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The New World Order - An Overview and Review “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. It is not so among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant: and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave; just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:25-28)

Throughout history there have been powerful men who simply refuse to understand what God thinks about those who would subjugate the common man. What is most perplexing is the gall (kutz-pah in the Yiddish!) That national leaders can even attend Christian Churches and believe that they have a divine right to subjugate the people.

It has been this way for generations. This is a review and an overview of what has preceded this current thrust for a one world government, now being called the United Nations. We haven’t gotten into this current mess overnight. It has been a long and ugly effort. There have been good times and there have been bad times for Christendom and it has always been related to the lessons in Deuteronomy 28.

We can find in that chapter the underlying problem of why some people have trouble abiding by God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgments. From time to time, throughout history, the people of the Bible have thought of man as being inherently good. This is not correct nor is it Biblical: “And Noah builded an altar unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar. And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.” (Genesis 8:20‑21)

There is an old aphorism or proverb that goes something like this: “I have heard all that you have had to say to me on your problems. You ask me what to do about them. It is my view that your real problem is that you are a member of the human race. Face that one first.”

In more modern terms the veteran editorialist Charley Reese has written an editorial titled “The World Is As It Is, Whether Or Not You Understand That.” His message is pertinent to the conditions of western man throughout the time period that will be discussed later. “The sterility of today’s depraved liberal culture has a religious basis. As much as agnostics and atheists would like to deny it, all cultures, good or evil, are derived from religion.

That’s because religious beliefs produce political and social consequences. America’s culture has always been based on Christianity (Europe, from which we came, was known as Christendom). But early in the 19th century, American Christianity developed a split. This division caused, and still causes, political conflicts.

Two of the basic premises of orthodox Christianity are that God is almighty and sovereign and cannot be manipulated, and that humans are innately depraved. That was the prevailing view at the time of the American Revolution. Because humans are inherently depraved, they cannot be trusted with power, hence we have limited government and constitutional restraints on power. Because man’s evil is inside him, changing his physical or social circumstances will not make him good. (Only God’s grace and obedience to God can do that). Hence, little or no concern is shown for social reform, either in the American Revolution or in the Bible. You may, if you like, describe this as the conservative position. This view remained dominant in the South, but in the North a new view took root. Its basic premises were that man was inherently good and that God could be manipulated. The modern version is: if you need a new car, pray for it.

The political consequences were that, because man is inherently good, if he acted badly, it must be because of outside circumstances-lack of income, bad neighborhood, poor education, racism, economic system, etc. Hence, to make men better, change their circumstances. This, as you will see, is an accurate description of our modern day liberal elite.

It’s clearly evident in practically every news story, media editorial and political speech in America. Whatever is wrong, it is not the fault of the individual. If a kid drops out of schools or graduates ignorant, it’s the fault of the education system. If someone is a criminal, it is the fault of society, if people are poor, it is the fault of the economic system. If someone smokes, it is the fault of the tobacco industry.

The liberal has an unshakable religious faith that, given sufficient money, the right program, the right education system and sufficient power to coerce, human ills can be eliminated and a paradise on Earth can be created. By placing man first and God second, the liberal view inevitably evolved into eliminating God altogether; hence, a secular and egalitarian culture developed.

Liberalism in all its form, such as socialism, communism and liberal democracy, failed because its basic premise is wrong. Man is not inherently good. He’s inherently evil, and he really cannot be trusted with power. If there is any one who cannot draw that conclusion from the nightmarish and bloody 20th century, then that person is inherently uneducable. Despite trillions of dollars, astounding technological advances and oceans of spilled blood, not one human problem has been solved. Man has not been made good. Heaven on Earth has not been created. All that has been accomplished is that man’s capacity to do evil has been increased. The ability to serval, manipulate, control and murder has been greatly advanced. That’s the progress liberalism has produced.

