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                                Who A RE THE JEWS

                                 By Dr. Wesley A. Swift

Who Are The Jews?

It is frightening today to see many preachers have gone all out for the Jews, especially since their success was so

skillfully engineered in Palestine, but you must remember that they do not change their identity, their way of life,

or, their method of living. Also remember that nothing had changed as to what Jesus had to say about them as He

identified them when He walked the earth and in His ministry called the Jews the children of the devil. He doesn't

now turn around here in our time and call them the children of God and "the chosen people", as so many

Christians are doing today! The Jews are still the same seed of the serpent and still up to the same chicanery that

they were using in the days when Jesus identified and denounced them.

In Chapter 8 of the Book of John, Jesus says the Jews are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father

they would do; that their father was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. We find that Jesus denounced them

thoroughly and identified them, and all Jewry was in this same boat. Jesus said they could not understand His

speech, and that they had no spiritual capacity whatsoever. This is brought out very clearly, and we use these

passages quite often. Remember, we have only four books in our Bible with the Words of Jesus in them, and yet

He spent more time denouncing Jewry than any other fact brought out in the New Testament. And it remains that

the Jews of today are the descendants of the forces that Jesus denounced in His time. In the Book of Matthew,

Jesus said that these forces of Jewry were white‑washed sepulchers and that when they called themselves

Pharisees, they were Shaman Pharisees or false Pharisees. He said they were like open graves waiting for men

to fall into them, that they were descendants of the serpent, that they came from generations of vipers and of the

asp. John the Baptist said to them (Matthew 3:7) "0 generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the

wrath to come?"

In Matthew Chapter 23, Jesus said to them "You have killed the prophets and all the righteous ones who were

sent to lead Israel. Then the Jews replied "If we had lived in the time of our fathers we would not have killed the

prophets." (Matthew 23:30). Right here they trapped themselves and Jesus replied: "Ye have just proved that ye

are descendants of the prophet killers: Ye are guilty of all the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias whom ye

slew between the temple and the altar.

All the Sadducees were reincarnationists; they were Canaanites, Hittites' and Amalekites, and Jesus well knew

the situation there in Judea. The people called Jews today and those who have gone into Israeli are descended

from these same people, and their names should be Yehudim. They should never be identified with the children of

God! We have the unfortunate situation that when the

New Testament came about, the Jews came in to help translate the Greek and the Hebrew. One good example of

this can be found in "The Passover Plot", one of the most vicious books ever written about and against Yahshua

The Christ. It says that Jesus planned His Own Crucifixion, but He never planned to die. According to this book,

His movement was just a big conspiracy to grab power, and His Resurrection was a part of this conspiracy. This

book was written by a vicious Jew way up in the intellectual community and in "letters" who ALSO HELPED IN


books on theology, and no one knew that he was a Jew until he wrote "The Passover Plot", in the foreword of

which he tells of his being Jewish and how it pleased him to write that book!

Many times the word Jew is used in the New Testament. The distinction should have been made as to the

meaning ... whether men of Judah, or the House of Judah, or Judea or (in a few instances) Judaism or Yehudim.

In the Book of Revelation we read: "Woe unto them that say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue

of Satan". It should read: "Woe unto them that say they are of Judah and are not ". That was the way it was

written by John in Aramaic, but through mishandling of the translation we have many places where the words

were changed in The Scriptures to hide the identity of Israel, and put in their places these of anti‑Christ as "the

chosen people". Then by this method the Jews try to put themselves above criticism although they deny Christ.

The Christians know that the Jews deny The Yahshua ... Jesus was YAHWEH HIMSELF...and that He was here

in a flesh and blood body, but they have bought this great deception because of its being fed them from the top of

their institutions!

The Apostle John told you that there were already many anti‑Christ in the world even at that time, and I think we

should go by the teaching of this beloved disciple who understood what Jesus said. We are told to be able to know


description can be more clear than this? Jesus warned us that these people are thieves and liars, and we should

never let them come into our nation and into our homes, or into our churches. If we do let them in, they will swear

their allegiance to Christ only to betray our nation, our homes and our schools, and to get their hands into our

pockets. We have only to turn to history to see what happened in other nations when they were allowed to come

in and live among the Israelites. They are never to be trusted because they are the sons of Lucifer, and the work

of their father they will do! Never has such an opposition to The Christ been retained quite as strong as this

opposition set in place by Jewry. For instance, the Jews will not use a red cross because of their hatred of the

cross. They use, instead, the Mogen‑David red star of Jewry. They hate the Deity of the Christ; and they hate it

as much as they ever did. There is no let up in the hatred of these generations of anti‑Christ people!

