Watchman Willie Martin Archive

     "The time has come to place the question of Soviet Jewry before the bar

of public opinion...Dr. Goldmann revealed that he had met during the past

year with a number of Russian representatives and believes that there are

good prospects for the demand, through contacts in the Communist governments

of Eastern Europe, for the right of Soviet Jews to migrate to Israel. He

cautioned, however, that Jewish demands must not be transformed into a

crusade against the USSR."

     We may be sure the Communist governments are not doing anything to hurt

the Jews, for if they were, we would hear a mighty tirade against the anti-

Semites. So the time has not yet come.

     The strange revolutions which broke out in Poland and Hungary in the

summer and fall of 1956, it now appears, were at first incited by the

Communists themselves (quite possibly in collusion with the Zionists) for

two or more purposes: (1) The Communist all over the world were off on a new

Party line designed to appear to divorce the satellite governments and the

Communist Party in America and other Western countries, from Moscow

domination. In a little sham battle, which actually lasted only a few hours

in Poland, the virtually unarmed Polish mobs "whipped" the mighty Red army,

unseating the Moscow Communist dictator and replacing him with a Polish

Communist (who oddly enough had just been released from the prison by the

Moscow government and allowed to go to Poland in time for the uprising).

                        MORE MILESTONES TOWARD A-DAY

     This whitewash Polish "revolution" worked; for the "liberal"

internationalist Eisenhower-Dulles administration immediately began asking

Congress for aid to the new "independent" Polish government! And the Supreme

Court has come dangerously close to saying that the Communist Party in

America no longer takes orders from Moscow (and therefore is just another

American political party).

     (2) The Zionists wanted to get nearly all (not quite all, it seems) of

the Jews out of Poland, mostly to Israel. So there appeared some anti-

Semitic acts in the "revolt."*

     However, the Polish revolt did not quite come off, as regards scaring

the Jews out of Poland. The Hungarian revolt did better because, after the

first few days, genuine anti-Communist citizens rose up and were joined by a

stream of deserting soldiers from the Hungarian and also the Soviet Red

armies (some bringing their tanks and ammunition).


     * A dispatch from Jerusalem on page 1 of the Los Angeles B'nai B'rith

Messenger, August 16, 1957, quoted "two American Jewish the

International Ideological Conference now taking place" as saying that "any

strategy of trying to frighten American Jews into settling in Israel was

futile." They did not, however, condemn the scare technique as a failure in

getting Jews to Israel from Iron Curtain and Mediterranean countries.

     The Hungarian revolt came off at the same time as the invasion of Egypt

by Israel, France and Britain, and it seems possible that the Zionists

expected the invasion to ignite the world war. Or perhaps they were not

ready for the world war but decided to get most of the Jews out of Hungary,

in case the war unexpectedly became general.

     The Toronto Globe and Mail of January 3, 1957, ran a long and revealing

article on the evacuation of Jews from Hungary. It was written by

correspondent James Senter from London, and later I phoned Mr. Senter in

Canada to clarify certain details. The article reported:

     "A high ranking Canadian official slipped across the Austro-Hungarian

border recently as part of a dramatic story of complacency, fear and

international intrigue.

     The purpose of the trip was to persuade 150,000 Jews to leave Hungary

before it was too late. Sworn to secrecy, the Canadian...waited seven days

before turning the details of the trip over to me..."

     The Canadian official met secretly at,

     " of Vienna's largest homes where he found 15 prominent leaders

of international Jewry assembled. They were an alarmed group from Israel,

Switzerland and elsewhere. For several weaks they had been sitting on the

border with unlimited funds at their disposal in Vienna and Zurich. Yet,

despite all their efforts, they had been unable to persuade more than 3,000

Jews to leave Hungary. In the same period, however, 2,000 Jews had

disappeared in Budapest alone. It was feared they had been deported by the


     Hungarian Jews were complacent, the group explained. They had little

contact with the outside world and were subject only to Communist

propaganda. Since the end of the Second World War they had done well in

business, in the civil service, and in government. Some had become well-to-

do land owners. They felt they were secure."

     When it became apparent that the Jewish leaders of Hungary who met with

the delegation at night, inside Hungary, could not be induced to get their

people out of the country, the head of the delegation ordered them to do so:

     "'It has been decided,' the Canadian quoted him as saying. 'These are

orders from the top.* You must come out.'"

     A quick recapitulation of the above report reveals much: The Hungarian

Jews had found a Promised Land; they were doing well under Communist; they

felt so secure that they would pay no attention to the pleas of their

brethren, till they were finally given outright orders "from the top."

