It's easy to understand why Christian theologians have had difficulty with some interpretations of Scripture, for they've never had a comprehensive view of God's designed plan for long-term history. We cannot understand God's New Covenant or that Divine Radical, Jesus, unless we have some frame within which to place the pieces of the big puzzle. We need a point of perspective! Theologians haven't known about the beginning of God's program, the general plan, or the end. Some think the world began six-thousand years ago, and that has caused credible-scientists to scorn the intelligence of Christians. Some believe Noah's children became three different species of black, white, and yellow races (an incredible evolutionary feat), along with thinking the flood covered the entire planet. Many think of God as a kindly old man who sits somewhere up in the sky and plays with his earth-toys, responding to their emotional pleas. And many believe that time has brought us near to the end of the world, when all will disappear from existence. It is upon such chimerical foundations that Christians try to interpret the Bible as God's Word. Every person who comes to the Bible, brings to it the notions and presumptions he has learned as a child. Where Scripture seems to be in conflict with his preconceptions, he will twist words and meanings until it all becomes surreal, but rarely is he willing to re-evaluate his childhood core-beliefs to accord with what he reads.

What you are going to find in this book is an entirely new concept of Christianity, looking at the Scriptures for what is actually being said. By no means am I saying all the Bible should be interpreted literally. There is much allegory, metaphor, symbolism, and idiom to consider. The writers were real people, writing in their own cultures to people of the same or very similar cultures. We need to consider such things in our interpretations. For instance, in Luke 2:1 we read that "all the world" was to be taxed by Rome. Of course, that is idiom, a common type of expression in that culture which used much exaggeration in their expressions. Certainly "all the world" was not being taxed by Rome; it is doubtful they even knew of Australia, let alone sent tax-collectors there! But it is okay to understand that the writer meant all-the-known-world, or even, all-the-Roman-world. Interpreters must use a little common-sense. It is inexcusable to misinterpret words or passages in order to make them support one's preconception. Such a misinterpretation gave Christianity the teaching of a worldwide flood, whereas the real flood was of the Tarim Pendi basin, in order to destroy the Adamites who mixed their race with neighboring earth races. Just because the Word is inspired, does not mean that God over-rode the writer's personality, and obviously God did not dictate, as to a Secretary, for then all writings would appear to have been dictated by the same person. Truth is not a matter of literal written text, but is a matter of one's understanding of it. What is ultimately important is that the reader gets inspired by God's Holy Spirit, and obtains his own conviction of truth. And please don't misunderstand that I'm saying truth is relative; it is not. But each person must seek it for himself, largely by letting the Holy Spirit guide one in the quest. That is the only inspiration of any value at all. Plenary Inspiration is worthless if no one understands what has been written.

So, I shall begin by illustrating God's long-term design for world history. We shall see that the dark-races of the world are earthly creatures, not created from-above with spiritual minds, and neither are they good nor evil by inclination, but respond to chance-opportunities in order to obtain whatever they can, like animals who jump the fence for better grazing. Adam is progenitor of the Caucasian race, a race of people who were specially-created with special minds with creative capabilities and inclinations to adventure, to strive, to question, to solve problems, to philosophize, generally to climb the mountain toward ultimate oneness with the Father, even if it costs life, over and over again. Well, God's plan is a natural and sensible plan, as you will see, and the race of people He created were given a purpose from the very beginning, to achieve dominion over this great vineyard which they inherit. The Old Testament is a story of these spunky, self-willed, independent-spirit people, and of their Father trying to keep them on a spiritual track, while they were more interested in playing with their colorful neighbors.

Anyway, we begin by outlining God's design, His long-term plan for the world, and especially for His elected children who participate with Him in reclaiming (redeeming) this vineyard.

A PATTERN FOR HISTORY [you need to print a paper copy of the SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM for handy reference while you read the following chapters]

I have figured out a pattern for long-term world history. Since 1983 I have studied this scheme and have not yet found any information to refute it. This pattern makes sense to me and explains God's divine plan for the world. It also reveals the nature of reality. By that I mean, it explains for a physicist what makes up the substance of our supposedly real world.

While researching some of the eastern philosophies which teach that all things function in cycles, it came to me to consider that world-history might function in cycles.


