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This is the whole story of the Adamic race in a nutshell!  Never has

7,500 + years of History been so accurately described! I hope you

read it, learn from it & enjoy it! This is my personal favorite!

                                                    Pastor Bob Jones

                THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                           by William P. Gale

                          ABOUT THE AUTHOR

           The author is a retired officer of the U.S. Army. He was born

in Minnesota and was raised in the military

service as an “Army Brat”. Upon graduation from High School, he

enlisted in the Regular Army at the age of 16 and remained in the

military service until his retirement for physical disabilities incurred

during World War 2. He was the youngest Lt. Col. of Infantry in the

Army Ground Forces at the age of 27 and retired at his present rank

in 1950 at the age of 33. He is the Pastor and founder of the Ministry

of Christ Church, with over 15 years of Bible teaching

background. The author served on the War Department General

Staff in Washington, D.C. and on the staff of General Douglas

Macarthur. He was selected, along with several other officers, to

organize and direct the historic Guerilla forces in the Philippine

Islands during World War 2.

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                         THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS




          Chapter I The Battles of Space

          Chapter II A Celestial Family on Earth

          Chapter III The Great Pyramids

          Chapter IV Exodus

          Chapter V The Nations

          Chapter VI The Union

          Chapter VII The Daylight Hours

          Chapter VIII The Hours of Darkness

          Chapter IX   The Midnight Hour

                       THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS


           This is not merely a “book”, it is a story with a Biblical

background which can shake the world. The simple story told in

“The Faith of Our Fathers” is one that should be read by every

family in America and in Western Europe. Clergymen, Attorneys at

Law, Public Officials as well as young students, will obtain a better

understanding of their government and the Constitution of the

United States of America. In these days of tribulation, with enemies

of God all about, one is reminded of the words of Napoleon

Bonaparte when he said, “Ninety five percent of winning a war is to

know your enemy”. The story of this book advances Napoleon’s

advice by saying, “How can you know your enemy unless you

know who YOU are?” A clergyman once said, “love your enemies”.

In a discussion with other clergymen that followed, he was asked

where he derived his philosophy and he replied, “The Bible, of

course”. The clergyman asking him questions then said, “I will

agree with the Bible, now please tell me where the Bible says to

love God’s enemies?” With this question, the first clergyman was

stumped. He had no answer! In another instance, a clergyman was

broadcasting a radio sermon. He was preaching that Christians

should love everything (even Satan). Upon reaching the “race”

question he said, “All of the different races of people on earth are

the same”. Later that day another clergyman telephoned the radio

preacher and expressed interest in the sermon. He had a question.

He asked about the statement that “all of the different races are the

same”. His question was “If the races are the ‘same’, then why did

you say that they are ‘different’?” With this, the clergyman who

gave the sermon promptly placed his telephone receiver on the

hook. He had no answer! Those who read “The Faith of Our

Fathers” will no doubt be stimulated to further research and study.

It is hoped and we pray that their findings will assist in the

accomplishments that God’s Word has prophesied. They will have

“ANSWERS”! Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you


                       THE FAITH Of OUR FATHERS

                                  By William P. Gale


           This is a story about a race of people who exist on the planet

Earth. The EWA two persons of this race, man and woman, were

placed on Earth by the Creator of the Universe approximately

seven thousand four hundred years ago. They were placed in a

garden or protected area named Eden. One might ask at this point,

“Protected from what?”. The answer is simple but will be left for

discovery from a reading of the story. At the time the two children

of the Creator were placed on Earth, there were many other

peoples on the planet. These other people were known as “Enosh”,

which means “created” beings. They had been on the planet Earth

for hundreds of thousands of years and possibly millions of years

before the two children of the Creator were placed in Eden. The

“Enosh” or created beings had their origin on other planets of the

Universe where they had been created. Our story will ten of their

arrival on Earth and their trials and tribulations during the great

catastrophes of the Earth where powerful earthquakes destroyed

large areas; where lands gave way and were covered by waters of

the oceans; where entire civilizations were destroyed by

catastrophes beyond the imagination or comprehension of we who

are on Earth in these latter days. Our story will be brief in

comparison with the eons or ages of our Universe. Brief even in

comparison with the age of our planet Earth. We will trace the

history of a family. A family that belongs to the Creator of the

Universe. We will know His Name, the true Name of the Creator as

well as who His children are on the planet Earth. We will look into

the past, both of the Earth and the Universe. We will know where

we came from, where we have been and where we are going. As

Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you


                        THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                                         Chapter 1

                                 The Battles of Space

          During recent years we have been reading newspaper

reports about men being rocketed into space,

about men getting to the moon and about space ships that will

travel to other planets of the universe. If we had read about space

ships in our Bible twenty years ago or even ten years ago, we most

probably would have had a difficult thing to believe. Why? Simply

because we hadn’t seen or known about rocket engines or guided

space vehicles as we see and know about them today. We hadn’t

read about them in our daily newspapers but in comic strips or

so‑called Buck Rogers magazines. Truthfully, had we only

read about them in comic strips or Buck Rogers type magazines?

Let us look at the Scriptures. The Prophet Ezekiel tells us about

space ships. He tells of the wheels with the appearance as the

color of a beryl stone. He describes them as if a wheel had been in

the midst of a wheel. When they went, they went upon their four

sides. They turned not as they went and they were full of eyes

(lighted windows) all about. This is similar to the description of

recently sighted unidentified flying objects (UFO’s), which

observers have described as space ships. The Apostle John in his

Book of Revelation describes a space battle. He tells of how he was

taken unto the spirit and what he was shown; that he was told to

return and write the things, which he had seen. The things, which

are, and the things, which shall be hereafter. In the symbolism of

our Scriptures John describes the past catastrophes on the planet

Earth, the great meteor or star named “Wormwood” striking Earth

and a third part of the Universe being placed under darkness. He

tens of Satan’s fall to the Earth along with the two hundred

thousand thousand (two

hundred million) “Enosh” or created beings who were in Satan’s

army and who fell to the planet Earth with him. Before the time of

John, we turn to the writings and prophecy of Enoch, the sixth

Patriarch from Adam and Eve. Enoch tells about the great and

mighty space battle where the Arch‑angel Michael was called upon

by the Creator of the Universe to bring His armies against Lucifer

the Arch‑angel who had rebelled against the Creator and King of

the Universe. Satan, by the name Lucifer, had once been a light

bearer for the King of the Universe. He knew many mysteries of the

Universe and had knowledge of many secrets of the Kingdom. He

decided that he was greater than the King and attempted a

revolution in order that he might take over as King of the Universe.

He gathered many angels from various planets of the Universe to

do battle in space against the Host commanded by the righteous

Archangel Michael. These angels who succumbed to Satan’s lies

and who joined his forces were known as “Enosh” who had been

created on other planets of the Universe. They were good in the

place where they had been created because everything the Creator

made was good in the place where he created it. But in their

weakness they joined Lucifer’s army of rebellion and lost their first

estate. Scripture describes them as the angels

who had lost their first estate, or the fallen angel race “Enosh”. It

was these created beings who were defeated with Lucifer in the

space battles against Michael. Lucifer, along with these created

beings, fell from space to the planet Earth. This space battle is the

same one that John writes about in Revelation. These created

beings or angels who had lost their first estate by following Lucifer

in his rebellion, were now out of their proper place in the Universe.

They had been cast down to a strange planet. By their stupidity and

ignorance they had helped Lucifer upset the good order of the

Universe and the Kingdom of the Most High Creator. They had

violated the Divine laws of nature and nature’s King. Their

punishment was to be cast out of the Kingdom along with the evil

one who led them. They were, and still are, under the power of

Satan and they worship him as their king. John in Revelation,

Chapter 9, Verse 11 says: “And they had a king over them, which is

the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue

is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Appollyon”. We

can now turn to the written history of the Asiatic peoples which

includes the history of the Sumerian

dynasties. These historical writings record events of Asiatic

peoples on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, long before

Adam and Eve had been placed in Eden. The ancient Asiatic

writings tell of an Almighty One who is above the God they

worship. They also describe a later space battle where their king

was again defeated and again fell to Earth. Descriptions of this later

space battle include writings which tell of Lucifer gathering more

created beings from another planet. The later space battle was

witnessed by the Asiatic Sumerian peoples from their location on

Earth and they tell of Lucifer bringing the black kinky‑haired ones to

Earth with him. These written histories also include the names of

Lucifer’s captains in his armies who were defeated in the battles of

space. One was named Voodah and another Beezelebub. These

captains were given areas of Earth to rule over and control. It was

in these areas where the Captains demanded worship of Satan

from the created beings whom they had brought to

Earth with them. Voodah controlled the land area we know today as

Africa and his name is the source of idol worshipping Voodooism.

Beezelebub was given the land area we know today as Asia and we

find that the name Buddha stems from this source. There was

Lucifer’s mistress named Khali. She ruled in the area we know

today as India and the priests of India’s idol worshippers today are

known as Khali priests. These people are spoken of by the prophet

Ezekiel in Chapter 31 of the Book of Ezekiel.

We have now covered thousands and thousands of years through

many ages of history on Earth. We see that there were created

beings (Enosh) on the planet Earth before Adam and Eve. The

Enosh (this name later being erroneously translated to the word

‘man’) were subjected to the great catastrophes of the Earth.

Scientific discoveries of archeologists offer proof along this line.

The Enosh were here on Earth at the time when the Creator said to

His Arch‑angel Michael, “Let us put my family on the Earth. I will

plant my seed on Earth to take control from Lucifer”. In reply to

Michael’s question, “Who shalt Thou send?” the Almighty said, “I

will send my son Adam (which means ‘man’) and I will send my

daughter Eve in order that they might have children of the flesh and

thereby perpetuate my family on Earth”. Michael replied, “But they

will be alone on the planet Earth where Satan resides with his

angels who have lost their first estate. Satan will do all possible to

destroy our family there and to bring them under his evil power”.

The Almighty answered saying, “Yes, they will fall under Satan’s

power. I have given them the choice of good or evil to test them. I

have planned it from the beginning. I will place them in a garden at

Eden where Eve will be seduced by the serpent Satan and shall

have a son my him. This evil son will I name Cain. I will also give

them a good son from Adam’s seed whom I will name Abel. They

will be free to do as they choose and they will fall because of their

belief in Satan’s lies and his deceit. For their weakness and failure

to obey my warnings about Satan I will take away their protective

light and they

shall be naked, yet I will save them and their children in due time.

Cain will murder Abel the true son of Adam which will be their first

earthly warning, yet will I give them other children who will carry

on and who will do My works.” So Adam and Eve, the children of

the Creator of the Universe, were taken from the spirit and were

made children of the flesh. As children of the flesh they were in the

image of their Father the King of the Universe, in His likeness with

a reddish complexion. Today we call this race the Adamic race. It

seems mysterious to many that there is no history, no

archeological evidence nor any evidence of any kind which can

show the existence of this race of people on Earth earlier than the

seven thousand four hundred years which are now confirmed by


Many are unaware that Adam and Eve had a spoken language when

they were placed on the planet Earth. They conversed and they

wrote in that language. One of their later sons wrote it so prolifically

that it was named after him. His name is Heber and the language

was called Hebrew. A thorough investigation will reveal that

another name was used to identify the language, that being

Aramaic. It will be noted that the early Greek and Latin languages

stem from the Aramaic or Hebrew, from whence we have the

languages of the present day Christian nations including English,

German, Spanish, Italian, French,

Scandinavia, Slavic and others.

                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                                Chapter 2

                     A Celestial Family on Earth

           An Ancient word has been used since the days of Adam and

Eve to denote the evil powers of Satan on the planet Earth. This

word is “sin”. In order to understand the meaning of this word we

must realize that Satan is evil, the opposite from good. Satan’s

powers are also evil and they are used to oppose and destroy all

that is righteous and good. We should remember that Satan was on

Earth before the Almighty placed His children Adam and Eve on

Earth. Satan’s evil power known as “sin” was also prevalent on

Earth and still remains to this day. It is then understandable that

Adam and Eve were placed on a planet which was under “sin” the

evil influence of Satan. Also, their flesh children born on Earth

being born under the conditions of Satan’s evil influence “sin”. Our

Scriptures confirm this by telling us that we are born under “sin”.

This does not mean that our entry into the flesh body is an evil or

sinful event, it simply means that children of the Spirit who are

born into the flesh body in the family of Adam are born under these

same conditions which existed when their earth parents Adam and

Eve were placed in Eden. It is more warning than anything else.

The Creator of the Universe is the Alpha and the Omega. The

beginning and the end. He knows all from the beginning to the end

because He is King of the Universe. Nothing happens without His

knowing or without His planning and permitting it to happen. Thus it

was with the beginning of Adam and Eve. They were placed on

Earth for a reason. The Creator sent His Prophets to Earth with

Books and with instructions to write Books and Scrolls. The Books

so written will be understood by the children of Adam and Eve who

are on Earth in the flesh but are children of the Spirit of the Creator

of the Universe. Each of these children existed before the creation

of the Earth. They existed in the Spirit and are not the “Enosh” or

created beings. They are celestial beings. Brought to Earth by a

process of birth into the earthly family of the Heavenly Father.

