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Bloody Kansas: Brutal Homicides Ignored [Guess Why]

Five victims were abducted from a suburban home,

taken to two banks and forced to withdraw money,

then to a field where the two women were raped,

and then all five were shot in the head.

Why has this brutal assault been ignored?

The answer is simple: White victims, black


Had this been reversed, you wouldn't hear the end of


The victims, Jason Befort, 26, Aaron Sander, 29,


Heyka, 27 and Heather Muller, 25, were all murdered


what police say is a 'random act'.

Photos of the assailants, and two of the victims are

posted on the MSNBC web sites which follow. Photos of

all victims are posted on the New Nation News web


given at the end of this message.


Shooting victim staggers through snow for help

WICHITA, Kansas, December 15 – A 25‑year‑old woman

who survived being shot in the head staggered nearly

a mile through the cold and darkness to find help.


Victims Identified

WICHITA, Kansas, December 15 – Police have released

the names of four of the victims of Friday morning's

quadruple homicide.


Another Quadruple Murder Rocks the City

WICHITA, Kansas, December 15 – A second quadruple

murder has rocked Wichita. Just a little over a week

after four people were found shot to death in an east

Wichita home, five more people were shot early Friday

morning in northeast Wichita.


Kidnappings and Killings in Northeast Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas, December 15 – A second quadruple

murder has rocked Wichita. Just a little over a week

after four people were found shot to death in an east

Wichita home, five more people were shot early Friday

morning in northeast Wichita. Four of those shooting

victims died.



Carr Brothers Linked to Death of Cellist

WICHITA, Kansas, January 3 – The Carr brothers


spree may not have started with the quadruple

homicide. Police say the two brothers may be linked


a murder four days before.

    On December 11th, a Wichita woman was shot in the

face in her own driveway on East Dublin. The shooting

left 55‑year‑old Ann Walenta paralyzed from the waist

down. "She was certainly able to speak for a

considerable length of time before her unfortunate

death yesterday," said Lee. They were conversations

that may lead to more murder charges.

    Meanwhile, members of the Wichita Symphony

Orchestra are mourning the loss of a talented


"I would say this community has lost a dedicated,

talented lady," said Linda Mallonee, retired symphony

colleague. "She didn't deserve this horror."


Carr Brothers Now Face 58 Charges

WICHITA, Kansas, January 4 – Sedgwick County District

Attorney Nola Foulston has filed a total of 58


against the brothers accused of the cities latest

quadruple homicide. The charges identify seven


instead of the original five.

ACCORDING TO COURT DOCUMENTS filed today, the alleged

crime spree of Reginald and Jonathon Carr lasted a

week. The complaint charges that the terror started

with a beating and carjacking, then a deadly shooting

and ended with five brutal rapes and four murders.


by Bob Kelly

    Tiffany Nicole Long: 10 years old WHITE female.

Kidnapped by two

BLACK males, in Burlington, North Carolina, Joseph

Jones,13, and

Harold Jones, 16, and one BLACK female, Dorthia

Bynum, 17, on

October 16th, 1998.  She was abducted from the

sidewalk a few doors

from her home, dragged behind a garage, where she was


sodomized, sexually tortured, and then murdered.

While she was being

tortured, one of the three wrapped a television cord

around her neck to

stifle her screams.  The local media, the only ones

who reported this

crime, claimed "race" had nothing to do with it.

    The National Association for the Advancement of

Colored People

(NAACP) has entered the Burlington, North Carolina,

Tiffany Long

case.   Tiffany Nicole Long was a 10 year old WHITE

girl who was raped

and murdered on October 17th, l998 by two niggers and

a negress.

    As reported in the March/April 1999 edition of

White Voice, Tiffany

was horribly raped and murdered.   It was reported

that the negress took

a broomstick and shoved it up her bleeding vagina

after she was raped,

ramming it into her chest cavity.   Then she was

reportedly turned over

and had the same done to her rectum.   An unconfirmed

report had her

skinned like a rabbit.  This is why the police

forbade her parents from

seeing her dead body and a closed casket ceremony was


    Why is the NAACP entering the case?   Well, they

are a concerned

group of citizens as the Jew controlled media always

assured us, and

concerned they are, but not for any WHITE victims

like little Tiffany.

No, according to the Greensboro News and Record, the

local head of the

NAACP, Ernestine Lewis, is concerned that racial

prejudice in Alamance

County, the scene of the crime, might hurt the

suspects in court.


is calling for the trial to be moved out of Alamance


    Brandy Duvall: 14 year old WHITE female.

Abducted from a bus

stop in Denver, Colorado, May 30, 1998.   Taken by 7


BLACK members of the Bloods street gang to a house of

one of the

members, they spent the next several hours gang

raping, and then

sexually torturing her with a knife and a broomstick.

During the trial


the accused, one member told the court how co‑member


Martinez laughed as he repeatedly rammed a broomstick

into the body

of the bleeding girl while she screamed and pleaded

for her life.


they stabbed her 28 times and threw her corpse into a

ditch.   Little

mention of this was made in the media except for the

Denver area.

