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                                                                               FOR FEAR OF THE JEWS

I recently ran a series wherein I denounced the Judeo-Christian pastors, ministers, teachers and etc., very severely. I received several letters of agreement and some which said that I was too hard on them; but I say here and now that I was not nearly sever enough. They have a proven track record of treachery, cowardance, deceit, and they have been and continue to be the friends and accomplishes of the worst bunch of murderers, deceivers and thieves that have ever existed.


Look at the following and see what cowards, liars, deceivers, and murderers the preachers, ministers, priests, teachers and etc., who are in the pulpit of America today.  How the IRS Controls Christian Churches, by Texe Marrs, Does the IRS hate the Gospel and despise Bible-believing Christians? Has the IRS become a police-state agency that regularly persecutes churches, pastors, and ministries that still believe in old-fashioned patriotism?

Listed below are 35 things the IRS contends are prohibited of Judeo-Christian churches and ministries. A pastor or ministry leader who violates the guidelines of the IRS on these 35 prohibitions can have his church or group's tax exemption revoked and be dealt with harshly by the IRS.  These 35 prohibitions on churches and ministries demonstrate how the IRS and the federal government now control churches and insure politically and religiously "correct" behavior.

Liberal Judeo-Christian churches and false religions such as Hinduism, Witchcraft, and Scientology are not affected by these rules; only Bible-believing, Christian ministries and churches. Also, keep in mind: These 35 things are not prohibited by law nor by the Constitution. The IRS considers itself above the law and the Constitution.

According to the IRS, Judeo-Christian churches, ministries, and organizations may not:

1). Expose conspiracies.

2). Criticize the New World Order.

3). Say or publish anything negative about any politician, Republican or Democrat.

4). Criticize government agencies and bureaus--the IRS, FBI, BATF, CIA, EPA, DEA, OSHA, DOJ, etc.

5). Criticize an institution of government such as the White House, the Congress, the Federal Reserve Board, or the Supreme Court.

6). Encourage citizens to call or write their congressman, senator, governor, mayor, or other public official.

7). Criticize any proposed or pending bill or legislation that would take away the rights and freedoms of the people.

8). Make disparaging remarks about, or criticize, any other faith group, cult, or religion.

9). Expose or criticize the New Age Movement.

10). Support or encourage a law-abiding citizen's militia.

11). Support or encourage the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

12). Discourage young women from getting an abortion, or endorse the pro-life movement.

13). Teach that abortion, especially partial birth abortion, is murder and is the killing of innocent babies.

14). Identify homosexuality as a sin and an abomination to God.

15). Express an opinion on any subject or issue.

16). Appeal to peoples' emotions by employing an evangelization method (such as "fire and brimstone" preaching) not considered a "reasoned approach" by the IRS.

17). Discuss or identify threats to Christianity.

18). Discuss subjects or topics the IRS deems "sensationalist."

19). Criticize well-known public figures or institutions the IRS deems "worthy", such as the super-rich elite, international bankers, the Hollywood movie industry, etc.

20). Publish or broadcast information on any topic without giving credence to the opposing viewpoints of Christ's enemies.

21). Publish and offer books, tapes, or products that expose the elitist plot against humanity and God.

22). Criticize the Pope or the Vatican, or contrast the New Catholic Catechism with the truths found in the Holy Bible. (Note: only liberal churches are permitted by the IRS to criticize the Catholic Church).

23). Criticize the United Nations or such globalist groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission.

24). Criticize the Masonic Lodge, the Order of Skull & Bones, or other Secret societies.

25). Highlight or otherwise bring attention to immorality of public officials or corruption in government.

26). Complain of government wrongdoing or injustice, such as happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and elsewhere.

27). Criticize the Jewish ADL or other Jewish lobby groups.

28). Say anything positive about the "religious right" or the "patriot movement."

29). Support home schooling, home churches, or unregistered churches.

30). Spend money on missionary projects or charitable causes not approved by the IRS.

31). Promote or encourage alternative healthcare (herbs, vitamins, etc.).

32). Expose false teachings of any kind by anyone.

33). Support or encourage persecuted Christians suffering under anti-Christian regimes in Red China, Cuba, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and elsewhere.

34). Ordain a pastor whose training or qualifications are not approved by the IRS.

35). Advocate or teach any Bible doctrine that is politically or religiously incorrect, or is inconsistent with any "public policy" (abortion, feminism, gay rights, etc.) currently being enforced by the IRS.  Please examine the above list of 35 prohibitions on Christian free speech and activity by the IRS, and decide for yourself: Are conservative Christian ministries and churches being selectively persecuted? Is the IRS willfully violating the civil rights of Christian believers? Are Christian believers receiving the equal protection of the law? What does the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution say?

I say that any preacher, minister, priest, teacher or etc., who adheres to these so-called rules by the IRS is a coward, antichrist, is a traitor to God, Christ, Christianity, a murderer, deceiver and many other things that could be written about them.

They have deceived our people to the point that they think the White Man is not worthy of anything; yet history proves that if it were not for the White Race the world would still be in the dark ages where men chased animals with sticks and stones. There would be none of the modern convince, modern medicine, automobiles, airplanes, ships, and etc. For the other races are not capable of creating a civilization on their own.

Many will say there was a Black civilization; which is a proven lie, there has never at any time in history been a Black civilization. Others will say that the Chinese have had several civilizations; but this is totally false and archeology has proven in recent years that the White Race was once prevalent in China and was the ruling power for thousands of years; until their destruction, like all the other ancient civilizations and destroyed themselves with miscegenation or mixed marriages between the Whites and the Orientals.

The evangeliticals are possibly the worst group of traitors to Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ have ever existed. Even the antichrist ruling the country known as Israel today has stated that: “The evangelists in America are the best friends the Jewish people have ever had.” Why is that; because they are traitors and deceivers in their never ending thirst for riches and material goods. They are all traitors, some knowingly, others unknowingly; but they are all traitors nevertheless. They never told you the following did they.

There was launched in ancient Egypt, the most powerful secret organization the world has ever known. It has, since its inception been a thorn in the side of True Israel. In the Book of Exodus they are called the "mixed multitude," after the Babylonian Captivity, they became known as Scribes and Pharisees, and today are known as "Jews."


However, for all practical purposes our story begins in ancient Babylon over 2500 years ago, when the most powerful secret organization became full reality. Like a serpent, it has crawled down the corridors of the centuries, and continues to be today the dominating force among the nations. Jesus called its leaders, in His day, "children of the devil." (John 8:44)

The twentieth century finds this organization, which is currently known as "The Learned Elders of Zion," by those who are familiar with the conspiracy and its overlords, more influential and powerful than ever before. Its agents operate in all areas of our national life. To those unfamiliar with the facts, which we are now saying may seen at first glance fantastic and unbelievable. BUT SUCH AN ORGANIZATION DOES EXIST AND MUST BE DESTROYED! AMERICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL BE DELIVERED FROM ITS GRASP, ONLY WHEN THE TRUTH BECOMES COMMONLY KNOWN. THE TASK OF ENLIGHTENING THE MASSES OF PEOPLE IS RENDERED DIFFICULT BY THE CONTROL WHICH THE ORGANIZATION WIELDS OVER GOVERNMENTS, INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND CHANNELS OF PUBLIC INFORMATION.

From the days of Moses until the war with Babylon, the main religion of Israel, both in the ten Northern and two Southern tribes, was monotheistic belief in Jehovah God and observance of the Mosaic Law. The twelve tribes first had Tabernacle worship and later the Temple rituals which looked forward to the coming of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

However, when a small part of the Southern tribes of Benjamin and Judah were captured by Babylon, because of their defiance of Jeremiah's instructions, were taken to Babylon a large segment of inter-racially mixed Israelites, who are now known as Jews went with them, and a change in religion took place. King Zedekiah held a rendezvous with the prophet and privately admitted, "I am afraid of the (mixed multitude) Jews that are fallen to the Chaldeans." (Jeremiah 38:19) Which is even more proof that the Jews are not Israelites; because King Zedekiah was a king over Israelites and he was afraid of the Jews and that they might turn him over to his enemies.

For it was this Jewish pressure on the court and the king which resulted in Jeremiah's persecution and the Babylonian captivity. While in Babylon, Jewish leaders, not content with the religion of the Hebrews (Israelites), had ample time to go into the Country's libraries and study the black magic and sorcery that had come down from the days of Cain.

They blended the black arts with the Laws of Moses and evolved the "Tradition of the Elders," which Christ so viciously denounced, and which later became codified in the Talmudic system which has remained embedded in International Jewry to the present hour. The Jews entered Babylon with priests, Temple worship and the book of Moses. They came out with rabbis, synagogues and the Tradition of the Elders (today known as the Talmud).

The Talmud is the bible of Judaism. The Old Testament is used for window dressing purposes to deceive Christians into believing that the Jews worship the same God as they do, however, the Jews god is Satan - and they will admit this is true when there are no non-Jews or Christians present. Chief Rabbi Hertz states in the Babylonian Talmud: "During the exile Israel (the Jew) found itself. It not only rediscovered the Torah (which to a Jew means the Talmud Sanhedrin 59a, not the first five books of the Bible as Christians are led to believe) and made it the rule of life, but under its influence new religious institutions such as the synagogue, congregational worship without priests or ritual."

Arsene Darmester, who has been long recognized in Jewish circles as an authority on the Talmud, said: "Nothing, indeed, can equal the importance of the Talmud...The daily study of the Talmud, which among Jews began with the age of ten to end with life itself, necessarily was a severe gymnastic exercise for the mind, thanks to which it acquired incomparable subtlety and acumen...The study of Judaism is that of the Talmud, as the study of the Talmud is that of Judaism...Thus became possible the strange phenomenon, unique in history, I believe, of a people dispersed to the four corners of the earth, yet one, of a nation without a land, yet living. The miracle was accomplished by a book, the Talmud."

Elizabeth Dilling, also an authority on the Talmud has the following to say about it: "Bible scholars are aware that Jesus Christ denounced the Pharisees. He said they nullified all the Commandments of God by their Tradition, 'teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.' (Mark 7:13; Matthew 15:6-9) His invective, in truth, cannot be equaled. All of Matthew 23 is like a whiplash. He likened Pharisaism to a whited sepulchre, indeed beautiful outwardly, but 'inside full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness.' Christ climaxed one condemnation after another with the expletive, 'Hypocrites!' He called the Pharisees children of them that killed the Prophets. He foretold they would go on killing, crucifying and persecuting until the guilt for all the righteous blood shed from Abel on down would be upon them. 'Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?' Christ asked? Christ is as utterly devastating of Pharisaism in the record of John 8. Although He admitted that His hearers were descendants of Abraham, He said they were NOT the children, but were only the seed of Abraham. He said they were of the devil, when He said: 'Ye (scribes and Pharisees - Jews) are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.' (John 8:44)

THE MISSING LINK: 'But,' says the disinterested Christian, 'what has that to do with us today? What a group of Pharisees did two thousand years ago is over and done with!' However, the missing link in Christian understanding on the subject of 'Pharisees' is best supplied by the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943): 'The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature...and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisism.'

Concerning the Pharisees, the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia says: 'With the destruction of the Temple (70 A.D.) the Sadducees disappeared altogether, leaving the regulation of all Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees. Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the Pharisees; the whole history of Judaism was reconstructed from the Pharisaic point of view, and a new aspect was given to the Sanhedrin of the past. A new chain of tradition supplanted the older priestly tradition. (Abot 1:1) Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future. (Jewish Encyclopedia, History of the Pharisees)

Historically speaking, scripture believers had accepted Christ as the Messiah foretold. They were no longer 'Jews,' but called themselves 'Christians.' (These were the True Israelites, not Jews, the Jews have never accepted Christ, nor the Christian religion). They were persecuted as such by the Pharisees. The word 'Pharisee' comes from the word 'separated.' (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, under Pharisees. The name Pharisee which has come into the English language through the Latin translation of the New Testament and represents the Greek word 'Pharisaios,' goes back directly to the Aramaic word 'Parisha,' the equivalent, in popular speech, of the Hebrew 'Parush,' from the verb 'parash.' The root meaning of the verb is 'to separate.')

THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD, SOLE AUTHORITY: You may ascertain by turning to top Jewish authorities today that the Babylonian Talmud, the written form of the Tradition of the Pharisees, is the sole authority of the so-called 'Jewish' religion, or Judaism.

Rabbi Louis Finklestein was chosen in 1937 by the Kehillas (Jewish communities) of the World as one of the top 120 Jews best representing 'a lamp of Judaism' to the World, together with Maxim Litvinov (Finklestein), the Communist Commissar and bank robber terrorist; atheist communist Albert Einstein; whose indefatigable Marxist reds, Harold Laski and his friend Felix Frankfurter (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) who shared honors with Rabbi Finklestein and others. Finklestein has long headed the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, with branches in New York and Los Angeles. In his two-volume word 'The Pharisees,' Rabbi Finklestein writes: 'Pharasaism became Talmudism...But the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew...studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies. From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharasaism has wandered.'

In Rabbi Finklestein's history of the Jews, he states: 'The Talmud derives it authority from the position held by the ancient academies, both of Babylonia and of Palestine, were considered the rightful successors of the older Sanhedrin...At the present time, the Jewish people have no living central authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therefore, any decision regarding the Jewish religion must be based on the Talmud as the final resume of the teaching of those authorities when they existed.' (The Jews - Their History, Culture, and Religion, Vol. 4, p. 1332, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1949)

THE TALMUD: HEARTS BLOOD OF THE JEWISH FAITH,' was the heading of a November, 1959, installment of a best-selling book by the Jewish author, Herman Wouk, which ran serially in the 'New York Herald-Tribune.' To quote: 'The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe - whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists - we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.'

WHY WAS IT SO OFTEN BURNED?: Why is the Talmud kept so unknown to non-Jews? Why was there no usable English translation of the Talmud until the Soncino Edition, 1934-48? Why, in European history, when the laws of the Talmud became commonly known, was it burned over and over by order of the Popes, excoriated by Martin Luther, denounced everywhere, and its followers exiled form one country after another down through the centuries?

The Talmud's basic law is that only the Pharisee Jew ranks as a man, or human being. All others rank as animals, 'the people who are like an ass - slaves who are considered the property of the master.' The attitude resulting from such teachings has been resented by non-Jews in all countries and centuries. Such resentment, however, is always portrayed by Jews a 'persecution of the Jews.'

Moses, on the contrary, was most insistent upon having one law for the stranger and for the 'home-born' and in teaching that the stranger must not be oppressed. (Exodus 12:49; Leviticus 24:22, Numbers 9:14; 15:15-16, 29, etc) In fact, he ordered: 'Love ye therefore the stranger; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.' (Deuteronomy 10:19) It was only the abominators he warned against.

BABYLONIAN TALMUD - THE LAW: The Babylonian Talmud is the law for so-called Judaism. However, its pornographic, anti-Jewish and anti-Christian doctrines have often caused hostility against it. It may then be argued by some Jews that there is a Palestinian Talmud which is innocuous. Nevertheless, you may look up the fact that Jewish authorities state it was lost for a thousand years, has missing parts and lacks the 'Gemara' and other essentials, and is only used as a scholar's curiosity. Note the statement of British Chief Rabbi Hertz in his foreword to the Soncino edition of the Babylonian Talmud: 'The Palestinian Talmud...was for many centuries almost forgotten by Jewry. Its legal decisions were at no time deemed to possess validity, if opposed by the Babylonian Talmud.'

WAS CHRIST JUST TO PHARISEES?: Without some knowledge of the written form of the 'Tradition of the Pharisees,' the Babylonian Talmud, one is unable to intelligently judge whether Jesus Christ was fair and just in His acid denunciations of Pharisaism, or not. One needs proof, offered by the irrefutable exhibits from Jewish authorities that the Talmud reverses every one of the Ten Commandments, the teachings of Moses and the Prophets, and enshrines their opposites under a 'whited sepulchre' which is a disguise for murder and 'all uncleanness,' as Christ charged. Murder of non-Pharisees (non-Jews) is always permitted; theft, sodomy, incest, rape are all permitted. For example, the righteousness of grown men violating baby girls under three is a favorite topic for discussion in book after book of the Talmud.

Talmudic literature is one long paean of praise for the very name Babylon, and all that it means to Babylonian Talmudism today, whereas it is a term of reproach in Old and New Testaments.

Note the Foreword to the first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud by the late Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, J.H. Hertz, who, like Rabbi Finklestein, was one of the 120 Jews chosen in 1937 by the Kehillas of the World as best holding up the 'lamp of Judaism:' 'The beginnings of Talmudic literature date back to the time of the Babylonian Exile in the Sixth pre-Christian Century...When a thousand years later, the Babylonian Talmud assumed final codified form in the year 500 after the Christian era, the Roman Western Empire had ceased to be.'

