This chapter was first written as a letter to a friend, to present some of my thoughts. With a little editing, it presents this topic as well as I can say it.

I want to share some of my convictions. Several times recently I've wished I could share with you my perspective on reality because it seems so real and clear to me and so little understood by others. I know that "seeming real and clear" doesn't make it truth, and I can't claim that I know the absolute truth, if there is such a thing. But I have come to see a large picture, into which most confusing events seem to fit and make sense. It is this large picture that I want to share with you as simply as I can.

I consider Mind to be the basic matter of reality. By this I mean that all knowable and seeable reality is nothing but an emanation (a thought, an appearance of something which results from the thought) from some ultimate supreme Mind. Without trying to determine the source of that Mind, which is probably impossible anyway, I'd like to begin with "Mind" as the given. My concern then regards the activity of that Mind, activity which is nothing more or less than a dance between two opposing forces. It is this very dance that is Heaven. The dance is the play on the stage of our world. Earth is the stage and Heaven is the performance. For the physical sciences the two forces which dance are studied as positive versus negative. For the mental sciences the forces are expressed as behaviors and beliefs which promote health and well-being versus those which promote self-destruction and illness. But it is the spiritual science I want to address because I believe the other two are expressions which manifest from spiritual forces. Spiritual science studies the two forces as good versus evil.

Religions have always been fundamental to civilization as religious leaders sought to understand causes behind events which affected people. Any primary causes of our reality are de facto "spiritual" in nature. For the greatest philosophical Minds, the struggle for understanding has been a spiritual search. Most simply, that which they struggle to explain is the relationship between two dancers, named Good and Evil.

I am convinced that Intelligent Mind operates this physical reality, both for good and for evil. There is too much that can't be explained by physical science theories to reject the notion that a higher-intelligent-force designs the plot of the play. Now, in order to understand my theory of how these two forces relate to each other in this dance, it is necessary to consider them as functioning in cycles; that is: they oscillate taking turns being dominant, and they do this repetitively, at all frequencies: from the 25,000 year precession-of-equinoxes cycle down to the tiniest fraction of a second where an electron pulsates. Refer to the SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM.

Whatever the ultimate Mind might be, that we refer to as "God," I'm convinced there is design and order to the program of civilizations. And I have, for so many years now, watched events and studied historical events, wondering if they fit my theoretical plan or conflict with it. I've been unable to find any person or any evidence which might refute the theory of history as it is laid out in this diagram; all things seem to fit perfectly within these cyclic patterns, patterns which actually define civilizations.

ULTIMATE MIND, GOD, IS EXPRESSED THROUGH THE DYNAMIC INTERPLAY BETWEEN TWO POLAR FORCES OF GOOD AND EVIL.  That expression becomes the performance of the play, which is what Jesus called Heaven! For Christianity, the force of good is represented by Christ, while evil is represented by Satan. While these terms need more defining, that isn't my purpose here, so I'll use the terms as generally understood, for sake of simplicity.

Well, during that half-cycle in which civilizations declined (16,000 to 4,000BC), the plan of God was achieved through the gradual disappearance of good from the world, while the force of evil gained power. On the sine-wave curve we watch the energy line descend, crossing the neutral line into the area of negative-energy. During that historical path of degeneration, under the negative force of evil, it came to pass that there were no people left on earth representing good. Then, just as society (see the energy line) was to bottom out, God introduced a new race of people who would express good again: they were Adam and Eve. That new race would have Minds which I describe as "divine" because it is my concept of divinity that Minds yearn for goodness and justice and honesty and for a relationship with God their source. They long to improve civilization, always wanting something better, a higher good, wherein all the people can know the greatest happiness. Compassion and the golden-rule are basic instincts of their nature, and reveal the Spirit of their Father within them. As we know, only the white race has this kind of Mind innately. To this day, earth races still demonstrate their totally-primitive natures, and any instances where they have accomplished anything philosophical or technological have been with the help of the white man or with white blood in their veins. I find the interplay of forces (neg. vs pos.) interesting on the sine wave curve. Notice where the positive force, Adam, is introduced on the line: just prior to the nadir. This force acts kind of like the force of sun-gravity when the sun pulls a comet's orbit closer to itself, speeding the comet up until it slingshots the thing away again. Just so does Adam's positive force halt civilization's decline, to turn it upward toward the neutral-line again.

