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The Culture War Against the White Male

“And I WILL GIVE CHILDREN TO BE THEIR PRINCES, and BABES SHALL RULE OVER THEM (there is little doubt that anyone would not say that the bunch of misfits that were in the White House were, in deed, unruly children). And THE PEOPLE SHALL BE OPPRESSED, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: THE CHILD SHALL BEHAVE HIMSELF PROUDLY AGAINST THE ANCIENT, and THE BASE AGAINST THE HONOURABLE.” (Isaiah 3:4-5) (KJV)

“AS FOR MY PEOPLE, CHILDREN ARE THEIR OPPRESSORS, and WOMEN RULE OVER THEM. O my people, THEY WHICH LEAD THEE CAUSE THEE TO ERR, and DESTROY THE WAY OF THY PATHS (Can there be any doubt that this is what is happening to America, with the Jews, the feminists, the queers, perverts, degenerates and etc., in places of power).” (Isaiah 3:12) (KJV)

This century alone has witnessed a growing contempt for the White Male and the traditional patriarchal culture of western civilization. Nearly every social movement of our time seems to have identified the white Male as the culprit of their movement. No other racial gender of our time has suffered such widespread cultural contempt and condemnation for the historic role they have played in western civilization. Every feminist, every homosexual (Queer), and every Jewish propagandist have sought to identify the White Male as the villain of western history.

This great propaganda movement embodies the social engineering of our time which is fast moving to make the White Male an extinct species. At the root of this phenomenon is a fundamental challenging of the traditional respect and authority once held by the white Male in western civilization. The culture war against his racial gender is really another historic expression of the great cultural movement to abandon all traditional institutions of authority in our day and age. If history continues unabated, the white Male will eventually find himself completely alienated and is very existence threatened by a civilization that he built.

It is the turn of events in the last century alone that have spelled doom for the White Male more than all past history put together. What began in the industrial revolution of past centuries showed its true spiritual impetus in our time of history. At that point in time, no one would have guessed that the mechanization of our culture would have spelled doom for the White Male nor threatened his existence in time.

The first fundamental effect of the industrial revolution was to move the man off his historic domain on the land and the close-knit culture of his family of which he was the respected leader and spiritual head. The spiritual umbilical cord of the patriarchal culture was cut when the man left the land and his historic domain of authority to migrate into the city and become an “employee” in the factory of some manufacturing concern. Though he now earned “money” in the course of his new venture, what he had lost in the process could never be regained for all the money in the world.

Thus was the beginning of God’s plan to break the power of the Holy People, for until their power was broken His plan of the ages could not proceed.

“And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass.” (Leviticus 26:19) (KJV)

To show that Israel was the Holy People:

“For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 7:6)


One ancient Irishman is remembered as saying: “Land is a man’s very own soul.” Well, western man sold his soul for money, and the tragedy is that very few today even realize the spiritual origins of their ever-increasing cultural alienation. Having since perfected the art of money-making today’s “Lords of Mammon” have no clue what they have compromised in their historic trek to abandon the land. Man’s connection tot he land was the historic basis of his God-given authority to rule and reign. The authority of money in which western man now empowers himself could never match the spiritual and cultural authority he once held as the “Lord of the Land.”

              Public Apathy? Or Public Power?

The liberal Justices Brandeis, Frankfurter, Black, and Douglas could not overcome the unconstitutional rule‑making by the Supreme Court and Judicial Conference. And though Congress is obligated to overturn unconstitutional court decisions or decisions which misinterpret the Constitution, they normally ignore their duty, unless they are lobbied. Almost everyone has a lobby; NRA, NAACP, IPAC, Pro‑Choice, Animal Rights, the Environment, etc.

Even judges have a lobby which they use to petition Congress for judicial immunities! With the rise of special interests, PACS, and unbridled political campaign contributions, the people's original lobby, the Congress, has abandoned us. Now, only We, The People, have no lobby, so our government ignores us. It should be painfully clear that if We, the People, do not object, no one else will. We have the power. That power is in the vote and in organizations supporting legal reform. But by failing to use those powers, especially in an organized way, we are surrendering our rights. If we are to stop the judiciary's usurpation of power and our loss of rights, we must stop blaming our legislators as being totally responsible and accept some of the blame ourselves.