The conservative and liberal views, as I have defined them, are irreconcilable. Separation is the only way to avoid conflict. I personally am bored to gagging with hearing liberals make excuses for people and propose one failed social scheme after another. And people who call themselves conservatives but who just offer a different set of excuses and propose a different set of failed schemes are in fact liberals wearing a false face.

A wise man once observed: ‘If you understand, the world is as it is, if you do not understand, the world is as it is.’ If you’re looking to politics for solutions, you’re looking in the wrong place.”

If a poll were taken, choosing people at random, asking them if they thought that humans are innately depraved or inherently good, the majority would say that man was good. This is because Christianity is no longer simple Biblical Christianity without modifiers. Law is no longer black or white but rather shades of grey.

The “shades of grey” concept comes from the Talmud and it has permeated the Christian Church. Thus, we now call the church “Judeo-Christian.” But the average Christian today doesn’t even know of the Talmud, let alone has read it. This, too, is intentional. The Talmud is nearly impossible to obtain. Go to your local library and ask for the “Soncino Edition” of the Talmud! The Talmud is the Bible for the liberal mind and it has all of the rules for changing the Laws of God to fit the immediate needs of man.

Mr. Reese accurately points out that the liberal position has replaced the sovereignty of God with man being god. This concept is as old as the garden of Eden. Mankind has always attempted to usurp the sovereignty of God. MANKIND HAS THE PROPENSITY TO WANT TO BE THE CREATOR INSTEAD OF THE CREATED.

Kings, emperors, and even elected presidents, prime ministers and other officials, want to be “elevated” above the common man, the person who always has to pay the bills. This certainly didn’t start with Augustus Caesar of the Roman Empire but he can rightly be considered the epitome of examples.

The prologue of the book “The Worship of Augustus Caesar,” by Alexander Del Mar (The Christian Book Club, Box 638, Hawthorne, CA 90250) tells why it is so important for us to realize the part that this pseudo-environmentalism plays in the current distress of Christianity as well as the world in general: “The abyss of misery and depravity from which Christianity redeemed the Roman Empire can never be fully understood without a knowledge of the impious worship of emperors to which Europe once bowed its credulous and terrified head. When this omitted chapter is restored to the history of Rome, Christianity will spring into a new and more vigorous life, for then only will it be perceived how deep and ineradicable its roots are planted, how lofty are its branches and how deathless are its aims.”

According to Del Mar’s research, (who was a former director of the U.S. Bureau of Statistics) Augustus was born in 63 B.C., the son of Caius Octavius and Maia, the niece of Julius Caesar. Augustus was supposedly born a god. According to an astrologer of the time, a man named Figulus, this advent was predicted in they Sibylline Books.

Another interesting fact of history is reveal in Del Mar’s book, Octavius (Augustus’ father) consulted another guru named Liber Pater in Thrace. Liber Pater declared that at the time of the birth of Augustus, wine had been poured upon the altar and it blazed into a flame, enveloped the steeple, and ascended to heaven. Liber Pater then declared that this “miracle” had occurred only once before, at the time of the birth of Alexander the Great! So it is obvious that Alexander was also considered a god. When we review all of the accolades that Alexander then received, and still receives, we can realize why so many leaders of today attempt to emulate these men.

Alexander’s Greece had many gods. Of particular importance to this idea of defying man because of the accomplishments and birth were the Greek gods “Dionysus” and “Demeter.” “Dionysus” was the god of life in nature and “Demeter” was the earth-mother goddess who was the author of civilization and the goddess of agriculture. In their rituals of initiation, the initiates were to imagine that they themselves were the deity! Alexander and the Greeks believed that the gods were magnified men and women in perfect physical form. Their architecture and sculpture were the results of this thinking.

The Romans carried on from the fallen and decadent Greece. The Romans also carried on with this man-god deity concept. Thus, we had Augustus. The name of the goddess “Demeter” was changed to “Ceres” in the Roman process of deifying man.

