Background To Betrayal! New Edition!
Part 2 of 2
by Lt. Col. Gordon (Jack) Mohr, AUS Ret.
(A Message of Warning to Sleeping Christian Americans!)

A wonderful and hordble thing is committed in the land; the prophets (preachers) prophesy (preach) falsely and the priests (poiltical leaders) bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so; and what will ye do in the end thereof?" - Jeremiah 5:30, 31

Part 2 continued:-

In his personal diary, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, recorded that he told our Ambassador to Britain, Joseph Kennedy, that Prime Minister Chamberlain had told him: "It was America under the leadership of world Jewry, which forced England into war with Germany". Of course you didn't read about this in the controlled press.

In 1950, Forrestal argued with Democratic Party leaders saying:' "No group in this country should be permitted to influence our Foreign Policy to the point where it interferes with our national security". Immediately he came under vicious attack from the Zionists. Bernard Baruch, then advisor to the President, warned Forrestal of the possibility of personal retaliation if he continued in his America First course!

There is much evidence, most of which was suppressed, that Forrestal was murdered to shut him up!

Before Forrestal died, Congressman F. D. Roosevelt, Jr., expressed fear that the Democratic Party would lose votes because of Forrestal's strong "anti-Semitic" stand. The Secretary angrily retorted: "I think it's about time that somebody should give some consideration as to whether we might lose America!"

About this time in Europe, Hitler, feeling that he was surrounded by British-French-Soviet encirclement decided on desperate measures and declared a policy of "guns instead of buffer!" This was his reaction to Jewish treachery within Germany, that caused her bitter hatred from world Jewry. Any honest study of this period will show that World War II was caused by American foreign policies, in support of the U.S.S.R., which were guided by Khazarian advisors.

In Proverbs 25:5, we read these interesting words: "Take away the wicked from before the king (presidents) and his throne (the government) will be established in righteousness". This has proven true in every Administration since Jewish interests took over control of our economy in 1913.

One of our top military leaders, who understood this problem, I believe, was my favorite commander, Gen. George Patton. He recognized the dangers from Zionist Communism as far back as 1943, and hated it with every fiber of his magnificent being. He made an astute statement which got him into "hot water", when he said: "We are fighting on the wrong side in this war". He realized that Communism was much more of a world threat to our freedom, than that posed by the Third Reich. But the truth was "politically incorrect!"

Many Americans look on Harry Truman as one of our best Presidents because of the stand he took against the communists in Korea. Yet an honest evaluation of his Administration will show that he did more to strengthen the Communist position at the Potsdam Conference than any man we have ever had in the Oval Office.

An objective study of World War II will show that we did not fight this war to stop the advance of Naziism. It was not fought to "make the world safe for democracy". America received absolutely nothing of value from a war that cost us 407,316 deaths, according to the 1996 World Almanac, and 670,846 other casualties, and cost the American taxpayer an estimated $466-billion. Everything of benefit went to the Zionist-Communist forces who took over most of Europe and enslaved over a billion people in Asia, all under Khazar leadership. Is it any wonder Jesus told their forefathers:

"Ye are of your father the devil. He was a murderer from the beginning", (John 8:44). Is it any wonder when their children follow in the footsteps of their fathers?

Most of the facts I have given you have been deliberately withheld from the American people, especially Christian Americans. Why? Could it possibly be that if decent American knew what was happening, history would repeat itself and we would "kick the Khazar money changers out or our national temple?" They cannot afford for our people to know the truth, so they smother it under cries of "anti-Semitism," and "hate monger", while they continue their nefarious plans for world conquest.

Even worse than deliberately withholding the truth, is their deliberately slanting of the news. A good case in point was the slaughter of the Israeli athletes at the Olympic games in Munich in 1972, by eight Palestinian guerillas. The New York Times used terms such as MURDER IN MUNICH; ARAB FANATICS; HOMICIDAL HATRED; INDISCRIMINATE MURDER. Yet when the Israeli air force shot down a Libyan civilian plane that strayed over Israeli territory in a blinding sandstorm, killing all 74 people aboard, the same New York Times termed it as a TRAGIC, HORRlFYING BLUNDER!

I, could fill a book with examples of how by deliberately slanting news in the media and on television, the Zionists always manage to have it slanted in their favor.

Even Americans traveling to Palestine, in Christian groups, are given the full propaganda treatment. They are met by Israeli guides who hate their King, and who give them the benefit of Zionist propaganda free of charge. They also in many instances have "preacher guides", who have sold out to Zionist interests! Many of the popular TV evangelists who are openly Pro-Zionist, promote these trips on a regular basis. These naive Christians are not told about the bitter Israeli persecution of Arab Christians in their own land, or of the Zionist hatred for our Savior.

Most Christians have been led by their pastors to believe that the Israeli are a deeply religious people, with a deep sense of the prophetic elements of the Old Testament. This is false! From their own sources we learn that over 60% of them are agnostic or outright atheists!

I have never advocated hatred of the Jewish people, but I do demand that our Christian people be given the full truth about them, and that we are not required to "swallow the unmitigated swill that is coming from the media and our sold-out pulpits".

