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Quotes by Famous People

In Israel’s Migrations or An Attack Answered, Parker states on page 13:

That the ‘fair Kelts of an Irish Village’ are indeed Israelites is thus clear. Even their [Kelts’] language further confirms such identification, for it (Erse) is akin to both Gaelic and Welsh. The similarity of the last-mentioned [Welsh] to Hebrew is so great that it drew forth considerable research on the part of the noted Hebrew Scholar of the last century, Dr. Moses Margoliouth, (The researches of Dr. Margoliouth led him to become a believer in the Israel Identity, to which his own article The Banner of Israel, November 21, 1877, testifies, pp. 23-24. See Also The Jews in Great Britain (1846)) and the following comment:

“A small remnant of (Solomon’s subjects) remained in Cornwall since that time (the time of the building of the Temple). I have traced that remnant by the paths of philology, and the byways of nomenclature. I might adduce an array of whole sentences, exactly alike in the languages of Hebrew and the ancient Cornish. I might adduce some of the proper names which prevailed among the aboriginal Britons long before they knew anything of Christianity, such as Adam, Abraham, Asaph...Daniel, Solomon...” (The Hebrews in East Anglia (1870), Margoliouth)

Parker also states that the terms “British,” “Briton,” and others are of Phoenician origin, as shown by Professor Waddell in his excellent book, Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots, and Anglo-Saxons (Parker, p. 29)

In Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets (1985), Capt states,

“All etymologists know that the Greek, Latin, German, Icelandic, Norse, Danish, Dutch and several other languages figure in the structure and vocabulary of the present Anglo-Saxon (English) language. While Greek and Latin words have contributed to the English language more than 75 percent of English words come direct from Hebrew words or their roots. Of course, many of these old British words are used in modern dress; their spelling and...the pronunciations, have been varied as time has passed. (p. 187)

Capt offers a long list of identical English and Hebrew words (pp. 187-191) from God’s Covenant Man (1916) by Professor Edward Odlum.

Rev. John Heslip, in Who And Where Are The Lost Ten Tribes?, records,

“Another has written, ‘scarcely any Hebrew root can be discovered that has not its corresponding derivative in the ancient British language.’ An eminent Cornish scholar of the last century, who devoted a great deal of time to prove the affinity between the Hebrew and Welsh languages, observes.

“‘It would be difficult to adduce a single article or form of construction in the Hebrew grammar, but...the same is to be found in Welsh, and that there are many whole sentences in both languages exactly the same in the very words. Canon Lyson finds 5,000 Hebrew roots in the English tongue...this is quite understandable in... light of the fact...The British Isles were peopled by...descendants of the Ten Tribes. On any other premise it is hardly understandable.’” (p. 17-18)

William Tyndale (1492?-1536), the English reformer (who was strangled to death and then burned for his translation of Holy Scriptures into English), announced his remarkable discovery that because of the similarities between Hebrew and English, English was the most suitable language for a translation of the Scriptures. He said,

“The properties of the Hebrew tongue agreeth one thousand times more with the English than with the Latin or the Greek. The manner of speaking is in both one, so that, in a thousand places, there needest not be but to translate the Hebrew word for word.”

This is no mere coincidence, for God declared (Isaiah 28:11) that He would speak to His people in another language; and truly, no language has so spoken to God’s people greater than the English language, through hundreds of Bible translations and untold millions of books, pamphlets, sermons, and films. It is important to note that Tyndale is still highly regarded for his remarkable expertise in Hebrew, and also for his command of his own tongue (English), and the Greek, and many other languages.

(Though modern English is altogether a different language than ancient Hebrew, the intermediary languages mentioned clearly form a link between the two)

L. Maclean, F.O.S., a Gaelic scholar, in The History of The Celtic Language (1840), quoting Webster’s Analysis of the English Language, recorded,

“...the Saxon words constitute our mother tongue, being words which our ancestors brought with them from Asia. The Danish and the Welsh are also primitive tongues and may be considered a part of our vernacular language. They are of equal antiquity with the Chaldeae and Syriac.”

