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                                                  Civil War

In the guise of the Roman Catholic Church, the Red Dragon, who was, "...wroth with the woman {National Israel ‑‑ United States} went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which {nationally} keep the {10} commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." [1]

Since the Dragon was not able to destroy the "manchild nation" {America} as soon as it was born, sought to exterminate it with his secret weapon masquerading as the Roman Catholic Church.

Samuel Morse, father of electronic telegraphy, found out about the conspiracy of Rome to kill our young American Republic and published in 1834 his remarkable work, "Conspiracies Against The Liberties of The U.S." The book which revealed this bit of information on page 290, also carried this quotation: "It is under those bloody banners {religious massacres in Europe} of 6,000 Roman Catholic priest, Jesuits and Bishops, in the United States, and marching to the conquest of this republic, backed by their seven millions of blind and obedient slaves...A political conspiracy under the cloak of a religious mission was formed against the U.S., yes, without Romanism, the last awful Civil War would have been impossible, Jeff Davis would never have dared to attack the North, had he not had assurance from the Pope, the Jesuits, the Bishops, the Priests and the whole people of the Church of Rome under the name and mask of Democracy, except they would help him." [2] "The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is: power. Power in its most despotic exercise. Absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most enormous of abuses." [3]; "Pope Gregory VII decided it was not murder to kill excommunicated persons. This rule was incorporated in the canon law. During the revision of the code, which took place in the 16th century, and which produced a whole volume of corrections, the passage was allowed to stand. It appears in every reprint of the Corpus Juris. It has been for 700 years, and continues to be, part of the ecclesiastical law. Far from being a dead letter, it obtained a new application in the days of the Inquisition; and one of the later Popes has declared that the murder of a Protestant is so good a deed that it atones, and more than atones, for the murder of a Catholic." [4]

"Has the Church of Rome expressed any regret for having promulgated and executed such bloody laws? No! On the contrary, she has anathematized all those who think or say that she was wrong when she deluged the world with the blood of the millions she ordered to be slaughtered to quench her thirst for blood; she positively said that she had the right to punish those heretics by tortures and death. Those bloody and anti‑social laws, were written on the banners of the Roman Catholics, when slaughtering 100,000 Waldenses in the mountains of Piedmont, more than 50,000 defenseless men, women and children in the city of Bezieres.

It is under the inspiration of those diabolical laws of Rome, that 75,000 Protestants were massacred the night and following week of St Bartholomew. It was to obey those bloody laws that Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nates, caused the death of half a million of men, women, and children, who perished in all the highways of France, and caused twice that number to die in the land of exile, where they had found a refuge. Those anti‑social laws, today, are written on her banners with the blood of ten millions of martyrs. It is under those bloody banners that 6,000 Roman Catholic priests, Jesuits and bishops, in the United States, are marching to the conquest of this republic, backed by their seven millions of blind and obedient slaves. Those laws, are still the ruling laws of Rome, were the main cause of the last rebellion of the Southern States.

Yes! Without Romanism, the last awful Civil War would have been impossible. Jeff Davis would never have dared to attack the North, had he not had assurance from the Pope, that the Jesuits, the bishops, the priests and the whole people of the Church of Rome, under the name and mask of democracy, would help him. These diabolical and anti‑social laws of Rome caused a Roman Catholic to be the man chosen to fire the first gun at Fort Sumter, against the flag of Liberty, on the 12th of April, 1861. Those anti‑Christian and anti‑social laws caused the Pope of Rome to be the only crowned prince in the whole world, so depraved as to publicly shake hands with Jeff Davis, and proclaim him president of a legitimate government.