I have never heard of any preacher guide, who has taken his flock to Palestine to hear the Arab side of the story.

A few years ago, Walter Cronkite, the CBS news guru stated: "My job is not to tell the truth. I am an opinion molder! This is the main function of the Jewish controlled media in 1996.

This same false Jewish propaganda can be seen on TV and in the movies, both of which are Jewish controlled. Movies such as the DAIRY OF ANNE FRANK and HOLOCAUST, which are called documentaries and advertised to the American people as being true, have been disclosed as planned frauds. I will not go into this, except that Jewish statistical figures clearly show that Hitler could not have killed 6-million Jews in Germany. I have a copy of the AMERICAN JEWISH YEARBOOK OF 1930-31, which shows on pps. 226-227 that the Jewish population of Europe, excluding Russia and Scandinavia, was under 3-million. We know that many Jews escaped from Germany and settled either in Palestine, or the Promised Land of America. Yet the figure of 6-million Jews murdered by the Nazis, is regularly quoted by Christian pastors who should know better. This 6-million "hoax" has been one of the greatest Zionist "fund raisers" in America, as naive Christians have accepted it "hook, line and sinker", and you are labeled an "Anti-Semitic or a hate monger" if you show people the truth! This same propaganda is now being inserted in our school books, where few books written before 1940 are available for their study, and everything must be "politically correct!"

Ask yourself why the anti-Jewish statements of Martin Luther, the great Protestant Reformer, have been expunged from Lutheran Seminaries, and why the warnings of great Americans like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington regarding Jews and their interests, have been removed from public perusal?

Secretly and publicly, in the press, in the school system, in government, and sadly enough in the Christian church, White Christians in particular are downgraded at every opportunity and are being replaced in positions of responsibility by alien non-Christians. There must be a reason!

A good example is the recent pitiable effort by the Southern Baptists, America's largest Protestant Christian group, as they apologized to the Blacks for the part their forefathers of 200 years ago, played in bringing the Blacks to America as slaves. They were very careful not to explain how these first slaves were purchased from Black Chieftains in Africa, with rum distilled in Jewish distilleries in New England; how they were shipped to America on Jewish owned ships, and sold in Jewish owned and operated Slave Markets. Nothing was said about the fact that many of these sad people would have been eaten by their own kind, if they had remained on their mother soil, and that every Black Republic on the African Continent today, is far worse off than it ever was when it was under White Colonial control. These truths are never given to our people. Why? Could it be that they do not want our people to know the truth, for today, as in the time of Christ to know the "truth will set men and women free!"

Why, knowing what the Bible teaches to the contrary, has once Christian America appointed non-whites, aliens and foreign born Jews to high positions of responsibility in our government? I'm sure that many of our pastors know how this is in direct conflict with God's Word, as found in Deut. 17:15 - "Thou shalt in any wise set him king (President) over thee, whom the Lord thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set as king (President) over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother (kinsman)".

Could this be one reason why the Christian Identity message is so bitterly fought by Christian churches in America? They do not want their White Christian people to know they are Israelites who still operate under God's Law?

Why do we find inter-racial marriage encouraged by Christian groups, and by men like Dr. Billy Graham, when God's Word teaches that it is wrong? Why has Christian American put foreigners who can hardly speak the language, such as the atheist Jew Henry Kissinger, into high positions in our government? Don't try and tell me that those Old Testament writings were only for the Jews. There were no people called Jews anywhere on earth when they were written about 1450 BC.

In Joel 2:17, we find a prayer for our White Israel people: "Spare Thy people 0 Lord, and give not Thine inheritance to reproach, that the heathen shall reign over them; wherefore should they say among the people, where is their God?' This is what has happened in America, as we have allowed the heathen, Christ haters to take control.

Have you ever wondered why the government deliberately subsidizes the birth rate among non-whites in America, while the White, mostly Christian population is constantly lectured about the dangers of over population? Why is most of the Welfare money, which is strangling our economy going into the pockets of people who often refuse to help themselves, and look on it as their right, rather than as a short term aid measure? It is the alien interests in America, headed by the Jewish lobby, that is destroying us and why most American Christians are unaware of the dangers posed by these aliens. Can you give me a logical answer to why this is happening? I sincerely doubt it!

Many of my readers from Fundamental churches will immediately place the horrible label of "anti-Semite or hate monger!" on me for speaking these truths! If you don't your pastors are bound to do so!

When I learned the truth about the Jews, over fifteen years ago, I went with it to my pastor of a Fundamental Baptist church. We had been close friends and I had supported him financially on a number of occasions when he had got into trouble. But when I showed him the truth about the Jews, out of the Bible, he immediately labeled me as an "apostate", although he could not argue any points from the Word. He did manage, within a two week period to turn every Baptist preacher in the State of Mississippi against me, and many of these were men I had called friend, and who I had held successful revivals for. In the over fifteen years I have been in the Kingdom Movement, and taught the Identity truth, not one of these Christian (?) leaders, who have been so loud in condemning me, has ever come to me and said: "Brother Mohr, would you sit down with me and let me show you out of God's Word where you are wrong!" Not a one! In fact they are scared to death of even meeting me and avoid me wherever possible.