Rabbi Hertz extolls the Babylonian Exile, saying: 'The Babylonian Exile is a momentous period...During that Exile Israel found itself. It...rediscovered the Torah and made it the rule of life...' What he really means is that it was discovered how the Torah or Bible could be used as a 'whited sepulchre' for Babylonian degeneracy, as even a cursory study will reveal.

One Rabbi Akiba was a First Century Talmud 'sage,' of whom Moses was even supposedly jealous! Rabbi Hertz lauds Rabbi Akiba: 'Akiba was the author of a collection of traditional laws out of which the Mishna actually grew. He was the greatest among the rabbis of his own and of succeeding times...His keen and penetrating intellect enabled him to find a Biblical basis for every provision of the Oral Law.'

Still enthusing over the Babylonian derivation of Pharisaism, Rabbi Hertz continues: 'When we come to the Babylonian Gemara, we are dealing with what most people understand when they speak or write of the Talmud. It's birthplace, Babylonia, was an autonomous Jewish center for a longer period than any other land; namely from soon after 586 before the Christian era to the year 1040 after the Christian Era - 1626 years.'

You will note in the Talmud that the word 'Gemara' designates the argumentation of the rabbis, the ultimate decision being summarized as the 'Mishna.'

BIBLE VERSUS ORAL LAW (TALMUD): The Bible under Talmudic Judaism is considered to be a collection of simple tales fit only for fools, women and children. The Talmud 'sages' thus must find new meanings in it by letter and number tricks which reverse the plain meaning and create out of it the permission to do otherwise forbidden crimes and misdeeds. The words of the Bible are continually misused and misquoted for purposes of blasphemy and reversal.

STEALING FOR THEMSELVES THE TITLE OF ISRAELITES,' the Talmud 'sages' teach that 'God made a covenant with Israel only for the sake of that which was transmitted orally.' (Sanhedrin 59a) And the Biblical 'basis' of this is given as Exodus 34:27. But that verse states, instead: 'And the Lord said unto Moses, Write thou these words: for after the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with thee and with Israel.' - the very opposite! (Talmud, Gittin 60b) The Talmudic reversal of Moses' written words are said to have been transmitted 'orally,' and through Moses himself - believe it or not!

Bearing in mind that the Scribes were the Pharisee teachers of the Law of Moses, carefully distorted to comprise the Talmud, note: 'There is greater stringency in respect to the teachings of the Scribes than in respect to the that a Biblical law may be transgressed.' (Sanhedrin 88b)

The Torah in its narrow sense is the Old Testament, and in a still narrower meaning the first five books (Pentateuch) of Moses. IN ITS WIDER JUDAISTIC USE IT MEANS THE OLD TESTAMENT AS MISINTERPRETED BY THE PHARISAIC TALMUD. ALWAYS WITH JUDAISM THE TALMUD RANKS ABOVE THE BIBLE IN EVERY WAY.

Talmud passage from the Book of Nedarim (vows) of the Soncino edition of the Talmud states: 'As will be seen on 37a, Scripture was generally regarded as the study of children only, adults usually investigating the deeper meaning...

From this we see that it was usual to teach the Bible to girls in spite of the Talmudic deduction that daughters need not be educated. (Kid. 30a) The opposition of Rabbi Eliezer to teaching the Torah to one's daughter. (Sotah 20a) 'HE WHO TEACHES HIS DAUGHTER TORAH IS AS THOUGH HE TAUGHT HER LEWDNESS.' - was probably directed against the teaching of the Oral Law, and the higher branches of study (V. Maimonides Yad. Talmud Torah)...The context shows that the reference is to the higher knowledge of Biblical law.'

The Talmud states: 'A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs.' (Sanhedrin 59a)

Reference is also made to the 'Noachian laws' which the non-Jew may study 'but not laws which do not pertain to them.' Also: '...(the) objection was to the studying of the Oral Law... Rabbi Johanan feared the knowledge of Gentiles in matters of Jurisprudence, as they would use it against the Jews in their opponents' courts.' Understandably, since all Talmud laws discriminate against the non-Jew and rank him a virtual animal, these were apt observations.

The Jewish Encyclopedia is still more open about what is in Sanhedrin 59a of the Talmud, above, threatening death for revelation of 'Torah' laws to Gentiles: 'for such knowledge might have operated against the Jews in their opponents' courts.' This observation follows a dissertation on the laws on cheating and getting the best of Gentiles in trade and in court. (The Jewish Encyclopedia p. 674)

THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD: The Babylonian Talmud is composed of 'Mishna' (or 'Halacha'), or laws formulated by the Pharisees whose teachings comprise the Talmud, and 'Gemara,' or argumentative teachings about these laws. There are 63 books in the Babylonian Talmud, largely divided without topical organization.

All Talmud books have 'Mishna' (plural 'Mishnaim'). Some lack a 'Gemara.' The 'Mishna' or law of one or another Pharisee may be referred to, for example, as the 'Mishna of Rabbi Akiba,' or of 'Eliezer ben Jacob.'

'The name Mishna is applied in particular to the collection of Halachoth, or laws, made by Judah Hanasi (generally known as Rabbi) and his colleagues at the beginning of the 3rd Century C.E.' (Note: 'C.E.' stands for 'Common Era,' to avoid 'A.D.' or 'Year of Our Lord,' from the Latin, Anno Domini). (See Jewish Encyclopedia 'Mishna.')

Continuing to quote from the Jewish Encyclopedia: 'The Mishna represents the culmination of a series of attempts to bring order into the vast mass of traditions which had been transmitted orally for many centuries...The compilation of the Mishna is not, however, the work of one man, or even of the scholars of one age, but rather the result of a long process extending over a period of two centuries.'

Also: 'In the Palestine Pharisee Talmudic center at Jabneh (for it was never in Jerusalem but at Jabneh where the Jerusalem Talmud was composed) there was a concerted effort on the part of the sages of Jabeneh (about 90 C.E.) to assemble and harmonize the Halacha...Akiba (died about 135 C.E.) arranged the Halachoth in logical order and probably constructed the framework of the present day Mishna; (4) the collection of the Akiba was enlarged and brought up to date by his disciple Meir (Note: Who, the Talmud says, was a descendant of Nero, a convert to Talmudism). (5) it became the custom, after the time of Akiba, for every head of an academy to compile his own Mishna so that the confusion that resulted...motivated Judah Hanasi to compile a standard authoritative Mishna; (6) although it is reported that Judah made use of thirteen different collections of Halachoth in his work, his Mishna is based largely upon the collection of Meir, and indirectly, therefore, upon that of Akiba.' (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, 'Mishna.')

Judah Hanasi, who compiled the Mishna, was born about A.D. 135 and died after A.D. 200 (same authority, 'Judah Hanasi'). 'Nasi,' meaning 'prince' of Jewry, was the title given the head of the Sanhedrin court, which meted out life and death under Talmudic law.

TALMUD - SIX MAIN DIVISIONS: The Talmud is divided into six main divisions called 'Nedarim' (orders), but each division and each volume is a hodge-podge of every subject imaginable. The main and overall characteristics of the Talmud are: pomp, silliness, obscenity and more obscenity, a setting up of laws seemingly for the purpose of inventing circumventions, and evasions; delight in sadistic cruelty; reversal of all Biblical moral teachings on theft, murder, sodomy, perjury, treatment of children and parents; insane hatred of Christ, Christians and every phase of Christianity.

The Six Divisions of the Babylonian Talmud, called 'Seder' (plural Nedarim), are:

  1). Zeraim (seeds).

  2). Seder Moed (festivals).

  3). Seder Nasim (women).

  4). Seder Nezikin (damages).

  5). Seder Kodashim (sacrifices).

  6). Seder Tohoroth (cleanness)."

It is the Talmud, and nothing else, that binds international Jewry into a solid body. Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer says: "The Talmud consists of 63 books of legal, ethical and historical writings of ancient rabbis. It was edited five centuries after the birth of Jesus. It is a compendium of law and lore. It is the legal code which forms the basis of Jewish religious law and it is the textbook used in the training of rabbis."

While in Babylon, the Jewish leaders propounded the theory that they were a chosen people, a god race, to which all other peoples were inferior. The idea of complete control of mankind through world government developed from this seed thought. Talmudic leaders in the day of Christ decided first to accept Him, thinking He would lead a rebellion and give them world dominion. He killed the movement in the borning and they turned against Him.

To accomplish their end, those who framed the Babylonian plan established an occult organization known as the Kehillah and sometimes called Kahal which means "Community Assembly of Government," and took the snake as a symbol. These black magicians decided to conquer the world through serpent-like slyness.

The head represented those who had been initiated into the plans of Jewish administration, while the body of the snake symbolized the Jewish people. The administration was to be kept secret, even from the masses of Jews. As the snake would penetrate the hearts of nations, it could be expected to devour everything in the way.

The ability of the Talmudic power to penetrate and gain control over governments was noted in the Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman administrations, which, incidentally, resulted in two world wars and the rise of anti-Christ Zionism and Communism. The impact of the criminal code embodied in the Talmud comes home to every American fireside, a fact to which our people are, for the most part, oblivious.

These writings of the rabbis contain the filthiest rot ever put into human language. For instance, Jesus is described as a bastard, conceived during menstruation when Mary had sexual intercourse with a demon. (And bear in mind that every living rabbi occupies the office he holds in the system, for having devoted years of his life to a study of the Talmud). When Jewish leaders accused our Lord of being the son of a depraved woman, He retaliated by saying: "Ye are of your father the devil." This is only a sample of the Talmud's sewage. IMAGINE A “RELIGIOUS” CODE DEVOTING PAGES AND LEWD DETAILS TO EXPLAINING THE RIGHT OF A RABBI TO COHABIT WITH A THREE YEAR OLD BABY GIRL. NO OTHER “RELIGIOUS” TEACHINGS HAS EVER UNDERWRITTEN OR SUBSCRIBED TO LYING, CHEATING AND MURDER (of other races) AS TENETS OF ITS FAITH. NO OTHER “RELIGIOUS” TEACHING HAS BECOME SO “RACIST” THAT IT REGARDS THE REST OF MANKIND AS BEING ON THE LEVEL OF BEASTS. Little wonder our Lord defied the Talmudists and called them "whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones," to their faces!

This book contains thousands of superstitions, such as carrying pulverized manure from a white dog around the neck for certain cures. If one eats fish he must not be bled on the following day. If he has been bled he must not eat fish on the following day. On the third day both would be dangerous. After blood letting a man must not, on the same day, drink milk, eat cheese, onions or vegetables. If a man, however, has eaten these things, he should mix a quart measure of vinegar and a quart measure of wine and drink the concoction. If a motion of the bowels ensues, the evacuation should take place without, and on the east side of town. It is a sacred requirement that one must spit if the name Christ be mentioned.

The contents of the Talmud explains why the Jews are strange, different and odd. Their minds have been for centuries warped by a demoniac code. Their egos have been inflated into a state of self-hypnosis, causing them to believe that they are in some mysterious way especially "chosen." The Talmud demoralizes everything it touches. Before this occult power gained the upper hand in our part of the world, American thought was basically Christian. But when Jews carried their Talmudic doctrines into the field of literature and art, there began a rapid decline.

The serpent is today crawling in every department of our national existence. It is no accident that Christian patriots, particularly the opponents of Communism, are systematically smeared and maligned by press and radio. It is no accident that millions of Americans sit night after night and watch Jewish "entertainers" put on filthy, suggestive and disgusting programs.

Radio and TV are Talmudically controlled. Most of the actors are Jews, but Gentiles who perform must use scripts prepared for the most part, by Jewish writers. (Anyone who doubts that our air waves are under Talmudic domination only needs to investigate the radio scandal of Wichita, Kansas where Gerald B. Winrod tried for 18 years to purchase time for definitely Christian broadcasts on local stations. Managers tell him the B'nai B'rith Jewry had forbidden him the right of speaking, despite the fact that he offered to submit his scripts a month ahead of time for examination).

Arsene Darmester, a Jewish authority, credits mastery of the Talmud with producing the "incomparable subtlety and acumen" which characterizes members of his religious beliefs. In fact, any group of human beings, regardless of racial origin and structure, who might receive and apply the Talmudic code, would be capable of developing capacities of shrewdness and cunning. Engineering schemes of which international Jewry has proven itself capable. Chinamen, Irishmen, Germans or Hottentots, given the Talmud, could develop the power to upset religious, political and social orders. They could invent such twin conspiracies as Zionism and Communism, both of which represent the flower of Talmudic thought.


Unfortunately, comparatively few Christians, loyal Bible-believing Christians, understand the true nature of the opposition that works against them. Everything possible should be done to enlighten them.

Talmudic Jewry supports financially, and in other ways, left-wing causes that promise to denature and devitalize true Christian efforts. There is a 280-page volume containing the 1953 annual report of the American Jewish Committee, prepared for its members. And if America's Christian people of the United States could read pages 95 to 112 inclusive, they would understand many things for which there is no other explanation. Ten branches or departments of the American Jewish Committee are named and their areas of operation defined, with an explanation of what each is doing in infiltrating the Protestant and Catholic church life of America. The record of results being achieved and methods used for covering their steps, is frightening.

If Christians could read these pages they would soon see why the false Judeo-Christian preachers such as; Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggert, Mike Evans, van Impe, Oral Roberts and a host of others on radio and television are the traitors and deceivers they are.

The B'nai B'rith Fraternal Lodge for Jews "only" was organized in 1843. it operates at international levels, in all countries. In 1913 the B'nai B'rith added to its many sided organization one which has become known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). This outfit is richly endowed and heavily staffed, with tentacles reaching throughout the United States.

Its professed aim is to combat racial and religious intolerance, but in actual practice, it has consistently directed attacks upon known opponents of Communism, using smearing, vilification, misrepresentation, lies and character assassination as their chief weapons. Just why any people should be permitted to operate a Gestapo in the United States is not clear.

The Anti-Defamation League is a police agency, which seems in some respects, to even surpass the FBI. Only three or four members of the House and Senate have ever dared to resist its power. It admits maintaining a force of over 2000 expert investigators in cities across the continent, and thousands of other helpers.

They keep files, listing the names and containing the records of every man, woman, company, church, or organization that might, for any cause, the Jews might have the least interest. The organization has been correctly branded AN INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT.

To give an example: It often happens when traveling about the country, many speaking out against Communism found that, upon reaching a city, a group of Jewish businessmen, and usually a rabbi and liberal preacher, have called on the Pastor or group sponsoring the meeting to stop it. Just recently the ADL was raided by law enforcement officers and files on hundreds of thousands of American men/woman, companies and organizations were found. All of the information they had was obtained illegally, through bribery, coercion, blackmail and etc.

With them they bring the same stale trash out of Anti-Defamation League files, charging them as being anti-Catholic, anti-labor, anti-Negro and anti anything else they might dream up. Others have the same experiences, the local auspices sometimes become so frightened and intimidated they will cancel the meetings and succumb to the pressure of the Jews.

From these Jewish centers there goes forth millions of pieces of deceptive and misleading literature a year packed with falsehoods, half-truths and Talmudic propaganda. Some books on the Gestapo was prepared; on the surface, they appear to have been written by different authors, but it is not difficult to trace them to their common source? "Under Cover," by John Roy Carlson, "The Plotters," by John Roy Carlson, "How Secure These Rights," by Weintraub, "The Nazis Go Underground," by Riess, "The Time Bomb," by Pillar, "A Measure of Freedom," by Forester and Epstein and the "Apostles of Discord," by Ralph Lord Roy. To name just a few. Hundreds could be listed but we believe these few will suffice to prove the point.

Such books are widely publicized on the radio and through the press. Millions of Americans have been deceived, but if someone should write the true story of the Anti-Defamation League, he would be attacked as an anti-Semite and smeared from one coast to the other, by every newspaper, magazine, radio and TV journalists in America.

The power of this Jewish Gestapo is so great that it was able to seize control of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1954 when Congressman Velde of Illinois was chairman. It was reported in Washington that they succeeded in getting "something" on him.

The time came when Committee reports had to be cleared with the Anti-Defamation League before being released. We were treated to the spectacle of a powerful Congressional Committee becoming a Talmudic tool. Then in 1972 this Committee was totally disbanded. It was destroyed by just such slick operations as when the Anti-Defamation League began  taking over government groups clothed with the responsibility of investigating and wiping out Communist organizations. For over 45 years we have watched, with abiding interest, the unfoldment of the scheme.