The longest cycle relevant to our planet is called the "precession of equinoxes," which is nearly 25,000 years long. Astronomers who track the path of our planet through the sky have found that: relative to the moment of spring equinox, the sun's apparent location against the background stars changes slightly each year. The starry background, near the plane of ecliptic, is where we find the twelve constellations of the zodiac. Each year, the sun's apparent location is about a mile behind (precessed) its location of the previous year, eventually circuiting the entire sky and returning to its starting point. This circuit takes about 25,000 years. This makes one cycle.


Well, it popped into my head that any cycle can be diagrammed on paper as a sine-wave curve. An electronics technician is familiar with sine-wave curves because he has in his shop an instrument called an "oscilloscope." Very simply, it works like this. When he feeds into that oscilloscope an electronic signal, be it electricity, radio-frequency, or microphone sound, then he sees the signal appears on the small tv-like screen as a sine-wave curve. The curve looks like an "S" curve, lying on its side, and it tells him information about the signal which he fed into the machine. There is a horizontal line dividing the "S" curve, and the technician can measure how high above and below the line that the curve reaches (called, "amplitude"), along with how frequently the curve crosses the horizontal line (called "frequency").

Refer to the SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM, and notice that our history curve crosses the line approximately every 12,000 years or so. The exact frequency is not known. Half the cycle is below the line and half above. So, the frequency of one complete cycle is: 1 per 25,000 years. Please take some time to study the diagram, as it is this very plan which makes many of the Bible's confusing passages suddenly clear.


In order to plot history upon this line, I needed someplace to start; I couldn't just lay out 4,000 years of recorded history without knowing where it should be placed. So, I used the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Astronomers know that the sun's location right now, on its path around the sky, is just completing its precession through the constellation of Pisces, about to back into Aquarius.


Good, that gave me somewhat of a picture; then the trick was to find out where these signs might be placed along the curve. I tried all kinds of placements, but none made sense until I read an article about geologists who measured strata of rock, down into the earth's crust. They found that at intervals of approximately every 12,000 years, the magnetic orientation of particles reversed in direction. Let me explain how this works. If you take a tiny piece of magnetized iron and drop it through still water, it will land on the bottom with one end of the particle pointing toward the magnetic north-pole and the other end toward the south-pole. When sediments accumulate over centuries, to make up strata of rock which geologists study, those iron particles are all lined up, parallel, pointing toward the poles, and geologists can use magnetometer devices to tell which way the particles are pointing. They have found this schedule of alternating polarities consistent down through more than 130 layers of rock strata.

So, their estimates of about 12,000 year reversals seemed to fit my diagram. And the idea of reversal seemed also to fit my sine-wave-curve in which the energy line changes between negative and positive every 12,500 years. This was getting very interesting. And we haven't even addressed the question yet of why those magnetic particles should reverse in direction with each area of rock-strata!

Here's why. The geologists conclude that there must be a flip-flop of earth's magnetic field every 12,000 years or so. That means that the needle of your compass, which now points to the north pole, would suddenly reverse itself and point to the south pole. The magnetic polarity of this planet-ball just suddenly does a reversal; this is not saying that the planet rolls over; it does not do that, but just wobbles for a brief time like a gyroscope that got a little nudge. Then it restabilizes on a slightly changed rotational axis. This explains how Antarctica was a green continent at some time in distant past and is now covered by ice.

Okay, so how does this knowledge about magnetic reversals help us to lay out the zodiac signs on our curve? Here's how: geologists say the last reversal happened about 12,000 years ago, so another reversal is due at any time for us. If we look at the sine-wave curve, we could place those reversal times at the very top and bottom of the curve, or we could place them at the line-crossings. I tried it both ways, but another piece of information from the Bible helped me decide which was right.


Jesus had a message about this. When he once had a long conversation with his disciples, explaining the things which would happen to him, where He was going, comforting and encouraging them, He said to them, "No longer will I speak many things with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he does not have anything in me." [John 14:30, from Greek interlinear by Nestle & Marshall (London: Bagster, 1960)] Well, that's a strange sentence, for the very person we assume to be Lord of our world is saying He is not, but that someone else is. Of course, other passages also make clear that Jesus recognizes the devil to be lord of this world UNTIL there is a transfer of power at the end-times, and then Jesus will reign. The transfer of power began nearly two-thousand years ago with Jesus' birth, at the beginning of the age of Pisces (fish). The transfer will be complete with Jesus' return at the end of the age of Pisces, which is somewhere around our present time in history.

