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[ChristianPatriot] NON SERVIAM 12/17/02


Tue, 17 Dec 2002 12:22:11 ‑0800 (PST)


Luke LaVellian <[email protected]>


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NON SERVIAM 12/17/02


Author/Architect of Aggression: Luke LaVellian


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And They Say National Socialist's Are Humourless?

It was the 7'th of November in the year

nineteen‑hundred and thirty eight. An act of jew

treachery would be the straw that broke the camel's

back in National Socialist Germany. A sawed‑off little

kike by the name of Herschel Grynszpan had just

murdered a German consulate official, Ernst vom Rath.

The news of this worm's crime understandably resulted

in a desire on the part of rank and file German's to

see that the tribe which had caused them so much

misery over such a long period of time, payed a

serious price. The resulting spontaneous expression of

popular volks‑rage came to be known as "Kristallnact".

The story is told to this day (by whining self‑pitying

'survivors') of how the "evil bigoted blonde beasts"

rose up for absolutely positvely NO reason whatsoever

and laid waste to their synagouges, businesses and

cemetaries. They love to lie about how they were

"wronged" by those Aryans who they had underestimated

when they chose to target them for subjection and

eventual elimination. You see, that is what jewish

folks do. If they pick a fight and WIN, they grind

their heels in their hapless victims backs. If they

LOSE a fight they have initiated, they whine and cry

and lie that they are the victims of unthinking


Well anyway, after all the fun was over, ninety‑one of

dog's chosen people were killed, 7000 shysters had

their businesses looted, and 30,000 of the foul breed

found themselves in "protective custody" in NS

Labor/Reeducation camps in Dachau, Buchenwald and

Sachsenhausen. I'm sure you have all heard about 'de

whorrore' of it all. If they ever come up with a

time‑travel machine, I'm dialing up "11/7/38‑Berlin".

What a rush it would be! The police serving as

cheerleaders, or in many cases actually joining in!

White folks joining together for a truly righteous

cause. I get misty‑eyed just thinking about it.

A particularly hilarious story of Kristallnacht has

hardly recieved any play at all. We all know about the

molotov cocktails, the truncheons cracking heads, and

the massive collective fine the NS government levied

against the kikes for having "provoked" the whole 48

hour episode. BUT, did you ever hear about the

Baden‑Baden jewish community and the way proud Aryans

with finely developed senses of humour treated them?

No? I hadn't either, until I picked up a copy of the

765 page gut‑buster epic titled "The Holocaust

Chronicle‑ A History In Words And Pictures". The story

(told on page #145) disproves the old Hollywood cliche

of the joyless sadistic Shutzstaffel men. These guys

knew how to lighten up and keep in good spirits

while at the same time carrying out their blood

duties. From the lectern of their Baden‑Baden

Syanagouge, 60 kikes were forced to sit and listen as

a fellow yid read excerpts from Mein Kampf while

flanked by smiling SS members. They were then forced

to rehearse (until they got it right), the Horst

Wessel Song. This public humiliation was followed up

(after the Nazi's grew bored) with the razing to the

ground of their precious temple.

I can't even imagine how wonderful it would feel to

behave in such a manner. I truly don't understand why

anyone would want to minimize the brutality of the

National Socialists towards the jewish people. It has

always been a matter of pride to me. The

dehumanization and subsequent elimination of enemy

peoples, is as historically authentic as it gets. This

Baden‑Baden story may be BS, just like the "Roach

motel/gas oven" fables are. That really isn't

important. I say that whatever Hitler did it wasn't

nearly enough! Books like the one I took the above

anecdote from, could effectively serve as "how‑to

manuals" for dealing with the problems facing the



Trent Bends Over And Grabs His Ankles

I hope none of you missed SenaHor Lott's appearance

last night on BET. It was priceless! He looked like a

firghtened little child. I loved the way he squirmed

in his seat and sniveled around. He told the

glib‑tounged mulatto who interviewed him that

previously he hadn't "understood" how important Martin

Lutha Koon had been for "America", but now he "gets

it". He actually said that he is "very proud" that the

piece of filth who now runs his alma mater, the U of

Miss, got rid of the Confederate flag! There is no way

I can do this 30 minute interview justice. You just

had to be there. The Portrait Of A Whigger Ass‑Clown!

He blubbered that he just loves his living fossils

(aka. black Americans), and has "always" supported

affirmative action "every step of the way"!

As a side note, any White man (including one of

possible red‑nigger ancestry like Lott) that

apologizes or curries favor with non‑whites is a race

criminal. There is NO valid excuse for this behavior.

No job, no position of "influence", no ANYTHING is

worth more than your honor. Trent Lott and all his

fellow CONservative fellow travellers are garbage. I

thank Trent for helping me drive home the point.

I'll leave you with a few good Lott quotes‑

"I recognize the hurt that I caused and ask for

forgiveness... try to make amends for

what I've said...looking for this to be not only an

opportunity for redemption, but to do something about

it. And I regret it...the hurt that I have was innocent, but it was insensitive at

the very least and repugnant, frankly. I've been

reaching out, talking to a lot of different

people, African‑Americans seeking their advice

pastors, media, business leaders, and looking for

their suggestions of what we can do. I accept the fact

that I made a terrible mistake, used horrible words,

caused hurt. I'm sorry about that. I've apologized for

it. I've asked for forgiveness. And I'm going to

continue to do that."

I'm sure you will Trent! I'm sure you will.



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