You may try and remind me, as many others have done of God's Covenant with Abram in Gen. 12:3, in which He said: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him who curseth thee . . ." But God wasn't speaking to a Jew. Abraham never was a Jew in spite of everything your pastor may have told you. There were no people anywhere on earth called Jews until 1200 years after the time of Abraham, when they first show up in 2 Kings 16:6, fighting against Israel.

My pastor reminded me that "God has been good to America because we have been kind to the Jews," until I pointed out that the days of America's greatest decline in every area have come since we recognized that little "bastard state of the Israeli" in 1947. Then he "lost his cool and kicked me out of his office"!

We need to realize that the Bible is very careful to differentiate between Israelites and Jews, they are not one and the same. The Jewish Encyclopedia recognizes this. But it is something most fundamental that evangelical preachers have not learned. There are a very few Jews from the Sephardim group, sometimes called Mediterranean Jews, who have some of Abraham's blood flowing in their veins. These were the Jews Jesus confronted in John 8. Their connection with Abraham was through Esau/Edom. (To find what God thinks of them and their final end, read Malachi 1:2-4).

The reason most pastors will not accept the truth, and become angry with anyone who tries to show it to them, is because they have been propagandized for years in their seminaries, where Jewish professors taught them that Jews and Israelites are one and the same, and that the people we now call Jews, are indeed the Chosen People of the Old Testament.

A well known Jewish author, Alfred Lilienthal once said that this was something of a phenomenon, that most Jewish people had less of Abraham's bloods in their veins, than their Gentile neighbors.

Have you ever heard a fundamental or evangelical pastor preach on Rev. 2:9, 3:9, where the risen Lord spoke about "those who say they are Jews, and are not; but are of the synagogue of Satan?" I sincerely doubt it! I never heard such a message in over fifty years in a Judeo-Christian church. Have you ever been honest enough to wonder why you can criticize a Catholic, or a Protestant, or a Mormon, or a Seventh Day Adventist, and little will be said about it. But criticize a Jew, even when you are right in your criticism and "all hell breaks loose".

Have you ever wondered why any person who is anti-communist, will invariably be labeled by the media as "anti-Semite?" This was what drove me into an in-depth study of Judaism. For twelve years I was a speaker on the American Opinion Speaker's Bureau of the John Birch Society. The principle theme in the 70's was the danger from communism. Yet when I lectured on topics such as "Gun Control;" "Abortion"; "Sex Education in the Schools"; the "United Nations", etc., invariably the Jewish owned and controlled media labeled me as a "neo-Nazi, Fascist, anti-Semitic, hatemonger". Yet I had never mentioned Jews, Judaism, or Zionism and in those days was still infected with the Judeo-Christian poison that these enemy of mankind were God's Chosen. During the Vietnam War years, I worked the college lecture circuit, where I came into 25 confrontations, some violent, with the radicals who were tearing our colleges apart; men like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman. On every occasion, these radicals were led by young Jews from wealthy families. It "bugged" me enough that I spent the summer of 1979 studying this seeming Jewish love for communism and found that their leaders reveled in it! The leading American Rabbi at that time, Rabbi Stephen Wise, when asked what he thought about communism replied: "Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism!" My study revealed, to my satisfaction at least, that the Jewish anti-Christ's revered by the Judeo-Christian church, could not possibly be "true Israel," but were instead those our Savior spoke about in Rev. 2:9; 3:9, when He condemned "Those who say they are Jews, and are not; but are of the synagogue of Satan". What kind of a catastrophe it will take to show Judeo Christians the fallacy of their position is beyond me, but it will come if they persist in "helping the ungodly, and loving them that hate the Lord"! (2 Chron. 19:2)

When the Zionists in Palestine murdered Count Bernadotte of Sweden in Palestine in 1948. One of the leaders of the Jewish Stern gang of Jewish terrorists said: "We killed him because of his declared intention of turning Jerusalem into an International city. He was our enemy"! Can you imagine what would happen if a Gentile did this to a Jewish leader who expressed his hatred of our Savior? Suppose Christian Americans said: "We must eliminate all the Jews, because they want to destroy Christianity and turn America into a Socialist nation". Would we be justified in the eyes of God if we did this? Can you imagine the reaction of the Zionist controlled press if this happened?

FBI records are filled with incidents where Zionist terrorists have bombed or desecrated Jewish synagogues in order to put pressure on Jews who were reluctant to support their plans. Yet these facts are suppressed in the controlled media, and are often reported as terrorist "anti-Jewish" incidents.

Why are so-called fundamental and evangelical Christian churches so adamant in seeking to befriend those who hate their Lord? Why do people like Dr. Jerry Falwell and Baptist evangelist Jack Van Impe, back the people they know hate their Lord and are dedicated to the destruction of everything they say they believe in? Must God put a curse on this nation, because His Christian people are supporting His enemies. That's what 2 Chronicles 19:2 says.