    Tracy Lambert, 18, and Susan Moore, 25 :   These


women, both mothers, were leaving their waitress jobs

together on the

night of August 17, 1998 in Fayetteville, North

Carolina.   They were

carjacked at gunpoint by seven BLACKS and mixed race

hispanics, all

members or associates of the gang the Crips.    The

associates were

directed to find innocent victims to murder if they

wanted to become

members of the gang.  These two WHITE women were

chosen, and were

taken to a farm field, made to get on their knees,

and shot point blank


the heads.    The bullets that were removed from the

victim's heads had

been painted with blue fingernail polish, the Crip's

gang color.   Not a

word of this made any media attention outside of

North Carolina.

    Gary Traska, 41:   Was jumped on the sidewalk in

front of an

apartment building he owned in Buffalo, New York, on

October 2nd,

1998.   The three young BLACK males who jumped him,

laughing all the

while, proceeded to kick him when he was down, and

continued kicking

him as hard as they could, while others on the

sidewalk watched and did

nothing.    He was kicked so badly that many internal

organs were

actually split apart, so the coroner's report stated.

$200 dollars was

found in his wallet after he was murdered, so money

was not the

motivation for this crime.  After kicking him to

death, the three

BLACKS ran off down the street, hooting and shouting.

The only media

source that reported this was the "Buffalo News".

    Mr. and Mrs. Puglisi:   In the spring of 1998, a

BLACK man named

Flagg, high on crack, was driving through a nice

WHITE neighborhood in

Wilmington, Delaware, when he saw Mrs. Puglisi

outside working on her

garden.   He entered the home through a back door,

and made and ate a

sandwich while he waited.  When Mr. Puglisi returned

home from work

that afternoon, he said hello to his wife, and then

entered his house.

When Mr. Puglisi went upstairs, Flagg shot him in the

head and

murdered him.    When Mrs. Puglisi entered her home,

she was

kidnapped and brought to the home of Flagg.   Mrs.

Puglisi was

repeatedly raped and tortured for a number of days

while she was held

captive, and luckily was able to untie herself from

the ropes one day

when her assailant had left his home to go to work,

and called the

police.    Little mention of this was made in the

media, as it was only

covered in the Wilmington area press.

    Melissa McLaughlin:   A young WHITE female,

kidnapped, raped,

tortured and murdered in South Carolina in 1992 by

seven BLACKS.

After raping her for several hours, her abductors

skinned her ALIVE in

a tub of BLEACH before finally killing her.  How many

of you heard this

story on your nightly news, or in your newspapers?

Imagine, say, 7

klansmen had done this to a BLACK or HISPANIC

girl.......You certainly

would have heard this story over and over again for

years, wouldn't you


    Laurie White, 26,:   A WHITE woman, was attacked


repeat felon, Andrew Engram, on June 5, 1997 in

Little Rock,

Arkansas.   She was raped, hung with an extension

cord, and murdered.

Engram had already spent time in prison for assault,

murder, robbery,

and attacking a police officer. Little media coverage

except in local


    Richard Skelton, 48:   WHITE male, attacked by a

group of 25

BLACKS on the streets of Alton, Illinois on December

9, 1998.   Mr.

Skelton had gone to the area, following a hunch that

he would find his

stolen televison set there.  These 25 BLACK men

kicked and stomped

Richard to death, all the while they yelled racial

slurs at him and

laughed.   Other BLACKS on the street are reported to

have been

shouting and offering encouragement to  "Kill the

cracker".   Can you

imagine the screams from the media, the justice

department, and Clinton

himself, if 25 WHITES had done this to a BLACK man?

Instead, only

local media coverage of the incident was made.

    Chad Auber, 20:    Just three weeks away from his

21st birthday, and

two weeks away from giving his sister away at her

wedding, WHITE

male Chad Auber was gunned down on the streets of

Orange County,

California on October 6th, 1998, by three MESTIZO

males.   It was

reported that Chad was unarmed and had his hands up

in the air, during

the street altercation.  No mercy was shown however,

and Chad was

shot and murdered with hollow point bullets.   Did

you hear about this

story outside of California?

    Donald Lange, 25:   Fort Bragg WHITE soldier,

Donald Lange was

walking outside of an International House Of Pancakes

in Fayetteville,

N. C. after breakfast, when he accidentally bumped

into one of seven

BLACK soldiers who were entering the restaurant.

This summer day

of 1998 saw a crowd of up to 10 BLACK males, as

reported by a witness

at their trial, knock him to the ground, and at that

point, all take


kicking his head and body while he lay unconscious.