Okay, if the devil represents the negative (evil) and Jesus represents the positive (good), then we just put the rulership-transfer moment at the horizontal line crossing point. But, do we use Jesus' birth or His Second-Coming? If we consider the magnetic reversals as a factor, also, and a reversal is due at anytime now, then we will try putting Christ's Second-Coming, the end of Pisces (our time), at the crossing line. This seems to work, as it places the last magnetic reversal at the crossing-line 12,500 years ago, between the ages of Virgo and Leo.


Alright, let's see what else this diagram shows us as we lay out the twelve signs of the Zodiac along the curve-line. We see that the bottom most point (called nadir) of the curve is the time between the ages of Gemini and Taurus. That's interesting because "Gemini" means "heavenly twins," and that is the time where we would date the appearance of Adam and Eve, who bore fraternal twins, Cain and Abel. And then, the very nadir point itself is near the time we date Noah's flood to have happened. Noah's flood was God's way of handling a situation in which most of his Adamic race had mixed with earth races. The world had bottomed-out; it had become so wicked that it required a fresh start. Abraham was born near the end of Taurus (bull), and we know from the Bible that people were worshiping the bull in those days. Abraham instituted a new religion which was focused on "Lamb." Well, Abraham was inaugurating the age of Aries (lamb), and his Lamb religion would last through that period of history. Abraham prophesied there would eventually be an arrival of God's Lamb. Jesus was born at the end of Aries as that Lamb-of-God! Most of our Old Testament is a history book of the period of time throughout the age of Aries, from Abraham to Christ. The New Testament is the story of Christ's appearance and the history of his followers who adopted a fish for their symbol, which, of course, represents the age of Pisces. And it is the end of this age of Pisces that Jesus talked about when He said, "Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things are fulfilled." [Mat. 24:34 (NKJV) In this 24th chapter, Jesus describes catastrophic events to happen at the end of this generation (age) of Pisces.] Matthew 24 describes some of the geo-physical results which follow the magnetic-pole flip-flop, such as earth-wobble (stars seem to fall), earthquakes, sun darkened (sky filled with volcanic ash), famines and pestilences (naturally follow such an event).

I'm sure there are many other correspondences you might find which make some of the Zodiac signs meaningful to historical events that we know about, and perhaps the signs give some indications about periods of history for which we have no records. For instance, civilization reaches its highest potential at the end of Sagittarius. Might the Millennium be during the age of Sagittarius? And if Virgo represents purity, then it makes sense that purity would be exchanged for corruption when the rulership was transferred from Christ to the devil, passing then into Leo. And isn't it interesting that "Cancer" is a word for the age when civilization was degenerating toward the bottom, diseased and dying. As we look back at recorded history, we might find that much of it makes more sense in the light of this divine plan.


Let's go back to that oscilloscope, where the sine-wave curve appeared after the technician sent it some kind of signal. If we understand what he is measuring on that scope, it will give us a clue regarding the very nature of our physical reality.

He is measuring the energy of a series of pulses. A pulse is "any beat that is regular or rhythmical." [Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition, 1983] In other words, a pulse is like a cycle, an energy surge which happens again and again and again, just as a wheel goes around and around, or as our 60 cycle electric current lights the filament in light bulbs 60 times each second. The number of times a pulse happens within, say a second, is a measure of the frequency of that pulse. Our electricity has a frequency of 60cps (cycles per second, aka Herz). The frequency of an AM radio station we listen to might be 1240kHz (1240 thousand cycles per second). The cyclic rate (frequency) of our planet's rotation is one cycle per 24 hours. Another frequency for our earth is one cycle around the sun every 365 days. And, as already mentioned, a much longer frequency for our planet is one cycle of precession-of-equinoxes per 25,000 years. So, within the long-term cycle, there are many sub-frequencies.

What we are trying to get to is an understanding of how these frequencies make reality, for that is exactly what they do, as physicists well know. And what we eventually want to get to is this: that God made our reality by transmitting a signal, a WORD, into space, and that energy with all its sub-frequency energies, makes our universe. There is nothing, NOTHING, in our universe that does not pulse at some frequency rate. Every atom pulses, and every sub-atomic particle pulses. Every molecule pulses; also every cell of your body, every organ; your body itself has its own frequency, and even the planet has a frequency of about 7.7 cycles per second. So, everything in the universe is made up of two types of energy, positive and negative - in equal parts! Always cycling. And all this resulted from an initial signal transmitted by God, called a Word. What we are diagramming on a sine-wave curve is one single cycle of God's WORD.

