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The Occult Origins of the Bank of England

The Occult Origins of the Bank of England by The Magician Much of the history of the last several hundred years can be interpreted as the competition for power between the British Monarchy, or "Perfidious Albion," and its allies, on one hand; and the Vatican and its allies, on the other. Of course, like any overriding theory, this one should not be pushed to an extreme, and it doesn’t explain everything. But it explains a great deal.

Much of the history of the last several hundred years can be interpreted as the competition for power between the British Monarchy, or "Perfidious Albion," and its allies, on one hand; and the Vatican and its allies, on the other.

Of course, like any overriding theory, this one should not be pushed to an extreme, and it doesn’t explain everything. But it explains a great deal.

A key role in the course events initally took was played by John Dee, the Neoplatonic Christian Cabalist and Scientific Advisor to Queen Elisabeth. He introduced the idea that the inhabitants of Britain were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. It was all part of the British propaganda barrage directed against the Vatican and the European Counter Reformation in the Sixteenth Century.

                            Henry VIII Wants an Heir

Let’s start with Henry VIII. The king of England had not  been able to conceive a male heir with his wife Catherine. So he wanted a divorce, which he doubted the Pope would allow. Henry VIII sent his secret agent Richard Croke to Venice in 1529 to consult with the Christian Cabalist theologian Georgi, as well as Jewish Rabbis, on the right way to biblically justify divorce and remarriage to the Pope. There was a conflict between Leviticus and Deuteronomy whether a man could marry his brother's widow, the grounds on which Henry VIII was questioning the legality of his own marriage to Catherine.

This represented the beginnings of an alliance between the British Monarchy and various Jewish groups. The divorce arguments, however, went nowhere. No compromise was ever reached with the Pope. (The British historian, Dame Francis Yates, tells the story in her book, The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age.) So Henry VIII finally solved his dilemma by wresting the Church of England out from under the Pope, and proclaimed himself Head of the Church. Henry was now supreme leader, both politically and spiritually, and did what he wanted with respect to divorce and remarriage. (As for the heir, we now know that the underlying infertility was Henry VIII’s own. But from such trivialities do the major events of world history proceed.)

The Vatican was staggered. And it was furious. Not only had the head of a leading nation defied the Pope’s authority in spiritual matters, but this same king had set himself up as a rival Pope, so to speak. King Henry VIII was an Anti‑Pope. Or that’s how the Vatican saw it. The Vatican and the Monarchy were now at war. The war of spiritual ideas and spiritual concepts quickly became part and parcel of the geopolitical war with the chief Catholic power, Spain.

                        Henry VIII’s seizure of the Church of England had to be

                        ustified to English‑speaking people in a spiritual sense. And

                        so it was. The British had a spiritual destiny, it was declared.

                                 Information Warfare and John Dee

                        John Dee, the son of one of Henry VIII's court officials, grew

                        up surrounded by this controversy and the mystical currents

                        oncerning the notion of British Empire. The latter involved a

                        spiritual as well as a geopolitical aspect: the British were to

                        inherit the earth, and in the process foster the spread of True

                        Christianity. That is, not Catholicism.

                        According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the kings of Britain

                        ere descended from Brut, of Trojan origin. King Arthur, one

                        of Brut's descendants, was considered the chief exemplar of

                        sacred British Imperial Christianity. John Dee identified with

                        this Arthurian notion of Empire, as he believed himself to be

                       descended from the ancient kings of Britain, and was thus

                        himself a distant cousin of the Tudor Queen Elisabeth I.

                        The Tudor monarchy of Dee's time was glorified as the

                        ulmination of the Arthurian tradition, because Henry VIII's

                        break with the Vatican had eliminated the Pope and made the

                        British Monarch supreme in both church and state.

