During these end-times we are seeing the gulf widening between the two extremes of good and evil, between enlightenment and ignorance, between the godly and the ungodly. We are seeing the wheat and the tares being separated; the sheep and the goats are becoming easier to identify. God is beginning the harvest, and we are present to witness it and even to understand some of it as it happens. As the evil ones of the world become more wicked, God's children become more holy. What delights me is the opening up of understanding those scriptures which have not been understood before. Every week brings new and exciting material to me that reveal an explosion of enlightenment among sincere seekers of God. It is wonderful to be a part of this, and I am filled with excitement and anticipation.

My wife, Lisa, just yesterday brought up a passage for discussion, and as we talked about it, the understanding of it took on a whole different nature, in light of the truths of God which have been revealed in recent years. Now, we can understand some of these passages clearly, and their meaning is often different from the simple Sunday School lessons that the church has taught. Matthew 25 offers us some new understanding.

Jesus told many parables and little stories about the Kingdom of God. In Matthew 25 He says the kingdom will be like ten virgins who took their lamps to the wedding of the bridegroom; five were foolish and didn't bring oil for their lamps, and so on. Then He compares the kingdom of heaven to a man who gave talents to his servants, some of whom used them wisely and one who didn't work his talent at all. But, in Matthew 25:31 He tells about when the Son of Man comes in His glory to sit on His throne, to separate the sheep from the goats. When one understands the plot of God's divine play, and the players, and their roles, then this passage takes on a whole new interpretation.

Mat. 25:31-46, a literal translation from the Greek: "31When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His throne of glory; 32and all the ethnic groups (θvη - ethne = ethnic group, race) will be assembled before Him, and He will separate them from one another as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, 33and will set the sheep on His right, but the goats on the left. 34Then will the King say to the ones on His right, 'Come, blessed ones of my Father, inherit the kingdom which has been prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 35For I hungered and you gave me to eat; I thirsted and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you fellowshipped with me, 36naked and you clothed me; I ailed and you visited me; I was in prison and you came to me.' 37Then the righteous will answer Him saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and fed you, or thirsting and gave drink? 38and when did we see a stranger and entertain you or naked and clothe you? 39and when did we see you ailing or in prison and came to you?' 40And the King will say to them, 'Amen, I tell you, inasmuch as you did to one of these, the least of my brothers, you did it to me.' 41Then He will say to the ones on the left, 'Go from me, you who have been cursed, into the eternal ώvιov - aionion = during ages) fire which has been prepared for the devil (διαβόλ - diabolo) and his angels (γγελoις - angelois = messengers). 42For I hungered and you gave me not to eat; I thirsted and you gave me no drink; 43I was a stranger and you did not entertain me, naked and you did not clothe me, ill and in prison and you did not visit me.' 44Then will they answer saying, 'Lord when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or ill or in prison and did not minister to you?' 45Then He will answer them saying, 'Amen, I tell you, inasmuch as you did not to one of the least ones, neither did you to me.' 46And these will go away into eternal ώvιov - aionion = during ages) punishment (κόλασιv - kolasin = chastisement/punishment), but the righteous into eternal life.'"

Now, if you look at the Greek words for what they actually say, rather than accept this passage the way the church has always taught, you will get quite a different picture of the rewards and punishments and of heaven and hell. For my study of the above Greek words, I use Liddell and Scott's GREEK - ENGLISH LEXICON, and the ten volume set of Kittel's THEOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, which is a word-study set.