In the first chapter of Genesis, we read: Then God SAID, 'let there be light, and there was light.'" [Genesis 1:3 NKJV] At the beginning of St. John's Gospel we read, "In the beginning was the WORD, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." [John 1:1 NKJV] In these passages we have a clear clue, no - a statement, about the physical nature of our reality and even the nature of God! It is only in these recent times of electronics and sine-wave diagrams that we might put the pieces of this puzzle together to find that it makes a cogent theory for us.


If you're having some difficulty following this, that is understandable. We all think that reality is made up of solid substances, like dirt and metal and wood and flesh, things we can reach out and touch. But, the physicists of today's laboratories know differently; they know there is no such thing as a particle of matter. The atom is not matter, but is mostly empty space like our solar system. Inside the atom, there are hundreds of different kinds of energy-units to which they have given many strange names, like electrons, protons, photons, mesons, nucleons, pions, etc. We won't get into technical details here, but it is important to understand there is no such thing as solid-matter in our universe, but that all things are made up of pulsing units of energy. That's it; just units of energy, like little dots of heat which have no substance - just energy. A little dot of heat does have properties, though: it has size, and a certain amount of heat, and it radiates waves; it is actually a dynamic, active process in itself.

Listen to the words of Fritjof Capra, in his book, THE TAO OF PHYSICS. "Atoms consist of particles, and these particles are not made of any material stuff. When we observe them, we never see any substance; what we observe are dynamic patterns continually changing into one another - a continuous dance of energy.

"Quantum theory has shown that particles are not isolated grains of matter, but are probability patterns, interconnections in an inseparable cosmic web. Relativity theory, so to speak, has made these patterns come alive by revealing their intrinsically dynamic character. It has shown that the activity of matter is the very essence of its being. The particles of the subatomic world are not only active in the sense of moving around very fast; they themselves are processes! The existence of matter and its activity cannot be separated. They are but different aspects of the same space-time reality." (emphasis mine) [Fritjof Capra, THE TAO OF PHYSICS (Shambhala Publ., P.O. Box 271, Boulder, CO 80302, 1975), pp. 188, 189.]

Are you starting to get the idea that with the speaking of a Word, energy is put in motion which then appears as something? That is exactly what our reality IS! It is an appearance of something, consisting of nothing more than processes which appear as some thing to a perceiver. When the perceiver searches for the tiniest particle of that "thing," he discovers nothing is there except his belief in that "thing." This is exactly where the physicists are at today in the sciences of Particle-physics and Quantum Mechanics.

Hang on now, the next logical step in this reasoning is this: it is a mistake to think that God made something out of nothing. He never made any thing at all; He only made the appearance/perception of some thing, an appearance that exists only in the mind of a perceiver. The eastern philosophers called this appearance "Maya," an "illusion." This is also where the author of Hebrews was, when he said, "By faith we understand the ages were put in order by a word of God, so things which are seen are not made of things which appear."  [Hebrews 11:3; my own literal translation from the Greek. Not understanding the nature of God's word, translators usually translate the Greek word aionas as "worlds" in this verse, but properly means "ages" in Greek, according to Greek Lexicons]

From that, we may reasonably conclude that our universe is nothing more than an exercise of God's mind, in which He thinks other perceivers (you and me) are participants. This is to say that God's thought transmits the energy which is the creative Word, thus creating us as perceiver/participants in His play, like figments.

There, was that so bad? What have I really said here? I haven't changed the definition of God as Creator at all, nor have I changed the idea of creation from being His production. All I've really done is expose "matter" as consisting of nothing but units of energy-processes that were produced by the speaking of a "Word." Since any signal can be diagrammed on a sine-wave curve, that's what I did - diagrammed God's creation on a sine-wave curve. And it seems to work!


While this theory is a basis for endless research and could result in many books, all I want to do here is merely present the concept at a superficial level, so those who are interested can interpret historical events by reference to a long-term intentionally-designed plan. In other words, historical events are not accidental, but are natural parts of the process of "Word," namely, God's Divine Plan, in which we participate. Historical events happen according to the energies operative at that particular time, such as negative or positive. Look at the curve: You see civilization improving as the line ascends. Along this ascent, we find Man drawn toward Good. Our instinctive compulsive yearnings are to strive toward God. This instinct is the NEW COVENANT! And this instinctive motivation defines how we live our lives, and what kind of society we make as time passes and as we climb toward that peak, of perfecting Man's potential eventually in Sagittarius. That is when we will realize oneness with God and achieve our divine potential. Then would be our "Millennium."