We have included that bit of astrological, occult, pagan worship to show that emperors from the time of Alexander the Great, and even before that, have been made into a god ship from which to rule over their subjects. Imagine the power that such men would have over the masses. Imagine the adoration that the average ignorant citizen would have for their leaders. One of the highest tributes that could be given to such leaders was to prepare special monuments, statutes, forest reserves, etc., in gratitude for all of their “contributions to society.”

It is in this type of thinking that has caused the god-man concept to become a part of the rituals of the secret societies such as the Masons, etc. That, then, is the reason why so many of our leaders have joined these societies (such as George Bush’s Skull and Bones). They have that elevated feeling in their mind that they are above the madding crowd and that they have a right to all of that adoration.

Have you heard of, or remember the Bohemian Grove ritual that was (and maybe still is) conducted yearly in California? It was the leaders of our society, from presidents, secretaries of state, and other men at the very top who participated in such nonsense, all in some way or another deifying man.

In Europe, throughout the era of the Holy Roman Empire and afterwards, the kings and queens demanded and were given, because of fear, the concept of “divine right.” These kings and queens had a “divine right” to do anything they wanted. If they wanted a person executed, even for no reason whatsoever, he was executed. Tongues were cut out and people were burned at the stake simply because of “divine right.” In other words, they were not forced to govern according to law, THEY WERE THE LAW!

Think about conditions today. Can anyone honestly say that government at the highest levels, is forced to govern according to law? We have exactly the same situation as in the days of “divine right” of kings and queens. Also, it is for the same reason. It is because of fear and a general misunderstanding of Romans 13.

Our founding fathers tried their best to remove this pagan ritual from our form of government and as Charley Reese succinctly points out, they knew that man could not be trusted with his own concept of government. To keep this idea of man from being a god they knew that he must have restrictions on his government of such magnitude that the deity of any man would be impossible. The republican form of government as directed by God in His Word (the Book of Numbers) is the only way that a common man can be secure in his own freedom and liberty.

Alas, as we study our own history truthfully (after removing the teachings of politically correct historians) we find that the United States has not been left unscathed in this god-like worship. In another publication we showed that the influence of not only the government but even the design of the street layout of Washington, D.C., was accomplished by Masonic influence, albeit the American Rite and not the Scottish Rite. Many of the buildings of our capitol were erected after first laying the cornerstones with Masonic rituals. Lafayette, a Mason of the Grand Orient Rite, designed the street layout. In the past several pastors have made repeated trips to Congress attempting to teach them the importance of putting God first in their deliberations. Traveling about Washington in automobiles showed them that Lafayette didn’t know anything about traffic control!

We will now show the history of the dark side of the environmentalist movement. We mut include the Mason in showing how the supposed deity of certain selected men have controlled the western world’s governments for centuries. Many, if not most, of the current rash of environmentalist prone leaders of today are Masons! Not only their rituals but their history as shown in Mackey’s “Encyclopedia of the Masonic Movement” reveal this desire for deification of intended leaders.

This current attempt to create a One World Government through the United Nations, especially using environmental issues as the catalyst, is also an old technique. There has always been a common desire of most of our people to have a clean environment such as the air and the water, etc. If we are to be good stewards (Luke 12:41-44) of the earth we must keep it clean. However, the liberal elite wants to be known as the creator and they demand recognition for their efforts. Concern for the environment can become an emotional issue and the liberal elite has used that fact for their catalyst.

For this system to work there has to be a condition, or the general state of affairs, which has degraded to such an extent that the voting public or taxpayer becomes concerned. An alleged condition can even be “created’ to cause concern. Such as the current case of the environment with the “greenhouse effect,” the ozone holes, etc. The great majority of qualified scientists openly state that there is no problem with “ozone holes” nor the earth warming because of the “greenhouse effect.”

The men who boldly come forward and solve these problems can then be credited for “creating” a new, clean environment and they, not God, go down in history as the “savior” of mankind.

