And that gets us to the next subject of importance: Dynamic Struggle. What we are talking about here is the function of life! It is THIS GREAT EVENT for which we are born. Here is our participation in the push and pull of life-and-death-reality. While peace is a distant, ultimate, vague, elusive, and divine goal, the Dynamic Struggle is the long journey toward it. Even more, without Dynamic Struggle there would be no reality! It, the struggle, is the actual substance of our reality.

This is the most difficult concept to communicate of all the materials in this book, for it is somewhat metaphysical and requires a conceptual apprehension that may be foreign to many readers. If this chapter is not something that you understand fairly easily, skip it; the other chapters are not dependent upon it, although it does define the nature of the struggle of life and is extremely helpful if one gets the concept in his mind.

Dynamic Struggle is like a dance; it is the pulsation of life from positive to negative to positive, ever cycling. It is the pulsing from movement to repose, from off to on, from good to evil, from dishonesty to honesty, from being to not-being. Nothing is ever stagnant. Life consists of change, constant-continuous-unending change. Peace is impossible; life cannot exist without the struggle between polar opposites, this dance! This is more than just spiritual verbiage; science understands it well. Even Einstein demonstrated it in the 1920's in the science of physics. His concept of relativity is based upon this. Every Physicist understands it. The dynamic dance of activity is the pulsing substance which makes up our perception of reality. It IS the performance of the play on this earth stage; it is the "Heaven" in which we live; it is our participation in the expression of God; it is a higher reality than this physical universe of our perception. In chapter one, Historical Patterns, I quoted Fritjof Capra: something which deserves rereading here.  "Atoms consist of particles, and these particles are not made of any material stuff. When we observe them, we never see any substance; what we observe are dynamic patterns continually changing into one another - a continuous dance of energy.

"Quantum theory has shown that particles are not isolated grains of matter, but are probability patterns, interconnections in an inseparable cosmic web. Relativity theory, so to speak, has made these patterns come alive by revealing their intrinsically dynamic character. It has shown that the activity of matter is the very essence of its being. The particles of the subatomic world are not only active in the sense of moving around very fast; they themselves are processes! The existence of matter and its activity cannot be separated. They are but different aspects of the same space-time reality." (emphasis mine) [Fritjof Capra, THE TAO OF PHYSICS (Shambhala Publ., P.O. Box 271, Boulder, CO 80302, 1975), pp. 188, 189.]

"The activity of matter is the very essence of its being."

So, what does this mean to our daily lives? It means that we are caught up in a struggle, a battle of life and death, a battle in which victory belongs to one side for a while and then to the other, ever cycling back and forth, through the centuries and the millennia. On the macro scale we might think in terms of the 25,000 year cycle of Precession-of-the-Equinoxes (the apparent path of the sun as it circuits the entire sky); on a smaller scale we might think of the sun's victory over darkness each morning and it's defeat each evening; on a micro scale there is one's heart muscle tensing, relaxing and tensing again, and smaller yet is the pulsing of each atom. Such is the nature of our reality. Ever a dance - back and forth, a battle - victory and defeat, a struggle - the push and pull of daily life, never-ending battle.

We are warriors. Every one of us is born to battle. What we get to choose are the values for which we will fight. Values fall into two categories: earthly and spiritual. The earth represents limited reality, finite/temporal, with its false promise of security and stability, and seemingly real. Spiritual reality consists of mental values; these are the values of the philosopher, theologian, and pioneer as they cannot resist dedicating their lives to quests, often where goals are only hinted at and the dangers great. While earthly warriors value material things like security and physical life as highest treasures, spiritual warriors rush to spend their lives for values more important than this life.

Warriors for earthly causes include politicians (for power), financiers (for wealth), naturalists (for worship of the physical) and liberals (for emotional and sensual gratifications). This earthly life is a seductive thing, tempting every one of us to cater to it, to nourish it, exalt it, pamper it, and exult in it, even to revere and worship it as do the ecologists and atheistic liberals. We all have human tendencies to protect this life above other things, and we all have tendencies to fear death. Those tendencies handicap us and limit our progress. Higher creatures have fewer instincts and greater mental responsibilities for their own lives than do the lower creatures.