These are the laws which led the assassins of Abraham Lincoln to the house of a rabid Roman Catholic woman, Mary Surratt, which was not only the rendezvous of the priests of Washington, but the very dwelling‑house of some of them. Those bloody and infernal laws of Rome nerved the arm of the Roman Catholic, Booth, when he slaughtered one of the noblest men God has ever given to the world. Those bloody and anti‑social laws of Rome, after having covered Europe with ruins, tears, and blood for ten centuries, have crossed the oceans to continue their work of slavery and desolation, blood and tears, ignorance and demoralization, on this continent. Under the mask and name of democracy they have raised the standard of rebellion of the South against the North, and caused more than half a million of the most heroic sons of America to fall on the fields of carnage. In the very near future, if God does not miraculously prevent it, those laws of dark deeds and blood will cause the prosperity, the rights, the education, and the liberties of this too confident nation to be buried under the mountain of smoking and bloody ruins. On the top of that mountain, Rome will raise her throne and plant her victorious banners." [5]

Lincoln was quoted to have said: "We owe it to the Popery that we now see our land reddened with the blood of her noble sons. Though there were differences of opinion between the South and the North, on the question of slavery, neither Jeff Davis nor anyone of the leading men of the Confederacy would have dared to attack the North, had they not relied on the Promises of the Jesuits, that..the money and the arms of the Roman Catholic Church, and even the arms of France were at their disposal, if they would attack us. I pity the Priests, the Bishops and the Monks of Rome in the United States, when the people realize that they are in great part responsible for the tears and blood shed in this war. I conceal what I know, for if the people knew the whole truth, this war would turn into a religious war, and at once, take a tenfold more savage and bloody character. It would become merciless as all religious wars are. It would become a war of extermination on both sides.

The Protestants of both the North and South would surely unite to exterminate the Priests and Jesuits, if they could hear what Professor Morse has said to me of the plots made in the very city of Rome to destroy this Republic, and if they could learn how the Priests, the Nuns, and the Monks, which daily land on our shores, under the pretext of preaching their religion, instructing the people in their schools, taking care of the sick in the hospitals, are nothing but the emissaries of the Pope, of Napoleon and the other despots of Europe, to undermine our institutions, alienate the hearts of our people from our Constitution and our laws, destroy our schools, and prepare a reign of anarchy here as they have done in Ireland, in Mexico, in Spain and wherever there are any people who want to be free...New projects of assassination are detected almost every day, accompanied with such savage circumstances that they bring to my memory the massacre of St. Bartholomew and the Gunpowder Plot.

Our investigation indicates that they come from the same masters in the art of murder, the Jesuits. The New York riots were evidently a Romish plot from beginning to end. We have the proofs in hand that they were the work of Bishop Hughes and his emissaries. No doubt can remain about the bloody attempts of Rome to destroy New York, when we know the easy way it was stopped. I wrote to Bishop Hughes, telling him that the whole country would hold him responsible for it if he would not stop it at once. He then gathered the rioters around his palace, called them his 'dear friends,' invited them to go back home peacefully, and all was finished!...From the beginning of our civil war, there has been, not a secret, but a public alliance, between the Pope of Rome and Jeff Davis. The pope and his Jesuits have advised, supported, and directed Jeff Davis on the land, from the first gun shot at Fort Sumter by the Rabid Roman Catholic Beauregard. They are helping him on the sea by guiding and supporting the rabid Roman Catholic pirate, Semmes, on the ocean...The pope has thrown away the mask, and shown himself the public partisan and the protector of the rebellion, by taking Jeff Davis by the hand, and impudently recognizing the Southern States as a legitimate government. I have the proof in hand that that very Bishop Hughes, whom I had sent to the very man who advised the pope to recognize the legitimacy of the Southern republic, and put the whole weight of his tiara in the balance against us in favor of our enemies! Such is the perfidity of those Jesuits." [6]

Judah P. Benjamin, Rothschild Agent

"Napoleon's object was to assure the predomination of the French over the Latin races and to augment the influence of these races in America. Napoleon decided to recognize the independence of the rebellious American States and repeatedly urged the British government to join him in so doing." [7]

Judah P. Benjamin was chosen by the Rothschilds to do their work in the United States and he was the first adviser to Jefferson Davis, the President of the Southern Confederacy. Benjamin has been called "the brains of the revolt." He was also the Secretary of State of the Confederacy under Jeff Davis. The Confederacy consisted of eleven Southern States bound by a written Constitution, modeled in part after our own Constitution. It was founded on the fundamental principle that each one of its eleven constituted States had the right to secede from the Union, or to separate from the other 23 out of the 34 states of the Union.