In 1947 Kenneth Goff was asked by State Senator Ben Gentleman of Wisconsin to accompany him to talk with the editor of the "Milwaukee Sentinel," a Hearst publication. He said the editor wished to see Mr. Goff before he was to appear before the State Legislature to advocate a bill requiring professors to sigh the Loyalty Oath.

He found the editor to be a Jew, who told him that the Anti-Defamation League and various Jewish leaders were looking for someone like him, a former Communist, to dramatize before the public and make a national hero. He said they had studied several who had left the Party but had found him with the fluent speech and crusading spirit that he possessed, that Louis Budenz had some of the qualities desired, but they were afraid to use him because he was a Catholic, under the direction of the Church; and that Mr. Goff being a Protestant, he would be more free.

The editor told him if he would sign a statement which the Jews had prepared, condemning Communism and Fascism together, declaring Fascism to be the greater menace, it would appear in every newspaper the next day, and from there Mr. Goff would become the most publicized fighter against Communism in the nation. They would prepare books for him to assure handsome royalties. He would never again have a financial worry as long as he lived.

Mr. Gaff read the statement; it said he agreed with Pope Pius the eleventh that "spiritually we (Christians) are Semites." That he would have to attack Major Robert H. Williams, Dr. Harvey Springer, Dr. Gerald B. Winrod and scores of other stalwart Christian patriots as being dangerous to the American way of life. He refused to sign, and from that day on, he came under attack by the Anti-Defamation League.

Watching the performance of men like Herbert A. Philbrick, blasting Senator McCarthy and other patriots, taking sides with leading leftists, being wined and dined by the National Conference of Christians and Jews, enjoying enormous publicity through press and radio, becoming fabulously rich, we know the price they paid and the sell-out of which they were guilty!

CRACKS IN THE HOLOCAUST MYTH: Having seen the success of the British propaganda about the Germans using the skins of dead babies as lamp shades in World War I [which the British later apologized for after the end of the war and admitted it was only propaganda to get the troops to fight harder]. They conceived of the "SIX MILLION JEW LIE" and spared no amount of expense to forward this program [They even executed several thousand of the so-called lesser Jews, so as to further their diabolical plans after all what was a few thousand lesser Jews compared to the master plan of World Control!]. The Zionists who are always far sighted saw in it a chance to accomplish two things:

(a) To destroy Nationalism by claiming that the Germans killed "SIX MILLION JEWS" in an effort at exterminating them, and the Germans were extremely nationalistic, then it must follow, that Nationalism must be very evil if millions of people can be murdered in its name! [In other words do not be too Patriotic because if you do you will have Six Million or more Dead Jews. And if you don't believe it they will show you another holocaust movie, then another, then another until you do]. Do you see what I am saying?

(b) Their claim to Palestine which came soon after the end of the War has enabled them [the Jews] to replace God and the Lord Jesus Christ and become the Chosen People: a triple counterfeit, to most of the Christian world! Thus it is clear for all to see if they will look with any honesty at all, America fought World War II, so that World Jewry could dominate the Financial Money Markets of the world; Expose any existing opposition to their designs for world conquest and destroy such opposition; destroy Nationalism, Patriotism, in the major countries of the world.

                                                                  More Jewish Lies Exposed!

Jewish Lies and Our Children! For more than fifty years, since the end of World War II, the Talmudic, Zionist Jews have sought to manipulate through Jewish Socialization, White Western public opinion by crying, "Poor, persecuted Jew," while systematically victimizing White Christian culture. This constitutes a perfect description of the Jewish Socialization or Jewish Socialism. Both atheistic, Jewish, Socialism and atheistic, Communist, Socialism are ideas predicated upon the practice of engineering society along atheistic and Jewish ideas. This has been the method of operation of the atheistic, Talmudic, Zionist Jew even before the first century or the time of Christ.

The atheistic Jew has relentlessly sought to impose his materialistic, atheistic ideas upon the Western White man, both religious and political. He has systematically invaded the White Man's schools of theology, seeking to destroy any lingering first century ideas of Christianity, and in turn pervert Christianity against itself, enabling the Jew to use Christianity as a tool to destroy the White Race. Thus, Judeo-Christianity is nothing more than Judaized versions of so-called Christianity. This becomes a tool of the Jewish Socialist.

"The Gnostics derived their leading doctrines and ideas from Plato and Philo, the Zend-avesta, the Kabbalah, and the Sacred books of India and Egypt; and thus introduced into the bosom of Christianity the cosmological and theosophical speculations, which had formed the larger portion of the ancient religions of the Orient, joined to those of the Egyptian, Greek, and Jewish doctrines, which the Neo-Platonists had equally adopted in the Occident..It is admitted that the cradle of Gnosticism is probably to be looked for in Syria and even in Palestine. Most of its expounders wrote in that corrupted form of the Greek used by the Hellenistic Jews...and there was a striking analogy between their doctrines and those of the Judeo-Egyptian Philo of Alexandria; itself the seat of three schools, at once philosophic and religious, the Greek, the Egyptian, and the Jewish. Pythagoras and Plato, the most mystical of the Grecian philosophers (the latter heir to the doctrines of the former), and who had traveled, the latter in Egypt, and the former in Phoenicia, India, and Persia, also taught the esoteric doctrine...The dominant doctrines of Plutonism were found in Gnosticism...

The Jewish-Greek School of Alexandria is known only by two of its chiefs, Aristobulus and Philo, both Jews of Alexandria in Egypt. Belonging to Asia by its origin, to Egypt by its residence, to Greece by its language and studies, it strove to show that all truths embedded in the philosophies of other countries were transplanted thither from Palestine. Aristobulus declared that all the facts and details of the Jewish Scriptures were so many allegories concealing the most profound meanings, and that Plato had borrowed from them all his finest ideas.

Philo, who lived a century after him, following the same theory, endeavored to show that the Hebrew writings, by their system of allegories, were the true source of all religions and philosophical doctrines. According to him, the literal meaning was for the vulgar alone...The Jews of Syria and Judea were the direct precursors of Gnosticism; and in their doctrines were ample Oriental elements.

These Jews had had with the Orient, at two different periods, intimate relations, familiarizing them with the doctrines of Asia and especially of Chaldea and Persia...Living nearly two-thirds of a century, and many of them long afterward, in Mesopotamia, the cradle of their race; speaking the same language, and their children reared with those of the Chaldeans. Assyrians, Medes, and Persians, they necessarily adopted many of the doctrines of their conquerors...and these additions to the old doctrine were soon spread by the constant intercourse of commerce into Syria and Palestine...

From Egypt or Persia the new Platonists borrowed the idea, and the Gnostics received it from them, that man, in his terrestrial career, is successively under the influence of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, until he finally reaches the Elysian Fields." (Morals and Dogmas, by Albert Pike)

The Jew has also systematically invaded the schools of learning. Today, the atheistic Jew continues to Jewish/socialize little, White, Christian children by teaching his atheistic and communistic holocaust (holohoax) propaganda in the American schools, all the while denying White, Christian Americans their freedom of speech and freedom to rebut or dispute the blatant Jewish liars who come to the American school system to tell their demonic lies, and thereby Jewish/socialize our American White children.

"'The Jewish Establishment": 'In the early 1930s, Walter Duranty of the New York Times was in Moscow, covering Joe Stalin the way Joe Stalin wanted to be covered. To maintain favor and access, he expressly denied that there was famine in Ukraine even while millions of Ukrainian Christians were being starved into submission. For his work Duranty won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. To this day, the Times remains the most magisterial and respectable of American newspapers.

Now imagine that a major newspaper had had a correspondent in Berlin during roughly the same period who hobnobbed with Hitler, portrayed him in a flattering light, and denied that Jews were being mistreated, thereby not only concealing, but materially assisting the regime's persecution. Would that paper's respectability have been unimpaired several decades later?

There you have an epitome of what is lamely called 'media bias.' The Western supporters of Stalin haven't just been excused; they have received the halo of victim hood for the campaign, in what liberals call 'the McCarthy era,' to get them out of the government, the education system, and respectable society itself.

Not only persecution of Jews but any critical mention of Jewish power in the media and politics is roundly condemned as 'anti-Semitism.' But there isn't even a term of opprobrium for participation in the mass murders of Christians. Liberals still don't censure the Communist attempt to extirpate Christianity from Soviet Russia and its empire, and for good reason, liberals themselves, particularly Jewish liberals, are still trying to uproot Christianity from America.

It's permissible to discuss the power of every other group, from the Black Muslims to the Christian Right, but the much greater power of the Jewish establishment is off-limits. That, in fact, is the chief measure of its power: its ability to impose its own taboos while tearing down the taboos of others, you might almost say its prerogative of offending. You can read articles in Jewish-controlled publications from the Times to Commentary blaming Christianity for the Holocaust or accusing Pope Pius XII of indifference to it, but don't look for articles in any major publication that wants to stay in business examining the Jewish role in Communism and liberalism, however temperately." (The Jewish Establishment, Joseph Sobran, September 1995 issue)

The holocaust is taught in schools, and the Jew is allowed to come in and teach his religious views in the context of teaching about the holocaust, and he influences our children into believing that Jews are the chosen people of God. In reality, true White Christians are the Chosen People of God.

Today, at this late hour of the history of White Christianity, the Jew has sought to brainwash uneducated and ignorant generations into the misplaced pity and sorrow of what can only be called THE JEWISH HOLOCAUST RELIGION. Jews are allowed to teach people to hate Jesus Christ and blaspheme Almighty God, yet they are admired and pitied by most people in the world, while they tell blatant lies about the so-called German "death camps." These lies cannot be proven scientifically and are lies designed only to be cheap, Jewish public relation propaganda to invoke pity for the Jews, while they pick the American White Man's pockets and raid White America like a corporate lawyer.

The pity heaped on them is misplaced pity that should be directed to Jesus Christ, as He was the only innocent person ever to walk the face of the earth, and yet was put to death by the Jewish people. Now, however, even though the Jews believe and teach in their synagogues that Jesus is boiling in excrement in Hell, to call a Jew a Christ-killer is an offense that has put people in jail for much of their lives.

The Holocaust He was first fabricated by the head of the KGB, the Jew Lavrenty Beria. Since then, week after week, for almost fifty years, the television, radio, and media have continued to brainwash the American public with scores of historically inaccurate anti-Nazi and anti-German movies, claiming a German conspiracy to commit genocide against the Jewish people. Yet, no conspiracy or so-called "Final Solution" has ever been proven to have existed among the Nazi leadership. It is true that hundreds of thousands of people died during World War II, and yes, a small percentage of them were Jews. It is true that thousands died in the internment camps, many of whom were confessed enemies of the national state. Some were gypsies, Communists, Baptists, Masons, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Germans, Poles, Czechs and Frenchmen.

The Jews have been exposed to claim that those non-Jews who died in the camps were Jewish in order to further exaggerate the numbers of Jews who died in concentration camps. It is very important, for the sake of truth, to remember that the work or industrial camps were continuously exposed to rampant diseases. At the time that these camps existed throughout Europe, there were no magic drugs like our antibiotics. Most people in the European camps died of dysentery, influenza, or perhaps hepatitis B, tuberculosis, cholera, typhus, or even old age. So it may be said that while the majority of deaths were of natural causes or disease, they were nevertheless premature because of the war.

The movies give the false impression that only Jews were interned in the work and labor camps. The Jews have claimed hundreds of thousands of non-Jews in order to fabricate their numbers and claim that 6 million Jews purposely were killed by the hands of the SS, simply because they were Jewish. In recent years, whenever a White Christian would speak up to point out the irrefutable and blatant facts about the atheistic Jewish Holocaust MYTH. The Jews have done everything they can to stifle the American man's freedom of speech in his own country.

This is a one-sided presentation of World War II that belittles the American fighting man's part in the war and gives undue credit to the Jews and exaggerates the Jewish deaths at the expense of other more deserving minorities such as the Ukrainian people.

As incredible as it may sound, if it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Jews themselves were responsible for the excessive and insane bombing policies of the Americans and the British over Germany in World War II, then that would mean that the Jews themselves are directly responsible for the incredible numbers or deaths in the Nazi labor camps. For it is an indisputable fact that what has been called the "atrocities" of the camps did not occur until after the Allied bombers had destroyed the railway systems that shipped food and medical supplies to these camps. If the Nazis had been able to bomb the transportation systems of the Americans and prevent them from shipping medicine and foodstuffs to the Japanese internees and German prisoners of war in American concentration camps, then unsanitary living conditions and malnutrition would certainly have had the same results in extraordinary numbers of Japanese internees dying from dysentery and cholera.

But as of this date, not a single American nor British soldier has been tried for war crimes or crimes against humanity, even though thousands of such incidents did occur in the American victimization of Japanese, Germans and people of other nationalities during World War II.

To fail to present an objective and truthful look at the events of World War II is to fail to learn from the mistakes of that era. Today, Zionist and Talmudic organized Jewry knowingly and willfully continue to present and perpetuate atheistic, Communist propaganda only because it paints the Jews as the victims of the Nazis. Many courageous Americans such as Senator Taft and many Supreme Court Justices spoke out against the travesty of justice called the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials against the leaders of the German government after World War II.

"World War II was a war to renew Jewish domination of Germany and Central Europe and for the maintenance of the power and glory of the British/Jewish Empire. The conspirators in America, England and France are responsible for the greatest tragedy the world has ever known and their names will be dishonored and execrated in history.

It never would have started had not Roosevelt and the half Jew Bullitt guaranteed to Britain and France all of America's resources, which meant, first, repeal of our neutrality act and supplying them with munitions and bombers without stint; second, in time the extension of unlimited credit; third the use of our fleet in the Pacific to protect British, French and Dutch interests; if these did not suffice for victory, then our young men as air pilots and our fleet to be sent to Europe; and lastly, if World Jewry and the British/Jewish Empire could not win without them, millions of our lads to die in Europe's babbles.

The premeditated killing of human beings by another, save in self defense, is murder, a crime against Christianity, morality, humanity, and civilization, and this applies with greatest guilt to the wholesale slaughter by one nation of the people of another who have not attacked or harmed them. After this illegal, secret plot was negotiated, Roosevelt, the Jews and the war-mongers of this country, of England and France sought to overthrow the Chamberlain government and to replace it with the Jews Churchill, Eden, Hore-Belisha and Duff Cooper.

They plotted to get Bonnet out of the French Cabinet and to substitute the Jews Reynaud, Blum and Mandel. The ardent but unsuccessful courtship of Stalin and Soviet Russia was insisted upon by Roosevelt, World Jewry and war-mongers of America, England and France.

One of the reasons for the Roosevelt/Eden plot to overthrow the Chamberlain government and remove Bonnet from the French Cabinet was because they would not agree to pay the price Stalin demanded to encircle and defeat Germany. At Roosevelt's and the Jews' insistence, England and France guaranteed the boundaries of Poland in order to encircle Germany and renew Jewish control. This guarantee of the boundaries of Poland was the direct cause of World War II, it knowingly necessitated it." (War! War! War!, by Cincinnatus, pp. 188-189)

Many courageous and patriotic Americans knew that the so-called war crimes and the changes against the German government officials were nothing more than Communist propaganda designed to blame the Germans for many Communist atrocities that Stalin had engineered and perpetrated. It is certainly un-American to be afraid of the truth, and no truth-loving American can possibly stand by and watch the Communist propaganda of World War II continue to be taught in our public school systems.

Today, fifty years after Adolf Hitler, there is hardly a week or a day that goes by without an anti-Nazi film or propaganda movie being shown on television channels that one would think they should be no longer political. Moreover, the Jews have made Nazi memorabilia and Nazi member organizations a big business in America. No true American can afford to stand by and allow the Communist, Jewish Zionist, Antichrist Jews to continue imposing their version of history and their atheistic values upon what was once a White Christian Nation.

If the holocaust is to be discussed in our schools as legitimate history, then let it be discussed objectively and truthfully, based upon fact instead of Jewish fiction that is designed only to protect the reputation of Joe Stalin and the Jews behind the Bolshevik revolution of world Communism. To insist upon fair play is truly an American idea. If we must hear the Jews side, let us also hear the Arabs' side. We Americans are innately hateful toward anyone who seeks to rob us of our freedom of thought, but today that is exactly what the atheistic, Communistic Jews, and Hollywood one-worlders are seeking to do.

Stifling freedom of speech through their Communist tactic of so-called political correctness, they seek to brainwash the next generation of Americans through drug abuse and relentless Communist propaganda. They seek to create a police state wherein freedom of speech is completely stifled, and when freedom of speech is a crime, soon freedom of thought also becomes a crime.