Call your Congressman or Senator and demand that Congress overturn any judicial rule making which violate the Constitution. Ask them specifically what the status of "Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; 16 (c)(15), 41(b), 50, and 52 ‑ which will give federal judges the unconstitutional power to deny trial by jury, due process of law, and equal protection of the laws. These rules are currently buried in the House Sub‑Committee on Judicial Administration."

4). Trial by Jury: Deuteronomy 16:18-20; Exodus 18:15-16 shows were to receive a fair trial under the law. Exodus 18:15-16 demonstrates the Right of Habeas Corpus. Deuteronomy 17:6; 19:5; Numbers 35:30; Matthew 18:15-16; Hebrews 10:28; 1 Timothy 5:19; 2 Corinthians 13:1 states there must be two or three witnesses against a person.

Another check on sinful men abusing their governmental power is having a court system with judges independent of the executive or legislative branch, and by having trials by jury. The courts are the ones who are to keep an eye on the legislative and executive branches of government and determine their faithfulness to constitutional standards. The Ancient Hebrew Republic emphasized an independent and impartial judiciary. (2 Chronicles 19:5-10; Exodus 23:1-3; Deuteronomy 17:6; Leviticus 20) It is also asserted in passages such as Deuteronomy 19:15-19 that,

a). One is innocent until proven guilty;

b). The right to due process of law;

c). One cannot be forced to testify against oneself;

d). Accusers must personally confront you so they may be cross-examined, and

e). The right to appeal to a higher court. (Deuteronomy 1:19) Wrongdoers must be punished by judges who, as well as knowing the law, must be honest, refuse bribes and not show favoritism.

However, in order to protect individual liberty and guarantee a fair trial, the judicial system needs a jury made up of unelected individuals who will not be swayed by political pressures and who are drawn at random from the same social level as the defendant. The jury system was foreshadowed in the Ancient Hebrew Republic (Deuteronomy 19:15-21) and in the teaching of Jesus concerning taking cases to the people. (Matthew 18:15-17)

5). Civilian Control of Police and Military Forces: In ancient Israel the people were armed and formed the military. Their leaders were selected or consented to by the people: Even the kings governed by consent (1 Chronicles 11:3. Luke 22:26; Romans 13:1-4; Peter 2:13-14) demonstrates that the people were to have freedom and peace through strength; that they were to bear arms for self-defense. That civil government bears the sword and the rulers were to govern by the people's consent.

Another crucial curb on the power of sinful men in government is a civilian-dominated and controlled police and militia. The Ancient Hebrew Republic clearly separated the leadership of the army from the Executive branch: Moses was the Executive and Joshua was the Commander of the military; David was the King and Joab was the Commander of the military. The members of the militia, or civilian army, supplied their own weapons which presupposed the right to bear arms. (1 Samuel 25:13; Numbers 31:3; 32:20) Any attempt to prohibit the right of an individual to own arms was unbiblical and is a pagan attempt to centralize power. (Judges 5:8; 1 Samuel)

The officers of the armies should not be appointed by the head-of-state, but by elected representatives from their own geographical area. The majority of a nation's army should simply be working citizens who have their own weapons and can be called together quickly. The police force should be locally and regionally controlled and completely separate from military power and from federal control. The head of the police forces should be elected and governed by local government. The rest of the police should be hired by the government as normal employment.

6). Free Market Economy: Genesis 1:26-28; Psalm 115:16; Exodus 20:15; Deuteronomy 19:14; Ecclesiastes 5:19 relate we were to have Private property rights; freedom of individual enterprise.

Ancient Israel ensured that none of the areas under the jurisdiction of the individual, the family and the church were controlled by the State. The only legislation the government could pass in these areas was to protect equal opportunity, liberty and the property of individuals. However separation of church and state did not mean religious individuals were prohibited from influencing politics.

A free market economy (within the confines of the United States - not international) is especially important because its components are essential for any country that desires to secure individual liberty and economic productivity. Its components include private property rights, individual enterprise and a free market. Private property includes all things that belong to an individual through his own labors or which has been freely given to him.

This includes land, homes, personal possessions, inventions, wages, his religious beliefs, his opinions, his freedom of speech and his writings. The basic idea of individual enterprise is that when people are free to acquire and own property, produce what they want choose their occupation, live and work where they wish, acquire whatever goods and services they desire, and have access to free markets they will prosper, and, consequently, cause their nation to prosper.

