Who Are The Gentiles?
(A Scriptural study into the meaning of the terms "Gentile" and "Israelite")
by Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr AUS Ret.

"A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel" - (Luke 2:32)

It is generally taught in the Christian churches of America, that the world is divided into three main religious groups - Jews, Gentiles and Christians.

These religious groups teach that anyone who is not a Jew, must belong to one or the other of these remaining groups, and is either a Gentile or a Christian. The modern definition of a "gentile" as given in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary is: "relating to the nations at large, as distinguished from the Jews."

But here is something important you MUST know, if you are to understand the Bible. The word GENTILE is not used in any of the ancient manuscripts, simply because there was no such word in the Hebrew or Greek languages. The word GENTILE as used in our modern Bible versions, including the "much loved" King James Version, in the Old Testament, always comes from the Hebrew word "goy," (singular) and "goyim", (plural). It is translated five different ways in the Old Testament, according to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; "goy or goyim (singular or plural)", a foreign NATION hence GENTILEGENTILE; (2) HEATHEN; (3) NATION, and (4) PEOPLE, or ANOTHER."

Notice that the Hebrew word "goy, or goyim," is NEVER translated to mean "non-Jew."

The word "goy" is found in the Old Testament some 557 times. Thirty times it has been translated GENTILE; eleven times as people; 142 times as heathen; 373 times as NATION, and one time as ANOTHR. But not once as "non-Jew."

Let's examine a few specific verses of Scripture in the Old Testament, using the word GENTILE in place of the word NATION, as used by the translators. It should be remembered that the word "goy" or "goyim" was used in every instance in the original Hebrew.

1) - (Genesis 12:2) - "I will make of thee (Abraham) a great GENTILE (nation.) Doesn't make much sense, does it?

2) - (Genesis 17:4, 5) - ". . . and thou (Abraham) shall be a father of many GENTILES (nations), neither shall thy name any more be called Abram; for a father of many GENTILES (nations) have I made thee."

3) - (Genesis 25:23) - "And the Lord said to her (Rebekah the wife of Isaac, the son of Abraham) two GENTILES (nations) are in your womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from your bowels; the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger."

4) - (Genesis 48:19) - ". . . And his seed (Abraham's descendants) shall become a multitude of GENTILES (nations)."

This kind of translation does not make much sense. But if you will look closely at your King James Version, you will find the translators used the Hebrew word "goy" as NATIONS in one place and as GENTILE in another. Could it be that they were influenced by the Church doctrine of their time, since the word GENTILE never appeared in earlier manuscripts? The King James Version, for instance was written because King James, disliked the footnotes of the Geneva Bible, which was the Bible of the Reformation fathers.

Now for comparison let us use these same verses as the modern translations would have us use them, with "non-Jew" in the place of "tribe or nation." This should be a clear indication of how the modern translators, beginning with the King James Version, changed the meaning of these verses:

1) - (Genesis 12:2) - "I will make of thee (Abraham a great non-Jew (nation)."

2) - (Genesis 17:4, 5) - ". . . And thou (Abraham) shall be father of many non-Jews . . . for a father of many non-Jews have I made thee." Let me remind you again, that the Hebrew word "goy or goyim", meaning "tribe or nation," is used every time in the original Hebrew.

3) - (Genesis 35:11) - "Two non-Jews are in thy (Rebekah's) womb."

4) - (Genesis 48:19) - "Thy seed (Abraham's) shall become a great multitude of non-Jews." (Of course this prediction is accurate.)

You can see, with a little effort, that the modern translators, using "goy" to mean GENTILE, with it's connotation of meaning "non-Jew" doesn't make very much sense. Yet this is the way most of our preachers translate it.

It is also interesting to a student of grammar, that the Hebrew word "goy" and the five words which are used to translate it into English are all "collective nouns, in Hebrew and as such cannot be used to refer to an individual. These words are HEATHEN; NATION; TRIBE; PEOPLE; or simply, ANOTHER. This means there can be no such individual as a GENTLE, yet I have heard Judeo-Christian preachers brag about how they are a "Gentile saved by grace. This is either intellectual stupidity or dishonesty, take your pick.

Now it is very possible that some who read this pamphlet may be one of those "brainwashed" Christians who will say: "But what you have told us is all from the Old Testament. We are New Testament Christians living in the age of grace and love, and in this age, the word GENTILE does refer to anyone who is not a Jew. My pastor said so!" So let's go to our Bible authority, Strong's Concordance and see how the word GENTILE is defined in New Testament Greek.

