system by a radical Jewish child psychologist named Paul Brandwein. In the first paragraph he said something like this: "Your most important task as a teacher, Is to realize that all children come to school with sick minds. It is your job to tear down the erroneous ideas that the child has learned in its home and church. When you have done this, you begin to build the foundation for the international children of the future". Let's put it another way and say: "The international slaves of the New World Order".

Fortunately two fighters for decency, from Texas, a husband and wife team, Mel and Norma Gabler, created enough of a backlash, this book was kept out of the Texas education system.

American educators have openly admitted their major concern was "people control", rather than education. Rock music is a potent weapon in the control of our youth, and if you will make an honest research, you will have to admit that this is part of the Zionist New World Order Conspiracy to enslave all spirit and in truth?

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