In a free market (within the confines of the various states in the United States) people offer quality goods or services that are produced by their special talents and that they feel will be a benefit to the community.

Each person is free to sell or not to sell at whatever price they want to offer, but they cannot force anyone to buy. The price of goods and services will be determined by 'supply and demand.' The government must not interfere in the free market by setting prices and wages, but must protect the free market by punishing theft and fraud.

All men are equal in their right to life, liberty, their equal status before the law and their right to acquire property. However, they are not equal in their talents and abilities and therefore in their ability to generate wealth.

Each person is created by God and is unique and distinct. He is responsible for his own choices and actions and must also bear the consequences of his decisions. A government which has a false idea of equality says men have an equal right to material possessions and tries to redistribute wealth accordingly. By so doing it stifles initiative and individuality and weakens the country economically.


One of the most detrimental acts; an act which is clearly evident to those who will only look, which is helping to destroy our beloved America, is international commerce! Yet, our people have been led to believe by traitorous leaders that commerce is good and wonderful. Instead of the tool of destruction Satan is using in his never ending efforts to destroy God's people, the Anglo‑Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred peoples of the word.

Yes the so‑called Christian Nations of the Western World, of whom the United States, the New Jerusalem spoken of in the scriptures; the home of the Kingdom of God when Christ comes to take over His rightful place as the ruler of the earth, are being destroyed by international commerce and because of the culpability of the media, our people cannot see what is happening.

Michaleis in his Commentary on Laws of Moses, Article 39, pointed out the extreme indifference of Moses toward foreign or maritime commerce. To some of the politicians of our day, this will seem little short of remarkable.

Yet there is obvious some erroneous ideas lies at the bottom of their amazement. For when they observe the wealth acquired, in recent years, by Japan and Germany, through foreign trade; which is so striking, many are apt to think commerce alone is the true source of national prosperity, and that it is the greatest benefit which a legislator can confer upon his constitutes. The mere mention of the name "commerce" fascinates their imagination and seems to make them incapable of sound and sober reflection and comparison.

In the stupor and delirium of their dreams of vast wealth and power they are totally oblivious to the fact that commerce is proving to be the ruin of both public and private prosperity; the approaching destruction of our beloved country, as too many superfluous commodities are imported, and America is plunged into the mire of foreign indebtedness.

The main cause of this over valuation of commerce, as compared to agriculture is; those of agriculture are reserved and modest; seldom coming to the public notice [unless something stops the food from getting to their grocery shelves], whereas those of commerce lie upon the surface and are more open to general observation. Japan appears to be the most commercial nation on earth today. Her trade with the United States is enormous; yet the entire annual movement of this commerce both ways would pale in insignificance to that of agriculture were in not for the action of those in government to destroy America's power.

Commercial pursuits are unstable and are drastically effected to changes, in the international markets; whereas agricultural are solid and much less effected by international whelms. The prizes in commerce are few; when one individual or company rises hundreds sink into oblivion and ruin.


AGRICULTURE PRODUCES AND CHERISHES A SPIRIT OF EQUALITY AND SYMPATHY. Buying and selling are the chief business of cities, where the giving and receiving of wages an hourly or daily transaction. It produces a collision of interests and feelings, which of necessity check the feeling of sympathy. INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE CREATES IMMORALITY, INDIFFERENCE, APATHY, CRIME, DRUG ABUSE; IN OTHER WORDS EVERYTHING THAT IS EVIL AND ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-CHRISTIAN AND ANTI-AMERICAN. THE GOALS OF SATAN AND HIS CHILDREN THE JEWS.


More especially when possessions have come down through a long line of honored ancestors, which strengthens even more the attachment he feels to his home and country.

AGRICULTURE PRODUCES THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF CONSERVATION IN ITS NATURE AND EVERY ACTION (This is why the Jews have worked for centuries to remove our Israelite brothers and sisters from off the land). It is a great antagonist of that Satanic spirit of liberalism, radicalism and revolutionary innovations, which is the greatest enemy of Christian institutions which was observed long ago by Aristotle, who stated: "Husbandry is the best stuff of a commonwealth, such a one being the most devoted to liberty, and the least subject to innovation or turbulence."

It is in the occupation of the rural life, that ones mind is the most tranquil, sober and unclouded by media hype. It is in such an atmosphere, one can most clearly discern the relations of things; to look beyond the spur of the moment, the events of a day. It is from the country, from the land free nations have drawn many of their greatest leaders and patriots.