Gladys Taylor, in “Our Mother Tongue,” (published in Vol. E, No. 3; June 1994 of The Covenant Report (BIWF 242 Dominion Rd., Mount Eden, Aukland, 3, New Zealand) states,

“...Early 19th century philologists had arrived at the conclusion, which they firmly maintained, that the early Celtic languages were derived... from a parent tongue of central Asia...and...came to the conclusion that the roots of the Gaelic tongues were both Semitic and pre-Hebrew.”

Taylor continues;

“A close study shows the Gaelic of the ancient bards to be more ancient than that of the Hebrew Old Testament, although obviously derived from the same parent language. The fact that the Welsh is so close to Hebrew as to be understood by a Hebrew an indication that the tribes who brought the Welsh language were Hebrew-speaking and were later arrivals than the earliest settlers in Ireland. The Silurus of Wales were a dominant and artistic people whose literary style may well have been adopted from earlier settlers in that region.”

It was reported that in 1827, the British & Foreign Bible Society sent Hebrew (obviously NOT modern “Hebrew”) Bibles to Ireland for the Gaelic-speaking peasantry to read. Although they could not read English, they could read Hebrew.

Taylor also draws parallel to the Hebrew names of people prominent throughout the British Isles. In the Irish and Scottish annals, the name of several princes in the genealogies of the royal house of Tara was “Heber” or “Eber;” the very name of the father of the Hebrews. Further, the name is preserved in the very names of the tribes who peopled these islands the Hibernians (Iberich) and Hebrideans (Ebrideans). Place names of Hebrew origin are also common.

The significance of this becomes more apparent when one realizes that the word Hebrew means “one who crosses over,” that is, “a colonizer.” Even as the Hebrew Israelites “crossed over” the Jordan River into the Promised Land, so too after the Israelites’ captivity, they crossed over into Europe, then across the English Channel into the Isles, and later across the oceans to America, Australia, South Africa, etc., in the new Promised Lands to which God promised to lead them.

Taylor then recounts,

“...The fact of the existence of the parent language of the Semitic peoples in the widely separated regions of cental Asia and the British Isles is given further prominence when we discover that, some two thousand years before Christ, while it (Hebrew) was being used in Britain, another offshoot was in current use in Crete, precisely midway on the trade route to the west. Linguistically, as well as geographically. Crete stands in this halfway position and the recent findings of Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon, on the subject of Cretan languages, and enormously in our knowledge of migration chronology. In the report of his discoveries (Daily Telegraph, April 4, 192), we were told that...” Minoan Linear ‘A’ inscriptions and also ‘Eteo-Cretan,’ long taken to the pre-Greek speech of Crete, are both actually Phoenician. The Eteo-Eretan is written with the Greek alphabet.”

Australian-born archaeologist Vere Gordon Childe (1892-1957), in, Pre-historic Monuments of the British Isles, writing about the finds at Skara Brae, one the Orkney Islands off Scotland’s coast, wrote, “The courtyard homes represent an Atlantic-Mediterranean plan, traceable to Minoan Crete by 2000 B.C.”

Huddleston, prefacing John Toland’s History of the Druids (1740), recorded;

“Of all the phenomena of language, the most remarkable is the affinity of...Celtic and Sanskrit, two languages which cannot possibly have come in contact for more than three thousand years, and must, therefore, owe their similarity to the radical tincture of the primary language of Asia. That the Celtic is a dialect of the primary language of Asia has received sanction of the celebrated philologist, the late Professor Murray. (Presumably, Dr. J.A.H. Murry, the eminent Scottish philologist, lexicographer (1837-1915)) in his ‘Prospectus to The Philosophy of Language.”

Haberman stated,

“...Gaelic, the name of the language of Ireland, and the related (Scots) Gaelic of Scotland, both of them (are) branches of the Phoenician, as is also the Welsh and the Manx.” (Tracing Our Ancestors: p. 120)

Colquhoun, in Our Descent From Israel Proved ...(1931), states,

“Several other scholars have noted the extraordinary affinity between the Hebrew and the Welsh languages. Dr. Dvies, in his Welsh Grammar tells us that almost every page of the Welsh translation of the Bible is replete with Hebraisms, in the time, sense and spirit of the original. Another authority, Dr. Duncan M’Dougall, writing in the Evangelical Christian, says ‘You can take any sentence in Hebrew and change it into Gaelic, word for word, without altering the order of a single word or particle (of speech), and you will have the correct Gaelic idiom in every case...”