The system has eulogized kings and elected officials alike. There have been lands set aside on which monuments are erected on behalf of our leaders, both good and bad. These monuments to man are always constructed on beautiful, well maintained sites which are “environmentally” pure. The nation’s capital, Washington, is full of them, from office buildings, monuments in squares in the streets, to elaborate structures on the tidal basin. Every state in the union has the same system. Nearly every city has a beautiful parkway or boulevard honoring the extreme liberal communist iconoclast Martin Luther King, Jr. All of these edifices re paid for by the citizenry through taxes. Many of our national parks are created to honor these “heroes” of the elite.

When King William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, he came with the concept of “divine right.” He didn’t request meetings with the conquered people of England before he brought over his money lenders form Roen, France. He didn’t need any consultation before he confiscated huge tracts of land for his “King’s Forests.” He didn’t need discussion, except with his money lenders, when he changed the entire English system of government from the republican form where all private land was held in alloidial title to that of a fiefdom where the state requires taxes before a person has the privilege of “owning” it.

Eventually, the citizens of England got enough of his “divine right,” they met in conference and determined to write the Magna Carta. They were adamant with the “divine rights” of King John in 1215 to force the Magna Carta on him. The citizens of England again met in conference to force the “divine rights” of King Edward to write the eviction notice to force the Jewish money lenders out of the country. Today, that would be considered wicked because we are a kinder, more gentle (and more unGodly) people! But then, if we would just take notice, we treat our presidents and other leaders with that “divine right” attitude. Even congressmen and senators are afraid to stand up to them.

Formerly we learned that Oliver Cromwell was this “Great Benefactor” and declared himself to be the “Lord Protector” of England. Those benevolent titles were given by the victor in the great battle that became a part of Mystery Babylon in which wee live. His proclaiming himself “Lord Protector” shows that he was giving himself “divine right,” the very situation that supposedly he opposed with the King!

The circumstances surrounding Oliver Cromwell started with his ancestor, Thomas Cromwell. The Cromwell family excelled in creating revolutions. Thomas Cromwell was the singular person who caused the revolution of the 1500's in England. The intellect, the charisma, the cunning, the brutality and the sinister mind of this man completely overwhelmed all of England, including King Henry VIII, parliament, and the common Englishman.

He had a very receptive person to work with in King Henry VIII. The king was a overbearing, overweight and obnoxious individual who had dreams of playing god. Thomas Cromwell knew this and took advantage of it. In all probability he was sent back to England specifically to do what he did.

Thomas Cromwell was trained by the Venetian Traders who were famous money lenders of the time. The Venetian Traders are a part of a larger group which has been called the “Black Nobility.” So this concept of “divine right” goes back even farther than the Cromwells. The concept is closely connected to money as well as the nobility. He was trained by Machiavelli and he carried Machiavelli’s book, “The Prince” wherever he went. It was this book that trained his cunning and sinister mind. He was in the courts and lived in the manner of the families of the Borgias and the Medicis (Jewish families that produced several of the Popes). He was a member of the Rosicrucians, an early occult organization that later became a part of the Freemasonry movement.

Thomas Cromwell returned to England and started loaning money t the poorer nobles, charging interest (usury) which is against God’s Law. He titled himself a “scrivener,” which is something between a money lender and an attorney. He became an influential and busy member of parliament and five years later, in 1528, he was able to convince the Catholic Cardinal Wolsey that he needed a man to oversee his business affairs with the various monasteries in England. It was the very job for which he had trained for so long.

He started suppressing the influence of the smaller churches and monasteries. Some of these had existed as Christian Churches long before the Roman Catholic Church came to England. Extensive writings of historians, both secular and Christian, reveal that the Christian church in England was started by Joseph of Aramathea very soon after the resurrection or our Savior. Of course it was Cardinal Wolsey who received the blame and resentment from the people of England for this suppression. They felt that Wolsey had to be removed and Cromwell, in true Machiavellian style, placed himself between the people and Wolsey. In his genius, he saw Wolsey disgraced and removed, and Cromwell stepped into the close company of Henry VIII. W0lsey had been a minister to the King and represented a very powerful position in the affairs of the country. Cromwell played on the King’s ego and between them, the king became the head of the Christian Church in England. From this we learn that the Christian Church is also tied to this concept of the “divine right” of kings.