When they are born into the flesh body on Earth, they have been

then “born again” because they existed before in spirit as Celestial

Beings. There is a great difference between the Celestial Beings

born into the flesh on Earth and the “Enosh” or created beings who

were brought to Earth by Satan when he was cast out of the

Kingdom with his hosts who had followed him and had thereby lost

their first estate. The difference between these people on Earth are

very apparent, yet the simple truth seems so impossible of

understanding by so many, even those of Adam’s family who are

on Earth today. After Adam and Eve had been in the garden at Eden

for some time, the Creator put them out on their own with a free

will to do of their own choosing. They were put under a test. They

were fearful of the Earth and fainted at the gate from which they

were to leave Eden. The Earth was a strange land to them, yet the

Creator told them that they must go. He told Adam not to worry

because He had set the time in days and years and He would save

Adam after five thousand and five hundred years. After this time,

one would come on Earth who would save Adam and the family,

which Adam and Eve were to have. In spite of this promise from

the Creator, Adam and Eve were very upset about their having

been turned out into the strange land and the darkness of Satan’s

power. Adam actually died of fright many times but each time he

did so, the Creator brought him back to life and spoke words of

encouragement to him. Both Adam and Eve remembered their

bright nature when they were in Eden and they asked why the light

had left them and why they were now in darkness. In reply the

Creator told them that He knew when lie put them in the garden,

that they would fall under the power of Satan and that they had

been warned about it and had done so under their own free will. He

explained to Adam that Satan had once been in bright light but had

deceived himself and had been cast down to Earth in darkness as

punishment for his deceit and for his failure to obey the King of the

Universe. Adam asked for permission to return to the garden just to

take a look at it because he missed it so, but the Creator said “No, I

have made you a promise and when the time I have set is past,

then I will bring you back into the light and I will bring all of your

righteous sons and daughters back into the garden with

you”. Adam and Eve constantly discussed their glorious times in

the garden and they wept over their remembrances. Adam would

beat his breast and throw himself upon the ground from bitter grief

because of the darkness he was in. In his grief he would again ask

the Creator why the Glory had departed from him and Eve. Adam

said, “While we were in the garden we saw no darkness; we didn’t

even know what darkness is. I was not hidden from Eve and she

was not hidden from me. We could see each other because we

were both in one bright light. Now that we have been put out of the

garden we cannot see each other in the darkness. Oh Heavenly

Father, how much longer will you plague us with this

darkness?” The Creator. Who was Adam’s Heavenly Father

answered Adam saying, “Oh Adam, even Lucifer and his hosts the

Enosh were in bright light so long as he was obedient to me. When

he disobeyed me I deprived him and his hosts of the light. I

deprived them of that bright nature and they became dark. When he

was in the heavens in the realm of light, he didn’t know of

darkness. But he disobeyed me and I made him fall from Heaven to

the planet Earth and I made this darkness upon him. You also Adam

had that bright fight when you were obedient to me. When I heard

that you had disobeyed me I deprived you also of that bright light.

But I did not wish to destroy you completely. In my mercy I made

you what you are. I drove you from the garden to dwell in the

darkness of Earth but it is not to last forever for you. When it is

over, Daylight will return. The darkness is not a punishment for you

as it is for Lucifer. It is simply that I have made in the day and I

have placed the sun in the day to give you light so you and your

children can do the work on Earth for which I have placed you there

to do. I knew that you would transgress and come out of Eden unto

the Earth because I made you of the light and I put you on Earth to

bring out children of light from thee. I knew that Satan, who had

deceived himself, would also deceive you and your children. So I

warned you about Satan and told you not to let him come near you

and not to let him deceive you. If I hadn’t warned you of this

beforehand, it could have been an offense on my part and you

could have then blamed me for your failure. But I commanded you

and I warned you, so now the blame is on you. Even so, I have

made a day for you Adam and for your

children who will come after you. I have made the night for them to

rest from their daytime work, but little darkness now remains Adam

and daylight will soon appear.” Adam again appealed to the

Creator. He wanted to be taken from the gloom of this Earth and

from its darkness. He begged and begged to be taken back into the

garden. Again the Creator was kind with Adam giving him more

advice and explanation. The Heavenly Father told him that He

would keep His promise that the darkness and gloom would pass

from Adam and that He would bring Adam and all of His righteous

earthborn children back into the garden where there is no

darkness. The Creator explained further to Adam that all of his

misery he had taken upon Himself therefore his pleadings would

not save him nor free him from the power of Satan on Earth. He

said that He would come to Earth in a flesh body of Adam’s family

and would take upon Himself the suffering and agony that Adam

was undergoing. He would, by His coming, set Adam and all of His

flesh children free from the power of Satan. That He

would use Adam’s children to bring the Earth out of its darkness

and to bring light to the Earth. After this    explanation from the

Heavenly Father, Adam was yet unhappy with his earthly situation.

He was very stubborn and somewhat like a child who does not

want to obey its parents. He attempted suicide by throwing himself

off a high mountain. Eve looked down and saw him lying in a pool

of blood so she also threw herself off the mountain to join Adam in

Death. In this manner they thought that they might escape from

Earth and return to the garden. The Creator saw all of this and

brought Adam and Eve back to their earthly life again. He told Adam

that he would just have to suffer it out on Earth. He explained that

so long as Adam would keep His commandments, His light and His

grace would protect Adam and keep him safe. But when Adam or

His children violated His commandments, then sorrow and misery

would befall them in the strange land of Earth and they would suffer

as a result. There were many instances of Satan using his evil

power to deceive Adam and Eve. Satan usually appeared in their

presence as an angel of the Creator or in some form which would

mislead them to believe that he was good rather than evil. Each

time that he led them astray in his effort to destroy them

the Creator saved them. These early experiences of Adam and Eve

were warnings and symbolic of events to come. Once, Satan stood

by while Adam, was praying and suddenly pierced Adam’s side

with a knife‑like sharp blade, killing him. The Creator brought Adam

back to life and told him that the same thing was going to happen to

Him when He would come to Earth at a day in the future. He said

that His side also would be pierced and that His blood would flow

from His side and that His earth body would then be a true offering

on the alter for the purpose of saving Adam’s family. As time

pawed, the Creator finally gave His approval for the earthly

wedding of Adam to Eve. He sent Angels to direct and perform the

wedding ceremony. It was not long after this that Satan continued

his efforts to destroy the family of Adam and Eve. Satan seduced

Eve and she had a son by him who was named Cain. Cain was evil

and not acceptable to the Creator. At the time Cain was born, Eve

also had a daughter who was named Luluwa. Then by Adam’s seed

came the righteous Abel along with his sister. Cain murdered Abel

when Cain was a little over seventeen years of age and Abel was

fifteen. Adam and Eve were in mourning for Abel and could not

control Cain. Cain took his sister Luluwa and joined Satan’s hosts

who had lost their first estate. The Creator controlled these events

and put Cain out of the household of Adam because Cain was of

Satan’s seed. Cain’s children were therefore unacceptable to the

Creator for the performance of His works on Earth. They were of

mixed seed and a pollution of the Holy and Celestial seed. After

seven years Adam and Eve had another righteous son. He was like

Abel, pure seed, and fair complexioned. His name was Seth. This

son was acceptable to the Creator and it is his family line which

was to multiply like the sands of the sea, yet be the least of all

people on earth and be the Creator’s people on Earth. Theme are a

Celestial people and are the Sons of the Most High God on Earth.

The generations of children from Adam and Eve began with Seth

who married Abel’s sister Aklia His eldest son was Enos but he also

had many other children. Enos married and his eldest son was

Cainan but he also had many other children. The family of Celestial

people was being perpetuated on Earth by a divine plan laid down

by the Creator of the Universe. It was growing in number in spite of

all that Satan could do to destroy it. The nine Patriarchs of this

family from Adam were Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared,

Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. Each of these were the

eldest of their Fathers and were high priests who instructed all of

their children in their generations. Seth was instructed by Adam in

the worship of their Heavenly Father the Creator of the Universe.

He was warned about the evil ways of Satan and had been told

about Cain and the murder of Abel. Seth and all of his generations

after him were told not to mix or associate with the children of Cain

because they were children of Satan’s wed. Adam revealed all of

the hidden mysteries to Seth that God had revealed to him. He told

Seth to paw the instructions on to his children and his children's

children. Adam gave instructions for his burial place and for the

preservation of his body during a flood that was to come. He

instructed that the eldest among his children at that time should

place his body on the ship that was to save a certain number of his

family from that particular place those who had remained pure in

their race line and who had not mixed with the children of Cain and

the hosts of the fallen angel line whom Satan had brought to Earth

with him ages before. Adam died on the same day of the week that

he had been brought from the spirit into the flesh and the hour was

the same hour of the day that he bad departed from the

garden. Seth was a great leader of a happy Celestial people on

Earth. He followed Adam’s instructions faithfully. He gathered his

children often and told them of the mysteries of the Kingdom. He

instructed them to make no friendships with Cain’s children and to

keep themselves separate from them. Seth died and left

his eldest son Enos as head of the tribe. In the meantime, Cain’s

children had multiplied greatly because they married often and had

no morals but many children. There were children of diverse

parents and the people of Cain were evil. They lived amongst

murder, robberies and A manner of evil. Enos continued the

instructions of the generations of Adam’s Celestial household. He

also instructed them to keep their children separate from Cain’s

children. After Enos died his eldest son Cainan was the

leader and the chief priest of his people. He also instructed them

never to allow one of their children in the area of Cain’s children or

to make any fellowship with them whatsoever. This commandment

continued and Jared became the leader and chief priest of Adam’s

family. Jared was very righteous and kept the commandment of his

father about keeping separate from the children of Cain. He

constantly instructed all of his people in this matter. One day Satan

came to Jared with some Enosh of his host who

deceitfully appeared as good men. Jared was suspicious because

their appearance was different from that of his fair complexioned

people and he did not recognize them as of his family. They were

obviously strangers. Jared didn’t realize that Satan was up to his

old tricks. The one way he could destroy the Creator’s celestial

family on Earth was to seduce the children of Adam and mongrelize

them with the

fallen angel line of people who had lost their first estate. Some

were already mongrelized with the children of Cain. They were

completely under Satan’s control. When Jared had been enticed

with lies to accompany Satan into the land of Cain’s children, he

was astonished at the manner in which they lived. Their ways were

evil and they were corrupt with no morals whatsoever. Jared’s

good judgment made him realize the error he had committed so he

prayed to the Creator for His forgiveness. As soon as he

commenced his prayer, Satan and his hosts departed from his

vicinity immediately. It seems that Satan and his hosts could not

remain where prayer to the Heavenly Father existed. Jared was

saved by his prayer and returned to his land and his people. Well

knowing that he had been fooled by Satan. After many years,

Jared’s children began to do things on their own account without

first seeking advice from their elders and without consulting Jared,

the Chief priest of the tribe. As time progressed, they strayed

farther and during this time, Cain’s children had multiplied at an

exceeding rate, and the Enosh had been instructed in all kinds of

musical instruments by Satan. Their clothes were colorful with

many beads and trinkets, which they wore on their person as well.

The rhythms of their music were of the kind, which stimulated their

emotional, and child‑like nature and they joined in jungle rhythm

and alcoholic drinks Satan had taught them to make. Satan was

overjoyed and very pleased with his power over these

people. He increased their sin amongst themselves to the point

where they even hated and murdered each other, not knowing right

from wrong. They took all manner of wives and many even turned

to the eating of flesh. They were so blinded by Satan’s power that

there was absolutely no inclination of right from wrong amongst

them. In fact, they were not even aware that it was Satan’s plan to

use them in his attempts to destroy Adam’s celestial family on

Earth. Satan directed them to induce Seth’s children to join them at

every opportunity. One day several of Jared’s children of Seth’s

family decided that they would go from their place and join the

Enosh in their wild dances and revelry which included strong

drinks. Jared was very upset when he learned of his children’s

plans and he warned them not to do this evil thing. He told them if

they did this it would be in violation of a divine law and they would

no longer be

called the children of God, but would then be called children of the

devil. There was no return or Grace from the Heavenly Father for

the violation of this commandment. Jared’s children who decided

to do this were a stubborn group. They paid no heed to their

father’s instructions and departed to join in the evil ways of the

Enosh. They were immediately seduced by the daughters of Cain

and were lost from the Celestial family of Adam for their

transgression and mixing of the Holy seed. The departure of

Adam’s children from their land to the place of Cain’s children

continued until all but a few had gone. These few were righteous

children who obeyed their father’s instructions and refused to mix

with Cain’s children. These few were Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech

and Noah along with some of their kin. Their experiences in the

future were to be in accordance with the plan of the Creator who

had foretold of the fall of Adam’s children to the power of Lucifer.

They were to be saved from the flood that was to be brought upon

that country where Adam’s children were mixing with Cain’s

children and polluting the seed of the Holy Family, the Celestial

Family of Adam. These few were to carry on the works of their

Heavenly Father on Earth. They had not violated His commandment

and had kept themselves pure in their generations. Enoch was to

do many great things with the children of the Celestial Family who

remained. Noah was also to be the last elder in his area. Along with

his few remaining righteous Children who followed the instructions

of their forefathers. He and his children were to be saved from the

flood that would come over that particular area and the Almighty

was to use Noah’s family to renew the Celestial Family of Adam’s

seed, which He had planted on Earth. A Celestial family was

ordained to grow like the sands of the sea, yet it would be the least

in number of all people on the Earth. Today, these people fulfill all

of the prophecies and the Word of the Most High, the Creator of the

Universe. They are the people to whom the Book was given and it

is for them to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, but it is not for

the children of Cain to know. It is apparent that the other races of

peoples on Earth today, in this twentieth century, do outnumber

them by a ratio of six to one. Yes, they have multiplied like the

sands of the sea, yet they are the least in number of all the people

on Earth. They have become the “Nations” that the Heavenly

Father promised they would be. They are here on Earth during

these latter days, some yet under the power of Satan and doing his

work because of their lack of knowledge as to who they are. They

do not recall that the Most High placed a blindness over them which

He promised to remove in the latter days so they would know who

they are, and know that they are the living sons and daughters of

the living God. Yes, they are continuing in their violations of their

Heavenly Father’s commandments and they are permitting Cain’s

children to live in their lands with them. Cain’s children are a

burden to them and a thorn in their side just as they were told they

would be if they were permitted to live with Adam’s family. No

matter what we do or say here, the plans of the Almighty Father will

not be changed. Not by Lucifer or the children of Cain who are in

power on Earth today in many lands. The fact remains that the

Celestial family is here on Earth and they will do the works of their

Father even though they do not know who they are. For a better

work it only remains for them to know their purpose on Earth and to

know who they are. This has already been revealed to them but

they joined the mob in their rejection of the Word. They are

certainly what the Heavenly Father foretold a stiff‑necked, stubborn

people. Will they ever learn??