Nevertheless, at the instigation of Benjamin, and under pressure of Napoleon, Texas and Louisiana were placed on the bargain counter in exchange, presumably, for Napoleon's aid. The latter was supported by Disraeli of England, who had assured the Confederacy of the support of Britain behind the nine remaining States, after Texas and Louisiana were to be ceded to France.

Under the guiding hand of Judah P. Benjamin, chosen by the Rothschilds and the Church of Rome to represent the International Bankers to do their work for them in the United States, was also the first advisor to Jefferson Davis, the President of the Southern Confederacy. Benjamin is reputed to have been the "brains of the revolt," as he was also the Secretary of State of the Confederacy. Through the hands of this man, huge sums of money were provided to finance the destruction of this great New Christian American Republic flowed.

The Confederacy fell and the men who had fought a valiant fight for what they believed right were thrown into the even greater travail of the Reconstruction; while Judah P. Benjamin, almost alone of the leaders of the South, forsook immediately the suffering people who had honored and enriched him, fled to England and was soon embarked upon a new career of distinction and wealth, reminiscent of others of his Religion dispossessed of their temporary cause and gains.

While we are talking of the Civil War it behooves us to mention that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. That the plot of Booth, involved not only the assassination of Lincoln, which was accomplished, but also the assassination on the same night of the Vice President, Andrew Johnson, of the Secretary of State, William H. Seward, and of General Ulysses S. Grant. Seward, who was ill at his home, was stabbed, as was also his son, Frederick Seward, by David E. Herold, a co‑conspirator with Booth, who was hanged.

Vice President Johnson escaped injury, but George A. Atzerodt was hanged for conspiring with Booth to kill him. General Grant, who was to have attended the theater with Lincoln that night, due to an unexpected departure for Burlington, New Jersey, was unharmed. "John Booth, A Jewish silversmith whose ancestors had been exiled from Portugal because of their radical political views. In London the refugees had continued their trade and free thinking, and John had married Wilkes' cousin. This Wilkes was the 'celebrated agitator John Wilkes of Westminster, London...John Wilkes Booth's father was Junius Brutus Booth." [8]

Our American school children have been taught that the Civil War was fought over the slavery problem, but this was only a surface issue to hide the intrigue of the Great Red Dragon to foment one side against the other. After thousands of our choice White Israel sons and one of our greatest Presidents were murdered, our Great God stopped the slaughter of the Dragon; By the intervention of the Czar of Russia, who God sent to our National Rescue, but unknown to most Americans.

Our childrens' history textbooks continue to teach that the American Civil War was fought over the Slavery issue. But if we look behind the scenes we will find that the "slave question" was but the surface issue. Below the surface ran a current of intrigue that ended with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln because he was determined that the United States was to be free from the bondage of the International Jewish Bankers. The part the Catholic Church through the Jesuits has already been presented. Now we will present the "Rest of The Story." In 1857, the Rothschild Illuminati bankers ruled Europe.

Division of U.S. Plotted In London

Disraeli, the late Prime Minister of England, determined to divide the United States and give one part to Lionel {Rothschild}. Thus the North would become a British Colony annexed to Canada. The South would go to Napoleon {Rothschild}. In the year 1857, the money power of old Europe was centered in the House of Rothschild. Disraeli represented them in England; Napoleon III in France; Bismarck in Germany and Mazzini in Italy.