     In view of their favorable situation and their sense of protection by

the Communist apparatus, and in view of later reports from numerous sources,

we know that it was not the Communists that they were supposed to escape

from. It was the revolting Hungarian and Russian soldiers and Hungarian

citizens, who had risen above the original whitewash revolution of October,

quickly converting it into a genuine anti-Communist revolution, and all

anti-Communist revolutions behind the Iron Curtain are in some measure anti-

Semitic because the enslaved people have to overthrow a secret-police rule

which still is highly Jewish in complexion. Hungary had been under the

Jewish Communist regime of Bela Kun (or Cohen) during the short-lived Red

dictatorship right after the first world war; and Kakosi, the strong man of

Hungarian Communism after the second world war was a Jewish monster of the

crudest character.**


     * "Orders from the top" confirms charges made by patriotic citizens

generation after generation, that the Jews still maintain a secret tribal

government, with power over Jewish citizens of gentile [non-Jewish] nations.

     ** According to the "liberal" writer, John Gunther, who knew him and

interviewed him, Rakoski "is of Jewish origin and the family name was

Rosencranz." Gunther said Rakosi was "one of the half dozen most important

international Communists in the world today." See Gunther's Behind The

Curtain, 1949.

     If the Zionists expected to launch Armageddon by their 1956 invasion of

Egypt, with France and Britain, they miscalculated. Eisenhower, who had

positively crawled before the Jewish bankers and political and

organizational leaders since he was a lieutenant colonel under MacArthur in

the Philippines (where he began courting the Jewish political machine by

going to the B'nai B'rith club in Manila and playing bridge with its

members), now suddenly stood still. He was supposed to back Israel of

course. Some unseen force held him back. The only sizeable force other than

Zionists (since the death of Robert Taft) known to influence his policies is

the Standard Oil - Chase National Bank crowd. Dulles is a relative of the

Rockefellers and a member of this crowd, and Eisenhower made Nelson

Rockefeller one of his aides and advisers.

     The Rockefellers are in many Communist fronts and work with the Jewish

bankers in almost all international financial and political exploits and

plots; but they apparently do not want to give up the fabulous oil fields of

the Middle East to the Jewish expansionists.

     When the President would not be drawn in against Egypt, the Soviet

Union did not come in. Israel, France and Britain were left out on a limb

(one which promised no foreign aid billions); and the invasion was called


     In scrutinizing the Zionists' timetable it would be interesting to know

whether or not they intended the Egyptian invasion to start the final war.

     In any case, they kept their agents on the Austrian border of Hungary

(which border, by the way, the Communists left practically unguarded for

weeks) hearding the Jews across and resettling them. Many they flew to

America in U.S. Air Force planes rushed to them by President Eisenhower

(though by no legal authority). Others they shipped to Israel. Estimates of

the number of Jews who have come out of Hungary since October vary from

17,000 to as high as 100,000. They kept coming out all winter; and the

Jewish papers and some correspondents kept saying there was to be another

revolt in Hungary in the spring, followed by another one in Poland, and

certain incidents hinted that a third would follow In Romania (where there

were, by Jewish newspaper estimates, a few years ago, as many as 400,000


                               WHO WILL WIN?

     It is inescapable, in view of the general situation, that the USSR is

to be destroyed, with the Arab states, as "anti-Semitic." Whether the Jews

remain in full charge, or are gradually losing their grip on the Soviet

government or are being deliberately withdrawn according to long

preconceived plan, the Zionists ultimately must have the Godless communists,

their own creation, destroyed because the whole world must worship the Holy

One, must believe in god, the Jewish god. And of course the anti-Semitic

Russian people, the Christian populace, must be wiped out, too.

     So once again we shall see the agents of the Jewish machine move into

Russia, this time behind Anglo-Saxon soldiers, such of them as survive, and

take over the smoking remains, setting up their front men in power.

     For several years we have been hearing the question: Will Israel be

neutral in the next war? If not, which side will she join?

     First, it is obvious that Israel would jeopardize the position of some

two-thirds of the Jews of the world if she sided with the Communists against

us, for these two-thirds reside in America.*

     Second, if the Zionists did not get some of the Israelis slaughtered in

the war, and did not maneuver to have Israel sacked and perhaps burned, or

atomized, they would lose the trump card which has drawn so many crocodile

tears form us stupid Anglo-Saxons and got so many of our sons killed on

Jewish-mapped battlefields. Israel will have to take part, and on the side

of the West, or rather, fighting beside those Western nations who are to be

duped and used.

     Finally, Mr. Higger himself says Israel is to participate:

     "...Israel, and the other righteous nations, will combat the combined

forces of the wicked, unrighteous nations..."