Cromwell dissolved a large number of the Christian Churches and monasteries and divided the money received from their dissolution between himself and the king’s treasury. The king go 20 percent and Cromwell and his henchmen got 80 percent.

Thomas Cromwell acted as a completely despotic dictator. He was ruthless and totally authoritarian. The people of England were extremely upset over the situation but did nothing. King Henry VIII also obtained more and more power, both in secular and religious affairs. King worship existed in England, just as it did in Rome and Greece.

Thomas was extremely close to the king and his power and influence continued to increase until finally he overstepped his bounds, even with the king. Thomas Cromwell was executed in 1540 and the people of England, including the nobility, actually applauded as he hung on the scaffold. But the family of Thomas Cromwell became extremely wealthy and influential from the money he stole from the churches and monasteries.

Thomas Cromwell created a dictatorial, authoritarian system where the government was sovereign and the king was god. This condition persisted in England and was one of the root causes of our Revolution.

The despotic system that Cromwell created in England was a fertile seedbed for t he growing Protestant Reformation. We will see that this became the antithesis of this great conspiracy. The resultant synthesis became a part of Mystery Babylon. The Roman Catholic Church had been in a violent struggle with Jewry for centuries, particularly over the issue of usury, the loaning of money for gain, or interest. When Martin Luther broke with the Catholic Church, he retained the same position with respect to usury. But when Luther died in 1546, just six years following the execution of Thomas Cromwell, the second generation of Protestant Reformers apparently was of a different opinion. Maurice Pinay in his book, “The Plot Against the Church” states that Martin Luther was nationalistic in his thoughts and anti-Jewish and the second generation was more “Judeo-Christian” in their thoughts and actions.

Even though the Catholic Church in England was not closely aligned with Rome, this clash which broke out between the Catholics and the Protestants was extremely vicious. The leaders in England felt certain that there were outside forces fanning this instigation.

What happened next would eventually encompass the entire Christian West, including the future United States of America, and then finally include the entire world. That is the world as we see it today.

Now we come to Oliver Cromwell, who was born at Huntingdom, England, on the 25th of April, 1599. He was the only surviving son of Robert Cromwell, the second son of Sir Henry Cromwell. His mother was Elizabeth, the daughter of William Steward and sister of Sir Thomas Steward. “I was by birth a gentleman,” so Oliver told his first Parliament, “living neither in any considerable height, nor yet in obscurity.” The Cromwells of Huntingdom were descendants of Sir Richard Cromwell, otherwise called Williams, a kinsman of Thomas Cromwell, the “Hammer of Monasteries,” under Henry VIII.

Oliver Cromwell became a powerful man in England through is membership in the Parliament. He was well liked among the Protestants, particularly the “Non-Conformists.” He was a very religious man; he was also a man with great ambitions. Charles I was King of England at the time.

Charles I found himself in opposition to Parliament and the international money lenders. Mannasseh Ben Israel, a rabbi and money lender in Holland, offered, with the help of other German and French money lenders, to assist Cromwell by financing the overthrow of the British throne. Fernandez Carvajal of Portugal, often referred to in history as “The Great Jew,” became Cromwell’s chief military contractor. He provided Cromwell’s army with the best arms and equipment money could buy at usury (interest).

A very complex and competent underground was organized in England under the command of another Mannasseh Ben Israel’s agents named DeSouze Fernandez. Carvajal used his influence to have DeSauze appointed Ambassador to Portugal. In the Ambassador’s house, protected by diplomatic immunity, the leaders of the World Revolutionary Movement made their plans to create the Great Revolution of England that was to culminate in the forming of the Bank of England in 1694.

