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Mass Flight: "The double pincer of Moslem and Jewish pressure against Christianity is driving Christians out of the (sic) holy land at a rate that an only be described as 'mass flight,'" says Brooks Alexander, founder of SCP, Scriptural Counterfeit Project, in the latest issue of SCP Journal, "The persecution of Christians in Moslem countries is becoming relatively well-known because of the media's attention to the threat of 'Islamic fundamentalism,'" he said. There is also pressure against Christianity within Israel itself; a pressure that is severe enough to make local Christians abandon their ancestral homes in alarming numbers. Most observers agree that if emigration continues as at present it is only a matter of time before Christianity become extinct in the land of its birth."

Dr. Israel Shahak, a (sic) "Holocaust (HoloHoax) survivor" and resident of Israel since 1945 says, "We cannot understand Jewish extremism, much less the influence it exerts in modern Israel, unless we understand the pervasive anti-Christian attitude that runs throughout Jewish religion and Jewish culture life. A visceral loathing for Christianity is woven into Jewish scripture and is plainly displayed in Jewish history." He cites the Jewish Talmud as a source of bigotry against Christians. "According to the Talmud, Jesus was executed by a proper rabbinical court for idolatry, inciting other to idolatry and contempt of rabbinical authority." In punishment for this blasphemy, His fate is to be immersed boiling excrement forever. The Talmud's view of Christ as a spiritual criminal and Christians as spiritual outlaws has shaped the view of classical Judaism toward Christianity for two thousand years, and continues to do so." (Dr. Israel Shahak, Christian News, 6/16/97, 3277 Boeuf Lutheran Blvd. New Haven, MO).

Meanwhile, The United Jewish Appeal receives $500,000 raised by John Hagee of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, for the emigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel. How much do you suppose was raised for the Christians trying to emigrate form Israel to escape oppression? Is there any longer doubt, that the TV evangelists and most of the clergymen/women in Judeo-Christianity are traitors to Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ?

Weapons Seized: The banning and collecting of guns in proceeding in Australia, as opposition seems to have fizzled out. Gun clubs, and gun owners' groups, demonstrated fervently during the early days of the planned seizure, but their representatives now say that they were wrong by protest, and the guns are being collected and destroyed. Approximately 160,000 have been surrendered in Victoria, 60,000 in New South Wales, and 60,000 in Queensland. The other States have lower figures, but all state are now collecting and destroying weapons. Air pistols, small hand-gun Japanese replicas, which fire pellets, were even banned recently. (Dispatch Magazine, P.O. Box 671, Merced, CA 95341)

Pheromones Refute Gay Arguments: Many doctors and religious leaders have classified homosexuality and lesbianism (Queers) as normal behavior, arguing that it is natural for some people to have sexual desires satisfied with members of the same sex. The study of pheromones proves otherwise. Pheromones (Greek = a carrier of excitation) refers to a chemical material which contains signals which can be interpreted by other members of the same species and which also is used by numerous insects to communicate. Studies have shown that men and women are equipped by God with stimuli that are built into our biological systems. God has created man and woman with biological drives which can be chemically stimulated. The identification of a man and a woman in marriage puts all of this in a healthy, creative, pleasurable, toward context. No such balance and no such satisfaction can possibly occur when two individuals are sexually united in contradiction to their biological make-up and also in contradiction to God's Word. The new discoveries support the Biblical statements about the uniqueness of man and woman, and refute the claims that homosexual relations are natural. (Does God Exist? 718 E. Donmoyer Ave., South Bend, IN 46614)

Manipulating Language: "We have entered an Orwellian era in which entitlement replaces responsibility, coercion is described as compassing, compulsory redistribution is called sharing, race quotas substitute for diversity, and suicide is prescribed as 'death with dignity.'...In one of the most striking examples, abortion is now discussed in terms or reproductive health. This sounds absolutely unobjectionable; who, after all, is opposed to health? The same thing goes for the term 'pro-choice'. How can you be an American and be against choice? Both terms do an effective job of obscuring the real issue, which is life or death of an unborn child." (Theodore J. Forstmann, in speech at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI 49242) Isaiah 5:20: "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

Rooted In Paganism: Long before today's "enlightened" theologians and feminists were describing God as Mother and praying to "God our Mother." Hinduism was endowed with this "advanced" concept, says Professor A.R. Victory Raj in The Hindu Connection - Roots of The New Age. "In the Hindu religion the gods of wisdom, good fortune, as well as judgment are females. To be sure, by trying to reinvent feminists principles through The New Age movement, today's society has moved a step closer to ancient Hinduism." Raj says: "The undeniable Hindu presence in the U.S. is demonstrated by well over 100 temples spread over the nation and circulation of more than 50 Hindu periodicals in the English language." (Christian News, 6/9/97)

Oil In Seconds: Maurice Bergougnott has invented a method to turn wood and other  waste into biopetroleum, and at present there are eight plants in operation using this method. The fuel produced has about 2/3 the heating value of regular fuel but it burns more cleanly. This discovery is evidence that oil deposits were made in catastrophic conditions, and not over millions of years, as evolutionists claim. (Christian News, 6/9/97)

TV Versus Reality: A TV Guide poll ("Tuning in to God," 3/29/97) had this to say about "daily reality" for most Americans 61 percent of those surveyed "said they would like to see more reference to God, church-going and other religious observances in prime time;" 82 percent "said they would like to see more references to moral issues on TV" and 61 percent "say TV has gotten less spiritual, and less moral, in the past five years." What little religion does exist in prime time is often included for comic effect or depicts religious people in a negative way or as having a "crisis of faith." It was reported last year that "virtually every beloved series, from 'Frasier' to 'Steinfeld' to 'Friends,' is fashioned in some part (and sometimes large part) by uncloseted homosexuals." (Morality in Media, 6/97, 475 Riverside Dr. Suite 239, NY, NY)

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