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                     WHAT DOES "SUPREMACY" REALLY MEAN?

I have thought about this one for a while. The word is used to describe any person with White skin who speaks of his people in any terms other than in a derogatory manner or to express White guilt. But what does it really mean? One who thinks his people are better than others and one who wants to rule over another people?

Most White people don't fit either definition, though they do prefer the company of people like themselves, as any honest person would admit to. But that doesn't stop the "cognitive dissonancers" from speaking untruths about those who can see right through them.  Why is it so easy for a person to have net conversations with a Black man, but I have to threaten to call the server of a White man offended by an assertion that we must fight for our own civil rights in this society?

The Black man will tell me of his people's plight, blaming every one and every thing except himself for his life  and we tell him that the poor White man takes the brunt of the criticism, though he has no power of supremacy. The Black man understands our concerns about the lack of "White roots" taught to White kids and the issue of "classism" in race relations.

The White man freaks out at any mention of race and throws accusation after accusation at any one who dares to mention something good about white people. The Black man is initially alarmed at a white mans ethnocentrism, but asks genuine questions to try to understand. The reasonable Black man is slower to make prejudicial assumptions than the White man.  THE ISSUE THE RACE MONOLOGUERS FEAR

Soon after the White man plunges into the depths of despair and self-mutilation, the conversation with the Black man turns to classism and supremacy. Most can assure him they operate from the standpoint of equal rights, equal opportunity and equal standards for all, from a position of honesty and lack of hypocrisy.

After a while, we come to the conclusion that rich White people patronize minorities and treat them like children because they are the White supremacists. The "classists" have low expectations of minorities and believe in their hearts that minorities can't function without the guidance of White people. They enact laws that don't take into consideration the folkways of minorities, but, instead, focus on trying to fit them into a White image.

They are the ones who believe their ways are better and try to mold minorities into their image. At the same time, they scapegoat poor Whites for their disastrous subconscious racism.  THE WHITE CLASSIST HIDING UNDER THE CLOAK OF TOLERANCE.  Without a clear understanding of differences, race relations will always be hampered by liberal taboos and a witch hunt atmosphere.

The White classist has never been a poor White, hence can't understand the concerns of the White working class and their experiences with racism. The classist lives in gated communities and his only contact with minorities is with those in the middle or upper classes who suffer from "Black guilt" over their success.

The poor White is either toiling away from dawn to dusk in rural areas or he is living in an area where he is a minority and crime is rampant. Without experience, the liberal White supremacist hasn't a clue. He shields himself in the cloak of tolerance and fools even himself with his own liberal taboos.  WHITE CLASSIST ATTACKS ON POOR WHITES.  Since the "classist" deep down believes minorities are inferior to him, he seeks to give the appearance that he is not a racist. That means enacting laws which penalize the White working man, but which will never touch his life because of his wealth and privileges.

He calls a man who lives in rural America a "redneck" or "hillbilly" or "White trash" and portrays him as the epitome of the White "right-wing" racist. Since he has demonized the White working man, he feels free to "right the wrongs" of the past by oppressing poor Whites and convincing himself he is atoning for White sins.

He simply transfers his White supremacist tendencies to take on a more "patting the doggie on the head" appearance. He works for "environmental justice" by convincing minorities that any business that emits pollution in their area is "environmental racism."

He is oblivious to the toxic dumps located a few miles from the "redneck's" home. His only concern in that matter would be the health of the fish in the river he likes to raft in. He shows his sensitivity to lizards by trying to designate half the poor White man's ranch land as "freckled lizard" habitat. When he works to put restrictions on farming land, he makes sure no Mexicans are employed there for fear of being called a racist. He demonizes the poor uneducated White man and calls him a "unwise-user" or an "eco-thug" because he fears restrictions will put him out of business.

He works to shut down small lumber mills (which may employ half the men in town) because he knows poor people have little means to defend themselves, especially poor Whites with no race-based advocacy groups to turn to.  The White elitist doesn't focus on the large mills owned by rich men. He has the media's attention, and arrogantly announces he favors "retraining" for mill workers, which would require re-location or killer commutes.

The elitist assails the stereotype of the uncivilized "redneck" because of the hunting tradition in rural areas. While many are not a fan of hunting, but they have come to see the hypocrisy of a man eating a hamburger while complaining there are too many hunters.