If you understand even a little concerning New Testament history, you know that it was written in Greek, not in Latin or English. As a result, we find the English word GENTILE, comes from the Greek word "ethnos," or on a very few occasions "Hellen." The word ETHNOS, which is the most frequent word used means: "race, i.e., tribe, specifically a non-Judean (notice not non-Jew, but non-Judean) tribe, by implication a heathen. Also translated GENTILE, HEATHEN, NATION, OR PEOPLE. No place does it mean "non-Jew."

In a few places where this word has been translated "Hellen", it means "A Hellen (Greek) or inhabitant of Hellas (Greece). A Greek speaking person, especially a non-Jew."

In the New Testament the word ETHNOS occurs 164 times, while the word HELLEN is used but 27 times. Yet in spite of its original meaning, the transiators of the King James Version, 1611, used ETHNOS, as GREEK 93 times; as HEATHEN 5 times; as NATIONS 64 times and as PEOPLE, two times. The word HELLEN, as translated from the Greek is GREEK 20 times, and GENTILE 7 times.

Now take a close look at the word ETHNOS and see how it has been translated. Notice two things in particular: (1) The definition in Strong's contains the words: "a race, i.e., a tribe." (2) The words "non-Jew" are italicized which indicates that this is an improper use.

So once again, as we did in the Old Testament, let us look at a few verses and see how the word ETHNOS was used:

(1) - Luke 7:5 - "He (the Roman centurion) loveth our NATION (Ethnos) and hath built us a synagogue." Here the verse has been translated correctly to mean NATION, since the verse and its context refers to the Judean nation which was living in Galilee at this time. There should be no argument about how it is used here.

(2) - John 11:48, the Chief Priests and Pharisees are speaking: ". . . the Romans shall come and take away our place and our NATION" (Ethnos), again the word ETHNOS has been given its correct meaning. (But notice carefully now, it says absolutely nothing about "Jews, or non-Jews.") It also shows that the word ETHNOS can refer to both JEWISH and NON-JEWISH nations and peoples. It is never specifically used to mean a "non-Jew" and since it is again a "collective noun," it cannot be used to refer to an individual.

(3) - (Acts 24:17), Paul speaking: "I come to bring alms to my NATION (Ethnos)." He was speaking correctly of his Judean nation. (Note that he was a Roman by birth, see Acts 22:25-28). There is only one conclusion we can make and this is that the word ETHNOS, should never be translated to mean "non-Jew."

Let's look at an example of how the word HELLEN was translated to GENTILE in John 7:35. ". . . will He (Jesus) go to the dispersed among the GENTILES (the word HELLEN was used here), and teach the GENTILE (again HELLEN?)

Since the word HELLEN always refers to Greeks, why did the translators not say: "Will He go to the Greeks and teach the Greeks?" Can you see how translators by changing the original meaning of the word, bring confusion to Bible truths?

Many of our fundamental preachers teach only three classes of people on this earth: (1) Jews, (2) Gentiles, (3) Christians. This understanding comes from their interpretation of 1 Cor. 10:32, which says: "Give none offense, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, (here the word was HELLEN) nor to the church of God."

Who was Paul writing to? It was obviously the church at Corinth. Corinth was in Greece and three major classes of people lived there - Jews, Greeks, and Christians. If he had been writing to the church at Rome, he would have said: "Give no offense, either to the Judeans, or to the Romans, or to the Christians." To translate HELLEN here as GENTILE, is not only sloppy scholarship, it is downright mis-leading.

Pastor's love to use Paul's phrase: "to the Jews first and also to the Gentiles," and this has created a lot of theological confusion. In the first two chapters of Romans we find this phrase used three times. The Greek word HELLEN is translated GREEK in Romans 1:16 - ". . . to the Jew (Judean) first and also to the HELLEN (Greek)." But in Romans 2:9 and 10, where the same identical word is used, it has been translated GENTILE, which is incorrect and mis-leading.

If you will take time to do a bit of honest Bible study, and will read this verse in its context, you will see that Paul is simply stating: "The gospel of Christ is the power of God to salvation, coming first to the Judeans (Jews), then to the Greeks." It has no implication, as many preachers attempt to make it say, that the "Jews were first in the heart of God." It does not even imply that!