They were also

reported to have been shouting racial slurs like

"kill the motherf'ning

cracker" while they continued to kick and stomp his

lifeless body.   But

Mr. Lange didn't die, just his brain did.   He is now

Brain Dead, and

living like a vegetable, with no chance of regaining


Another incident happened in Fayetteville, just

previous to this one,


a soldier from Fort Bragg, James Burmeister.   I am

sure you heard

about this one, as he is WHITE, and he shot a BLACK

ex‑con and his

BLACK prostitute girlfriend to death.   That story

got National


for over a year.   His room was searched, and a

couple of "racist" books

were found after he was arrested.   The base

commander ordered a full

scale investigation of "racism" at Fort Bragg, and

all WHITE Soldiers

were stripped to see if they had any "racist"

tattoos.   No such

investigation took place after Mr. Lange was stomped

into a vegetative

state.   In fact, Janet Reno sent the FBI down to

Fort Bragg to head the

investigation.  President Clinton got on Television

to talk about this

case, and the evils of "Hate".    No such government

concern was shown

when Mr. Lange was attacked.    No National media


either...WHY?   But, could you imagine the media and


"outrage" if Mr. Lange had been BLACK, and the 10

males who

attacked him were WHITE? Clinton would most likely

have sent troops

into Fayetteville to arrest every WHITE Male within

100 miles of there!

    Peggy Lynn Howard, 25:    A WHITE female from

Houston Texas, on

October 26th, 1998.  Peggy was leaving her home on

the morning of

October 25th with her 6 year old daughter, when a

MESTIZO assailant

ran up to her from his vehicle, and shot her twice in

the face.    Peggy

died the next day, and her six year old daughter

watched in horror as


mother was executed for absolutely no reason

whatsoever, except that

she was WHITE, and this gang member was looking to

kill another

WHITE victim.   Dallas area press covered this story,

but little else


mentioned outside of Texas.

    Devon Duniver, 5:    This little five year old

WHITE girl, on June


1998, was stabbed in the neck near Cleveland, Ohio by


year‑old Anthony Harris.   Her lifeless body was

found in a wooded area

near her home, and the only explanation this BLACK

suspect could offer

for this senseless killing was "She got what she

deserved".    Did you

hear about this story on your nightly news broadcast?

I doubt it,

because if the victim is WHITE, and the attacker is

Non‑WHITE, the

American media won't give it any coverage except in

the exact

geographical area it happened.    WHY?

    Mark Thornton, 16:    University High School

WHITE student from

Orlando, Florida.   On the day of December 9th, 1998,

three BLACK

males entered the campus without permission to do so,

as they were not

students.   One of the BLACKS, Omar Witt, falsely

accused Mark of

picking on a BLACK student earlier in the day at

school.   Mark

attempted to explain his innocence, but as Mark was

turning away to go

to class, Witt attacked Thornton, giving a killing

blow to his temple.


Thornton died shortly afterwards, but little

attention was given to this

incident either, except for Florida news coverage.

    Ann Prazniak, 77:    WHITE female, from St. Paul,

Minnesota, was

attacked in her home on April 15th, 1998 by a 27 year


male.   Mrs. Prazniak lived on a small, fixed income,

and had little to

offer this assailant.  The young BLACK male then

killed Mrs. Prazniak,

stuffing her body into a cardboard box after first

wrapping it in


shoving her corpse into a bedroom closet, and then

proceeded to loot her

home.    After the looting was finished, the BLACK

decided to stay in


house for a while, turning it into a crack‑house for

all his friends to


No mention of this crime in mainstream media outside

of Minnesota.

    7 WHITE females:    and one BLACK female, found

dead in the home

of Kendall Francois, a 27 year old BLACK man, and

hall monitor in a

local high school in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Police discovered the

rotting corpses of all these females in October of

1998, in the home of

Francois.   He got his job at the high school thanks

to affirmative


even though he had a previous arrest record. The

women's bodies were

found among piles of garbage scattered throughout a

few rooms of the

house.    Francois shared the home with his parents

and sister, who

works at a local hospital as a nurse. the family

members reported that

they didn't smell anything unusual, even though some

of the bodies were

TWO years old, as they just assumed the stench was

coming from the

piles of garbage Francois kept in his house.

Francois had picked up


women, apparently prostitutes, and strangled all of

them after having


with them.   This suburban community about an hour's

drive North of

New York City, and the New York Metropolitan area,

was the only place

that gave this serial killer any mention in the

press.   Do you think


would have heard about this story on your news

broadcast if the killer

was a WHITE Male and the victims had been all BLACK


Without a doubt.

    22 Year old WHITE, George Mason University

Student:   Home on

summer vacation with her parents from Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, was

attacked while riding in her car earlier in the

summer. BLACK male,

Arthur Bomar, was convicted in October of 1998 for

rape, murder, and

sexual abuse of a corpse.  Besides the Philadelphia

area, no mention of

this crime was made by the media.

    There are tons of others.   But none of these are

ever prosecuted as

"hate crimes" either.   The Federal Government has

made it clear that

only "WHITES" are to be charged with hate crimes,

even when

non‑WHITES have been quoted as saying racial slurs

while killing their

WHITE victim.   And only crimes committed by WHITES


non‑WHITES get the national and international

attention, like the James

Burmeister incident.   Last summer, a WHITE kid

attacked a BLACK

kid in Chicago, and even Clinton mentioned this in

his weekly address to

the nation, and how we all have to do something to

overcome "hate".



Non‑WHITES get media attention, when all of these

stories got almost

NO media coverage?

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