                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                               Chapter III

                          The Great Pyramids

          Enoch, Methuselah and Noah were known to the Enosh as

great patriarchs in the land area we now know as the Middle East

and Asia along with Egypt. Noah was known to the Asiatic people

as “Ho Fi”, a great white God. He was recognized by them as a

Celestial being. Many of the Patriarch’s family went to Egypt with

their children and were known as the Hyksos Shepherd Kings in

that area. It was Enoch who had been taken into the Spirit by the

Creator of the Universe and had been given the secrets and the

books to write for his people on Earth. Enoch knew the mysteries

of the Universe and the number of the stars in the heavens, which

were visible from Earth. He and his children along with Methuselah,

Noah and their children went to Egypt where they were to use the

divine knowledge that had been given to their race. These men,

sons of Adam in the flesh, who had never violated the divine law

and had not mixed with the children of Cain, were to build a great

temple to their Heavenly Father. They were in possession of

knowledge, which their family does not have today because it has

been lost to them. These ancients had the mathematical knowledge

of the square of the circle, which is not known to scientists, or

mathematicians of this twentieth century. They had the knowledge

and use of atomic power, which has recently been rediscovered by

their descendents on Earth in these latter days. In fact, they had

space ships available and in use, along with the power of the

Creator of the Universe who had given them these things for their

own use to fulfill His plans and to do His work on Earth. One of their

primary tasks before the time of the flood, which was to save Noah

and his family in the land of Cain, was to build a great

temple of stone. This temple was to contain the symbolic and

detailed information given to Enoch and which he also wrote in his

books, which were left for the Heavenly Father’s children on Earth.

The temple was to be built at the exact center of the Earth as it

related to the stars in the heavens of which Enoch knew. The

Temple of stone was to have a “Head of a Corner” (a pyramid) and

it would contain

evidence of the complete history and chronology of the race of

people planted on Earth by the Creator. It was also to contain the

word of the Creator, which was to be revealed to His people in the

latter days. But the prophecy indicated that the builders were to

reject the “Head of the Corner” and they did. This great temple to

the Most High, Creator of the Universe, was not only to contain the

symbolism of the books that Enoch brought, but it would one day

appear in another manner in a new land which was to be given to

His people. This land would be a New Jerusalem with a great sea

on the East and a great sea on

the West. It would be divided by great rivers and mountains and

would contain the brass and good things in the land. It would be a

land of milk and honey where the box trees and the fir trees would

grow. It would be a nation of His people. It would be the only nation.

With the Most High as its King, lending to all and borrowing from

none. The great Seal of that nation would contain the symbolism

and heraldry of the temple that was built by the children of Enoch

and it would appear on that nation’s money along with another

symbol, the great spread wings of the Eagle. (Rev.) Knowledge of

these things was available beforehand to the Hyksos Shepherd

Kings who were the descendents of Adam and Eve. It was with this

knowledge that they built the great temple known as the Pyramid of

Gizeh. Great stones were placed in exact alignment with the stars

of the heavens. The stones cut to an exactness so perfect that

even a razor blade could not show a measure of error. They were

placed one upon the other with this same exactness. All of these

things were accomplished by the children of Enoch, yet there is not

one bit of archeological evidence of any modern day or other type

construction equipment used by these Shepherd Kings in the

building of their temple. Why? Because the construction equipment

used by them is not known to so‑called modern society. It was

accomplished with atom powered space vehicles which are

invisible today but which exist in the Kingdom of the Creator to this

day, and forever. One day in the future He will put them to use

again for His people here on Earth. There were other areas where

these same atomic powered space vehicles were used by Enoch’s

children. They were used in the Isles where today many historians

and scientists are puzzled about certain very large stones and how

they were placed in their present positions. But let us return to

Enoch in Egypt. It was there where he had his children build a great

city, the city of On, which later had its name changed to Heliopolis

by the Greek Scholars who descended from Noah’s family through

Shem. At the city of On (Heliop_olis), Enoch and his people had

established great libraries and a University for the learning of their

children. The High Priest of On was always of Enoch’s race of

people, all of whom were an earthly priesthood known in that day

as the Melchizidek priesthood, which was to have a substitute for

many years and then return to Earth again in the latter days. Enoch

established the various grades of

the University at On, the highest grade being called the Order of

Masonos. This highest Order had certain symbols to identify its

members. These symbols were the Square and the Compass

because Enoch’s races of people were known in that day as the

“builder race”. It was from this highest Order of priests that Enoch

selected four groups, each with a leader, to watch in the heavens

for the sign that would be given to indicate the time and place of

the Creator’s arrival on Earth as He had foretold. Enoch knew the

mysteries of the Heavens and the sign that was to be given. He had

been told that the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn would come into

alignment in the heavens, but this must happen four times, once in

each quarter of the year. When this occurred once in each quarter

of the year that would be the year of His coming. The conjunction

would create a great single light similar to a star in the heavens and

the tail of that star would sit directly over the place on Earth where

the Creator of the Universe would be born in the flesh. Enoch’s four

groups of priests from the Order of Masonos were stationed at four

different mountainous locations east of Jerusalem and they

continued their watchfulness for many years. They had been given

the sign to watch for and the circumstances under which the sign

would occur. Although we have not mentioned it in our story thus

far, there were ancient names used by Adam and Eve and their

children. These names in their language which later became known

as the Hebrew language, named after Heber one of their children

used to identify the children of Adam’s family and the Creator of

the Universe. The ancient word “El” and the word “Elohim” were

used to denote the Creator of the Universe or the King of the

Universe. The word “Ra” means “Ruler” and the word “Ish” means

“Prince” or “Son”. The son of a King is known as a prince. Enoch

used the three words together as Ish‑ra‑el, meaning princes ruling

with their Father the King, or in other words, sons of the King or

Sons of God. The actual name of the Heavenly Father in their

language was spelled “YHWH” because they had no vowels in the

language. This name is pronounced. “Yahweh”. The Greek scholars

later translated the Scriptures into their Greek language which was

a derivation from the ancient Hebrew. They translated this name

“YHWH” or “Yahweh” to the Greek name “Yahshua” and

“Ya‑zeus”. Years later when the Greek translations were further

translated to the then known English language, the same name was

translated from the Greek “Yahshua” or “Ya‑zeus” to the English

name “Jesus”. It was Yahweh, the Creator of the Universe, who

said that He would take on a flesh body, the same flesh body He

had given to Adam and Eve. That He would come to the Earth for

the. purpose of performing a ritual and a sacrifice by shedding of

flesh blood in the same manner as Adam had done in his early days

on Earth. This would be accomplished for the purpose of

redeeming Adam and all of His earthly children from Sin, which was

the earthly evil power of Satan. It would set His children completely

free from Satan as He had promised Adam in the early days. He

would therefore be known as the “Saviour” of His Celestial Family

that He had placed on Earth where Satan and his hosts had held

sway for hundreds and even thousands of thousands of years. The

children of the Creator’s Celestial family were told to occupy the

Earth and rule over it in righteousness until the time that He would

bring His kingdom to the Earth. They were continuously warned

against mixing with the children of Satan and they were taught to

pray “Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy

Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Enoch

returned to the Celestial Spirit from his flesh body life on Earth but

many of his children continued their work in various places. Some

were in the Isles, some were in Europe, some were in America and

some were in Egypt. In the meantime, Noah and His family were

doing their work in another area. They had remained in the area of

Eden and the high Holy Mountain where Adam’s children had been

raised before they went down to mix with the children of Cain. It

was in this country where Noah resided that the Creator brought on

a flood, which had been promised in the days of Adam. Noah and

his immediate family had been selected to bring about a renewing

of the Creator’s family on Earth. The story of Noah needs no

repeating here but the truth should be emphasized that all of his

family were of the one race the Adamic race which is the Celestial

Family descended from Adam. Ham, Shem and Japheth were all of

fair complexion. Ham and Japheth were later to be lost as were

Jared’s children, in violation of the  Creator’s commandment not to

go out and mix with the children of Cain. Shem was elected to obey

the commandment and maintain the Holy seed line, pure, without

mixing with Cain’s children or the Enosh of creation. Thus did

Shem become a great Patriarch known to the children of Enoch

who had remained in other areas such as Egypt and the Isles. From

Shem descended a righteous son named Abram. When Abram was

blessed with the assignment of maintaining the pure seed line of

the Creator’s Celestial Family, his name was changed to

Ab‑RA‑ham His righteousness included tithing to Shem and the

Melchizidek priesthood, which Shem then led. Abraham was told

that he would be the father of many nations, that he and his seed

after him would carry the blessings of Yahweh, the Most High God

of his fathers and that his seed would become many nations. This

family of Celestial beings was to carry out the Creator’s plans to

provide the family line through which He would come to Earth as

for‑ordained and as promised to Adam. Abraham was to raise sons

and daughters who would carry on to do the things that Yahweh the

Creator had planned and promised. His son Isaac had many

children. It was to be through Isaac’s children that the promises

were to be confirmed. Isaac’s son Jacob was then blessed to carry

on the project, therefore he was given the ancient name used by

Enoch and Adam, the name again being employed in the family line

as “Israel” or “Prince”, ruling with the King”. Isaac’s other son Esau

was not blessed to carry on the pure Adamic family of Yahweh

because he violated the commandment and took Canaanite wives.

This mixed the

Adamic seed with Satan’s seed and therefore many of Satan’s

children today appear on the surface to be of the Adamic race,

while others have the appearance of the pre‑Adamic peoples with

whom they mixed. They, along with the Shelahites were later to be

known as Edomites. Jacob, now known by the ancient name Israel,

was to have twelve sons to carry on and multiply into many nations

of Celestial people. As these sons grew, they roamed the country

in their daily lives. Judah was somewhat more of a roamer than the

others. He left his father’s land on one occasion and went to the

area occupied by the children of Cain. While there, he violated the

commandment of Yahweh and

took a mongrelized woman of Cain’s family line. (See Chapter 38,

Book of Genesis, vs. 1‑11). This woman’s name was Shua. She had

three illegitimate sons by Judah, the first being named Er, the

second Onan and the third Shelah. After some time, Judah returned

to *his* father’s land but not to stay. He remained for a short time

and departed once more for the area occupied by the children of

Cain. On this second trip he took a young woman of Israelite stock

with him. His intention was to give her as a wife to his eldest

mongrel son Er. She was a beautiful young woman, fair

complexioned, blue‑eyed, and with

auburn colored hair. Her name was Tamar. Upon their arrival, Judah

wasted no time in arranging the marriage. He failed to realize that

the Almighty Father was in control of his every move and was

using him for a specific purpose. As this marriage of a daughter of

His Celestial Family to a mongrelized son from the family of Cain

was a violation of the Creator’s commandment, the Creator caused

Er to die, leaving Tamar childless, a widow. Judah then gave her to

his second son by Shua but again the Creator took a hand in the

matter and destroyed Onan, leaving Tamar a childless widow for

the second time. Judah did not recognize nor realize the divine

intervention that was taking place in this matter to prevent the

mixing of the Holy seed in this instance. Tamar knew what she

must do because she was under the divine control of the Heavenly

Father. She played the harlot. Hiding her face from Judah so he did

not recognize her, she seduced Judah, bringing him back into his

Celestial Family line and gave birth to twin boys. These twins were

named Pharez and Zarah. They were beautiful boys of pure stock.

Judah and Tamar

then returned to Abraham’s land, taking the twins Pharez and Zarah

with them. These twins were later taken to Egypt with the children

of Israel (Jacob) and their genealogy is recorded amongst the tribes

of Israel. Yahweh intended to use their family line for His birth into

a flesh body on Earth and did so. We learn from Luke that this

family line of Judah by Pharez, one of the twins by Tamar, is the

family by which Yahweh was born. The other twin Zarah has a

genealogy, which traces to the Dardic Kings of Scotland

and Ireland. This, by the way is the present‑day family of people

known as “Anglo‑Saxon”. The name “Saxon” derives from the

name “Isaac”. The tribe of Isaac was later known as “Isaac’s sons”.

The “I” was dropped and the name pronounced Sach’s sons, later

spelled Saxons. History now confirms their name as well as their

eventual location as a people in Western Europe. Another important

part of the story of Judah should be told at this point. It concerns

the third son of Judah by Shua the woman who was of Cain’s

family. The name of this son is Shelah. Shelah was of Mongrelized

seed, some white from Judah and the balance of Negro and Asiatic

mixture from his mother Shua (Canaanite‑Adullamite.) Shelah’s

family was called “Shelahites” by his name. At a later time after

Israel’s Celestial Family had come out of Egypt on their divine

Mission, the Shelahites were then known by another name

Edomites. We will leave them for the moment and return to them

later in our history. At that time we will see that they are known by

another name.

                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                               Chapter IV


           In Egypt, the family of Jacob became known as Hebrews

because that was the name of their language.