Capt, in Missing Links...(p. 191), quotes the Vicar of Lampeter in Britain (and Chaplain in the Royal Navy), Rev. Eliezer Williams (1754-1820), a noted researcher and prolific writer on ancient Celtic histories: (See The English Works of the Late Rev. Eliezer Williams...1840, or the individual titles: Ancient Celtic Tribes, Druids and Celtic Bards, Historical Anecdotes of the Welsh Language, and History of the Britons)

Scarcely a Hebrew root can be discovered that has not its corresponding derivation in the British Richard’s Welsh and English Dictionary (published in Bristol in 1750) and in several other philological works, the affinity... Welsh bears to the Hebrew language is strenuously maintained. But not only do the words themselves indicate that similarity between the two, their variations and inflections afford a much stronger proof of affinity.

Capt provides a small list of identical Welsh and Hebrew words, taken from British History Traced From Egypt and Palestine (1927) by Major (and Rev.) L.G.A. Roberts, Com R.N. (Commander of the Royal Navy). Capt then states,

“But it is not in single, isolated words only, that this resemblance strikes us; the conformity is equally remarkable in the idiomatic phrases of both languages, and in the formation of entire sentences...” (p. 193)

Roberts on page 34 in his, British History Traced...recounts that Charles Edwards (Oxford), a Welsh writer in his Hanes v Fydd (pronounced “fyth”) (1676), confessed when he first undertook the study of the Hebrew language,

“ the exuberance of the devout exaltation at finding the vernacular language of his country (Welsh) approached so near to that of Holy Writ (Hebrew), he declares he...considered it impious on his part not to have withdrawn the veil of silence and concealment from this what he styles miraculous conformity.

Capt (Missing Links...pp. 196-197) also quotes Beale Poste:

“With respect to the derivation of the Welsh language...there is so much admixture of the Hebrew...that Rowlands, in his Mona Antiqua pp. 316-317...might almost be said to regard it (Hebrew) as his mother tongue, and the Welsh to be an immediate derivation from it...A foreign savant pronounced some years ago that it (the English) comprised within its compass six thousand pure Hebrew words (Celtic Inscriptions on Gaulsh and British Coins; p. 148)

Other works that contain much proof that Hebrew is identical with Welsh, Irish, and other Celtic languages are:

Comparative Vocabulary of Forty-Eight Languages, Rev. Jacob Tomlin.

English Derived From Hebrew (1869) by R. Govett.

God’s Covenant Man: British Israel (1927), Prof. Edward Odlum.

Hebrew and English: Some Psychic Likeness (a series of articles that appeared in The National Message in 1947) by Rev. J. Courtenay James, B.D., M.A., Ph.D.

Our British Ancestors (1865) by Canon Samuel Lysons contains an extensive glossary of English words that are derived from Hebrew roots.

The Word The Dictionary That Reveals The Hebrew Source Of English, by Isaac E. Mozesonn which contains an extensive glossary of English words that are derived from Hebrew roots.

Suggestions on the Ancient Britons (1864), Barber.

Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repertory, July 2nd, 1832, No. 15, Vol. IV, article “Welsh Hebrewisms,” by Glas, (From British History Traced...Roberts; p. 32)

Welsh Grammar, Dr. Davies.

(Further evidence that the Welsh and Hebrew language are identical and further proof that the Welsh are Israelites can be found in the Welsh Triads, the records of the ancient Druid religion (which is identical itself with the pure Hebrew worship of YaH-WeH, as is the ancient Celtic religion). For more information along these lines, also consult: Celt, Druid and Culdee (1973) by Isabel Hill Elder, Celtic Fire (1990) by Bishop Robert VandeWeyer, The Dooms of Alfred the Great, The Drama of the Lost Disciples (1961) by George F. Jowett, Prehistoric London (1914) by E.O. Gordon, Stonehenge and Druidism (1979) by E. Raymond Capt, Tracing Our Ancestors (1934) by Haberman, The Traditions of Glastonbury (1983) by E. Raymond Capt, and St. Paul in Britain (1860), by Rev. Rchard Williams Morgan)