According to Mr. John Reeves, who wrote on page 228, of an authorized biography entitled "The Rothschilds, The Financial Rulers of Nations," based on research in their own archives, there was a famous meeting in the City of London in 1857. The great Rothschild family was assembled from the countries of Europe for the marriage of Lionel Rothschild's daughter, Leonora, to her cousin, Alphonse, son of James Rothschild of Paris. It was at this time Disraeli is reported to have said: "Under this roof are the heads of the family of Rothschild, a name famous in every capital of Europe and every division of the globe. If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts, one for you, James, and one for you, Lionel. Napoleon will do exactly and all that I shall advise him." Thus, in London, we see a plan fostered by the money power of Europe, moving in on America, and pitting the North against the South under the old principle of "divide and conquer."

Remember that the Civil War with all of its suffering, blood shed and death was calmly planned and blueprinted by the Satanic Rothschild bankers in Europe and in conjunction with their agents who control the Catholic Church from behind the scenes, in 1857. The Rothschild, Jewish, Zionist triumvirate in obedience to their Bilderberger comrades did the same with World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam.

Intervention of The Czar of Russia

Saved The United States

Disraeli and the Catholic Church had already assured the Confederacy of Britain's support. However, this was not to help the South; it was to crush both the North and the South and to conquer and possess both. As a result, English, French and Spanish troops were landed at Vera Cruz in 1862. The French General, Bazaine, occupied the capitol of Mexico at the time. So Napoleon was ready to strike and help divide and destroy the United States. The danger was great. The situation looked hopeless. Understanding the situation Lincoln spent long nights in humble prayer to Almighty God. He knew the North, alone, could not withstand such a combination. Moreover, Archduke Maximilian had been induced to accept the throne of Mexico.

But God stepped in. Fortunately God in His wisdom exposed this Satanic plot to the Christian Czar of Russia through his Ambassadors in Paris and London; who upon learning of the Rothschild ‑ Disraeli ‑ Catholic ‑ Napoleonic plot immediately dispatched a fleet of ships and men to San Francisco under the command of Admiral S. Lesowsky.

He also rushed a squadron to New York to New York under the command of Admiral A.A. Popoff. Both Admirals had orders from the Czar to be ready to fight any power {nation} on earth, and to take their orders directly from President Abraham Lincoln; and him alone. Needless to say, this quick, generous and vigorous action saved the United States from the intrigue of the International Bankers.

So James Rothschild was left without Mexico and the Southern States, and Lionel could not capture the North through military measures. But the European Machevillis were determined on financial conquest, if not actual slavery. At the same time, this great and good Christian Czar, who, as the servant of Almighty God and by His Power, saved the United States, lovingly and voluntarily emancipated 47 million serfs on September 19, 1861, and translated the entire Bible into the Russian language.

For his courageous and benevolent acts, he was murdered by the Atheistic, God‑hating, one‑world, bankers in 1881. He was another casualty in the conflict of the ages. The conflict between right and wrong, light and darkness, good and evil, Christ and anti‑Christ, God and Satan. The same devils murdered Lincoln on April 4, 1865. The history books lie about why Booth killed Lincoln. Coded messages in Booth's trunk and the key to these codes in Judah P. Benjamin's possession proved that Lincoln was murdered by orders from the Jewish Rothschild bankers. Their successors are still doing the same today to people they perceive as their enemies.

Booth’s Code: Found in Benjamin Trunk

The good Czar, after several unsuccessful attempts on his life, was murdered in 1881. Lincoln was murdered in 1865, on April 4th, by an actor, John Wilkes Booth, in whose trunk was found coded messages the key to which was found in Judah P. Benjamin's possession. Benjamin escaped to England where he later died. The Czar, Alexander II, had been responsible on September 19, 1861, by imperial decree, for emancipating the Russian serfs, in number over 47‑million. Serfdom in Russia was ended by the stroke of a pen. But in the United States, it took billions of dollars and oceans of blood to free three million, not serfs, but slaves, because of an infamous plot of English and European Jewish money lords.

The Sixteenth Amendment contains the same provision granting the Fed. power as is contained in the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments. "We the People's" sovereignty was thus dissipated and those obtaining the sovereignty, by personal privilege legislation, were being taxed for the privilege as were corporations for exercising the privilege of incorporation. Those hidden figures that were instrumental in creation this de facto government [the Fed.], the centralization of power wasn't sufficient to meet their ends.

