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The Price in Blood!

I have said it before, but I have had several new people to join the mailing list, that I am no preacher, I am no teacher, I am a watchman and I present what Yahweh gives me to present to you. I sometimes rewrite the articles so that they will be more easily understood by those reading them, but that is all. Some He gives to me directly and I write those down as He gives them to me. And it matters not if you believe that or not.

If you are saved or not I really don’t care. If you are I am glad of that and praise Yahweh for it, but if not I really don’t give a damn for that is between you and Yahweh. If you are a White Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic or kindred people then you are an Israelite and if you accept Yahweh’s call then fine and good. If not then that is your decision.

People keep whinning about there being so many killed at the WTC bombing. But they pale in comparison compared to the casualties of the Civil War.

An remember that each and every one of these people in the Civil War, Mexican War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam an uncounted smaller wars, were killed as a direct result of the treason of the Jews and those of our own people who sold out to mammon, for money, fame, fortune, material goods, political power and etc. They are even worse traitors than the Jews.

The Jew is a traitor because he is the child of the devil and his desire is that of his father Satan and that is to destroy the White Race. Those of our own race who have committed treason and murder do so for the above listed reasons so what Christ said rings even more true:

Matthew 23:15

15: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

                   Casualties in the Civil War

At least 618,000 Americans died in the Civil War, and some experts say the toll reached 700,000. The number that is most often quoted is 620,000. At any rate, these casualties exceed the nation's loss in all its other wars, from the Revolution through Vietnam. The Union armies had from 2,500,000 to 2,750,000 men. Their losses, by the best estimates:

Battle deaths: 110,070

Disease, etc.: 250,152

Total                360,222

The Confederate strength, known less accurately because of missing records, was from 750,000 to 1,250,000. Its estimated losses:

Battle deaths: 94,000

Disease, etc.: 164,000

Total     258,000

The leading authority on casualties of the war, Thomas L. Livermore, admitting the handicap of poor records in some cases, studied 48 of the war's battles and concluded:

Of every 1,000 Federals in battle, 112 were wounded.

Of every 1,000 Confederates, 150 were hit.

Mortality was greater among Confederate wounded, because of inferior medical service. The great battles, in terms of their toll in dead, wounded, and missing is listed on this site:

The Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War.

Some of the great blood baths of the war came as Grant drove on Richmond in the spring of 1864‑ Confederate casualties are missing for this campaign, but were enormous. The Federal toll:

The Wilderness, May 5‑7: 17,666

Spotsylvania, May 10 and 12: 10,920

Drewry's Bluff, May 12‑16: 4,160

Cold Harbor, June 1‑3: 12,000

Petersburg, June 15‑30: 16,569

These total 61,315, with rolls of the missing incomplete.

The Appomattox campaign, about ten days of running battles ending April 9, 1865, cost the Union about 11,000 casualties, and ended in the

surrender of Lee's remnant of 26,765. Confederate dead and wounded in the meantime were about 6,500.

Lesser battles are famous for their casualties. At Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, 1864, General Hood's Confederates lost over 6,000 of 21,000 effective ‑most of them in about two hours. Six Confederate generals died there.

Hood lost about 8,ooo men in his assault before Atlanta, July 22, 1864; Sherman's Union forces lost about 3,800.

The small battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri, August 10, 1861, was typical of the savagery of much of the war's fighting. The Union force Of

5,400 men lost over 1,200; the Confederates, over 11,000 strong, lost about the same number.

The first battle of Manassas/Bull Run, though famous as the first large engagement, was relatively light in cost: 2,708 for the Union, 1,981 for the Confederates.

The casualty rolls struck home to families and regiments.

The Confederate General, John B. Gordon, cited the case of the Christian family, of Christiansburg, Virginia, which suffered eighteen dead in the war.

The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, in a charge at Petersburg, Virginia, 18 June, 1864, sustained a "record" loss of the war‑635 of its 900 men within seven minutes.

Another challenger is the 26th North Carolina, which lost 714, of its 800 men at Gettysburg‑in numbers and percentage the war's greatest losses.

On the first day this regiment lost 584 dead and wounded, and when roll was called the next morning for G Company, one man answered, and he had been knocked unconscious by a shell burst the day before. This roll was called by a sergeant who lay on a stretcher with a severe leg wound.

The 24th Michigan, a gallant Federal regiment which was in front of the North Carolinians on the first day, lost 362 of its 496 men.

More than 3,000 horses were killed at Gettysburg, and one artillery battalion, the 9th Massachusetts, lost 80 of its 88 animals in the Trostle farmyard.

A brigade from Vermont lost 1,645 Of its 2,100 men during a week of fighting in the Wilderness.