     From Prof. Higger's book, it is obvious that our own country and allies

(no doubt Britain and France) are to be among the righteous! This is

splendid news, the first news of victory, even before the war starts!


     * The eminent Jewish writer and leader in England, Dr. Cecil Roth, told

a B'nai B'rith audience in Kansas City in May, 1952 (as quoted in a Kansas

City newspaper, the exact date of which does not appear on my clipping):

"You have now in the United States a good two thirds of all Jews in the

world." We do not know for sure how many Jews there are; the Jewish leaders

historically refuse to publish reliable counts. Answering the question, "Why

is it forbidden to count Jews, one by one, even for a holy purpose," the

California Jewish Voice, February 15, 1957, gave the answer: "This

restriction is found in the Talmud (Babli Yoma 22b) where it is written that

it is forbidden to count Jews even for a mitzvah."

     The New York Times (owned by the professional Jew, Sulzberger) in 1948

did dare to estimate (not necessarily counting "one by one" perhaps!) the

Jewish population of the world, putting the figure at between 15,700,000 and

18,600,000. So if America has two-thirds of the total, we must house about

11,000,000 or 12,000,000 Jews. Europe did not have six million Jews to lose

during the war, as there were not that many Jews in all Europe; millions had

left before the war started. Hitler could not have killed them. It seems

obvious that they came mostly to America.

     But are we to be victorious? Not in the sense that any of us or our

children and grand-children can profit by a victory. For it is Zion that is

to conquer all. Or such is the plan:

     "Assembled for an attack upon the righteous nations in Palestine near

Jerusalem, the unrighteous will suffer a crushing defeat, and Zion will

thenceforth remain the center of the Kingdom of God."

     In the next world holocaust there may well be no victor, not even

Israel. Certainly, if they succeed, you and I, as defenders of American

traditions and individual freedom, will be on the liquidation list. We need

not even expose Zionist activities to get into The Jewish Back Book.* All we

have to do is defend our race, our traditions, or religion and our freedom.

Mr. Higger made that clear; and the Zionists attack, vilify and ridicule all

Americans who become prominent in the fight for Americanism.

     How will they and their "righteous" agents, the "liberals," manage to

suppress or liquidate such opponents in this country?

     Many ways may be quickly developed under the hysteria of war, an atomic

war. One way already is clear, and for this, machinery already is set up and

ready: It is the Federal Civil Defense Administration, a Jewish invention.

We will need "civil defense" and lots of it, if war strikes. But no possible

combination of political appointees could conduct efficient emergency

operations in case of bombing, fires, and general hysteria. The only force

capable of coping with such an emergency is the local police in their own

cities. They are familiar with their respective cities and local environs

and terrain and seasoned for handling people under excitement.

     The only way on earth to have efficient "civil defense" in a war

emergency is to have the responsibility where it already rests, under the

American form of government, with the local city governments and the people

themselves. Let the police chief hand pick, train, equip and organize a

citizens' auxiliary and you will have genuine civil defense. The police

chief and mayor naturally will work out plans for cooperating with the

county law enforcement authorities, the country with adjoining counties, and

all will work with the armed forces, to save their own lives and children.

The authority must remain at home.


     * The Jewish Blackbook Committee was listed as a Communist front in the

1947 California Un-American Activities Committee Report. Its national head

was the late Communist-friend. Albert Einstein. The Blackbook is apparently

a list of Americas who dare to defend their country and its traditions.

                          HOW TO CAPTURE AMERICANS

     James Forrestal, the patriot Secretary of Defense, worked out exactly

such a plan and, in the fall of 1948, asked police chiefs and sheriffs

throughout the country to organize such auxiliaries. Forrestal was also, at

that time, trying to keep Truman from building up the state of Israel in the

strategic and oil-laden Middle East. The Marxist propaganda machine, headed

by the Jewish smear agent, Walter Winchell, and the Anti-Defamation League

mouthpiece, Drew Pearson, went into action against Forrestal. Rarely in our

history has such a furious and lying attack been centered on any public

official. By December, 1948, I predicted in an article (as any observer

could have predicted) that Forrestal would soon be driven out of office. He

was out by March, and, as the reader doubtless recalls, was hounded to near

insanity and either jumped out or was thrown out the window of the Naval

hospital (where he had been held virtually incommunicado, denied even the

right to see a priest).

     The surest sign that the inventors of the Federal (as opposed to local)

civil defense machine were not concerned with providing genuine civil

defense, to save lives, families and cities, and to preserve the local order

of things, is seen in the nature of the organization they induced the

President to set up: a Federal bureau of political appointees to run the

entire civil defense, from coast to coast, the moment the bombs started

falling, or the moment a region should be "threatened with invasion."

