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     I have made the statement before that the

true heirs to the throne of David, was not the

present royal family but were hidden by Almighty

God, who is keeping their line free from

contamination by Satan's brood. And I believe

that this article from the Kingdom Identity

Ministries proves my contention to be true.

     We know that when Christ was born a Jew

was believed to be sitting on David's Throne,

but in actuality he was not, because the Throne

had been moved centuries before to England.

Mary the mother of Christ and Joseph the

stepfather to Him were not in the castle

or even considered to be heirs to the throne,

yet by the genealogies in Luke and Matthew we

know that Mary was a direct descendant of Nathan

one of David's sons, and Joseph was the direct

descendant of Solomon another of his sons.

Therefore, if God could hide Mary and

Joseph from the knowledge of the Jews, He

certainly can hide the true heirs from the

Jews today.

    England: In recent weeks Prince Philip

of England has been on a visit to Israel

and has accepted an award honoring his mother,

Princess Alice because "...she hid three Jews

in the palace in Athens during the Nazi

occupation of Greece in 1943‑1944." (Times‑

Picayune, November 1, 1994, p. A‑1)

     A previous article noted that Princess

Alice was buried in Israel. We have received

many inquires over the years regarding the

British "Royal" family, many of them noting

that Prince Charles has a very prominent

Jewish look about him.

     The strange activities of Prince Philip,

the father of Prince Charles, can be explained

by an article in Women's Voice (June 26, 1952,

p. 13) where it says: "Perhaps the Jewishness

of the Royal family of Britain will explain

much that has heretofore remained a mystery.

    "In 1851, Alexander, the son of the Grand

Duke of Hesse (the parent line of the Glucksburgs) contracted a morganatic marriage with a wealthy

Polish commoner, a Jewess baptized Christian. To

keep things 'sweet' after the family 'hit the

roof,' they revived an old family title for

Alexander and his Jewess: Count of Battenberg

(that's where the Battenberg line begins)

and later, as time somewhat eased the shock,

they made him prince of Battenberg. The eldest

son of these two was Prince Louis of Battenberg,

who came to England and joined Victoria's court

and family. He rose to be an Admiral in the

British Navy and top socialite friend of Edward

VII. During the 1914 war, he changed his name to

the literal translation of 'Mountbatten' and he

also became Marquis of Milford Haven. Now, his

daughter, Princess Alice, married back into

the Glucksberg family (the Danish/Greek group

of direct Hesse ancestry) and she is the Mother

of Philip; the Queen's husband. That makes

him one quarter Jew.

     But Louis' second son (whose mother

was the Polish Jewess) is the present

Admiral Earl Mountbatten, Philip's most

influential uncle and top serving Admiral

in the British Navy, last Viceroy to India,

close friend of socialite/intellectual Fabians

...His wife is the daughter of Lord Mount

Temple (previously Mr. Wilfred Ashley, a

Tory MP of 30 years ago). Ashley married the

daughter of Sir Ernest Cassel, the son of a

Cologne Jewish banker Cassel, and the financier

of Edward VII...Princes Charles has been

circumcised at Buckingham Palace by the

Jewish Rabbi, Dr. Jacob Snowman, who has in

the past attended other Royal Babies." (From

Kingdom Identify Ministries, Box 1021, Harrison, Arkansas).

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