The Jews, through the ACLU and other Communist Jewish front groups have, when it is convenient, defended freedom of speech as long as it is a Communist or a dissenter seeking to tear down White America. But when the shoe is on the other foot, they will not defend the rights of White, Christian Americans, which our forefathers fought for and embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The Jews are currently using federal and state money that they have conned form the American people to fund their one-sided Communist views of World War II. So, in effect, every state sponsored holocaust program is but another Jewish con game designed to rob the working man and the American tax payer, while enslaving these White people's children into Jewish Socialism.

Think of this travesty of freedom in these terms. A group of atheistic, Christ-hating, Devil-worshipers comes to your school system and demands the right to teach your children their God-hating, atheistic values while making no secret of their ulterior motives to undermine your Christian values and your authority as a parent. In addition to this, these same Devil-worshiping pagans claim that Nero of Rome was right to burn the Christians on crosses in his nocturnal garden and to slaughter Christian women and children by throwing them to the vicious, man-eating lions of the Roman circus. What if these same people dared to say that the Jews were absolutely correct in putting Jesus Christ to death and viciously murdering Him? Would you, as a God-fearing person speak up against such an obvious abuse of American freedom?

Well, that is exactly what the jews are doing throughout the school systems of America by sending their Jewish evangelists into your classrooms to preach the establishment of their holocaust religious cult. That is exactly what the Jews have made of the Jewish deaths of WW II. They have used the Nazi work camps as an excuse to extort billions of dollars from the American tax payer, all in support of their Antichrist, world domination philosophy known as Zionism, and all for the purpose of supporting the illegal state of so-called Israel in Palestine.

We Americans have no objection to the truth, but we do object to liars and to half-truths being promoted in our school systems for the express purpose of manipulating and brainwashing our children. Let us remember that the school teachers and the Jews who sponsor these programs do not invite the local Neo-Nazis to defend their position, nor do they invite the scholars of The Institute for Historical Review, whose address is POB 1306, Torrance, CA 90505. They only present one-sided arguments based upon fabrications and lies first put forward by the Stalinist Communist regime, namely the Jew head of the KGB Lavrenty Beria, mentioned earlier.

There are many honest and competent historians who disagree with the Communist line of propaganda. One outstanding example of orchestrated, modern, Jewish propaganda is the Hollywood versions of the Simon Wiesenthal stories. Mr. Wiesenthal is portrayed by the Jewish Hollywood crowd as the foremost Nazi hunter in the world. He is literally presented as a Jewish hero, and as a wonderful humanitarian, when in fact, the man is a liar and a hypocrite. He has openly lied and confused the truth, but our children have never been taught the truth about this lying Jew agent, who even admitted that he was fighting for the Communists. What our children are taught is that the Simon Wiesenthal Center was named after this "great man," and that two American presidents awarded this liar with honorary awards for his so-called work in tracking down Nazis.

Our children are not taught that this man has consistency lied in his report about what he saw during WW II. In 1948, this lying Jew testified under oath that from 1939-1941 he was a "Soviet Chief engineer working in Lvov and Odessa." But in his very own biography, he claims that he was a "mechanic in a factory that produced bedsprings" during those same years. This example may seem trivial, but Wiesenthal has lied about far worse than this. For example, Wiesenthal published a book in 1946 in which he presented his view of history, which he supposedly obtained facts  from the confession of Mauthausen Commandant Franz Zieris. In his book, he claimed that four million people were gassed at this camp. Later, he told USA Today in April, 1983, "I was one of 34 prisoners alive out of 150,000 who had been put there." Not only did he lie twice about this number, he lied a third time in his own autobiography, in which he wrote: "almost 3,000 prisoners died in Maunhausen after the Americans liberated us on May 5, 1945." this is just like a Commie Jew to lie when it suits his needs. Worse, Wiesenthal has been allowed to teach our children these lies, without any questioning. Why has this Jew, who has consistently lied in print, never been questioned? Why have our children not been presented with the fact that this man has been consistently proven to be a liar?

Finally, the most flagrant propaganda that has been spread by Wiesenthal is the "human soap" myth. The myth is that Germans used the fat form dead Jews to make soap. Wiesenthal wrote in Der Neue Weg, an Austrian Jew paper that 900,000 dead Jews were shipped to a factory and used to make soap. Wiesenthal claimed that the letters RIF on German soap made at that time stood for Rein juedisches Fett, which means "Pure Jewish Fat." In fact, the letters stood for Reichstelle Fuer industrielle Fettversorgung or "National Center for Industrial Fat Provisioning." In fact, no historians have ever acknowledged this claim to be true. It was merely a fabrication of Mr. Wiesenthal's.

One example of this is the difficulties of the historian David Irving, who after once being persuaded of the facts, changed many of his views regarding the history of World War II. Mr. Irving found it virtually impossible to find a publisher to publish his new-found convictions, which contradicted the Jewish version of World War II.

Yet, the hysterical Jewish exaggerations became so blatant that the more sane Jews have found it necessary to admit there could have been no more than 3.5 million Jews to have died in that period of time, and certainly not the exaggerated 6 million. The following is reprinted from the New York Post, March 26, 1992:

AUSCHWITZ DEATH TOLL IS REDUCED TO 1.5M: Warsaw, Poland (UPI) - Newly released documents confirm that 1.5 million victims died at the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau during World War II, not 4 million - as claimed by the former Soviet Union; Jewish and Polish officials said yesterday.

Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, a member of the Council for Dialogue between Poles and Jews, said the official account of the number of victims was reduced following verification of archives recently returned by Soviet authorities to Poland.

Polish Communist authorities used the 4 million figure because it was established by a postwar Soviet commission on Nazi crimes." This would reduce the total number of so-called victims, even using the 6 million figure to 3.5 million.

Some prominent Jews, when confronted with the indisputable facts, have even admitted that the so-called gas chambers were fabrications of the Russian Communist Jews, just as the number of 4 million dead at Auschwitz was a fabrication. Notice in the above article that the information proving that only 1.5 million died at Auschwitz-Birkenau was found in archives returned to Poland by the 'soviets. Also, "Polish Communist authorities used the number because it was established by a postwar Soviet commission on Nazi crimes." In addition to this, the soviets have admitted that they "rebuilt" the "original buildings" that were supposedly destroyed by them after "liberation." Even the curator and director of Auschwitz museum has admitted that the "gas chambers" were altered and reconstructed by the Russians after the war. The Communist Soviets provided the figures and held the evidence.

Everyone admits that the Germans were meticulous record keepers, and the actual records of those people that died in the camps were confiscated by the Soviets. When the Soviets finally allowed the Red cross access to the records in 1989, it was revealed in 46 books the names of those that died at Auschwitz and the causes of death. The total: 70,000. The Soviets did not allow them access to the books for the year of 1944, but those books could account for the remaining dead. Even then, however, it is probably true that the numbers may not even add up to the new 1.5 million figure. Now that this is released, we find that they inflated the number from 1.5 million to over 4 million (Keep in mind that the 1.5 million dead is cited as the number of "victims," not Jews alone). The Soviets purposely lied about the 4 million dead, and they built the buildings now standing at the camps (This information should come as no surprise, as the Jews have been the absolute rulers of Russia since 1917. And it would be expected that the Jews ruling Russia would help the other Jews of the world to foster and perpetuate their holocaust lie). Most historians agree that it is impossible that six million people were gassed in gas chambers and then burned in a crematorium. The fact shows that it would have taken 68 years to gas 6 million people, and that it would take 35 years to cremate 6 million bodies if the crematoriums at the camps operated 24 hours a day, every day, cremating the maximum number of bodies that they could hold.

Much of the misinformation was FABRICATED by the Stalin regime of Soviet Russia during the post-war years. Stalin (being Jewish himself)knew how to feed the hysteria of the Russian Jew population. On one hand he backed them with exaggerated holocaust stories, pretending to be in sympathy with their world Zionist cause, which induced the Jews to steal state secrets about atomic energy and even their modern missile technology form the United States to give to the Soviets (And since the Jews are the most traitorous people on earth, it would come natural for them to betray the United States and its people, for they have betrayed every people and nation they have ever lived in and among). Yet, history shows that whenever a great number of Jews (who were not of the proper lineage or beliefs) began to rise to prominence in the Communist government, Stalin did not hesitate to liquidate them by periodic purges of the intellectual Zionistic Jews in Communist Russia. In the late 1930s Stalin began a campaign against influential members of the Communist Party; even those who had put him in power were murdered. His political enemies were numbered in the "tens of millions." (The New Encyclopedia Britannica)

There were, no doubt a considerable number of individuals who were put to death as enemies of the German government. Nevertheless, the majority of people who died in the concentration camp labor system died first of natural causes and old age, or secondly, they died of dysentery, dehydration, typhus and other such diseases relating to our caused by malnutrition. Tuberculosis was s contributing factor, and it is to be remembered that we did not have the sophisticated medicines then as we have today. Those in the concentration camps died, just as many Germans, of malnutrition and disease.

The internment camps in the United States that were filled with Japanese internees suffered many of the same problems as the German concentration camps. Japanese internees lost their property, their businesses and a great number of them lost their lives due to natural causes and diseases while interned in the American concentration camps.

It is to be remembered that if the Germans had been able to bomb the American food supply, which usually came by railroad and prevent the Americans from feeding the Japanese concentration camps, the death rate among the Japanese would have been far greater. It is also to be remembered that if the Japanese had been left in their communities it is more than likely that they would have fallen victim to rioting mobs of Americans, especially after the Bataan death march and the Japanese murders of thousands of defenseless prisoners. A poll taken at that time proves the fact that Americans hated the Japanese. The poll showed that Californians would have voted 10 to 1 against allowing the Japanese in the camps back on the street. (The Journal of historical Review) Roosevelt may (unwittingly) have saved many Japanese lives by interning them in these camps.

In addition to these facts, while the Japanese interned in American camps were accused of committing no crimes and were legally established citizens of America, the Jews interned in the German camps were convicted criminals. They were guilty of murder, theft, arson, and sabotage. Also, the Jews living in Germany were truly foreigners, as they had not been full citizens of Germany before the war. (The Journal of Historical Review) Why, when a considerably greater injustice was done to the Japanese of America during that time, have not been showered with sympathy and money? Why are there no memorials to these people, when there are fifty Jewish holocaust memorials in America alone? Why were the Americans not indicted for crimes against humanity, as they tore Japanese Americans from their homes and businesses, even though they were charged with no crime, just as it is claimed the Germans did with the Jews? The answer is that the Jews are telling lies and playing on the sympathy of American taxpayers because they know that they are getting all of the ignorant population to fund the creation of the Zionist state they so desire. But more so than this, they know that they are also keeping True White Christians from speaking the truth about the Jew and his ways. No longer can White Christians speak the truth about the Jew without fear of persecution, imprisonment, or death.

If the American government had not interned the American Japanese population, it is more than likely that there would have been no Japanese population at the end of World War II. Much the same argument must be made in regards to the German Jew. Resentment of the materialistic criminal Jew had gained such force in Germany that those Jews who had not fled the country were in danger of systematic murder by the German population who, in most cases, the Jew had personally victimized. It was therefore expedient for the German government, for the sake of protecting the Jew, to place the remaining Jews in controlled surroundings, fundamentally protecting them from the Germans, Polish, Ukrainian populations.

In exactly the same way, it was necessary for the American government to intern the American Japanese population. The difference in the outcome may be seen only in understanding that the Americans and British willfully bombed the trains of Germany that supplied much needed food and medicine to the internment camp workers and thereby escalated starvation, and those diseases accompanying shortages of food and water. The record showed clearly that it was the intention of the Germans to feed, clothe and house the detainees until such time as they could be repopulated safely to either Madagascar or the Middle East. When we look at this period of history it is important to remember that Hitler employed an entire division of the German army for the express purpose of collecting and preserving Jewish antiquities during the war.

And so, telling the truth about history is a subject that must never be stifled or prevented in a land that seeks to preserve its heritage of freedom of speech. It is the atheistic Jew who would destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in order to impose his atheistic, materialistic insane values upon the modern world. Thus, the Jew has invented, along with his Jewish Communist brothers, the blatant lie that 6 million holocaust victims were Jews.

Moreover, he has used this lie to create a Jewish hysteria regarding the National Socialist government of Germany, which is based on half-truths and the Zionistic Jewish hysterical point of view. The tragedy is that White Americans, whose armies and nations rescued the Jew form his European fate, are now the ones being charged with hate crimes if they dare to speak the objective truth in their own country. The Jew would have it be a crime to even dare to disagree with the Jew, regardless of one's nationality. Whenever Americans are told that they cannot hold dissenting opinions with world Jewry, then freedom of speech and freedom of thought has ceased to exist in the "land of the free."

While it is possible to lament and feel sorry for the millions of Americans who sacrificed and died during World War II, and it is even possible to have the same sympathy for the millions of Russians and Germans, the Jew would like the American people to only exercise pity and empathy for the Jews who succumbed to dysentery and malnutrition. The Jew would like the White Man to forget about all the Americans solders who died fighting the Germans and Japanese and who now lay in hundreds of graveyards on foreign soil. The Jews would like to continue presenting a historically inaccurate view of World War II, so that they might reap a present political advantage in manipulating public opinion to continue taking from the American tax payers billions of dollars for Israel. Let us assume that 3.5 million Jews did die of disease and malnutrition at the hands of the Germans. What is that compared to the tens of millions of Ukrainian Russians who died at the fiendish hands of Stalin and his brother Jews?

The Encyclopedia Britannica cites that Stalin forced 25,000,000 households of Russian peasants to move onto collective farms. Those who resisted were collected, shot, attacked, exiled, or placed in Russian concentration camps. This system, called collectivism, also resulted in a great famine in the Ukraine. Although Stalin had provisions he could have sent there, he instead decided to export them. The Britannica claims that 10,000,000 perished under the system of collectivism, however the numbers show that the death toll over Stalin's total regime rings closer to 18,000,000. Today, mass graves in Russia are still uncovered monthly, and yet, no mass graves are being discovered in Germany.

Should we not have a Russian Holocaust memorial in Washington, D.C. to remember the millions of Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin and his brother Jews? When asked how many Jews died in the concentration camps, almost everyone will give the number 6 million, even though most historians acknowledge this to be a fabricated number. How many can tell you the number of Ukrainians that perished or the number of Germans, or even the number of American soldiers that died in the war? There are millions of Americans who questioned why American tax payers' money should be used to build a holocaust memorial on American soil. The answer comes back that we should never forget the tragedies of World War II. By that they mean the death of some Jews. If we are looking to commemorate cases of willful genocide, then there is no more of a clear case of willful genocide than Stalin's starvation of millions of Ukrainians. Or more recently, Paolpot's murders of millions of Cambodians.

We are forced to ask, "Why is there such special treatment for an atheistic, materialistic people who are self-professed Christ-hating Antichrists and who have done little more in history than act as parasites against the host nations where they have lived?

"The Jews as outcasts: Jews have been a wondering people from the time of the beginning. History is filled with peremptory edicts, expelling Jews from where they had made their homes. At times the edicts were the result of trumped up charges against the Jews or Judaism, and later proved to be false. At other times they were the consequence of economic situation, which the authorities believed would be improved if the Jews were removed. Almost always the bands were only temporary as below. The culminate impact on the psychic on the Jewish people however, has been traumatic. And may very well be indelible. The following is a list, far from complete. HARDLY A MAJOR JEWISH COMMUNITY HAS NOT BEEN EXPELLED BY ITS HOST COUNTRY. Only to be let back in again, later to be expelled once more." (Jewish Almanac 1981, p. 127)

Some ignorant and naive person may speak the Jewish line that they, the Jews, are God's Chosen People. But THIS TOO IS A JEWISH MYTH, PERPETRATED BY THE ATHEISTIC JEWS FOR POLITICAL ADVANTAGE. The Christian Scripture declares that it is the True Israelite People who are the Chosen People of Almighty God.

The Scriptures clearly show that the Jews are not to be allowed into your household. Those who speak favorably of the Jews are participating in their evil of denying Christ as the Son of God. And Jesus Himself has already denied the Jews to be the Father for He said: "But whoever will deny me before men, I also will deny Him before my Father Who is in heaven." (Matthew 10:33 AST)

This also includes those who participate in their evil of denying Christ. It is very strange that when we turn to our Bibles, we begin to get an entirely different perception of world politics than what we are receiving from our television sets. If indeed 3.5 million atheistic, Christ-hating Jews had been systematically murdered by the Nazis, and we remind you that this by no means has been proven to be the case, would that indeed be so great a crime against mankind as was the Jews murdering the Lord Jesus Christ?