     The hodgepodge of political appointees, even if they were seasoned

field generals, could not get the job done. Only the local police could and

can do it. The backers of the plan were unexpectedly challenged by a few

far-sighted fighting police chiefs, sheriffs and perhaps some mayors. They

fought for weeks over who should have the authority to give orders. Finally,

the local government advocates won. Congress for once wrote into the bill

the American way.

     But no matter what the law says; every head of the Federal Civil

Defense Agency has been a left wing "liberal" internationalist, fawning on

the famous Jewish leaders. And the legal counsel is a Jew who has publicly

called for the powers of dictatorship over the people in case of war. And

the machine has set up a chain of command, down to the state, county and

city, of political appointees of "liberal" internationalist leanings, or

else oblivious to the world revolution in which we are caught. Neither these

lower appointees nor the American people in general realize that the

American system, and the Federal Constitution, prohibit the Federal

government from coming into our state and our city to police us, under any

circumstances, even in war, unless and until asked to do so by the

legislature, or if it is not in session, by the Governor.

     This mighty wall has been our defense for nearly 200 years. It has

protected us from a government which otherwise would have become a

dictatorship long ago. Freedom can be had only by leaving all police powers

entirely to the local community. But we have to man this wall of freedom or

it will be beaten down. And if the people do not even know it is there, if

they do not even have an inkling of the meaning of local government, and

human freedom, how are we to expect them to man the Great Wall of Freedom?

     The gifted gentlemen who plan the take-over must know all this. They

must know that as soon as their planted agents sound the alarm, over radio

and television stations owned or dominated by prominent Zionists, the people

will take orders from these voices, and the local police will be squelched.

From 25 New Deal years our people have been conditioned to take orders from


     Thus, no matter what the law says, the revolutionaries who advise and

guide the liberal political appointees will have the upper hand and give the

orders, from the first alarm. They will have to use the local police, but

they will quickly replace any police chief or mayor who tries to exercise

his constitutional duty to his people. They will shut down the schools,

churches, libraries and courts, because their whole aim is to destroy local

government and state government, the rock which so long has made Communist-

Zionist take over impossible. And the political figure-head arriving in each

community will get his orders as to whom to liquidate from the local secret

agent of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. This Zionist machine,

by its own bulletin, has agents in 2,000 American cities.

     All Americans who recognize the revolution for what it is, and who dare

to protest the destruction of local government and the imposition of a

Federal police dictatorship, these "unrighteous" citizens will just

disappear in the smoke and the hysteria.

     You will not be able to write, wire or phone your Congressman, for the

Federal Civil Defense Agency will control the mail and the telegraph and

telephone systems.

                        HOW CAN WE DEFEND OURSELVES?

     The only defense you and I will have is to educate our neighbors now,

while we have a chance to reach them with the facts.

     Under such a situation it may be worth a great deal in the struggle to

regain freedom, for the citizenry to realize that the defenders of

constitutional government will be legally correct; while the oppressive

government which usurps the rights of local and state government will be in

the position of the revolutionary. Under such circumstances the Constitution

seems clearly to authorize the people to make war on the usurpers. Article

II of the Amendments says:

     "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free

state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be


     And Section I of Article XIV of the Amendments says:

     "...nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property

without due process of law."

     Other Articles also specifically provide protection for citizens who

defend their constitutional government.

     The reader who is unaware of the viciousness and determination of the

revolutionaries may refuse to believe that any group in powerful position in

our country has any such designs. But they have already had 12 or more dry

runs in as many American cities, using the equally revolutionary invention,

the Military Government forces, which always are headed by leftist

revolutionaries or "liberal" dupes. In 1951 these units seized nine cities

in California, seized the mayor and police chief, posted proclamations of

absolute dictatorship over the populace, and in the name of the United

Nations Forces Military Government.

     However, it seems that the plan now is to use the Federal Civil Defense

Agency instead of the Military Government units.

     So complete are the plans for seizure of power, that they were leaked

to the public via a magazine in 1955. The July 1, 1955, issue of U.S. News &

World Report reported the plan which would annihilate the Constitution of

the United States and possibly end for all time the individual freedom we

have known:

     "A military dictatorship, swift and complete, will take hold at the

very moment of any big atomic attack on American cities. This is the word

from top official sources in Washington following 'Operation Alert,' the

civil defense exercise just ended. The old idea of 'standby controls,' which

has been worrying some business men, no longer has nay place in official


     Instead, the President will simply take control, of business, banks,

goods, prices, wages, just about everything, and worry about legal authority


     Martial law will be clamped on the entire country. this will be the

President's first official act after bombs start falling. With that act the

President will assume almost unlimited war powers. Dictatorship from

Washington, or from the President's nearby hideaway, will be backed by

military forces...