They were also known as Israelites because Jacob’s name had

been changed to Israel with the family becoming known as the

children of Israel. There has been a great deal of misinformation

written and told about these people. But the truth has also been

told. One day it will be understood by their descendents. The

people known as Israel in Egypt were the pure seed descendents

of Adam and Eve. Their genealogy is confirmed by Scripture and by

history. They were of that Celestial family placed on Earth to do the

works of Yahweh, the Creator of the Universe and their Heavenly

Father. He placed them in Egypt where their ancestors had been

before them and where Adam was buried. He was buried in the

great temple, built by their ancestors who had been there with

Enoch. A common error, which has been placed in writings by the

children of Satan, had misled many descendents of Israel. This

error is due to the mis‑use and mistranslation of words. For

instance, the word “Jew” is used in the translated versions of our

Bible as well as other writings. The word “Jew” did not exist at the

time Israel’s family was in Egypt. In the chronology of our Holy

Scriptures it was not used or known until many hundreds of years

after the Israelites or Hebrews (not Jews) had come out of Egypt. At

the time it was used by the Israelites, it referred to a certain people

who lived in Southern Judea. These people were called “Yehudi”, a

Hebrew word when translated to the English language means

“Jew”. To understand the true source of this word one must search

the Scriptures as well as the history of those people who were

known at that time by the name “Yehudi”. Let us now continue with

our story of the Israelites and we will return to the Yehudi as our

story moves on. We needn’t repeat the entire story of Moses here,

but he was chosen by Yahweh to be the leader or Patriarch of the

Creator’s people. Moses had been taken out of Egypt for his

training. He married into the family of his ancestor Enoch, his wife

being a tall blue‑eyed daughter of one of the Hyksos Shepherd

Kings. These were members of the same race of people as was

Moses and the same family who had remained from the days prior

to Isaac and Jacob. The families of Israel had multiplied in Egypt

and were brought out by Moses as one nation. Upon their exodus,

Moses set out the thirteen tribes or families whose genealogy had

been maintained by their customs from ancient days past. There

were now thirteen tribes because Joseph had given his birthright to

his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh, splitting the twelfth tribe into

two parts. This added one tribe to the original twelve making a total

of thirteen tribes. Ephraim and Manasseh are the House of Joseph,

both being tribes of the Whole House of Israel. While in Egypt,

Joseph had married a tall, blue‑eyed daughter of the High Priest of

the City of On (Heliopolis). These people of On were of the same

race as Joseph and were the descendents of Enoch and the Hyksos

Shepherd Kings from the days prior to Isaac and Jacob. There has

been a misconception on the part of many authors and translators

who have described the wives of Moses and

Joseph as “Egyptian women”. These women were not the

so‑called Egyptian of mongrel seed as were the native inhabitants

at that time. They were daughters of the former Hyksos Shepherd

Kings who were also called Aryans. Ancient writings describe both

the wife of Moses and the wife of Joseph as tall, blue‑eyed and fair

complexioned women. As Moses took the family of Israel out of

Egypt, he set three tribes on the North, three on the South, three on

the West and three on the East. The tribe of Levi ordained as the

new priesthood was placed in the center. Each of the twelve tribes,

other than the tribe of Levi, had a standard which identified it and

which derived from the ancient days of their forefathers. The

standards of the twelve tribes are the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Hundreds of years after the Exodus of Israel from Egypt, these

twelve standards of the Whole House of Israel were to be seen

constantly behind the large banquet tables of the Viking Kings in

Northern Europe. The Great Seal of the United States of America is

the Seal of Manasseh, one of the tribes of Israel, of the House of

Joseph. This Great Seal contains the heraldry of the House of

Israel. Upon their exodus from Egypt the people again repeated the

very infractions and violations of divine law, as had their ancestors

under Jared when he was the Patriarch of the Creator’s Celestial

Family on Earth. They immediately began worshipping idols and

the golden calf along with material things in the manner of Satan

and his children who were the arch‑enemy of their Heavenly

Father. Satan and his children were also the arch‑enemy of Adam

and all of his earthly children, but those who came out of Egypt

were just as blind to the ways of Satan as many of their ancestors

had been before them. Yet, they were under

Grace from their Heavenly Father and would receive His

forgiveness for anything they might do in error except for that

which He had commanded them not to do, that of mixing the Holy

seed or mongrelizing with the children of Cain and the Enosh who

had been created on Earth ages before. The violation of this

commandment could not be forgiven as once the Holy seed had

been polluted the act was done. It was one from which there is no

return. As the transgressions of His people continued, the Creator

placed them in a desert wilderness for a period of forty years. This

was for the purpose of training them by hardship and to place His

laws in their hearts and minds forever. They were to learn His laws

from experience. This placing of His laws of righteousness in their

hearts was called “circumcision of the foreskin of the heart” (now

called Baptism). After they had completed this forty years of

training, they were to take back the lands that had been given to

their ancestor Abraham, but which were then occupied by the

children of Cain. When they were returned to their lands they were

instructed by the Word of their Heavenly Father to drive all of

Cain’s children from the lands and not to allow Cain’s children to

live in their lands with them. This they failed to do and the Creator

became very angry with them for their constant transgression of

His Word. Hundreds of years before the day that He was to come to

Earth to save them, He became so angry with them that He took the

name of Israel away from them and put a blindness over them so

they wouldn’t know who they were. He said to them, “You are a

stiff‑necked stubborn people. You are violating my

commandments, my statutes and my judgments. I am taking the

name Israel away from you and I am placing a blindness over you

so you will not know who you are. You will not be known by the

name Israel forever more, but in the latter days you will be known

by the Name of the One I send to redeem you.” The true Israel

people of that time would therefore be known in the latter days by

the Name of Him who came to redeem them. Can it be denied that

His Name is Jesus Christ and the name of His people Christians?

Do the white Christian nations on Earth today fulfill the prophecies

given to those who were called by the name Israel at that time? If

so then they must be descendents of those people. As time

progressed, the one nation of the Hebrews (not Jews) split into two

nations. One was called the nation or House of Israel and the other

was the nation or House of Judah. The House of Israel consisted of

ten tribes and the House of Judah consisted of two tribes, Benjamin

and Judah. The tribe of Levi who were ordained as the priests were

dispersed throughout both nations but gradually concentrated at

Jerusalem with the House of Judah. The nation of Judah (two

tribes) was located in Northern Judea while the ten tribes as the

nation of Israel were well North of Judea in Samaria. In Southern

Judea there were a people formerly known as Shelahites and later

known as Edomites. These people were not allowed in Northern

Judea or in the congregation of Israel. They were called by the

Israelites in their Hebrew language “Yehudi”. The name in Hebrew

meant “the cursed ones”. These people were the descendents of

Shelah, a mongrelized son of Judah by Shua from centuries

previous when Judah had left his father’s land and had committed

the adultery. They were joined with the mongrelized descendents

of Esau who had taken Canaanite wives in the days of Jacob and all

were called “Yehudi”. The “Yehudi” lived in Southern Judea by and

to themselves. They were not permitted in Northern Judea or in

Jerusalem nor to mix with the Israelites because they were

descendents of Cain with whom the Israelites from Ancient times

had been told not to mix. After many years, the ten tribes known as

the nation of Israel were taken into captivity to the North by the

Assyrians (Yehudi). They too nearly two thirds of the nation of

Judah with them leaving about one third of the population in

Northern Judea and the area of Jerusalem.

Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, where Baal (Satan) was worshipped,

came along later and took most of the remaining people of Judah

into Babylonian captivity. He left only a few in the land, some of

whom were the ancestors of Paul (Saul) the Apostle. At this time,

the “Yehudi” who had been restricted to Southern Judea, invaded

Northern Judea and Jerusalem, by force of numbers and their

aggressiveness they simply invaded and took over. They set up

the Babylonian (Satan’s) ecclesiastical system with the Babylonian

Talmud as their Bible, the Babylonian debt money system and the

Babylonian atheistic system of Government in the land. It was the

“Yehudi” whom Jesus revealed hundreds of years later as the

children of Satan. He switched their money changers from the court

of the temple saying that they had

stolen the Father’s House and had made it a den of thieves. He

revealed their atheistic form of government as one we know today

by the name of “Communism”. These were the “Yehudi” in the

days of Jesus and they are the “Yehudi” today. They are still doing

the works of their father the devil and it includes the efforts of

Satan to mix the Holy seed of Adam’s family in order to destroy

them, as Satan

has tried to do since Adam and Eve came out of the garden.

                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                                Chapter V

                               The Nations

           The promise was made to Abraham, the father of the people

known as Israel, that his children would become many nations. This

they have done. (A nation is a family with a King.) When His people

were brought out of Egypt they were one nation and Yahweh their

Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe, was their King. As

time progressed and they strayed farther and farther from His laws

for government and for nations, they asked Him to let them have

men kings over them. They did not realize the trouble they would

be in for, but the Heavenly Father knew because He had planned it

that way from the day He gave Adam and Eve a free choice. It was

because of the men kings that they fought amongst themselves,

but a promise had been made by the Creator to their father

Abraham and it was to be fulfilled. The Prophets and the Scripture

told them that they would be taken into captivity and that each

tribe would be under punishment for a period of two thousand, five

hundred and twenty years from the day of its captivity then the

Creator would make them a nation. This was the “seven times”

punishment prophesied in Scripture. The period of time is

confirmed by history. Each of the tribes were taken into captivity

by the Assyrians (Yehudi) at different times and dates which can be

confirmed by Scripture. When the prophetic “time” is applied to

these dates, with a research of known history, it should not be

surprising that exactly two thousand, five hundred and twenty

years after the captivity of the tribe of Dan, Denmark became a

nation on that precise day. Two thousand, five hundred and twenty

years after the captivity of the tribe of Gad, Italy became a nation

on that exact day. Two thousand, five hundred and twenty years

after Isachaar was taken into captivity, Finland became a nation on

that day. The present day Finnish war song uses the words, “on to

war ye men of Isachaar”. It was played over the radios in the

United. States when the Soviets attacked little Finland during the

late 1930’s. Again, two thousand,

five hundred and twenty years from the date that the tribe of

Ephraim was taken into Assyrian captivity, the Union Jack was

approved by England and England became an empire on the exact

day. When the prophetic time of Daniel is added to the prophetic

time of the Israel nation, Judah, the years add perfectly for

Germany, which became a nation on the exact day from the

captivity of the tribe of Judah. With Ephraim, the Scriptures gay that

Ephraim shall be a nation and a company of nations and the British

Commonwealth is exactly that. And so on for the other tribes of

Israel. But not to be forgotten is the tribe of Manasseh. Two

thousand five hundred and twenty years from the day Manasseh

was taken into Assyrian captivity, is the 4th of July 1776. To top

that, the Great Seal of the United States is the Seal of Manasseh. It

contains the great pyramid, as well as the spread wings of the great

Eagle. Manasseh was to be a great people; a gathering of the

nations of Yahweh’s Kingdom. Today we should question

ourselves. Are we keeping the Heavenly Father’s commandment

that He gave to Adam and the generations of our forefathers? Are

we keeping His laws for our nation and its government? Are we

allowing Cain’s children in our land to do the works of their father

rather than for us to do the works of our Father? Have we allowed

Cain’s children into our land and our government to bring Satan’s

form of

government. Communism, to the fore? We see the blindness of

supposedly intelligent men in high places when they speak or write

that our forefathers came to America because of religious

persecution. This is simply not true. It is one of Satan’s lies and

these blind men repeat Satan’s lie so many times that even they

themselves begin to believe it as the truth. There is not one official

document of our government to support such a statement as the

one we hear about religious persecution. Our forefathers wrote in

the official documents of this nation, from the Mayflower Compact

through the Charters of all of the thirteen colonies and into the

Articles of Confederation, that they came here to advance the Faith

of Jesus Christ and to form a GOVERNMENT under His Laws, the

King of Kings and the God of Hosts, the Creator of the Universe.

They came to this land, the new Jerusalem that had been promised

to God’s Israel and which had been described perfectly in the

Scriptures. They came with the permission and blessings of the

Royal House of their former land and with the permission and

blessings of its government. Men from the

Isles had come to this land many years before Leif Erickson who

came before Columbus. These men of

Ireland came by sea and traveled by land from Labrador to Florida.

They wrote that God told them to return to the Isles because the

land was not yet ready for them. When the land was to be ready,

the Creator kept His promise and provided the divine

circumstances to fulfill His Word. He brought His children to the

new land that He had promised them when they were in the old

Jerusalem. At that time,

He said, “Of this Jerusalem I will make a land of abomination and

desolation. I will give thee a new

Jerusalem, a new land. One that will have a great sea on the East

and a great sea on the West. It will be a land of milk and honey,

where the box trees and the fir trees will grow. Great rivers will

divide it and mountains and it will have the brass in the land. It will

be a gathering of my children from their other nations and will lend

to all and borrow from none. It will be the only nation with Yahweh,

the Most High God of your Fathers, Creator of the Universe as your

King.” Yes, our forefathers came to this land with their Book, which

contained His word, and they came to form a government under His

laws. This they said, this they wrote, and this they did. They formed

thirteen colonies as they were from thirteen tribes. They were and

are the only nation with the Most High Yahweh as their King. They

wrote on their money “in God We Trust”. They are a gathering of

His people from the other nations of His people. They have two

things in common, all being of the Adamic race and all being

Christians. In spite of all the lies of Satan and his children, these

sovereign States of the great nation of His Kingdom were formed

by men of the Adamic race and their women were mighty in their

tasks. This nation and this government were founded by white

men and white women who were Christians. They fought their way

across the wilderness and built a great nation. In the name of the

God of our Fathers, this nation will remain a white man’s land and a

white man’s government. Until the Arch‑angel calls the end of time.

                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                               Chapter VI

                                The Union

           As the new nation of Adam’s family developed, they formed

a Treaty of Friendship between their thirteen separate States. This

Treaty of Friendship was a written contract of government taken

from the Holy Book that they had brought with them to their new

Jerusalem. It was written in accordance with the laws for

government and had been given to their forefathers by Moses on

the Mount. The law had been placed in their hearts and in their

minds forever during the forty years in the wilderness upon their

exodus from Egypt. These same laws had since become known to

the world as “Anglo‑Saxon Law”. The Treaty they wrote in this land

is known as the “Articles of Confederation”, which is the source of

the great

Constitution of these United States of America. The Articles of

Confederation were adopted to be in effect “Forever”. They are

perpetual, never to be repealed nor amended. Subsequently, the

thirteen States adopted another Treaty amongst themselves to be

in effect “forever”, never to be repealed nor amended. This is

known as the Ordnance of the Territories. This Treaty was adopted

in order that new States entering the Union from territory

immediately adjacent to any original State would have the same

rights and conditions of government as the original States had

under the Treaty of Friendship known as the Articles of

Confederation. It seems appropriate at this point to reflect upon

present day activities of the Federal Congress and the Federal

Government. Let us examine the acts of the Federal Congress,

which brought the Islands of Hawaii and the Territory of Alaska into

the Union. The only Law or lawful basis for such acts is the Organic

Law referred to a few moments ago the Ordnance of the Territories,

along with the articles of Confederation. These were adopted to be

in effect “forever”, therefore not even Congress may repeal or

amend them. To select the specific law, the Ordnance of the

Territories would be the specific Law in question as it pertains to

the entry of new States into the Union. But these Ordnances were

made for new States “adjacent” to existing States of the Union.