This verse is simply giving the sequence in which the Gospel was preached. First to the inhabitants of Judea, and we know that many of these were not Israelites since Jesus told the Pharisees in John 10:26 - "Ye believe not, because ye are NOT OF MY SHEEP." Then the gospel went to the Greeks in Asia Minor, who were members of the Israelite tribes in captivity, and lastly to the rest of the world.

To whom did Jesus send His disciples in Matt. 10:6. He told them "But go rather, (or go only) to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." He never said anything about going to the Jews, or even the Judeans. Although many pastors says this meant "lost Jews," this is not what it says, since the Greek word "lost," as used here is APPOLUMI. It comes from two root words, APO which means "to separate or put away," and OLLUMI, which means to "banish for punishment," exactly what had happened to the Israel nations when they went into Assyrian captivity.

At this time, the ten tribes had completely lost their identity as Israelites. They had been joined by the majority of the House of Judah, since only the inhabitants of Jerusalem had stood against the Assyrians, and they were later taken into captivity in Babylon. After Christ's ascension, when He had given His disciples the Great Commission found in Acts 1:6, they went West and North to areas populated by white people who were members of the "lost tribes of Israel." These had settled in Greece, Italy, Europe and Western Asia.

You may remember how when Paul wanted to take his missionary efforts into the mainland of Asia, (Acts 16:6) he was constrained by the Holy Spirit who sent him North and West. Why? Because it was here, in these areas, that the "lost sheep of the house of Israel" were to be found.

All the Epistles of the New Testament were written to these "lost sheep". Notice specifically the greeting of James n 1:1 - "James, a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greetings." The Book of Hebrews was written specifically to these "lost sheep." It was not written to those who were known as GENTILES, or to those who called themselves JEWS, but whom our risen Lord referred to as "those who say they are Jews, and are not; but are of the synagogue (meeting house) of Satan." (Rev. 2:9; 3:9). These people were Hebrews, Israelites to be more precise, to whom the promises of God had been given.

Very possibly the introduction to the Book of Hebrews in your King James Bible will say something like this: "Very likely this epistle was addressed to Jewish Christians in Palestine, or in Rome." Very probably not; for there were very few Jews who accepted Christ as Savior. Most of those who accepted Him were Israelites from Galilee. This is why most of His ministry was in Galilee, and very little in Judea.

Where do you find the Epistles of Paul and John today? They are not in the homes of those who are Jews. They are not found in the hotel rooms of occupied Palestine. Where are they? For the most part, you will find them in the homes of White Christians, and in the hotels and motels in Christian lands. (Where Jewish influence, has not had them removed.)

Who has been the foremost in spreading the Kingdom message of the Messiah? Not the Jewish people, but the White Christian people of Christendom, especially of Britain and America. 90% of the Christian literature and 98% of all Christian missionary efforts has gone out from these two countries. Why? Because they are fulfilling the fingerprints which were to be those of "true Israel," in the closing out days of this age.

If God inspired the writing of the Book of Hebrews, and I am sure He did. It is possible that He had the ability to deliver this message, age after age, into the hands of His Israel people, where it would be revered and spread? The Jews don't have it! In fact they hate Christ's Word with a bitter undying hatred!

We need to remember, that after the death of King Solomon, 12 tribed Israel was divided into the ten-tribed House of Israel, and two tribes Judah and Benjamin, with the tribe of Levi divided between the two factions. The Northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by and taken into Assyrian captivity, along with most of Judah. Jerusalem and the remaining Judahites, were later conquered by Babylon and taken into Babylonian captivity. 50,000 of this group, returned after seventy years, to rebuild the Temple. They returned with a new religion, which was not that of their Hebrew forefathers, but was a corruption of Hebrew, into what became known as Judaism, thoroughly saturated by the corrupt and occult practices they had picked up in Babylon. Along with this, they brought back the corrupt economic system of usury, which God had warned against.

Bible historians vary greatly in their estimates of how many of these people were taken into captivity. Estimates run from five to thirty million. In Ezra 2:64, we find that less than fifty thousand ever returned from Babylon, and these were a mixed multitude who had inter-married, contrary to Hebrew law, with the heathen Babylonians. A conscientious study of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah will reveal this.