At our present time of 2,000 A.D. in this process, we are ascending toward good, and crossing the neutral line. The forces of good and evil are quite evenly matched right now and neither positive nor negative force has control; things are very unstable, and earth's present weakened magnetic field weakens health and Mind, but the momentum will carry us across the line; the negative force will lose its dominance as the positive gains power. In religion this is stated in terms of Satan being defeated while Christ is anointed as the new ruler.

Whatever influenced the writing of the Old and New Testaments, I am convinced that something did deliberately design those writings to provide us a picture of that historical process. Those writings can't possibly be accidental or they wouldn't have been so accurate in predicting the future. The descriptions of future events from ancient prophecies and descriptions of battles between the two forces; those things are just too accurate, too pertinent, too significantly meaningful to be ignored. I see in those writings of thousands of years ago the whole plan described in terms of "God will do this or that." And it has happened, just as described. I want to give an overview of some of this, by scanning the history of one special race of God's people, the white race. This is an incredible story, one the Christian church isn't yet willing to admit!

A basic knowledge of the history of our race is helpful. Starting with Adam & Eve: the first son, Cain, was born after Eve had been "beguiled" (πάτησέ/eepateese = deceived/seduced - Gen. 3:14) by Satan, who is believed to be the father of Cain. The notion that Satan was the true father of Cain is not far-fetched, for I John 3:12 reads, "Not as Cain who was OF the evil one." The word "of" is in this case the Greek word "ek" which means, according to Liddell & Scott Lexicon: "from out of, forth from, by the hand of, & in consequence of." Many believe that eating of the "forbidden fruit" was the sex-act, forbidden to immortals who must not breed. So, Cain and Abel are thought to be fraternal twins with Satan as Cain's father while Adam was Abel's father. Note also that Jesus says to the Jews in John 8:44 that "Ye are of ("ek") your father, the devil." Clinching this argument is the Greek word used in Genesis 3:16 "I will put enmity between � thy seed ("spermatos" - sperm), an explicit statement that Cain, as Satan's seed, was from Satan's sperm. After one understands this "two-seed" doctrine, the story of history becomes an obvious contest between the two races of good and of evil, God's Adamic race and Satan's Cain race. This concept of two contestants, driven by opposite instincts, makes the entire history of civilization more interesting because we can see the progress of "good" over the centuries as the divine pageant of God being played out by two races which each had "divine" origins.

Cain went forth to marry and join people already present in the world, making himself progenitor of the race of Cain - to express evil in performance as a contestant. Adam was progenitor of the race which expresses good in the play then commencing on the world-stage. From the three sons of Noah (Sem, Ham & Japhet), one son, Sem, was chosen to carry God's special blessing for continuance of the good race. If Noah's legendary flood was limited to the area of the Tarim Pendi (a vast valley surrounded by mountains, east of the Pamir Plateau/Garden of Eden), the race of Cain was certainly unaffected by it (he had already migrated to Sumer), and we see his wicked presence through ancient history as those who were hostile to God's chosen race, eventually manifested in the Edomites between 1800 and 312 BC (at which time they were evicted from Edom by Nabateans, and migrated to Judea to later become Jews). Ham's descendants went to Egypt and built pyramids. Japhet's line went northwestward into Europe: Teutons and Picts. Sem's line went to the area of Iraq. It is there in the Mesopotamian fertile-crescent that the dynamic-relationship between the good race and the evil race would war. Sometimes, through the Old Testament story of these races, there were families in which one son was chosen to carry the blessing while the other son became evil (Eve's sons, and Isaac's sons); this is a major theme in the plot. We can only understand the play by watching these sons. Without getting too detailed here, just keep in Mind that Abraam lived around 2,000 B.C. Abraam's sons were Ishmael: the illegitimate one; and Isaac: the chosen one. Isaac's sons were Esau: the wicked one; and Jacob: the chosen one. Jacob's name was changed to Israel and he had 12 sons who became the twelve tribes of Israel. By 1,500 B.C. the Israelites had been in Egypt nearly 400 years and had become slaves, of a sort, and Moses led them out of Egypt to their promised-land where Abraam and kin had lived before. Around 1,000 B.C. King David ruled over the Israelites. The period in which a King ruled over all twelve tribes of Israel was quite short, having only as Kings: Saul, David, and Solomon. After Solomon, the kingdom split into two parts, the northern kingdom called "Israel" under his son, Jeroboam and the southern kingdom called "Juda" under his son, Rehoboam. Those two kingdoms had some strife during their years of separation and Jereboam did evil in God's sight by building statues of golden bulls for worship instead of going to worship in Jerusalem, in the southern kingdom where the temple was. In this case, Jereboam's evil did not doom the entire nation of Israel because God had already made an unbreakable promise, a covenant, but his evil did result in a curse which we will talk about next.