As the line passes the zenith and begins to descend, the instinctive drive in men's hearts changes; it is no longer towards God, but yearns for mastery of the physical earth. Men are tempted away from oneness with God, toward division, toward self-will, toward material lusts, sensual gratifications and egoic vanities. He wants to be as-God, and to use that power to achieve base desires. Then civilization declines; life deteriorates; death reigns and by the age of Leo, God's people of divine-minds disappear from the scene; wickedness becomes the way-of-life, until there is no life left on earth except the most primitive and ignorant earth-people. Then, in Gemini, God introduces a special race of people again, who have spiritual minds like His, creative, inventive, philosophical, searching, benevolent, rational, honorable and noble. If you are tempted to be impatient about multiple cycles of history before you get to the end of the Word, just realize that we only exist because we are participants in the dynamic process of a Word which we do not yet know, and that our performance is extremely important in this exercise of God. While Earth is the stage, Heaven is the performance. The only reason we exist at all is to perform as God's representatives in a battle of good versus evil. We should not yearn for the final end of the Word, but know that each of us can realize Heaven by just playing our part sincerely and genuinely. Heaven is not some place you go after you die, but is the performance you give. The more you express God's will in your life, the more heavenly is your experience. To deny your righteous expression makes your experience of life a hell.


At our moment in history, on this time-line path, we are at the end of the period which was ruled by evil. These are called, "end-times," because it is the end of this 12,000 year period of negative history. When we cross the line, the energy will be different which rules the hearts of Men; it will be positive and good. Instead of rewarding material greeds and dishonesty with wealth, the wicked will find themselves losing. Innocence, honesty, and purity will be rewarded with God's richest blessings, and there won't be any more of this dog-eat-dog society in which the innocent and honest always lose. We'll be living under the New Covenant gift from God. In other words, we will be living in the kingdom of God, not that of the devil. Jesus' parables about the kingdom-of-God and the kingdom-of-heaven suddenly become easy to understand. Read them again, in light of this plan of history, and enjoy what He is saying so clearly.


For those who wish to pursue this line of thinking further, I suggest that there are sub-frequencies in this historical process. You can plot the single age of Pisces (2,083 years) on a sine-wave curve, and plot all the dates of historical events since the time of Christ, and you will find the same patterns. Begin your curve with an ascending line from the horizontal crossing. The apex or highest point will be mid sixth-century AD, the time of Lucius Artorius: the real King Arthur, who tried to define a noble system of justice. Civilization began to deteriorate after that. The descending line (from zenith to nadir) is the period of the Dark Ages between 516 AD and 1558 AD.  The time of the nadir (1500's) was the Reformation which ended a millennium (the Dark Ages) of merciless religious tyranny. The the curve turns upward again, until today when we are about to cross the line from Kingdom of World into the Kingdom of God. Then you can further divide the Age of Pisces into twelve parts, each being 173 years long, and plot each of those periods on its own sine-wave curve, and you will find the same historical patterns! If you study periods of history by laying them out on this linear format of sine-wave curve, keep in mind that God's plan is designed around His own children, the true Israelites, the white race of Germany, Britain, and America. Other race histories will not fit this plan except as they peripherally relate to God's race.

It seems to me that evidence of real patterns in history adds support to the teleological (design) argument for the existence of God. If there is design, there must be a designer. Physics demonstrates design and order, but to find such patterns in the history of God's children strongly implies something beyond just a natural physical order; now we are looking at evidence of a personal concern, and possibly guidance, of men's lives.

And, beyond these cyclic patterns, I have been looking at possible paradigms or parallels in our history. I've found some interesting parallels, but don't know what to do with this idea yet. See what you think. There are three periods (that I've looked at) of history which seem to share common intervals of significance. One is from Jacob's birth (1936 B.C.) until arrival at the promised land (1406 B.C.). Another is that from the remnant who returned to rebuild the temple (510 B.C.) until Christ's death (30 A.D.). Another is from Columbus' discovery (1492) until Christ's return (2040). Each of these three periods is a story unit of approximately 540 years. Some dating may vary slightly because records are not exact. Each of these periods begins with what we might call A New Start. Then about 90 years of The Founding, followed by God's Children Appear. The second period is 270 years of Prospering. Then comes Oppression & Subjugation: 90 years of Enslavement, then a Wicked Ruler appears for 40 terrible years, then a Liberator appears for 40 years of transformation in Wilderness. Then the goal is reached. Is this a valid paradigm? It interests me that the theme and the intervals should be so parallel and consistent.

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