Ah yes. The "gun culture." Gun owners are tagged with the racist "hillbilly" slur label, though it is only an exception to the rule that gun crime occurs in primarily minority liberal-voting areas. The White elitist has no clue at all what the sons and daughter of rural pioneers endure. They take perverse pleasure in compounding those hardships, then call them "angry White males" in efforts to prevent city fools from listening to their side of the story.

They appeal to this bigotry when they put land measure regulations that affect the white working poor on the ballot. Surely, inner city folks don't care about the evil White "cowpuck." None of these cowardly and spoiled White elitists would survive a week in the poor rural White man's shoes.

In the meantime, the White man busts his back all day doing hard labor in blistering heat or snow, when work is even available. Before and after work, he tends to farm animals, which consists of more than singing "Old MacDonald." Then, he has to cut his own firewood. He sees the problems in his own community with drug use and alcoholism, and the very few options open to help these people. He has no public transportation and is out of luck if his car breaks down.

Unlike the White "classist", he can't hop into his spare car or rent one while his is in the shop. He sweats over paying the bills if he loses one day working, while the "classist" can take the entire year off and still live in the style he is accustomed to. He has not the luxury to attend environmental meetings twice a week because he is busy figuring out when he has to take the cattle off the land without damaging the soil. He has no medical insurance, and can't get state aid because his income is right above the poverty level.

This, while the "classist" can afford plastic surgery when he needs a tuck. Contrast this to the poor White man whom he calls a "redneck" because he doesn't have a clue what it's like to work outdoors in 100+ degree temperatures. The elitist has air conditioning and doesn't worry about heat stroke and whether he should accept an expensive ambulance ride. His insurance covers that and, if not, it is no sweat.

Speaking of ambulances, the poor White rural guy has to wait for emergency vehicles to COMMUTE to an accident scene, while the White elitist wrings his hands over an alleged two minute discrepancy between inner city and suburban emergency services.

The rural White gets to watch as the National Guard is called out to look for rich city hikers when they get themselves lost in the hills or when their canoes overturn while rafting "on holiday."

The "economically disadvantaged" White rural schools are in disrepair, and there is no busing to better districts. There is little funding for rural schools and no race advocacy groups to complain about it. Rural moms (yes, even "rednecks" have children to care for) may be at work two hours in the other direction. So, they can't just pop into PTA meetings. They do not the luxury of worrying about feminism. They understand and appreciate how hard their husbands works and have no problem cooking dinner for them.

Their lives are not like the "elitists'" who pops into the gym and into happy hour after working in an air-conditioned office for a fraction of the time the rural woman works. It is a life of hardship, sacrifice, biting their lips when they wants to curse their husbands and keeping their sanity.

The elitist doesn't concern himself with the icy roads or the buses carrying rural White children to school and doesn't see fit to put up guardrails in windy areas. The rural working mom does worry about these things, but doesn't have "flex-time." The snotty elitist cares nothing that many of the roads are NOT PAVED AT ALL, while he whines about potholes in inner cities. He never gets stuck in red mud on the way home 20 times a year. If he has ever been stuck in mud while recreating, he has a hundred grand Range Rover to get him out! God how many white people hate these people!

THE "WHITE TRASH"  Suicide and emotional despair are common in rural areas, and I know this through experience. The isolation is unbearable if coupled with alcoholism, powerlessness, lack of job opportunities and loneliness. If one wants to tackle the problem of substance abuse and alcoholism (common in these areas), good luck. Without transportation to work programs or AA meetings (if your driver's licence is taken away) which are an hour or more away, the only alternative is jail time.

Families are devastated, lives are ruined and there are no programs except welfare to help. No midnight basketball to keep the youth out of trouble. No well-meaning rich liberals hovering over them asking how they can help.  OUTER CITY YOUTH.

At least, the Black man is close to public transportation. At least, he has many groups of all races trying to aid him. At least, he has access to programs for troubled inner-city kids. Outer city kids have no such thing. White teens have the highest suicide rate of all ethnic groups, but we have to hear this in the context of "What can we do for Black boys, because they are edging toward the White suicide rate."

When we hear of shootings in the inner city, they are followed up with public meetings about how to solve the drug and violence problem for Blacks and Browns. White kids are not considered "at risk" because of the assumption that they are all wealthy and privileged. When a White kid is involved in a shooting, the community looks for signs of "White racism," and even when it is proven false, they continue to demonize these kids instead of asking how they can help.