From the plans for the execution of King Charles I to the institution of the Bank of England, the conspiracy is evident. A letter, dated June 16, 1647, from Oliver Cromwell to Ebenezer Pratt reads: “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England; this however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” (King Charles I was in prison at the time)

On July 12, 1647 a letter from Ebenezer Pratt to Oliver Cromwell was sent which reads, “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed, and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous, Charles should be given an opportunity to escape. His recapture will then make a trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.”

Charles was allowed to escape from prison and was recaptured, of course. Through Comwell’s influence Parliament was purged of members who held allegiance to the king. This action is known as “Pryde’s Purge.” Only fifth members remained, which became known as the “Rump Parliament.” Again, because of Cromwell’s influence, two-thirds of the High Court of Justice consisted of “Levellers,” from Cromwell’s army. The conspirators couldn’t find an English lawyer to draw up the criminal charges against Charles I. Manasseh Ben Israel’s agent, Isasac Dorislaus, drew up the indictment. The Scotchman King Charles I was found guilty and was publicly beheaded at Whitehall on January 30, 1649. To show that the people of England did not approve of what Cromwell did, the sizable crowd that witnessed the execution, immediately made a loud groan that could be heard some distance away.

Cromwell continued with his drive for domination of all of the British Isles. He fought Ireland and Scotland which was simply a continuation of the wars with those two great peoples which was started by William the Conqueror and his Norman Kings. That war is still continuing today.

The Scottish Coventanter, James Montrose, tried to avenge the death of Charles I by gathering together a small army and attacking England. He, too, was captured and executed. Then Charles II who was in exile in France, invaded England. He, also, was defeated and was forced to retreat to France.

In 1652, Cromwell was involved in another contrived war with the Dutch. Again, the money lenders were behind Cromwell’s actions. In 1653 Oliver Cromwell proclaimed himself “Lord Protector” of England. The term “Lord” is used extensively in English aristocracy. The word itself in the secular means “dominion power, authority.” The word “Lordolatry” means to worship a man who has the title “Lord.” So Oliver Cromwell had “arrived” so to speak!

Oliver died in 1657 and in true form to a family claiming “divine rights” by birth, his son Richard was named “Protector.” But Richard didn’t have the stomach for it. He resigned in disgust because of the intrigue with Cromwell’s government with that of that of the money lenders.

Charles II was proclaimed King. The people of England became aware of the intrigue between Oliver Cromwell and the money lenders and they became so incensed that they dug up his skeleton and hung it from the gallows!

But England was beyond repair. It became a debtor nation. A great depression settled over England. The city of London was in shambles. Rats were everywhere because of the poverty. Diseases were rampant, because of the horrible sanitary conditions, the “Great Plague” of 1665 broke out. Then, miraculously, the “Great Fire” of London destroyed the shambles, rats, and the filth that caused the plague. It was then called the “Great Cleanser.” God has His own ways of bringing judgment!

England needed money to rebuild the country. Of course, the money lenders were there with their hat-in-hand! The Bank of England was created with the sum of 1,250,000 pounds sterling. The following provision were required by the money lenders to complete the deal:

1). The names of the lenders be kept secret and that they be granted a charter to establish a Bank of England;

2). That the directors of the Bank of England be granted the legal right to establish the Gold Standard for currency, by which;

3). They could make loans to the value of 10 pounds for every 1 pound value of gold they had on deposit in their vaults, and;

4). That they be permitted to consolidate the national debt, and secure payment of amounts due as principal and interest by direct taxation of the people.

The money lenders saw to it that the people of England always needed to borrow more money! If that original note had been paid off, the bank’s charter would undoubtedly have ended because there would be no need for a Central Bank. The “camel’s nose” was in the tent door and that system, started in England so many years ago, has now become the world’s standard. Every nation of any consequence (except for the Moslem countries) throughout the world has a central bank based on that system. This was the “engine of finance” that was used to start the road toward the New World Order, now known as the United Nations.

