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Another extremely important Law that relates to Genesis 3:15 is the Law of the Firstborn. The Law of the Firstborn is clearly outlined in the Holy scriptures and no understanding of Genesis 3:15 will be possible without understanding this immutable Law. Cain was born first from the womb of the woman eve, (Genesis 4:1) the woman having been beguiled or deceived by Satan as an Angel of Light (2 Corinthians 11:14) Eve actually was deceived into Believing Cain was gotten (not begotten) of God...when in truth Cain was fathered by Satan an Angel appearing in the exact manner described by Paul in 2 Corinthians 11.

Cain was gotten or acquired from another source than Adam. Cain was Born First from the Woman Eve and having first broken the matrix claimed the right of Firstborn (Exodus 13:11-13) even though he was NOT the Firstborn of Adam. Cain is NOT listed anywhere in Adamís Genealogy (neither is Able listed in Adamís geonology anywhere). Why is Cain missing from Adamís Genealogy? BECAUSE CAIN IS NOT ADAMíS SON. Genesis 4:25 declares that Seth (meaning substitute) had been appointed as another seed instead of Abel whom Cain had slain.

Seth was born (unlike Cain) in the likeness of Adam and after the image of Adam (Genesis 5:3) as a substitute for Abel. Cain was the First Born from Eveís Womb, but was NOT the Firstborn of Adam. But because Cain was born first from Eveís womb, he could lay claim to the Right of the Firstborn and the dialogue of Genesis 4:6-15 is a direct result of Cainís seeking to lay claim to the Rights of the Firstborn under the Law of the Firstborn.

The reason Cain was allowed to remain on earth without being killed was twofold. First, by being born first from the womb of Eve, Cain claimed the Right of the Firstborn and Second, if Cain had been killed the Consequences of Sin, Original Sin, would have been eliminated without Sacrifice as per the law of God. Man would have been, not only Free to Sin, but Free From The Consequences of His Sin, thus Cain had to be preserved.

Also, one must remember that there are a considerable number of angels and assorted other beings in heaven who are observing the events on earth closely, and God wishing every being to serve Him because of their love toward Him, not in fear of His power. So, if God had simply destroyed Satan when he began to seduce Eve then the beings in heaven would have, from that day forward, have served God through fear not love. And would have eventually cause revolt after revolt of those heavenly beings. Thus forcing God to become a brutal dictator instead of the loving longsuffering God that He is. Thus, god allowed things to continue on as they did, so that the other beings in heaven and elsewhere could decide for themselves that Godís way was right and Satanís was wrong.

Cain, was the hybrid Out of Kind son of Satan: Cain was a bastard seed, resulting from the woman Eve (Adam Kind) and Satan (Angel Kind). The Law of Kind after his Kind, the First law of man and the Adam Kind Woman Eve were Free to choose between good and evil, between obedience and disobedience...they were Not Free to escape the consequences of their Sin. The Counterfeit Bastard Seed of Cain was the result of ďOriginal SinĒ in the Garden of Eden. Satan sought to circumvent the Incarnation of Christ by grafting his own seed onto the pure Adamic Racial Root Stock, and thus prevent Christ from coming forth from this Adamic Racial Root...from being born. Remember: The Virgin Birth was absolutely Necessary in order for Christ as the Second Adam to graft back onto the True Holy Root of the White Adamic Racial Root Stock the pure Adamic Seed and thus enable A New Creation of the Old Adamic Root to be grafted on and thus enable by the Lord Jesus Christ, to begin a New Creation in this earth from the Old Adamic Stock. This is the true meaning behind the Miracle of the Virgin Birth.