Albert Schweitzer (Dr. Schweitzer (1875-1965) was the brilliant French philosopher, scientist, medical doctor, author (one of the foremost authorities on Johann Sebastian Bach), musicologist (an exceptional organist of Bach’s work), clergyman, theologian (Principal of St. Thomas Theological College, 1902), missionary, anthropologist, philanthropist, and profound Christian. He won the Nobel :Peace Prize (1952). Liberals always praise Schweitzer as the ultimate humanitarian who gave his life to try and help the poor Africans, but they never share his FULL UNCENSORED OPINION of the matter) said:

“I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa...something that all white men have lived there like I must learn and know ...THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE A SUB-RACE. THEY HAVE NEITHER THE INTELLECTUAL, MENTAL, OR EMOTIONAL ABILITIES TO EQUATE OR SHARE EQUALLY WITH THE WHITE MAN IN ANY OF THE FUNCTIONS OF OUR CIVILIZATION. I have given my life to try and bring unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status; (we) the superior..they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let the white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status: you the master and they the inferior like would help and teach. Never fraternize with them as equals.”

Many people will consider the above statement insulting or “racist.” But remember WHO made the statement: Albert Schweitzer. Remember he was in Africa NOT to “subjugate” or “exploit” the Africans but to HELP them. If people object to such a statement, let such peoples REFUSE ALL HELP AND SAVE THEMSELVES.

People will behave in another country even as they behave in their own land. This fact was clearly presented by one of the most least-likely individuals. Paul Harvey, the well-known radio news personality: On his radio program on June 26, 1993 he drew parallels between the movie Jurassic Park and the current Somalian “crisis.” Harvey stated:

“Our nation with the best of intentions (“with the best of intentions”(?): anyone who believes this lives in a fantasy land. Even as in Kuwait/Iran and Kosovo, oil interests, money, power, and political leverage were the only motives that governed the U.S.’s intervention) is creating a human Jurassic Park, USA. With only the best of intentions we have been seeking to rescue the refugees of self-destructing societies and endow them with a new lease on life.

“(All expenses paid in full by the U.S. taxpayer. Did you voluntarily pay for this? Did you vote on it? This is proof that socialism is what is practiced in the U.S.) We (We? I did not invite anyone. Did you invite anyone? This is a subtle, psychological propagandist programming technique of Soviet brainwashing desensitization and imbedding of thoughts suggesting cooperation.

“[There is no “we” only a “them” the enemy who cloak themselves as “we”]) invite subjugated Haitians to make their new home here. Members of sects that practice voodoo (as well as cannibalism, ritual murder, gang violence, “white collar crime,” check kiting, credit card fraud, and etc.)

“No longer welcomed in Nigeria and Cuba, we invite to Florida Somalians who cannot tolerate one another in Somalia, we transplant here...The result is an inevitable collapse of the past and the present. Jurassic Park’s mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm tells the scientists they were so busy seeing if they could, that they forgot to ask if they should...

“Today’s nations, with a greater depth of experience than ours, overwhelmed by uninvited (peoples) who can’t or won’t assimilate, are not sending them home...(of course the “government” controlled media makes such people and nations out to be “Nazis,” as if people did not have the right to choose to people their own country with their own people.

“Germany has been forced to accept 10 to 20 times more refugees that other nations (especially during the orchestrated Bosnian war) and the German taxpayers must pay for all of the immigrants’ housing, medical care, and costs of living. The main purpose for this is to weaken Germany; which was also the purpose of ‘unification.’”

A nation is merely a large extension of a family. It is nation-family’s right to choose NOT to bring into their nation-family nonproducing, in assimilable, antiChristian, immoral, race-destroying non-family members. But this right is denied. Since the White Christian nations are the only thing that stands in the way of the (Jewish) Communists’ world domination, they are bent on destroying the White Nations.

The white nations are attacked by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force if they in any way try to preserve their nations. If blacks rise up en masse and murder all the whites (Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa) nothing is done. If the blacks riot here in America and burn an entire city to the ground, nothing is done. Yet if a white group in South Africa tries to preserve their own nation, they must be destroyed. Civil rights are extended only to “people of color” and “jews” those who have assumed the role of the “persecuted.”)

You cannot housebreak a dinosaur. And that irrefutable jungle law remains singularly unimpressed by any Supreme Court of any era. Should I tell you how the movie ends? The Americans, their good intentions having boomeranged, ended up running for their lives.