In verse 32 Jesus says that all the "θvη" - ethn� will be assembled before Him and He will separate them like sheep from goats. θvη - ethne is the word which is translated either as "gentile" or as "nation" in most English translations. But the word does not mean "gentile" in the way that we have been taught. It means "specific ethnic group or race." Back in 1611 when the word "gentile" was used in the KJV, it meant "clan, tribe, race, ethnic group," but during the past couple centuries it has changed to mean "non-Jew." The word "gentile" came, in 1611, from the Latin word, gens, and from the Greek word, γέvoς - genos, both of which mean "clan, tribe, race, ethnic group." The church has done great harm to Christians by perverting the definition of this word. God's children are one specific ethnic/racial group, the white-race from Adam. These are the only ones who are born from above (Jn 3:3 vωθεv - anothen = from above), who actually share in the very Spirit of God, in other words, who have divine natures and live forever, again and again and again. The mistranslation of John 3:3, with the word "again" is another theological crime against Christians. There is no such thing as being born "again," as Jesus explains to Nicodemus who didn't understand. Jesus made it clear that those who are born from spirit are spirit and those who are born from flesh are flesh; there are two types of people in the world: those from God and those from earth. And those from earth cannot suddenly decide to be born from God's spirit. No, as Jesus said, only those who are "born from above can enter the kingdom of God." And those who are born from above are the white race from Adam, not the earth people who have always populated this planet like the other creatures; earth beings don't have divine natures; they live briefly and die and do not live again. But it is the purpose of God's specially created race to live again and again in order to "redeem" the world, making it progress to ever higher levels of civilization and perfection and holiness, to bring it back under God's rulership and out from under the devil's reign.

Now, within this special race from Adam, God has nurtured a special strain of families, who became "Israel." Following the dispersion of the Israelites about 700 BC when they were chased out of Palestine, they went up into Europe and became the Germanic and Nordic peoples of Europe. In Europe, they mixed with other white-race people who had descended from Japhet, so the Israelites became lost among the great numbers of people. Nevertheless, God has maintained His guidance and protection over His children who have forgotten who they are, forgotten their tribes and their traditions, and their origins. They became "lost," and Jesus said that he came for no one else in this world except "the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

Okay, all that just to define who are the sheep that Jesus speaks of in this passage, to be separated from the goats. The sheep are the racial/ethnic group of Israelites. Then who are the goats? Obviously, they are not going to be selected by Jesus for any salvation! Well, we can eliminate the earth people from being goats, for they don't live again in any other lifetimes. The goats are Edom, the descendants from Esau (& Cain), who are the natural enemies and counterparts to God's children from Adam and Jacob. Satan was the father of Cain, and that race of people makes up the body of Satan on earth just like we make up the body of Christ. The great never-ending battle is between good and evil, between Christ and Satan, and between those who make up the bodies of the two antagonists: Edomites and Israelites.

So, what is going on here in this passage, as Jesus tells this story? He says the sheep will inherit the kingdom which God has prepared for them. That would be the coming kingdom of God, which is about to begin, following the cataclysmic events of the next few years of end-times. During the past period of history, Satan has ruled the world, as Jesus made clear. Satan reigns through those who make up his body on earth, through his race of people, the descendants of Cain and Esau. That is why the world has been so evil, and why wickedness has been rewarded. The greedy and the cruel tyrants and liars and cheats and exploiters have reigned over us for the past 12,000 years because they were blessed and rewarded by their lord and master, their own father, the devil. The elect, special, super achievers of all the children of the devil are the falsely-so-called "Jews" who are Edomites, whose history is easily traceable from Edom into Judea, then in 70 AD, into eastern Russia (Khazars) and Spain (Sephardim) and finally into Europe and America as "Jews." These are Satan's elect, and they are represented by the goat which is symbolized in Satanism as the pentacle (upside down five pointed star, inside a circle), also called "goat of Mendez" or "Baphomet."

There are so many pieces of the big puzzle which must be corrected as God opens us up to truth in these last days, it is laborious to even begin an explanation of anything. One gets immediately into erroneous church-teachings that must be corrected. And there is so much information which the church could have been recognizing and teaching but they have not. Let's briefly look at this five-pointed star. First, the true star of David was the upright five-pointed star j, which also represents Christ. This star stands on two points with a single point at the top. Keep in mind that Satan is the counterpart, the reverse, the opposite from Christ, and that the paths of our races run parallel, often mixed together like wheat and tares. Therefore, the symbol for Satan is also a five-pointed star, but tipped upside down, so it has two points upward and one pointing downward. The six-pointed star-of-David of the Jews, came from Qabbalah which came from Chaldean schools of magic, but we aren't going to get off on that tangent right now. It is as fraudulent as they are.