     Business will be blanketed by regulations already written and ready for

issue...Workers will be ordered not to strike, or change jobs without

permission...Censorship will be imposed at once...Factories will be told

what to produce...Farmers...may find their livestock, land and crops

commandeered for military use....

     In bombed out areas, martial law will bring strict discipline, enforced

at gunpoint by whatever armed forces are available. The Federal Civil

Defense Act will come into full effect, empowering authorities to

requisition property, including private homes and automobiles. In these

areas people will be subject to draft for whatever labor is needed.

     Individual rights and privileges will disappear for the time being.

Habeas corpus, which protects a citizen against imprisonment without due

process of law, will be suspended. So will freedom of speech...Under

national martial law, so the thinking goes, there will be no time for

haggling over Federal authority, no time for people or business to balk at

doing what they are told.

     Once the dust begins to clear Congress will be asked to ratify the

emergency measures ordered by the President."

     Thus, the end of the golden age of human freedom; the wiping out of the

glorious Republic with its written limitations on government and its

constitutional guarantees against high handed, arrogant officialdom.

     And what a perfect blueprint for conquest by the gifted Zionist

planners (who inspired this Federal "civil defense" trap and whose finger-

prints are all over it). Julius Caesar, the internationalist, who was always

an underlying of the Jewish financial and political leaders (and always

heavily indebted to them for personal "loans") thus destroyed the great

Roman republic (after centuries of racial homogenization had reduced the

people to a state of degeneracy).

     We are still talking about milestones on the road to the Zionist's

Utopia. We have not yet reached the milestone of A-day, with its suppression

of freedom inside our country, but we have reached a milestone on the road

to racial and spiritual degeneracy; otherwise no President would permit a

clique to draw up a blueprint for crowning him a Caesar; no President would

dare think in such terms. If we had not reached a milestone down the road

toward the take-over, Congress and the people would blast out of office any

President who dared to put his stamp of approval on a blueprint to wipe out

the Republic and end, perhaps for all time, human freedom.

     Our people and even our Senators and Representatives seem no longer to

understand that the Constitution never gives Congress or the President any

special powers over the states and the people, regardless of the emergency.

Even martial law does not give the President the right to suspend courts and

the process of justice, or the right to invade a state and take over police

powers (except by request of the state legislature or the Governor).

Congress never has the right to grant the President any special wartime or

other emergency powers. This innovation of our lifetime is simply a

usurpation, an outright volition of the Constitution. The frightening aspect

of it is that the people permitted it with little protest during the second

world war, and now raise hardly a voice against the "civil defense"

blueprint for dictatorship. The people do not seem to realize that no such

power is necessary or even advantageous: that the people, given leadership

and information, will always respond and, under their local government and

leadership, will accomplish more than under compulsion and Federal


     Another milestone revealed in The Jewish Utopia which gives us a

general clue as the Zionist timetable;

     "The advent of the new era will thus be preceded by the 'travail' of

the Messianic time, namely, great distress, foreign invasions, confusions

and moral decline. According to another tradition, the three generations

preceding the Messianic period will possess abundance of silver and gold,

and other luxuries. Hence, the people will lead an immoral and ungodly


     Has our level of prosperity and easy living now so completely killed

any public conscience, the courage to resist tyranny and subversion, that

the time is ripe? Before the first world war the farmers and small town

neighbors would have taken clubs and cleaned out the stinking mess in

Washington, and would have made short work of the Communists and Zionists,

the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, etc.

     I remember those men and their courage in the early part of this

century. We are now a generation of cowards and money grabbers. The

milestones show that the revolutionaries expect to bring on the crisis very


                         CAN THE ZIONISTS TRIUMPH?

     There remains the big question: Can they win?

     After reviewing the steady progress the Jewish nationalists have made

for centuries, in revolution after revolution, and the appalling power they

have today as they near the climax of their amazing 2500-year struggle for

domination, it might sound ridiculous to say flatly "No." Any answer is

obviously no more than an opinion, or a blind faith. My answer is, and

always has been, "No." I just do not believe the selfish, scheming, bloody,

utterly unmoral Zionist cult can destroy the whole world and bring the

smoking remnants under its control.

     I believe they have gone to far already. They are challenged in the

Communist countries by the people; and now they are challenged even in the

stupid, kindly, tolerant and timid West, where the Zionist curtain of

secrecy cannot be kept down much longer.

