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The KKK was started in Pulaski, Tennesse on

Christmas Eve, 1865 in a lawyers office.  The

office is still there. In the 1920's there was a big

celebration and people came from all over to

dedicate a bronze plaque to be placed on the

outside of the office. Today, the owner of the

building has turned the plaque around because

he doesn't like the KKK or the idea of white

Christian America. However,  Thomas Robb, the

director of The Knights started a holiday 15 years

ago to honor the KKK and the brave members

who formed this wonderful group.

The KKK was founded after the Civil war had

ended.  The war had been terrible and thousands

and thousands of men died. Kids as young as 12

and 13 in the Southfaked their ages and joined

the war effort toward the end.  There was many

more people in the North than the South.

Abraham Lincoln felt that the South should be

treated as a child who had disobeyed his mother.

But many powerful men in Congress hated the

South and felt that it should be treated as a

conquered land. They saw there was a profit to

be made in the war beaten land.  Abraham

Lincoln wanted all Americans reunited.  He

wanted them to have good times.  He decided to

create a new type of money.  It would be the kind

of money Thomas Jefferson and Congress had

decided upon at the beginning of the country.

The name of the new money would be the lincoln

Greenback. Powerful bankers who secretly

controlled politicians in Washington didn't want

the new money. They wouldn't be able to

control and bribe them with the new money.

They hired a man named John Wilkes Booth to

kill the president. It was terrible for everyone.

Abraham Lincoln even had a plan to help all of

the newly freed slaves to go home to Africa.

When he was killed everything was changed.

The crooked men got their way and the South

was treated awful. White people had to salute

black people on the street. Whisky sellers came

and sold liquor to blacks who excited about no

longer having a curfew would roam the

countryside hurting men, women, and children.

The people suffered horribly.  Most people never

owned slaves. And some blacks even owned

slaves.  But the ex‑slaves didn't care.  They were

hungry for power.

They kept getting away with rape, murder,

robbery, and drunkeness because those who

wanted to take advantage of the South for profit

knew it would be easier if all the white people

were spending all their time fighting for their

lives.  Troops of armed men working for the

crooked politicians would not allow the white

people to defend themselves.

Six men who had once been Confederate soldiers

decided to start a club.  It would be a secret club,

with secret code words, and neat costumes.  The

club was around for several months and they

would meet in different places.  It was very

dangerous though. Bands of violent negroes

traveled around at night terrorizing families.

One night when the club was meeting they

accidentally came across an outlaw band of

negroes.  But, this time instead of the white

people getting murdered, the negroes ran away

screaming.  They thought the men in their

costumes were the ghosts of dead soldiers who

had died in the Civil war just a couple of years


Soon a new idea caught on.  These deeply

religious men felt God had given them a great gift

in disguise ‑ a peaceful way to defend

themselves.  The plan worked.  Moms, Grandmas,

Aunts and sisters made the flowing white robes

for their husbands, sons, fathers, or brothers.

The men would ride through the countryside at

night.  Where the negroes would see them they

would immediately run home and stop looting,

stealing, raping, or murdering.  Soon thousands

upon thousands of people joined the Ku Klux

Klan.  After a few years the white people were

free again.  The negroes began respecting law and

order once again. When the white people in the

South refused to give up God blessed them and

the crooked politicians sent the federal armies

home.  With no one to protect them and allow

them to continue breaking the law, the negroes

regained respect for law and order.  Times were

good once again.

At other times in history, there have been

occasions when white Christians needed to unite

together for an important cause.  They have

turned to the Ku Klux Klan.

Today the KKK still stands for the unity of all

white Christians. We don't hate other people.

We just are watching out for our white brothers

and sisters. Just like other groups watch out for

their people.

Veritas vos liberabit

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 rights granted by God, and the education

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