Watchman Willie Martin Archive

                              Signs of The Times

This was written several years ago, but it is even more true now than when it was first penned. It was sent out via a newsletter we used to mail out via snail mail; but as the message is still true, we believe that it should be revisited and sent out via email.

Today one wonders to what extent should a people be prepared to defend their homes, their independence, and their freedom? It might not be necessary to ask such a question, and it would not, if the knowledge of fundamental principles of defense, were know to White Americans. It is through lack of such information that men are following pacifists proclaiming that preparation for war or for defending ones self, or family will result in war or confrontation with a criminal, therefore, are advocating complete disarmament as a means of preventing future conflicts.

But the truth is, there are aggressive nations and individuals that recognize but one principle, that might makes right. So if the pacifists were to have their way, liberty and freedom would soon pass away as ambitious and ruthless dictators or individuals extend their power and will over individuals, neighborhoods or states. It is inevitable if an individual or state is unarmed a stronger aggressor nation or criminal will strike before the weaker opponents can become properly prepared to successfully meet that aggression.

When one speaks of liberty they must keep in mind that without God there can be no liberty; that is why the anti-christ jews and others who wish to see the destruction of the United States is seeking the removal of the means of self-defense against a nation gone mad with jewish control at every important point. And is the reason they are working so hard to destroy the True Christian religion in America today. For if they can remove God from America completely then America will become a dictatorship under the control of the jews and their long desired dream of world control will become a fact.

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Corinthians 3:17)

It makes one weep long and hard to realize just how much the enemy has been able to accomplish in a nation that was founded on Christianity no matter what the jews and antichrist elements would have you believe. When they say different they are lying; they may not know that they are but they are. However, the vast majority know that is the truth but they hate our God and our Redeemer and our Savior.

If this were not true then they would simply let people believe what they wished and ignore them. But they know that God is real and that He will soon raise up the White Race and completely destroy them and so they are deathly afraid that our White Brothers and Sisters will come to know who they are and fulfill God’s Word that He gave Obadiah in verse 18. Following are many verses which show that the enemy will soon be destroyed completely from off the face of the earth: The Enemy (the Jews and their booklicks, the Judeo-Christian Clergy and all others that bow down to them and do their bidding) to be destroyed, or taken off the earth. (Exodus 17:14; Numbers 16:26; 24:20; Deuteronomy 7:6; 1 Chronicles 17:9; 2 Samuel 4:11; 7:10; Job 11:20; 18:5; 18:5; 21:17; 21:30; 31:3; Psalm 1; 69; 9:5-6; 9:16-17; 11:5-7; 31:17; 34:21; 37:8; 37:10; 37:14-15; 37:20; 37:28; 37:34; 37:38; 58:10; 68:2; 75:10; 92:7; 101:8; 104:35; 106:18; 112:10; 139:19; 145:20; Proverbs 2:22; 5:22; 10:30; 11:5; 13:9; 21:7; 24:20; 2 Esdras 13:9-11; 13:25-38; Ecclesiastes 8:10;  Jeremiah 6:29; 8:10-15; Ezekiel 20:37-38; 35; Isaiah 2:1-9; 11:4; 25:1; 30:27; 34:5-8;  51:34; 66:15-16, 24; Obadiah 1:1-10; 15-21; Nahum 1:15; Zephaniah 1:3; Zechariah 14:21; Malachi 4:1-2; Matthew 3:12; 13:36-38; 13:49-50; 21:41; Luke 19:14, 27; 2 Thessalonians 2:8; Jude 1:1‑12). To show that the Jews are Yahweh and Yeashua’s enemies: (Psalm 17:9; 22:16; 27:2)

The spirit of strife is in evidence in man's treatment of man under our present economic system of destructive competition, for business and criminal activity means money and lots of it. It also means war, in all too many instances. It is in these that we see the same desire and lust for power which manifests itself in the political activities of nations.

For the business between the two is that in business the power of finance, instead of the force of arms, is used to subject and enslave nations or people. Today millions are enduring economic slavery. Countless multitudes are suffering from lack of the necessities of life and are living in abject poverty in the midst of plenty. The same spirit that creates these conditions within motivates men in their relationships and causes wars and attacks against nations and individuals. Let us not be deluded by false hopes. There will be no peace and safety through disarmament; for the Scriptures attest that: "When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21) And Jesus commanded us, if we are to be fully faithful:  "He that hath no sword [gun], let him sell his garment, and buy one." (Luke 22:36)

Selfish and evil men are incapable of giving the world an administration of justice and peace. The reason for this is because at heart they are at enmity with God and are unable to think the thoughts of peace which are engendered through a love of our brethren of the White Race.

This is the year of 2000. There are so many immense things happening all over the world that it would be meaningless to restrict our thinking to just one area or nation. Foremost in our minds should be the survival of our people, our culture, our nation, our White Race, and Christianity itself. All of these are under a diabolical attack. This letter, is an effort to discuss some of the current affairs of selected countries in the world as they will directly relate to the survival and redemption of our White Race. If you think I am a racist, you are 100% correct. And I think you will understand why, soon enough, as you read this letter.

There are currently many articles published in magazines and newspapers, as well as presentations on television and radio, that are direct confrontations to the White Man. These articles have become so bold that they can be considered blatant racism directed against the White, Anglo‑Saxon, Germanic and kindred peoples of the United States of America.

The February 1992 issue of the Esquire Magazine is an excellent example. The cover, all in white, has in large print (3.75 inch) the words White Man. Then, in small (10 point) print at the bottom of the page the words "The Trouble With America." The articles discussing the point made on the cover are designed to degrade and destroy the morale and self esteem of the very people who founded this nation, the hard working, God‑fearing White Man. The photographs are revealing. There is a picture of a man, in sloppy physical condition with a pot belly, standing under the flag. There is a picture of three young, obviously poor children, one naked, and a little boy, again with a pot belly, shooting a BB gun at a paper plate. There is a picture of an obvious cult type man, again in poor physical shape, sitting cross legged without a stitch of clothing on.

Larry Bird is quoted as saying, "Basketball is a black man's game. I just try to fit in." There is an article on Charles Manson as being typical of White Man thinking. There is an article on the White Man being obsessed with hard rock and heavy metal music. There is an article on the number of White Children who are experiencing violent death and suicides. There is an article written by a black man telling the White Man what is wrong with him and the country.

Can you imagine the outcry which would result if a White Man were to write such an article about the Black Race and describing his degenerate and pagan actions. Or if a White Man were to write an article describing, the facts of history, that the Jews were the instigators of almost every war that has been fought for the past 3000 years! The newspapers, magazines, television shows and radio talk shows would shout their anger from the rooftops.

Then there is an article which shows the team surrounding [King] George Bush in his election campaigns. The Anglophile, Eastern establishment and the international Jewish banker somehow represents the White Man in this story. The Anglophile "Boston Brahmin" class, combining forces with the international Khazar bankers have reduced our once proud people to the status of the whipping boy of the other races of the world.

It has been pointed out, and probably correctly, that this current adventurous and precipitate outburst against the White Man is actually a dialectics. They, the enemies of Christianity and America, want reaction and they want it to be physical. The end result, of course, is their desire for martial law and the filling of their newly constructed concentration camps.

There are two choices. We either rise to the bait or we ignore it. If we knew what goes through the mind of those who have conquered us we would undoubtedly see that they are totally amazed at how mesmerized and tranquil we are. Why are we mesmerized? It is because we have been removed from our God by the judiazed Judeo-Christian Clergy. Once we no longer have God going with us into battle, we become afraid of the dark and of our own shadow. "But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God...The Lord shall cause thee to  be smitten before thine enemies: thou shalt go out one way against them, and flee seven ways before them..." (Deuteronomy 28:15, 25) When we no longer truly believe in everlasting life, we become petrified of death. Jesus said in Luke 12:4:  "And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more they can do."

We have all heard the old saying, "He sure is a salty guy." We even look at the saying in a negative sense. But what does it mean? Jesus said in Matthew 5:13, "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men."