The American public, Christians in particular are entitled to know the truth. Our pastors should be in the forefront of giving their people the truth, instead they are guilty of concealing it. We MUST demand truth from them, from our government, from our schools, but most of all from our pulpits. In Jer. 23:22, we are told: "but if they (the pastors) had stood in My counsel, and had caused My people to hear My words, then they should have turned from their evil ways, and from the evil of their doings". This has not happened in America, and with 50-million "born again" Christians, this nations is headed for hell faster today than at any time in our existence. Why? It is because we have not received the full truth from our churches.

During the 46 years the Israeli State has been in existence, terrorism against the Palestinians, especially Arab Christians has been the Jewish "modus operandi". They are the only nation who have reveled in having as their leaders known terrorists such as Begin and Rabin, who have been played up by our government and church leaders as "men of peace!" Yet Begin bragged publicly about killing more than 300 Arabs with his own hands. Many Jews were disgusted by his actions, yet few had the courage to speak up about them for fear of A.D.L. retaliation.

The United States, under President Truman swung full force behind this gang of murderers in 1948, and Truman was quoted as saying: "We need to help the people of Israel, since they have proved themselves in the best traditions of our hardy pioneers and the highest standards of Western civilization". He never had the "guts" to define what he meant by "the best traditions and highest standards of Western civilization", unless he was referring to the earliest American gangsters who murdered and robbed the Indians, or of "cut-throats" like Quantrell's gang, from Truman's backyard, who murdered, robbed, and raped during the War Between the States. That's the same class the Zionists are in today!

The liberal politicians greed to obtain Zionist votes and money for their Democratic Party, has cost us the loyalty of at least twelve Arab nations which were our former friends and which are much closer to Christianity in their religious beliefs then the atheist Khazar Jews! The Moslems at least look on Jesus Christ as a great prophet and revere Him as such, while the one's our Judeo-Christian churches back, call Him an "illegitimate bastard!"

A good example of how Americans have prostituted themselves to Jewish interests can be seen in a statement made in 1974, during the gubernatorial campaign of Hugh Carey in New York. He told Zionist Premier Rabin: "Don't pay any attention to the polls; we are behind what Israel does, no matter what they do!"

There would have been a time in our history when he would have been "tried for treason" for such a remark, but in New York they made him their governor.

Probably the greatest mistake ever committed by an American President took place at the end of World War II, when at Yalta, F.D.R. a dying President, with the Jewish traitor Alger Hiss at his side, and equally traitorous Gen. George Marshall in attendance, consented to the brutality of allowing Stalin to use millions of war prisoners as slave laborers, in direct contravention of all rules of the Geneva Convention. At least a million of these unfortunates died in Stalin's slave labor camps. From that time until this, when we are in an unheard of period of Jewish power in Washington, the same Khazar element which took over Russia, has controlled American politics.

Since it is a known fact that Christianity has been closely allied with the founding and growth of America, it has also become a factor in the national unity of America. The acceptance of the basic tenets of Christianity, were the basis of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our concepts of national honor and integrity, in national as well as individual action, came from and were established on Christian principles.

When America's churches began to tire of their proclaimed duty to be the "salt of the earth", (Matt. 5:13) and transferred their loyalty from the risen Christ to a heathen cult they proclaim as God's Chosen, then public moral decline set in, until today, we are tottering on the brink of destruction.

Most of our churches and their followers come under the accusation of Is. 29:13 and Matt. 15:8, 9 - "This people draweth nigh unto Me with their mouth, and honoreth Me with their lips; but their heart is far from Me, but in vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men".

Today the greatest threat to America is not from Communist missiles, but comes from the insidious forces, always Jewish controlled, which are working from within, gnawing away at the foundations of America. It comes from church leaders who have prostituted their duty of recognizing Biblical truth and passing it on to their people, refusing to warn them against the enemies who are determined to destroy them, and instead, "cozy up" to these enemies.

Today America is living in the most beautiful house God has ever given to mankind. But those of us who call ourselves Christian have become careless. We have "gone to sleep at the wheel", and in our prosperity, we have allowed the concrete termites to get into the foundation and weaken it. Today our beautiful house is sliding towards the precipice of destruction and the whole world is waiting with bated breath, to see what we will do. Will we head for the basement like intelligent people, get rid of the termites, and shore up the damage they have caused? Will we jump off? or will we ride her down to destruction?

Before I close this message, it is necessary that I bring it "up-to-date" on present Jewish control in America. Most of the following information is taken from Issue No.388, of the weekly newspaper THE TRUTH AT LAST, which is considered by the establishment as being "politically incorrect", but which is remarkable in it's expression of the truth.

Under the headline CLINTON'S CIA HEADS ARE ALL JEWISH! we read: "The FORWARD is a Jewish Marxist newspaper published in New York City. It is one of the most important Jewish newspapers in the country and is a prime indicator of what Jewish leadership is thinking at any given time.

"It's Sept. 29,1995 issue points out that Clinton's new CIA head, John Deutch, is a Jew.

"As soon as he was confirmed, Deutch promptly dismissed all the high-ranking experienced gentile CIA officials and replaced them with a new, all-Jewish staff." (Do you honestly believe this is in the best interests of so-called Christian America?)

