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======== An American Classic ===========================

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               THE KOSHER FOOD TAX

 The Kosher Food Tax is the biggest consumer fraud existing in

 America. Examine every item in  your cupboards for either the

 (U) or (K) labels. These symbols represent a Jewish "blessing"

 and  when these small symbols are detected, it means that you

 have unwittingly paid a tax to a Jewish religious group.

 They will not always be on the front of the package; they may

 be hidden amid the  small print near the label's seam. This

 cryptic code has to do with a Hebrew "secret," a heist, which

 illuminates the Jews' power in the United States. The circled

 "U," sometimes with the word "Parve," stands for Union of

 Orthodox Jews (UOJCA), the "K" stands for Kosher (KOV K).

 Both will not be found on the same package. These symbols mean

 that the product's producer paid  the Jews a kind of "tax" to

 have some rabbi "bless" it. Don't confuse these letters with

 the letter "R"  which stands for registered trade mark or a

 letter "C" which stands for copyright. These two letters

 will probably be there too. You have now discovered what the

 Jews call "hechsers," a rip‑off code found on most grocery

 items.  In 1959, the Wall Street Journal estimated that this

 massive Jewish  payola at about $20 million. That is almost

 forty years ago. Since that time, the Jewish owned Wall Street

 Journal has remained silent. The rip‑off is thought to be in the

 hundreds of millions today.

 The Jewish Post of July 30, 1976 reported that Rabbi Harvey

 Sentor admitted that Kov K was a "profit‑making concern." The

 UOJCA extracts exactly the same levy as Kov K, and in exactly

 the  same way. Jews, of course, defend these "blessings" in any

 way they can, but what this rip‑off  really boils down to for

 the Gentile is legalized extortion. After all, the Jews represent

 but 2.9% of  the population. It is not an option for the Gentile

 to have this "tax" removed from products he buys or have the

 little Jewish letters erased. He has to pay this "tax" to the Jews

 whether he wants to  or  not. If this was nothing more than a

 bizarre religious ceremony, giving rabbinical approval to food

 and food products prepared in a specific way to meet an unusual

 diet, then why are steel wool and  kitchen utensils also included?

 The Jews have a strange diet indeed! If these "blessings" are so

 important to Jews, why do they charge for them? You would think that

 they would be willing to  give this service free‑‑for benefit of their

 own people‑‑and perhaps pay something to food product companies for

 providing this Kosher identification. Instead, it's the reverse‑

 companies have to pay  to have the Kosher identification. Since Jews

 represent a small percent of America's population, why is it that

 they place most of the burden of this "tax" on the shoulders of the

 Gentile? Why have  the Gentile consumers been so silent for so long

 about this perennial extortion by the Jews? And since this burden

 comes off as a "tax," don't Gentiles have a right to know where and

 how this  money is spent? How on earth do the Jews get away with

 this daylight robbery? The answer is that  the Jewish blessing

 agencies wield enormous power through Jewish domination of the

 retail and  distribution trades..and Jews own America's press.

 Non‑compliance by a food producer would  quickly bring about a Jewish

 boycott of the product. Bankruptcy! Here is how this clever scheme

 works. An Orthodox Rabbi will approach a company and warn the owners

 that unless their  product is certified as Kosher, or "fit for a

 Jew to eat", they will face a boycott by every Jew in  America.

 Once they succumb to this BLACKMAIL, they are required to keep

 the total amount  paid the Rabbis every year a strict secret! The

 growth of this Kosher racket has been nothing less

 than phenomenal. In 1960, only 225 food products paid the Kosher tax.

 By 1966, this   figure grew  to 476 and jumped to 1000 by 1974. Today,

 a whopping 17,500 companies have been  intimidated into paying this

 multi‑level tax.

 How The Kosher Tax Operates

 The Union of Orthodox Rabbis which issues the (U) symbol controls

 80% of the Kosher  certification business. They employ some

 300 Rabbis who travel nation‑wide "inspecting" food  processing

 plants. First, the company must pay an annual fee for the use of

 the copyright  symbol‑‑the (U) or (K) or a version thereof.

 Second, the company must pay a separate heavy fee each time a

 team of Rabbis shows up to "inspect" their plant (Certain meat

 packers are required to  hire Rabbis full time at extravagant

 salaries). Third, the company must pay these fees over and over

 again for each different product they make. Thus, General Foods

 pays dozens of separate fees. Also, each sub‑contracting company

 which provides any type of ingredient which goes into the

 finished product must also pay separate fees to the "visiting

 Rabbis". Sometimes a single product  may eventually be taxed as

 many as a dozen times right down the line before it reaches you the

 consumer! Last, but not least, these fees must be paid annually and

 they are increased each year.  Only by increasing the public

 awareness of the Kosher Food Tax and doing our best to refrain

 from purchasing products with the "K" or "U" symbols, can we begin

 to end this outrage being  perpetrated upon our people. With the

 purchasing power of the dollar less all the time, we cannot

 afford this outrage to continue unchecked.



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