But since most of the arguments re: Jews and Israel are now centered on the New Testament, by those who call themselves New Testament Christians, (these apparently do not realize that without the Old Covenant, there could be no New) let us go to three of the most important chapters in the New Testament, written by the Apostle Paul in Romans 9 to 11. Most King James Bibles carry headings such as "Salvation is Come to the Gentiles"; THE OPEN BIBLE heads these chapters: "The Jew and the Gospel." The New Scofield Reference Bible says: "The Problem of Jewish Unbelief." My Thompson Chain Reference Bible says "Paul's Sorrow for the Jews." The American Standard Version, "Gentiles vs. Israel," and probably the most liberal of all, the paraphrased LIVING BIBLE of Ken Taylor, says "Are the Jews Rejected?"

Yet not once in the original Greek manuscripts, is the word Jew used, not once! As you read in the King James 1611 Edition, remember that the English word GENTILE, is ETHNOS, and means "race; tribe; specifically a non-Judean tribe." The Jewish Encyclopedia clearly states that the tribes of Israel are not considered to be Jews.

But before we go into this, let me show you how THE LIVING BIBLE further confuses words, which were mistranslated in the King James Version.

THE LIVING BIBLE, begins this chapter by saying: "Oh Israel, My people! Oh my Jewish brothers!" These words cannot be found in the King James Version, or any other version I know of. They have been added to further the confusion our Christian people have in differentiating between Jews and Israel, by making it appear that they mean one and the same thing. THEY DO NOT!

In verse 5, Mr. Taylor states: "Great men of God were your fathers, and Christ Himself was one of you, a Jew so far as His human nature is concerned." The King James says: "Whose are the fathers and whom as concerning the flesh Christ came." Nothing is said in any of the original manuscripts about Christ BEING A Jew.

In verse 6, Mr. Taylor writes: "Has God failed to fulfill His promises to the Jews? No!" But we find the King James Version saying something different: "Not as though the word of God hath taken non effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel." Over and over again, Taylor uses the word Jew, where the word ISRAEL appears in the original. This is intellectual dishonesty of the worst sort. It is a deliberate attempt to give the anti-Christ Jews further Chosen People status in direct conflict with what the Lord had to say about them.

Thirty-one times in these three chapters, Dr. Taylor deliberately nus-translated the word ISRAEL, to read JEWS. He either changed the word, or added it where it is not found in other versions.

Let me give you an illustration: Romans 11:11 reads correctly in the King James, when it states: "I say then, have they (Israel) stumbled that they should fall? God forbid!" But Taylor has this verse to say: "Does this mean that God has rejected His Jewish people forever? Of course not!" It is this sort of dishonesty, practiced to some extent by the translators of the King James Version, which has caused our preachers to preach the nonsense that "the Jews are all of Israel and are God's Chosen People."

In Romans 9:3, Paul speaks about "My kinsmen according to the flesh." Here he was speaking about his race. Remember, he was a Benjaminite by blood, not a Judean. He was a Roman by nationality, and a Jew by religion. That is until his conversion.

In verse 6, he indicates that not all who arc born descendants of Abraham and Jacob/Israel are Israelites.

Then in verse 7, he makes a significant statement. He quotes from Genesis 21:12: "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." Not from a man named Judah, who our theologians say was the father of the Jews, but in Isaac. The word "Saxons" comes from "Sacs-sons" or "Isaac's sons." It was Isaac's son Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, not Judah.

In verse 14, Paul asks the question: "Is God unrighteous because He shows favoritism or discriminates?" (A horrible sin for modern Christians, we are told.) He goes onto explain this by quoting from Exodus 33:19; Exodus 9:15; Isaiah 45:5-12, and Jeremiah 18:1-10. (You New Testament Christians would be out of luck if we didn't have the Old Testament to refer to.)

In this verse we can pick up two mis-translations in the KJV. The word JEW, as used here should read JUDEANS, since there was no word such as JEW in the Greek language. In the 1611 KJV, it was IOUDEAN. The word GETILE as used here had to do with tribes or nations, in other words, the "lost sheep of the house of Israel, who had become Gentilized and lost their identity as Israelites."

Verse 25, is often used by pastors to bolster their Jews Chosen People myth. But here Paul indicates that it is Christian-Israel, the people who lost their identity, and who are now called by their new name, CHRISTIAN. The Jews have never lost their identity, and have never been called by a new name, especially the "sons of the living God."

Verse 26- The world calls those of us who follow Christ, Christians (Christ's sons). When we pray, Jesus told us to say: "Our Father . .

In chapter 10, verse 12, we read: "For there is no difference between JEW(JUDEAN) and the GREEK." Here the word HELLEN was used and is correctly translated as GREEK. Many Greeks were Israelites. But why was this same word translated seven times as GENTILES?