In the Greek, the lack of salt in men means to be insipid. It means the lack of vigor, spirit, animation, lacking in the power of exciting emotion. Do we, as a people, fit the description of what Jesus was saying? We must because we certainly have been trodden under the foot of the enemies of Christ.

According to all of the other races of the world, the White Man is considered to be all that embodies evil. Their argument is that the White Man has destroyed the environment, depleted the natural resources, exploited all other peoples as slave labor, created the mass destruction of war and, in the process, lowered ourselves to fat, lazy, immoral, selfish slobs. All of those who hate Christ (the antichrists) direct their hatred and their efforts against the White Christian. This is blatant racism and it is being done for a political purpose. We need to understand this because the very survival of our Race depends on it.

Our culture is rapidly declining. The so‑called "melting pot" is boiling over and as it hits the fire, it stinks to high heaven. For one full generation, aliens from the third world have swarmed our land. Perhaps this is not quite so obvious in the great breadbasket of the nation but in the big cities, on the West coast and the East coast, along the Mexican border and in the South, it is all too apparent. Millions from Mexico,

Asia, Africa, and the non‑white world have migrated to America to plunder the riches of this land. With millions of these aliens plugged into welfare and social security benefits, the financial infrastructure of America is near collapse. The cost of caring for AIDS (Acquired Infernal Deadly Sin) victims is about to bankrupt the social health care services.  The industrial power of the United States has packed up and moved to countries where cheap labor, government regulations, and environmental restrictions are favorable to manufacturing. The signs of a coming financial collapse abound everywhere. While the traitors in government push for every more international commerce.

One of the most detrimental acts; an act which is clearly evident to those who will only look, which is helping to destroy our beloved America, is international commerce! Yet, our people have been led to believe by traitorous leaders that commerce is good and wonderful. Instead of the tool of destruction Satan is using in his never ending efforts to destroy God's people, the Anglo‑Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred peoples of the word.

Yes the so‑called Christian Nations of the Western World, of whom the United States, the New Jerusalem spoken of in the scriptures; the home of the Kingdom of God when Christ comes to take over His rightful place as the ruler of the earth, are being destroyed by international commerce and because of the culpability of the media, our people cannot see what is happening.

Michaelis in his Commentary on Laws of Moses, Article 39, pointed out the extreme indifference of Moses toward foreign or maritime commerce. To some of the politicians of our day, this will seem little short of remarkable.

Yet there is obvious some erroneous ideas lies at the bottom of their amazement. For when they observe the wealth acquired, in recent years, by Japan and Germany, through foreign trade; which is so striking, many are apt to think commerce alone is the true source of national prosperity, and that it is the greatest benefit which a legislator can confer upon his constitutes.

The mere mention of the name "commerce" fascinates their imagination and seems to make them incapable of sound and sober reflection and comparison. In the stupor and delirium of their dreams of vast wealth and power they are totally oblivious to the fact that commerce is proving to be the ruin of both public and private prosperity; the approaching destruction of our beloved country, as too many superfluous commodities are imported, and America is plunged into the mire of foreign indebtedness.

The main cause of this over valuation of commerce, as compared to agriculture is; those of agriculture are reserved and modest; seldom coming to the public notice [unless something stops the food from getting to their grocery shelves], whereas those of commerce lie upon the surface and are more open to general observation.

Japan appears to be the most commercial nation on earth today. Her trade with the United States is enormous; yet the entire annual movement of this commerce both ways would pale in insignificance to that of agriculture were in not for the action of those in government to destroy America's power. Commercial pursuits are unstable and are drastically effected to changes, in the international markets; whereas agricultural are solid and much less effected by international whelms. The prizes in commerce are few; when one individual or company rises hundreds sink into oblivion and ruin.

The physical and moral influences of commerce and agriculture is almost indescribable. Where agriculture is both mother and father of health, industry, temperance, cheerfulness, friendliness, and frugality; of simple manners, pure and strong morals; of patriotism and domestic virtues and above all that sturdy independence, without which a man is not a man; but becomes feminine and is the slave or servant [Is not America becoming a servant nation?] the plaything of the anti‑Christs and heathens. Agriculture produces and cherishes a spirit of equality and sympathy.

Buying and selling are the chief business of cities, where the giving and receiving of wages an hourly or daily transaction. It produces a collision of interests and feelings, which of necessity checks the feeling of sympathy.

International commerce creates immorality, indifference, apathy, crime, drug abuse; in other words everything that is evil and anti‑God, anti‑Christ, anti‑Christian and anti‑American. The goals of Satan. Agriculture strengthens love of country, racial pride.

The heart of the farmer and rancher is tied to the fields and pastures, where he bestows his love and labor, which responds in turn to his work by clothing itself in beauty and riches beyond measure. More especially when possessions have come down through a long line of honored ancestors, which strengthens even more the attachment he feels to his home and country.

Agriculture produces the highest degree of conservation in its nature and every action. It is a great antagonist of that Satanic spirit of liberalism, radicalism and revolutionary innovations, which is the greatest enemy of Christian institutions which was observed long ago by Aristotle, who stated:

It is in the occupation of the rural life, that ones mind is the most tranquil, sober and unclouded by media hype. It is in such an atmosphere, one can most clearly discern the relations of things; to look beyond the spur of the moment, the events of a day.

It is from the country, from the land free nations have drawn many of their greatest leaders and patriots. An Israelite farmer was summoned from the quiet of farm life on the distant plains of Midian, to become the lawgiver and founder of a mighty republic.

It was an American farmer who led the first American army to victory, and secured for his grateful and admiring countrymen [with God's help], the blessings of liberty, independent self‑government.

Our American government and American people should follow Moses and give no encouragement to international or maritime commerce because:

However, we should point out, there is one form of commerce which is beneficial to America and its people: That is commerce. Which made America rich and powerful in the first place!

Personal and corporate bankruptcies are skyrocketing in the United States. The combined total of private and business bankruptcies for 1991 reached one million or more. The debt structure of the American people has reached the point of no return. Credit cards, "buy now and pay later," and the inability to control the insatiable lust for material possessions has caused personal debt to climb out of sight and out of mind.

The American Banking System is faltering, failing, and crumbling. Thousands of people have withdrawn money, fearing a run on the banks. The FDIC has some 1,072 banks on its problem list, with others being added daily. Is your money safe in the bank? Don’t count on it Many did, and have lost everything. You don't believe it then check with the people of Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maryland.

The crisis within the insurance industry is growing, as well. Runs by policy holders toppled several big insurance companies, including Executive Life, Executive Life of New York, First Capital, Fidelity Bankers, and Mutual Benefit. Investments in junk bonds and problem real estate are shaking the foundations of many of the largest insurance companies in America. Some have already gone bankrupt.

Depressed real estate markets are rampant throughout America. Towering office buildings, hotels, motels, and real estate holdings stand for sale, unoccupied with high debt structure and no potential for future sales.

A depressed urban housing market has frozen tens of thousands of people in homes that will not sell. The banks are foreclosing on thousands because of the falling real estate values, not because the people have missed payments or were late with them, but because the banks are simply removing homes from the American people in fulfillment of the objectives of the New World Order to remove property from individuals.

Jobless Americans are common place. People are competing for minimum wage jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs in 1991, with no hope of recovering them. Defense cutbacks will return tens of thousands of military people to the civilian work place. With industry beating a fast track to countries outside the continental United States, all too many of these jobs are gone forever. Job security in America is long gone. College graduates walk the streets in search of jobs that are not there. The unemployed American labor force grows restless. The unemployed swarms of young blacks roam the inner city districts of America.

The welfare roles are climbing and social services are being stretched to the limits in all the major cities. Municipal governments, state governments, and the Federal Government are on the verge of bankruptcy. WHILE OUR TRAITOROUS LEADERS SEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO ZIONIST MURDERERS!

Yet our leaders would have us believe that the economy is the best in many years, when the truth is the complete opposite. Our children and grand children will never see the America those of us older men/women saw and grew up in. Their world will always be one of both husband and wife with those families that the government and the Judeo-Christian churches have not destroyed, working at one job and sometimes even two; just to get enough food on the table to eat.