     No matter who incited the Hungarian revolution of 1956, the fact that

thousands of Hungarians, including many or most of the younger generation

who were supposed to have become indoctrinated with Communism, were willing

to fight to the death for their freedom told the tale: The Communist monster

cannot destroy the love of freedom; even in the slave state of Hungary,

after years of Communist browbeating, men will die for freedom.

     An article in the August 18, 1957, Los Angeles Examiner quotes Chiang

Kai-shek as reporting rebellion throughout Communist held China, this after

the Reds have killed an estimated 15-million of the community and provincial

leaders, the best blood of every community. The leader of Free China, who

has fought the Reds, ideologically and militarily, since 1927, and who is no

gullible optimist, made the blunt prediction that "the general collapse of

the entire Soviet empire and international Communism" is underway, one of

the most heartening statements published in this generation.

     However, the Generalissimo undoubtedly based his prediction on the

assumption that men and women both in and outside the captive countries

would keep on struggling and fighting the monster; and he warned that, if

the men in the Kremlin see their empire crumbling they may risk an atomic

war in the hope of saving it.

     It is well known that the Red empire has been on the verge of

bankruptcy or internal collapse several times in its history, and might well

have been overthrown or failed, but for the intervention of the United

States. Repeatedly we have rushed food for millions of discontented, hungry

rebels, or made loans to the Communist government of Moscow, or instituted

some hands-off policy as Dean Acheson's policy of "containment." The policy

of the Roosevelt-Truman-Eisenhower internationalists has been to do nothing

which would seriously harm the Communist governments. This has given them

time to grow and consolidate their gains.

     All the Red empire has needed was time, time to train mechanics, build

factories, build a war machine, build super weapons with our laboratory

secrets. Now the Soviets have the weapons with which, not to defeat us

perhaps, but to precipitate Armageddon, and, in committing suicide, kill

millions of Americans and wipe out our cities.

     The all-important job for us just now is to bring about the downfall,

the disintegration, of the Red empire before the Zionists can use it to

bring about the Armageddon which they must have. If we rob them of the war

in the Middle East and the war emergency here at home, we will tear up their

timetable and set them back perhaps a hundred years, giving us time to

organize our defenses.

     At the same time, we should outlaw and destroy the Zionist cells here

at home.

     One thing we need to understand immediately: the Jewish planners are

not infallible. Time and again their plans have misfired, in ancient,

medieval and modern maneuvers. They expected to capture Europe through

Communism and then all the world, quickly after the first world war. They

expected to annihilate the Germans or completely break their fighting spirit

by the second world war. They planned to take over our country immediately

after that war in the hysteria of an abysmal financial depression. They

evidently expected something big to result from their 1956 invasion of

Egypt, but instead they not only had to back out, but their eagerness for

blood unexpectedly, almost incredibly, drove hundreds of thousands of

Christian laymen and ministers (those who had not been hardened pro-

Communists but only deceived, and well meaning "liberals") away from them.

All over America the Christian press turned on the Jewish militarists.

Israel no longer was the sacred fulfillment of scriptural prophecy to these


     An Anti-Defamation League survey early in 1957 estimated that 75

percent of the Christian press had turned "anti-Semitic."

     We will have to have just one victory at the polls, electing a

President with both courage and understanding, to snap off the head of the

Zionist snake and keep it from again coupling up with the body, at least in

our time. The guilt of the Zionist schemers must make them extremely uneasy

with every reversal, big or little. They are obviously guilty of disolyalty

to the United States Constitution; they obviously have their own world

tribal government and now also a political and geographical state; and their

loyalty is to that tribal government and state. Obviously, they are trying

to bring about the disintegration of our country and its subordination to a

world regime under their influence.

     This is treason.

     And the recognized punishment for treason in all well ordered countries

throughout history has been death.

     The willful, inner leaders of the Zionist world state must be punished

and the hundreds of thousands of their followers who have had an inkling of

what they were up to, must be banished, as the most humane way to deal with

mass treason. They must be resettled preferably on a suitable island where

they can make their own living by the work of their hands (since that is

what their utopian leaders want), but since they cannot subvert our people

and country, and whence they cannot escape.

     In this time of discouragement for patriotic citizens, when eve our own

government often is used against us, and against the interests of our

country, we should bear in mind the example of an earlier patriot of another

country, who went through darker days but won a historic victory. The little

green-eyed Isabella came to the throne when she was 20, in a Spain that had

suffered such complete degradation under seven centuries of Jewish

machinations and Moorish invasions that she had to run time and again for

her life. Everywhere there was chaos, racial, moral and spiritual

disintegration. The "new Christians," the hundreds of thousands of Jews who

had gone into the Catholic church two or three generations earlier (in a

political and commercial maneuver and for protection against reprisals) had

practically captured the church in that country and were subverting it from

within. (Their predecessors in France and Spain had inspired a movement

called the Albigenses, which taught the gullible gentiles to believe that

the body was evil, so the holy leaders should commit suicide; but which

movement at the same time, gave the masses such license that they sank in

complete moral abandon).

