Was Stalin Jewish ? Jacob Berman a former secretary-general of the Polish Communist Party and the dictator over "liberated" Poland. (When Berman became the strong-man over Poland, Walter Winchell made the announcement on his Sunday evening propaganda broadcast. The statement stood entirely alone, without explanation.

It seemed that his purpose in making the announcement was to inform his enormous Jewish radio audience that their kinsmen had triumphed over the hated, intensely-Christian Poles. His boastful announcement was safe, for not one White American in a thousand suspected the racial identity of Berman (or even Walter Winchell, for that matter))

In July, 1950, both Jewish and general-circulation newspapers carried stories that Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, who was put in charge of Police operations some months earlier, was anti-Semitic and "reportedly" had removed Berman and also from East Germany, Gerhardt Eisler, with several other high Jewish officials.

But a subsequent dispatch in some Jewish papers said that these Jews "reportedly" had been called back to Moscow. Note that both series of reports, the original and the later, qualifying reports, were given as hearsay. Robert Williams questioned a number of non-Jewish readers and found that all who saw the article had the impression that there was some mistreatment of Jews behind the Iron Curtain. It is so easy for the strategists, using their infiltrees into the press and radio, to make our people believe what they want us to believe, especially since we are virtually unable to reply with the full facts in this land which idealizes (sic) freedom of the press.

It seems probable that this is no more than the long expected move to make the Poles and Germans feel that Communism is losing its Jewishness. Germany is the balance of power between the East and the West; the Communists must have Germany if they are to conquer the world.

Therefore they may go to great lengths, even liquidating a few conspicuous Jews, or reporting them liquidated, even risking the temporary bafflement and defection of the Jewish masses in the West; in order to deceive and win the Germans.

Later they can easily win back the Jewish masses. It worked perfectly, as we know from our study of history over the past few decades. Meanwhile, of course Berman and Eisler was able to issue orders to their respective charges from Moscow as readily as Eisler issued orders for all Communist operations in the Western Hemisphere from a hideout in New York City. (A month after the original propaganda stores appeared, the name of Eisler came through in news dispatches from Europe in connection with Communist operating in East Germany; but one may wonder whether this mention, in small type, erased the impression in the mind of the American people, who even bothered to notice, that Jews were being mistreated by Rokossovsky)

In Russia proper the two most powerful front men, Stalin and Molotov, were married to Jewesses. Stalin's wife (his third) was the sister of Kaganovich, the Jewish Commissar of Heavy Industries and dictator over all the great industrial cities of slave labor. (It has been estimated that Kaganovich worked 15 to 20 million non-Jews. He employed many of his kinsmen in his bureaucracy, but he does not enslave Jews)

There was increasing suspicion that Stalin himself was Jewish. He had always been considered a Semitic-Mongoloid mixture, perhaps non-Jewish. MANY JEWS, HOWEVER, BELIEVED HIM TO BE ONE OF THEM, and a columnist in the Los Angeles B'nai B'rith Messenger, March 3, 1950, col. 2, p. 5 wrote: "A FORMER SOVIET GENERAL CLAIMS THAT JOSEPH STALIN ES OF JEWISH ANCESTRY."


Molotov's wife was the sister of Sam Karp (The name is often misspelled Carp) of Karp Export and Import Co., Bridgeport, Conn. Molotov's daughter, therefore, is a Jew (for a half-Jew is a Jew). Molotov will not turn against his own daughter, unless absolutely necessary.

Mr. Ashberg, who was known throughout the banking world as a Jewish financier at the Nia Banken in Sweden before the Bolshevik Revolution, and was reported by Edgar Sisson as having arrive in Russia two months after the successful "October Revolution," remained in Russia and was the banker for the U.S.S.R.

The London Evening Star reported a visit by Ashberg to Switzerland:

"...for secret meetings with Swiss government officials and banking executives. Diplomatic circles describe Mr. Ashberg as 'the Soviet Banker' who advanced large sums to Lenin and Trotsky in 1917.

“ At the time of the revolution, Mr. Ashberg gave Trotsky money to form and equip the first unit of the Red Army. A spokesman of the Soviet Legation in Berne said 'Mr. Ashberg's visit will be private. He has property in Switzerland...'

“ The financial attach é of the Soviet Legation described Mr. Ashberg as 'the most unusual man the Kremlin has ever sent to the West. He bears no official title, is attached to no government department, is not in the Soviet Foreign Service and is not a member of the Cominform.'"