Crimes of violence have turned American cities into virtual war zones. No woman or child is safe in any city of America. Murder, rape, armed robbery and assault are commonplace in broad daylight in every major city in America, most of which are committed by blacks, Mexicans and Asians; but you don't see or hear the Jewish owned media report that do you? The proliferation of drugs has overwhelmed the police in all major cities. Alcoholism now affects millions of Americans. Getting stone drunk is now a favorite past time of high school and college students throughout America.

Millions of Americans live for the weekend drinking or doping binge. The moral debauchery of America is beyond human calculation. Queers, miscegenation, fornication, and adultery are proliferating at levels that make Sodom and Gomorrah look tame in comparison. The Moral and Spiritual decline of America is the root of all our problems ‑ Political, Economic and Social.

Our nation is in shambles. The seats for Senators and for Congressmen are bought and sold just like in the last days of Rome. There is not a statesman or a natural leader among them. A good man doesn't dare to run because he would be dead (either figuratively or literally) before he reached office. Our national debt is beyond the ability ever to be repaid and it was intended to be that way.

The entire world is looking at the United States in utter amazement that we would be so willing to destroy ourselves. They consider us like the proverbial lemmings marching off into the sea to drown. The antichrists have almost destroyed the Christian faith within America, once a great and powerful Christian Nation. We have allowed, with no resistance, as a people, an antichrist government to re‑evaluate the first amendment separation of church and state. If we won't stand up and fight for our God, our families, then just what will we fight for?

But all of this is going to change. From the mountains of information coming in from all over the world, e decade of the 1990's is going to be the most exciting, the most violent, the most rewarding ten years in the history of our people. WE HAD BETTER FASTEN OUR SEATBELTS BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE FROM HERE ON!

Which is a fulfillment of prophecy where the Children of Israel; the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people will be cast down and trodden upon by the antichrists and the ungodly of the earth. “The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.” (Joel 2:10; 3:15)

Although it is difficult to see it right now in our current state of affairs, the European culture of the American people, down real deep, have the qualities that make for a winning epic struggle. We are discussing the White, Celto‑Saxon European Christians who found this nation. We are fat, lazy and selfish but down deep, somewhere, we are the same people that we once were and we will do it again.

BUT WE MUST HAVE GODS HELP. WHICH WE WILL ONLY GET WHEN WE, AS A PEOPLE, GET RIGHT WITH HIM AND OBEY HIS LAWS, STATUTES AND JUDGMENTS! We earnestly and sincerely believe that this happening on a broad scale right now. Isaiah said in chapter 52, "Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city [and that does not mean the Jerusalem under the enemies of Christ in the Middle East]: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean. Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion. For thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money. Now therefore, what have I here, saith the Lord, that my people is taken away for nought? they that rule over them make them to howl, saith the Lord; and my name continually every day is blasphemed. Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I." (Isaiah 52:1‑6)

Home schooling is becoming more the normal way of educating our children. And our governmental leaders are getting nervous about that, because they cannot indoctrinate our children when we refuse to send them to the atheistic, humanistic, antichrist government public schools. The understanding of the antichrist is now of utmost importance. The willingness to be in open defiance of court orders to suppress Christianity is becoming unrestrained. The resolve to defend the right to own firearms is becoming legend. the backbone of America is beginning to stiffen and God will bless it once again.

Many geo‑political predictions are not being offered by qualified men of stature. Admittedly, not all of the predictions will be accurate but enough will be for us to start preparing, NOT ONLY FOR OUR SURVIVAL BUT FOR VICTORY AND REDEMPTION AS GOD DESTROYS OUR ENEMIES.

Most of us would accurately state that our major concern currently is the internal affairs of our own country. If we will think about it for a moment, one will realize that the current economic recession is the direct result of the collapse of the Soviet Union. True, our entire economic and political structure was destined to fall sooner or later anyway but the actions of Russia are speeding along the process.

Some are saying that we won the cold war. No, how can you win anything when the entire scenario was arranged from the very beginning? The so‑called end of the cold war is to be just the beginning of world‑wide unrest and conflict. Which can be seen every day in the television news casts.

Soviet Russia, as much as we dislike the thought, was a stabilizing influence on all of Eastern Europe. It kept the peace, even though it was through brute force. There are over a hundred nationalities and languages in the old Soviet Union. Nearly all of the major religions of the world were represented in the Soviet Union.

With the so‑called breakup of the USSR the resentments and hatred because of the maltreatment of one group over another is already beginning to surface. In this modern age nearly all of the governments of the world have tried to teach that religion is a relic of the past and does not have an influence in our lives. This idea is totally wrong. Religion is still the major driving force of all of the countries, regions, races and tribes of the world. "You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy."

The current situation in Russia indicates that it will be the military personnel who could precipitate the internal conflict. They are being ignored in the current reorganization of the countries. They are losing their incomes, their housing and their feeling of worth. Already, many conferences are being held among the military officer corps in an attempt to resolve these issues. The military of any country always changes its allegiance to the new power structure because the new leaders realize the need and arrange for it. But this doesn't seem to be happening This would indicate it is intentional in order to help precipitate unrest.

SEVEN MAJOR TRENDS IN WORLD AFFAIRS: The 1990s was one of the most unstable periods in modern history. Not only is the U.S. and the entire West faced with, perhaps, the Greatest Depression in the history of the world, not only are George Bush and the Liberal Eastern Establishment planning to try to slam dunk a world government;

The New World Order, on all of us by the mid‑to‑late 1990's, but incredible upheaval appears to be inevitable in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and elsewhere around the world as a heavily armed, Western‑financed Communist world comes back to life, and the world of Islam erupts.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places...And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns...And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?..." (Matthew 24:6‑7; Revelation 13:1‑4)

1). AMERICAN RETRENCHMENT: Made necessary by the accumulated burdens of the Cold War, but exacerbated by European and Japanese protectionism abroad and by profligate economic, political and social policies at home. U.S. retrenchment will inevitably lead to a worldwide decline in American economic and military influence. Any such alteration in the world balance of power will have unforeseen consequences, with the European Common‑market, Japan, and other regional powers seeking to exploit such changes in their own benefit.

Even now America is in the process of military withdrawal from Europe and the Pacific. The establishment/globalist/Zionist types who have dominated U.S. Foreign Policy since 1945 have long pushed for an end of America's superpower status, and for America to become an "equal" among nations. Yet even now America puts up a pretense of greatness by bombing innocent Serbs and murdering our brother and sisters White Christians.

They believe that non‑leadership by American will help facilitate the formation of the New World Order global One World Government. Some nation or group of nations, however, will fill that power vacuum.

WE BELIEVE THAT POWER WILL BE REVITALIZED IN THE SOVIET UNION! As much as the Conservatives hate for America being the world policemen, we have functioned as such since the end of World War II. That era now appears to be coming to an end and a period of gross geopolitical turmoil and possible tyranny is about to follow.

2). THE DRIVE FOR UNION IN WESTERN EUROPE: A United States of Western Europe carved out of the existing European Community (EC) will be socialist, protectionist, Zionist and anti‑American. Its foreign policy will reflect a fear of radical Islam and of Moscow.

The multi‑national nature of the EC will mean its foreign policy will tend towards the easy option and appeasement. A United States of Western Europe will exercise a malign influence on world trade policy as protectionist measures become increasingly necessary to insulate European industry against the rising costs of its own social legislation.

The United States of Western Europe will be the largest economic bloc in the world with 380 million people. It will quickly forget America's 50 years of friendship and military protection since the onset of World War II and will move to cutthroat competition against the Jewish dominated U.S. It will also become totally neutral toward the Soviet Union and before the end of the decade, because of its leftist politicians and pacifist public, will be decidedly anti‑American, anti‑Israel and pro‑Soviet.

