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                   The Bizarre Deaths of the Waco Branch Davidians

“Like a savage bunch of crazed banshees, the Nightstalkers attacked the children with demonic glee.” It is with a mixture of both sorrow and tear-stained anger that I present this information to you, my good friends and partners of Power of Prophecy. Those federal officials and agents guilty of the sickening bloodshed at Waco must be punished by State of Texas law enforcement and courts. We must cry out until they are. Until justice is done, we must never forget the admonition of Isaiah 59:14: “And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”

“Torch the Mother Fuc.kers. Do it today!” That was the direct order given Janet Reno’s Justice Department by Hilly Rodham Clinton from the East Wing of the White House. And so, on the morning of April 19, the day beginning the witches’ annual High Holy Days, on the 51st day of the siege, the combined forces of the FBI’s and the Army’s dreaded Delta Force Nightstalkers lit into the beleaguered men, women, and children held up inside their Branch Davidian church/home just outside Waco, Texas.

They ran wild, ravaging and slaughtering. Then, besotted by blood, their satanic lust and fury to kill satiated, the FBI and U.S. Army Nightstalker mass murderers took a few moments to stalk their lifeless prey, walking to and fro in the burning rubble, casting their jerky nervous eyes to and fro over the smoldering ruins and the burnt and mutilated corpses of their seventy-six victims. Like cannibalistic savages, some took pictures of each other while pridefully holding in their hands the charred heads of their victims.

Gruesome Chain of Events: Power of Prophecy has received shocking information rev3aling some of the gruesome chain of events that transpired that awful, fateful day in Waco, Texas. We have learned, for example, that the initial, unlawful ATF attack on the innocent Branch Davidians was carried out not because of any crime that David Koresh or others had committed, but because of Koresh’s bold claim that he was the “King of the Jews!”

Leaders of powerful Jewish organizations with ties to the Clintons, the ATF, and the FBI were enraged by Koresh’s teachings that he was the new King David. They had learned from Israel’s Mossad spy agency that Koresh had spent months in Jerusalem seeking to recruit Israelis into his pseudo-Jewish religious sect. And when they were told by informants that Koresh and his people were flying an Israeli Star of David flag over their residence and church in Waco, they went ballistic.

The Jewish lobbyists called on their inside contact in the White House, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary is herself Jewish; her grandmother, Della Rosenberg, spoke Yiddish to Hillary as a little girl, as reported in August 1999 in “Forward” the influential Jewish newspaper. Hillary rapidly put things in motion, working at first through her ATF underlings at the Treasury Department, then later through her puppet at the justice Department, Web Hubbell, Janet Reno’s corrupt deputy.

A Diabolical, Wicked Scheme: The plot, from the very beginning, was to use violent force, complete with helicopter machine gun fire, in a surprise attack against the Branch Davidians. This failed.

Hillary and her witchcraft lesbo associates then devised a more diabolical, wicked scheme. They would lay siege to the Branch Davidian residence, conveniently keeping the inept, and otherwise friendly, liberal media some three miles away. Then, on the 51st day of the siege (in occult numerology, 5+1=6, the untripled number of the beast), which would fall on April 19th, the beginning of the witches’ High Holy Days, the men, women, and children inside were to be offered up in a fiery holocaust as innocent, burned victims to the witches’ horned god, Pan, whom the ancient pagans called Marduk, or Malek, and to the witchcraft goddess, Hecate, also revered as Athena and simply as the “Crone.”

Shameless Sexual Crimes of Federal Agents: During the 51-day siege, the FBI perverts camped outside the Branch Davidian church/home were told to be “as bad as you wanna be.” Almost on a daily basis, they would come close to the Branch Davidian compound, so close they could see frightened men, women, and children watching from the windows.

The drunken, sadistic FBI would shamelessly drop their pants and underwear and, with gales of satanic laughter, grab and fondle their naked genitals, shoot their fingers, and moon the watching Branch Davidians. I REPEAT: THE FEDERAL AGENTS FONDLED THEMSELVES IN THE BELIEF THAT CHILDREN WERE WATCHING!

At night, the FBI and Delta Force personnel loudly played over a PA system horrible, pre-taped recordings of howling, crying and moaning sounds of baby humans and animals; rabbits, cats and dogs, being slaughtered and sacrificed. This was intended to arouse and please demon spirits of hell, while also terrifying the helpless Branch Davidian men, women and children inside.

On one occasion, the FBI took the dead body of a hapless branch Davidian they had machine gunned when they caught him just outside the church/home building. They mutilated it, then draped the desecrated body over a fence in plain view of the compound’s inhabitants.

The FBI and Delta Force’s Nightstalker team also had their tanks and armored personnel carriers run over and demolish the children’s bicycles and toys just outside the buildings. They shot the kids’ pets and animals and threw the carcasses near the walls of the compound, taunting and scaring children and parents alike. These things were all part of what the feds called “psyops,” or “psychological operations.”

The Bloodthirsty Raid Begins: After 51 days of the most excruciating, diabolic torment, and within hours of receiving Hillary Clinton’s angry order to “Torch the Mother Fuc.kers. Do it today!” the FBI’s murderous, misnamed “hostage rescue team” and the “Delta Force” Nightstalker” thugs put on their gas masks, outfitted themselves with armaments, riot gear and black face, and prepared to charge the residence. First, however, they lobbed in salvos of CS gas canisters, to incapacitate their targeted victims.

The so-called federal “counter terrorist” brigade then rushed the back of the residence, carrying with them 50 cal. Machineguns, laser devices, and new high tech Star Wars-type weapons. One particularly violent and bloodthirsty agent actually carried in a huge, sharp sword, which he planned to use to cut off the heads and limbs of chosen victims.

Breaking through easily, thanks to the U.S. army tanks and APCs that knocked down and collapsed walls, like a crazed bunch of banshees the Nightstalkers; this is the name the U.S. Army proudly dubs its Delta Force warriors, attacked the children, men, and women. They went wild whooping, shooting, hacking, and brutalizing the screaming innocents everywhere they could find victims hiding, coughing, crying and cowering. Many victims were murdered as they lay curled up in a fetalpositi0n, heaving from the devastating effects of the poisonous gas.

Withdrawing from the compound, having massacred an untold number, the next step was to do as Hillary ordered; torch the whole complex and leave it in ashes, all the way down to concrete and dirt. After tanks and APCs crunched holes in the complex; to allow oxygen and air in and hasten the fire’s work, dozens of fire-starter grenades were lobbed in. Explosions rocked the buildings as grenades set off fire after fire.

Attempts to Escape thwarted by Machine Gunfire: People inside who were still alive strived to escape the burning flames and caving-in walls and floors. But when, after great effort, some did manage to exit, jumping out windows and through holes and cracks, they were met just outside by a withering blizzard of machine gun fire directed at them by the federal killers. Frightened and confused, most dashed back into the fiery chaos, quickly perishing.

Thankfully, a few nevertheless did make it through the deadly gauntlet of machine gun fire. Met by federal agents, they were handcuffed and arrested, in anticipation of a show trial later that would portray the federal killers as heroes.

Federal Judge Was a 33rd Degree Mason: Later, survivors were tried and convicted of bogus crimes of which they were not guilty by corrupt Justice Department prosecutors and fixed, mock court, presided over by a federal judge who wore a 33rd degree Masonic Lodge ring on his hand each day in the courtroom.

This is from the Texe Marrs ministry, Power of Prophecy; Published monthly and periodically by Power of Prophecy, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733, October 1999 (Vol. 99-10) (800) 234-9673.

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