What is the root of the problem? Why no race-specific programs for them? Only repressive means are suggested when a White child goes berserk and they always center around curbing our first two constitutional amendments.  WITCH HUNT FOR WHITE ELITISTS?  Many correctly blame White liberals for all of this. They taught us how to hate.  We are an equal opportunity hater, but are more likely to feel hatred when we see a White liberal in a Mercedes at a stoplight with a "my child was citizen of month" bumper sticker.

We lower-income European-American and we refuse to be tolerant of these intolerant fools. We refuse to aid in my own oppression. We refuse to support race-based preferences, when it is the poor who have problems getting into college, not just non-Whites.

We will retract my statement that it is the White liberal who is the White supremacist as soon as he FEELS their pain, and ours. As soon as he volunteers to give his lucrative job to a qualified Mexican. As soon as he puts his kid in a run-down, violent public school. Until that time, we will promote "enmity" against him. We are sick and TIRED of hearing these idiots tell us we are trying to "protect my White skin privilege."

If we have this privilege, We sure as hell haven't received the benefits. Who is protecting privilege? Take a close look at these rich White zombies hiding behind their golden gates and you will see who is protecting privilege.  MONETARY CLEANSING.

It is in the interest of all races to purge White liberal elitists from all local political boards and all race relations panels affecting the working class. Call it "monetary cleansing." We have been led to believe that because they have a college degree, they know more than we do about our own experience. Another thing they have that we don't is a sick adherence to liberal taboos and red Marxist dogma, their "Gulag for the Goyim" (another racial slur) instructors schooled them in.

They have no clue about race relations, and censor half the information with their "it's racism, not realism" social experiment. Most of the problems could be solved if real people dealt with real problems, rather than real rich people disguising those problems. Until we give full self-determination to all people and shrink the power of the social engineers, race relations will be in utter disarray.

In the spirit of defying liberal taboos, we will continue to be a European-American civil rights advocate. We will continue fighting efforts to portray poor Whites as somehow having an effect on institutional policies affecting minorities. We will urge our people to seek their true heritage, which has been suppressed in our schools.

We will not patronize other races by telling them that they need White-skinned people and the VERY ethnocentric ADL to solve their problems. Unlike these White-skinned supremacists hiding under their shield of tolerance, we believe only Blacks can address Black issues and Browns address Brown issues.

We will not be intimidated into not speaking out about the issues that affect the White community. We will continue to hold ourselves to the same standards as other races in terms of discussion of racial issues. If this writing appears in places we would rather not be associated with, we will assert the truth, that we have no control over where our stuff goes after we send it out.

It concerns us more where our stuff is NOT going, whether than where it is going. People need to be informed about the class issue, and if we deter anyone of any race from committing a violent crime against another person, we have done our job. It's not an open discussion of race issues that cause "hate" crimes, it is lack of honest discussion, and the "for-profit" hate mill that benefits financially and emotionally from it.

White classists and minority haters will surely try to associate me with evil because they fear open discussion on these issues. They can try to slander and libel us by taking what we say out of context, but we hate the strength to meet these attacks with courage and more writing.

We have come to a point where we am feeling more immune to their racist, classist attacks. They are just protecting their own dominance, power, and beliefs that poor people are like children. They fear rednecks with library cards. They fear Blacks discussing the CIA/drug connection. They fear Louis Farrakhan because he pull no punches. They fear the Internet because too much truth is being sent out to our white people all over the world.

Their hold on power is threatened by the truth. The more they push, the more we should talk. They can hound us, but even if we retreat for a week, we will come back stronger because hardship and adversity strengthens us.

If they push too hard, they will insure we get funding to do bitch and moan full-time! Their stereotypes of the "White racist" and total non-understanding of the roots of "hate" is an advantage to us. Their classism and belief that poor Whites have no intelligence or character is also an advantage.

They are not really concerned with "hate crimes," or else they would issue press releases when a White is the victim. They want to keep the poor man quiet. Because of THEIR actions, people like myself are being created. People who have little in financial terms to lose.

Those who are tired of being the scapegoats and are lulled into ignoring the problems of their own underclass. Those who don't speak against other races, but for their own. People who don't use insulting racial slurs, and shock others when they oppose slurs against themselves.


* We want White civil rights. The right to talk race (since it is an everyday part of our lives) the same way minorities do without fear of being the subject of liberal witch hunts. Without fear of job loss and harassment. Equal standards and opportunity for all. An end to scapegoating and defamation of my European ancestors.