Which will cause the Jews to become fearful and they will start yet another war in their never ending effort to destroy the people they hate most in the world. But this will be just the beginning of their total annihilation as spoken of in the Book of Obadiah: "And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau [the Jews] for stubble, and they [Jacob and Joseph] shall kindles in them [Esau ‑ the Jews], and devour them; and THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY REMAINING OF THE HOUSE OF ESAU [the Jews]; for the Lord hath spoken it." (Obadiah 18)

The war will be started against Germany once again, just as it has been the past two times, but this time there will be a difference: "In that day will I made the governors of Judah [Germany] like an hearth of fire among the wood [Esau ‑ the Jews], and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they [Germany first ‑ then Jacob and Joseph] shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem [The United States of America] shall be inhabited again in her own place [our Israel people will overthrow the Jewish control], even in Jerusalem. THE LORD ALSO SHALL SAVE THE TENTS OF JUDAH [Germany] FIRST, that the glory of the house of David [England] and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem [Jacob ‑ Joseph] do not magnify themselves against Judah [Germany]. In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God..." (Zechariah 12:6‑8)

3). THE RESUSCITATION OF THE SOVIET UNION: Western politicians are determined to resuscitate the Russian empire at the expense of the individual republics. The direct consequence of this will be to place Europe once again in the shadow of a militarily‑powerful Russia. In the absence of a significant U.S. presence in Europe, EC foreign policy will reflect this reality.

The strategy behind the August '91 Soviet pseudo‑coup worked perfectly, as U.S. and Western aid are now pouring into the Soviet Union, as America and Europe are plunging into disarmament, and as the Soviets continue to quietly and dramatically increase their military strength. Within 3‑5 years the Soviet Union will emerge STRONGER than ever and will accelerate its onslaught against the West. Then led by their secret rulers the Jewish Cahilla, Russia will attack the Christian Nations of the world in a war of extermination!

4). THE LEBANONIZATION OF EASTERN EUROPE AND THE BALKANS: The ethnic conflicts of Eastern Europe and the Balkans look set to become endemic. The exclusion of Eastern Europe produce from the European community is exacerbating already severe economic problems, feeding the tensions that are leading to disintegration and civil war.

We believe the Soviets, news media comments to contrary notwithstanding, will continue to dominate much of Eastern Europe through closet communists or collaborators, such as Ion Iliescu in Romania and Lech Walesa in Poland; through KGB controlled secret police throughout Eastern Europe; and through deception, manipulation and subterfuge. When freedom forces such as those in Croatia try to achieve true independence, the soviets or other communist enemies of the region will attempt to crush them.

5). GROWING JAPANESE ASSERTIVENESS IN ASIAN AND WORLD AFFAIRS: As America retreats from its worldwide dominance, and as the EC asserts itself in Europe, so Japan is likely to re‑assert itself in east Asia. Such a change in the Pacific balance of power will not be without consequences for Japan's neighbors and trading partners. Being a neighbor of the Soviet Union and dependent for its energy on the Middle East, Japan will be under the same pressures as Western Europe to appease Moscow and radical Islam.

Japan recognizes that America is in financial and military retreat throughout the region and all over the world [because of the undermining by the Jews in their never ending thirst to destroy Christians], and wants to fill that vacuum. Rearmament for Japan (conventional and nuclear) is now on the drawing boards. As in Europe, latent anti‑American sentiment will become overt as Japan tries to settle some old World War II scores with a weakened and retreating America. Within five years, Japan will be closer politically to the Soviet Union than America and developing the USSR as a major market for its products.

6). INCREASINGLY AGGRESSIVE ANTI-WESTERNISM OF CHINA AND ISLAM: An economic/military alliance between Red China and radical Islam is emerging. China is also moving much closer to the Soviet Union with most of their differences having been negotiated away over the past two years. In spite of their image of moderation and democratization, Red China is still run by hard‑core Marxist‑Leninists dedicated to world revolution and the destruction of America. Most of the billions in Chinese products now being consumed in America are still being made by slave labor. If an alliance between Marxist states, the so‑called "New" Soviet Federation, should emerge over the next few years, an economically weakened, disarmed America could find itself facing a formidable anti‑American axis of the Soviet Union, Red China, and radical Islam.

7). THE STRUGGLE FOR JERUSALEM: Buttressing radical Islam's hatred of the West is the struggle for control of Jerusalem which Moslems see as having been given to the Jews by America, the Great Satan. Nothing will change Islam's attitude towards Jerusalem, or Israel's commitment to keep it as the capital of Israel. In a world in which America's dominance diminishes; an Islam appeasing EC controls the northern shores of the Mediterranean; Russia is rejuvenated; China is arming the Arabs with nuclear weapons; and a Japan dependent on Middle East oil is more assertive on the world stage, it would not be at all surprising if the Arabs once against fancied their chances of taking Jerusalem.

The Bush/Baker sponsored Middle East peace conference was pushing the region closer to war, since no agreement of any kind is possible with the Jews, except total capitulation, so no agreement will be reached on the Golan Heights or West Bank in spite of Bush's efforts. Unfulfilled Arab expectations simply add to the volatility of the situation, as they realize that there is no other alternative to war. For the Jews intend to kill them every chance they get, and the Arabs finally decide that it is better to die fighting than to die lying down like whipped dogs.

Tens of billions more in weapons, Soviet and Chinese, have poured into the region since Operation Desert Storm, all designed for use against Israel and American interests. The Soviets have $80‑100‑billion in weapons repositioned in the region from Libya to Afghanistan for use later in this decade.

Meanwhile, the Soviets are promising the radical Islamic leaders of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, etc., to give the Moslems Jerusalem (the third holiest city in Islam, after Mecca and Medina) on a silver platter.  God is doing this in order to fulfill His prophecies in the Book of Ezekiel:  "And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog [the land of the Khazars ‑ the Eastern Jews], the chief prince of Meshech [Moscow] and Tubal, and prophesy against him. And say, Thus saith the Lord God...I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company...Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them...Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee." (Ezekiel 38:1‑6)

As America retreats from its position of military dominance, the world balance of power will shift dramatically. As England found earlier this century, once great powers relinquish their dominant world role, they seldom, if ever, get it back.  In spite of the bush pronouncements of world peace, something quite different is likely to emerge in the balance of the 1990s. As the prophet Jeremiah warned, "beware when they cry peace, peace and there is no peace."

"Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote for themselves largess from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, and is always followed by a dictatorship." (Alexander Tyler, 1776)


1). America has 760,000 lawyers, more than the rest of the world combined, and will reach one million by the year 2000. Which will be one lawyer for every 250 Americans. We now have 18‑million lawsuits in America annually.

2). The average time in prison for convicted U.S. murderers is 2.3 years; rapists 80.5 days; robbers 27 days; burglars 5.4 days. On the other hand, penalties for so‑called white collar crimes, or violation of privacy, environ-mental, civil rights, hate crimes, or gun control laws are far more severe (i.e., 5 to 10 times more severe than for murder, rape, robbery, etc.).

3). Violent crime in America appears to pay today. In spite of a high prison population, only 17 out of 100 murders result in a prison  sentence; the imprisonment rate for rape is 5.1%; for assault 1.5%; and for auto theft only 0.3%. And that is why honest law abiding Americans should be armed. THE SYSTEM IS NO LONGER INTERESTED IN PROTECTING ‑ IT IS ONLY INTERESTED IN ENSLAVING YOU!

4). Children of divorced parents are four times more likely to get divorced than children from intact families, according to research presented at the 99th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in San Francisco.

5). The National Center for Health Statistics says that as of 1988, one‑third of women ages 15‑44 had co habited (shacked up) at some time in their life; 45% of women age 25‑29 had done so.

6). Miami neurosurgeons have paid $220,000 on average for malpractice suits. There has been a 300 fold increase in medical malpractice suits across America since 1970.

Remember what the heads of Sephardim Jewry upon wrote in their extremity to the Elders of Zion, the Sanhedrin, then sitting in Constantinople, asking for advice as to what they should do. The mischievous reply to this appeal has come up to us across the years of history, and shows itself as being directly responsible for the growth of the Zionist Movement throughout the earth.

These Constantinople Elders responded: "Dear beloved brethren in Moses: We have received your letter...MAKE YOUR SONS DOCTORS AND APOTHECARIES, THAT THEY MAY TAKE AWAY CHRISTIANS LIVES. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: MAKE YOUR SONS CANONS AND CLERICS IN ORDER THAT THEY MAY DESTROY THEIR CHURCHES..."

