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A "Politically Correct" Christianity? In an effort to maintain attendance and a level of economic well being, many former fundamentalist denominations are now striving for "politically correctness!" What once was only a trend is now a matter of survival.

Compromising God's Word is so commonplace that few Christians even flinch anymore {spiritually speaking] when their churches embrace that which God's Word has clearly forbidden.

A subtle move, via "political correctness," is also no in progress toward curtailing freedom of speech. Subjugating our God given rights is a prime goal of the enemies of Christ. The time has come when "political correctness" is determined by the hearer ‑ not by what the writer or speaker meant. Let us make it perfectly clear that slanderous terms has always been and will always be unacceptable.

However, valid scurrilous remarks are being used to create a door whereby the right to freedom of speech can be circumvented. Remember, the not so orthodox religious beliefs of the Branch Dravidians gave "license" to disregard their freedom of religion, and the right to life and liberty.

Violence with guns is also being used to invade our right to keep and bear arms. It is also obvious that drugs have been used by Satan as the single most important instrument in creating chaos in our society, and to seize or freedoms from us under the pretext of a so‑called war on drugs, which is noting more or less than a war on our freedoms.

Our primary freedoms; (1) freedom of speech; (2) freedom of religion and (3) the right to keep and bear arms ‑ which our Constitution and Bill of rights recognized as pre‑existing the founding of this country ‑ have no place in a New Age New World Order, Rev. 13 very early documents this fact, therefore, those rights have to be done away with. A gag‑rule is being implemented on all who teach against that which God's Word declares as unacceptable to Him! Those rights cannot be set aside, therefore, they must be circumvented. it is not that which man says that's under fire ‑ it is that which God says that Satan wants to silence.

Intimidation, which is on the rise, causes many people to compromise their position on many things. However, anyone who would compromise God's Truth is an enemy of God. (Luke 11:23)

The high cost of litigation that small religious groups would have to bear in defending themselves against well financed and staffed opposition groups, and rather than compromise, will simply force many teachers to quit publicly mentioning certain subjects.

"Political correctness" is no more than an invented phrase that can be likened to placing a padded glove over an iron fist. Soon, very soon, the glove will be removed ‑ and the iron fist will then be visible. It was shown during the Ruby Creek and Waco massacres.

Information that helps people to recognize what is taking place in today's world is not popular.

A prominent Communist leader stated many years ago that it would be very difficult to take a whole loaf of salami from a person all at one time; but by taking it in very small slices, the person will be unaware that it is being taken away and will even deny such is happening. It is obvious that there has been a systematic encroachment upon our rights.

The iron fist is now showing through the padded glove. Therefore, the worn out glove is about to be discarded. The New World Order proponents are now so brave that replacement of the glove will be unnecessary. it is too late to successfully resist the iron fist, therefore, all anyone can do is sound a warning signal and practice Proverbs 3:5‑6.

Satan knows the base nature of mankind, because the evidence that man's nature has been used against him since the recorded history of Genesis is overwhelming. It is inextricably clear in Scripture that our Father will bring chaos to the New World Order (Rev. 13:3) which will awaken many who are now asleep.

The coming economic chaos is not our main concern; it's the deception and destruction of humanity caused by the rising power of the beast system of Rev. 13.

Being "politically correct" while pointing out the various aspects of the New World Order {the Beast system}, as well as the state of mankind and religion in general, is virtually impossible. Anyone who ventures to expose the "innards" of the coming beastly religious/political system John describes in chapters 13 & 17 of Rev. is certain to come under the watchful eyes of that very system.

Therefore, to avoid conflict and maintain their religious empires and tax exempt 501‑(C)(3) status, many denominations are compromising the truth (becoming "politically correct").

If all the religious empires within Christendom would turn back to truth and obey 2 Chr. 7:14; and demand our government to reverse its course, things would change overnight. However, that will not happen. Since our Father knew that His people would again fall into the spiritual condition Jeremiah chapter 3 depicts, John could safely pen that the beast system {the New World Order} would fall (Rev. 18).

Therefore, knowing that Babylon is not "religiously correct" should comfort all who refuse to be "politically correct" when it comes to God's truth.

We find in many instances that God Himself, as well as Jesus Christ, was not "politically or religiously correct." In fact, it was the religious/political system that murdered Jesus!

Therefore,  we should not become too concerned with the "correctness" that our society dictates. If we do, we may find ourselves at variance with God Almighty. The time has come that we, as dedicated practicing Christians, must "draw a line in the sand," as it were, just like Elijah did in 1 Kings 18:21.

Not to cause trouble nor to create  hostility, but to assert that we have reached our limit and have the right to follow the dictates of our God and we will go no further along the road of the anti‑Christs in our midst.

   The Israelite nation (the original 13 tribes) were chose "...above all people.." to be a priesthood to all other nations (Exo. 19:5‑6; Deut. 7:6‑14; 10:15), and Biblical history records they failed miserably. Many do not like the idea that Israel was God's choice, so they deny that there is a Chosen People or will erroneously give that title to the impostors ‑ the Jews.

That's like saying because one is not chosen to be a preacher, God has discriminated against them. How ridiculous! God chose Israel and that is what the Bible is all about ‑ from Genesis to Revolution, the claims of those who deny it notwithstanding.

Because of spiritual infidelity, God divorced Israel (Jer. 3:8), but He never wrote them off (Romans 11). The House of Israel converted to Christianity {most believe themselves to be Gentiles} and were likewise chose (1 Peter 2:9) for the same task; but they are also compromising, becoming "religiously and politically correct" true to prophecy!

Christ forsook the religion of the Jews,  who to this day deny the Messiah, Yahshua, Jesus Christ, (Matt. 23:38‑39). The Jewish Pharisees were in power at the time of Christ, notwithstanding, they were left destitute of the knowledge of Christ just as

He said they would be in Jeremiah chapter 7. Psalms 69:4 proves the Jews to be the enemies of Christ with the following: "They that hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of mine head: they that would destroy me, BEING MINE ENEMIES..."

The so‑called separation of Church and State paved the way for the State to become the supreme power rather than God! If Christianity were to fail (it won't, Matt. 16:18), the integrity of our Father would be defeated, which is what Satan is working for.

That is the reason for Jesus' statement in Matthew 3:9. In Romans 11:1‑7 Paul relates that Elijah learned that lesson. Following the fulfillment of the promises God made to Israel through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David is vital to establishing our faith today. Peter declared this very fact on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1‑39).

Verses 38 & 40 says it all! But where is the House of Israel today? We are not talking about the Jews with this question (a deceptive nickname for the House of Judah). We must likewise save (rescue) ourselves from this "politically and religiously incorrect" and untoward generation. Untoward means crooked, perverse or wicked (Strong's No. 4646). Generation, means an age, offspring or that which is begotten of men (Strong's No. 1074, 1085).

However, without a few called teachers, who would be informed?

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