The Apostle Paul fell under the teachings of these of anti‑Christ, and he moved right along with their hatred until

he saw Jesus on the road to Damascus. But remember that Our Father had special plans for this Israelite, and

He had a Hand in Paul's training; so He let Paul, see this hatred; then He stopped him on the road and said:

"Saul...why persecutest thou Me? Now Saul heard the Almighty; and he saw Jesus. But the Jews with him said

only that it thundered. Then when the Great Apostle moved into his ministry....immediately the Jews wanted to

put Paul to death, as they had done with every follower of Jesus they could get their hands on. The Apostle Paul

says in Thessalonians that the Jews are against God and are contrary to all men! So they are NOT THE ISRAEL

OF GOD; and by no stretch of the imagination are they a part of Judah or Benjamin! The Jews are Hittites and

Amalekites and Canaanites. They are red, black, yellow, and brown, as well as off‑colored white. They have one

thing in common: They are the offspring of Lucifer and the fallen angels which came with Lucifer. Jesus made it

quite clear when He said: "I have chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil". He was talking about Judas

Iscariot, for his mother was not only a Jewess, but she consorted with devils, and you can believe that Jesus

meant what He said.

In the 17th Chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus prayed; and although John did not hear Him pray, yet under

inspiration he recorded this prayer: "Thine they were in the heavens.

Mine they are in the earth: those that Thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of

perdition: that The Scripture might be fulfilled". Thus Judas Iscariot was the

son of Satan, and he was the only one of the twelve who was not an Israelite.

By this declaration, then, Jesus said very clearly once again that the children of Israel came down out of the

heavens, that they were spiritually begotten in the heavens, and they were physically begotten in their bodies of

the Adamic Race here on earth. This draws the distinction between the Israel of God and the Jews, who are the

offspring of Lucifer and the fallen angels.

Here in these latter years you have had several things brought forward that are in error. Many things have been

done to obscure the fact that your enemy is the same enemy that through the ages has always been the enemy of

Yahweh's Kingdom. Once again, we see the masses of Ancient Assyria in the land of Magog gathering forces

under that same old enemy for the conquest of the earth. We have seen the doctrines of Karl Marx financed by

world Jewish interest through Kuhn, Loeb and Company and others out of our own country along with the House

of Rothschild in Western Europe.

These same powers were to take over Russia to hurl the masses of Asia against you once more.

Thus, you understand that world communism is a program of anti‑Christ and has made war with the Church from

the hour of its beginning. In fact, it fulfilled prophecy by creating great martyrdom in the killing of millions of

Christians in this last resurrection of your old, old enemy.

This is the little horn of Daniel that was wounded nigh unto death, but the wound was healed after the death of

Genghis Khan; and now once again these enemies of God's Kingdom are gathering to come against you. Yet

today we find the Israel people of God worrying about what they call the killing of six million Jews in Germany

when there were not even one million Jews in that country at the start of World War II: AND THIS IS

ACCORDING TO JEWISH HISTORIANS. However, we hear not a word from the Christian people about the

murder of millions of Christians when organized Jewry financed the revolution in Red Russia and even Jews from

New York City went over there as the first officials HOW MANY CHRISTIANS DID you ever hear question

why it is termed "racist" if you declare that Yahshua ... Jesus was White, and NOT "racist" if you call Him a

Jew, or black, yellow, or brown?

Instead of that questioning we find the Christian nations of God's Kingdom making a covenant with their ancient

enemy, and we find in the writing of the Prophet Isaiah (Chapter 28, verse 18) the results of this covenant that we

have made. Yahweh says: "This is a covenant with death and it shall be disannulled, and your agreement with

hell shall not stand " Yes, we made a covenant with the Soviet Union which was the mass murderer of Christian

civilization in that area, but we promised that we would have economic exchange with them, and she promised that

she would not continue her revolution as it related to us. We do not have to review past history to you, for you

watched the violation of that original covenant and the spread of communism before the ink was dry upon the

paper. Under this covenant with death and hell you have fought wars against other Christian men, and today we

find that one third of Israel is under the control of communism completely; and here in this great nation of the

outstretched wings of the Eagle we see that those of the anti‑Christ have their plans drawn for the division of

America into ten provinces, just as ages ago they divided the world into ten provinces for conquest. Many people

stumble in their search for truth in not realizing that back at ancient Babylon (Mystery Babylon) they had maps

of this planet and plans had been drawn for the division of the earth. America was No. 5 on that ancient map, and

today their plan is still in motion as they try the metric system conquest to change the earth. The metric system

that they are trying to sell the whole world, and which they have sold to much of the world, is an atheistic system

of 10's. Always remember that God's system is of 12s. So make your distinction between the enemies of God and

the Children of His Kingdom. Take the word of Jesus, Who said: "Ye are not My sheep" (John 10:26) as he

talked to the Jews on Solomon's porch.


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