7). The U.S. Statistical Abstract has reported that the percentage of births in 1988 to unmarried women in Sweden was about 51%; almost 26% in the U.S. and 1% in Japan. What does this say about morality in these countries?

8). Homosexual activists say the President will lift the ban on homosexuals in the military, probably shortly after the November '92 election.

9). Former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley designated Friday, September 13, 1991 as official Freddy Krueger day in honor of the fictional character in six horror movies. Krueger routinely murders and mutilates children in those movies. Apparently Mayor Bradley felt he was providing kids in blood‑ soaked Los Angeles with a role model and a day dedicated to death and destruction. The murder rate in LA increased 53% in the first half of 1991.

10). Despite Navy regulations against fraternization, 16% of women on ship duty get pregnant annually (i.e., 8,600). The crews are now 30% female and is expected to rise to 50% by 1996. Liberal feminist, Patricia Schroeder, (D‑CO) defends these pregnancies by saying that Navy females have sex with navy males to prove they are not lesbians. How is that for Brilliant Reasoning?

11). James Patterson, head of the J. Walter Thompson ad agency, wrote in his book The Day America Told The Truth that only 13% of  Americans still believe or practice the 10 Commandments; 91% lie regularly; a third have had pre‑marital sex; 20% of the women claim to have been date raped; and 7% would kill a stranger for $10‑million.

12). One‑third of child support payments, almost $5‑billion out of $15‑billion, are uncollected.

13). Violent crime rose 5% across America in the first half of '91, the rise attributed by law enforcement officers to the recession and  economic hard times. If that is true then what will happen when the real depression hits in the near future?

14). 51% of U.S. doctors would not choose that career if they could do it over, and 65% would advise their children against going into  medicine. More than half of U.S. lawyers say they would not go into law if they could do it over again. It's called 20‑20 hindsight!

15). 48 states now allow some form of gambling, part the so‑called "new morality" to offset the "new deficits."


1). The Department of Education recently spent $219,592 on a special course designed to teach college students how to watch TV.

2). The number of Americans now getting high school diplomas is at a record high of 76%, even as college test scores continue to plunge and more and more functional illiterates who cannot read, write or do basic math graduate from the government schools each year.

3). Several so‑called public schools across the nation are not having men and women come into the class rooms and teach the children how to apply condoms. And then show them several different ways to insert the condom covered penis into the women so as to reduce  tearing them. The men and women then finish the sex act to show the children that they can obtain pleasure by having sex with the condoms on. Some times the students are asked if they wish to demonstrate how the boys would insert the condom covered penis and  how the young girls should accept them.

Our country is now in the death phase of the Organic Culture Curve ‑‑ brought about by the manipulations of the International Jewish Conspirators. Our language, music, art, literature, drama, and dress habits are reflecting subculture standards of the Black Race. Profanity and gutter language are now commonly heard in polite society and are accepted behavior in the college and University Classrooms of America. Our schools have degenerated into cess pools as a result of mixing the blacks, who, for the most part have no morals or ability to succeed in an open society. Our music has taken on the sounds of the Jungle Bunny's of Africa. Our art and literature are reflections of the Jewish humanism and anti‑Christian teachings of the Godless Talmud. Drunkenness is becoming a way of life for young people before they even graduate from high school. Smoking and chewing tobacco are standard for elementary school children in many areas of the country. More than two million unwed teenage girls are not pregnant in America. Venereal Disease is rampant among teenagers. Drug infestation of our population is reaching astronomical levels. A growing love of many Americans, in every walk of life, is getting high on drugs. marijuana is not a leading cash crop in much of America. The drug traffic is now the single largest business in America.


1). AIDS is spreading rapidly among medical workers. 1,359 American nurses, 1,101 health aides, 941 technicians, 703 physicians, 116 paramedics, 319 therapists, 171 dentists and hygienists, 47 surgeons and 1,680 health workers have contracted the disease (not just the virus) since the early 1980s. Thousands more are presently infected with the HIV virus and are contagious but show no symptoms, don't know they have it, or won't tell the truth about it.

Winston Churchill once said: "Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across the truth. Most quickly jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened."

2). Black and Hispanic women comprise 73% of the reported 15,493 female AIDS cases in the U.S.

3). The "safe sex" campaign now being spearheaded by homosexuals (Queers) and other groups including the U.S. government is going to spread the disease even faster. Because THE AIDS VIRUS CAN PASS THROUGH THE RELATIVELY LARGE PORES OF A CONDOM AND CAN ALSO BE TRANSMITTED VIA SALIVA FROM KISSING, AND BY ORAL SEX. The only "safe sex" is monogamous sex within the bounds of marriage. Rampant promiscuity in America will ultimately spread AIDS as fast as it has in Africa!

4). Fox Broadcasting has become the first of the four major networks to accept advertising for condoms, an ad campaign which will further encourage AIDS, spreading promiscuous activity. Eventually Fox, the condom manufacturers, and thousands of school districts across America who are distributing condoms will be sued out of existence when it is finally understood that condoms DO NOT and CAN NOT PREVENT AIDS. Queers in New York are now going into the public schools, distributing condoms, and teaching the children how to have "safe sex."

5). Per capita federal spending on AIDS patients is currently $15,450 annually, compared to $285 for cancer patients, $33 for heart and vascular disease, and $25 for diabetes. The 122,000 victims of AIDS account for $1.9‑billion in spending while cancer, with 6‑million victims, accounts for $1.7‑billion. Guess which disease has the most vocal lobby? Could it be because they are constantly having their throats opened by external objects?

6). An epidemic of drug resistant tuberculosis has broken out across America which, according to the head of AIDS research at the National Institute of Health, "is on the verge of a major emergency and may even be catastrophic." The CDC in Atlanta reported 25,701 cases in 1990, up 9% from 1989. The TB bacterium (which killed recently 13 prisoners in New York) infects the lungs of those with impaired immunity due to HIV, cancer treatments, poor nutrition, etc.

Worried AIDS researchers at the CDC point out that the TB infection is often spread through coughing and thrives in crowded places where people are in prolonged contact (i.e., subways, airplanes or airports, sports events, theaters, schools, etc.).


7). The CIA estimates that by 1995, 75% of the Black African population south of the Sahara will be infected by AIDS. That's 375‑million out of 500‑million people. By 1995, South African AIDS researchers say there could be 12.8‑million South Africans (mostly Blacks) infected with AIDS. This could mean a heavily depopulated South Africa by the end of the century. ANC guerrillas have been stationed primarily in Lusada, Zambia for the past 15 years. Many, perhaps most, of these ANC cadres are already infected with AIDS.


1). Webster's Dictionary defines FASCISM as: "The retention of private property ownership over the means of production under centralized government control." The Liberal Eastern Establishment, the Clinton Administration, and the liberal U.S. Congress are actually implementing fascism (a form of socialism) in America today by neutralizing private property rights through the imposition of thousands of intrusive government controls. All bureaucrats across America are arbitrarily class

2). Instead of seizing property, federal bureaucrats across America are arbitrarily classifying privately owned land as publicly‑protected "wetlands," with the same effect as confiscation. Such government maneuvers (against wet or dry lands) preclude any future development or improvements of the land by the owner, rendering it worthless ‑ except that the owner must continue paying government taxes on the land.

3). Using environmentalism for political cover, liberal (fascist) bureaucrats are rendering millions of acres of land across America useless and obliterating the property rights of thousands of landowners. The 1990 Federal Register lists more then 63,000 (that's right 63,000) new regulations restricting the use of private property.

4). In June, '87, Mr. Pozsgai, a Hungarian immigrant, bought a 40 acre parcel of land to expand his small truck repair business. He cleaned up the property and hauled in fill dirt on which to build. The EPA then informed Pozsgai that he needed a permit to bring in fill dirt because his property was a "wetland." The property had a small heavily polluted stream running through it. While filling out the EPA forms, the EPA filed criminal charges against Pozsgai for violating the Clean War Act. He was arrested, tried, convicted, fined $200,000, and sentenced to three years in jail. Another "victory" for environmentalism and for big brother!

5). In his book, Between Two Ages, Zbignew Brzezinski wrote that individual rights are "obsolete," and that we need "global government" and "global taxation."