"Deutch named the Jew George Tenet, as CIA Deputy Director, the Jew David Cohen as Director of CIA Operations, and the Jewess Nora Slatkin as Executive Director of CIA".

This shocking news has been totally suppressed by the daily newspapers and TV networks. Clinton has actually turned the CIA into a branch of the Israeli MOSSAD."

The loyalty of these Zionist Jews is to the Israeli, not to the United States. Why do Jews, who compose 3% of the U.S. population, constitute 100% of the ruling clique of our Intelligence apparatus? Does this sound healthy to you?

During this same period, called by some "Clinton's Jewish Week", Christian Americans for the most part are unaware of the racial identity of those the President has appointed to lead this country, and this information has largely been concealed by the media.

Those who regularly read Jewish newspapers have been astounded by the high number of Jews who are now in positions of responsibility in Washington, D.C. There is little doubt, that Clinton believes that the Jews with their vast money power and disciplined organizations can re-elect him. It is evident, in spite of his pose as a Southern Baptist Christian, that he hates those who oppose him and will stoop to the lowest level to remain in power, even to elimination of his opponents if necessary.

Here are some of his latest Jewish appointments:

Evelyn Liberman, White House Deputy Press Secretary.

David Tatel, Federal Appeals Court Judge for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. He is a Washington lawyer, and an officer in the Anti-Defamation League.

Dick Morris, Clinton's private political advisor, possibly the most powerful Jew in Clinton's entourage.

Todd Stern, Chief White House Aide.

Richard Holbrooke, Asst. Secretary of State. If Clinton is reelected this man will very possibly become Secretary of State.

Robert Rubin, Secretary of the Treasurer, a former corporate officer for the powerful Jewish International Bank, Goldman, Sachs, and Co.

Martin Indyk, an Australian born Jew, was picked as Ambassador to the Israeli.

Adm. Jeremy Boorda, the Navy officer who just committed suicide, who was appointed to take over as Chief of Naval Operations.

Stephen Breyer, a radical Zionist who is Clinton's second Jewish appointee to the Supreme Court.

Madeline Albright, Ambassador to the United Nations.

Madeline Kunin, Deputy Secretary of Education.

Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture.

Charlene Barshefsky, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative.

Ira Magaziner, National Health Care Advisor.

Mickey Cantor, National Trade Representative.

Ellen Hass, Assistant Secretary of Education.

Peter Tarnoff, Under Secretary of State.

Robert Reich, Clinton's Chief Economic Advisor.

Alice Rivlm, Deputy Budget Director.

Of the seven advisors on whom the President relies for advise, five are Jewish; Robert Reich, Ira Magaziner, Robert Shapiro, Samuel Berger, and Michael Mandelbaum.

Many orthodox Jews back the actions of the Jewish assassin of Rabin, Yigal Amir. The U.S. News and World Report stated that the assassin "saw his world of unshakable precepts and unalterable truths coming apart, a feeling shared by many ardently religious Jews who believe that the peace process is nothing less than a demonic challenge to Divine plan. "The West Bank and Gaza belong to the Jews by Biblical commitment", they aver.

An article in the LCM's official LUTHERANER, stated: "Luther judges very correctly about the Jews", and states that 'The Jews have been drawn away from the Word of God and the simplicity of the scriptures by the nonsense in their Talmud". (The same is essentially true of those Judeo-Christians who back the anti-Christ Jews as God's Chosen).

It goes on to state: "fifty or more years ago some of the orthodox theologians in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, such as Lutheran Hour speaker, Dr. Walter Maier, did not hesitate to point out the lies, racism, and immorality promoted by the TALMUD. The standard of morality promoted in the Talmud gives the Jews the right to take land away from the Arabs who have owned it for centuries. Today it seems that even many conservative theologians hesitate to expose the Talmud 'for fear of the Jews'." (I would have to say a hearty AMEN to this truthful statement!)

In December 1987, the CHRISTIAN NEWS, a "rebel Lutheran newspaper" in St. Louis stated; THE TALMUD IS STILL THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY FOR JEWS, and included excerpts from THE TALMUD UNMASKED, THE SECRET RABBINlCAL TEACHINGS CONCERNING CHRISTIANS by the Rev. I. B. Prantaitia.

A few years ago, a book appeared in Christian bookstores written by Theodore Winston Pike, and even though it promoted some anti-scriptural Israel-First millennialists nothings, there were many good things in it which Christians need to know. He said: "The Talmud, like the Toldoth, enjoys portraying Jesus as a fool in the most humiliating of circumstances. The unedited editions of (Sanhedrin 107b, One of the volumes of the Talmud) says that Jesus was excommunicated from the temple for seducing a woman, and in His ensuing grief and confusion fell down and started worshiping a brick". Christianity is vividly described in the Talmud as being worse than the "most wicked behavior of any Jew".

In Abodah Zarah, 17a (another volume of the Talmud) it says "Rabbi Eleazer Doria did not leave out any harlot in the world without coming to her.. . yet attained forgiveness because he had not committed the unforgivable sin of accepting Christianity". Likewise on p.84: "Incest is a light sin compared to becoming a Christian".