They did not provide for distant lands being brought into the Union,

because it is a Union of States OF AMERICA. Either Hawaii or

Alaska are “adjacent” to existing States of the Union. It can be

questioned therefore as to whether or not such acts of the Federal

Congress are lawful. If nothing else, they are certainly a dangerous

precedent. The economic conditions of the Union of States under

the Articles of Confederation were also in accordance with the Holy

Book. There was no usury in the system. Colonial script was used

for the distribution of goods and physical wealth. The issue of the

script money was controlled by the Assembly or Legislative body

of each Colony or State and was paid into circulation interest free

for services obtained by the government. It was therefore

acceptable in payment of taxes because the purpose of taxes is for

the government to obtain services from the people. The issue of

money was interest free, not loaned into circulation as it is today.

The Colonies as well as the States of the Union were free from debt

and their economy was prospering under their debt free money

system. In fact, it was not the English stamp tax that caused the

explosion and the Boston Tea Party as much as it was that the

English demanded that the taxes be paid in English money. The

Colonists had no English money with which to pay the tax and the

only way they could have paid the taxes in English money would

have been to borrow money from the private bankers of England or

Europe, thereby creating a debt with interest to pay. The Colonists

knew that the children of Cain were the money lenders in control of

the banks of England and Europe. They also knew that these whom

Jesus had revealed as the children of Satan wanted to control the

wealth of this new nation by their control of its money. Mr.

Benjamin Franklin knew this better than anyone at that time. He

knew that his nation would have serious trouble if it permitted

Cain’s children to become citizens in the new nation. He wanted the

people not to permit the children of Cain to be citizens. After the

conflict with the mother country, conditions in the new land were

slightly chaotic. Tempers were hot and local rule was guarded

jealously. Having gained their independence as sovereign States,

the granting of any governmental power to anyone outside their

immediate control was not favorably looked upon. In fact, it was not

to be. The Union under the Treaty of Friendship known as the

Articles of Confederation was not too successful from the

viewpoint of a “national” or “federal” government. The Congress

could not raise funds for operation of the central government, in

fact, all the congress could do was convene and adjourn. It had

been given no power by the sovereign States. The States simply

refused to give any power to a central or federal government under

any circumstances. Intelligent leaders of the new nation realized

that some form of compromise must be made in this area of

government. They knew that the Union of sovereign states under

the Articles of Confederation must be made more perfect. Yet, the

Articles were a contract of government between the States, which

had been adopted to be in effect forever, never to be repealed,

altered or amended. They knew that the Union of the sovereign

States must be made “more perfect”, yet they also knew that the

States would not accept a “more perfect” form of government

unless the powers granted to a central or federal government were

limited in writing. They wanted a written contract. This they

attempted to obtain and when one reads the Preamble of the

Constitution it is very clear that the intention was not to form a

“new” government, but merely a “more perfect” one. Not a “new”

Union separate from the Union already formed under the Articles of

Confederation, but simply “We, the people, In Order to Form a More

Perfect Union. A “new” Union would have been impossible

because of the perpetuity or permanency of the original Union. The

Constitution was drafted from the very wording and phrases of the

Articles of Confederation, which has its source, the Holy Bible. But

when it came time for the individual sovereign States to ratify the

new Constitution, they would not do so until the first Ten

Amendments known as the Bill of Rights had been made a part of

the agreement. When the Congress was discussing the first

Amendment to this Bill of Rights, some interesting records of the

committee hearings were made. It was made clear that this

Amendment was not to be construed as to eliminate the Christian

religion, which was the only religion, involved. The Laws of the

Colonies and the early States made it clear that one must be a

Christian in order to hold office in the government. There was to be

no question about this Amendment permitting freedom ‘in’ religion,

rather than freedom ‘from’ religion. It was stated at this time,

“These people are a religious people. If this Amendment is to be

construed as one to deny them their national religion, which is

Christianity, then we would rather continue fighting as we have

been in this past conflict.” No other religion other than Christianity

was in the minds of those who drafted the Constitution and the Bill

of Rights. The purpose described was not one of religion per se,

but of the various sects or forms of worship within the Christian

religion. The purpose of the First Amendment was to prevent any

Federal government from prescribing any one sect or form of

worship within the Christian religion. The Ninth and Tenth

Amendments to the Bill of Rights are of vital concern to the

protection of the

Constitution as a whole and to the Union of Sovereign States.

These two Amendments are clearly in accord with the demands of

the States at that time. They would not enter into any agreement for

any form of “federal” or “central” government unless its powers

were limited. The Ninth Amendment made it clear that each power

granted to the Federal government would be specified and

distinctly enumerated in the Constitution and that just because

there was no enumeration for the States and the people it did not

mean that the States and people did not have them, as it did mean

that the federal government did not have them. The Tenth

Amendment carried this point to a further clarification. It made clear

that the Constitution needs no interpretation. The central or Federal

government is one of limited powers. It has absolutely NO ‘rights’.

Only the States and the people have ‘rights’. And the ONLY powers

that the central or federal government has are those, which are

specifically enumerated IN THE CONSTITUTION. If the Constitution

itself does not enumerate a power specifically as one given to the

federal government, which includes all of the branches of the

federal government, then the federal

government does NOT have it. The Constitution is simple in its

understanding. We hear some persons, even lawyers; say that the

Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. How wrong can they

be? If the Supreme Court has the power to ‘interpret’ the

Constitution, the only place it could get that enumerated power

would be from the Constitution itself. The Constitution is the means

by which the States created the Supreme Court as a part of the

Federal Government. Can we find any such power granted to the

Supreme Court in the Constitution? Absolutely not. Then the Tenth

Amendment becomes clear. If the Constitution itself does not

specifically enumerate a power, then the Supreme Court does NOT

HAVE IT. This needs no interpretation. If the Constitution does not

give a power to the Supreme Court or any branch of the Federal

Government, that power is then retained by the States or the

people. So, we see that the Supreme Court does NOT have the

power to “interpret” the Constitution. We see that the States gave

the Supreme Court the power “to rule on cases at law”. This simply

means that a “case at law” must be brought before the Court. A

“case at law” is an issue where one has questioned a “law” or an

act of a legislature. The Supreme Court may not take a “case at

law” which has not been brought before the lower Courts unless an

Ambassador, Public Minister or a State ‘ is involved, all in the

“case”. It only has “original” jurisdiction in such cases, but

“appellate” jurisdiction in others. A ruling of the Court does NOT

become a law because the courts may not make a law. Only a

legislature may make a Law and even that

power is limited. The States gave the federal legislature the power

to enact legislation, which is “in accordance with and in pursuance

of the Constitution”. If the federal legislature enacts legislation,

which is in violation of the Constitution, that legislation is NOT law.

It is VOID from the beginning. It is void from the beginning because

neither the States nor the people have given the federal legislature

power to enact legislation, which is not in accordance with, and in

pursuance of the Constitution and this means ALL of the

Constitution including the Amendments. The Constitution itself

prescribes the means or method by which it can be amended. It is a

contract between the States and it cannot be amended by the

Courts nor by the federal legislature or by the federal government.

It must be amended only by the agreement of the States. We can

see clearly that the States created the federal government. The

federal government has no voters. Only the States have voters.

The States and ONLY the States have the right of qualifying their

voters. Each State, by its own method, determines what a citizen of

that State must do to qualify as a voter of that State. The federal

government has no control over this whatso_ever, not even by


because legislation may not amend the Constitu_tion. The present

enactments of legislation by the federal Congress along these lines

under the fifth section of the Fourteenth Amendment is

question_able because the States never legally ratified the

Fourteenth Amendment. The same principle applies to recent

activities of the federal Courts. The States created the federal

Judiciary and that Judiciary has no power to make laws. Rulings of

Courts only constitute the law for the specific case upon which the

Court has ruled. They do not constitute the law for the land or for

anything other than the specific case at law upon which the Court

ruled It should be emphasized here that all officials of government,

whether it be Federal, State or Municipal, must take an oath to

uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States

against all enemies

whomsoever, both foreign or domestic. They must take this oath

freely, without mental reservation. When their activities violate the

Constitution, it is a violation of their Oath of Office and such

violation is a felony a crime, under the laws of this nation. The laws

of this nation also require a citizen to uphold, defend and protect

the Constitution and our Republican form of government WITHOUT


RESERVATION. This is a lawful requirement for citizenship.

Therefore, any citizen who takes another oath, even though it might

be on what he calls a religious “day of atonement”, which provides

for a mental reservation on any other oath he takes, that citizen is

subject to loss of citizenship. There are certain so‑called

“international” organizations in which U.S. citizens take part. These

organizations call meetings in foreign lands and members vote on

matters of political, economic, and governmental problems.

Citizens of the United States who attend such meetings and vote in

these organizations are subject to loss of their United States

citizenship and deportation in accordance with provisions of the

United States Code. There are also meetings in the United States

where bonds are sold for the support of a foreign State. This also is

in violation of the United States Code and is a felony, particularly if

any of the funds are used to support the military forces of the

foreign State in any way. Yet, we see Senators, Congressmen and

many civic officials of our Federal, State and local governments

participating in the crime. In these latter days when Satan and his

children have invaded the land of Israel again and have brought

Satan’s form of government with them, we must turn to our

Heavenly Father and pray for His protection. But we must do more

than pray. We must oppose Satan and his evil ways with every

power that God has given His children. The philosophy of

Communism, which is Satan’s form of government, is being

imposed upon God’s Israel in their land. Communism worships

Satan but recognizes no Supreme Being. It is atheistic and believes

that the created are above the Creator. Those who believe that the

federal government is above the States, which created it, have

accepted Satan’s communistic philosophy that the created is above

the Creator. The battle of Armageddon will be won with knowledge,

as Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you


                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                               Chapter VII

                           The Daylight Hours

           The children of Adam’s family became known by many

names other than their former name Israel. They

also remained blind as to who they are, in accordance with God’s

prophecy. They settled the wilderness known as Western Europe

and occupied lands that the Creator had given to them where they

were to become many nations.

The Isles were owned by the Royal family of the tribe of Judah. The

tin mines of the Isles were owned by Joseph of Arimathea who

traveled between the Isles and Judea during the days that Yahweh

was on Earth. Yahweh also traveled to the Ides and there directed

certain disciples in the building of places of worship for His people.

Many of the people in the Isles had been there from the days of

Enoch. The University and Priesthood of Enoch’s day was used for

these purposes by Yahweh. It was then known as the University of

the Druids. Another of their Universities was in a land, which was

later known as Spain and where Pontius Pilate had been

educated. The Kings of the Island nation were always to be of the

House of Judah, (not to be confused with the Yehudi). This was a

promise made by the Creator at the time He let His children have

men kings over them. At that time, He said, “all of the King line of

the nations I give thee shall be of the House of Judah”. King

Edward 1, a King of the Island people, was aware of his

responsibilities in keeping the commandment of his ancient

fathers, from Adam to his day. He knew that some of the Yehudi

who were Cain’s children had come to the Isles. They were causing

trouble in his land with Adam’s children. In the year 1275, King

Edward 1 issued a law that prohibited the Yehudi from continuing

their money lending

operations in his Realm. He further required them to live separately

from Christians and identify themselves by wearing a yellow badge

from the time they reached the age of twelve years. These

restrictions existed for fifteen years until the activities of the

Yehudi became so revolutionary and troublesome that the King

banished them from the Ides completely. The Yehudi posed a

difficult problem because they had stolen the ancient names of the

Israel people when they invaded Jerusalem many centuries before.

While the name of the Judes and Jutes of Scotland had derived

from the tribal name of Judah and the later used name “German”

also derives from the tribal name “Judah”, many were and still are

confused by the Yehudi because of their stolen names. Kings of

other nations of Adam’s family formerly known as Israel who were

on the mainland of Europe, followed the King of the Island nation in

banishing the Yehudi from their nations. They knew the

commandment given by the Creator of the Universe, which had

been passed on by Adam and the Patriarchs that they were not to

allow Cain’s

children to live in their lands with them. They knew that their

actions were in accordance with divine law and necessary to the

safety, well‑being and survival of their people. As the Yehudi were

banished from one Christian nation after another, they appealed to

their leaders in

Constantinople. Their leaders advised them to adopt their age‑old

tactics which had been taught them from the days when their father

Satan had directed them against Adam and his family. They were

told to pretend that they were Christians, make their sons Christian

Priests, physicians and attorneys at law. They were told to infiltrate

and enter all of the professions of Adam’s family. After they had

infiltrated these positions they were to divide and destroy from

within. These had been the tactics employed at

Jerusalem centuries before when they had invaded the land of

Adam’s children there. In each nation that they invaded, they were

eventually discovered by their activities. Jesus warned His

children about the Yehudi when He said, “By their works ye shall

know them”. He called them liars and hypocrites, telling that they

would speak good deeds but do evil deeds. Wherever they

congregated they attempted destruction of the good things and the

Blessings given to Adam’s family. Their activities always aimed at

bringing Satan’s form of government to the nation, which allowed

them within its borders. It was for good reason that their

banishment from the Island Nation was followed by banishment

from other Christian

nations of the Adamic people. The leaders of the Yehudi eventually

gained control of the money and wealth of most nations they had

invaded. This was simple because of their nefarious scheming and

behind‑the‑scene political activities. One with no morals and no

conscience to bar evil deeds could deal easily with Adam’s

children who

believed everyone to be honest and forthright as these

characteristics were inborn in them. But this is where they erred in

dealing with Satan’s children. The leaders of Satan’s children had

gathered in principally two areas known as Holland and Switzerland

and they operated from these areas in their usury and financial

manipulations. It was by financial power that the leaders of Yehudi

gained re‑entry into the Island nation. They also employed

infiltration tactics and the divide and conquer method amongst

different sects of the Faith common to Adam’s family. With a similar

infiltration the Yehudi regained entry

into other European nations and they always cooperated with each

other on an international basis. It was in this manner that they

infiltrated Russia and then became the spies and agents for the

hordes of Genghis Khan the Mongol. They were the advance guard

for the Mongol invasion of the lands occupied by the Celestial

family of Adam and Eve. The Yehudi had preceded the Mongol

hordes and had become the merchants, the pawnbrokers and the

money changers as well as the disrupting revolutionary leaders

who created confusion in the internal areas. They were destroyers

from within. Time passed and the Island nation fell to the complete

control of the children of Cain. The banking and money system was

taken over completely by the Yehudi and it was under these

conditions that the darkness of evening came over Adam’s family.