Okay, that's the brief overview of the history, showing how the two kingdoms of Israel and Juda came to be. About 745 B.C. God cursed Jereboam's northern kingdom with the "seven-times-curse," which would last for a period of 2,520 years. The "seven-times-curse" of Leviticus 26 is based on the 360-day calendar in common use at that time. Seven times 360 equals 2,520 years. God said that during that 2,520 years the children of Israel would be scattered to other lands, would not be known as "Israel," would forget their origins completely, and would never return to the Palestine area again. The lush fruitful land of Palestine was cursed to be forevermore a barren wasteland, which it still is today. At the end of 2,520 years, God's chosen race of Israelites would, as "lost sheep" be reclaimed by Jesus, their shepherd, ("and his sheep follow Him, for they know His voice" John 10:4) and according to God's promise, be born as a new nation in a distant land. Well, that period of 2,520 years was completed when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 A.D. God's promise was fulfilled when the true Israelites founded the United States of America, prompted by the instinct of New Covenant to establish a value-set which accords with our Father's will.

There is a lot of interesting history during the period of that 2,520 year curse, regarding the migrations of the Israelites out of Palestine into Europe with their tribal names and symbols like the "Lion of Juda" which signifies the British Royalty. There is historical record about how the prophet Jeremia carried the stone-of-Jacob (representing the throne of David) to Ulster in northern Ireland about 550 B.C. There is an ancient statue of Jeremia still there. The common Irish name, "Jerry," is thought to be in honor of Jeremia. He also carried a princess of Juda from the Pharez/Juda line, by the name of Tea Tephi, (daughter of King Zedekia) to Ulster where she married King Eochaid who was from the Zara/Juda line, thus re-uniting the two Juda lines of Royalty in a new land. Tea Tamar Tephi's grave still exists in Ulster today at Tara. The throne of David (represented by the stone-of-Jacob) later went to Scotland, and for the past 700 years, until September 15, 1996 has rested in the Coronation Throne in Westminster Abbey in London. Every British Sovereign has sat upon that stone for coronation, including Elizabeth II. They know they are the Throne of David. On a wall in the Abbey there is a large genealogy chart which traces the lineage of England's Royalty back to King David, so it is true that God's promise was never broken that the throne-of-David was never vacant, and neither did the true Israelites ever return to the Palestine area again, nor will they.

Modern Israelites in Palestine today are Khazars from eastern Europe (south Russia) and claim on their websites (search "Khazaria") that they descended from Japheth, not from Sem, so that they aren't even Semitic. Their claim to be true Israel accommodates the Christian world which insists on it. The evidence is clear that they ARE Khazars, but I believe the Khazars are Edomites who migrated to eastern Europe after 70 AD and after the Bar Kokba rebellion in 2nd Century AD because the Khazar legends claim they originally from Mt. Seir, which is Edom. The Jewish Ashkenaz  race today is the Khazarian race with the Khazarian language of Yiddish, operating with ALL the natural instincts of Edom, the eternal enemy of Jacob. It is that Jewish race which attempts to subdue and destroy the white European race. They declared war against us in that 1897 meeting in Basel, Switzerland (THE PROTOCOLS), and killed over fifty million of our Germanic race between 1920 and 1940 under Stalin, and published a book in 1939 titled GERMANY MUST PERISH in which they proposed the extermination of the entire white Anglo-Saxon race. So, if we believe Jesus when He said, "by their fruits you shall know them," we can see Edom's hatred of Israel being expressed in the Khazarian/Edomite Jews of today.