The picture is this: the Israelites and the Edomites, the sheep and the goats, are all mixed together in Europe and America, and we can't tell who is who. Jesus said, "by their fruits ye shall know them." That is the best advice, and Christians should be heeding it; such advice could save them a lot of grief. Jesus went into detail in defining the real natures of the Jews in Matthew 23 and in John 8. We need to think about their true natures; then we will be able to recognize them better. He said basically that Jews are frauds/hypocrites in everything they do. They are liars and cheats and deceivers; their natural talent is to be phony, to pretend to be something they are not. They are by far the best actors and entertainers because theirs is a natural talent of pretense. They use their lying abilities to deceive us, by pretending to be honest and trustworthy. They make the best salesmen of used cars and real estate and used goods and clothing and anything else which might be peddled for values higher than actual worth. They give nothing, unless it is to prime-the-pump in order to bring a greater return. But, the truth is, they truly give nothing, ever. The Jews have a saying, Leolom Tickach, which means "always take." They live by that, and they will take the last pennies from people who are destitute and hungry, and will walk away smiling. It is their nature to be that way. They don't know they are doing wrong, and genuinely can't understand when victims complain. They are truly acting according to the instincts with which they were born. That's what Jesus was saying in John 8:44 when he told them the devil was their father. Jews own the International Banks, by which they have exploited and robbed the wealth of our nation, the product of Israelites. Jews do not produce; they exploit. To them it is shameful to do any kind of productive work. They believe, and their rabbis teach, that work is the destiny for the white-race which they call "goyim," which means "cattle." They instinctively believe that it is their destiny to milk the white-race "goyim." Often Edomites do not even know they are of that race; very often they are Roman Catholics, for they feel at home with that perverted and wicked cult of the Pagan Religion. You might occasionally find an Edomite working in some menial job, like being a service station mechanic. But his joy is not in doing a good job for the customer; no, the little rewards that make the work tolerable come from cheating a customer, selling cheap water-in-the-gas at a premium price, talking "good deal for you" while they gouge for every dime possible, fixing one thing on a car while damaging something else, and doing so many other imaginative wickednesses. For Edomites, that is "life," and they are blessed with success by their lord, the devil, who rules the world. All this that I'm describing can be traced back to the hatred of Esau toward Jacob; he sought to destroy Jacob and to reclaim that birthright which he had sold. It is still his instinct to reclaim it, and in these end-times the Jewish Bankers and the Great Sanhedrin are going to make one last great attempt to destroy us by forced race-mixing, by warring against us, and by instituting a One-World Tyranny through which they can enjoy a cruel enslavement of all the "goyim."

Jesus made these things clear for those who wish to understand the truth, but He would not state them clearly enough for all to understand. In this passage of Matthew 25, Jesus again reveals the difference between the "goat" nature and that of the "sheep." He offers His sheep the reward of the kingdom of heaven because they have Godly natures; they are compassionate and caring and benevolent and giving; they reach out to any in distress, hungry, thirsty, in dire need. This is the natural instinctive nature of God's children, the sheep of Israel. We built this nation by being productive and generous and helpful and compassionate; we opened to the doors to the needy of the world, offering them a refuge where they could be free and happy. We established a constitutional government which guaranteed to ALL the protection of their rights and their freedoms, and we flourished. The Colonists did not want black slaves, but the Jewish Banks forced England's King to operate a slave trade in order to pay off some Bank debts. So, slaves were brought here to America. Plantation owners housed and fed them and gave them better lives than they had ever known or been capable of achieving in Africa. It was only a rare exception that some plantation masters were so stupid as to abuse their slaves, thus hurting the production of their own farm. Most slaves preferred to continue that life rather than be emancipated. Anyway, the true Israelites who created this nation made it a "Christian" nation. It was good because God's children had good natures! Even those black slaves were good. They adopted Christianity, and were not a criminal race in general, as they seem to have become during this past century. A side point here is that we need feel no hatred toward the negro race, and we won't once we learn who we are and what our true function should be.

When Alexis de-Tocqueville came to this country in mid-1800's, he sought the reason that this little nation could have such astounding success, defeating both the English and the French, the mightiest powers in the world. He looked in Washington, and in the schools, and everywhere for the answer. Finally he looked in the churches, and found it. He said, "America is great because Americans are good. When they cease to be good, they will cease to be great."

I am going to all this explanation because it is important for us to understand the great contest between two races of people, and to understand their two instinctive natures. When you understand this, your study of history will take on a whole new meaning and you will know why events happened the way they did. And you will begin to know who you really are. Jesus told the goats to depart from him, that they were cursed, and would get punished throughout the coming ages because they did not have godly natures of compassion toward the destitute and needy.