The “marriage” between the nobility of England and the money lenders of Sephardic Jewry was both in the financial sense and in the family sense. The historian Hilaire Belloc wrote in his book simply title “The Jews,” (Butler & Tanner, London) the following: “Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and the traditions of those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled in countries where the gentry had not suffered or enjoyed this admixture.”

Because of this epical decision on the part of the English gentry, the entire world is now under its influence. The actions that followed further secured the drive for a one world order under Talmudic control. The years that followed brought on the group called the CABAL which is derived from the names of the individuals. It is commonly thought that the name came form the infamous Caballa, the origins of the Talmud. It might as well have because it certainly ended that way. This is similar in purpose to the political party system of today.

The names of the individuals were. Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley Cooper and Lauderdale. Of  the five in the group it was only Ashley Cooper and Lauderdale and their descendants who were influential in the entire political and religious affairs of the world today.

The first thing they did was to foment antagonism and strife between the Anglican Church, other Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church. It was Ashley Cooper who was the master agitator. Remember the rules of the dialectical materialism which is Communism’s prime system. Develop the “thesis” (or problem). Then create the “antithesis” (or solution). The result (synthesis) of such machinations is the desired program of the instigators. In the case of the agitation between the Christian groups, you can develop “Judeo-Christianity.” Study for yourself the dialectics and you will realize that this is true.

The other person who was so influential in the CABAL was Lauderdale. His actual name was John Maitland (1616-1682). He was given the title “Duke of Lauderdale.” A short biographical sketch found in the “Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. VIII, 1910, shows the circumstances surrounding this name: “William Murray, a native of Dysart, a seaport in Scotland, was made Earl of Dysart in 1643, and his elder child and heir, a daughter Elizabeth, obtained in 1670 a re-grant of the title and first married Sir Lionel Tollemache but he died. She married secondly John Maitland the 1st Duke of Lauderdale. This Countess of Dysart (afterwards Duchess of Lauderdale) was a famous beauty of the period, and notorious both for her amours and for her political influence. She was said to have been the mistress of Oliver Cromwell, and also of Lauderdale (John Maitland) before her first husband’s death and was a leader at the court of Charles II.”

The wholesale marriage between these two peoples would obviously lead towards the thought for a homeland for the displaced Jews of the world. This is the basic definition of Zionism. Because of the then Christian adverseness to that concept, the active members of the CABAL were required to work in obscurity.

We have shown what makes a conspiracy. It is not a secret meeting in a dark, smoke-filled room. It is a belief that is so ingrained within a family or group that it is carried down through the generations. One can relate it to DNA race memory. Such was the case of the members of the CABAL.

Elizabeth, the Duchess of Lauderdale, very probably influenced Charles II, and his parliament, to be concerned with the Zionist cause Ashley Cooper, the Earl of Shaftesbury, did his part also. Generations later, Lord Antony Ashley Cooper, seventh Earl of Shaftsbury (1801-1885), became known as the “Evangelical of all the Evangelicals” and a central figure in the tradition of non-Jewish Zionism.

It was Shaftesbury’s preoccupation with the Jews’ return to Palestine as a nation that made him the chief advocate of such a plan long before it gained currency with the British and imperial establishment Shaftesbury and Elizabeth were not the only ones involved in this movement. Others among this new class of “nobility,” and with power and influence, were very active. The Duke of Kent, members of the House of Lords including the Earl of Crawford and Lindsay, the Earl of Grosvenor, Lord Gray, and Lord Bexley, were most active.

There have been wars, and revolutions throughout the centuries following that, to one degree or another, related to the Zionist issue. The American Revolution (Remember what the editorialist Charley Reese wrote?), the French Revolution of the 1840s, the Civil War, World War I, and lastly but not least, World War II.

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