Warriors for spiritual causes may find they have transcended some of these fears and charge boldly forward, risking and often losing their lives, willingly, for the sake of values they deem worth more than their own individual lives. These special ones are virtually driven to tackle challenges that no one else has ever tried. They are attracted in powerful and nearly irresistible ways to venture forth on their quests. They have deep hungers to solve problems, to invent new devices, to engineer new designs, to discover new methods and cures, to find new insights into truth, and to offer their lives for the sake of freedom, for progress, and for benefit of the future.

History is replete with countless spiritual warriors who were persecuted and killed for introducing new and different ideas to earthly people who feared change. Stability, non-change, and security are highest values for the earthly people, while those who are spiritually-driven leap toward change and progress, as long as the new is of higher value and of Godly nature. This helps to define the "conservative." "Liberals," while preferring a stable world which they can control, do promote change, if it is perversion, i.e. any perversion which violates nature, corrupts values, and feeds their insatiable lusts for self-gratification and their hate of the self-sufficient. So, we see a juxtaposition of values where the progressive conservatives want change without corrupting their value-set, the liberals want any kind of change which will overthrow the traditional values of a healthy society while maintaining their worldly security and freedom from personal responsibility.

Now, all this adds up to the concept which I call Dynamic Struggle. The struggle is between two forces, the spiritual and the earthly. Now think about this, that God's children wouldn't strive to make improvements if they weren't dissatisfied with the status quo. They wouldn't risk their lives for the sake of freedom if they were already free. They wouldn't strive to fly if they weren't limited by gravity. They wouldn't strive to philosophize and find ultimate truth if they could be content with the deceit of this illusion. They wouldn't dedicate their lives to scientific quests if food supply and health were satisfactory already. They wouldn't search for God if they already had perfection and had mastery of this earth as their heaven. They wouldn't dedicate their lives to principles of justice if they could be satisfied with corrupt humanistic society. Such discontent is the stimulus which promotes in them a powerful urge to do something about it. They feel compelled to respond to problems, and to attempt to solve them. Here is a spiritual drive that fulfills for these people a purpose-of-life and destiny. Here is behavior deeper and more compelling than biological urges; it is for these men a thrill to respond with their lives.

For many thousands of years, special individuals have stepped forth in ways that made them noteworthy to historians. Many of the greatest were ones who ran on ahead, who risked their lives and often lost them in order to provide some benefit to the future. And if you were to ask them after their lives of persecution and oppression and unjust deaths whether they felt it was all worth it, they would say, "Yes!"

It is the Divine Spirit within a man that stimulates him to strive and to progress and to develop ever higher civilizations in the arena of Dynamic Struggle. The progressive spirits who pioneer the world's future know deep within themselves that death is not a door which closes, but is, for them, a door which opens. If they didn't somehow know this truth deep within, they wouldn't so willingly charge the unknown and give their lives for sake of their values.

Compare these great men with the rest of the world which is content with mere survival. Most of the world never invents anything; they don't pioneer anything; they don't philosophize or quest after ultimate truth. They will move to a neighboring pasture if theirs gets depleted but they'd rather not. They simply live to eat and breed like all other animals. And like any parasites, they cling to and vote for whatever host they can find who will provide for them. They believe only in what they can see and touch. This earth is their only reality or value. They worship any thing which might promise some earthly reward. They flock to religions which promise them emotional satisfactions or prosperity. You find them with idols, icons, and false gods which earth-people worship, and against which our God warns us so sternly. Lacking any understanding of true Godly spiritual motivations, they eagerly sacrifice the strong and healthy for the sake of the non-productive and ignorant like themselves. They value this earthly life above all other things. And they will greedily kill the goose which lays golden eggs for them. These people are not Christian warriors and Dynamic Struggle is irrelevant to them.

Jesus had a relevant message which most have missed entirely. He valued the spiritual path and taught his friends to reject this world and everything in it because it is only through the death-door that they will find the future. He was a shepherd leading his sheep from this wicked world toward the gate of eternal life. He demonstrated his lesson and gave hope to the Elect, who are the true children of God who possess divine spiritual natures. But Jesus did not offer hope to those who seek success and wealth and victory in this world. And Jesus did not claim to be the Lord of this world (at least prior to the end of Pisces) nor could he offer immediate rewards to followers who lived by his precepts. He pointed to Satan as the present Lord of this world. Satan is the Lord of power who rewards his own devotees with wealth and material success, and who persecutes the children of God. Lacking an understanding of this, God's children have long been frustrated that God would not step in to help them win victories over injustice.