Which of the two was innocent and unworthy of death? The 3.5 million Jews, or the Lamb of God, Who was innocent and without a spot or wrinkle? The Jew would like the deceived Christian to believe that the blood of Christ is worthless and meaningless when compared to the blood of an atheistic Jew. But the truth, is, if all the Jews and gypsies and God-hating Communists, put together, were sacrificed upon some pagan alter, all their blood together could not do what one drop of the innocent blood of Christ can do.

In other words, there is no comparison between the blood of a billion Christ-hating Jews and the blood of Jesus Christ. In most cases the God-hating wretches reaped what they had sown upon and against White Christian Nations. The Bible does not teach White Christian men and women to feel sorry for the guilty, but only to have pity for the innocent. Anything else is a blatant miscarriage and perversion of the very meaning of justice. Thus, it must be said that too many Christians have taken their eyes off the blood sacrifice of Calvary, and they have allowed the atheistic, Talmudic and Zionistic Jew to manipulate their feelings of compassion and pity away form the Son of God, and to invest that pity in the enemies of God.

In 1936 a speech before the Royal Commission in Jerusalem, CHAIM WEIZMANN, president of the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency of long years’ standing, 1948 FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL, DEFINED THE “SIX MILLION” AS A SYMBOLIC FIGURE FOR THE JEWISH FATE. (Chaim Weizmann, “Reden + Aufsätze 1901 - 1936,” jüd. Buchverlag Erwin Löwe, Berlin 1937) “The world is taciturn, and it was only recently that we heard the Polish Foreign Minister, Col. Beck, say in many interviews in Geneva and in his own country and in Berlin that there were one million Jews too many in Poland...

I do not wish to dwell on this subject any longer. I am not going to engage the Commission’s time more than necessary in order to describe what is going on in Germany. It is too well known that I would have to go into more precise details. This is the situation of roughly 3,600,000 Jews. Just over three million of them are living in Poland, 600,000 were living in Germany in 1932, but this figure has decreased since.

If we go on and take the Jews of Roumania, Lithuania and Austria into consideration, then we have practically the same picture, and it is therefore no exaggeration at all when I say that today six million; I am not talking about the Jews in Persia and Marocco and in such countries which can only give very uncertain information and about which very little is heard nowadays, that in this part of the world six million Jews are condemned to be crowded in places where they are not wanted, human beings for whom the world is divided into countries in which they cannot live and countries which they are not allowed to enter.

Just one word about Russia: There are around three million Jews in Russia. We have only very little contact with them. Russia is at present a closed country. The situation there has, I think, materially improved, namely due to the fact that many people who could not be incorporated into Russia’s present society are about to disappear...(Chaim Weizmann, “Reden + Aufsätze 1901 - 1936,” jüd. Buchverlag Erwin Löwe, Berlin 1937, page 272)

But in the meaning in which the term Jewry is understood by us, it is disappearing in Russia. Zionism is not allowed in Russia, it is regarded as a counter-revolutionary movement, a stooge of British imperialism. From time to time a Zionist escapes from Russia; younger people, and the Commission will perhaps have occasion to see several groups of these young Russian men and women who managed to escape from Russia under great sacrifices and at the risk of their lives. But a regular emigration of Jews from Russia to Palestine does not exist.

With great effort we succeeded in getting one thousand or twelve hundred Zionist families out of Russia, who had been arrested there and were incarcerated in Siberia prisons. We continue to attempt under enormous difficulties to get them out and into Palestine, but in reality a Russian Jewry as part of the World Jewry does not exist...(Chaim Weizmann, “Reden + Aufsätze 1901 - 1936,” jüd. Buchverlag Erwin Löwe, Berlin 1937, page 273)

The six million whom I mentioned before, are condemned to live from hand to mouth; they do not know today what will happen tomorrow, I am not talking about organized anti-Semitism and will assume for a moment that most countries are behaving quite amicably, but there are a number of objective reasons, purely objective reasons, leading to a situation in those parts of the world where the Jewish community is crushed and the Jews are made the flotsam of the world, where they are economically ground to dust.

When saying this to you, I do not wish to involve your emotions, but these things are not widely known. Although it is common knowledge that the situation of the Jews is not a very happy one. I think that the real circumstances are not understood; this is why I have taken the liberty to dwell a little more comprehensively on this subject. This involves, after all, the fate of six million human beings.” (Chaim Weizmann, “Reden + Aufsätze 1901 - 1936,” jüd. Buchverlag Erwin Löwe, Berlin 1937, page 274)

On August 25, 1939; before the commencement of the war, the same man handed over to the British government the military declaration of war of the World Jewish Congress on Germany. In his own words this sounded somewhat more subtle as follows: “I took it upon myself to convey to the British government in writing and verbally the resolution of mutual assistance passed by the Geneva conference...” (Chaim Weizmann, “Memoiren” Das Werden des Staates Israel” Zürich 1953)

When war began in 1939, he had a conversation with Winston Churchill: “He received me not only cordially, but he was also full of confidence with respect to the war. His first words, after he welcomed me, were about as follows: ‘Well, Dr. Weizmann, we have as good as beaten them already.’

I was not quite of the same opinion at the time, but I did not say so. I just changed the subject, spoke about our own affairs and thanked him for his constant support for the Zionist course. ‘You were standing at the cradle of this enterprise,’ I said to him, ‘and hopefully you will live to see that we have succeeded.’ Adding that after the war we would build up a state of three to four million Jews in Palestine, whereupon he implied: ‘Yes, go ahead, I am full in agreement with this idea.’ (Chaim Weizmann, “Memoiren” Das Werden des Staates Israel” Zürich 1953, p 611)

About November, 1945, he said: “The British government refused to believe that six million Jews had been killed in Europe.” (Chaim Weizmann, “Memoiren” Das Werden des Staates Israel” Zürich 1953, p 642) And this was in November 1945!

This was the first time in his voluminous “memoirs” that he expressed himself on the subject of “extermination of European Jewry by Hitler-Germany.” Just as in the memoir-volumes of Nahum Goldmann, the president of the World Jewish Congress and of the American section of the Jewish Agency of long years’ standing there is also nothing at all on the so-called “Holocaust” as in Chaim Weizmann’s book, nothing about what the Jewish world organizations had learned during the war and how they had reacted on that information. Still in November 1945, the British government did not know anything about this either. Only later on it was considered necessary in terms of power politics to join the chorus of the other agitators or at least not to contradict them. This total silence on the part of the two decisive representatives of International Jewry in their memoirs concerning the outrageous accusations raised against the German people is highly important evidence in terms of world history!

The Most Debated Question of Our Time ‑‑

                                                           WAS THERE REALLY A HOLOCAUST?

                                                                            By Dr. E. R. Fields

"Since the Second World War, Jews have been treated with silk gloves. Without Auschwitz, there would be no Israel." (by Nathan Goldmann, the Founder of Israel as quoted from Paris Match, December 29, 1979)

The "Holocaust" has given Israel a tremendous psychological advantage over the Gentile world, particularly America and Germany. By exploiting the guilt complex instilled in non‑Jews, they have obtained:

Over $65 billion in aid from Germany.

Over $55 billion in aid from America. Israel, a prosperous country, receives $3.2 billion, (or $8 million a day) in foreign aid ‑ more than any other country.

The 45,000 Jewish immigrants from Russia have the highest annual quota after Mexico. They enter as "refugees" without having to prove persecution! As "refugees" they are automatically entitled to full welfare benefits not subject to welfare reform cuts.

Nonstop holocaust brainwashing in schools, TV, movies and books has placed Israel and organized Jewry above criticism!

                                                           Official Holocaust Figures Reduced

Immediately after World War II, Allied authorities declared that "Jews had been gassed" in all German concentration camps. It later discovered that the many bodies photographed in the camps died during the waning days of the war; from typhus, cold and starvation.

Simon Wiesenthal, of the "Holocaust Center" in Los Angeles, stated in Books and Bookmen, April 1975, page 5, "No gassing took place in any camp on German soil." The Jew L.P. Beria headed the Soviet NKVD secret police from 1938 to 1953. In 1945, he announced that they had discovered a "holocaust" of six million Jews. This conveniently occurred only in camps in Poland! Beria would not allow any outside investigators to examine these sites.

The Jewish‑owned New York Times reported in 1945 that Soviet Russia supplied the figure of four million Jews having been put to death, "in the gas chambers of Auschwitz."

However, in July of 1990, the Polish government reduced this figure to 1.1 million and it was accepted by Jewish groups. Despite this evidence, the "official figure" of six million dead was not lowered to three million! (It should also be noted that Elizabeth Dole, president of the American Red Cross, and wife of former Sen. Bob Dole, revealed that the official death records from Auschwitz had been uncovered in the Soviet Archives. It listed 70,000 deaths from all causes.)

                                                                 No Holocaust Order Ever Given

The Germans are noted for being meticulous record keepers. There was no attempt made to destroy wartime records, 1,100 tons of which were seized in the U.S. Zone of occupation alone. British Historian, Colin Cross, writes in his biography of Hitler, on page 313: "There does not exist then, anything like a written order signed by Hitler for the extermination of the Jews in Europe."

Madagascar is a vast island off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, then owned by France. Thousands of pages of German documents have been located providing a thorough study of the feasibility of establishing a Jewish homeland on the island of Madagascar. Plans were made for the reimbursement of the 25,000 French citizens who lived there. Even the government of France studied the plan. Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, considered Madagascar a possible site for a Jewish state. He also considered Kenya, Africa, the Sinai from the Suez Canal to the Gaza Strip, and a huge area in southern Poland, but they really wanted Palestine.

The German Foreign Ministry on January 25, 1939 issued a document on the solution to the Jewish problem which stated: "The end policy in regard to the Jews is the emigration of all Jews living in the territory of the Old Reich."

In Auschwitz Notebooks, we read that all of the top German leadership supported this plan. "On November 12, 1938, Goring had mentioned the question of Madagascar. Himmler himself had dreamed of that since 1934, a witness assures us. After the armistice of June 1940 (surrender of France), the idea was propounded by the Foreign Ministry and approved by Himmler as well as by Hitler himself."

For these reasons SS official Reinhard Heydrich organized the Central Office for Jewish Emigration on February 11, 1939. Once the war began, this was no longer possible. Thus Hitler ordered the internment of Jews as enemy aliens and deported them to the east. On January 27, 1942, Hitler said: "The Jews must leave Europe. The best thing is that they go to Russia."

Roosevelt did the same thing as Hitler by ordering 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent living on the West Coast interned in concentration camps. In March 1942 Roosevelt accused them of being "security risks." The Japanese men, women and children were imprisoned behind barbed wire fences and armed guard towers in the blazing hot desert.

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial heard testimony from Hans Lammers as to what he considered the "Final Solution of The Jewish Problem." Lammers was Chief of the Reich Chancellery and personally close to Himmler and Hitler. Lammers said he asked Himmler what was the "final solution." Himmler replied: "The Jews must be evacuated from Germany!" He said that Hitler told him the same thing. In other words, "The Final Solution" was ‑‑ emigration!

When asked, "when did you first learn that five million Jews had been exterminated," Lammers replied that it was "here" at the Nuremberg trials! Herman Goring also told the court that the first time he had heard anything about a holocaust was, "right here at Nuremberg!"

Auschwitz was a massive military‑industrial complex of 39 camps of which 19 mainly employed Jews. The factories at the "Monowitz No. 16 Camp" alone employed 126,000 workers. Holocaust expert, Leon Poliakov of Paris, in Breviary of Hate, page 134, in 1979 wrote that the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto was one of the Germans' "most important supply centers. The second in economic importance was the Lodz ghetto because it manufactured all kinds of goods, and, in particular, its textile industries constituted support of great value to the German economy."

Heinrich Himmler feared a typhus epidemic in the camps. Eastern European Jews were very unhygienic and were often blamed for the spread of typhus. On December 28, 1942, Himmler ordered that, "the death rate in the camps must be reduced at all costs." (Source, Reitlinger's book, The Final Solution.)

On January 20, 1943, chief inspector of the camps, Richard Glucks, answered Himmler, "Every means will be used to lower the death rates." (Source, Nuremberg Trial Document No. 1523.) The death rate had indeed been reduced from 8.5% in July 1942 to 2.8% in June 1943.

On April 17, 1943, Hitler asked Admiral Horthy, regent of Hungary for, "100, 000 Jews to work on a new pursuit plane program." (Source, Reitlinger's book, Die Endlosung, 1956, page 478.)

In May 1944 Hitler personally ordered that 200,000 more Jews be put to work in construction and "other important military works."

The Jews were vital to the German war industry. It would have been counter productive to exterminate them. In fact, the SS arrested Karl Koch, commandant of Buchenwald, for mistreating and unjustly executing some prisoners. After being found guilty by a military court, Koch was sentenced to death and shot. If there was actually a "holocaust" he would have been honored instead of executed.

Shindler's List features Commandant Amon Goeth, who in reality did abuse prisoners. However, the film fails to inform viewers that he had been arrested by the SS and was in prison awaiting trial at war's end.

Most of the gruesome pictures of bodies we see in "made for TV" holocaust dramas are those who died of starvation and disease during the final chaotic months of the war. An example is Dachau. Some 54 died in January 1944 and 101 in February 1944.

When food and medical supplies could not be delivered due to Allied bombings, 2,888 died in January and 3,977 in February 1945.

The Impossibility of Mass Gassings Auschwitz had no mass graves. The cremation of four million bodies would have left 15,000 tons of ash which was never found. Many tons of coal would have been necessary for such mass cremations. Initially, the Soviets told conflicting stories about how the six million perished in the camps under their control. At first they claimed that the inmates had been "steamed" to death. On December 5, 1945, a Communist judge issued the following "Accusation No. 6" against defendant Hans Frank at Nuremberg: "A large boiler for the production of superheated steam was injected into the interior of the rooms. The doors are closed hermetically and the long asphyxiation of the victims by the steam begins. At the start, screams came from inside, they die down slowly; after 15 minutes, the executions are completed."

This story was not believable. It was then changed to allege that trucks were backed up to the "death chambers" and carbon monoxide gas was pumped into the rooms. This claim too was "forgotten" and the Soviets then charged that the Germans changed the "steam chambers" into "gas chambers."

The Soviets came up with a novel idea of how the Jews were exterminated at the Belzec camp. "The Jews were ordered to undress as though to take a bath. They were led in fact into a building that could hold hundreds of people. The water was filled up to their necks. Then a powerful electric current was sent into the metal flooring and within a few seconds all the Jews, thousands at a time, were dead."

Soviet prosecutor L.N. Smirnov actually read this accusation into the record at the December 19, 1945, session of the Nuremberg trial. This story finally evolved to execution by "Zyklon B" gas. This was a widely used pesticide to kill lice  which was the biggest health threat in the camps. Had the Germans actually wanted to perform mass exterminations, they had products one‑thousand times more deadly such as Sarin and Tabun nerve gas!

Austrian Engineer Walter Luftl issued a report in March 1992, in which he found that, "Zyklon B is utterly unsuited for the purposes of systematic mass murder."

Fred Leuchter, America's foremost expert on executions, took a team of investigators to Auschwitz in 1988 and reported: "I traveled to Poland to investigate the alleged execution gas chamber facilities at the three concentration camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek. My forensic analysis and subsequent report proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that there were no gas execution facilities operated by the Nazis at these sites."

Leuchter also examined the capacity of the so‑called "gas chamber building" at Birkenau. The Nuremberg Tribunal's document No. L‑022 stated: "1,765,000 Jews were gassed at Birkenau between April 1942 and April 1944."

However, Leuchter found that even if used at full capacity "only 105,688" persons could have been "gassed." His team scraped forensic samples from brick, mortar and concrete to find traces of cyanide compounds which would be present for centuries. They were submitted to the Alpha Analytical Laboratories of Ashland, Massachusetts.

In March 1988, the Alpha report found that no cyanide elements, consistent with what could be expected to be found in a gas chamber, were present.

A retired German judge, Dr. Wilhelm Staglich said: "The extermination thesis stands or falls with the allegation that Auschwitz was a 'death factory.'"

Fred Leuchter's finding: "We have provided the definitive proof that there were no execution gas chambers utilized for genocidal purposes by the Germans at these wartime camps. The simple fact is that the holocaust story is not true."

                                                                  How Many Jews Actually Died?

The World Almanac for 1947, in quoting figures supplies by the American Jewish Committee states that the world Jewish population in 1939 was 15,688,259. The New York Times of February 22, 1948, stated that the world Jewish population ranged from 15,600,000 to 18,700,000, excluding some 600,000 to 700,000 living in Palestine. How could the Jewish population have increased so rapidly after losing six million during World War II?