                        Another line of thought led to the doctrine of

                        ritish‑Israelism, which held that the British were the

                        descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. The doctrine of

                        British‑Israelism and the Lost Ten Tribes was intended to

                        forge a political alliance between the British monarchy and

                        the Jews of Amsterdam, through a merger of the Arthurian

                        mperial tradition with Cabalistic interpretations of the Hebrew


                        What had happened was that after the expulsion of the Jews

                        from Spain in 1492, some of them went East to the Ottoman

                        Empire—the Islamic world being at the time more religiously

                        tolerant than Christendom. Within Europe itself many of the

                        Jews moved to Italy, particularly Venice, while other Jews

                        and marranos migrated from Spain and Portugal to


                        The Jewish merchants and bankers of Amsterdam were seen

                        y the British Monarchy as desirable allies in the financial and

                        political war with Spain, as well as in the spiritual war with

                        the Vatican. Amsterdam thus became the springboard for the

                        return of the Jews to England, from which they had been

                        expelled in 1290.

                        To forge ties between Jewish merchants and British

                        mperialists, John Dee created the concept of British‑Israel,

                        which gave the British and the Jews a common racial identity,

                        and invoked biblical prophecy to show the inevitable triumph

                        of British Imperialism: the British, as Abraham's seed, were

                        to inherit the earth. Dee also introduced the Jewish Cabala to

                        the British ruling class and its interlocking network of

                        European royal dynasties. All this set the stage for the later

                        bsorption of European Jewish merchants and bankers into

                        British society.

                        In essence, the dissemination of the British‑Israel doctrine

                        was an intelligence coup carried out by the British Monarchy.

                        It wasn't the only such propaganda effort, of course. Dee

                        lso introduced Rosicrucianism to Germany, and afterward the

                        British Monarchy continued to use secret societies for

                        intelligence gathering and for the spread of propaganda under

                        the guise of Cabalism and occultism.

                                    The Literary War Continues

                        By the next century, the British Crown had supplanted the

                        atican as the world's pre‑eminent manipulator of power,

                        having established British naval supremacy through the defeat

                        of the Spanish Armada in 1588. But the spiritual struggle

                       continued, and British cultural history is strewn with its


                        Edmund Spenser, for example, wrote The Faerie Queene,

                        with the express purpose of making a Neoplatonic heroine

                        out of Queen Elisabeth I. This happened at the same time the

                        Jesuits on the European continent were spearheading an

                        attempt to stamp out Neoplatonic influences, which were

                        seen as undermining the authority of the Church.

                        The Catholics quickly counterattacked. The Catholic

                        arlowe wrote Faust in order to defame John Dee as a

                        Satanic magician. Marlowe similarly penned The Jew of

                        Malta as a propaganda work intended to generate public

                        rage over the growing encroachment of Jewish merchants.

                        And Marlowe's Tamburlaine was an attempt to discredit

                        British ideals of Empire.

                        Francis Bacon, by contrast, carried on the traditions of John

                        Dee. On the secular front, Bacon emphasized inductive

                       science and proposed the Royal Society. On the religious

                        side, Bacon espoused Masonry and discussed the

                        British‑Jewish alliance in his book New Atlantis.

                        Even the Monarchy had a divided loyalty. Queen Elisabeth's

                        successor James I leaned again toward the Catholics. But his

                        ranslation and publication of the King James Bible made

                        possible the anti‑Catholic practice of individual Bible reading

                        and interpretation.

                        By and large, the British Oligarchy became simultaneously

                        umanist and occultist, pro‑Jewish and anti‑Catholic. Finally,

                        Mennaseh ben Israel, the Dutch Cabalist Rabbi, petitioned

                        Cromwell for the return of Jews to England. Mennaseh ben

                        Israel argued that the Messiah and the Millennium could not

                       come until the Jews had spread to every corner of the globe,

                        which included England. To be sure, Menasseh ben Israel

                        was not himself a British Israelite. Instead, he discovered the

                       Lost Ten Tribes of Israel among American Indians, an idea

                        that would later be revived by the Mormons. But Cromwell's

                        Puritan advisors said he should let Jews settle in England

                        (which Cromwell agreed to do), believing they would convert

                        to pure biblical Christianity (which they didn't). The Jews

                        were actually admitted in 1664, a few years after the deaths

                        of both Cromwell and Menasseh ben Israel.