The reason it wasn't sufficient is because after emotional hostility had ceased, for the most part, the States still had enough power, while being free of ignorant emotional public opinion, to reverse the process that had been set in motion. The State legislatures still maintained their ability to exercise sovereignty in the Senate of the U.S. Congress and through election of the President.

One way the States could regain the sovereignty already lost was by only placing Senators to the Senate that would refuse to appropriate the money necessary to maintain the Fed. de factor authority and the Feds., acts against the sovereignty of the States and their lawful sovereign bodies, thereby choking the Fed., out of existence so the lawful United States Government could return to power. The State legislatures had this ability because they elected the Senators for Congress as provided by Article I Section 3 of the United States Constitution. "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two senators from each State, chosen by the legislature thereof..." [9] To disable the State legislatures in this area the rebels of the de facto Fed. and their hidden consorts devised the Seventeenth Amendment, which allowed the defacto citizens, created by the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, to elect Senators by popular vote, depriving the State Legislatures of another foothold of sovereignty.

Because not all the States would allow this latest perversion, the Seventeenth Amendment was declared a part of the Constitution on ratification of three fourths of the several States in violation of the Fifth Article of the United States Constitution, which required consent of every State that was deprived of their legislatures' suffrage in the Senate. " State, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the senate." [10]

In 1920, to further perpetuate this scheme, the rebels added a new twist to their method of attack on this once White Christian Nation. An attack which would reach into our very homes and families. Not only in violation of the Common Law and the Constitution, but also in violation of Gods Law concerning the so‑called fair sex. This new twist was the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women suffrage. Not only did this set husband and wife at odds to nullify each others' votes at the polls and cause disruption over politics in the

home, [no man can serve two masters Matthew 6:24] but it created a new political franchise that would place women, exercising suffrage, in the same legal status as the non‑white, non‑citizens that had previously been politically franchised by the Fed. These rebel, usurping, manipulators understand human nature very well as they and their ancestors have already shown in past history,

1). A female is generally of a tender nature filled with compassions governed more easily by emotion that could be manipulated through the media, without this special tenderness a woman just would not be a woman;

2). They knew this would weaken the family structure by giving husband and wife the opportunity not to act as one as required by their vows; and,

3). They knew they had an emotional lever on women where their children were concerned, and because of this the woman might vote for measures that could be given the appearance of providing immediate security for their families, while further depriving the family of the oneness to act as a whole when exercising the sovereignty to govern and maintain their sovereign Common Law rights intact. Little does anyone realize that when the womens' vote is being appealed to pass legislation, that in many cases, passage of the legislation would harm their children in the unforeseen future while giving the appearance of immediate benefits, thereby breaking down the family government structure.

However, the White Males' sovereignty, in their persons, still was not completely subjected to the jurisdiction of the Fed., so in 1935 after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the artificial depression these rebel usurpers were able to create through the Federal Reserve Act, the Social Security Act was passed into law by the Fed.

Congress claimed, once more, to make such legislation under all the aforementioned de facto powers and franchises which allegedly consolidated sovereignty in the Feds., hands. All of these perversions of our Christian Nation and our Constitution and the Bill of Rights were now brought to bear upon the last vestige of the lawful sovereign body, the White Male Common Law Citizen. And an artificial depression forced or coerced the majority into signing a maritime Social Insurance Policy [11], that is sign up for Social Security benefits in order that they and theirs might survive this crisis. While others probably did it because they were led to believe it was the patriotic thing to do.

By the individual signature of each White Male citizen the rebels collect most of the remaining Sovereign body of the de jure [lawful] government into the camp of the rebels. They were now, as stated in the Fourteenth Amendment, "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" [the jurisdiction of the Fed.], that is subject in their person and in all their personal affairs, as were those persons previously franchised by the previous unconstitutional and totally revolutionary acts of these rebels which have perverted our nation and its government. The final major proposal these rebels made against the lawful Constitution of the United States of America was the Twenty‑ fourth Amendment which provides for the popular election of the President of the United States.