Walter Sanning, the author of Dissolution of European Jewry, says that no less than 2,200,000 Jews had emigrated out of Europe leaving 2,847,000 Jews residing there at the height of the German occupation in June 1941. After the war, 3,375,000 Jews, according to the Red Cross, applied for holocaust reparations. This figure included many of the emigrants. Thus, the actual number of those who died at the camps from all causes ranges between 150,000 and 300,000.

                                                                 "Holocaust" Silences Opposition

Hardly a week goes by without a new holocaust story in the media. Bernard Postal wrote in Jewish Week, July 14, 1979: "Not until the Holocaust, did anti‑Semitism become taboo. There was a time when anti‑Semitic speeches were an open factor in national (political) campaigns. The Holocaust puts a taboo on overt anti‑Semitism among upper‑level statesmen and publicists."

Zionist spokesmen have often boasted that, "The shattering effect of the holocaust on the Christian conscience results in a feeling of collective indebtedness to the Jews."

The Red Cross issued a massive, three volume, 1,600 page report on the camps after the war, part of which reads: "In the final moths of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims." ...Gen. Kaltenbrunner...Allowed the Red Cross to distribute relief packages and one (Red

Cross) delegate was authorized to stay in each camp (as an observer). Does this sound like a holocaust?

                                                                   What About Real Holocausts?

Why doesn't the film industry or news media produce documentaries about the numerous true holocausts during the century such as:

The Soviet Holocaust of Christian Russian Kulak farmers. (1924 ‑ 1930) ‑ 15 million exterminated!

The Holocaust of the Ukranian farmers, (1930‑ 1933) ‑ 7 million starved to death.

The Holocaust of Russian political prisoners, (1919 ‑ 1949) ‑ 12 million perished.

The Pol Pot Communist Holocaust in Cambodia (1975) ‑ 2.5 million slaughtered.

Armenian Holocaust by the Turks, (1915) ‑ 1.5 million people killed.


   1). What proof exists that the Nazis practiced genocide or deliberately killed six million Jews?

ANSWER: None. The only evidence is the testimony of alleged individual "survivors." This testimony is  contradictory, and no "survivor" claims to have actually witnessed any gassing. There is no hard evidence whatsoever; no mounds of ashes, no crematoria capable of doing the job, no piles of clothes, no human soap, no lamp shades made of human skin, no records, no demographic statistics.

   2). What proof exists that six million Jews were not killed by the Nazis?

ANSWER: Extensive evidence, including that of a forensic, demographic, analytical and comparative nature, exists proving the impossibility of such a figure, an exaggeration of, perhaps, 100%

   3). Did Simon Wiesenthal once state in writing that "there were no gassing camps on German soil?"

ANSWER: Yes. In "Books and Bookmen," April, 1975 issue. He claims the "gassing" of Jews took place in Poland, NOT in Germany.

   4). If Dachau was in Germany and given Simon Wiesenthal says that it was not an extermination camp, why do thousands of veterans in America say that it was an extermination camp?

ANSWER: Because after the Allies captured Dachau, thousands of G.I.s were led through Dachau and shown buildings alleged to be gas chambers; the mass media widely, but falsely, stated that Dachau was a "gassing" camp.

   5). Auschwitz was in Poland, not Germany. Is there any proof that gas chambers for the purpose of killing human beings existed at or in Auschwitz?

ANSWER: No! A reward of $50,000 was offered for such proof, the money being held in trust by a bank, but no one came up with any credible evidence.

   6). If Auschwitz wasn't a "death camp," what was its true purpose?

ANSWER: It was a large-scale manufacturing complex. Synthetic rubber (Buna) was made there, and its inmates were used as a workforce. The Buna process was used in the U.S. during WWII.

   7). How did German concentration camps differ from American relocation camps which interned Japanese and German Americans during WWII?

ANSWER: Except for the name, the only significant difference was that the Germans interned persons on the basis of being a threat or suspected security threat to the German war effort whereas the Americans interned persons on the basis of race alone.

   8). Why did Germans intern Jews in concentration camps?

ANSWER: Because the Germans considered Jews a direct threat to their national sovereignty and survival. Jews were overwhelmingly represented in Germany in communist subversion. On a per-capita basis, Jews were over represented in key government and commercial positions and professions. However, all suspected security risks, not  only Jews, were in danger of internment.

   9). What extensive measure did world Jewry undertake against Germany as early as 1933?

ANSWER: On March 24, 1933, International Jewry declared war against Germany and ordered a world-wide boycott of German goods simply because the German government had removed Jews from influential positions and transferred power back to the German people. The boycott order and the Jewish "war" against Germany were  reported in world media and broadcast everywhere. Phony stories of German "death camps" circulated before WWII. The Germans, as a result, had every right to lock up Jews, as prisoners of war, wherever and whenever they were found between 1933 and 1945!

   10). How many gas chambers to kill people were at Auschwitz?


   11). How many Jews were in areas that came to be controlled by the Germans before World War II?

ANSWER: Less than four million.

   12). If the Jews of Europe were not exterminated by the Nazis, what happened to them?

ANSWER: After the war the Jews of Europe were still in Europe except for perhaps 300,000 of them who had died of all causes during the war, and those who had emigrated to Israel, the United States, Argentina, Canada, etc. Most Jews who left Europe did so after, not during the war. They are all accounted for.

   13). How many Jews fled to deep within the Soviet Union?

ANSWER: Over two million. The Germans did not have access to this Jewish population.

   14). How many Jews emigrated prior to the war, thus being out side of German reach?

ANSWER: Over a million (not including those absorbed by the USSR).

   15). If Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, why did the commandant, Rudolf Hoess, confess it was?

ANSWER: Time honored methods were used to get him to tell his captors what they wanted to hear.

   16). Is there any proof that torture was used by American, British and Soviet captors to force confessions of German officials after the war?

ANSWER: There is extensive evidence of torture having been used both before and during the famous Nuremberg trials and after in the case of other war crimes trials.

   17). How does the "Holocaust" story benefit the Jews today?

     ANSWER: It removes them from any criticism as a group. It provides a "common bond" with which the leaders can control them. It is instrumental in money-raising campaigns and to justify aid to Israel, totaling about $10-billion per year. The "big-H" story is designed to shame the Gentile: "Poor Jews! How they do suffer!"

   18). How does it benefit the State of Israel?

     ANSWER: It justifies the more than $65-billion dollars in "reparation" the State of Israel has received from Germany. It is used by the Zionist-Israeli lobby to control American foreign policy toward Israel and to force American taxpayers to put up all the money Israel wants. The annual ante is growing each year. And now they are trying to extort money from Switzerland and East Germany.

   19). What kind of gas was used by the Germans in concentration camps?

     ANSWER: Zyklon-B, a hydrocyanic gas.

   20). For what purpose was, and is, this gas manufactured?

     ANSWER: For the extermination of the typhus-bearing louse. It is used to fumigate clothing and quarters. It is readily available today.

   21). Why didn't they use gas more suitable?

     ANSWER: If the Germans had intended to use gas to exterminate people, far more efficient gases were available. Zyklon-B is very inefficient except when used as a fumigation agent.

   22). How long does it take to fully ventilate an area fumigated by Zyklon-B?

     ANSWER: About 20-hours. The whole procedure is extremely involved and technical. Gas masks have to be used and well-trained technicians only are employed.

   23). Auschwitz commandant Hoess said that his men would enter the gas chamber ten minutes after the Jews had died and remove them. How do you explain this?

     ANSWER: It can't be explained because if they had done this they would have suffered the same fate as the previous occupant.

   24). Hoess said in his confession his men would smoke cigarettes as they pulled the dead Jews out of the gas chambers ten minutes after gassing. Isn't Zyklon-B explosive?

     ANSWER: Highly so. The Hoess confession is obviously false.

     25). What was the exact procedure the Germans allegedly used to exterminate Jews?

     ANSWER: Stories range from dropping the gas canisters into a crowded room from a hole in the ceiling, to piping it through shower heads.

   26). How could such a mass program have been kept secret from Jews who were scheduled for extermination? How would the Pope and Vatican and the Red Cross not know?

     ANSWER: It couldn't have been kept secret. The fact is that there was no such mass-gassings anywhere. The rumors of such came from strictly Jewish, Holocaust sources.

   27). If Jews scheduled for execution knew the fate in store for them, why did they go to their death without fighting or protest?

     ANSWER: They didn't fight or protest simply because there was no intention to kill them. They were simply interned and forced to work.

   28). About how many Jews died in the concentration camps?

     ANSWER: About 300,000.

   29). How did they die?

     ANSWER: Mainly from recurring typhus epidemics that ravaged war-torn Europe during the period. Also from starvation and lack of medical attention toward the end of the war when virtually all road and rail transportation had been bombed out by the Allies.

   30). What is typhus?

     ANSWER: The disease always appears when many people are jammed together for long periods without bathing. it is carried by lice which infect hair and clothes. Ironically, if the Germans had used more Zyklon-B, more Jews might have survived life in the concentration camps.

   31). What is the difference if six million or 300,000 Jews died during the awesome period?

     ANSWER: 5,700,000. Besides and contrary to "Holocaust" propaganda there was no DELIBERATE attempt to exterminate anyone. There is no record of Hitler or his generals ordering the death of Jews!

   32). Many Jewish survivors of the "death camps" say they saw bodies being piled up in pits and burned. How much gasoline would have to be used to perform this?

     ANSWER: A great deal more than the Germans had access to as there was a substantial fuel shortage at that time.

   33). Can bodies be burned in pits?

     ANSWER: No! It is impossible for human bodies to be totally consumed by flames in this manner as not enough heat can be generated in open pits.

   34). "Holocaust" authors claim that the Nazis were able to cremate bodies in about 10 minutes. How long does it take to incinerate a body according to professional crematory operators?

     ANSWER: About 2 hours.

   35). Why did the concentration camps have crematory ovens?

     ANSWER: To dispose efficiently and sanitarily of the corpses created by the typhus epidemics.

   36). Given a 100% duty cycle of all the crematoria in all the camps in German-controlled territory, what is the maximum number of corpses it would have been possible to incinerate during the entire period such crematories were in operation?

     ANSWER: About 430,000.

   37). Can a crematory oven be operated 100% of the time?

     ANSWER: No! 50% of the time is a generous estimate (12 hours per day). Crematory ovens have to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly when in heavy operation.

   38). How much ash is left from a cremated corpse?

     ANSWER: After the bone is ground down to powder, about a shoe box-full.

   39). If six million people had been incinerated by the Nazis, what happened to the ashes?

     ANSWER: THAT remains to be "explained." Six million bodies would produce literally tons upon tons of ashes. Yet there is no evidence of any large depositories of such ash.

   40). Do Allied wartime photos of Auschwitz (during the period when the "gas chambers" and crematoria were supposed to be in full operation) reveal gas chambers?

     ANSWER: No! In fact, these photographs do not even reveal a trace of the enormous amounts of smoke which supposedly hung constantly over the camps. Nor do they show evidence the "open pits" in which bodies were allegedly burned.

   41). What did the International Red Cross have to report with regard to the "Holocaust" question?

     ANSWER: A report on the visit of an IRC delegate to Auschwitz in September 1944, pointed out that internees were permitted to receive packages and that rumors of gas chambers could not be verified.

   42). What was the role of the Vatican during the time the six million Jews were alleged to have been exterminated?

     ANSWER: If there had been an extermination plan, the Vatican would most certainly have been in a position to know. But since there was none, the Vatican had no reason to speak out against it.

   43). What evidence is there that Hitler knew of an ongoing Jewish extermination?


   44). Did the Germans and the Zionists collaborate?

     ANSWER: Yes! Both groups were interested in removing the Jews from Europe (the Zionists wanted Jews shipped to Palestine) and both maintained friendly relations throughout the war.

   45). What caused Anne Frank's death; just several weeks before the end of the war?

     ANSWER: Typhus.

   46). Is the Anne Frank Diary genuine?

     ANSWER: No! The evidence compiled by Ditieb Felderer of Sweden and Dr. Robert Faurisson of France proves conclusively that the famous dairy is a literary hoax.

   47). What about the numerous photographs and footage taken in the German concentration camps showing piles of emaciated corpses? Are these faked?

     ANSWER: Photographs can be faked, yes. But it is far easier merely to add a caption or comment to a photo showing the bones of men, women and children killed in Allied Bombing raids and have them passed off as dead Jews.

   48). Were films like "Holocaust" and "The Winds of War" documentary films?

     ANSWER: Hollywood films do not claim to be history; rather, they are fictional dramatizations, or better: "creative history."

   49). About how many books have been published which refute some aspect of the standard Jewish claims made about the "Holocaust?"

     ANSWER: At least 60 with more in the process at the present time.

   50). What about the claim that those who question the "Holocaust" are anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi?

     ANSWER: This is a smear designed to draw attention away from facts and honest arguments. As a matter of fact, Jews have been challenged time after time to debate the Holocaust on major networks, during prime time. They say: "NO!" Even some Jewish scholars state that evidence for the "Holocaust" is severely lacking. More and more facts are coming forth, almost daily now. For a lie cannot be supported forever, the truth will eventually come out. Following is a review of The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism, by Ben Weintraub: "The 'critical mass' has now been reached in the great Holocaust Controversy. It is a moot point whether or not The Holocaust happened in reality or not, whether the number one million, six million or none. It is idle chatter to write one more book on any of the 'facts' disputed or denied or believed about The Holocaust because the plain fact of the matter, and some are not interested in facts, is that, whatever a person's point of view or research on this great 20th century argument. The Holocaust has been removed from the arena of debate and political history into the domain of THEOLOGY...The Holocaust is an established dogma of the Jewish religion. Whatever merit or lack of merit, the book by Ben Weintraub, The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order, may have. It does conclusively establish; through impeccable, rabbinical primary sources, the evidence that The Holocaust story is a documented part of JUDAIC DOCTRINE. (See page 159 of the Appendix of the book for the Contents reproduced from Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg's book Judaism: The Key Spiritual Writings of the Jewish Tradition, Simon and Schuster-Touchstone, 1991)

Ben Weintraub reproduces for all to see in his book, page 9 of the Contents of Hertzberg's book which lists The Holocaust under JUDAIC DOCTRINE. Let us repeat; one can affirm or deny the historicity of the event, but one cannot deny that this event has moved from the stage of recorded time during World War II into the 'THE TRADITION OF THE ELDERS' and religious belief of the Jews of the world...

Weintraub argues, for this reason, that we are currently living in the era of a NEW INQUISITION such as the one that flamed across Europe in the special Tribunal established by the Catholic Church in 1350-1400, engaged chiefly in combating and punishing heresy. 'Heresy' is any religious opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine...the willful rejection of any article of faith and by a persistent refusal to accept such doctrine without question. (The American Hebrew, October 31, 1919, The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop! By MARTIN H. GLYNN, (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

     From across the sea SIX MILLION MEN AND WOMEN CALL TO US FOR HELP, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread. These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter's cold, the same propensity to death before the pangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers.

     In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when SIX MILLION BEINGS ARE BEING WHIRLED TOWARD THE GRAVE BY A CRUEL AND RELENTLESS FATE, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.

     SIX MILLION MEN AND WOMEN ARE DYING FROM LACK OF THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE; EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND CHILDREN CRY FOR BREAD. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the laws of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life....) (Thanks to the Polish Historical Society for this eye opening document! Note that the article was authored by the former Governor of NY State Martin H. Glynn. Is this a coincidence? Certainly a coincidence beyond believability. The Gov't-political power play has been going long before WWII! It's 1919 and a 6-million Holocaust is being discussed in a respected Jewish Newspaper!)

It may come as a surprise to many that not only is one called a 'Holocaust denier' for not accepting this belief, but in the most advanced countries of Europe - Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, one is fined and put IN PRISON for rejecting this faith, or dogma of Judaism. How could this be so you ask? Because, not since the power of the Universal Catholic Church waned in the last century, has any religion worldwide been so powerful so as to fill that vacuum and demand worldwide obeisance or be scourged and punished as the most reprehensible of beings, even as a heretic.

A Moslem religious leader may put out calls for the death of a particular heretic or person offensive by deed or word to the Moslem faith, but the power to ENFORCE such a decree pails in comparison to the Power of the Jewish religion in the closing decade of the first 2000 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. The powerful ones of the earth truly believe that with the end of the period of Christ's religion, we move into a New Age.

Millions of words and millions of the masses are led like the children by a Pied Piper out of this world to the illusory tune of a magic flute called 'Pace on Earth.' This by the same composers who wrote the International song of the Communist ideology, which Kenneth Goff, the communist who reject the Party, called 'a religion.' This 'religion' is far from being dead as the astute observers know. It is only those who trip lightly along after the Pied Piper's tune sung by the world's most powerful media, that believe communism is dead and that we won the Cold War.