“(1) Many shocking reports indicate that there was never any ‘crisis.’ There have been numerous reports that soldiers who were there in Somalia saw field after field of lush farm crops and vegetation.

Whether this is true is insignificant when one considers, if the average Somalis can afford $5 a day for chat (the official Somali past-time: getting high), they certainly could have afforded to buy food; even if they had none in their own country (which seems not to be the case), people do not realize that although $5 may seem like nothing to us, to a third-world person this seems probably represents a month’s worth of food.

(And the reports indicate that the Somalis do not merely spend $5 on drugs; they spend $5 a day drugs. Yet they expect us to send them food and other financial aid)

This is no different than welfare fraud here in the U.S.; except this is on an international scale. It is Illegal for the U.S. ‘Government’ to give away or ‘spend’ even one penny of the taxpayer money for any cause that is not agreed upon by 100 percent of the taxpayers.

If a person, on his own, chooses to donate some of his money to some supposedly humanitarian cause, that is entirely up to him. However, if the ‘government’ gives away even one penny, it has perpetrated a criminal act. Therefore, the ‘government’ is guilty of High Treason against the people of the United States and the U.S. Constitution: this is Communism in practice. (See the famous speech by Congressman Davy Crockett to Congress; included with the Liberty Document, by Balaicius)

The government-controlled media has long succeeded in fooling people into believing incredible things regarding international “atrocities.”

So why should they stop creating fantasies when the American public feeds off of such sensationalism? While these incredible atrocities are religiously advertised, (not unlike the emotionally charged sales pitches common to U.S. television car commercials or the shameful Feed the Children-styled, heart-tugging “info-mercials” with which Americans routinely barraged) these same world “humanitarians” turn a blind eye to the real atrocities occurring simultaneously elsewhere.

(The “atrocities” are ingenious diversions to draw international attention away from reality; such as the 100 million-plus white Christians were actually massacred in Eastern Europe in the early and mid-1900's; such as the Soviet tanks that rolled into Lithuania while news teams were focusing on Kuwait and Iran.

Had it been “jews” who were being killed in Bosnia or South Africa, and not White Christians or Muslims, the United Nations and the Untied States would have stepped in the very first day of killing (or after they allowed the first few token “jews” [sacrificial pawns] to be killed)

Because the average White Christian is in rebellion against God and His Word, he needs such “atrocities” to distract him from his own guilty conscience. If his emotions are caught in a firestorm of rapture and misplaced anger and empathy, he seems to feel as if he has sacrificed a virgin to appease the angry gods of his soul (which of course only brings temporary relief; until the effects of this wear off and the next caustic, hollow illusion is created, necessitating the need for renewed “heroic” emotionalism)

Somalia; like most other nonwhite nations, including Haiti, the Philippines, Uganda, Rhodesia and Palestine; was once ruled by White Christian Nations. When thus ruled, those colonies were peaceful and prosperous.

When these peoples demanded “freedom,” (something by their very nature, they cannot have on their own; the only “freedom they on their own can know, is lawlessness: “freedom” without responsibility, safety, or progress of civilization) they reverted to killing not only every White Man, woman and child (after the rape and torture), but hundreds of thousands of their own people.

They reverted to anarchy, cannibalism, and voodoo. Today they cannot support themselves. The white nations must periodically save them. We are “damed if we do” and “damned if we don’t.”

If we don’t help them, we are cruel, heartless, “white-bred” Capitalist pigs. If we rule over them to maintain peace, safety, and order, we are white Imperialist devils. Like hopeless drug addicts, they want only a quick fix (at our expense). Once they get their fix, they demand to be left alone (except for their monthly welfare check); until they again cry for help.

Evil people know how to play the heart strings of the benevolent, righteous, good-hearted (although, sadly, often brainless) nations of Christendom. (Maybe it should be spelled “Christian-dumb” for it certainly is no longer “Christ’s Domain!”)

Why is it that these virtues and altruistic traits are found only among the white Christian nations Some might claim it is because we are the wealthiest. This is a lie. What can we afford? What is our nation’s debt? Many Arabs, “jews,” East Indians, and African dictators are by far wealthier, yet they are unwilling to even help their own people Why should they spend their own money, when the gullible white nations will foot the bill? (Liberation Theology is communism and incongruent with Scripture)

This is the fulfillment of prophecy. God created Adam-kind to govern the planet, to subdue and have dominion. He is the only one who cares for the entire planet. It is his by inheritance from Almighty God.