An Israelite farmer was summoned from the quiet of farm life on the distant plains of Midian, to become the lawgiver and founder of a mighty republic. It was an American farmer who led the first American army to victory, and secured for his grateful and admiring countrymen [with God's help], the blessings of liberty, independent self‑government: A Republican Christian Nation! Our American government and American people should follow Moses and give no encouragement to international or maritime commerce because:

1). International Commerce tends to counteract the first and highest principles of Christianity, morality and honesty.

2). International Commerce entices too many of our citizens and industry to leave America and settle in foreign lands. It weakens patriotism and causes them to eventually betray the trust and best interests of the United States. It causes them to become, in a sense, a citizen of the world with no love or affection for the country of their birth.

3). International Commerce introduces luxurious tastes and habits, such as drug addiction and perversion. The bad effects of commerce far outweighing the good.

4). International Commerce makes enemies between nations with common ancestors. Such as the wars between England and France; England and Spain; France and Spain; United States and Germany and etc.

5). It drains off a nations wealth; just as it has the United States. Once the richest nation ever known in the history of the world.

Now, since its leaders have betrayed their trust and have led America down the International Maritime Commerce path to destruction. Except God and Christ intervenes.

6). International Commerce is condemned in the scriptures, Chapter 18 of the Book of Revelation is a ringing indictment against it. In verse four God's people are admonished to not participate; to come out of her. However, we should point out, there is one form of commerce which is beneficial to America and its people: That is internal commerce. Which made America rich and powerful in the first place!

7). Election of Representatives: Deuteronomy 1:13-17; Exodus 18:21-27.

But the industrial revolution did far more to prepare the spiritual soul for the demise of the White Male than uproot him from the land. It also transferred the domestic authority of the family to the wife who was now left alone to guide the household in the wake of her husband’s absence. This culture transference provided the spiritual origin of what is known today as the modern feminist movement.

It was at that time in history, that women were forced to fill the vacuum created by their missing husbands. The independence of modern women began in the wake of the industrial revolution and grew steadily through the years that followed.

With the increasing industrialization and the mechanization of our culture, women soon discovered they could do many things without men. The man’s physical power that was once necessary to perform the mundane tasks of every day life was now being replaced by the new inventions of an ever increasing industrialize society. Indeed, the industrial revolution served to liberate women of their historic dependency on the physical superiority and natural prowess of the male gender. The culmination and of this historic process would not come until over a hundred years later in the technological revolution; and until more than three wars, two of which were world wide, when the natural world would be so well harnessed that women could do for the fist time in human history virtually anything a man could do.

This lengthy historic process caused a major special shift in gender relations. As a consequence, our century began with the suffrage movement where women were or the first time in human history seeking to become a part of the political process; a domain historically reserved for men. Coed education was the next major step forward in the great societal shift away from a patriarchal culture.

    It served first to provide women with vocational training necessary to work outside of the home, and secondly to provide the necessary social setting for the modern dating culture, which would provide an avenue for women to express romantic love outside of marriage. Coed education also had a negative effect upon the male gender. The traditional attributes of masculinity had always been inculcated in an environment that was based on the separation of genders. Women were never part of the formative process that gave birth to the intangible elements of the masculine gender.

The formative moment of masculinity is a fundamental antithesis tot he female gender. It cannot be understood by her, neither is it known to her. However, coed education with its smothering spirit of femininity has managed to obliterate this most essential and formative stage of masculinity.

However the most damaging effect of coed education upon the male gender is in undermining his confidence to lead the woman. Since girls tend to mature earlier than boys, girls will generally always excel the boys in an academic environment. This means that the boys are constantly getting the message that the girls are smarter than them, and the girls are constantly receiving the message from the Jews and their lap-dogs that they are smarter than the boys.

After twelve years of this, it is no wonder that the women want to lead the households of America, and our men are perfectly comfortable in allowing them. The experience of coed education has fundamentally challenged the whole concept of the man leading the woman in marriage, when for twelve years she leads him in the classroom. Indeed, coed education has blindly robbed our culture of the essential attributes and qualities needed to teach our young men how to lead.

However, this acculturation process has done far more than cripple the development of the male psyche. It has also negatively impacted young girls causing them to lose respect for the capacity of the White Male, whose development comes later in life.