Verses. 14-17. These are in the form of someone asking Paul a question which he answers by referring to Isaiah 52:7 and 53:1. Both of these verses are grossly misquoted and misunderstood.

In Chapter 11, verse I we find another mis-translation. Paul was not a Jew, he tells us so himself, he was a Benjaminite, not from the tribe of Judah. God's people, which He foreknew, were the true Israelites who had disappeared into Assyrian captivity.

In verse 7, Paul raises the question: "What then" and answers it by saying: "Israel hath . . ." Notice, he did not say: "The Jews hath . . . but Israel hath." Paul was very careful of his terminology, something it would be well for our preachers to emulate. Then he quotes in verse 8, from Isaiah 29:10, about the inability of Israel to understand that they were God's Chosen. (The Jews have no such problem, they are constantly bragging about it.)

He then follows with further proofs from Psalm 69:22, 23.

True Israel, for the most part - White, Anglo-Saxon and related peoples, certainly do not know that they are the people of the Book. Why? "Because God has given them the spirit of slumber; eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear." This verse in no way describes Jews, for they have boasted for centuries about their special status with God, while repudiating His Son. These are the liars of Rev. 2:9; 3:9.

Verse 11 indicates that salvation has come not to some "non-Jew" men called GENTILES, but to the "Gentilized lost sheep of the house of Israel." This was necessary to provoke those of the house of Judah to jealously, so that they too would seek the God of their fathers.

Verse 13 indicates that Paul was the Apostle, not to the "heathen," as the word GENTILES seems to connotes, but to the "lost sheep of true Israel."

Verses 17-24 speak about the "olive tree," which in Bible terminology has always meant Israel. (The fig tree has always been the symbol of Judah.) This is why we find on the inverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, an eagle holding an olive branch in his beak. This branch has thirteen leaves, representing the thirteen colonies and Israel's thirteen tribes. The wording on the seal is the Latin inscription "E Pluribus Unum," "out of many (tribes) one (nation.)" The name America comes from the word "Ameri" meaning "heavenly," and "rica," meaning "kingdom," hence "the heavenly kingdom." Our enemies, and even some within Identity, have been trying to brainwash us with the notion that this seal is of Masonic order, and refers to the New World Order. There will be a New World Order, but it will not be under the command of men such as George Bush, thank God, but will be commanded by Jesus Christ, as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

The vast majority of White, Israel people have been deliberately blinded to this glorious identity. The phrase "fullness of the GENTILES," in verse 25, which should be correctly translated as "nations," means a "multitude of nations." The Jews have never by any stretch of the imagination been a "multitude of nations," but just recently (1948), became a struggling little nation of less than 4-million people, who could not keep going if it were not for the support of Israel America.

So we can see in these three great chapters, that Paul quotes 35 times from the Old Testament in 90 verses. 39% of the content of these chapters are right out of the Old Testament. Does this mean that you New Testament Christians will refuse to consider them? In fact, we find Paul explaining the meaning of the Old Testament in these chapters. So if you hear your pastor tell you: "We don't need the Old Testament, because we are New Testament Christians," you KNOW the rascal is lying to you. You can be sure of it!

All through these three chapters, the people who are spoken of as GENTILES, are in reality the "lost sheep of the house of Israel." The nations we today know as Christendom.

The word JEW, as used in these chapters should have been translated as JUDEAN, since it has absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish religion, and as I mentioned before, at the time of Christ, there were no people anywhere in the world, who were known as JEWS.

Many JUDEANS believed on our Lord and were converted. There was a man named Nathaniel, spoken of in John 1:47. When Jesus said to him, he said: "Behold an ISRAELITE indeed, in whom there is no guile." This is somewhat different from His condemnation of the JEW Pharisees in John 8:44, when He said: "Ye are of your father the devil."

There was a man named Zaecheus, and Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea, all Israelites. Not one of these was a Jew! Some Judahites were influenced by the Edomite Pharisees, who hated Him and ultimately murdered Him. It was to this bogus crowd that lie said: "Ye are not of my fold."

To clarify this apparent contradiction, let me use a modern example. America is made up of Caucasians, Negroes, and many mixed races. Therefore not all Americans are Caucasians. And not all Caucasians are American.

So it was with the Judeans of Christ's time. Some were Israelites, primarily of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. They were not known as Jews, but as the House of Judah. The majority of the Judeans, like King Herod, were Edomites. So were the Pharisees, as can be seen in John 8:33 when they told Jesus: "We be Abraham's children, but have never been in bondage to any man." This clearly indicates that they could not possibly have been Israelites.