6). The trial of Manual Noriega will cost an estimated $200‑million ‑ $20‑40 million for the trial and $160‑million for the bush invasion of Panama. But more drugs are presently coming through Panama than ever before.

7). New EPA regulations, directed at preventing leaks from fuel tanks, will force every gas station to carry at least $1‑million in insurance, The premiums for which will exceed the profit that many small stations make from gasoline sales. The EPA predicts that half of the filing stations in the U.S. will close.

8). Conservative Columnist Pat Buchanan appears likely to be a real challenge the Republican nomination. Buchanan has become the spokesman for millions of frustrated, disenfranchised conservatives who have been alienated by George Bush's tax increases, pro‑civil rights, pro‑big government, pro‑Soviet, pro‑disarmament, pro‑global government under the United Nations policies. If Buchanan made a good showing in the primaries, he just might become the GOP front‑runner for 1996.

9). President Bush, vowing that "no Russians will be allowed to starve," authorized $1.5‑billion in U.S. food aid to the Soviet Union. Meanwhile British TV recently aired a program saying that the Soviets have plenty of food; that the enormous German shipments of food last year went to increase the government's power and never went to the people at all. The Russian government is pushing for $3.5‑billion in aid, and Bush and the Congress are moving toward more Soviet aid, to be taken from the U.S. defense budget. Senator Robert Smith (R‑NH) called this aid "Bush's billion dollar unemployment package for the Soviets."

10). Federal drug agents have begun to raid indoor home gardens in search of marijuana plants. The DEA has subpoenaed garden centers in turn over records showing who has bought items like fluorescent lamps and plant food. There is no longer any doubt to thinking Americans: The drug war is the government's excuse to ultimately do away with all of our freedoms and constitutional rights. No‑knock  warrantless home and car searches, confiscation of cash, firearms, and other private property in so‑called drug investigations, has now become commonplace. Surveillance of our financial, business and personal transactions, our homes, our telephone conversations, and   our mail are all becoming routine elements of [King] George Bush's "war on drugs" in what is rapidly become the United Soviet States of America.


11). The U.S. Senate and House have killed further funding for the B‑2 Stealth bomber.

12). What do George Bush and Teddy Kennedy have in common besides both being liberal advocates of great government controls on virtually all aspects of our lives, besides being pro‑Soviet, pro‑disarmament, pro‑civil rights, pro‑job quotas, pro‑gun control, etc.?  Answer: Both are dropping like a rock in the polls and could lose their '92 elections.


1). The reorganized KGB (the Committee for State Security) will now be divided into three departments:

(a) Inter‑Republican Counter Espionage Service ‑ in charge of domestic political repression;

(b) Central Intelligence Service ‑ in charge of external espionage;

(c) State Committee for the Defense of State Frontiers ‑ in charge of the uniformed military contingents of the KGB.

2). The organized, restructured, renamed KGB will retain most of its six million informers.

3). Over 350 former Contra freedom fighters in Nicaragua (including Contra military commander Enrique Bermudez) have been assassinated by the Sandinistas over the past 12 months.

4). The Organization of American States (OAS) has reported that over 2,500 former Contras and their families have had to abandon their farms and flee to the mountains to avoid attacks by the Sandinistas. Many are digging up hidden weapons caches and attacking Sandinista military targets. The civil war has rekindled. This is a great example that “Peace Loving" Communists with an olive branch in their hand can never be trusted!

5). The Bush Administration has just brought indictments against two low level Libyan terrorists for the December '88 bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Intentionally ignored (or covered up) is the major role Syria, Iran and Ahmed Jabril's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine played in planning and executing the bombing. Bush has deliberately covered up evidence of Syrian and Israel involvement (according to the New York Times) to protect America's "new" alliance with Syria. Bush is calling for international outrage and sanctions against Libya and its leader, Colonel Kadafy. This is closely akin to Bush's "get Noriega" and "get Hussein" campaigns. With Bush plunging in the U.S. polls along with the U.S. economy, is thee an "Operation Libyan Storm" in our future?

6). Seven of the 12 Soviet republics have reached agreements on entering the New Soviet Federation ‑ the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics. Remember, the "old Soviet Union is dead long live the New Federation."

7). Yelena Bonner, widow of Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, said recently that the Soviets still have a totalitarian dictatorship which is being perpetuated in power by U.S. and Western aid so it can continue repressing the Russian people.

8). Red China has provided Iran with equipment capable of making nuclear weapons. The Bush Administration has covered up this PRC nuclear assistance to Iran for 3‑4 months as Bush pushes for more U.S. aid and trade with the Chinese communists.

9). NATO defense chiefs, meeting in Sicily in October, agreed to cut their nuclear arsenal in Europe by 80%, effective immediately! (i.e., 2,800 out of 3,500 nuclear weapons will be removed and destroyed).

10). 60% of all acts of terrorism in the world are carried out against Americans.

11). Former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze, has been reappointed Soviet Foreign Minister by Gorbachev. Shevardnadze (a close friend of Bush and James Baker) is a hardcore, lifelong Marxist‑Leninist revolutionary, and one of the three key actors on the Soviet state ‑ Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Shevardnadze. Gorbachev's so‑called retirement notwithstanding.

12). Soviet foreign debt now exceeds $81‑billion with default on debt payments expected momentarily. More U.S. and Western bailouts are sure to follow.

13). Japan has begun to push for its troops to participate in United Nations peacekeeping operations, with Japanese Prime Minister Muzazawa saying recently: "Our international role in the building of a global order for peace can only grow larger." Japan has also begun a nuclear weapons program with plans to import 40 tons of plutonium from Europe.

14). Seymour Hersh says in his new book, The Samson Operation: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy, that Israel has gone to the brink of nuclear war three times in the past 18 years with its larger than estimated nuclear arsenal: twice when it was attacked  during the 1973 Middle East war and again during the recent Persian Gulf war in January 1991 when Iraqi missiles began to land on Israel. Hersh says that the Israelis have targeted major Arab capitals and the Soviet Union (because the Soviets are the Arab's number one arms supplier and agitator. But don't you believe that about the Soviet Union for a single moment, because the same people who control Israel also control Russia, and don't ever forget that fact!)

15). The Polish Communist Party (called the Polish United Workers Party) changed its name to the Social Democratic Party a couple of years ago ‑ claiming that it had become non‑communist, democratic, etc. The New York Times reported on November 14, 1991 that the Soviet KGB has financed, directed and controlled the Polish Social Democratic Party since its inception (or renaming) in 1989.

16). Mikhail Gorbachev said on November 12, 1991 that George Bush had warned him by phone last June that a hardliner coup was coming and that Bush concluded the conversation with: "My friend, take care." Concern between "comrades" is a touching thing, is it not?

17). Now NATO is being used as the club to beat the nations into subservience to the United Nations.

Americans need to think about the following, while they celebrate the so‑called disintegration of the Soviet Union. The TV news commentators would have us believe that hard‑liners staged a coup to oust Gorbachev and revert to the old style Communist government but, because of the democratic forces already unleashed in the USSR and the courage of the people, the coup failed.

But, one major fact does not fit into that theory and that fact is Yeltsin. The two key figures promoting change in the Soviet Union are Gorbachev, who wants moderately paced change, and Yeltsin who wants the rate of change to greatly speeded up. In recent months, many have accused Gorbachev of sacking reformers and putting representatives of the old guard in positions of power. Some, including Yeltsin, have gone as far as to suggest that, in this way, he laid the foundation for the coup.

Now, if the coup was genuine, surely the hardliners would have silenced the two key reformers, Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The very fact that Yeltsin was not neutralized shows that either the coup was badly bungled or it was designed to fail! Why was Yeltsin able to communicate with the outside world from his besieged White House, and through a host of TV and other journalists, for the full three days of the coup?  Why was it not possible to cut the phone lines at the pole outside the building, or jam the radio communications? If Yeltsin had been silenced, there would have been no rallying point in Moscow and the world would not have been glued to their TV sets.

 The rapid and radical restructuring that followed the collapse of the coup is another indication that it was planned to fail! No, the coup leaders were mere front men who were used by the faceless, behind‑the‑scenes plotters who planned the coup to fail.