As we saw, the name Hebrew means “colonizer,” while the name Israel means “he who successfully as a prince with God over man.” Therefore, it is perfectly clear that the white, Adamic-Hebrew-Israel peoples are not and have always been fulfilling the role God ordained.

Further, God declared that if we forsook His laws, our enemies among us would rise up and become the head and make us the tail, and we would become the oppressed in our own counties. (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 28)

Since part of God’s law demanded strict separation from all other peoples, it is clear what our downfall has been. No white nations in this millennia have ever been conquered militarily by another people.

This is because the white nations are God’s Israel people. Although we have not been conquered from without, however, we have been subverted from within; and it has been our own doing. It too is a fulfillment of prophecy. Whole libraries are needed to contain all the complex laws man makes each year (most of them unjust and solely for those in power to obtain greater power and wealth). But God’s laws are simple and relatively few.

One of the most important laws commands us to remain separate from other peoples. God’s enemies know this, and they use it to their advantage. (The prophet Balaam tried to curse the Israelites because Israel’s enemies offered to pay him handsomely to curse them.

However, God would not let Balaam curse Israel. When he would open his mouth to curse them, only blessing would come out (blessings that foretold how Israel’s enemies would meet with destruction). As long as Israel obeyed God, God protected her from her enemies. However, Balaam gave Israel’s enemies some very evil (although profound) advice: if the Canaanites could get their women to seduce the Israelite men to commit whoredom and intermarry with them, they could bastardize the Israelites’ race and seduce the Israelites to worship false gods, and Israel’s God would then chastise Israel by removing His protection and blessing from them. (See Josephus, Antiquities, Book IV, Chapter VI, paragraph 6, 7, 8, etc; Numbers 22:24; 25:1-3; 31:16)

This has always been our Israel peoples downfall. When we turn from God’s ways (racial purity tops the list), we divorce ourselfs from His grace and illegitimize our descendants. This has been the downfall of every great civilization in history. Not only does the white race suffer, but ALL RACES SUFFER, for then the other races have no one to protect them from each other, and tyranny and brutality abound. South Africa and Rhodesia are prime examples.

Early on, even in the late 1800s, evil people began steering America’s immigration policy in the wrong direction. Between 1821 and 1880, German immigration was 29.7 percent of all immigration. By 1903, however, it had dropped to 4.5 percent.

Likewise, immigration from Ireland during the same periods dropped from 30.2 percent to 4.7 percent, and immigration from England, Scotland, and Wales declined from 16.4 percent to 3.3 percent. Further more, of the same periods, Latin and Magyar-speaking immigrants rose from a combined 3.7 percent to 29 percent. The population of the U.S. around 1908 was about 80,000,000 (statistics from Race or Mongrel (1908), Schultz) Now it is around 275,000,000.

Since 1900, white population has been severely curtailed, and white birth rates have dropped about 80 percent (while the death rate due to murder and disease has increased 1000 percent). For the past 25 years or so, white immigrants (as well as residents and citizens) live on welfare. We have become a third-world country with pockets of civilization. (See Racial Purity: Absolute or Obsolete (including Just How Bad Has the Browning of America Become...?) By Balaicius. Our nation is purposely being run into the ground)

The British-American philosopher and psychologist Raymond B. Cattell (born 1905) stated,

“Civil disobedience” was blown up into a saintly cult by Gandhi, and masqueraded as a vague new religion (especially among the literati) only because the tradition of the English Christian gentleman made massive executions impossible.

When the English withdrew, slaughter on a grand scale, as an inevitable consequence of the inherent insincerity of the mutual impositions and aggressions hidden in ‘passive resistance,’ followed almost immediately. (A New Morality From Science: Beyondism (1972), chapter 5)

Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889-1975), the British historian and educator, in volume 1, pages 211-212 of his, A Study of History (1934) wrote,

“The Protestant temper...attitude and conduct in regard to Race...(and other areas) is inspired largely by the Old Testament...The ‘Bible Christian’ of European origin and race who... settled among peoples of non-European race overseas...inevitably identified himself with Israel obeying the will of Jehovah...doing the Lord’s work...taking possession of the Promised Land...(and) identified the non-Europeans....with the Canaanites whom the Lord...delivered into the hand of His Chosen People to be destroyed or subjugated.”