For twelve-thousand years this world has been under the rulership of the negative force, called Satan, expressed through evil, wickedness, perversion, exploitation, enslavement, and injustice. That negative force is one side of the Dynamic Struggle, the necessary counterpart to the positive force which is just and holy: the Christ. Jesus was a Christ (anointed one) and He recognizes true children of God as anointed members of His body: Christs. The anointing is of the Spirit of God. The children of God are divine, anointed beings because they are "born from above;" they share in divine (Holy) Spirit. That Spirit is Mind (spiritual Mind) and is expressed through God's children by means of their creative minds. It is through these people that civilization progresses; it is by means of their creations and philosophies and scientific advances. This is how the Spirit of God is manifested.

We have seen but a mere beginning of such spiritual progress. During the past twelve-thousand years (one-half the cycle of Precession of Equinoxes) the negative force of Satan has ruled the kingdom of world and spiritual progress has been slow, restricted, and prohibited. In spite of this limitation, the children of God have made some elementary advances philosophically and technologically, giving us today's civilization.

Now, however, is the time in the great 25,000 year cycle when the energy line (sine-wave) of history climbs upward across the neutral line and changes from negative to positive (see the SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM). Evil rulership will end and Good rulership will begin. Satan will be overthrown and the Christ will reign. After the period of this traumatic transition (the end of this age as described by Jesus in Matthew 24) civilization will change radically. The new Lord, Christ, will reward honesty, purity, innocence, integrity, charity, and justice with rewards more rich than those by which the Prince of Darkness rewarded his wicked followers. The children of God will be able to live holy and happy lives without persecution from evil forces. Imagine a world where babies can grow to adulthood without suffering the dysfunctions, pathologies, fears, and neuroses which define our present civilization. It is the positive energy of the coming age of the Kingdom of God that is the New Covenant. It is this Godly power expressed through instinct that will define it. Those who have traditionally been rewarded for their greed, selfishness, and corruption with material wealth and success will find themselves losing, and the innocent will find themselves winning. Look around, we are in the transition period and some of this is already happening! Watch for it.

Interestingly, in these last desperate days of transition the evil forces are overplaying their hands. It is as though Satan makes a last desperate grab at control and does as much destruction of civilization as possible. All the products of creative spiritual minds are under attack. We have witnessed the corruption and perversion and breakdown of every institution that Godly men ever held sacred, such as marriage, education, religion, justice, morality, integrity, responsibility, respect, self-worth, compassion, charity, and love. The liberals have made these things politically incorrect or they have perverted them so badly as to make them degenerate. Violence, sex, and horror have become entertainment! Sensual satiation, perversion, and immediate-gratification are their values. They legislate against godliness in schools and public places. They promote sexual perversions while prohibiting the teaching of morality. They show compassion to every worthless, lazy, defective, mutant, and criminal while they attack and destroy any honorable citizen who lives and works with integrity and honesty. The letter from Jude, a brother of Jesus and James, says, "they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit." [Jude 1:18-19]

All this injustice has been foretold and is a natural part of God's plan. His children are being crucified by politicians and religions that are as corrupt as those which crucified Jesus. All these evils make up our path to Golgotha; our "passion" and crucifixion is now! Jesus' experience was a paradigm, a model for what we must experience. We must take the hit and the fall before we can have the victory. That's the way it works! The financial industry leaders, all Jewish, are wantonly destroying the world-economy because some inner knowingness convinces them their days of unbridled greed and government-approved-predation are nearing an end. The mighty shall fall, justly, and then the innocent shall rule. There is a mighty big crash ahead!

Some paragraphs previous, I suggested that in the war between good and evil we should be active warriors for the good, representing the God of good. I'd like to qualify that. Certainly we who possess divine spirit should stand fast in principle and conviction, but we should keep in mind the lesson that Jesus demonstrated: the path to ultimate victory is by yielding oneself like a lamb to slaughter, without fighting the traitors and oppressors. Traitors are always from within; Judas was one of Jesus' own friends. And for us the traitors are the white governing liberals who are attempting to destroy the last vestiges of divine nobility.