     Isabella had a New England conscience and a patriotic zeal; she fought

back. For 20 years she fought, not all Jews, but the guilty Jews, and their

allies, the Moors. After a lifetime of struggle she succeeded in breaking

the Moorish resistance in a decisive battle at Granada (in 1492) and a

little later expelled most of the Moors and Jews from Spain.

                               IT'S UP TO US

     Our elected political leaders are not going to save us unless and until

the people demand salvation. It is up to us. We must organize for self-

defense. A single organization of white citizens, each required to study the

racial history of his people financed by some of our many rich men, and

inspiring a similar race-pride organization among the Negroes, with friendly

cooperation between the two groups, could ultimately win the victory. Nature

is strongly in our favor; neither the negroes nor the Whites generally want

"integration;" several million Negroes in recent years have signed petitions

urging Congress to appropriate money to help them settle in a country of

their own in Africa, and a bill is now before Congress to help them.

     The enemy holds the whip only because of his skillful use of fear and

propaganda above our cowardice and ignorance. His hold on our presidential

nominating conventions and on governments and peoples in precarious. Once we

wake up and acknowledge that it is un-Christian to soften and subvert our

own race, that in so doing we are betraying our children into slavery, once

we begin speaking up against the fraudulent Zionist missionary of

"brotherhood" and begin defending the future freedom of our own children, we

will suddenly shake off the spell of the voodoo priests. Once we begin

talking straight to our elected officials and giving them the necessary

moral support, they will outlaw the Zionists as well as the Communists, and

the black-magic revolution will vanish like a bad dream.

     Let us be warned by the insane outburst of Mr. Higger when he said (p.

19) the motto will be:

     "Righteous Unite! Better destruction of the world than a wicked world!"

     Better destruction of the whole world if the Zionists cannot make us

all conform to their requirements!

     The Israelis now are making atomic fission materials in their own

secret, guarded plant; and Jewish revolutionaries in America (famous Jewish

radicals) have great influence over, if not outright control of, "our own"

atomic weapons; and unless there has been a recent change, a Communist Jew

is head of the atomic projects in the USSR. bombs can be placed

strategically in our industrial cities and exploded at A-day by radar.

Atomic dusts are so poisonous that a small organization could poison the

nation's water supply (as Ana Pauker said the Communists would do when the

time came).

     There are radical Jews high and low in our bacteriological warfare

laboratories; they can spread strange diseases among us while covertly

vaccinating the "righteous" among their own people. There is strong

suspicion that they are already liquidating the foremost of our anti-Marxist

leaders by invisible death, possibly inducing cancer in a Senator's

bloodstream by atomic radiation planted in a chair cushion or upholstery.

     Unless the American people recapture their government and smash the

Zionist machine the insane elements in that machine may wipe out mankind.

     Every man, sooner or later, has go to answer to his children and his

country. How will you answer?


                              ABOUT THE AUTHOR

     Robert H. Williams, a native of West Texas, son of a Baptist minister,

is a lecturer, news analyst and authority on subversive movements. He is a

contributor to Encyclopedia Britannica's "Ten Eventful Years," author of

several booklets on Communism, Zionism and Americanism, and is publisher of

the monthly news letter Williams Intelligence Summary.

     In 1942 the author, as S-2, head of the Intelligence staff section, for

Basic (or Replacement) Training Center No. 4 of the (then) Army Air Forces

at Miami Beach, Fla., organized, trained and directed one of the largest

Counter Intelligence investigative staffs in the AAF. Later he became

executive officer for the Intelligence and Public Relations section,

Headquarters Miami Beach Schools (commanded by Brig. General Ralph H.

Wooten), with the title The Intelligence Officer. In this assignment he

trained and directed the combined and expanded Intelligence section over the

various Miami Beach Air installations.

     For more than a year thereafter (in 1943-1944) he was a Combat

Intelligence officer (with secondary Counter Intelligence duties) in the

Second Air Force, helping train bombardment crews. In August, 1944, he again

was assigned to Counter Intelligence (detection and prevention of sabotage,

subversion, etc.) as his primary duty, becoming the Counter Intelligence

Officer for the 314th Bombardment Wing (of B-29s), and remained in that

assignment to the end of his active duty, August, 1945, serving with the

bomber wing on Guam, under command of Brig. General (now General) Thomas S.