The stone of Jacob is also called Jacob's Pillow, the Stone of Scone, and the Stone of Destiny. For a detailed history of it, see STONE OF DESTINY by Pat Gerber: Canongate Books Ltd, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland 1997.

Anyway, I guess what I am trying to illustrate is that the ancient prophecies have clearly and amazingly been fulfilled and America is the latest scene of the play. This is also the scene where the greatest battle will occur between good and evil. In the Bible there is a lot of information about this end-times-battle in which there will be wars and physical catastrophes. It is also prophesied that Evil/Edom will dominate the world just before Satan is vanquished. It is quite exciting to study the Old Testament prophecies regarding these times. In the New Testament, Jesus spoke about these times a lot and in Matthew 24 He describes some of the trauma. The Sixth Seal, of Rev. 6:12ff, describes the same cataclysmic end-time event. Anyway, it isn't possible to ignore the fact that things of the future were described thousands of years before the events came to pass. But sacred literature is very different from scientific literature; the Bible is a strange and puzzling book until the reader becomes adjusted to the sense of this kind of writing. Religious writings are written in ways quite foreign to the scientific Mind, yet there is a validity to be found here that is astounding and something which science should not reject.

In my opinion, science and spirituality are easily reconciled once one considers the picture as a long-term plan which functions through repetitive cycles. Once one sees the pieces of the puzzle formed together in this way, one must at least find it very interesting.

Furthermore, regarding the plot of this stage-play, the plot is simply this: on a neutral stage of this planet where animals and earth-people always exist, God introduced two divine races to play out the epic battle between good and evil. Both races, Satan's and Adam's, have the same mother: Eve, so, the two races are actually half-brothers, one evil and one good. Both benefit from the blessing of great Minds with nearly unlimited potential for, unlike earth-races, they can think original thoughts. This great talent is used by one brother to carry civilization from the primitive level, upward technologically, intellectually, and spiritually, while the evil brother uses it to attack and destroy the good brother, stealing his achievements by cheating and lying and murdering. In other words, life is a contest between these two forces of good and evil played out by two races on our planet stage.

So, the force of evil is expressed through the race of people who descended from Cain. Many believe Satan was the true physical father of Cain, the fraternal twin of Adam's son, Abel. Gen. 3:13 says: "The serpent beguiled/seduced me and I ate." We still us the term "forbidden-fruit" to mean illegitimate sex. Cain's descendants merged with Edomites in Idumea, and with the cursed descendents of Canaan (Gen. 15:19). About 745 B.C., God's chosen Israelites were cursed to be lost for 2,520 years, brought about by the Assyrian Captivity and then the Babylonian Captivity, running them out of Palestine forever. Then, the true-good children were pretty much off the Levant-stage, gone to Asia Minor and Europe. The evil ones have dominated the stage during the curse period, including the time of Christ. Nethinim (Kenites from Cain), and Edomites took over the Jerusalem temple before Christ was born, calling themselves "Jews," pretending to be the continuation of the Royal line of Judah which, unknown to them, had already been transferred to Ireland about 550 B.C. by Jeremia. Those so-called "Jews" were the pretenders whom Jesus railed against and exposed as liars and frauds, as he told them God was not their father; rather their father was the devil (John 8:44). Jesus later said that, those who say they are Jews fraudulently, are really a synagogue of Satan. (Rev. 2:9; cf 3:9) Note that the word "synagogue" is a Greek word, not Jewish/Hebrew. Thayer's Greek Lexicon, p. 600, defines "synagogue" as "an assembly of men whom Satan governs." I find it interesting that Jews would use a Greek word, rather than Hebrew, to denote their church. If their Jewish religion actually had an ancient "Hebrew" origin, they would be using a "Hebrew" word! Of course, Judaism is properly known to them as "Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism" and is not the ancient Hebrew religion at all. It came from the Pagan religion and the Chaldean mystery-schools during the Babylonian captivity as a religion of magics.