Weintraub's book then makes its central plea or argument that since the Holocaust Dogma is a Jewish religious dogma it there MAY NOT be taught in any public school or subsidized in the form of 'museums' by the American government, which currently upholds the Supreme Court decision that the first Amendment of the United States Constitution forbade the public purse, or state, from supporting any religion.

Thus, argues the author, it was very necessary that the Jewish rabbis and lawyers promote The Holocaust under the guise of 'history,' not religion. This is purely a mask suiting the believers in the orthodox Holocaust doctrine to teach their faith throughout the public institutions of the United States for at least 20 years at the time of this review. (Holocaust Bill Signed, The Associated Press: Trenton, N.J. - Legislation requiring elementary and high school history classes to include lessons on the Holocaust and other cases of genocide has been signed by Governor Christie Whitman.

     'Our children need to learn the truth about intolerance, to know that racial, religious and ethnic hatred can lead to genocide,' the governor said at Thursday's signing ceremony. In Florida, a similar Holocaust education bill was passed 114-0 Thursday in the House and sent to Governor Lawton Chiles)

The time has come, says this book, for all fair-minded people to reappraise the situation with respect to the teaching of this religious dogma of the Judaic religion in America. Hundreds of books currently criticize our country's Public education system for one reason or another, but not ONE of these books has brought to our attention this devious doctrine being taught throughout America. The clue to the knowledge that this dogma of belief is not history is that it may not, or never be, debated or disputed IN ANY SHAPE or form.

Most accounts of history are constantly being debated or revised, or made subject to new research by, for example: doctoral theses that come up with a new version of why the West held an erroneous opinion of Christopher Columbus as a great navigator, when indeed he was 'just another reprehensible European out to subjugate Indians.' But, however controversial such a point of view may be, it is not denied entrance into the book stream-of-consciousness) (NO PRAYER - ONLY THE HOLOCAUST MYTH STUDIES!)

Not so with the many revisionist titles, which discuss the Holocaust, the details of the ovens, the type of gas, the number of days required to cremate a body or the numbers of Jews in Germany at the time. THE HOLOCAUST DOGMA OF JUDAISM does us a favor by quoting a little-noted new dictum of American jurisprudence, which doesn't seem very 'prudent' in this instance. They have point out, according to: 'A public school teacher's right to free speech is limited in some respects. In general, teachers may express their views on political or historical events. However, a teacher cannot present views in a classroom that deny known facts. He may not teach that the Holocaust never happened or that the United States was the first country to send a satellite into orbit, for example. In addition, a teacher may not make statements that disrupt the running of the school or interfere with the educational process.' (Reader's Digest Legal Problem Solver: A Quick and Easy Guide to the Law, 1994, under the category Freedom of Speech, p. 486)

Does it not seem that the legal advisors who created this 'law' were making of the 'educational process' something like processed cheese. Few philosophers have made iron rules about what this 'process is'; however, most of the great minds agree that it includes the right to question and the right to disagree. John Milton says in "Areopagitica": 'Our faith and knowledge thrive by exercise, as well as our limbs and complexion. Truth is compared in Scripture to a streaming fountain; if her waters flow not in perpetual progression, they sicken into a muddy pool of conformity and tradition. A man may be a heretic in the truth; and if he believes things only because his pastor says so, or the Assembly so determines, without knowing another reason, though his belief be true, yet the very belief he holds becomes his heresy...

To be still searching what we know not, by what we know, still closing up truth to truth as we find it...this is the golden rule in theology as well as in arithmetic, and makes up the best harmony in a church; not the forced and outward union of cold, neutral, and inwardly divided minds.' (London Jewish Chronicle

     Published in Great Britain by Jewish Chronicle Newspaper Ltd. 25 Furvinal Street, London EC4A 1JT Telephone 071-404-9252, January 27, 1995. Typesetting by Clerkenwell Graphics Ltd. London EC1M 5PS. Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office. Survey reveals Polish attitudes to Holocaust as world leaders gather. Poles Claim their suffering was 'equal to that of Jews'

From Ruth Grubber, Cracow, Poland: A public opinion survey released this week on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz...the American Jewish Committee, whose that Poles are highly knowledgeable about some aspects of the Holocaust, and that the vast majority of Poles - more than 85% - strongly favor keeping the memory of the Holocaust...of those surveyed said Jews, 26 percent Poles, and 28 percent Poles and Jews. Asked if Poles did enough to help the Jews during the war, 49 per cent answered that they 'did enough'...) (Some do resist the Holocaust Guilt!)

Milton continues to argue that dissent is absolutely vital to liberty in the state. THE HOLOCAUST DOGMA OF JUDAISM dissents form the prevailing orthodoxy of political correctness in viewing the events during World War II. It does not ask the reader to concur with every opinion of the author, but passionately pleads the right to question and explore the opinions of any people in any age.

Weintraub approaches the key to the New World Order, as B'nai B'rith calls the Doctrine of the Holocaust, through the mystical beliefs of Kabbalah, the Jewish Oral Tradition, especially Gematria, which is the belief that the Letters of the Alphabet each carries a numerical equivalence, and that God created the world through these letters of the Alphabet. By reading the Old Testament in this numerical way, the rabbis may come up with startling conclusions or prophecies.

We leave you to read the book to find out how the Hebrew letter 'vav,' which has the assigned number 6, and other symbolical meanings, figures in the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, and how exactly this letter predicted (through a misspelled word by God) that the Jews would return to their homeland minus exactly 6 MILLION PEOPLE! SINCE GOD SAID SO, HOW COULD ANY MERE MORTAL QUESTION THAT NUMBER? As the method of mystics is to 'meditate' rather than to use reason although this does not preclude that the results of meditation are very reasonable, we find an unusual section of this book's Appendix describing the 'Meditation Room' of the United Nations in New York City.

Again, the author asks the reader only to consider this hypothesis, and if found untrue, to discard it by proof to the contrary. Weintraub may be a bit of a mystic or visionary himself, in his imaginative deductions, however, why not order this book and find out for yourself how close to the truth Weintraub's arrow has shot? However, if this review cannot persuade you to study The Holocaust, and you say you are not interested in the subject, you had better think again. Why? Because even no less a personage than Edgar Bronfman, President of the World Jewish Congress, says the issues of The Holocaust are vital. He means of course, vital to the Jewish people, but if so, then it must follow that it must be of interest to you also...for what befalls this enigmatic people, relates to all the world's people and particularly to the Christians, who today are BLAMED for The Holocaust as Nero was once blamed them for burning Rome.

Edgar Bronfman is so concerned with the threat to the world's Jews today, that he agrees to match any contribution you make (up to $25,000). The latest fund-raising plea from The World Jewish Congress arrived September 27, 1995, but is undated. Your dollars are pledged to work closely with the police of all nations to monitor 'anti-Semitism' wherever it may raise its ugly head.

The many Traditions of Judaism will also be untied under one umbrella and laws will be pushed in all nations to combat anti-Semites. Indeed, Edgar promises to turn up the pressure on nations supporting 'Terrorists' (such as those who deny the Holocaust or question it). In fact, Bronfman calls all efforts to study The Holocaust impartially as 'a conspiracy against the Jews.' Alas, writers will be discredited, stigmatized or put in prison for 'trying to refute the fact that 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Since the highest echelon of Communist rulers in Russia, and Eastern Europe WERE JEWISH, As Frank Britton proves his book 'Behind Communism,' it sounds as if some Jews were mistreated by their own brethren! They were Semitic-anti-Semitics no less!

This sort of behavior was once called by a nasty word: BLACKMAIL. If you are not in agreement with the agenda for world domination by the Jews, you are automatically a 'hateful' person, without regard for 'human rights.' rather, only God-ordained laws that people must live by to be decent individuals. To condemn the world to believe a lie is madness America's BILL OF RIGHTS, the First Amendment in particular, is the only bulwark between freedom and tyranny for the 21st century." (Criminal Politics Magazine, P.O. Box 37812, Cincinnati, OH 45222 (800) 543-0486. October 31, 1995 Issue, pp. 21-24)

Perhaps William Anderson in his Afterword in a book "WAR WAR WAR!" by Cincinnatus describes it best:

                                                                             HOW THE JEWS

                                                         FORCED AMERICA INTO WORLD WAR II

In the years before World War II, the American public had no desire to go to war in either Europe or Asia. We, as Americans, had no interest in warring with Germany, Italy or Japan. Yet America was forced to battle the Axis Powers for four long years at the sole behest of International Jewry. In fact, World Jewry commenced its war against Germany in 1933, the year Hitler came to power, even before he had time to begin implementing a program for pulling Germany out of its own economic depression.

Jewry's declaration of a 'holy war' against Germany was issued by Samuel Untermeyer of the World Jewish Federation, who said in the New York 'Times' August 7, 1933, that it would be means of an 'economic boycott that will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.'

The Toronto 'Evening Telegram' February 26, 1940, quotes Rabbi Maurice Perlzweig of the World Jewish Congress as telling a Canadian audience that 'the World Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years' [i.e. 1933].

   Jews were obviously willing to back up their threats, for the London 'Sunday Chronicle' of January 2, 1938, reported that 'leaders of International Jewry' had met in Geneva, Switzerland to set up a $2.5 BILLION fund to undermine the economic stability of Germany.

However, Jewish boycotts against Germany failed to bring that nation to its knees as [because] HITLER HAD ALREADY FREED GERMANY FROM DEPENDENCE ON JEWISH USURY. Since economic pressure by World Jewry could not break the back of Germany, it was determined that an actual war would be necessary to destroy Hitler [the German People for they had thrown off the control of the International Banks]. This desire to decimate Germany is understandable when one recognizes that Jews are a parasitic race and as parasites will fight to the death when the host attempts to expel them. The Jewish desire for war was admitted by RABBI FELIX MENDELSOHN in the Chicago "Sentinel" of October 8, 1942, where he STATES:


THUS, RABBI MENDELSOHN FLATLY EXPRESSES THE VIEW THAT WW II WAS A JEWISH WAR. This Jewish scheme came to fruitation in 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Britain and France, under Jewish domination, then declared war on Germany, conveniently ignoring the fact that The Soviet Union [UNDER JEWISH RULE] also invaded Poland! (THINK ABOUT IT DAMN IT; USE YOUR HEAD, IF ENGLAND AND FRANCE DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY JUST BECAUSE THEY INVADED POLAND THEN WHY DID THEY NOT ALSO DECLARE WAR AGAINST RUSSIA BECAUSE RUSSIA ALSO INVADED POLAND WHEN GERMANY DID?)

James Forestall, later to become Secretary of Defense in his diary of December 27, 1945, notes that he played golf with Joseph Kennedy FDR's Ambassador to Britain, who told him that ex‑Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain 'stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into war.' For his candor and later opposition to the bandit state of Israel, Forestall was murdered in 1949 [ruled a 'suicide'].

Jews throughout the world screamed that Germany was intent on ruling the world, but General George C. Marshall admitted after the war, in testimony before Congress [it is recorded in the Congressional Record], that No proof could be found that Hitler planned any conquest of the world. In fact, Hitler's actions against Czechoslovakia over the Sudentenland and Poland over Danzig were just part of Hitler's long stated desire to re‑acquire the territory taken from Germany after WW I in the Treaty of Versailles [is that not what the Jews claim to be doing in Palestine at the present time?].

While stones are being cast, it should be recalled that after Germany took back the Sudentenland from Czechoslovakia, POLAND SEIZED THE TERRITORY OF TRESCHEN FROM THE CZECHS which it had no claims toward it. So, after the Jews had ignited a war in Europe, it was found to be necessary to draw America into that war as France had fallen and Britain tottered on the brink of defeat.

To bring the U.S. into this Jewish war, International Jewry had the services of a master at corrupt politics, the one and only Franklin Delano Roosevelt [WHO WILL WITHOUT DOUBT, SOMEDAY GO DOWN AS THE GREATEST TRAITOR AMERICA HAS EVER KNOWN].


     The following is from Australia's A.N.M., P.O. Box 40, Summer Hill, N.S.W. 2130: Dear Respected Reader: Sine 1945 there have been many conflicting claims concerning the numbers of Jewish people (and others) who died at Auschwitz‑Birkeneu (Oswiecim, concentration camp). However, it is only recent research and access to whether to unavailable documents, that these numbers have drastically lowered, possibly indicating that more of our people survive. Perhaps the 6 mills often publicized (though our best figure is 4.3 million) may also need to be revised lower, we hope so.

Dr. Nathan Nussbaum,

Honorary Director,

Center for Jewish Holocaust Studies.


According to official documents in the French Republic (institute for

the Examination of War‑criminals) the number that died in Auschwitz

was: 8,000,000

According to the French daily newspaper "Le Monde" (20 April, 1978): 5,000,000

According to the memorial plaque on the gas‑chamber monument at

Auschwitz‑Birkenau (later removed in 1990 by the Polish Government):  4,000,000

According to the "confession" of Rudolf Hoess, the last commandant of

Auschwitz. G.V. interrogation record and written statement before his

"suicide": 3,000,000

According to a statement by Yeduha Bauer, Director of the Institute

for Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem: 1,600,000

According to "La Monde" (1 September 1989): 1,433,000

According to Prof. Raul Hilberg (Professor for Holocaust Research, and

author of the book, "The Annihilation of European Jewry," 2nd. ed. 1988: 1,250,000

According to Polish historians, G.V. DPA ‑ Report of July 1990 and

corresponding public announcements: 1,100,000

According to Gerald Reitlinger, author of "Die Endlbsun": 850,000


In the autumn of 1989 the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev opened

Soviet archives, and the public saw for the first time, the complete

register of deaths at Auschwitz ‑ which speaks as a key document of  74,000 dead. (Also reported in The Christian News, March 9, 1992, p. 20, Col. 3)

                                                                         MAJOR HISTORICAL

                                                                          FACT UNCOVERED

The director of Auschwitz has been filmed on videotape (David Cole's video is on VHS for $49; available from Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, D.C. 20003) admitting that the so-called gas chamber there was constructed AFTER the war.

In a dramatic and unprecedented filmed interview, Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives at the Auschwitz State Museum, admits on camera that "Krema I," the alleged "homicidal gas chamber" shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp, is, in fact, a reconstruction, FABRICATED AFTER THE WAR BY THE SOVIET UNION, apparently on the direct orders of dictator Josef Stalin.

What Piper said, in effect, and on camera, was that the explosive Leuchter Report was correct: No homicidal gassings took place in the buildings designated "homicidal gas chambers" at Auschwitz. Ironically, for someone to even suggest such a thing could bring a jail sentence in more than one country, including enlightened nations like France, Canada and Germany.

The videotape on which Piper makes his revelations was taken in mid-1992 by a young Jewish investigator, David Cole. It has just recently been released, on January 1, 1993. Like most Americans, since his youth Cole had been instructed in the "irrefutable fact" that homicidal gassings had taken place at Auschwitz. The number of those so executed, also declared irrefutable, was 4.1 million. Then came the Leuchter Report in 1988. This was followed by a "re-evaluation" of the total deaths at Auschwitz (down to 1.1 million). As a bidding historian, and a Jew, Cole was intrigued with the constant reduction in the numbers.

Previous to 1992, anyone who publicly doubted the 4.1 million "gassing" deaths at Auschwitz was labeled an anti-Semite, neo-Nazi skinhead (at the very least). Quietly, because of new findings, the official figure was lowered to 1.1 million. With no mention of that missing 3 million.

In 1988, Ernst Zundel was put on trial in Canada for "publishing false news." He sold a book which questioned the legitimacy of the Auschwitz gas chamber. Helping with the defense were internationally known historians including Robert Faurisson, David Irving and Mark Weber.

Zundel went looking for an expert on executions, particularly gassings. He found Leuchter, who specializes in the design and fabrication of execution hardware used in prisons throughout the United States. Leuchter was commissioned to visit Poland and conduct a scientific examination of the so-called homicidal gas chambers.

On February 25, 1988, Leuchter left for Poland together with his wife Carolyn, his draftsman Howard Miller, cinematographer Jurgen Neumann and Polish interpreter Theordor Rudolph. They returned on March 3.

NO GAS CHAMBERS. His conclusions were clear. THE EVIDENCE WAS OVERWHELMING THAT THERE WERE NO EXECUTION GAS CHAMBERS AT AUSCHWITZ, Birkenau and Majdanek and that the alleged gas chambers at these sites could not have been, then or now, utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.

In the words of Dr. Wilhelm Staglich, another internationally known historian, "the extermination thesis stands or falls with the allegation that Auschwitz was a 'death factory.'"