William Bradford (1603-1752), a Pilgrim leader who became the first governor of the Plymouth colony shortly upon their initial arrival recorded,

“Being thus arrived in good harbor, they fell upon their knees and blessed the God of heaven who had brought them over this vast and furious ocean, and delivered them from all the perils and miseries thereof, again to set their feet on the firm and stable earth.

“Bradford often encouraged his people, assuring them of God’s commitment to them. His covenant, and His promise. They often read aloud to each other passages of Scripture such as God’s promise to ‘the offspring of Abraham,’ found in Isaiah 41:9-10. (Faith & Freedom (1988), Benjamin Hart, p. 78)

John Robison (1576?-1625), an English congregationalist preacher, one of the pastors who left with the Pilgrims for America (having first fled to ‘immoral Holland’), intimated that he perceived that GOD CALLED HIS PEOPLE TO GO TO THIS NEW LAND TO BUILD A NEW JERUSALEM. He further stated, ‘the people of God in old time, were called out of Babylon, the place of their bodily bondage, and were to come to Jerusalem, and there build the Lord’s Temple.” (Faith and Freedom, pp. 71-72)

John Cotton (1584-1652), a Puritan preacher, in his farewell sermon to his congregation in England, drawing his sermon from the Old Testament, stated that GOD HAD SELECTED THEM AS HIS NEW CHOSEN PEOPLE AND THAT THE VIRGIN WILDERNESS OF THE AMERICAN CONTINENT HAD BEEN RESERVED FOR THEM OVER ALL THESE YEARS BY GOD. He stated that THEY WERE THE NEW ISRAELITES, quoting the promise of god to His people, “I WILL APPOINT A PLACE FOR MY PEOPLE ISRAEL, AND WILL PLANT THEM, THAT THEY MAY LIVE IN THEIR OWN PLACE.” (2 Samuel 7:10)

Cotton also stated, GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES, and “WHAT HE HATH PLANTED HE WILL MAINTAIN.” (Holland’s very motto) Recognizing there would be hardships, Cotton encouraged his flock and told them, “The Lord hath given us hearts to overlook them all, as IF WE WERE CARRIED UP ON EAGLES’ WINGS.” (See Isaiah 18:1; 40:31) However, Cotton also warned his flock to not turn from God’s ways and “\denigrate AS THE ISRAELITES DID.”

Scripture declares, “Can the Ethiopian (African) change his skin (nature) or the leopard his spots (nature)?” (Jeremiah 13:23) There are a few honest missionaries who lived in Africa, and they have confirmed the reports that even long after many Africans supposedly ACCEPTED Christ as their Savior, no amount of teaching counsel, admonition, exhortation, Bible reading, or prayer could change their nature or life-style. They continued in random fornication and adultery, mayhem and murder, and other base behaviors such as theft, trickery, deceit, and betrayal. They consider these traits normal and even admirable.

Further, it is not satisfying to merely commit these acts, but the complete fulfillment is achieved by telling ones friends, so they can all laugh about it together. One has merely to watch the evening news or read the daily newspaper to see that these people live no differently in our land.

John Winthrop (1588-1649), a Puritan leader, who became the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s first governor, also warned the people that should they forget God’s ways, the new Promised Land would cease to be a land of milk and honey; it would be a barren wilderness, merciless and brutal. He declared,

“The Lord will surely break out in wrath against us, be revenged of such a perjured people and make us know the price of the breach of SUCH A COVENANT.” (See 2 Samuel 7:14 and see Faith & Freedom, pp. 90-91)

Winthrop further stated,

“Now, the only way to avoid this shipwreck and to provide for our posterity, is to FOLLOW THE COUNSEL OF MICAH, to do justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with our God...We shall find that THE GOD OF ISRAEL IS AMONG US...He shall MAKE US A PRAISE AND GLORY...” (The Light And The Glory (1977), Peter Marshall & David Manuel, p. 162)

Samuel Elliot Morison, in his Colonial America (1887), in reference to Cotton’s sermon (above) wrote,