Many of the people of Judea were of mixed blood as far as racial purity was concerned, and had come back from Babylon in this "mixed up" condition. This is one of the reasons why Luke took such care in describing the ancestry of our Lord. It just wasn't standard for the average Jew (Judean) of that day to be able to trace his ancestry back to Abraham.

There are a number of scriptures which reveal the different types of Judeans. There were those who followed Christ and became known as Christians. For almost 2,000 years they have gone bv this descriptive name. They were never called Jews, although sometimes today, our "brainwashed" Judeo-Christian element call them Christian Jews. This is a misnomer, as false as to say that something could be "hot-cold, or wet-dry."

When Jesus said in John 10:27 - "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me," He was not speaking about the Edomite Jews but about Christian Israelites. In John 10:26. He did not say: "Believe in Me and ye shall be my sheep," He said: "Ye believe not because ye are NOT OF MY SHEEP!" This would seem to imply that a "sheep becomes a sheep at birth, rather than being converted to sheep status." I know this shoots down a lot of fundamentalist doctrines, but how else can you explain this? Those who heard Christ and accepted Him, did not do so because they became "converted," but because of their status, His "sheep" will hear His voice and follow Him.

We know that Abraham was the father of many nations, so what we see in John 8, is Christ arguing with Edomites, who had some of the blood of Abraham in their veins through Esau, but who were not the chosen through Jacob/Israel. The Bible says: "In Isaac, (the father of Jacob) shall thy (Abraham's) seed be called."

In verse 41 of John 8, we see the "age old doctrine," of Secular Humanism, the "universal brotherhood of man, under the universal fatherhood of God," as it rears its ugly head. The modern Jews give lip service to this doctrine, while declaring to all who will listen and be "brainwashed" by their lies, that they are special in the eyes of God, while at the same time they repudiate Him and His Son.

These religious hypocrites, and I call them that, because this is the label our Lord attached to them, falsely claimed to be Abraham's children of promise, while Jesus accused them of their rightful title, as "children of Satan." (Verse 44)

Who were these imposters? They were neither Israelites, or of the House of Judah, but were the mixed race people our risen Lord spoke about in Rev. 2:9; 3:9, when He referred to those "who say they are Jews (Judeans) and are not; but are of the synagogue of Satan." These are the modern day people we know as Jews. Those the Judeo-Christians worship!

In Jeremiah 24, you will find a prophesy concerning the Judeans (Jews) who were living in Palestine. Remember that the fig tree has always been the symbol of Judah, not Israel. Christ's sheep, are the "good Judean figs," of this parable. The "evil figs," are the Judeans who came from the mixed multitude, and the Edomite background and who refuse to accept Him. Knowing this, the symbolism of this chapter should be easy to understand. Where would we expect to find the "evil figs of Judah" today? They are found in Jewry, while the good figs are to be found in Christendom.

The descendants of Esau can be found today in Jewry, existing alongside the Ashkenazi Khazar Jews, who are of Turco-Mongolian background, and who converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. They were a savage, barbarian people from Russia, whose ancestors had never set foot in Palestine. Yet today, in the nation of the Israeli, every one of their leaders has come from this Khazar background. Over 90% of the people we know as Jews today, are Ashkenazi.

If you are curious as to what God has predicted for these people, read Malachi 1:2-4.

The Israelites and Judahites who went into Assyrian captivity migrated west and north through the Caucaus Pass into Europe. This is why we are called Caucasians. There is much historical proof available which will prove this, in spite of the frantic efforts of so-called Christians historians to disprove the true history of our Israel people. They do this, of course, to protect the anti-Christ's of Judaism.

If the people we now know as Jews are indeed "God's Chosen people," as our pastor's insist, doesn't seem strange to you that God Bestowed His greatest blessings on the people of Europe and America? Almost every invention which has brought improvement to mankind has come from the white race. It is only the White race, the so-called GENTILES, who have accepted Christ as their God in significant numbers. Our missionaries know that many times they must work for years, to convert a person of color to Christianity, and often when the missionary is forced to leave, the native reverts to their original condition of savagery in a few years. Why do you suppose this is so?

Ask yourself what nations have taken the Bible as the foundation for their governments and their Constitutions? Not the Jews! It has been the White nations of Christendom.