                        Following that event, the Catholic strain in the Monarchy was

                        gradually weeded out. When William of Orange took over

                        from the Catholic Stuart King James II in 1688, the

                        domination of the Empire by the Protestant/Anglican branch

                        of the Royal Family became permanent. The Monarchy,

                        along with its allies the Noble and Jewish banking families,

                        hen immediately proceeded to consolidate its political control

                        through the establishment of the Bank of England and the

                        National Debt six years later in 1694. These instruments

                        provided the financial muscle needed to exercise worldwide

                        power: to make loans and to finance enterprises, including the

                        raising of armies and the fostering of revolutions.

                             Manifest Destiny Yields to Balance of Power

                        The manifest destiny of the Anglo‑Saxon race continued to

                        e important in Crown‑supported propaganda. But the

                        Monarchy's actual policy evolved into one based on the

                        balance of power.

                        For example, in the 1890s, as Britain began to fear a militarist

                        Germany, Cecil Rhodes and William Stead founded a secret

                        ociety to revive support for British Imperialism. Members

                        included Alfred (later Lord) Milner and Arthur (Lord)

                        Balfour. As governor‑general of South Africa, Milner

                        recruited a youthful group of administrators from Oxford and

                        elsewhere. These were known as Milner's Kindergarten. To

                        romote their geopolitical ideals, they established Round Table

                        Groups in the British dependencies and the U.S., as well as

                        think tanks like the Royal Institute of International Affairs and

                        the Council on Foreign Relations. The stated intention of the

                        society was to spread British upper class ideals to the world's

                        masses. In practice, however, the Round Table Groups were

                        principally used as an outlet for anti‑German propaganda. In

                        his case—to counter the growing power of

                        Germany—appeal was made to Britain's former colony in the

                        New World: namely, to America.

                        It was the Round Table connections of "Colonel" E. M.

                        ouse, the principal advisor to President Wilson, that lead in

                        1913 to the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the

                        graduated Income Tax in the U.S. You needed both of these,

                        of course, to provide the financial basis to create an

                        American war machine. World War I broke out the following

                        year. But prior to the outbreak, House wrote to Wilson:

                        "Whenever England consents, France and Russia will close in

                        on Germany and Austria."

                        As another example of the balance of power policy, the

                        alfour Declaration in 1917—of British support for a Jewish

                        homeland in Palestine—served the immediate purpose of

                        increasing Jewish support for the British war effort. But it also

                        followed Crown policy in eventually creating a balance of

                        power in the Middle East.

                        It is easy to see what was going on if you look at the history

                        of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The first

                        dition was published in Russian in 1901. Afterward it was

                        translated into English by George Shanks and issued through

                        the Eyre and Spottiswoode Publishing House, the printer of

                        all official releases by the British Royal Family.

                        Coming from such a prestigious printer, the book quickly

                        old 30,000 copies before being withdrawn under pressure

                        from the Rothschilds. But a few years later Henry H.

                        Beamish founded "The Britons," a "Society to protect the

                        Birthright of Britons, and to eradicate Alien influence from

                        our politics and industries." The Britons proceeded to

                        istribute The Protocols worldwide.

                        In short—the battle with the Vatican long since won—the

                        onarchy kept the Jews on a short leash, through a carrot and

                        stick policy. Assimilation into society and support for a

                        homeland was the carrot, while The Protocols was the stick.

                        The Magician is the author of the on‑going Laissez Faire

                        City Times serialized novel, Jack Parsons and the Curious

                        rigins of the American Space Program, for which he has

                        promised to send more episodes when he returns from his

                        journey to Kashmir.

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