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                                             Mexicans vow to take over the American Southwest!

Mexicans Have Plans for the American Southwest They vow to take it over!!! Our southern neighbor is not shy about expressing its intention to conquer the American Southwest, which Mexico regards as territory lost in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo in 1846. Mexican children are taught in school that the United States stole that land, which they call “Aztlan.” Absurd rantings of political extremists? Consider¼

· In 1997, then‑President Zedillo proclaimed that “I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders.”

· Mexican American Legal Defense Fund founder Mario Obledo stated, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn't like it should leave. Every constitutional office in California is going to be held by Hispanics in the next 20 years.” People who don't like such demographic changes “should go back to Europe.” (Incidentally, Mr. Obledo was also the California Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Gov. Jerry Brown.)

· Mexico's President Fox has been unrelenting in his brazen demands on the United States, starting with open borders even before he was elected. He has called for the border to be “a joining line.” His visits to the U.S. have been filled with endless requirements for Mexican citizens illegally in this country; free healthcare, taxpayer‑subsidized in‑state tuition for illegals at state colleges and universities, guestworker programs and amnesty for all.

We shouldn't be surprised at such shenanigans. The world is full of revanchist fantasies, namely that some vague territorial claim from centuries before should form modern national boundaries. The Chinese invaded Tibet in 1949, with the excuse that an eighth‑century marriage had made Tibet a part of China. (Is there a Chinese word for lebensraum?) Chinese flowing into Siberia argue that the Amur region is actually part of China. The Balkans have been a recent example of the power of warmed‑over nationalism, when Milosovic whipped Serbs into a murderous frenzy by summoning the ghosts of the Battle of Kosovo (600 years ago) as he urged them to “take back” what had been stolen from them. In the case of the former Yugoslavia, revanchism was the excuse for genocide.

Encouraged by their leaders in both countries, the 20 million Mexicans in America are similarly emboldened to insist that the United States surrender to their demands, particularly amnesty which will speed the acquisition of political power. And when California becomes majority Mexican around 2028, will those people call for political unification with their cultural homeland? Their leaders are planning for such a scenario.

It's hard to fathom how America's elected Congressional leaders, those who swore to uphold the Constitution and to protect the nation, are prepared to give it away for some perceived short‑term political gain, if that. The front man for globalist corporations who currently occupies the White House is allowing Mexico City to dictate America's immigration policy, while few in his party object. Does anyone think that Vicente Fox cares about what happens to America? He sees the United States as a full refrigerator and he is hungry, very hungry.

Why do American public officials value so little what thousands have fought and died to protect? A foreign power has stated its plans to conquer this nation by demographic warfare, but in Washington, apparently no one cares. One wonders what Secretary of State Colin Powell thinks about surrending American sovereignty to a foreign power. He was a general in the U.S. Army and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, after all. Doesn't it bother him to be following the wishes of a foreign leader? Why does the most powerful nation in the world cower before the third‑world country to the south?            — by Brenda Walker

Their Own Words:

A Talk with Mexico's Migration Chief  In this informative interview, Juan Hernández stated, “There are several million Mexican people in the United States¼These individuals need to be legalized, they need to be able to come home and see their families and not have to cross a dangerous border¼they need to be able to have living conditions that are proper, with dignity; to have driver's licenses; to use the banks in the United States. They need their dignity, instead of having to live like criminals.”

Southwest shall secede from U.S., prof predicts Charles Truxillo, a professor of Chicano studies at the University of New Mexico, said, “I may not live to see the Hispanic homeland, but by the end of the century my students' kids will live in it, sovereign and free.”

Mario Obledo Calls for Burning of Anti‑Immigrant Sign Mr. Obledo was once the California of Secretary Health, Education and Welfare under Gov. Jerry Brown, so one might expect that he would have learned a little more American respect for free speech, but evidently not. “I'm going to deface the billboard or burn it,” stated Mr. Obledo. (The billboard in question read, “Welcome to California, the Illegal Immigration State. Don't let this happen to your state.”)

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) — Constitution of National

Organization Document opens,

“Chicano and Chicana students of Aztlán must take upon themselves the responsibilities to promote Chicanismo within the community, politicizing our Raza with an emphasis on indigenous consciousness to continue the struggle for the self‑determination of the Chicano people for the purpose of liberating Aztlán.” (That's the Southwestern U.S.)

MEChA National Webpages Manifesto demands, e.g.,

“Aztlán belongs to indigenous people, who are sovereign and not subject to a foreign culture.”

Mexican official in El Paso Mexican Immigration Commissioner Juan Hernandez stated, “We have recognized that the Mexican population is 100 million in Mexico and the 23 million who live in the United States...We are a united nation.”