The last chance of the State Legislatures to choke the Fed. through putting a man in office that would veto appropriation for Fed. rebels ends, was dismembered. Also by popular vote of Senators and the President, every person that exercises the franchise agrees that the de facto Fed. as designed is the de jure [lawful] government for them. Can anyone doubt that the acts and omissions that can readily be seen in the last 120 years of our nations history prove a positive design and almost full completion of a plan to destroy the governments and sovereignties formed and protected under the United States Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and the individual States Constitutions? The plan is clear,

1). Devise means to divest the sovereign body and their State governments of their power and sovereignty;

2). Create new sovereignties and political franchises which by operation of law automatically vest all power in the central government, while totally subjecting themselves to it; and,

3). Implement the plan slowly and methodically so it can be made acceptable by means of coercive economic, political and falsely reported moral conditions, with use of the media to report the views of the rebels while depriving the lawful sovereigns access to any media by which they could report to their fellow citizens.

It is clear under these conditions;

a). The State and Local Governments are mere subdivisions of the Fed. disguised as States;

b). The 10 regions of Federal Regional Government are now exercising the power of the States with all sovereignty completely vested in the Fed;

c). "We the People" are now considered subjects of the Fed;

d). The United States, today, for the most part is the de factor Fed look‑alike disguised as the lawful government, intended by the Framers and We the People of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and We the People, (See the definitions of de facto and de jure government in the various legal dictionaries); and

e). Finally that if the lawful sovereign body did not remove themselves from this rebel jurisdiction and assert their power and sovereignty, we will be controlled by a despotism that will make the despotism of King George in the 1700's look like a benevolent dictator.

Republic and The Race

The first deception and usurpation took place when Congress began authorizing statehood predicated upon state constitutions that did not follow the Common Law principle of designating one race to govern. The first examples of that were the admissions of such states as Washington, Montana and others. This was the beginning of the conversion [or should we say perversion] of our "Nation" to a socialist republic, a republic within the framework of international law. The lie put forth was, that to establish a One Race Republic [One Race Governing] was prejudicial and un‑Christian. The people were told by their Judeo-Christian preachers, ministers, priests, evangelists and etc., the Biblical mandate to be “Separated” was no longer valid. This was a deliberate lie! But that was merely the first in a whole series of alterations implemented to defeat the Common Law form of Republic; to destroy our Christian Nation and to enslave the Citizens thereof. Alteration of the Republic required three main points of attack. These were and are:

1). The "People" must be convinced that miscegenation [Race Mixing] is authorized by the Law of our Father in Heaven, and thus is condoned by the Christian Faith;

2). The "People" must be convinced to alter the constitutions of their separate states and the United States of America to coincide with this new interpretation of Christian doctrine;

3). The co‑equal character of the three branches of government must be removed and one branch must be made the "highest organ of state power;" or put another way, one branch must be given power over the other two. Of course, the People must either be persuaded that this is acceptable or kept in such a state of ignorance that they don't know they no longer have three co‑equal branches. The task of persuasion can be accomplished either through propaganda or by force of arms.

The current system has been put in place through stealth, deceit, fraud and treason. The task of "persuasion" will only become necessary when the fraud is generally discovered and the legitimacy of the system is widely challenged and denied by a significant portion of the citizenry. Up until now, the enemies of this once Christian Nation could claim that we gave our consent to all this. When it becomes obvious that we did not and the illusion can no longer be maintained, then the die will be cast and they must act to preserve themselves.

One Race, One Faith, One Law

Fact one, to be within the framework of a Christian Common Law Republic, one race must govern [Hold the sovereignty]. Alter this fact and you must alter all other provisions of your constitutions. Alter the provisions of your constitutions, where the government is one of law [That is, one that exists by written constitution], as in our Nations case, then you alter the government itself. However, bear in mind that for this to be possible it must be preceded by a change in religion, from Christianity to a false "Judeo‑ Christianity." Take for instance the Thirteenth Amendment. Its stated purpose was to end slavery in the United States. But was the Thirteenth Amendment necessary to accomplish the abolition of slavery?