Cain having been Born First sought to claim the Right of the Firstborn, that is inherit the Dominion of this Earth. Because he was not born by the Law of Kind after His Kind, Cain was Disinherited from the Birthright. Cain was a bastard (Mamzer) mongrel (Out of Kind) being or Seed. As such he could never enter into the Congregation of the Eternal God (Deuteronomy 23:2). Satan sought to get his seed into the earth as the Firstborn of the Adamic Creation...the Firstborn was subsequently passed over by God in all critical times of history and we find that Seth and not Cain was chosen; it was Isaac not Ishmael that counted fro the True Seed of Abraham; it was Joseph and not Reuben (the firstborn) that received the double portion from the dying Jacob; it was Pharez and not Zarah (the Firstborn) who received the Birthright; it was Ephraim and not Manasseh (the Firstborn) who received the Birthright as recorded in Genesis 48.

The only way that one can ever account for God choosing the Second Born in preference to the Firstborn is because Cain being Born First from the Womb of Eve, had placed a sin upon Adamís Race and not until the Second Adam, Jesus Christ, was born of the Virgin Mary was the curse lifted. And Mary had to be a Virgin to give birth in order to prevent Satan from committing the same act with her as he did with Eve.

Christ, as the last Adam, was without Mother and without Father, having neither beginning nor ending of days (Hebrews 7:3) and was the beginning of a New Creation from the Old Adamic Stock; Christ took on the Seed of Abraham (Hebrews 2:16) and began a New Creation from the Old Adamic Stock. Cain represented the Firstfruits from the Womb of Eve and Christ the Firstborn male born Without Sin, by means of the Virgin Birth, was the New Firstfruits from the New Creation of the New Grafting made onto the Old Adamic Root by the Virgin born Jesus Christ. As the Firstborn of the Virgin Mary, Christ, was the Firstborn Male Born Without Sin in the Lineage of the Adam Race. Christ alone could be the Perfect Sacrifice for sin and our actual sin. Christ was the Firstborn male to be born with Original Sin in Adamís Race, for every other member of Adamís Race after the Fall was born with Sin. (Romans 5:12) Jesus by circumventing pro-creation, and being born of the Virgin Mary had entered into the world Without Sin, as a Firstborn Male of Adamís Race. This is the real Miracle and Necessity of the Virgin Birth. Satanís effort to place his Seed into the earth as the Firstborn of Adamís Race from the womb of the women Eve was thus denied by the Birth of Christ.

The lineage of Satan/Cain/Canaan represents a spurious...bastard...Counterfeit Seedline in this earth that is Not of Godís Planting. (Matthew 15:13) This evil seedline (The Tares of Matthew 13) will be totally destroyed when God Judges the earth the second time by Fire, and the tares, the Spurious Seed of Satan (the Canaanites/the Jews) will be removed from the presence of God forever. (Zechariah 14:21) The True Adamic Seedline descending from Seth by the Appropriation of the Blood of Christ represents a New Re-Created Seed of Adam with Access to the Tree of Life. Christ has purchased by His Own Blood, Eternal Life for US (True Adamic Seed) who were doomed to Death.

This is what Christ has accomplished. As Christians of the True Seed of Adam, particularly of the Seed of Isaac (Genesis 21:12) let us this day appropriate the precious Blood of Christ, the perfect sacrifice for Sin, both Original Sin and our actual sin. Adamís Race was barred from the Tree of Life until Christ came and opened the way back. Jesus Christ got the victory over death and the grave and the sentence of death levied against all Adam Kind is now lifted if we repent and appropriate His Blood. The Death Angel will see the Blood and Passover. In Christ, the Serpent has been crushed and very shortly the Head of that Serpent will be bruised under the heel of Everlasting judgment. You, as a white Christian, of the Seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Redeemed by the First born from the dead, Jesus Christ, now have the key to unlock the have the understanding to the meaning of Genesis 3:15. May you use this Knowledge to the Glory of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

No subject in the Scriptures carries more weight and deserves or attention with greater emphasis than does the Two Seeds spoken of in Genesis 3:15. If you seek to be a follower of Christ, if you are concerned with understanding the Bible, if you are ever to proceed from the Milk to the Meat state of understanding of the Scriptures, then you cannot fail to do business with this verse.

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