We approach the dark evening hours for the nations of Adam’s

household under such conditions with Cain’s children having

invaded the nations and having obtained control of the banking and

money systems. Yet, we know that our Heavenly Father made a

promise that the daylight would follow the darkness. The evening is

slowly approaching as many children of Adam leave their original

nations and come across the seas to the New Jerusalem. The new

nation of God’s Kingdom and His people is to be founded during the

evening hours with darkness slowly

approaching. It will flounder in darkness for the period of time

ordained by the Creator of the Universe. Then there will be the light

of dawn and a new day.

                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                               Chapter VIII

                         The Hours of Darkness

           There was yet some daylight in the long evening when our

forefathers came to their new land. They were

free from the children of Cain at least for a time. During this period

of freedom from Cain’s children, they originated and developed the

foundation for their great Republic of God’s Kingdom. The nation

was born which was to have no man‑king but would have the

Creator of the Universe, Yahweh as its King. It brought His people

back to the conditions of government which He had given them

upon their exodus

from Egypt but which they had not maintained. They were again to

use His laws for their nation and for their government. But alas, the

evening was to turn into night. The darkness was coming upon

them. The first great leader of their nation was given a vision of the

darkness. George Washington was given a vision of the dark clouds

of Satan’s children coming over the land. There was fighting and

bloodshed in all of the towns and cities. The land was to be invaded

by Cain’s children as in days before, but the children of Adam were

to awaken from their sleep. The dark clouds broke apart and a red

light was shining. Then a great white light shined through from

above the darkness. There was a great cleansing of the land with all

of Cain’s children being driven from the land. Then came the dawn,

clear and crisp, with only Adam’s children dwelling in peace in their

own land. Yahweh planned that sufficient daylight would remain in

the evening hours for the establishment of His laws in the new land

of His people. But Satan and his children were not to be denied.

They were to follow and invade the land as they had always done

before. Yahweh had set the time in days and years for the suffering

of Adam’s family because of their violations of His laws. Many

years were yet to be counted and Adam’s children had more trials

and tribulations to undergo before their final awakening and

complete obedience to His laws for their nation and their

government. These trials and tribulations were to come over their

new nation during the hours of darkness. Leaders of the nation in

its infancy had warned the people about permitting the Yehudi in

their land. One named Benjamin Franklin owned a printing plant,

which distributed leaflets telling the people who the Yehudi were.

His printed tracts advised against ever permitting the Yehudi to

become citizens in the new nation. Yet the Yehudi came to the new

land in greater numbers. As usual, they remained to themselves

and continually plotted against Adam’s children and their Yahweh.

They became storekeepers, lenders of money, pawn‑brokers and

termites in Government just as they had always done in the other

nations of Adam’s children. They became destroyers of the

Creator’s righteous form of government. Their leaders

remained in Holland and Switzerland but planned and directed their

activities on an international basis. They were never loyal to a

nation, which took them in. They sent their hirelings to the new

nation and with their international money power they seduced

many of Adam’s children who were blind as to their origin. These

blind children of Adam worshipped Satan’s money and were

subject to his evil power “sin”. As such, the Yehudi easily handled

them. They could be used to divide Adam’s children amongst

themselves and they deceived the righteous by “fronting” for the

Yehudi who remained behind the scenes. Even the “elect” would

be deceived by them in the latter days. There were some blind

preachers of Adam’s children who believed Satan’s lies and who

believed that Yahweh was of the Yehudi. There was nothing in

their. Book to prove this, yet they believed the Yehudi of whom,

they had been warned by Yahweh Himself. They had forgotten the

Word. They knew not who they were. They could not hear Saul who

told them clearly “If ye be Yahweh’s, then ye be Abraham’s seed

and heirs according to the promise”., Heirs to the Kingdom yet

some would give up their birthright. They were easy prey for the

Yehudi. At one time the leader of the Yehudi went so far as to

divide the new nation into two large land areas. He issued written

deeds to these two parts of the land, giving one of his sons a deed

to the Northern half and the second son a deed to the Southern half.

He wrote these deeds in Holland and     arranged to send them to

the new land by way of the Island nation where he had spies and

agents. In order to better divide the people of the two large land

areas, he paid one of his hirelings named Hyman Solomon to

develop a slave trade. Solomon brought the Enosh from Africa to

the Southern part of the nation. In the meantime a leader of Adam’s

family in an older nation, Czar Nicholas, learned from the Ides of the

attempt by the Yehudi chief to divide the new nation. He

immediately contacted the Yehudi   chief in Holland and ordered

him to cease and desist in the effort. He sent one of his fleets to the

coast of the new nation and another fleet to the coast off Vera Cruz,

threatening to attack if the Yehudi chief continued his activity of

dividing the new nation. The activity was stopped immediately

because the Yehudi always feared those of Adam’s children who

were aware of their methods. They feared the anger of Adam’s

righteous leaders and they were always afraid of violence. They

constantly cried “brotherly love” to cover up their deceit and evil.

They cried “brotherly love”, while well knowing that they were not

the brothers of Adam’s children because they knew who their

father was as it was revealed by Yahweh. They knew that their

father was Satan and that Adam’s children were from a different

Father. Brothers

must be from the same father. (See John 8, vs. 39‑47). The leaders

of Cain’s children had often said, “Give me control of a nation’s

money and I care not who makes its laws”. So, in the early hours of

darkness, Satan’s children used their old tricks to gain control of

the money in the new nation. The open‑minded honest but blind

children of Adam were completely at their mercy, incapable of

stopping it. Adam’s children did not know who they were so how

could they be

expected to know their enemy? In due time a great leader of

Adam’s family became head of the nation. He knew how to regain

control of the Nation’s money from Yehudi. He also knew that the

Enosh must be returned to Africa or the new nation would be in

deep trouble. The leaders of the Yehudi were forced into action.

They could always upset Adam’s family with their control of money

and their spies and paid agents who they had placed in high places

within the governments of most nations. It was simple for them to

develop conditions that would get Adam’s children fighting

amongst themselves. This would always relieve the mounting

pressure against Satan and his children at a time when Adam’s

children began to awaken and recognize the evils and deceit of the

Yehudi. Jesus knew these tricks because He was Yahweh, who

knew all, from the beginning to the end. He warned Adam’s

children who were brothers

of the flesh. He knew that Satan would cause them to fight amongst

themselves by deceitful means, causing brother to fight brother.

Therefore He said to them “Love thy brother.” Jesus also knew that

brothers are from the same father and that all of Adam’s children,

being of a Celestial family, were Sons of the Father from the

beginning. They were not of the “creations” which had created the

Enosh nor were they of the unholy mixture of Enosh seed from

which the Yehudi had descended. Jesus said to His           brethren,

“Ye were mine before the creation of the Earth and ye are mine in

the Earth”. The Adamic race descends from Adam, they are

children of the spirit, born into the flesh and being “born again”

when they are born into the, flesh body on Earth. In the same

manner Jesus identified the Yehudi as the children of Satan. He

said to them “Ye are not the children of Abraham (Israel), for if ye

were Abraham’s children ye would do the works of Abraham. I am

from my Father and ye are from your father and your father is the

devil (Satan). He was a Bar and a murderer from the beginning and

your father’s works will ye do”. But Adam’s children in their

blindness did not understand the warnings of their Heavenly Father

who had come to Earth as He had promised Adam, to save His

children and to set them free from Satan’s power on Earth. They did

not even understand what He meant when He said, “Ye shall know

the truth and the truth shall make you free”. The Yehudi leaders

arranged for the murder of the great leader of Adam’s family. They

created a war between Adam’s children, the Northern brethren

against the Southern brethren. It was essential that they destroy

the work which they knew would be accomplished A by the great

leader of the new nation. If this great leader were permitted to

continue in his wisdom, He would destroy the plans of Satan’s

children and they knew it. He was already in the process of

returning the nation to their Father’s laws of

economics and money. He had already made it clear that the

medium of exchange called money should be put into circulation

interest‑free and without creating a debt. Satan’s system was to

give the credit to the Yehudi and then let them lend it into

circulation, creating a debt and the collection of interest. The

physical wealth of the nation was the collateral for the issuance of

government bonds or simply government I.O.U.’s, a promise to

pay, in the future, with interest, nothing more. The great leader

knew that if these I.O.U.’s were good enough collateral for the

borrowing of private Yehudi banker’s credit and then lending their

bank money to the people, the same collateral was good enough to

issue or pay the money into circulation interest‑free in the first

place. In fact, this was the intention of the founding fathers and

provision was made for it in the great Constitution they had written.

The amount of money in circulation could be controlled by taxation,

which is simply a means of obtaining services from the people by

the government. With such a system, the balance between physical

production and purchasing power could be maintained in balance

and the value of the money would be stable. The Yehudi could not

permit this even though the Constitution did provide for it. As the

great leader actually began to put his policies into practice, the

Yehudi became desperate. They not only wished to lend money

within the nation, they wanted to maintain the control of money on

an international basis and lend to nations. In order to do this, it was

essential that they control the money of this great new nation and

its great wealth. They knew the capabilities of Adam’s children in

bringing wealth out of the Earth and obtaining the blessings of the

Earth as promised to them by their Heavenly Father. Satan was not

stupid by any means. After Lincoln had

implemented his fiscal policy of issuing money interest‑free

instead of printing I.O.U.'S and borrowing the Yehudi’s private

money, the hired stooges of the Yehudi attempted to use the

Courts to stop him, but in this they failed. The Courts upheld the

lawful method but this did not stop the Yehudi. They knew that a

fight between brethren could be instigated and they began their

work toward that end immediately. This would help them lend

money to finance the war. They could then murder the leader and

get Adam’s

children back into line because of the debts incurred to fight the

war. It was a time consuming process but completely planned to

the last detail. The great leader of the nation posed another

problem for the Yehudi. He had made arrangements for the money

necessary to transport all of the Enosh back to Africa. He had made

it clear that the Enosh who were in the land as slaves and who had

been brought to the new nation in violation of its laws by the

Yehudi and their paid agents, were to be returned to their native

land in Africa. This would upset the age‑old plan of Satan to destroy

Adam’s family by mixing them with the Enosh and polluting the

Holy seed. This was the work of Satan and his children would make

every effort to do his work along this line. It was to the best

interests of the Yehudi leaders in Holland that the Northern part of

the new nation be victorious in the war between the brethren of

Adam’s family. They did all in their power to see that their well‑laid

plans ended successfully along this line. They had dependable

agents in high places of the nation’s national government. Most of

the “front men” were of the North where Yehudi had been most

active. The brethren of the South were better prepared to resist

Satan’s children because of their way of life and their knowledge of

the Word left to them by their Heavenly Father. It was apparent to

the Yehudi that the men of the South were not as easily fooled as

their brethren of the North. For this, the South has

never been forgiven by Satan’s children and they vowed to destroy

Adam’s children in the South no matter how long it takes or by what

means they must use. They will destroy the Union if necessary, as

it means nothing to them anyway. It wasn’t their Union in the first

place. It would be easy for them to send some of their kind to the

South to act as spies and agents for them there. This they did. The

war was successfully started and brethren were fighting brethren.

While brothers of Adam’s family destroyed each other, the Yehudi

sat back pulling the strings and lending the money to both sides.

With their control of the press and mass means of communications,

it was easy to convince the people that slavery was the main issue,

when in reality the plan was to destroy the great leader of the

nation, whose plans could continue unless a war were brought

about. The plans of this leader and their future possibilities were

feared by the Yehudi. The North was to be victorious with the help

of the Yehudi and their paid agents who feared the sons of Adam in

the South. The men of the South knew their Father’s Word and

were not as easily deceived. The Yehudi leaders knew that these

Southern men would be a constant source of trouble to their plans

unless they were put in an economic position from which they

could not recover quickly, if ever. If these men were to become

strong in the new nation’s government, the Yehudi would lose

everything they had worked for since Satan began his program of

destruction for Adam’s family. They would be banished from the

land of Adam’s children for good. The sons of Satan recognized the

sons of God and feared them, but the sons of God did not recognize

the sons of Satan who were doing all in their power to destroy their

good works. The sons of Satan knew that they must

bring about a mongrelization with the Enosh to effectively destroy

the sons of God. Their land must be taken from them and their

women folk subjected to the heathen. The war was more for this

purpose than anything else although many other useful purposes

of the Yehudi were served at the same time. After the war the

Yehudi sent their paid agents and spies into the South. These

scalawags and

carpetbaggers received their instructions from the agents of the

Yehudi who were in high places within the national government. A

Yehudi stooge was used to employ the national armed forces in the

plan for the destruction of the South. These were the conditions

throughout the South when Yahweh, the Heavenly Father of

Adam’s children, brought His divine power into play. He raised men

to bring His children out of their troubles. In a little town of Pulaski,

Tennessee, some of the leaders of Adam’s children organized

themselves for their recovery and the protection of their people.

They met secretly and studied the Word of their Heavenly Father.

Eventually they adopted a garment with the Cross of Christ on their

breast. One also for their horses where the Cross of Christ was

emblazoned on the left flank. Their membership grew quickly as

their mission was to bring righteous government to the people.

Each one took an oath to uphold, defend and protect the

Constitution of the United States of America and to uphold the

Constitutional Republic which was established by their forefathers.