     After the war, he was transferred to Military Intelligence Reserve,

from which he was honorably discharged in December, 1950. As an Intelligence

officer his efficiency rating was never lower than Excellent; for 12

consecutive months it was Superior. On departure from Guam for the United

States he was commended by General Power "for your performance of duty as a

member of the Wing Intelligence Section, particularly as Wing Counter

Intelligence Officer. You have demonstrated ability and a devotion to duty

which have served as a model to other members of the command."

                          COMMUNISTS ATTACK AUTHOR

     Unable to deny the author's carefully documented charges of subversive

activities, the Communists and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

circulated stories that "Williams is not and never was a member of Military

Intelligence or Military Intelligence Reserve" -- though for two or three

years after these fables began to appear in ADL and Communist publications

Williams was a Major in Military Intelligence Reserve. When he became over-

age in grade and applied for a one-year extension in the Active Reserve, the

Anti-Defamation League put intense pressure on G-2 at Washington to drop

him, but after a four-month investigation of Major Williams and his

publications, his file was marked "NO ADVERSE INFORMATION" and G-2 granted

his requested extension, in the coveted classification of Counter

Intelligence Specialist.

     When President Truman designated Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg as Assistant

Secretary of Defense in charge of personnel (giving her almost absolute

power to fill key positions with revolutionaries), Williams published a

factual, documented expose of Mrs. Rosenberg's Red record. On the day (Dec.

1, 1950) the Senate confirmed Mrs. Rosenberg's appointment, Williams was


     Later a high raking officer of the Adjutant General's Department told

Williams that the Jewish revolutionary, the late David K. Niles, one of

Truman's aides, had ordered the discharge via Mrs. Rosenberg. Presumably it

was her first official act. The discharge was honorable; no charges ever

were filed against Williams; it was issued under Para. 6a (11) SR 140-175-1,

a paragraph under such an officer can be discharged (honorably) without so

much as notifying him. The only answer Congressman John Phillips ever was

able to get from the George C. Marshall - Anna Rosenberg Depart of Defense

as to why the author was discharged was that wide publicity given to

certain statements contained in his booklet Know Your Enemy and his

newsletter impaired the author's future usefulness in Intelligence.

Obviously, this referred to the fact that the author had dared to expose the

Zionist revolutionary machine, including certain Jewish generals and

officials who were pro-Communist or of doubtful loyalty.

     Williams' home town daily paper, the Santa Ana Register, classified

this as one more of the political discharges for which the Truman

administration had become notorious.

     Williams' publications continued to grow in influence and circulation

despite propaganda attacks and the pro-Communists made a still more

extravagant effort to discredit the author. While the weak Congressman

Harold Velde was chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities

the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Committee

planted on the committee, as its chief legal council, their friend, a

radical left winger, Robert Kunzig, and through him these two subversive

organizations, which attack all anti-Communists, arranged and held a secret

meeting with Velde in which Velde agreed to use their "finger men" and their

so-called files.

     Late in December, 1954, after Republicans lost the election and Velde

was through as chairman and to be succeeded by the fighting American

Congressman Francis Walter, and Kunzig knew he was to be fired immediately,

he got up a pamphlet which he called Report on Neo-Fascists and Hate Groups

(using the very terminology of the Communist and Zionist smear agents in his

title) attacking more than a score of anti-Communists but not a single

Communist individual or organization.

     In this so-called report, Kunzig repeated the fables of the Communists

and Zionists about Williams:

     "Williams advertises himself as a member of Army Intelligence during

World War II. The deception is evident from the fact that Williams'

Intelligence duty comprised less than a year as an administrative officer

for the Intelligence section of a bomber wing. In this position, he would

have received no Intelligence information dealing with the Communist

conspiracy. His assignment to Military Intelligence was merely in the

Reserves, from which commission he was relieved by official action of the

Army, effective December 21, 1950."

     When the new chairman of the House Un-american Activities Committee,

Francis Walter, read about this so-called report in the papers he angrily

and publicly denounced it, said he had never heard of it before and that the

Committee had no knowledge of it, and added: "This sort of thing is going to


     He got rid of Kunzig and in June, 1955, a four-man sub-committee of the

Un-American Activities Committee, holding hearings in Los Angeles, convened

a special executive session to hear Williams and correct the falsifications

of his record of service in Army Intelligence.

     With the appearance of Williams' latest booklet, The Ultimate World

Order, revealing (probably for the first time in history) the actual

Zionist plans for domination, the author expects renewed attacks by the

alien cults to keep the people from heeding his waring.

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