Note that Banker/Communist Ashberg was even permitted to own property, and in a capitalist nation. Non-Jewish bankers; competitors of Jewish finance, were liquidated as capitalists soon after the revolution.

Hardly anyone in the Soviet apparatus is more powerful than the banker. Hardly any Communist is more influential than Rakosi, Ana Pauker, Stalin or Molotov; all Jews or married to Jews. It need hardly be reiterated, therefore, that no power as yet has seriously threatened the Jews behind the Kremlin. They still manage what their spokesman chose to call the "huge flock of Russian sheep" and it is still the racial element which makes Communism so destructive to the Russians.

Following is part of a speech given by United States Representative McFadden before Congress in 1934, and is recorded in The Congressional Record, House pages 11841‑11844, in which he said:

"Mr. Speaker, the recognition of Russia by the United States was consummated by President Roosevelt and M. Litvinoff, alias Finkelstein, representing Russia...on specific proof of the activates of the Russian Government I now desire to call your attention to a booklet entitled 'Why Communism?' by M.J. Olgin, published by Workers Library...which is Russian Communist Propaganda, a Russian born Jew, has a long history of revolutionary activities in the U.S. since 1915, took a Ph. D. degree at Columbia University.

“ He has been editor of many racial publications in Soviet Russia, before coming here, and in 1924, was a candidate for the New York State Assembly on the Communist party ticket.

“ Students of radicalism know the present Soviet Government in Russia was organized by aliens and not representative of the thoughts and ideas of the 150 million citizens of Russia, and that the controlling body in 1930, was as follows:

STALIN (GEORGIAN JEW)         Soviet Political Breau

Micazan            "     "                             Agriculture.

Monjinsky  (Polish Jew)   Head of the OGPU (KGB)

Tomsky "     "     Trade Union Control

Ricoff    (Russian Jew)    Head of Committees

Litvinoff  "     "     Foreign Affairs

Kamener           "     "     Concessions Department

Russians   32    Armenions                     10

Poles         2     Georgians                       3

Checks     1      Hungarians                      1

Letts     34        Germans                       10

Finns       3       Jews                             469

“ It is significant to note that the recent overthrow of the German Government by the Hitler movement was caused by the preponderance of Jews in the German Government, in the Universities as Lawyers, as Physicians, as Bankers, the Complete Domination of all Exchanges, in Commerce, in the Theater, Moving-Picture Industry and in Politics.

“ And now in the present United States Government it is noticed that an increasing number of Jews occupy high key positions in all departments. In this connection I quote from an article appearing in the Washington Herald under date of June 2, 1934: 'New York, June 2 ‑‑ Ten thousand persons in Madison Square Garden heard Earl Brodder, General Secretary of the Communist Party, declare tonight that the [Jewish] forces that created the Soviet Union are going to create a Soviet Power in Germany and the United States.'

“ Brodder spoke at a meeting under the auspices of 100 Jewish organizations to celebrate the conferring of autonomy upon Biro‑Bidjon, in Eastern Siberia, I want to remind loyal Americans that it is well to remember the boring‑from‑within tactics pursued by these aliens and usurpers who pursued these tactics in Soviet Russia which caused the downfall of their government and set up the present Communist‑Jewish controlled government which is now in operation in Russia, and to point out that the same kind of aliens and usurpers are now at work in the United States to establish a form of government other than Constitutional Government, and in order to do this they are seeking to paralyze industry, to destroy patriotism, and finally, to secure the overthrow of the government itself in the United States..."

JOSEF STALIN (REAL NAME IOSIF DZHUGASHVILI) altered census figures to hid the millions of famine deaths when the Ukraine and northern Caucasus region had an extremely poor harvest in 1932, just as Stalin was demanding heavy requisitions of grain to sell abroad to finance his industrialization programs which was on top of enforced collective farming of 1929.

               Joseph Stalin s Jewish Connections

Stalin had many Jewish connections through marriage. MOST NOTABLY STALIN ’ S THIRD WIFE WAS THE JEWESS ROSA KAGANOVICH, sister of his right hand man, Lazar Kaganovich, mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Also Stalin's daughter, Svetlana, married Mihail Kaganovich, son of Lazar in 1951. Stalin's son, Vassili, married Svetlana Molotov, the half‑Jewish daughter of then vice‑premier Molotov, whose wife was a sister to Jewish businessman Sam Karp of the Karp Export‑Import Co. of Bridgeport, Conn. (The preceding information was drawn from a July 15, 1951 Associated Press article "Miss Stalin Lavishly Wed" and a July 14, 1941 Life magazine article highlighting the Kaganovich family.)