“Cotton’s sermon was of a nature to inspire these new children of Israel with the belief that they were the Lord’s chosen people, people; destined, if they kept the covenant with Him, to people and fructify this new Canaan in the western wilderness.” (p. 25)

John Cotton Mather (1663-1728), in his Magnalia Christi Americana (The Great Works of Christ in America; also known as The Ecclesiastical History of England) (1702), quoted B. Woodbridge, who spoke of John Cotton in the following words;

“Though Moses (Cotton) be, yet Joshua is not dead, I mean renowned Norton; worthy he, Successor to our Moses, is to be O happy Israel in America. In such a Moses, such a Joshua.” (Vol. I, p. 284)

Marshall & Manual further state that THE FIRST SETTLERS OF AMERICA,

“...consciously thought of themselves as a people called into continuation of the covenant relationship with God and one another which Israel had entered into...they even felt that passages in the Bible...originally addressed to Israel...applied in particular to them...(for example, see Deuteronomy 8:7-9)...they saw themselves called into their new PROMISED LAND in order to found a new ISRAEL, which would be a light to the whole world...God had put a specific ‘call’ on this country and the people who were to inhabit it. In the virgin wilderness of America, God create a new ISRAEL OF PEOPLE LIVING IN OBEDIENCE TO THE LAWS OF GOD...certainly there was no doubt in the minds of the Puritans themselves...IN THE EXODUS OF THE ISRAELITES FROM EGYPT, THEY FOUND A PREFIGURING OF THEIR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES. “LET ISRAEL BE...OUR GLASS TO VIEW OUR FACES IN,’ WROTE Samuel Fisher in his Testimony of Truth in 1679...the Puritans understood NEW ENGLAND TO BE ‘A TYPE AND EMBLEM OF A NEW JERUSALEM...’ this call was to be worked out in terms of the settlers covenant with God, and with each other...they saw no delineation between the two Testaments, believing that AN UNCHANGING GOD HAD WRITTEN THEM BOTH. They saw themselves as BEING CALLED INTO A DIRECT CONTINUATION OF THE COVENANT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GOD AND ABRAHAM...(See) Genesis 12:1-2...(and) 17:7-8.” (The Light And The Glory, pp. 19-24)

William Hubbard, an early historian of Massachusetts Bay, provides us an appropriate summary of Winithrop’s life: He “HAS DONE GOOD IN ISRAEL, having spent hot only his whole estate...but his bodily strength and life in the service of the country.” (Faith & Freedom, pp. 106-107)

The Men of Marlborough, Connecticut, in 1773 unanimously proclaimed:

“Death is more eligible than slavery. A free-born people are not required by the religion of Jesus Christ to submit to tyranny, but make use of such power as God has given them to recover and support their laws and liberties...(we) implore the Ruler above the skies, that He would make bare His arm in defense of His church and people, and let Israel go.” (History of the United States, (1854), George Bancroft, Vol. VI, p. 442)

The historian Edward Johnson, in 1630, in reference to the early Pilgrims and Puritans, stated,

“For the Lambe is preparing His Bride, and oh! Yee the ancient Beloved of Christ, whom he of old led by the hand from Egypt to Canaan through that great and terrible Wilderness...And you the Seed of Israel both less and more, the rattling of your dead bones together is at hand, Sinews, Flesh, and Life: at the Word of Christ it comes... Then oh! You People of Israel gather together as one Man, and together as one Tree. Ezekiel 37 and 23...Will you not believe that a Nation can be born in a day? (See Isaiah 66:8)...This year the great troubles in our native county increasing... (this) wandering race of Jacobites deemed it now high time to implore the Lord for His especial aid in this time of their deepest distress...As Jacob professes, I came over this Jordan with my staff ...a few poor scattered stones newly raked out of the heaps of rubbish, and thou Lord Christ has not so far exalted them, as to lay them sure in thy Sion...the seed of Christ’s Church in the posterity of Israel...pleaded the promise of the lord in the multiplying of his seed; so these people at this very time, pleaded not only the Lord’s promise to Israel, but to his only Son Christ Jesus (from Johnson’s Wonder-Working Providences of Zion’s Savior in New England (1910), pp. 59-61, 237, 238)

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