17). Even as President Bush is pulling U.S. nuclear weapons and troops out of South Korea, North Korea is accelerating its production of its own nuclear weapons. Pentagon and Western intelligence officials fear that the USSR may be about to sell some of its 30,000 nuclear weapons to North Korea, Iraq and other communist countries and send its nuclear weapons experts to those countries.

18). The cash‑strapped Soviet Union is now selling advanced fighter plans (i.e., MIG‑29s and 31s), advanced Scud missiles, upgraded T‑72 tanks, and other weapons to Syria, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Cuba and other radical or communist nations. The Soviet's huge weapons industry (i.e., 600 factories) is about to become the USSR's top foreign exchange earner.

Although the New World Order has control of the President, Congress, the legal system, and the courts, it remains vulnerable to any enforcement of the pre‑existing body of law which the host had formulated to protect his society. This body of law forbids everything that the parasite is doing, and forces the parasite to maintain a precarious existence outside of the law.

If the law were to be enforced at any time, the parasite would be dislodged. The existing body of law clearly forbids the operation of criminal syndicates, which is precisely what the hegemony of parasitism [more about these parasites later] and its New World Order is. Criminal syndicalism denies the equal protection of the law to citizens. Only by acting against criminal syndicalism can the state protect its citizens.

Corpus Juris Secundum 16: Constitutional Law 213 (10) states: "The Constitutional guaranty of freedom of speech does not include the right to advocate, or conspire to effect, the violent destruction or overthrow of the government or the criminal destruction of property. 214: The Constitutional guaranty of the right of assembly was never intended as a license for illegality or invitation for fraud ‑‑ the right of freedom of assembly may be abused by using assembly to incite violence and crime, and the people through their legislatures may protect themselves against the abuse."

The assembly of any World Order organization, such as the Council on Foreign Relations or any foundation, is subject to the laws against fraud (their charters claim they are engaged in philanthropy), and enforcement of the laws against criminal syndicalism would end the institutions through which the World Order illegally rules the people of the United States, the illegal conspiracies and the introduction of alien laws into our system by the foundations instructions to Congress.

The Rockefeller Foundation and other key organizations of the World Order are "Syndicates," which are engaged in the practice of criminal syndicalism. But what is a "syndicate?" The Oxford English Dictionary notes that the word stems from "syndic." A syndic is defined as "an officer of government, a chief magistrate, a deputy."

In 1601 R. Johnson wrote in Kings and commonwealth "especially men, called Syndiques, who have the managing of the whole commonwealth." Thus the Rockefeller Foundation and its associated groups are carrying out their delegated function of managing the entire commonwealth, but not for the benefit of the people, or of any government except the secret super‑government, the World Order, which they serve. The OED further defines a syndic as "a censor of the actions of another. To accuse."

Here too, the syndicate functions, according to its definition, the syndicate censors all thought and media, primarily to protect its own power. It also brings accusations, as many American citizens have found to their sorrow. Not even Sir Walter Raleigh was immune. When he interfered with the International Jewish Money Trade, he was accused of "treason" and beheaded.

The OED defines a "syndicate" as follows: "3. A combination of capitalists and financiers entered into for the purpose of prosecuting a scheme requiring large sources of capital, especially one having the object of obtaining control of the market in a particular commodity. To control, manage or effect by a syndicate." Note the key words in this definition, a combination, prosecuting, obtaining control. The scheme does not require "large capital," the bank of England or the Federal Reserve System.

Corpus Juris Secundum 22A says of Criminal Syndicalism, "In a prosecution for being a member of an organization which teaches and abets criminal syndicalism, evidences of crimes committed by past or present members of the organization in their capacity as members is admissible to show its character."

People v. LaRue 216 P 627 C.A. 276. Thus testimony about John Foster Dulles financing the Nazi Government of Germany, his telegram starting the Korean War, and other evidence can be used to indict any member of the Rockefeller Foundation in any state or locality in which the Rockefeller Foundation has ever been active in any way. Since these organizations are all closely interlocked, and there is so much available evidence of their illegal operations, it will be relatively simple to obtain criminal convictions against them for their criminal syndicalist operations.

Corpus Juris Secundum 22, Criminal Law 185 (10): Conspiracy and Monopolies: " "Where the statute makes mere membership in an organization formed to promote syndicalism a crime, without an overt act, this offense is indictable in any country into which a member may go during the continuance of his membership, and this is true although such member comes into a country involuntarily. People v. Johansen, 226 P 634, 66 C.A. 343."

Corpus Juris Secundum 22, Criminal Law sec. 182 (3) states, commit an offense against the U.S. may also "A prosecution for conspiracy to commit an offense against the U.S. may also be tried in any district wherein any overt act in any district wherein any overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy is performed. U.S. v. Cohen C.A.N.J.197 F 2d 26."

Thus a publication by the Council on Foreign Relations promoting the stripping of sovereignty of the United States of America, mailed into any county of the U.S.; the county authorities can bring the Council on Foreign Relations, or any member therein, to trial in that county, and any action by any member of the Council on Foreign Relations in the past is admissible as evidence, such as starting World War II, subsidizing the Nazi Government, or subsidizing the USSR.

Criminal syndicalism can also be prosecuted according to Corpus Juris Secundum 46, Insurrection and Sedition: sec. 461 c. "Sabotage and syndicalism aiming to abolish the present political and social system, including direct action or


Thus any program of a foundation which seeks to abolish the present political or social system of the United States can be prosecuted. Of course every foundation program seeks to accomplish just that, and is indictable.

Not only individuals, but any corporation supporting criminal syndicalism can be prosecuted, according to Corpus Juris Secundum 46 462b. Criminal Syndicalism. "Statutes against criminal syndicalism apply to corporations as well as to individuals organizing or belonging to criminal syndicalist society; evidence of the character and activities of other organizations with which the organization in which the accused is a members is affiliated is admissible."

Not only can the members of the New World Order be arrested and tried anywhere, since they function worldwide in their conspiratorial activities to undermine and overthrow all governments and nations, but because their organizations are so tightly interlocked, any evidence about any one of them can be introduced in prosecuting any member of other organizations in any part of the U.S. or the world. Their attempts to undermine the political and social orders of all peoples make them subject to legal retribution. The People of the U.S. must begin at once to enforce the statutes outlawing criminal syndicalist activities, and bring the criminals to justice. It has been said: "A man who loves another country more than the country he was born in, is like a married man who loves another woman more than his wife!"

As a result, they will carry a lower interest rate than bonds sold by American state and local governments. The money will be used to finance the generous subsidies paid by the Israeli housing program to Israeli Jewish citizens.

According to the Hebrew press, the value of these subsidies per apartment in the West Bank and Gaza [Palestinian areas not a part of Israel, but under Israeli military occupation] is about $35,000.

6). By "guaranteeing" the $20 billion loan the U.S. assumes the administrative costs of arranging, accounting, servicing and secondary placing of these loans with hundreds of different banks. This will cost up to $140 million each year which will cost in excess of $7.1 billion over the life of the 30 year "loan." Assuming that Congress does not forgive the debt as it has consistently done for the past 45 years, which would cost American taxpayers even more.

7). U.S. law requires that a contingency fund or "cash pool" must be set aside to cover any failure to repay. The New York Times of September 20, 1991 estimates that this will come to $800 million [or 8% of the loan]. This will be a part of the U.S.  budget and cannot be spent for any other purpose. Sen. Bob Kasten, the Jewish Lobby spokesman, says that this bill "forgives" Israel from having to make any repayment of the principal of the loan for ten years.

8). Israel can't repay the loans. Israel's national debt is $24 billion or 31% of their GNP. Unemployment is 11% and inflation is now 21%. Senator Alan Cranston had the Congress enact a law which mandates that U.S. economic aid to Israel must always equal their annual deficit payments. Today we give them $1.2 billion in economic aid and every dollar goes to pay the Israelis’ debts! Thus in the future U.S. aid will have to skyrocket to meet their payments on the

$10 billion loan.