Jesus made it dramatically clear for us that there is a great gulf between the forces of good and evil, and that the Jews, led by Satan, were playing the evil side while He, himself, would lead the good side. This entire contest is the eternal hostility between two brothers who represent two races: Cain vs Abel, & Jacob vs Esau. Jacob is represented by the white-race Israelites who migrated into Europe and then America; these are the ones who live by basic instincts of honesty, fairness, justice, compassion, benevolence, advancement of technology for good, stewardship of natural resources, and all the characteristics we consider "good." These are also the sheep who have recognized their Master's voice and followed Him. Note that this recognition of Jesus as Lord is so powerful in the white race people, that many have devoted themselves to Him in spite of mistakenly thinking themselves to be non-Israelite foreigners to Him! Note also that the Jews have always been anti-Christ, with a vengeance! To this day, Rabbis compel fellow Jews to spit on the cross, especially the crucifix, and to spit whenever passing a Christian Church, inconspicuously if necessary. Can these be the sheep who recognize their shepherd's voice and follow him, as Jesus said of His sheep? He also warned, "By their fruits, ye shall know them."

Cain/Esau is represented by his descendants from Edom who, after the Roman purge of 70 AD, migrated to Spain as Sephardim, and to eastern Russia where they were Khazars, the Ashkenaz, then into Europe as Jews; they are the Jews of today, and their lives are driven obsessively with deep natural instincts of lying, cheating, fraud, and exploitation of Jacob's descendants (us). They are convinced, under their horridly-wicked Babylonian Talmud and under Satan's leadership, that the world is destined to be dominated by them, and their destiny is to farm God's chosen children of Jacob's line like ants farm aphids, while all our products rightfully belong to them. The Jews' term for us is "goyim," which means "cattle." Their philosophy, and Isaac's blessing to Esau of domination over Jacob, has brought them into a present situation where they do dominate the earth. They own the world's major banks and they own the Federal Reserve System (a private corporation) which manipulates the American economy for their own interests. Their philosophy developed into Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the World Bank, the I.M.F., the Committee of 300, the Zionists, the Bolsheviks, the United Nations, and many other organizations that now control the economies and politics of the world. At their head is the Grand Sanhedrin. Nearly all of our political leaders are part of these groups, or are manipulated by them, but that is material of other books, not the subject here. Whatever face our enemy shows, whether politician, educator, jurist, insurance company, publisher, broadcaster, loan-shark, land-baron, entertainer, merchandiser, car-salesman, media-mogul, or banker, (never productive-worker), all have the same agenda: the exploitation of the goyim, (us). Like the paradigm which Jesus demonstrated, we Christians are lambs being led to slaughter. Many fail to recognize our crucifiers. Many refuse to heed our Shepherd's warnings, and innocently invite the wolf into our flock while murmuring contentedly the word, "peace." We practice ignorance as a religion, shutting our Minds to anything we didn't learn in Sunday School. We scorn any notion of standing up like David, who charged against Goliath saying, "I'll show that there's a God for Israel." It appears clear that only those who step forth bravely in this grand contest will wear the laurel wreath at the end. "Many are called, but few are chosen."  In the Gospel of Thomas, v. 11, Jesus said, "The dead are not alive, and the living will not die." Those children of God who would live must follow our Lord who showed us the way, devotedly, to the very end of life itself.

Sadly, so many so-called Christians will one day plead, "Lord, Lord, I believe," only to hear the reply, "Depart from me, I never knew you." That is a terrible judgment which Jesus made when He foretold it, but such is the fruit of justice. We've been abundantly warned, and only those willing to stand up bravely will be rewarded. Those who are content to live placidly, avoiding the spiritual battle, have never really lived and will not know the life-to-come. They are best spoken to with the words of Sam Adams, who said in 1776, "If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

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