On the other hand, there is no scriptural admonition against being spiritually involved in the Dynamic Struggle in this world. It is by means of this struggle that God's children are strengthened and climb toward achievement of their potential. It is by means of strife and wars and battles of all kinds that the weak, the unfit, and the wicked are destroyed and the strong become stronger. This is a natural process by which thousands of species have already disappeared and hundreds of human groups with their languages have disappeared. Soon, more will disappear. Anyway, even knowing this, I struggle between going to slaughter like a lamb, and acting like a warrior for God. Sometimes the line between the two is ambiguous to me!

Ultimately, God's children will inherit the vineyard. It is totally inappropriate for us to attempt to save the children of all the primitive races of the world. It is inappropriate to nurture and culture the weak and defective, the mutants, the cripples, the lazy, the unfit, the perverted, the criminals, the ignorant, and all the other parasites which would sap the strength and progress of the strong. It is truly by the law of Survival-of-the-Fittest that God's children will finally earn their vineyard. That is nature's way. Many of our spiritual lessons can be learned from the study of nature. Nature might seem cruel but it is just, regardless of the liberals' weepy-whines. Mankind should function just like the rest of nature; we are not cruel to let the weak die or to let a species become extinct. It is ultimately futile for us to do otherwise. And war is a natural tool for the process of progress. In the Old Testament we see clearly that our God is a mighty God of war. Victory goes to those who have the true courage to march forth with God to battle. David went to meet Goliath, saying he would show that there is a God over Israel! "Onward Christian Soldiers" is a battle cry not just for kneeling in prayer but for the dynamic struggle of war, and battles for justice, and victory over evil. We, as individuals, are important to this process and we should not cower or be afraid. Death is not something for us to fear. Nature teaches us the same lessons that our Old Testament God taught, that the stronger species never abnegates its power or dominion to those lesser, without disastrous consequences of nature's correction!

In all honesty, we aren't doing very well in our struggle upward. We like to think of Jesus as that "Son of God" who had an advantage over us. Sure, we think, He could achieve realization of divinity because he was the Son of God! We forget that Jesus liked to refer to us as the sons of God and himself as the Son of Man. We push aside His statement that the kingdom of Heaven is within us. We like to think of ourselves as merely human, and weak. We are coasting along, too often looking for the easy way, material luxuries, and sensual gratifications. Here, we have this awesome Godly challenge before us right now, and we still plod heavily and depressingly along, concerned with our petty daily affairs. We are supposed to be realizing Divinity! We should be claiming it! And we should be crying out our indictments against evil and protesting Satan's power. We should be proclaiming that :

Now is the day-of-the-Lord!

As heirs of the vineyard, the time is near for us to claim it, and throw the thieves out! We should hold our banners high and march boldly instead of worrying about saving our lives.

Let's not forget that we are eternal. This one lifetime is but a moment for us. We reach our long-term goals over many thousands of years. We live again and again and again; resurrections await us! Death is as nothing for us. Jesus tried to tell us this. He said Elijah returned as John the Baptist. Jesus died and rose again to prove His thesis. Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church of the dark-ages deprived men of this hope by teaching one life only, followed by purgatory (so, you better buy your way out of purgatory in this lifetime). At the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, the doctrine of reincarnation lost by one vote of the many hundreds of clergy there. Otherwise, reincarnation would be preached from our pulpits today. And, Jesus never said that heaven is a place you go after you die. He said the kingdom of God is within you. It is more than just a state of mind; it is the home of our spirit, the home of our true being, now. It is the place where we can find solace and refuge in our meditations. It is a state of being that we can develop and perfect as we grow in spirit. It is our natural home with God.

Keep in mind also that it is the nature of Dynamic Struggle that energies pulse and change from negative to positive to negative, ever cycling. Now, after nearly 8,000 years of struggle (since Adam) between good and evil, the time has arrived when the scales tip to favor the good. The power of evil must decline and lose the battle, along with its rulership. It is time for us to claim victory. All this is a natural process wherein half a cycle (about 12,000 years) is evil and the other half good. On a time line, this 25,000 year cycle seems to be extremely long, yet on a complete time line from the moment when time began, this cycle is but a single Hertz on an oscilloscope, just one pulse in the Word being spoken. We are living a part of that Word.

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