In fact, White Women today have less respect for the White Male than ever before. Consequently, more and more of them are gravitating toward black males for future life mates.

“Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the seed of man, and with the seed of beast.” (Jeremiah 31:27) (KJV)

This is happening because the shepards, the Judeo-Christian clergy have betrayed their office and have gone after Baal.

“As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock” (Ezekiel 34:8) (KJV)

The White Male, in their eyes, has become weak and effeminate, unsure of himself and lacking the confidence to lead, therefore unworthy of their respect. They see in the black male the boldness, daring, and confidence which they need to respect a man and which once drew them to the White Male before he became feminized through Jewish propaganda.

Moreover, coed education and racial integration have for at least the fifth time (the Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, and now the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, Nordic, and Slavic) in human history put the black male and White Woman together in the same social setting. THIS MIXING HAS ALWAYS DESTROYED THE CIVILIZATION THAT THE WHITE MAN HAD CREATED. It is in this particular setting that the White Male finds himself increasingly alienated by a culture that celebrates the SUPPOSED physical prowess and athletic superiority of the black male in athletic endeavors of every kind. THE WHITES ARE PREVENTED BY THE JEWS FROM COMPETING WITH THE BLACKS IN A FAIR CONTEST TO SEE IF WHAT IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE JEWS MEDIA IS TRUE OR NOT. THE JEWS NEVER ALLOW THE WHITES TO COME TO THE FOREFRONT NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEY ARE.

With feminine superiority demonstrated in the classroom and black superiority on the athletic field, the White Male is now finding himself becoming a spectator in a culture lead by women and blacks. This cultural perception is only confirmed when White Women choose to marry blacks, further displacing the White Male from his traditional role in western cavitation.

The cultural alienation of the White Male has been further compounded by the social engineering of our time, which has clearly identified his particular racial gender as the culprit of western history. Nearly every social movement of our time has identified the White Male as the antithesis of their particular movement. Whether it is implicitly or explicitly stated, it is clearly understood that the White Male must increasingly surrender his historic role of leadership in western civilization in order for us to make social progress. This sis seen clearly in the work place where the white Male has been specifically targeted by government legislation. Indeed, the whole goal of Affirmative Action is to displace the White Male form his traditional role of influence and occupy his place with those representing other races and genders.

In fact, many college graduates today who are White Males are applying for jobs only to be told by potential employers that they suffer from “White Male Syndrom.” In nearly every area of life, the handwriting is on the wall for the White Male; and so is civilization as we know it. For we know that the blacks are not capable of sustaining a civilization when one is given to them. South Africa and Rhodesia prove that without a doubt if people would only open their eyes and see.

The White Male has clearly been slated for extinction by the social engineers of our time. Not only is this true in the work place, but in the domestic arena as well, where the White Male is being systematically stripped of his historic authority to rule his family. The legal system of our day is leading the day in the domestic assault against the historic authority of the White Male.

Divorces are now granted with complete disregard for the sanctity of the marriage and the marriage vows. Families are destroyed in courtrooms around this nation with little regard for the social consequences it brings upon our society.

Nearly all divorces are sought by women who are seeking to break lose of the traditional roles

Yahweh defined for their gender and join a society that encourages their independence in every arena of life. In nearly every divorce court of our land, the judge usually always rules in favor of the woman. The White Man today has very little hope of true justice or fair treatment in the divorce courts of America. It is a foregone conclusion that the woman who files for divorce will be granted it, along with a majority of the assets generated by the marriage.

It is evident that there is a growing contempt in our culture for the White Male. Laws and political policies are now in place to guarantee his elimination from future generations. With the expected demographic shift in American society, the future is bleak for the White Male if present trends continue. The present institutions of our culture are slanted against his continued prominence in American society. The White Male today is being conditioned to follow and not trained to lead. He is the victim of a great cultural bias that views him as the enemy of a progressive society and the culprit of western history.

It is unfortunate that the White Male is destined to be the target of the culture warlords for years to come. He has been the one institution of western civilization that has perpetuated its dominance over other cultures and whose elimination will almost certainly guarantee its demise. (Taken in part from an Article by Scott Stinson, The Culture War Against The White Male, The Vision, a publication of The Church of Israel, Schell City, Missouri 64783, pp. 6-7)

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