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                             Is Civilization Doomed?

I was listening to one of the mindless poll parrots the jews put on the air and call them commentators; as he was talking about our civilization the other day. To that I would ask: What Civilization?

In a land where unborn babies are murdered by the million every year, where those innocent babies blood and the blood of their mothers is collected and used in the Jewish religious rites, where young men and women are sentenced to years in prison for having one marijuana cigarette on them; while murders and rapists are released or serve not time at all for their chimes; where people can have their goods, money, and property taken away from them by government thieves, called agents, for not conforming to tyranny; where people can be murdered by a foreign nation, the Israeli Mossad, and not be exposed for it, because the government is subservient to the damnable Jewish Zionists; and these are only touching upon the many evils done by the government to its citizens.

Where our government will not even protect us from an invasion by people that hate us; where the government is busy planning on destroying a nation because the jews don’t like the people there. There are many many things one could name but these should suffice for now.

In these days of perplexity, when many are disturbed about the circumstances confronting them, nationally and internationally, some are asking the question: Is civilization doomed? To answer “yes” and “no” is not as contradictory as it may at first appear. What men call civilization is not necessarily the real thing. History has shown that various nations have considered their particular brand of culture to be true civilization in contrast, those who do not live according to their standards are called barbarians.

Men boast about today’s marvelous scientific developments and label it all civilization. It cannot be denied that spectacular progress has been made during the last century in all the arts and sciences, as well as technical advances in industry. However, all of this only represents the acquisition of a wealth of knowledge and a high degree of understanding of nature’s marvels.

What, then, is civilization? The dictionary defines it as “the act, process, or production, of civilizing; the lifting up of man mentally, morally and socially.” Tried against this standard, much that is today called civilization is far from civilized norms in the use to which inventions have been put. This is borne out by another definition: “civilization is the humanization of man in society, the satisfaction for him in society of the true law of human nature.”

True civilization, then, does not consist of the possession of an abundance in material wealth. It is not found in scientific achievements alone; nor is it only manifested in the development of natural resources. As a matter of fact, there can be a real civilization without the above-mentioned attainments, for it may rest solely upon the kinds of laws that bring justice to a people, establish equity and judgment according to the quality of administration. Without this, there can be no actual mental, moral or social justice for mankind, regardless of physical achievements.

Setting aside laws which are fundamental to righteousness, along with imperfection in administration, will bring distress and want upon a people in spite of mechanical advancements and scientific accomplishments. The present world situation amply justifies this statement. Men and women are the slaves of the system under which they live.

Present business operations could be styled “crazy economics.” Politically we fine the prosperous, penalize the industrious and reward the shiftless. We call this “taxation.” Under this system the property of the unfortunate, who are unable to meet government levies, is confiscated. They are then made subjects of a welfare state, and this supposedly under “a benevolent society.”

Hospitals are built for the sick, but men are allowed to devitalize our foods and sell injurious medicines and drugs to the people in a thousand deleterious ways for financial gain. Men and nations have taken the results of scientific discoveries and devised methods of destruction that would put the barbarians of earlier times to shame. They are prepared to outdo the savages in their savagery and yet our culture is called “A Christian civilization.”

The people are taken, as it were, to the top of a mountain and shown the stupendous scientific advantages of the present age. But to the multitudes it is all only a mirage, for we have failed to provide them with economic independence and, therefore, they are unable to enjoy the benefits of these blessings. Yet we call this “progress.”

Our modern civilization is doomed because of the inability of those in places of leadership, in this order, to meet the administrative needs of the present hour. The current false economic and political systems are destined to pass away. However, their passing does not mean the complete destruction of all those things which may contribute to the comfort and happiness of the people, for while modern civilization is doomed, and the evil men in control in government, in the pulpits, in the hospitals, in the abortion murder mills, and etc., are going to be destroyed with it, the blessings of modern progress will survive its destruction.

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