The people we know as Jews today follow the pagan Babylonian worship as found in their Talmud. They do not follow Moses, as we have been told, for Jesus told them: "If ye had believed Moses, ye would have believed Me, for he wrote of Me." (John 5: 46). While modern Judaism gives lip service to the Torah, the words of Moses, it is diametrically opposed to what Moses taught the Children of Israel. Take usury as an example. Moses taught that usury was wrong, see Ex. 22:25; Ps. 15:5; Lev. 25:37 and many more, yet for centuries the Jews have been the greatest usurers on the face of the earth.

A great truth which has been avoided by the majority of our preachers is that it is the White race of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who is the true Israel of God. They are the Covenant people of the Old and New Testament.

You may think this is arrogant. But why does it disturb you? Do you accuse the Jews of arrogance when they lie about and claim God's blessings on their heathen, anti-Christ teachings? Of course you don't! You would be an Anti-Semite in the eyes of the modern world, and this in the thinking of most Christians is worse than blasphemy against God. Yet my answer to anti-Semites is this. If it means "anti-Jew" then I am "anti-Semite," for not to be would make me "anti-Christ." He denounced them more and better than I can ever hope to do.

You may say: "What difference does it make if I ani a Christian? Being saved is all that really matters. I could care less whether I am an Israelite or not." But would you turn down a great inheritance that was offered to you, because you were a Christian? Of course not! Yet you seem willing to allow your pastors to rob you of the wonderful knowledge, that because you are an Israelite, you have a special responsibility to God and your fellow man. You have been chosen by Him, to be His ambassador to unsaved mankind.

When the Apostle Peter wrote the wonderful words of 1Peter 2:9, he was speaking to the "strangers (Israelites) scattered abroad through Asia Minor and Europe. He was not writing to Christian Jews, but to Israelites. The word "foreigners," as used here by Peter comes from a Greek word which means "resident foreigner." He was speaking to then Israelite people who were living in this area by the thousands. He told them, vs. 9, that they were "A chosen generation (stock, offspring), a royal priesthood, a holy nation (not referring to the church), a peculiar (chosen for a special purpose) people." Then in the remainder of the verse he tells why they have been thus chosen: "That ye should shew forth the raises of Him who hath called you out of darkness, into His marvelous light." These were Israelites from whom the veil of darkness had been lifted and who, like you and I have had been called into special service for the King.

Who were the people who had been in darkness for hundreds of years? Surely not the Jews. They knew who they were. It was "true" Israel," whose eyes have been blinded.

I realize that many of you who ask: "What difference does it make," are sincere Christians. You love the Lord. But my friend, to remain in darkness and confusion concerning the nations and peoples in the scriptures, leaves you an easy prey for those who would deceive and confuse you in a national sense and bring ruin to our beloved land. To remain ignorant of your true identity, is to commit the sin of Esau, when he gave up his birthright for a bowl of bean soup. It is somethingmostch must be well pleasing to the forces of Satan and darkness.

It is because Christians have lacked the truth of whom they are, that the forces of evil have been able to take control of America, and most Christians have "become the salt which has lost its savor (it's ability to act as salt and hold back corruption,") (Matt. 5:13).

When Paul wrote in Gal. 3:26-29 that we are "all sons by faith in Christ," he was not wiping out the role of either sex when a person is baptized into Christ. But simply stating that all believers, through faith in Him, are of the family of God. In a spiritual sense, they have "become Abraham's seed." Thus every one of Anglo heritage, MUST have faith in Christ in order to be part of His spiritual body, the true church.

But does it make a difference? If you elevate the enemies of Christ to a "God chosen" position, you automatically place yourself on the side of the enemies That's the meaning of 2 John 10, 11. If you give "aid and comfort" to the enemies of Christ, those who curse Him, and spit when His name is mentioned, then you become one with them, and "become partaker in their evil deeds." Are you willing to partake of the condemnation that will come to the Jew abortionist, the Jew prostitutionist, the Jew dope peddler, the Jew who curses your Savior, on that day when they stand before the Judge?

Fundamentalist pastors love these verses in 2nd John, but all too often they use them to blast a Christian brother who does not see "eye to eye," with them on doctrinal matters. But I have had some of them tell me, we cannot apply these verses to the Jew.