They knew the law and declared that any legislation adopted by

any legislative branch of the Federal government must be in accord

with and in pursuance of the Constitution. They declared our

Republican form of government a government of Law, not one of

men and men’s opinions. Any legislative act of the Federal

government that was not in accord with the Constitution would not

be recognized by them as “law”. It would merely

be legislation and unenforceable because it must be in accord with

the Constitution to become “law”. The

legislators enacting such legislation outside the confines of the

Constitution would be subject to arrest and removal from office for

usurping powers not granted to them by the States or the people

and for violation of their oath of office, which required them to

uphold, defend and protect the constitution. Any act otherwise

would be malfeasance and misfeasance in office and a criminal

offense according to the statutes of the United States, which were

enacted, from the Articles of Confederation and the Ordnance of

the Territories. These had been adopted to be in effect “Forever”

and this organic law had been enacted into statutes known as the

“United States Code”. After a time, the Enosh became afraid of the

robed sons of Adam’s family. The Enosh were a very superstitious

people and they were extremely ignorant. They believed that the

robed Knights were ghosts of Confederate soldiers. It was this fear

in many instances that kept the Enosh from committing crime and

wrong doing. These people were so simple and ignorant that they

knew not right from wrong. But they understood the punishment for

wrong. The Yehudi soon discovered that their old trick of infiltration

and destruction from within was not effective with the organization

formed by Adam’s children in the South. There were no traitors

amongst the Knights and they carefully selected their members.

But the Yehudi are children of Satan and possess all of his cunning

and deceit. They decided to divide and conquer. They hired a group

of paid agents who acquired some robes similar to those that had

been worn by the Knights of the Invisible Empire. The

groups of Yehudi agents were not recognizable because they wore

masks. They wore the robes and went on raids, doing all manner of

evil. They murdered the Enosh and attacked meetings of Adam’s

children who were of the Catholic Faith. These evil activities were

planned for the purpose of destroying the effectiveness and

reputation of the Knights of the Invisible Empire. If the Yehudi

could destroy the reputation amongst the people, they could make

it very difficult for the organization to function efficiently. This was

an old trick of Satan’s and the Yehudi are experts in using Satan’s

tricks. If they cannot destroy

Adam’s family one way, they will use another. In many instances

they will destroy their own possessions and make a hue and cry,

blaming Adam’s children In this manner, they keep their lesser

brethren in constant fear and make them contribute more money

for the evil works of the Yehudi leaders. They maintain large

amounts of money in this manner, which supports their long range

effort to bring Satan’s government to the land. They must keep

Adam’s children on the defensive, and their brethren who are the

children of Satan are kept in the dark. Yet, they do the works of

their father the devil. Those of Adam’s family who assist them in

their blindness are also doing Satan’s work, but they are unaware

of the fact. It is too bad that so many of Adam’s children remain

blind. When they receive the “light” of Yahweh, they become wise

and no longer do they assist Satan’s children in their destruction of

Adam’s family.

                    THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS

                               Chapter IX

                           The Midnight Hour

           The nation of God’s Kingdom grew wealthier and wealthier

as the years of darkness continued. These were the blessings that

had been promised by their Heavenly Father. It was the promised

protection from Satan’s works. During the darkness the Yehudi had

grown more powerful as each year passed. More and more of them

had immigrated to the new nation from Eastern Europe, yet they

remained to themselves and did not become a part of the way of

life in the new nation. They contributed very little, but took much.

The nation was wealthy in spite of all that the Yehudi and their

international leaders could do. It was during the year 1913 that the

Yehudi leaders decided to make their big move toward final

destruction of the new nation. The Yehudi leader in Holland had

sent his personal representative to the new nation in 1902. This

representative received a very large salary and used unlimited

funds to accomplish his objectives. He could buy and sell men.

With his unlimited finances he became a big name in the new

nation and amongst its political and financial leaders. He bought

and sold “politicians” of Adam’s family. His mission was to

establish a more tight control on the money of the new nation and

upon its government. He actually wrote a new banking law for the

nation and with his finances, prepared the way for its adoption by

the Congress in 1913. Most of the good Congressmen were home

for Christmas vacation when he sneaked the legislation into effect

by his paid agents who had remained in the capitol to do his work.

He took his agents in Congress to an island off the coast of Georgia

and made the arrangements for adoption of the new banking laws,

which would permit the Yehudi to have perpetual control of the

new nation’s money and credit. It would keep the nation in debt to

the Yehudi as long as the Yehudi controlled the system. Passage of

the legislation was in violation of the Constitution, but this did not

matter to the Yehudi. The Constitution to them was simply a piece

of paper. Just another contract that could be broken at will.

During this same year of 1913, the Yehudi organized a national

organization to fit into their international scheme and to assist with

internal destruction of the new nation. Its purpose was to maintain

pressure on Adam’s children and to keep the lesser brethren of the

Yehudi in line with the overall objectives of Satan’s children. The

excuse for its organization was deceitfully expressed as

“brotherhood”. This had always been the cry of Satan’s children but

it was used to deceive the family of Adam. It appealed to their

righteousness but they were blind and didn’t know the difference

between themselves and Satan’s children. The new Yehudi

organization was instructed to use publicity, pressure, deceit, lies

and all means of propaganda so that Adam’s children would not

know the truth. They spoke and wrote of “brotherhood”, but of

course their organization persecuted Adam’s children and never

intended for so‑called “brotherhood” to exist in the way that they

spoke of it. Jesus had made this clear to Adam’s children but they

refused to believe Him. Jesus had told His children that the Yehudi

were hypocrites, speaking righteousness but not doing it. He had

said that they were liars and told His children not to believe them.

Another objective of the Yehudi, which was accomplished in that

fateful year of 1913, was the successful enactment of a “graduated”

income tax on the children of Adam and their nation. The Yehudi

and their agents had obtained passage of Federal Legislation on

this graduated income tax many years before, but the Courts had

declared it to be in violation of the Constitution. So, in 1913, with

their control of the

Federal legislature, the Yehudi arranged an amendment to the

Constitution, which was given sufficient financial and political

backing for its passage. This was their way of implementing their

long range plans to bring Satan’s form of government to the new

nation. The Yehudi knew that if they could obtain passage of this

amendment, Adam’s children could eventually be brought to their

knees. The central government could be gradually made

all‑powerful and could apply economic pressures on each

individual citizen. It would bring all governmental power into one

place where the Yehudi would have an easier time

establishing their control. In spite of all these activities, the Yehudi

were not satisfied. Their objective was a One World Government

with all of Adam’s children and the nations of Adam’s household as

their slaves. When this condition could be brought about by

economic and political controls, the children of Satan could

completely destroy the Creator’s family on Earth and keep the

Kingdom for their father Satan. In order to accomplish their

long‑range objectives, it was necessary to keep Adam’s children

fighting amongst themselves. This could attain several objectives

at one time for the children of Satan. It could provide for Adam’s

children to destroy each other while the Yehudi sat back and

manipulated the financial requirements. This would create greater

financial burdens upon Adam’s children and maintain the debt,

while at the same time keeping the pressure off Satan and his

children’s evil works. It could aid the Yehudi in their financial

control and lead to accomplishment of further destruction of

Adam’s family in due time. The time was just before the midnight

hour when the Yehudi decided to establish full control over a

strategic land area of Europe, which had evaded them for many

years. They planned a step‑by‑step destruction for Adam’s people

in all of their nations. The wealthy Yehudi and their agents in the


nation of God’s Kingdom were used to finance the defeat of the

strategic nation in Europe which was essential to completion of the

overall victory for Satan’s children. The nations of Adam’s children

had been played one against the other in a great war during the

1900’s. This was accomplished by the Yehudi in order to place

many nations of Adam’s children under their financial control and in

debt to finance the conflict. It also put brother to righting brother

amongst Adam’s family. Near the end of the conflict, the Yehudi in

the new nation were in complete control of the government. They

financed their agents and spies, sending a revolutionary leader to

the European nation from the new nation of God’s Kingdom. They

also sent great amounts of financial support with him. His objective

was to start a

revolution and murder the Christian leader of the nation and all of

his family, taking the government for the Yehudi. The military

intelligence officers of the nation of God’s Kingdom who were the

children of Adam’s family were active in the European nation which

the Yehudi were taking by revolution. One named Captain

Montgomery Schuyler reported to the Chief of Staff of his

expeditionary forces in Siberia in a secret military intelligence

report. Amongst many details in his report he advised that all of the


officers of Adam’s family had been murdered by the Bolsheviks. In

the Black Sea Massacre it is stated that not less than eight

thousand officers were murdered at Kronstadt, in the Gulf of

Finland, between six and seven thousand were drowned at one

time. He also reported that up to the end of 1918 things had been

growing steadily worse in Russia ever since the first few months of

the First Provisional Government, when for a short time it looked as

if the new regime would be able to bring some form of

modern government into the country. These hopes were frustrated

by the gradual gains in power of the more irresponsible and

socialistic elements of the population guided by the Jews and other

anti‑Russian races. A table made in April 1918 by Robert Wilton, the

correspondent of the London Times in Russia, shows that at that

time there were 384 “commissars” including 2 negroes, 13

Russians, and 369 jews. 264 had come to Russia from the United

States since the downfall of the Imperial Government. In another

report to Colonel Barrows, Captain Schuyler reported amongst

other details as follows: “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in

the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been

since its beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the

greasiest type, who have been in the United States and there

absorbed every one of the worst phases of our civilization without

having the least understanding of what we really mean by liberty (I

do not mean the use of the word liberty which has been so

widespread in the United States since the war began, but the real

word spelt the same way), and the real Russian realizes this and

suspects that Americans think as do the loathsome specimens with

whom he now comes in contact. I have heard all sorts of estimates

as to the real proportion of Bolsheviks to that of the population of

Siberia and I think the most accurate is that of General

Ivanov‑Rinov who estimates it as two percent. There is hardly a

peasant this side of the Urals who has the slightest interest in the

Bolshevik or his doings except in so far as it concerns the low of

his own property and in fact, his point of view is very much like that

of our own respectable farmers, when confronted with the WW1

ideal. The conquest of the great landmass of Russia was essential

to the long range of the Yehudi if they were to establish

World Government under their control. From this base they could

move East through Asia, West through Europe to the Atlantic. It

would provide a great encirclement of the one nation of Adam’s

family that must be finally taken to complete the project. There had

always been an area of difficulty for the Yehudi in Western Europe.

This was due to a very strong nation of Adam’s children, which had

been a target of the Yehudi for many years. They had patiently and

deceitfully arranged for the defeat of this nation at the hands of

other nations of Adam’s children who could be deceived by the

internal agents of the Yehudi in their lands. The international

financial and political controls, which the Yehudi had built up over

many years, were employed for this objective. The children of

Satan successfully turned brother against brother to defeat this

great Western European nation of God’s people whom they feared.

After its defeat they arranged for an economic boycott and

destruction of its money. They also made arrangements for

dividing the nation in pieces to maintain future division of its

people and their Adamic brethren round about. After this feared

nation was defeated, the Yehudi made their move upon the

landmass of Russia.

Their revolutionary agents were employed successfully. The

government they formed was the same type as that which they had

established in the old Jerusalem when they had invaded the land of

Israel before the days of Jesus. It was the same form of

government that Satan and his children had always used. It was

always a government that would not recognize Yahweh, the

Creator of the Universe who had come to Earth to save His

Celestial family that descended from Adam. It would recognize no

God but Satan. It was always under the control of those whom

Jesus had identified as the children of Satan. Its objective

has always been to destroy the Creator’s family on Earth and the

nations, which were promised to their father, thus thinking that they

might keep the Kingdom for their father Satan. It is a government of

deceit and dishonesty from its inception. How could it be otherwise

when it is a government of Satan’s children? As the years passed

on after the great war between the brother nations, the people of

that feared Western European nation became strong again. The

Heavenly Father was not to be denied, nor are His children. They

had the spiritual vision and the knowledge given to His family since

its arrival on Earth.

This, Satan’s children could not control or withhold. As the defeated

nation became stronger, the Yehudi who had established their

government in Russia used every effort to keep the people divided

and weak. This nation of people must be destroyed completely or

the Yehudi could never conquer all of Western Europe for their final

attack against the great nation of God’s Kingdom across the seas.

Satan’s children planned to launch their attack from many

directions at once. From the East across the Atlantic, from the

Asiatic side coming across the Bering Straits and down the West

Coast of the new nation, from an island bastion just South of the

nation at its strategic “under_belly”, from Mexico and from within

the nation itself. The Yehudi chiefs laid plans to stir up the Enosh in

the nation, promising them the lands, property and women of the

men of the South who they feared and hated from the days of an

earlier war. Although the children of Satan had made great head‑

way, much work and more time was required to fulfill their long

range plans. They must break down the resistance of Adam’s

children as they had done in Russia. They must be wary and not

make their final move until Adam’s nations were weak and divided

amongst themselves. The Yehudi spies and agents must be in

positions of power within all governments of the nations of Adam’s

children and a super government must be established under

Yehudi control. Adam’s children must be deceitfully subjected to

this super government where they could be out voted and

controlled by the Enosh people who would participate in the super

government. And a great new war must be brought into play where

the nations of Adam’s children can be brought into conflict amongst

themselves to weaken and destroy them for the final take over. The

new war will give the Yehudi greater financial control because of

the debt and economic chaos such conflict would bring to the

nations of Adam’s family. The major purpose of this interim conflict

should be to completely destroy that nation of

God’s people in Western Europe who had always remained strong

militarily and who had remained as a thorn in the side of Satan’s

children. Its strength would prevent the strategic control of the land

area adjacent to the ocean gateway of the Atlantic. No attack could

be made on the great new nation of Adam’s family across the seas

as long as this brother nation remained free and strong. This nation

and its people must be destroyed and the Yehudi would destroy it

by their age old method of deceit with no danger of Adam’s

children becoming aware of who is behind the scenes. These

intermediate objectives took long and effective planning with the

placing of “stooges”, spies and paid agents in proper places within

the governments. These were to bring about events which would

lead to the war. It was the “Midnight Hour” of which the Prophets

had spoken and written. Satan knew that his time was limited and

that he must do his work before the dawn of daylight when the

Creator’s children would awaken and destroy him and his children

as they had been told to do by their Heavenly Father. Satan had to

work fast in terms of “time”, which is the measurement of motion.