Almost three decades ago, Elizabeth Dillings, who was accused of being anti-Semitic, published her book THE PLOT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY.

She had visited the Soviet Union in 1931 and was shocked by the virulent anti-Christianity of the atheist, Jewish Communist regime.

She begins her book "Bible scholars are aware that Jesus Christ denounced the Pharisees. He said they nullified all the Commandments of God by their traditions. His invective in truth cannot be equalled. All of Matthew 23 is like a whiplash. He likened the Pharisees to a white sepulchre, indeed beautiful outwardly, but "inside full of dead men's bones and of all corruption". He climaxed one after another of His denunciations by calling them "Hypocrites"! He called their religious leaders, the Pharisees: "Children of them who killed the Prophets!"

Dillings noted: "The Talmud's basic law is that only the Pharisee Jew ranks as a man, or human being. All others rank as animals. (This is the meaning of the Yiddish term of contempt, "goyim - a non-Jew animal). Always with Judaism, the Talmud ranks above the Bible in every way."

When Martin Luther, the great preacher of the Reformation read the Talmud, he afterwards wrote THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES with denunciations that make utterances by the Popes against the Jews, pale by comparison. Today, this book cannot be found in Lutheran Seminaries which bear his name, and the church he founded, for the most part, under Jewish influence, denounces him as an Anti-Semitic hate-monger.

Without any modern day Jewish encyclopedias, or the English Soncino translation of the Talmud, Luther understood perfectly how the Talmud blasphemes and hangs obscene charge on Christ and His followers, often through "double talk". (The Baalam passages of the Talmud are a good example of this). Luther recognized the fact that any Messiah expected by the Jews in the future was to Lead them to power through slaughter of non-Jews. He wrote: "I maintain that in the three Fables of Aesop there is more wisdom to be found than in all the books of Talmudists and Rabbis and more than can ever come from the heart of a Jew. I am not saying too much, but too little! For I see in their writings how they curse the 'goyim' and wish us all evil in their prayers. Thus they call Him (Jesus) the child of a whore, and His mother Mary, a whore .

Reluctantly I must speak so coarsely in opposing this Devil . . These are the people you folks in the Judeo-Christian churches, have out on a pedestal by calling them God's Chosen, and contrary to Bible warnings are now supporting with your offerings. (Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord". (2 Chron. 19:2)

Shortly before Rabin's assassination, THE JERUSALEM REPORT, an Orthodox Jewish newspaper, carried an article written by Rabbi Peter Hirchberg which said: "Yitzhak Rabin does not have long to live. The angels have their orders. Suffering and death await the Prime Minister, or so say the Kabbalists who have cursed him with the 'pulsa denura', (Arabic for "lashes of fire!) He's inciting against Judaism says the Jerusalem rabbi who, clad in tefillin read out the most terrifying of curses in the tradition of Jewish mysticism - opposite Rabi n's residence on Yom Kippur.

"The rabbi, who won't have his name published, but identifies himself as a member of the Kach movement (founded by the radical Rabbi Meir Kahane who was assassinated in New York City), says the curse generally works within thirty days. That put the expiring date for Rabin in early November". (Rabin was assassinated on Nov. 4).

This is proof that the ultra-Orthodox of Judaism adhere not only to the literal instructions of Talmudic homicidal hatred, but also to weird cabalistic "black magic!"

Brooklyn Rabbi Abraham Hect, of the ultra-orthodox Lubavicter sect, sanctioned Rabi n's elimination prior to his death. In a speech last June, he warned that it was illegal for Rabin to turn land in the West Bank over to Palestinian control and cited the teachings of Rabbi Maimonides who said that killing those who endangered the Jews was justified. His words were given wide circulation in Jerusalem by government leaders.

It now appears that Orthodox Jewry, long a threat to Christians, now poses a danger to Jews who will not walk the "narrow path of hatred they have marked out!"

The greed and hatred of Jews for true Christianity can be seen in their efforts to control all means of dispensing the truth.

The recent Jewish purchase and change in Walt Disney Enterprises is a good example. Walt Disney was aggressively anti-communist and was aware of the Jewishness of communism. Today, he would "turn over in his grave", if he learned that left-wing billionaire Jew Michael Eisner, was the current owner of Disney Films, and that he is already churning out Anti-Christian pro-homosexual propaganda such as the move PRIEST (about a homosexual Catholic priest). This smirking Jew is today making a mockery of the Disney name and everything he stood for.

Eisner recently hired Luren Loyed, a producer of X-rated lesbian films, to produce "dykeish" films for Disney. Recently he promoted "homo day", at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where Christian families were treated to a spectacle of open homosexual behavior, the likes of which could not be seen outside of New York City or San Francisco.

Eisner hired Victor Salva, of the independent Disney Affiliate, Caravan Pictures, a "convicted child molester", to direct the movie, POWDER!