With this in mind, Cole took his video equipment to Auschwitz and interviewed official personnel there. Piper was the most important of these interviewees. Following his comment that the "homicidal gas chambers" were fabrications, Piper reveals, on camera, how walls were knocked down, holes made in the ceiling and "Zyklon B induction chimneys" installed on the roof so that the building could be exhibited to tourists from all over the world as proof of the "final solution."

And Piper doesn't stop there. He describes other "proofs" of the "final solution," which are also "reconstructions." He discusses the routine use of Zyklon B to delouse buildings and the personal effects of internees, and he admits, on camera, that the Leuchter Report's findings concerning Zyklon B residues in the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz are right.

He then, paradoxically, affirms his belief, not only in homicidal "gassing chambers," but also in the "human soap" tales and the stories about "human skin" lampshades, both of which allegations have long ago been totally debunked as untrue.

JUDAISM - THE WORLDS STRANGEST RELIGION: Yet the Jews themselves say that Judaism is not a religion: "Judaism was not a religion but a law." (Moses Mendelssohn, The Jewish Plato) Which shows that one of the great myths of our time is that a Jewish synagogue is the same thing as a Christian church. Even the Jews disagree with this, just as they do the definition of Judaism. Most people think that the only difference is that Christians believe that the Messiah has already arrived in the personage of Jesus Christ while the Jews reject Christ.

What Are The Real Differences?

   1). Christians believe that those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and lead a righteous life will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven while sinners who are unforgiven will go to a burning hell. But the Jewish Encyclopedia (1948 edition) relates a different story: "Heaven, it was thought, must merely be an idealized state of existence on earth!" ( The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1948 edition, Vol. 5, p. 269) "Beliefs about the hereafter never solidified into dogmas in Judaism...Traditional Judaism consigns this subject to the realm - of those hidden matters on which it is deemed inadvisable to speculate. The final destiny of the individual is subordinated to the question of the future of the Jewish people." (The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1948 edition, Vol. 4, p. 484)

Thus Judaism is based on the future success of the Jewish people and not upon a heavenly reward from God. However, Orthodox Jews believe that the Judgement Day will arrive when all Gentiles are dominated by the Jewish Nation!

When Jews join a synagogue, they sign a contract to pay so much money per year. The better the seating, the higher the price. There have been court cases of Jews being sued by the Rabbi after dropping out and not paying the contract in full. They may still owe hundreds or thousands of dollars! Tickets are also sold for special events in the synagogue during High Holy Days.

   2). Christians will accept anyone into a church whether they can give large or small voluntary donations or nothing at all. Christians also give millions of dollars a year to help poor people throughout the world regardless of what religion they follow. The Jews do not believe in giving money to any organization unless it benefits a Jewish cause.

Judaism is the only religion in the world which has no "missionary" program. They frown on converts and believe that one must be born of a Jewish mother in order to be recognized as a Jew. Today may Jews will accept one born of a Jewish Father. It is Jewish blood which makes one a Jew, not a race. Jews actively try to discourage converts. Many who have married Jews and sought to become converts say they are never truly accepted by the other Jews as a "fellow Jew." Yet David Ben Gurion said anyone is a Jew who says they are.

   3). Christian churches spend millions annually on missionary efforts world-wide to win one and all to the faith of Jesus Christ. All who are baptized and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior are happily welcomed into the fellowship of Christianity.

The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1948 edition, regarding the striking differences which exits between Judaism and other religions states: "The very name Judaism sharply differentiates it from other religions. Whereas Buddhism centers in Buddha, Christianity in Christ, Mohammedanism in Mohammed, Judaism centers in no particular personality - but the Jewish people themselves...while Christianity is based upon events in the life of Christ, Judaism is based on occurrences in the history of the Jews. Christians look to Jesus Christ for their salvation and Godliness. In Judaism the center of gravity is the Jewish people themselves. Jewish history records a continuous struggle against other nations and their religions ...Judaism has grown out of the soul of the Jewish people and has been nourished by their life-blood. Hence it is not called Mosaism, prophetism, rabbinism, but Judaism; AFTER THE JEWISH PEOPLE THEMSELVES!" (The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1948 edition, Vol. 6)

This is more clearly explained by Karl Marx, who has been given the title of the "Father of Communism," but this is because Christians do not realize that Communism is a Jewish Talmudic concept.

Hence Marx stated: "The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands." (Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, La Revue de Paris, p. 54, June 1, 1928)

The Jewish Encyclopedia states that another important difference is that Christians believe in "grace" wile Jews believe in "justice." Grace is defined as a Christian receiving "the ummerited love and favor of God...and the forgiving of one's enemies as we would have them forgive us."

Judaism believes in "JUSTICE" which is defined as "the reward or penalty as deserved just deserts or the punishment for a wrong." In other words, they reject the Christian ideal of loving one's enemies or the "turning of the check." Judaism teaches the punishment and even destruction of their enemies.

Judaism is based upon the "eternal hatred of all enemies" and calls for an "eye for an eye" and "a tooth for a tooth" philosophy. Thus the exacting of the "vengeance" upon all opponents constitutes the very core of this strange religion and it is expressed in their famous motto: "NEVER FORGIVE - NEVER FORGET!"

Could any religion be more opposite of Christianity? The most respected leader within every Jewish community is he who has accumulated the most wealth! Judaism is based upon the rewards of this life with its goal being financial success, luxury and living a life of pleasure and materialism.

"The Reflex," a magazine produced for Rabbis explains the role of the Rabbis: "He is valued most as the executive manager of a wealthy congregation. He knows and cherishes the power of money and is adept in matters of finance, mortgages and loans!"

Bernard Lazare, one of the greatest Jewish writers in all history in his book "Anti-Semitism" wrote: "The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he destroys Catholic or Protestant faiths, he provokes indifference but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals and of the life upon those whose faith he ruins. He works at his age old task, the annihilation of the religion of Christ!" (Bernard Lazare, Anti-Semitism, p. 350)

Lazare also wrote in this same book: "The only conquest the Jews have ever made is by the holding of gold. They became the masters of their masters - they dominated them. For the Jews love of gold, there can be no question!"

"The London Jewish World" declared: "Fundamentally, Judaism is anti-Christian!" (The London Jewish World, March 15, 1923)

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) became the first and only known Jew to be the Prime Minister of England. He wrote a book in 1858 entitled "Lord George Bentick: A Political Biography," where he stated: "The people of God co-operate with atheists; the most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with communists; this peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low casts of Europe! And all this because THEY WISH TO DESTROY that ungrateful CHRISTENDOM whose tyranny they can no longer endure!"

"The anti-religious but, above all, anti-Christian efforts which distinguish the present epoch have a character of concentration and universality which marks the stamp of the Jew, the supreme patron of the unification of peoples, because he is the cosmopolitan people par excellence; because the Jew prepares by license of the libre-pensée, the era called by him 'Messianic' - the day of his universal triumph. He attributes its near realization to the principles spread by the philosophers of the eighteenth century; the men at once unbelievers and cabalists, whose work prepared the Judaising of the world. The character of universality will be noted in L'Alliance-isrélite-universelle, in the Universal Association of Freemasonry, and in the more recent auxiliaries, L'Alliance-universelle-religious, open to those who are still frightened off by the name of Israelite and finally in the Ligue-universelle de l'enseignement..." (Le Juif, Gougenot des Mousseaux, (1869), The Trail of the Serpent, Inquire Within, Miss Stoddard, pp. 96-97)

Most Christians believe that the Jews follow only the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and reject the New Testament. The truth is their "real bible" is the Talmud. The Talmud is the bible of Judaism. The Old Testament is used for window dressing purposes to deceive Christians into believing that the Jews worship the same God as they do, however, the Jews god is Satan - and they will admit this is true when there are no non-Jews or Christians present. Chief Rabbi Hertz states in the Babylonian Talmud: "During the exile Israel (the Jews) found itself. It not only rediscovered the Torah (which to a Jew means the Talmud, not the first five books of the Bible as Christians are led to believe) and made it the rule of life, but under its influence new religious institutions such as the synagogue, congregational worship without priests or ritual."

Arsene Darmester, who has been long recognized in Jewish circles as an authority on the Talmud, said: "Nothing, indeed, can equal the importance of the Talmud ...The daily study of the Talmud, which among Jews began with the age of ten to end with life itself, necessarily was a severe gymnastic exercise for the mind, thanks to which it acquired incomparable subtlety and acumen...The study of Judaism is that of the Talmud, as the study of the Talmud is that of Judaism...Thus became possible the strange phenomenon, unique in history, I believe, of a people dispersed to the four corners of the earth, yet one, of a nation without a land, yet living. The miracle was accomplished by a book, the Talmud."

Elizabeth Dilling, also an authority on the Talmud has the following to say about it: "Bible scholars are aware that Jesus Christ denounced the Pharisees. He said they nullified all the Commandments of God by their Tradition, 'teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.' (Mark 7:13; Matthew 15:6-9) His invective, in truth, cannot be equaled. All of Matthew 23 is like a whiplash. He likened Pharisaism to a whited sepulchre, indeed beautiful outwardly, but 'inside full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness.' Christ climaxed one condemnation after another with the expletive, 'Hypocrites!' He called the Pharisees children of them that killed the Prophets. He foretold they would go on killing, crucifying and persecuting until the guilt for all the righteous blood shed from Abel on down would be upon them. 'Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?' Christ asked? Christ is as utterly devastating of Pharisaism in the record of John 8. Although He admitted that His hearers were descendants of Abraham, He said they were NOT the children, but were only the seed of Abraham. He said they were of the devil, when He said: 'Ye (scribes and Pharisees - Jews) are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.' (John 8:44)

In spite of all this mendacity and artfully disguised propaganda, and of the barefaced attempts of Philo and the allegorical school, to foster Jewish tales upon the Greeks, the Jews continued to be regarded with contempt by the Greeks and the Romans, who laughed at their vain‑glorious pretensions and flatly refused to take part in the deception.

The pretensions of the Jews to an honorable and remote antiquity, for example, were ridiculed. For the Jews to pretend that the gifts of civilization were made through their instrumentality was, according to the Greeks and the Romans, preposterous: what, it was asked, had the Jews done for art, literature or science?

Instead of being the teachers of Plato and the Greek philosophers, as the Jews impudently pretended they had been, it was pointed out that the Jews were barbarians when Greek culture had arisen, and that all the horde of small peoples, shifting from slavery in one country to servitude in another, the Jews were the lease productive and the poorest in civilization.

The Jews, the Greeks and the Romans insisted, were the descendants of the dregs of the Egyptian populace, a despicable rabble, suffering from leprosy and "a pestilential disease which disfigured the body," unclean and diseased morally as well as physically. Jerusalem, they pointed out, was a refuge for "the scum and the refuse" of all the adjoining nations.

The Jews, they said, offered human sacrifices [like the worshipers of Israel and Saturn, whose "day" the Jews supposedly kept holy] and were "a people of unbridled lust, tainted with execrable knavery." Meanwhile the Jews dissimulated, and secretly determined to make another attempt to exterminate their Israelite fellow‑citizens.

When the exigencies of the Parthian war had depleted the Eastern provinces of Roman troops, in 116 A.D. a sudden preconcerted uprising of the Jews took place, characterized by revolting atrocities.

Humanity is, when it is allowed to learn about them, is always shocked at the horrid cruelties which the Jews committed in the cities of Egypt, Cyprus, Cyrene, and Russia where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting inhabitants, until they were in control and could exterminate them at will.

In Cyrene the Jews massacred 220,000 Greek and Roman citizens; in Cyprus 240,000; and in Egypt a very great multitude; in Russia it has been estimated that they exterminated over 60‑million Christians.

Wherever the Jews outnumber the rest of the population and their uprisings are successful, the Jews behave in the most revolting manner; MANY OF THEIR NON-JEWISH NEIGHBORS THEY SAWED ASUNDER, AND THEY LICKED UP AND SMEARED THEMSELVES WITH THE BLOOD, AND DEVOURED THE FLESH OF THEIR VICTIMS, AND TWISTED THE ENTRAILS OF THE CHRISTIANS ABOUT THEIR BODIES AND DANCED JEWISH DANCES UNTIL THEY DROPPED FROM EXHAUSTION. After this exhibition of their "spirituality" the Jews were forbidden to set foot on the island of Cyprus, and Cyrene had to be re‑colonized.

This outbreak was suppressed by Roman reinforcements under Tubro, dispatched by Trajan, and the Jews learned once again that, however successful their secret machinations might be, the frenzied onrush of Oriental fanaticism was unavailing against the cool bravery of disciplined Roman troops.

Trajan died in 117 A.D. and was succeeded by his relative Hadrian, and once more the Jewish agitators became active. Rebellion was encouraged by the statement that it was unlawful to pay taxes to a non‑Jewish master, flattering promises were made that a conquering Messiah would soon appear, and invest the favorites of Jehoviah with the Empire of the Earth and domination over all the non‑Jewish peoples.

This propaganda produced an extraordinary ferment among the credulous Jews, who, it is said, had their fanaticism still further stirred up by a rabbi called Akiba. Thus, according to the Jews' own stories, after the Jews had been thrown into another paroxysm of fanatical frenzy, by the fact that Hadrian had issued edicts against mutilation and circumcision, and about 130 A.D. had ordered Jerusalem to be rebuilt in Roman style, it was by announcing himself as their long expected Messiah that a man called, apparently Simon, attracted followers.

His name does not appear in Roman records, and it is not known whether he was a fanatic or an impostor, but he was immediately acclaimed as the long expected Messianic King by the rabbi Akiba, who became his amour‑bearer.

The Roman forces in Palestine were, as usual, small, and a "holy war" against the Romans being proclaimed, nearly all the Jewish towns which had no Roman garrison joined the "Mullah," who was thus enabled to persecute cruelly the Christians who refused to follow him, to kill many Jews suspected of desiring to live at peace with Rome, and to raise a formidable revolt. To his adherents this rebel Messiah seems to have been known as Bar Cocheba, "the son of the star," but by the rabbis he was called Bar Coziba, "the son of deceit." Severus, recalled from Britain by Hadrian, quelled this rebellion, and the Jews were forbidden to set foot in Jerusalem, which became a Roman town.

Under succeeding emperors the Jews, taking advantage of the facilities, afforded by the caves and caverns of Palestine, for leading a lawless life, some times caused disturbances, but these, although professedly patriotic, were mainly outbreaks of brigand, and never assumed a serious aspect. Some people imagine that about 135 A.D. the Jews were scattered abroad by some mysterious agency, which, since then has prevented their return to Palestine.

This absurd superstition is encouraged by the pretense, and by the misleading phrase "the dispersion of the Jews." It is simply another of their attempts to take more Israelite prophecies upon themselves, so as to continue in their deception of the world.

Many Jews were carried off by their conquerors, of course, to such places as Babylonia, Greece, Alexandria and Rome, but a far larger number of the Jews left Palestine on their own accord and for their own gain. This was so, especially, during the latter stages of Persian rule and later, when the Greeks offered special inducements to occupiers of new colonies; and among the very large number of Jews who emigrated for their own benefit, must be included all those Jews who left Palestine because of the seemingly endless disorder and anarchy maintained there by the few who preferred to remain.

Since the first century A.D. the "Jews of the Diaspora," that is the Jews who prefer to live outside Palestine, have always been much more numerous than those who have had to live in Palestine; but the Jews outside could have "returned" to Palestine at any time, if they had desired to do so. The prohibition by Hadrian, against their presence in Jerusalem soon lapsed, and although it was revived by both Constantine and Omar, it never applied to the other parts of Palestine. The truth is that Palestine fell a victim to Jewish lust for world‑power, to religiously fostered hatred, and to selfish greed; after ruining her, the Jews abandoned Palestine.

The great Jewish pretense, however, the Jews did not abandon; its activities may be traced in many countries at many periods of history; particularly noteworthy are its phases of feverish activity towards the end of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and in the first few decades of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries A.D.

Palestine was never a desirable place in which to live, until Great Britain, at the expense of many British lives and much British treasure, made it so; and even now, though American citizens are taxed to maintain, and American soldiers die to guard this Zionist toy, it fails to attract the Jews in any great numbers. In spite of the fact that Palestine has been invested by the Jewish pretenses with an entirely fictitious value (or perhaps because of it), the Jews of today show no greater eagerness to "return" than did their ancestors.

It has only been through the continual propaganda by the Zionists that the Jews of Russia are in great danger, that the Russian Jews are going to the State of Israel. Which most use only as a transfer point on their way to America and other nations of the West.

Therefore, we must face the truth, that after 2000 years of crying about a homeland, now that they have one, stolen from the Palestinians they have to be hog‑tied and drug there by the Zionists.

Are you willing to believe that such statements found in the Talmud, such as those presented, are those of Christianity? But I wonder if you are faithful enough to Christ to even care!

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