The nation which he must destroy in Western Europe was

awakening to the deceitful work of his children within its borders.

They were doing the same works as those which had caused them

to be banished from other nations of Adam’s family in the past. Yet,

this time, they were being directed more closely and were laying

the foundations for the destruction of that nation. They worked

closely with the children of Satan who controlled the Satanic

government to the East and once again Satan’s children, the

Yehudi were the advance guard for the invasion of Western Europe

as they had been in the days of the Mongol hordes of Genghis

Khan. This time they were trickier. They had timed their plans well.

Why should they fight these good fighters of Adam’s family who


God’s battle‑axe? Why not arrange for the stupid Goyim’s brothers

to do the job? With their financial and political control well

established in the nations of Adam’s family, it would be an easy

matter to turn brother against brother once more. Satan’s children

had always succeeded in this objective in the past, so why not

again? So they did. They used every means available, the press,

the radio and motion pictures to distribute propaganda against the

nation in Western Europe, which they feared. They sent spies and

agents to the great nation across the seas, which they planned to

control for the success of their future World Government. They

planned once more to use the great nation of God’s Kingdom and

its tremendous wealth to destroy an intermediate barrier to their

future final objective. Before the final blow could be arranged it was

necessary that the Yehudi establish a strong position within the

government of the new nation across the seas. The children of

Adam who were virtual slaves in that land were opposing Satan’s

form of government in the landmass of Russia. The Yehudi leaders

ordered the mass murder of over seventy million of Adam’s

children in the Ukraine. While performing these atrocities, they


murdered a few of their own lesser brethren in order to confuse the

issue and hide their deceit. They were in a position to make big

news about the few lesser Yehudi they had disposed of and this

made it difficult to fix responsibility for the crimes. The Yehudi

criminals have a slang expression for this procedure. They call it a

“cleanup” or a “whitewash”. They arrange for one of their criminal

element to be attacked, but seldom seriously injured. Of course it

would then be silly to think that the Yehudi themselves were

involved. In serious projects of great importance, they think

nothing of eliminating some

lesser Yehudi to provide the confusion as to the guilty party. It is a

typical trick of Satan’s children. It was employed effectively in the

destruction of Adam’s children in the land of Russia. It is always

used to deceive law enforcement officials and relieve pressure

from Yehudi leaders. The atrocities were not completely hidden in

Russia and the slave state did not produce what had been

expected. The reputation of the government was falling and losing

the standing amongst other nations that the Yehudi had planned.

Because of these failures, it became necessary for Satan’s children

to use the reputation and support of the great new nation across

the seas. Their agents had infiltrated into the new nation’s

government and were immediately put to work. The moneyed

Yehudi in the new nation were told what to do and what to support

financially. It was an easy task for them because they had become

advisors to the highest government officials in the land. They

employed every means at their disposal to lay the groundwork for

their top agent to reach the new nation’s leader. This leader was

easily duped because he had received the financial and political

support of the Yehudi leaders in his nation for many years. He was

beholden to them both financially and politically. The meeting with

the Yehudi ambassador was held secretly. The next day, the leader

of the new nation announced that the government of Satan’s

children was to be officially recognized by the government of

Adam’s children. He made certain agreements, receiving promises

that Satan’s form of government would not be brought to the young

nation’s land, but he was just as sound asleep as all of

Adam’s families were to the deceitful ways of Satan and his

children. They promised anything and everything, with no intention

of keeping any of their promises. The end justified the means. So,

in this manner, Yehudi spies and agents were able to effectively

infiltrate the new land. They came as trade specialists and as

diplomats. They used the prestige and power of God’s children and

His nation to

further deceive other nations of God’s children. These good nations

wondered if their brethren of the young nation knew what they

were doing. The Yehudi knew that if the government of Satan’s

children could obtain recognition, then the people of Adam’s family

who were in slave camps might give up hope for freedom or

assistance from their brothers in the flesh, and be less troublesome

to the Yehudi. It was necessary to break the resistance to Satan in

the nations of Adam’s family who lived closer to the land where

Satan’s government held sway. This was convenient to the long

range plan of the Yehudi leaders

and it was a necessary part of their plan. Satan’s children always

kept a bag of tricks at hand and one of the tricks is to pose as very

devout persons, while secretly planning to destroy the children of

God’s Kingdom and their works on Earth. The long‑range plans of

the Yehudi were always laid with phases and objectives. If delays

occurred, it was only the timing, which was affected. If minor

defeats or obstacles came unexpectedly, the Yehudi were always

in a position to withdraw for a time and then arrange their recovery

to advance from the position they had reached up to that point in

time. It was with this method that they laid plans for the destruction

and capture of the nation of Yahweh’s Kingdom and the children of

Adam. The economic plans provided for complete control of the

nation’s money as well as the money of other nations of

Adam’s children. One nation could be played against another. In

this way, the power of money and gold, which had been in their

hands for many centuries, could be used to arrange situations and

conditions where Adam’s children could destroy one another in

planned conflicts. Even though a few lesser Yehudi were to be lost

in these conflicts, it made no difference to the Yehudi leaders so

long as their overall objectives were reached. For this reason it was

essential that the money of the wealthy new nation be controlled.

The leader of the new nation was used to accomplish this result.

Chief agents of the Yehudi

advised him and in this manner they could deceive him as well as

the nations of the entire world. They had no fear of the majority of

Adam’s children because the majority could always be led by

agents provocateur and scalawags in the employ of the Yehudi.

The majority had always been wrong because of their blindness

that the Heavenly Father had placed upon them many hundreds of

years prior to the

time He came to Earth to save them. He had set the time in the

latter days when He would take the blindness off His people and

that time has not arrived as yet. Satan and his children have been

very much aware of the blindness upon the part of Adam’s children

and take advantage of it constantly. During the hours of darkness

the leader of the new nation had been induced by the Yehudi to

stop the

production of gold in his nation. He induced Congress to pass

unlawful legislation, which would prohibit his people from owning

the precious metals that had been used as a basis for their medium

of exchange under Satan’s money system for many years. This,

along with the banking system that the Yehudi controlled,

permitted completion of arrangements for a large war between the

nations of Adam’s children and the destruction of the one nation in

the old land that would otherwise stop Satan’s children from their

objectives. It was a nation of Adam’s children in close proximity to

the nation that the Yehudi had invaded and stolen. It was a nation of

strong people, dedicated to their Heavenly Father and the

teachings of Yahweh. According to the Yehudi plans, these people

must be destroyed. They were the only children of Adam capable

of upsetting plans of the Yehudi to place Satan’s government in

control of the entire world. The new nation across the seas could

not be taken unless the spies and agents of the

Yehudi could penetrate and invade the land. This they did during

the days of the great conflict. Many children of Adam’s family in

that older nation which had engendered the hate of Satan’s children

were killed by the air bombardments from their brethren across the

seas. The bodies of these dead were disposed of by burning in

large ovens and by mass burial. Here again was an opportunity for

the Yehudi to use Satan’s trick of the “big lie”. The Yehudi claimed

publicly that the burned bodies were those of the Yehudi. This was

a “big lie” as the Yehudi criminals had stolen into the new nation

across the seas on troop ships that had brought its soldiers to the

old land. The invading Yehudi called themselves refugees and

came to the new nation unlawfully. They called themselves by

other nationalities, which were of Adam’s family when in reality

they were the children of Satan. They came in great numbers and

were assisted by the Yehudi who were already living in the new

nation. They were the advance guard of Satan’s government who

came to prepare the way and to take over the new nation just as

they had been the advance guard and the agents who prepared the

way for the invasion of another land by the hordes of Genghis

Khan, the Mongol who was their brother of the flesh. Their agents in

high places within the government of the new nation had laid plans

for the financial condition of the invading Yehudi. They were to be

provided with unlimited funds. One of their agents had wormed his

way into the Treasury Department. This agent, along with one of

Adam’s children who had been in the employ of the Yehudi, sent

the plates of the nation’s money to their comrades in the old land

during the conflict. The money was printed by Satan’s government

and was placed in the hands of the Yehudi who were to invade the

new nation as refugees. In this manner they were wealthy upon

their arrival and could buy all that they might need, including land,

apartment houses, motels, businesses of all kinds and even social

position. After the great conflict had accomplished results desired

for the long‑range plans of the Yehudi, the next

step was to destroy the internal government of the invaded land.

The Constitution was to be scrapped. Education was to be changed.

The Enosh in the new nation were to be employed against Adam’s

children and the Yehudi revenge against the men of the South

would be completed. With approximately six million agents who

had invaded the land during the great conflict, pressure was

applied to remove certain information from the next census that

would be taken. The data was removed because if it were included

in the census it would reveal that the six million Yehudi who were

claimed to have been murdered in the old land were now in the

new nation. Their presence was not in accord with the immigration

laws of the nation and they would be subject to deportation if

discovered. Their “big lie” would then be exposed because many

children of Adam’s family were awakening. They were becoming

aware of the deceit and evil of the Yehudi in their land. They were

becoming more and more suspicious as the Yehudi revealed

himself as a supporter of Satan’s form of government. The Yehudi

leaders feared prosecution and banishment from the land as had

occurred in the past in other nations of Adam’s family. They used

every means to prevent their exposure. The press and

newspapers, the radio, the television and all means of mass

communication, which they controlled. In spite of this, Adam’s

children were to remember the Word of Yahweh who said, “By

their works ye shall know them.”

The Yehudi leaders had promised the Enosh all of that land known

as the Southern States of the new nation. They promised to give

them control of the government and the rule over Adam’s children

in that land. Every effort was made to advance the Enosh to high

positions in the land. They were to be helped by the Yehudi in the

entertainment business and be pushed ahead in every phase of the

business world that was under Yehudi control. They were to be

organized by the Yehudi and be agitated against Adam’s children to

cause trouble and disorder throughout the land. The Enosh were to

be employed as the frontline troops against Adam’s children while

the Yehudi sat back in the tall grass out of danger. The disorders

were planned to assist in the emergency type government which

would be necessary to the complete take over of the land mass of

Russia. It was to be co_ordinated with their take over of the high

places in the government. Their control was so extensive that they

could play both ends against the

middle and have their man in any high political office they desired.

It has always been the plan of Satan and his children to concentrate

governmental power at one source. With this accomplished, it has

been easier to steal the central thus they had to destroy the State

governments and pull all power into one location. Their long range

plans had been laid well. Many years had been employed to bring

about a gradual centralization of governmental power. There was

one weakness in the plans which worried Satan’s children. This

was the resistance of strong men of Adam’s family in the South.

The Southern States must be destroyed. The plan was to destroy

the South along with the destruction of the States’ governments

and the Constitution, hitting several birds with one stone and

providing a means for confusion as to vital issues. The already

concentrated power of the Yehudi and their agents could be used

for these purposes. It would be started by stirring up the Enosh and

demanding that they be put in

the same schools with Adam’s young children in the Southern

States. In this manner the Enosh could be used to eventually

destroy the Holy seed. The Yehudi chiefs knew that Adam’s family

in the Southern States would resist. Their degree of resistance

would offer an opportunity to evaluate the advancement of Satan’s

plans. It would also provide an opportunity to smear and harm the

reputation of an old enemy, the sons of those men in the South

who had nearly upset Satan’s plans during the early years of the

Republic. This early antagonism had never been forgiven by

Satan’s children and Satan was determined to make these Sons of

God pay for their earlier stubbornness and resistance. His plans

provided for using Adam’s blind children against their brethren as

Satan had always done before. His paid agents were on the job and

the degree of centralized power that had already been established

up to this point needed testing. Here in the South was the place to

put it to a test. The children of Satan had always been

cautious. They wanted to know when to run. They knew that they

could go only so far with the children of Adam at each step. If they

were to proceed too far in any one step the flesh of Adam’s

children would become red with anger. The wrath of their

countenance would appear and they would become God’s

“battle‑axe” as He had foretold. This was the time, the midnight

hour had passed. The darkness of the night would slowly disappear

and the daylight hours were near. At what exact hour the daylight

would strike, no one knew except the Creator. Each hour of

suffering in the darkness would bring Adam’s children closer to the

time when they would all see the light. When that daylight hour

struck, Satan’s children would all be revealed. The children of Light

would then do the works of their Heavenly Father.

He would return to the Earth and bring His Kingdom with Him.

Every knee would bend, every head would bow and every tongue

would proclaim Him King. Yahweh, the King of the Universe would

bring His government to Earth because Adam’s children of the

flesh would have seen the “light” and would have done their work,

which He had sent them to Earth to do. The blindness would be off

them and they would know that they were the Sons and Daughters

of the living God. Their nation had performed its divine mission. It

would have provided the sons and daughters of the Most High who

remain and occupy the Earth, being His “battle‑axe” to resist Satan

until His second coming. They would have cleansed their land of

Satan’s children and all “sin” which is the evil power of their God’s

evil enemy. Only Adam’s children would then occupy their land, as

they had been told to do from the beginning. Many of Satan’s

children would be crying “peace, peace”, but there would be no

peace. Many of Adam’s blind children would repeat the cry for

“peace, peace”, not knowing that it is the cry of Satan to deceive

Adam’s children and their nation. Satan and his children only desire

the kind of “peace” that would lead to the destruction of Yahweh

and His family on Earth. It is only for Adam’s children to revive the

word of their Father and realize that they will not have peace until

they have destroyed Satan’s children as they have been ordained

and instructed to do. They would suddenly realize that they have

been waiting for the Heavenly Father to do the things that He had

sent them into the Earth to do in His

Name. They have a legal “power of attorney”  a written authority to

act in His Name. They were told to be His “battle‑axe” and to fight

Satan on Earth. They are to occupy the Earth and rule in

righteousness with Him at the head of their government. Until this

is done, no peace with Satan can be obtained. It has been fore

ordained that victory is to be theirs but they must be brave enough

to “fight” and shed their blood in sacrifice if necessary. When they

do that, Victory is theirs!

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