The number of Christian pastors who will correctly use these verses are mighty small in number and when one of their number has the courage to tell the truth, such as Dr. Bailey Smith, President of Southern Baptist convention a few years ago, when he correctly said: "God does not hear the prayers of a Jew." And isn't that what the Master said: "No man cometh unto the Father but by me," in Rwhen Dr. Sm~ said that, pastors in his own denomination turned against him in righteous hypocrisy and called him "anti-Semitic." What hypocrites they are! Jesus clearly taught, that no one, Jew, Gentile, Mohammedan, Buddhist, etc., can reach God unless they come through the Son. Study the scriptures and the Jewish Talmud, and you will i:ecognize, if you are an honest person, that they are anti-Christ.

Some of you may have been upset because I pointed to errors in your beloved King James Version. If it makes you feel any better, that is the Version I use for my study. You may say: "We can't believe you, since you don't believe our Bible." But I do!! I believe all of it! But I also have enough intelligence to know that the men who translated the King James Version, were picked by the King of England for this purpose. I also know they were human, and just as translators since, many of whom have been devout men who loved the Lord, made mistakes I believe the original scriptures were the very word of God, but I also know there are demonstrable errors in translating since then. As sincere students of God's Word, we MUST be able to see errors which were made, in order to have the Bible conform to some church doctrine.

All my readers should be intelligent enough to know that the original Bible was not written in English. The Old Testament originals were written in ancient Hebrew, and the New Testament in Greek and Amharic. The word JEW and GENTILE were unknown when these manuscripts were written. The word GENTILE is unknown in the Hebrew language and when it is used in the Old Testament, it comes from the Hebrew "goy" which means "tribes or nation." Why was this word mis-translated over and over again, using seven different meanings, when there is really only one?

Was it because the King James translators were trying to fit their Bible to the church doctrines of that time? Just as the liberals are trying to change modern translations to please the Jews and the feminists? Men were burned for heresy at the time of King James, merely for disagreeing with the established doctrines of the church. If you were dealing with the Roman Catholic church, you were a heretic if you refused to believe her doctrine. If you were dealing with a Reformation church, you were considered a heretic if you did not believe as they taught. Usually the result of this disbelief was fatal, no matter who was in power.

So be very careful in your handling of the Bible. I firmly believe the King James Version to be the closest and most accurate of all translations. (You Ferrer-Fenton people please don't get mad at me!) There are no important departures from the original. But there are mistakes, which have caused confusion, such as in the use of words like JEW an GENTILE, and equating ISRAEL and JEW, as one and the same, which they are not!

I most certainly don't intend to "throw the baby out with the bath water," because I don't like the way the KJV translators handled the word JEW or GENTILE. I have enough sense to place JUDEAN where I read JEW, and NATION, where I read GENTILE.

But you cannot correctly understand the meaning of the King James, or any other Bible, unless you are willing to check out the KEY words and see what they mean in the original. That's why voluminous works such as Strong's Concordance were printed. I tried this on Ezekiel 38, 39, and came out with a completely different idea, from any which had ever been presented to me by some prophetic pastor. Often the English language does not have words adequate to express the meaning of the original. But unfortunately, few pastors or laymen will take the time and effort to "Study to show themselves approved unto God," and look these words up. Too often, the lazy layman will ask the pastor what they mean, and he will give them the definition given by the seminary professor, while the true Word goes begging.

Never accept anything from the pulpit, or from writings such as this, for example, without first checking them against the Word of God. If they don't comply with what the Bible teaches, they are not fit to consider.

We need to remind ourselves that it is one thing to believe every word in the Bible, but it is quite another to know what the Bible teaches. Believing the Bible is true will be of no practical help to you, if you refuse to study the Bible, and "search the scriptures."

Cornelius Vander Breggen, Jr., in his booklet THE PRIVILEGED PEOPLE, said:

1) Be sure you are in the status of John 3:18, 3:36.

2) Lay aside all preconceived ideas you may have concerning Israel, the Jews, Gentiles, or any other subject you want to understand.

3) Make known to the Holy Spirit, who indwells you if you are a Christian (and this doesn't mean you have to speak in tongues), that you are trusting Him to lead you into an understanding of the truth.

4) Then search the scriptures diligently. Use a good concordance, so you will understand the meaning of key words as they were translated from the original languages.

5) When you have done this, believe what the Words says. Don't let ANYTHING human prejudices, church teachings, or (he ideas of men, stand in your way acting on God's Word. Jesus said to the Pharisees, those false Jews in Matthew 22:29 - "Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures or the power of God." So seek the truth. Then act on it. We MUST if we are to exist as a free people, "chosen of God for His special purpose!"

The End

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