When complaints begain to flood in, Jew spokesman Roger Bimbaum whined: "The man (Salva) is trying to do good now . . . if he has something to contribute to society, and it happens to be in film, let him do that... He paid for his crime, he paid his debt to society". Salva had video-taped himself having oral sex with a 12-year-old girl and three of six previous charges he had pled guilty to. Prosecutors noted that Salva, like many other pedophiles, "sought out positions through which they could contact young children". He claimed to be a writer of children's books, and had worked at a day care center. As a long time producer of wholesome family films, Disney would have been horrified to know that his good name was being used by deviates to infect America with their agenda. If you were to study the filth in the Babylonian Talmud, you would understand why Jews gravitate to it and it is very possible that the Jew controlled NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, will soon require your children to view these films as part of their "sex education" classes.

Several New York City public school officials have been found to be members of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association), which encourages homosexual love between grown men and under aged boys - strangely enough, both of the men convicted have been Jews.

It is also interesting to note, that THE JEWISH WEEKLY for Oct. 28, 1993 stated: "A greater percentage of immigrants from the former Soviet Union received some form of government financial assistance in the last ten years than did immigrants from other countries.

"The study found that 15,068 Soviet refugees. 38.6% of all Soviet immigrants received assistance. Most of these are believed to be Jewish.

"By contrast, the Korean community, considered to be a model immigrant group, had a 5.9% who received government assistance, while only 0.9% of the recent Irish immigrants received help.

"For the sake of this study, public assistance included such entitlements as refugee aid, Medicaid, Social Security and food stamps. Immigrants from Russia are the only ones of 22 immigrant groups studied who have refugee status. Refugees are entitled to food stamps and Medicaid". This is the brazen position taken by the Jewish vampires who prey on our good will. I am not writing this to cause you to hate Jewish immigrants, but to show you how you are being used by International Zionists, while at the same time they hate you as a Christian.

How many American know about this "ripoff", that according to Diana Aviv, Director of the Jewish Community Federation's Washington office has admitted that while other racial groups non-profit agencies received 35% of their funds from the government, the Jews received 41%. In New York City, this skyrockets to 62% or $1 2.4-billion. It should be noted that the Jews who run these "nonprofit" agencies are paid salaries ranging in the six figure rate!

Jews from Russia are flooding into this country at the rate of 40,000 per year. It appears the Jews in America, running their "non-profit" welfare agencies, know exactly how many Jews will be persecuted. A law boosted through Congress by Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg, (D-NJ) requires that our immigration agents accept the claims of Russian Jews without verification.

Many of these Jewish immigrants have been in America for five or more years. They often have relatives holding down good jobs who could help them, but they demand government assistance. They are the only immigrant group who can immediately draw a considerable sum when they arrive and go on immediate welfare. As a result America has become the "Land of Promise" for world Jewry, rather than the little country of the Israeli in Palestine.

Adding to a general dislike of Judaism, we must look at what appears to be the unconstitutionality of various state laws which recognize and give enforcement powers to various Jewish community organizations over Kosher food. A Federal Appeals Court in Maryland has struck down one such law as "violation of the First Amendment separation of church and state".

Very few non-Jews understand what it means to have a product verified as Kosher.

There is no law among Jews requiring that they eat only food certified by a Rabbi. Until the 1920's only meat could be defined as "kosher". For meat to be "kosher", a rabbi, called a "shoothim" would cut the beast's throat and allow it to flop around the slaughter house until it bled to death. "Shechita", or Kosher slaughter, has been condemned as being inhumane and is banned in Sweden. Such practices were rare outside of heavy Jewish communities such as New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.

The practice of putting a kosher seal (usually a U or K) on foodstuffs originated as a marketing ploy in New York by Jews advertising to Orthodox Jews. Food labeled as "kosher" would be advertised over a Yiddish language radio station. None of the products were actually inspected by a rabbi, but received a K or U to certify that they were "kosher".

This business prospered and its founder, Joseph Jacobs, saw bigger profits in linking his company with the Jewish religion. Employing a group of Jewish rabbis, he formed a group called THE COMMITTEE FOR THE FURTHERANCE OF TORAN OBSERVANCE. The success of this group spawned several competitive Jewish groups, including one who uses the U as it's "hechser" (kosher seal of approval).

Today, there are more than a dozen major "kosher certification groups' in the country who for a fee, from a food company, will allow their seal to be placed on it's product. Of course the gullible ','goyim", is the one who "picks up the tab for this "Jewish rakeoff". The Jew, operating under Talmudic law, will take everything he can get from the Gentile, either by illegal practices such as this kosher business, Foreign Aid in the billions to the Israeli, or money you gullible Christians give to them through your Judeo-Christian church. All the time, their leaders are doing everything possible to destroy what you say you believe in. Makes sense, doesn't it? Sort of like planned religious suicide!

I have hit on only a few Jewish practices which are common in this country, and which eventually will lead to another Jewish expulsion, when you "brainwashed" Christians learn how you have been deceived! There are going to be some TRAITORS in the pulpits who will also have some frightening moments when the truth gets out!