When you understand the players and the plot of the play, then this becomes easy to understand. And, finally, we see that the sheep get an eternal reward while the goats get an eternal punishment. Well, the translators were not true again to the Greek word, ώvιov" - aionion which does not mean everlasting or "eternal," but means "during ages." Ages are the twelve periods of about 2,000 years, represented by zodiac symbols, which illustrate the entire history of the world. Look at my SINE-WAVE diagram of history as it cycles through the ages, each complete cycle being about 25,000 years, one precession of the equinoxes. Right now we are concluding the age of the "Fish" which Jesus inaugurated, and we are crossing the line from negative (evil) energy into the positive energy of God. The positive energy is where God's children will reach their perfection in the Kingdom of God. During the coming ages, the goats will be chastised/punished by the fact that their wicked natures will be continually frustrated and they will not be able to exploit us at all. The coming ages are the Kingdom of God, sometimes called Heaven. We will be right here on this planet in the kingdom prepared for us (see v. 34) from the foundation of the world, for this very purpose.

Now, read some of the parables in which Jesus tells, about the "Kingdom of Heaven," and see if they don't make much more sense. The Kingdom will be on this planet. Eternity doesn't mean a timeless-forever, but means "during ages," definite time periods. "Gentile" doesn't mean non-Jew, but usually means the ethnic group of Jesus' lost sheep, for whom He came. "Heaven" isn't some other place, but is merely Matthew's word for "Kingdom of God." The coming "Kingdom" is this planet, during the coming ages in which Christ (and we who comprise His body) will reign, while the body of Satan (Cain and Edom) will be chastised and subservient.

(The following was added a year or so after the above was written.)

While it is easy, and perhaps even justified, to feel a powerful and emotional anger or hatred against the other races for the way they have exploited and drained the white-race, there is a better way to look at this. First of all, the dark skinned races are neither evil nor good by nature; they are, like other creatures: opportunists who take advantage of whatever is offered or available or within reach.. It isn't good for us to waste ourselves in being angry at them for being what they are.. We should accept them as fellow creatures on our planet, and treat them as fairly as we treat all other creatures, and we should never abnegate our responsibility of dominion. We should not become subservient to them, nor should we permit our race to be sacrificed for their sake, in the name of some erroneously assumed guilt. Let's keep in mind that those races never had any contract with God to obey a certain set of laws "or else." Notice that it is not in their instinctive natures to abhor stealing or promiscuity or most any unethical practices.

Secondly, regarding the Edomite race, many of whom are called "Jews:" we might have some better understanding here, too. During the past 12,500 years, the negative period of history, it has been appropriate that the "negative" held rulership. That negative is known to us as evil, as the devil/Satan. It is a negative type of energy in which material rewards go to any kind of perversity. The greedy and wicked and the liars and exploiters and cheats - these are the ones who have been rewarded by their lord, the devil, for this is his period of dominion. God made it this way! So, that race of people who comprise the "body of Satan" act according to their wicked nature, and they are right in doing so. Wouldn't it be rather futile, foolish, and frustrating for us to expect evil to cease to exist, the devil be saved, and the struggle between good and evil to end? No, evil and good will continue to dance, taking turns leading. Without evil there would be no good, for the two can only exist by being relative to each other.

During half of each cycle, either evil or good has rulership, but the ruler never has total and complete power. During the devil's reign, the race of Adam began, and that moderated the extreme to which the devil might go. Soon, Christ will complete the transfer of power and will take rulership, replacing the devil. Those souls who make up the body of Satan may lie dormant for an age or so while the Kingdom of God is established, but then they will be released again, gradually, and the struggle between the two will continue.

So, it is proper that Jews have dominion and that they succeed at their wicked exploitation of the innocent sheep. It is also proper that the "lost sheep of Israel" should suffer our via dolorosa (way of sorrows, or "passion") under Edom. Jesus demonstrated the paradigm of this "innocent suffering and death," which is the exact path of our white-race children of God. Jesus did not fight the Jews who killed Him. He did not get caught up in hate and neither should we. But, we should recognize the truth of what is happening. And now, at these end-times, we shall suffer such a "passion," as Jesus did and as He forewarned us, after which we arise victorious.

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