The Sanctuary
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Bertrand L. Comparet

Those who have deeply studied the Bible know that the living descendants of Yahweh's people Israel are today those nations, which are commonly known as the Anglo Saxon group. This includes the British, Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch and their descendants in the United States and the various colonies of these nations. Knowing this fact enables us to explain and understand their history as the fulfillment of Bible prophecies concerning Israel. It also enables us to foretell their future by applying those few Bible prophecies concerning Israel, which have not yet been fulfilled.

Every event in our history, for 3,000 years, has demonstrated its faithful adherence to Yahweh's prophesied plan. Each event for its own purpose, which also required each event to come at its appointed time. If we lose sight of time, we misunderstand the purpose.

When the people of Israel entered the promised land of Palestine, they were 12 tribes organized into one nation, just like the United States of 50 states. Even from early times there were internal jealousies, which foretold the coming division into two nations. David was king over Judah for several years before he became king over all Israel.

On the death of King Solomon in 975 B.C., the nation was broken in two, and the ten northern tribes became a separate kingdom with their capital city at Samaria, keeping the name Israel. The two southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin kept the old capital city of Jerusalem and took the name Judah for their kingdom. The great turning points of our history are no mere accidents, Yahweh said of this division in I Kings 12:24, "This thing is of Me"

Israel left Egypt and entered Palestine as one nation. Yet Yahweh's purpose in the later division was already predestined. Psalm 114:1-2 tells us, "When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of a strange language, Judah was His sanctuary and Israel His dominion." There were two purposes to be served, each by a separate nation.

Through Yahshua, Yahweh reached down toward man to bring salvation, redemption and a good life under Yahweh's own rule. To complete the contract and receive these gifts, man reached up toward Yahweh through Yahweh's chosen people Israel. What is lost too often is the fact that Yahweh's purpose toward man involves more than just the religious phase, necessary though that is. For what purpose are we saved? It is to live in the kingdom of Yahweh, that same kingdom of Yahweh which Yahshua preached throughout His entire career. The end of Yahweh's purpose is social, economic, and governmental, to which the other is but the means. Hence, we must recognize both the religious and the governmental purposes.

Yahshua came the first time as our high priest, to offer on our behalf the sacrifice of His own blood for our sins. He will come again as King of Kings to rule a worldwide empire from the throne of His own kingdom. A priest functions only at the altar, a king only from the throne. Hence, there must be provided for Him the altar of sacrifice at His first coming and the throne at His second coming, note how Yahweh fulfilled this. Psalm 114 tells us that Judah was His sanctuary and Israel His dominion. This was predestined from the time they left Egypt, five centuries before the nation was divided and 15 centuries before the crucifixion of Yahshua.

After the division into the two nations in 975 B.C., the 10 tribed northern kingdom of Israel had no need to remain any longer in Palestine. Its destiny was to furnish the dominion, the kingdom of Yahweh, to be ruled by Yahshua when He shall come the second time, the tiny land of Palestine can never furnish this. It would scarcely provide standing room for the multitudes, which Israel would become, according to Yahweh's promises in the Bible. It lacked the enormous resources promised to Israel, which were needed to produce the mighty power of the predestined kingdom. Accordingly, they were removed from their old Palestinian land by the Assyrian captivity. This seemed harsh at the time, yet it was necessary for they would not have left their old home voluntarily. After about 715 B.C., they were out of Palestine, embarked on the long migration, which would take them many centuries later, into their northern and western European homelands. From there they would spread into the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In these new homes they developed such an advanced civilization, such wealth and power as were never known in all of the history of the world. This also was in fulfillment of Yahweh's prophecies for Israel. While they remained frankly and boldly Christian, these nations ruled half of the world. It was only after we allowed those who hate Yahshua to immigrate, to infiltrate our institutions, to influence and corrupt our leaders, that we have been put on the defensive and driven out of our colonial possessions. We must remember that it is Yahshua's dominion that we hold; we can keep it only as long as we hold it for Him. In these, the Israel nations, we find the dominion just as Psalm 114 prophesied. They had no part in the first coming of Yahshua, as the sanctuary for the high priest was not in their destiny.

What of the other, the southern two tribed kingdom of Judah? Originally, the throne had been in Judah, but out of the tribe of Judah was taken David and his family to be the kings. The throne was forever given to David and his descendants. The dominion was not in the destiny of the kingdom of Judah so the Davidic king ceased in Judah at the time of the Babylonian captivity. It was transferred to Ireland, where the two king lines of Pharez and Zarah were united. From here it can be traced to the British royal family of today thus the throne, the dominion, has remained in Israel.

However the sanctuary, the temple, remained in the southern kingdom of Judah. True, it was infiltrated and corrupted with alien priests and alien doctrines after the return from Babylon. Yet, it was still His sanctuary, even though occupied by usurpers, just as the kingdom is still His, even though usurpers have wrongfully occupied His land. Since only the sanctuary was to be there, we find no majestic dominion in Judah. In its very origin, it was reduced to only two out of the twelve tribes; it shrank in importance, becoming a vassal alternately to Egypt and Babylonia. After the Babylonian captivity it was vassal to Persia, Syria and finally the provinces of Rome.

Here was the sanctuary and to it came Yahshua. Here He offered Himself in sacrifice and entered into the holy of holies with His own blood as the offering for our sins. This completed the work of the sanctuary, the separate destiny of Judah and 40 years thereafter Judah ceased to exist as a nation separate from Israel.

Yahshua preached only the gospel of the kingdom of Yahweh, not the gospel of personal salvation. The prophets before Him had foretold His life, crucifixion, resurrection and the salvation of men and the redemption of Israel, which He accomplished thereby. Why repeat it? As Yahshua said, "If they will not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe though one rose from the dead". Therefore He did not preach the part of His mission that was finished. It was time to preach the kingdom of Yahweh, to inspire His people Israel to work out their destiny in preparing for Him the kingdom, the dominion, for His second coming.

When He came the first time, the priests ignored the 114th Psalm and would not accept Him as Savior, as the great high priest, they would only accept Him as king or not at all. Today, nearly all churches make a similar mistake, they still ignore the 114th Psalm, they refuse to see we are Israel and our destiny is to furnish the dominion, not the sanctuary. They preach only a Savior, not a king; they offer Yahshua only the cross, not the crown. Yahweh's destiny was not to be frustrated, the Israel nation of Judah leads to Yahshua's first coming, the history of Israel leads to His second coming. The throne is as literal as the cross. He was given His sanctuary, now we must give Him His dominion.