The Irish Brigade, Union, had a total muster Of 7,000 during the war, and returned to New York in '65 with 1,000. One company was down to seven men. The 69th New York of this brigade lost 16 of 19 officers, and had 75 per cent casualties among enlisted men.

In the Irish Brigade, Confederate, from Louisiana, Company A dwindled from go men to 3 men and an officer in March, '65. Company B went from 100 men to 2.

Experts have pointed out that the famed Light Brigade at Balaklava lost only 36.7 per cent of its men, and that at least 63 Union regiments lost as much as 50 per cent in single battles.

At Gettysburg 23 Federal regiments suffered losses of more than half their strength, including the well‑known Iron Brigade (886 of 1,538 engaged).

Many terrible casualty tolls were incurred in single engagements, like that of the Polish Regiment of Louisiana at Frayser's Farm during the Seven Days, where the outfit was cut to pieces and had to be consolidated with the 20th  Louisiana. In this action one company of the Poles lost 33 of 42 men.

One authority reports that Of 3,530 Indians who fought for the Union, 1,018 were killed, a phenomenally high rate. Of 178,975 Negro Union

troops, this expert says, over 36,000 died.

Confederate losses by states, in dead and wounded only, and with many records missing (especially those of Alabama):

North Carolina                       20,602

Virginia                                   6,947

Mississippi                             6,807

South Carolina                      4,760

Arkansas                               3,782

Georgia                                  3,702

Tennessee                            3,425

Louisiana                               3,059

Texas                                     1,260

Florida                                    1,047

Alabama                                    724

(Statisticians recognize these as fragmentary, from a report of 1866; they serve as a rough guide to relative losses by states).

Source: "The Civil War, Strange and Fascinating Facts," by Burke Davis

The Prophets of Profit: The last days have brought with them an all new set of money changers. These unique individuals have a rare and unique quality for predicting the end of the world on one hand, and selling their special wares to prepare for it on the other. (Which just goes to show how resourceful the Jews are at advertising and marketing - WM) They have virtually created their own market overnight and now stand to reap millions from a public that is running scared on fear, panic, and hysteria. (The vast majority of these end time profiteers are Jews. And many who sell survival supplies are just scams because they take the money but never deliver the goods; and if it is delivered it is defective; a typical Jewish operation -WM) While some fear what the future brings, these people have never had it so good and are looking to the coming months as the ultimate financial windfall.

These end time priests of profit are men and women such as: Binny Hinn; Bill Bright; Billy Graham; Brother Stair; David Lankford; Hal Lindsey (Jew); Jack van Impe; James Robison; James Dobson;  Jerry Falwell (A so-called Christian Zionist); Jim Bakker (Jew); Jimmy Swaggart; John Hagee; Joyce Meyers; Kenneth Copelan; Kenny Hagin; Marilyn Hickey; Marlin Maddoux; Mike Evans; Oral Roberts; Pat Robertson; Paul Crouch; Robert Schuler; Dr. Wolf (Jew); David Pilinger; Berst Beach; Rod Parsley; Tom Bambley; James Kennedy; J.W. Williams (nigger), Doug Batchler; Jack Graham; Bill Gather; J.K. Halilton (nigger), Allan Lane, Gilbert Graham. There are many others but they are too numerous to mention, suffice it to say that any preacher that preaches in a 501(c)(3) church is a Baal priest in a Whore House called a church.

The unique and distinguishing quality of this new brand of prophets is their uncanny ability to create their own market. Once again these people have proven that “fear sells.” They have been able to turn a computer glitch at the end of the century into an economic opportunity unmatched in human history.

These economic wizards are masters of the “what if scenario” and can bring catastrophe home like nothing else. By the time one finishes reading their newsletters, they will be reaching for their life savings and spending all in hopes that they, too, might survive the terrible catastrophes foretold by the prophets.

Of course, these unique individuals have just the right products needed for you to survive and will gladly make them available for a rather substantial fee. Since the market they have created will now gladly pay it, they have absolutely no remorse about collecting it.

(But they never warn people that the government, at some point in time, will get a copy of the lists of people who purchased the survival supplies; and will then use as their authority to search and seize those same survival supples the Executive Orders which have been put in place by the various Presidents. Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, 6260, 6560, 10289, 11921, 11647, 12628, 10995, 10997, 10998, 10999, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005, 11490, 12803, 12938, 12919, 12949, 13010, 12986, 12859, 13107, 13107; to name just a few. - WM)

Never in modern history have so many specialty products been purchased in such a short period of time. Millions of dollars are now being spent to purchase the survival wares of these last-day prophets. Thousands of orders are now flooding vendors; creating a bottleneck in supply and demand unknown in recent history.