It is also interesting to note how the Anti-Defamation League wrote to the governors of 28 states DEMANDING, that new legislation be implemented outlawing participation in a para-military organization. (Of course this will not effect militant Jewish organizations such as the Jewish Defense League, which according to the FBI, carry out more terrorist activity in America than any other group). It is interesting to note that many of these para-military groups have been investigated by Congress and have not been found in violation of any Federal Statute. In fact they are protected under our Constitution.

Much of the effort to ban guns is being carried out under Jewish pressure, The One Worlders, headed by the International Jewish Banking bandits, KNOW that before they can institute their New World Order in North America, our people MUST first be disarmed. Become active in the battle to secure your rights as an American under the Second Amendment. Make sure your family understands the necessity of having weapons for their protection, not only against common criminals, but more important against the criminals in the World Government who seek to take away our means of defense. REMEMBER, the Second Amendment was not written to protect your rights to go hunting, or fire your weapon on a gun range. It was written as a last ditch stand against any repressive government, which turned from being a "servant of the people", into an "insatiable monster who seeks to control us!" As proven by the present Administration!

There is a move underway now in the Jew controlled Clinton Administration and his Zionist One World bankers, to terminate the National Guard. They want to eliminate all National Guard combat troops in a series of steps which will begin with dropping 110,000 sometime near the end of this year. The excuse of course, is to "save money". But while a few million might be saved by doing this, this same Administration is wasting billions in their support of the One World United Nation Forces, who are to become the "bully boys", of the New World Order.

During past years, the military has had a huge reserve in the National Guard, as a hedge against any enemy attack. Now the Pentagon, again under Zionist pressure, is planning to eliminate $1-billion a year in pay, training and equipment costs, and to decertify the 386,000 Army National Guard. We have a beautiful example in Switzerland, which scares the Internationalists.

In this little country, which has often been surrounded by enemy in the past, every adult is required by law to have a military type weapon, one with automatic fire capability, stored in their residence with a supply of ammunition and available at a moment's notice. Each adult male through the age of 55, is required to take part in annual military training, and the Swiss women are required to support and take part in civil defense activities. With this sort of intelligent outlook, the Swiss people have never been conquered in modern times.

Today, we have no Civil Defense capable of any substance and we will be left to take care of ourselves in case of a "worst case scenario". While some plans have been made to protect government and business "big shots", in case of an attack, you as an American citizen are not included in their plans.

Significant elements of eight National Guard Divisions are located in 25 states which control 363 electoral votes, so the battle is not yet over, if concerned Americans will wake up and take a stand!

Contact Rev. G. V. Montgomery (D-MS) at (202) 225-2403 or the Federal Building at PO Box 5618, Meridian, MS 39301, and Edward Philbin, Executive Director of the National Guard Association, 1 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, DC. 20001, (202) 789-0031,to see how you can help!

The conspirators want to shut down all live ammunition training and transfer the few men remaining from combat units to "supply and support" operations.

The National Guard has served in many emergency operations throughout the years and is a vital part of our National Defense. We MUST not allow the enemy to succeed in disbanding it.

While I have spent many pages spelling out the International Zionist threat to Christian America, 1 want you to understand that the Jews and aliens are not the CAUSE of our problems. They are the EFFECT of White Israel disobedience, (read Deut. 28 for confirmation). We who care about America's future and that of our children must never lose hope. We must proceed with boldness and joy, knowing that God has promised us victory, if we will put our faith in Him, and OBEY! Many Christians believe that America has "passed the point of no return". I cannot accept this. To do so would make God out to be a liar!

In the Old Testament, 2 Chron. 7:14, is a verse which many of you know by heart. It is quoted in many churches. Unfortunately very few Christians who quote it are willing to put feet under it and watch it work. It says: "If MY people (true Israel) which are called by My name (Christian), shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK My face, and TURN from their wicked ways, then will I HEAR from heaven, and will FORGIVE their sin, and will HEAL their land". No "ifs", "and's", or "buts", about it! (The emphasis is mine!)

I firmly believe that if as little as one-fourth of the people in American, who go by the name of Christian, would "fall in love with their king to the point where they would obey Him", then we would see God work in miracles, as He did with our forefathers in Egypt.

But Christians MUST get out of their "spiritual foxholes", where they have been passively hiding, waiting for Christ to come back and Rapture them out of the mess caused by their apathy, it would give new life to the few patriotic men and women we still have left in government. It would free Americans from the haunting fear which now hangs like a poisonous pall over this land.

In Alan Paton's book, CRY BELOVED COUNTRY, he has written these words which should be an inspiration to every American who cares:

I shall no longer ask myself is this or that expedient, but only if it is right. I shall do this, not because I am noble or unselfish, but because life slips away, and because I need for the rest of my journey a star which will not play me false ... a compass that will not lie! I do it because I am no longer able to aspire to the highest with one part of me and deny it with another."

This star is our faith in YAHWEH God; this compass is His WORD, YASHUA, the CHRIST, which was "made flesh and dwelt among us", and who can once again bring us back into the paths of righteousness and with this to the true greatness God has in store for those who love and obey Him. Then and only then can we realize His promise in Isaiah 54:17 - "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord!"

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