     9). During 1991 Israel received a record $5.6 billion in U.S. foreign aid. The breakdown is $1.2 billion in economic aid [which they use to pay foreign debts], $2 billion for military aid, $400 million to resettle Russian Jews, $650 million for "Gulf War related expenses" even though they did not participate in the war. The balance of $1.35 billion is "extra aid."

     10). The Christian Monitor revealed a top secret report on Israel's credit rating from the files of the Export‑Import Bank. They are at the D‑level on a scale of A‑to‑F. This is the lowest of any industrialized nation in the world.

Bear in mind that multi‑billion dollar Jewish investment banks such as Goldman‑Sachs, Salomon Brothers and the Rothschild Bank of London WILL NOT GIVE THEIR FELLOW JEWS A DIME WITHOUT U.S. "GUARANTEES." Larry Brainard, an analyst at Goldman‑Sachs in New York said: "Israel simply would not be able to find a market for more than a few hundred million dollars of its own securities without U.S. guarantees."

The United States has had a great fringe benefit from the cold war that was intentionally created. There have been jobs in great quantities and the resultant high standard of living by maintaining the military in ready alert all of these years. Both the USSR and the U.S. have totally expended themselves as the result of the nuclear arms race. Again, this was intentional. Neither the United States nor Russia are prepared for the type of conflict that will be rampant in both countries in the near future.

It will be with the Moslem people of Russia that we will see the greatest unrest in the years to come. these Moslem people will join with the other Islamic nations to create the major unrest in the word over the next few years. These people are the one group which can be described as being led totally by their religion.

The emphasis of "self" in their life is the lest of importance to them. The best example to show this are the Afghanistan Moslem people. Professor M.M. Ali of the University of the District of Columbia teaches, "The lives of the Afghan people are governed by plain truths. Loyalties, in line with their unpretentious and straight forward philosophy of life, run in a linear, hierarchical form: the Faith (an unquestioning and unrelenting belief in Islam); the Jirga or the tribe (a fulcrum of the sociopolitical structure); the nuclear family; and the Ilaqa (the ancestral piece of land).

Any disturbance or imbalance in these prioritized rungs of loyalties can bring out the worst in an Afghan. A very significant omission from this descending order of loyalties is the individual self. Its absence explains the willingness of an Afghan to kill or die for the protection of his religion, the Jirga, the family and the Ilaqua."

In other words, they have not yet lost their saltiness. But, they have a weakness. They have trouble getting along with each other among the Jirgas or the tribes. Dr. Ali shows that this is the reason why the Mujahedeen (Afghan freedom fighters) have not been able to wrestle the country back from the Communist leaders in Kabul, even after the Soviets left the country.

It appears that most, if not all, of the Moslem countries have this same malady. But that is going to change, at least when they band together to fight the great Satan, the White Celto‑Saxon and, in particular, the United States.

The greatest peril to this entire scenario is that they undoubtedly have nuclear warheads because of the breakup of the Soviet Union. Boris Yeltsin says that he has been able to keep control over them all but nobody believes that. Further, the

Russian nuclear experts are now being wooed by the Islamic nations to further improve their nuclear capability. Just like we hired the German missile experts after World War II, they are hiring the Russian nuclear experts.

The Moslem people of Russia and the near East are generally poor and uneducated. The wealth from oil hasn't trickled down to the lower levels of society. These people are flocking into Europe to take jobs that the better‑off White European doesn't want to do any longer. This is just like it is here in the United States with the Latinos coming across the border.

The conflict among the races will start in earnest in the near future in Europe, just like it has in England, South Africa and the United States. The recent genocide in Kuwait and Iraq is but one of many such incidents in history that has left the Islamic people humiliated. As far back as modern history can record, the Islamic people have been used for geo‑political purposes to further the interests of certain people in the West. The Islamic people don't always realize that only a certain element in the West has created this situation. They hold us all responsible for allowing it to happen.

All of this has left the one billion Moslems with a hatred that is beyond comprehension. When the catalytic incident occurs, the entire world will be embroiled in conflicts that the hi‑tech warfare capabilities of the has‑been superpowers will not be able to handle. That catalytic incident will be revealed in this issue.

Even though Yugoslavia has officially been separate from the Soviet Union ever since Tito, the country has been closely associated with the now defunct USSR. Here is a good example of the ethnic unrest that will continue to increase in the next several years. The history of Yugoslavia shows that the people of the entire country originally migrated to the area from the Slavic portions of Russia. Louis Adamic, the author of the book My People, quotes King Peter I of Serbia on the history of the people of Yugoslavia. "If anyone is to blame for our calamities, it is the first of our ancestors who came here hundreds of years ago...Why did they pick the Balkans? The whole world wants this region or wants to go through here on the way to some other place. That was the great mistake. Our ancestors should never have left Russia."

Through the years these Slavic people separated themselves into two major groups, the Croatians and the Serbians. New countries of Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia evolved. The basic difference is, once again, that of religion. The Croatians became aligned with the Roman Catholic Church and the Serbians aligned with the Orthodox.

The Turkish Ottoman Empire occupied over 50% of Croatia in the 15th Century. The remaining portion of Croatia became the font‑lines of the Christian West. They fought honorably to keep the Moslem Turks out of Europe. They joined the Austro‑Hungarian Empire and continued as a state in that empire until 1918, the end of World War I.

For nearly 500 years the Serbians were a part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Of course, that made Croatia a part of the Central Powers during World War I. They are still paying the price for that fate of history over which they had no control.

During World War II Serbia became a puppet state of Nazi Germany with Croatia declaring itself an independent state but still occupied by Germany. Following World War II the dictator Tito took over, with the aid of Serbian Generals and created Yugoslavia and aligned with the Soviet Union.

 Because Yugoslavia was aligned with Communism, the British sector of the Allied German Occupation Forces, under the command of Eisenhower, turned over to Tito 150,000 Croatian soldiers and 200,000 civilians to certain death. Again, the manipulated Christian people of the West were involved in incidents that reflect badly on our people. But most Christians of the West haven't the slightest idea of the skullduggery that took place after World War II.

The near future will prove that here is a nation of salty White People. Their government is letting them down just as ours has and for the same reason. But the white People of South Africa generally know who they are and will soon demonstrate it. Willy Mandella and the Xhosa tribe will lose the support of the Communist African National Congress (ANC) for the same reason Cuba is losing its support. They will continue to fight the Zulus for Black man superiority. To allow the African National Congress to continue to operate, the conspiracy is now attempting to install the ANC as the national police force of South Africa. If this is accomplished, it will be tantamount to the Communist ANC ruling the country.

Once again, we can count on Israel to be the agitator. The catalyst to ignite the entire world into "wars and rumors of wars" will be that little illegal sandbox full of murderers in the Mideast. The Israeli military and the commentators in their news services are predicting that the ongoing diplomatic peace conferences will fail and the end result will be war with the Arabs. They are telling the public in Israel of the various scenarios and they are extremely varied. They talk about it perhaps being  a war centering in Iran. They talk about the possibilities of the war including Pakistan as well as other countries farther East than the Arabs.

 This is the classical method used by the Jews to justify a pre‑emptive strike to initiate the war. For example, Moshe Arens, the defense minister, stated that "everything should be done to prevent states like Iran from acquiring any nuclear expertise and technology." Pakistan was included in the discussions with the news media. Pakistan retorted by saying that they didn't have the nuclear bomb but that they had the technical capability and the materials to put them together in a hurry if needed. That statement by Pakistan could very well be the same "tongue in check"  that Israel used when they told the world that they didn't have the bomb.

The Israeli's are planning on pre‑emptive strikes on probably several Moslem countries and they are hinting that they will use their nuclear arsenal in the process. This has the Clinton Administration full support and it is exactly what Israel wants. We can expect the United States to offer the Jews "the heavens and earth" to keep them from using their nuclear bombs.

The technique is always the same. Make inordinate demands of the United States and haggle. Keep on haggling like fish mongers and then meet the United States half way. That will be what they wanted in the first place. What they want is the guarantee that the United States will support them in any effort against the Moslems. Of course, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and the rest of the evangelicals will preach from their pulpits the importance of this for the good of "Judeo‑Christianity."

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