* We want an end to spitting on the graves of our "dead White people, male and female" ancestors who built this great country that everyone in the world wants to live in. An end to judging only our history by today's PC standards. An end to all racist slurs against Whites, an end to racist and sexist appeals to anti-"White male" bigotry. An end to racist and sexist jokes and racist & "classist" slurs against working-class Whites.

* WE want an end to ethnic cleansing of Whites by unprecedented numbers of hostile anti-White Browns. An end to racist immigration policies that discriminate against White Europeans.

* WE want an end to the racial profiling of Whites (for hate crimes) promoted and perpetrated by the Simon Weisenthal Center and their puppet police departments. We want the tax-funded "hatewatch" groups to start listing more than a few token minority racist organizations, using the same standards it used to determine if a White group is "racist."

* We want those minority hate groups listed even if they don't promote anti-Semitism. For example, the Brown Aztlan racist groups. The Black power groups. If they continue to list pro-White (as opposed to anti-minority) groups as bigoted, they must also list pro-Black, Yellow, Brown and Red groups.

* We demand an end to the bigoted F.B.I. calling Brown perpetrators of hate crimes "White" in the statistics, which is then used to reinforce racist stereotypes against our people. We demand that police departments ask White victims of inter-racial crimes (we are victims a whopping 90% of the time, however un-PC that is to say) if racial slurs were used during the attack. Especially rape since it involves sexism. We want anti-White graffiti listed as an anti-White hate crime. If the perpetrator is Brown, we don't want him listed as being in the "White" race perpetrator category. We want exposure of the fact that even though more Blacks are sentenced to the death penalty, more poor Whites are actually executed.

* We want the media to stop routinely ignoring racial crimes against Whites and obsessing about White on minority hate crimes. We want the false stereotype that only White people can be racists eliminated. It creates a witch hunt atmosphere and probably promotes race crimes against Whites.  We want total segregation of the races in prison, since it forces inmates to join race-based gangs. Liberals hate to admit this, but Whites are often the target of hate-motivated gang rapes. We couldn't think of a quicker way to produce fodder for the "hate mill" business. They DAMN WELL KNOW THIS, but aren't decent enough to address it, unless in the context of "White racists recruit in prison!"

Never an effort to solve the problem. Never any questions why non-violent offenders come out with racist tattoos. The other races aren't scrutinized for anti-White body markings. How nice. How nice to put other racists in a category of "gang member" in need of a mentor. How nice of them to avoid dealing with the reality of racially motivated hate rapes. Oh God how we pray that Mo Dees could spend a day in there.

* We want an end to penalization of economically-disadvantaged White males in affirmative action. Studies as to why White boys on anti-depressants are shooting up schools. Studies regarding the racial makeup of those put on anti-depressants. Studies that ask why White girls have the lowest self-esteem. Studies concerning "White flight." Studies of how classism and racism affect rural Whites.  In short, we'd like a little measure of equality instead of having feet stomped upon our heads and our hands tied behind our back solely on the basis of my race. If we don't address these issues, there will be more "intolerance" and "hate."

Instead of pushing away the legitimate concerns of Whites, it is time to address those concerns, without having to endure these idiotic, clueless White zombie elitists. In case you think open discussion will promote hate crimes, do you worry about hatred promoted against the White race when they are the target of scapegoating day in and day out on TV, on radio and in the papers?

Minority racists get away with saying anything they please and held not held to the same standards. They can use any racial slur they wish in any venue they can produce music that calls for murdering White people. The offices of their producers don't get raided and no White person has the guts to organize protests outside of music stores that promote violent anti-White racism.

Consider how Whites may not speak of anything good about their race, but can only be racially-minded when they are expressing White guilt. When you put an animal in a cage and poke at him, he will bite. That is the first rule of "redneck" realism. Understand and ABSORB these words from someone who has been on the other side of the debate, repeating stupid liberal sound bites and creating an atmosphere of White self-loathing.

The stereotyping of Whites MUST STOP. Those who do it must realize they base their ideology on stereotypes. We must speak out or we will be buried. The majority of working Whites know this, but are too intimidated to be honest. Instead of worrying about being an outcast, it is time European-Americans start worrying about the climate of hatred being created in a society where their children and grandchildren will be a minority.

Listen carefully to the hateful anti-White venom spewed out on a daily basis and the demonization of our kinfolk. In your heart, do you believe these people will treat your descendants fairly in this society? If the answer is no, then self-determination should be the legacy my generation leaves to it's children. regardless of the intimidation and persecution we will face for even mentioning the White race. (Author Unknown)

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