Opinion of 58 Percent of Mexicans: American Southwest Belongs to Us A June 2002 Zogby poll of Mexicans found that a substantial majority of Mexican citizens believe that southwestern America is rightfully the territory of Mexico and that Mexicans do not need the permission of the U.S. to enter. On the U.S. side of the border, 68 percent of Americans think that troops should be stationed on the Mexican border to keep unauthorized Mexicans out. Only slightly fewer (65 percent) oppose giving amnesty to those illegals already in the U.S. Other coverage here.

Further Reading: Immigration from Mexico: Assessing the Impact on the United States This 64‑page report from the Center for Immigration Studies is certainly basic reading on the subject. The topics covered include education, welfare use, poverty and economic mobility, insurance coverage, school‑age population, impact on prices and native wages, and performance of the 2nd and 3rd generations.

Reconsidering Immigration: Is Mexico a Special Case? Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington points out the important ways in which Mexican immigration is different from other sorts and believes that it represents a unique threat to America's societal security. For example, in 1998 Mexican immigrants were 27 percent of the total foreign‑born population of the U.S., compared to the next largest group, the Filipinos at 4.4 percent.

Mexican Aggression and Its American Collaborators A brief overview of current politics includes an assessment of the loyalty of the 20 million Mexicans living in the U.S.

What Americans Should Know About Immigration and President Fox of Mexico Allan E. Wall, an American living in Mexico, delivers a balanced critique of the Mexican president and several of his cabinet members. Mr. Wall condemns Mexico's continuing dependence on the U.S. as a social and financial safety valve. The policy only perpetuates economic dysfunction, he believes. (Vicente)

Fox in the Hen House More from the thoughtful Mr. Wall, this time an analysis of Pres. Fox's improper political meddling in the immigration policies of the United States.

Mexico Has a Plan for the U.S. Guess What It Is ¼

This analysis of the Fox Plan reveals the details and tactics of Mexico's attack on American sovereignty.

Corruption Index: If you are unwilling to recognize Mexico as an extremely corrupt country, let Transparency International inform your ideas. The organization releases an annual rating of perceived national corruption. Most free from dishonesty is Finland at #1, with the U.S. rating a #16. Mexico is #51 and Nigeria and Bangladesh are at the bottom. (There are 91 rankings, due to a number of tie scores.)

A Farmer Learns About Mexico's Lack of the Rule of Law: In Guerrero, farmers tried to stop illegal logging which was destroying the ecology of the area. For their trouble, some were murdered and other tortured. And because the forces of deforestation were in league with local political officials and the army, the perpetrators got away with murder.

Latinos Reconquer California: The mainstream French newsweekly Le Nouvell Observateur covers the story that Mexicans are retaking what they lost in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo. The magazine further predicts that California will become officially bilingual in time.

The Education of a Gringo in Mexico: Allan Wall describes how living in Mexico made him an immigration restrictionist. This article has a thorough, stunning account of Mexican hypocrisy around immigration; Mexico's own laws are anti‑bilingual and pro‑sovereignty (Mexico's, that is), with no benefits for illegals, who are summarily deported.

Crime in Mexico City: Think that Mexico City is just like New York, only with Spanish? This PBS report about crime in the Mexican capital should remedy that delusion: “Without question, the city's most serious problem is the general breakdown of law and order: Assaults, bank robberies, car‑jackings, taxi‑jackings, kidnappings; and policemen on the take, make living here, and traveling from one part of the city to another an often dangerous and terrifying experience.”

Mexican Corruption: Just how corrupt is Mexican society? Well, Mexican children bribe their teachers to get better grades. The NGO Transparencia Mexicana estimates the number of government acts of corruption at 214 million annually, costing Mexican citizens $2.5 billion.

Latino births signal future for California: Babies born in state increasingly Hispanic: Nearly half the children born in the state in 1998 were Latino. The UCLA study found that 64 percent of Latino mothers were first‑generation immigrants, and nearly half of all the state's Latino births were in Los Angeles County.

Does Dubya Know about Fox's Madrid Speech?: Mexican President Fox is still full steam ahead for opening the border between the U.S. and Mexico, along with a complete selection of benefits for Mexicans financed by American taxpayers.

Guide to the Perfect Latin American Idiot: This book review provides a rather dismaying, though amusing, psychological portrait of the illogical thinking that runs amock in Latin America. If there is a problem, then the USA must be the cause, as in "We're Poor; It's Their Fault." Other Latin icons, from liberation theology to Juan Peron, are apparently ripped to shreds in this book.

Roger McGrath Speech ‑ Reconquista (RealPlayer): History professor McGrath details the invasion of California blow by blow in this 2000 talk. This speech is filled with facts and statistics about the Los Angeles area, e.g. school system and housing situation.

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