With the passage of time, it has become clear: The Thirteenth Amendment was not needed to end slavery, its sole purpose was to end State Sovereignty. "We the People" did not have to add to the citizenry [The Black People] those of another race who were not of the "posterity." "We the People" did not have to alter our Common Law Republics to accomplish the end of slavery in America. But, then, “We the People” didn’t pass the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments either, the Several State Legislatures did!

Now you can begin to perceive a hidden purpose in the events that lead up to the war between the District of Columbia and the Southern States and climaxed with the alleged adoption of those amendments. Their purpose was not to free the blacks, it was to enslave us The White Race as well! Through the hidden ramifications of those Satanic, anti‑Christ measures, we the White Race have almost been placed in the exact same status that the Black Race formerly occupied in this land. South Africa and tiny Iceland are the last governments on this earth that are of, by, and for, the White Race and restrict their citizenship accordingly.

When they are gone, we will no longer have a government anywhere on this earth that even pretends to represent the White Race and we will then be a prey to all comers under the law of nations, just as blacks once were. In so far as the Fed., is concerned, we are already there. That was accomplished relative to domestic politics when "Free White" was removed from the last state constitution.

Religion and Law Must Agree

Secondly, you cannot alter the Laws of a Christian Nation until you alter that Nation's Christian Doctrine. A change in the nation's laws must be proceeded by a change in the nations religion, because religion is always the source of Law! When you research the early constitutions of the several states you will find all of them established only White Males as the body politic, or, in other words; White Males only could vote and hold office; White Males only could govern. This held true since the Christian doctrine was that the head of a household is responsible for his wife and children, being their protector, their voice and their provider, insulating the family from the world at large, both in law and in fact.

Today the state says, "We have jurisdiction over your wife and children." The type of situation we are experiencing today is unheard of in a Christian Common Law Republic, but, common place in a socialist/communist republic. In a Republic where the sovereignty is predicated upon one race and one race only, miscegenation is perceived as being treasonous.

Why? Because it destroys the race comprising the sovereign body, subverts the organization of the lawful government, and makes the entire reason for the existence of the Republic a nullity; a moot question if you will. Only White Males voted in our Christian Common Law Republic. The citizenship established by the organic law was exclusive! But in a socialist/communist state, anyone can vote, regardless of race, color, creed, or sex. The Fourteenth Amendment purports to establish a uniform and universal citizenship of subjects in the socialist vein.

There are three co‑equal branches of government in a Christian Common Law Republic, but, only one branch of government holds the power as "the highest organ of state power" in a socialist/communist republic. Our Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ, said His Word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow [12]. His government is founded upon a perpetual law, a perpetual faith and a perpetual constitution. If we believe the Scriptures and this is true, then, how and when did Christian Doctrine change from that which established a Christian Common Law Republic to that which is required in a social­ist-communist republic? Did Our Father [God] or the Lord Jesus Christ alter His Law? Not according to Scripture!

Today preachers condone miscegenation, get licenses to preach, encourage our children to get marriage licenses, social security numbers, drivers licenses, or, in other words, the preachers tell us and our children to surrender to Baal as they themselves have done. If the preachers of this nation were teaching true Christian Doctrine instead of pagan fables and were adhering to the Christian Doctrine of our forefathers, our state constitutions would still be in the Christian Common Law Republic form. "And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." [13]

The Moffett translation says: "As Jesus knew what they were thinking, he said to them, Any realm divided against itself comes to ruin, any city or house divided against itself will never stand."

Smith‑Goodspeed translation states it this way: "But he [Christ] knew what they were thinking, and he said to them, Any kingdom that is disunited is on the way to destruction, and any city or household that is disunited cannot last."

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