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The Diversity Delusion: In the words of correspondent Ken Ryker, "diversity has become the new buzz-word for those who would deny individual liberty." By diversity we do not mean different denominations - we have lived with that for centuries. Modern advocates of diversity are talking about totally different religions, and they are insisting that Christians recognize all of them as being equal to the Christian faith. As stated by religious writer Matthew Brady "The 'we're right-you're wrong' status implied by evangelism runs counter to the attitude of religious equality." (Fort. Worth Star-Telegram, October 5, 1997)

A few decades ago the only question about diversity was how a Protestant was to deal with Jews and Catholics. In recent years there has been a blurring of the lines between the claims of Christ and the claims of these other "faiths," so that Jewish rabbis are now welcomed at ministerial organizations and Catholic leaders are given roles in the Promise Keepers movement (This is because Judaism, Catholicism, and the Promise Keepers movement are all pagan, and not any part of Christianity, and are infact anti-Christian - WM).

The question now is much wider in scope, as the nation has been inundated with cultures from eastern countries, establishing permanent centers for Buddhism, Hinduism, B'haism and scores of other pagan religions which are alien and even hostile to the Christian faith. In his book, "New Age Cults and Religions," Texe Marrs lists over 100 different religions and cults that are now finding acceptance in the United States.

Let us take a look at the magnitude of these anti-Christian religions. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world with as many as one and one-half million Buddhists in America. An estimated 500,000 Buddhists live in Orange County and Greater Los Angeles and there are 1,500 Buddhists temples and monasteries in the U.S. The concepts of Buddhism are especially popular with New Age People, and have had favorable support from such magazines as "Life, Time, Newsweek and Reader's Digest." Zen Buddhism has even gained support among Methodist and Episcopal pastors and priests (but one must keep in mind that these two sold out to the anti-christs many years ago - WM). Christian psychiatrists and counselors are often the promoters of Zen Buddhist meditation.

Hinduism has been gaining ground since the 1960s when missionary Hindus, with the help of rock music and drugs became popular among the hippies, and a whole generation was deceived by the New Age gurus. Most of the New Age teaching is strongly rooted in Hinduism, and is reflected in belief in reincarnation and the belief that men can become gods.

Hinduism embraces pantheism, a belief that all created matter is God, and that all reality is actually an illusion. This helps to account for the great poverty in India and the lack of sympathy the Hindus have for their fellow beings. Still, multiculture advocates insist that all cultures are equal, and that diversity is a great benefit to us all (which is a total damn lie - WM).

The goal of the Baha'i faith is "One God, one religion, one mankind, one planet." It fits rather well with the New Age One World idea, as its aim is to become the world's one religion. There are more than 400 community-based Baha'i schools in America, and Baha'i speakers are often heard at Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions and other clubs. Historian Arnold Toynbee once said that Baha'i will become "the world religion of the future."

There may be as many as one billion Moslems in the world, and they have been quietly establishing Mosques and gaining influence, especially in the Universities in America...Space does not allow mention of scores of other anti-Christian religions, all part of the "unity in diversity" agenda being promoted on behalf of the New World Order.

"Unity in diversity!" This catchy phrase sounds highly ethical and desirable. Many wonder why Christians cannot accept the idea and join with all the other "faiths" in a kind of world brotherhood of love. The problem is that to be a Christian means to believe Christ: All the He claimed, said, did, and promised. Such belief obviously negates recognition of ANY religion which contradicts that belief. For a few examples:

Fact: Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, the only one sent by God to save His people from their sins.

Fact: Jesus boldly claimed: "No one comes unto the Father except by me." (John 14:6) To acknowledge any other path to God is to deny Jesus. If His claim is not true, then Jesus is not true, and the whole Christian system is false and worthless. If true, than all others are false and worthless.

Fact: Jesus said, "He that rejects me rejects Him that sent me." (Luke 10:16) All major religions deny that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. No matter how noble sounding or appealing their philosophies, they reject God. The greatest act of concern and love is not to unite with them, but to present the truth of the Gospel to them, that they might believe on Jesus.

Fact: Christians hold the Bible to be God's Word to man and it would be hypocrisy to condone those religions which make claims contrary to it.

Fact: According to Christ the only means of life after death is through the resurrection which He will command. World religions hold that man is already immortal and will not die, and therefore they have no place for the resurrection.

Fact: By the resurrection of Jesus all men are assured that it is Jesus who will j judge the world in the last day. This truth places all other faiths under judgment.

Fact: The Christian faith is the only one that is documented by history and archeology. By its very nature it is exclusive. it cannot be mixed with nor put on a level with any religion. To be equal under the law is not the same as to be equal in relationship to God. To have equal rights under the constitution gives each one the right to believe whatever he/she wishes, but it doesn't make his belief true. If Christ is true, all faiths to the contrary are false.

From the above it is easy to see why proponents of the New World Order and its New World religion have targeted the Christian faith as an enemy, the faith that has to be eliminated. It is the exclusive one, the one that doesn't mix, the one that does not fit the "unity in diversity" pattern. World leaders of the new World Order have repeatedly indicated that any religion that will not accept the equal validity of all religions must be eliminated.

For half a century many of us have been warning about the dangers of a "One-World Government." Few people took note of the warnings, until it actually began to take shape under NAFTA and GATT, and the placing of the U.S. military under United Nations command. For years there have been warnings from the New Age leaders themselves that there will also have to be a World Religion that's compatible with the New Age. They have declared that any who will not accept the one-world philosophies and new religion will be "eliminated." Such public figures as Ted Turner and Al Gore have hinted at this "elimination" by saying that world population must be reduced.

Jesus warned His disciples that "the time is coming that whosoever kills you will think that he does God service.' (John 16:2) Are people now being conditioned for this? Note how the media likes to slur a Christian as a "fundamentalist," an "extremist" or as a "radical." Discrimination is outlawed, except in cases of Christians, who are vilified and portrayed as undesirables on TV and in  movies. Humanism and other pagan ideas may be promoted in Public schools, but not the Christian faith.

These things are not written to scare anyone, but to alert you to what is taking place around us, that you may "be sober, be vigilant; your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour; whom resist steadfast in the faith." (1 Peter 5:8-9) In the faith! That is the answer. "this is the victory that overcome the world, even our faith." (1 John 5;4)

The world rulers will not win. All authority belongs to Jesus. These are times for Christians to stand fast, stand up and uphold God's truth. "...that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you are seen as lights in the world." (Phil. 2:14-15)

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