More items are now on back order than in the history of modern manufacturing. With almost no warehouse storage in the existing chain of supply, manufactures are now suffering from a glut of orders which they openly admit will not be fulfilled for many months to come. The marketing campaign has been so successful that the demand has now far outreached the supply!

There is such an enormous demand for survival products and speciality items that has now put the prophets in one of the most lucrative financial positions in recent history. Having created their own special market, fueled by fear and hysteria, these people now stand to reap millions as unweary customers empty their life savings to insure their future survival.

The mail order business alone has become a sky-rocketing industry overnight, with nearly every company hiring extra personnel to answer their constantly ringing phones. Never in the history of modern enterprising has such an overnight market been created.

These people are the prophets of profit. They have prophesied in the name of Mammon and run after the reward of Balaam. If their prophecies do not come to pass, it is of no real concern to them, since their only true interest is in the profits generated by them. They have prophesied a self-serving vision whose fulfillment will not be measured in their eyes by the catastrophes they have predicted, but by the profits they have generated. These people truly are the prophets of profit, and the great money changers of the last days. (Taken in part from an article titled “The Prophets of Profit!” by Scott Stinson, published in The Watchman, which is published quarterly by, The Church of Israel, Rural Route 1, Box 218E, Schell City, Missouri 64783)

The Phoney War On Terrorism ‑ Ted Gunderson (retired FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge)

Attorneys who work for the U.S. Department of Justice wrote proposed anti‑terrorism legislation during the George Bush. Sr. administration in the mid 1980s. One of the authors, a female attorney, publicly stated that people would have to be killed before Congress would pass it. On February 26, 1993, a car bomb destroyed portions of the World Trade Center in N.Y.C., the F.B.I. not only knew in advance of the bombing, they furnished the ingredients for the bomb. (New York Times, October 28, 1993).

Not enough deaths resulted, however, to arouse the ire of Congress and pass the anti‑terrorism legislation. On April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal

Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was bombed by Timothy McVeigh, who reportedly used a fertilizer car bomb, however, an inside investigator told me that besides McVeigh, there were at least eleven others involved with the bombing, including Middle Easterners.

This bombing killed 168 people, possibly 169. One year later, anti‑ terrorism legislation was passed  that took away many of our Constitutional rights and civil liberties, such as indiscriminate wire taps, and in some instances an individual does not face his accuser in court.

On September 11, 2001, two planes flew into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. I have witnesses who saw and heard systematic, simultaneous explosions on the top floors of the World Trade Center towers before they collapsed. The country is into an uproar. Citizens are demanding protection. As a result more stringent anti‑terrorism measures will be passed.

The president is attempting to establish a new, gigantic U.S. Government agency, Homeland Security, that would oversee programs, such as having one in every twenty‑four Americans act as a "snitch" (shades of Nazi Germany in 1933), and allow U.S. military personnel to enforce laws against the civilian population, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

The anti‑terrorism legislation is written under the guise of protecting us, however the real purpose of this legislation is to strip us of our rights. On May 1, 1776 (a Communist holiday), after having been commissioned to devise a plan to control the wealth, natural resources and manpower of the entire world, Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit who had defected from Christianity, announced on behalf of the Illuminati, the twenty‑five goals for achieving this plan.

The goals included the corruption of the youth through sex and drugs, and control of the press (See the U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917, page 2947, where Congressman Calloway announced that the J.P. Morgan interests bought 25 of America's leading newspapers, and inserted their own editors, in order to control the media).

Another "telling" goal ‑ one applicable to our recent terrorist attacks, is to create a preconceived "reign of terror, and then make ourselves appear as the saviors of the oppressed, and champions of the workers," to quote Adam Wieshaupt, who then added, "And we are interested in just the opposite." (85% of these goals have been completed) A U.S. Army Special Forces officer recently told me that the U.S. Government is operating a "huge" terrorist training camp in Greece. A reliable source has advised that Osama Bin Laden met with CIA representatives from July 4 through July 14, 2001 in the city of Dubai (member of the United Arab group).

The CIA representatives returned to the United States on July 15, 2001. The common denominator in all of the above‑mentioned terrorist attacks is the Middle East connection.

Did our intelligence agencies know in advance of these attacks? I think so. Should our intelligence agencies have known in advance of these attacks, even if they were not implicated? Yes.

Did our intelligence agencies directly or indirectly participate in these terrorist attacks? I suspect so.

Did these terrorist attacks occur in order to take away many of our civil liberties and Constitutional rights, in an effort to more effectively control the population, looking toward the Illuminati takeover of our country and the world? I believe so.

But, don't take my word for this: Research it for yourself. Refer to http://educate‑, or write to me for the information that I have obtained from my 23 years of research. (Ted Gunderson, Retired FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge (Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles Divisions) P.O. Box 18000‑259, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89114 (310) 364‑2281)

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